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July 27 Live Feed Updates

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  • 2 weeks later...

9:15PM BBT: Diane, George and James are playing badminton in the BY. George is doing good and plays well, him and Diane are playing against James. Marcellas, Dani, Will, Kaysar, Erika and Boogie playing a music game (Kaysar and Erika opt out). Marcellas keeps singing and humming the songs. We get FotH even five second. Kaysar and Erika moved outside to the couches, Howie is walking around the BY.

9:22PM BBT: Kaysar, Erika and Jase are talking about the first phone call they have after getting voted out. Jase and Kaysar have their cell phones with them so as soon as they get voted out the can call their family. *silence* Erika asks Jase if he wants her to do his hair. Jase says that they gave him some thinning shears and he said he cut some but stopped "cause I don't want to fuck it up." He would rather wait till he gets out and get it cut by a professional. Erika tells him the blue is almost gone. *silence* Erika and Kaysar start talking politics. Meanwhile, in the LR they are being told by BB: "PLEASE STOP SINGING." Dani says, "OOOKKK!."

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10:17 BBT

Dani, Marcellas (in his white robe :rolleyes: ), Will, Boogie in the LR playing some song/artist naming game.

Boogie just yelled "Lance Bass what up"

(what's up is that Lance Bass just came out of the closet but U in the BB chizel so U wouldn't know that he just joined the Marcellas team Boogerman :lol: )

James & CG at the kitchen counter.

(Good Lordy that's all that's happening. If anybody wants me to make it more exciting please fly me out there & let me at em :P )

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all 4 feeds on CG alone eating slop on the kitchen island. I haven't felt bad for him yet but this is really a sad sight

Marc, Dani, Will in the DR.

Boogie giving shout outs.

Boogie wonders how many episodes have been on so far.

James & Howie talk privately.

Theyre discussing their odds with HoH.

H: I think boogie will have a shot at this hoh... it's gonna be a crapshoot.

J: as much as I don't wanna see Jase go..

Howie: it's the best because he's in with chilltown...

Erika yells over that they look like lovers. Erika joins them and lays inbetween Howie and James.

Howie imitates Sarah and James making out.

James comments on how he wonders how Erika's rib got hurt with her "airbags" (boobs)

E: why aremy breasts such a big deal

James: you're sitting next to howie how could they not.

Howie compares sex to pizza.

E: are you for real with this analogy

H: absolutely.

E: it's not about pizza

H: yes it is!!! After I've had 9 pieces I don't want pizza anymore.

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Finally some whispering at 10:26 BBT

Howie & James in BY hammock saying the only people they have to worry about getting HOH this week are Will & Boogie (yet they chose not to vote out the evil Dr :unsure::lol: )

James: As much as I don't wanna see Jase go because sspsspssss

Howie: yeah CT psspsspss (can't hear em)

Erika comes & joins them. Howie tells Erika she has big boobies so she is always welcome. Talk of eating pizza vs Howie banging Erika & that he would be equally satisfied with each. Howie says pizza is like sex, even when it's bad it's still good.

Diane comes over mid-convo & says the sex with Drew was bad. James says Howie gives girls the best 27 seconds of their lives (when he has sex)

They all say bitter... bitter... party of one, your table is ready to James. Howie says he saw Savage in the grocery store about a week before he came in the house & something was said about Karen saying there wasn't enough furniture in the BB house (?? have they had alcohol tonite?) Howie starts moaning (YAK) James says he didn't go to the American Idol concert cause they suck (Yeah James AI is way lower on the rung of fame than BB :unsure: ) Talk jumping around but nothing related to the game.

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Erika says that she read after 1000 times with the same women, men become sick of sex. For women it's longer.

E: 1 time a week Sarah.. gotta limit his ass


E: Hi howie gordon fans

H: hi howiegordon.com fans howiegordon.com howiegordon.com howiegordon.com *FIRE*

Howie has never had bad sex but the girls he was wth might have.

Diane joins them.

James: everyone has had bad sex before.

H: no i haven't.

Diane: Drew was bad.


Di: sorry drew.

James suggests howie try new toppings.

Erika things she is the most normal real person in the house.

Erika said she is an easy going player and a person.

Erika wonders if Howie is playing a character. James says howie's the same in the real world.

James says talking shit is an art form.

Howie and Erika talk about James not winning vetos. James talks about how he is gonna win the final 3 hoh.

Howie talks about how his turtle could have coasted to the final 2 in bb5.

Howie comments how anyone who gets in the final 2 this year will deserve it.

James disses Karen of bb5 and talks about how she was furniture.

H: sorry karen if you were good we would have seen you in allstars

J: i didn't even see her in her season

Howie 'banged' an 18 year old from TN.

they (Howie and James) change their mind and say she was 21.

the 3 turn to convo about how pretty the south is. (borrrrrrrrring)


they now talk about how they like CA, but FL beaches are nicer, warmer, and clearer

during the latest POV comp, they say it was the hottest day and they felt their feet burning. They complain of the heat

as stated earlier, nothing going on much.

as a reminder, Erika, James and Howie are in the BY. They are currently talking about the weather. Erika and sitting between James and Howie.

I don't even hear other HGs in the BY.

Howie and Erika hate winter.

George is making a sword out of tin foil.

James yells to him to have him play howie in badmitton.

FOTH at 10:51

James and Erika whisper as they watch george and howie play... can't hear a word they're saying.

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James & Erika in the BY chaise watching Howie & CG play badminton. James is talking strategy to Erika but in a very low voice so I can't hear. His eyes are darting around & he seems panicky (kinda like a long-tailed cat in a rocking chair factory)

All I hear is bits & pieces of the Jmes/Erika convo like "you gotta do what's best for you" & "you know what I mean".

Feeds switch to Janelle, Will, & Marcellas talking about their love lives.

Janelle: Dude I have never had anyone poop in front of me

Will talks of Janelles' farting & Dani says farting is different but dropping a deuce...

Will says couples should have seperate bathrooms (Will is a smart man, that is my motto)

(& that is enough for me to call it a night)

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12:59 am All I've seen lately is fire, nothing else.

edited 2:22 am

1 hr later, I turned it back on, fire again... more fire. and fire. It'll probably be like this until the live show ends, with bits and pieces in between.

lol figures, feeds are back now immediately

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as of 2:22am BBT we have fire

2:23am the feeds came back on and it looks like the got a fest of some sort they are all around the table and in kitchen

the feast seems to be hot dogs, hambergers, nachos, fries and some other things I cant figure out.

2:28am fire Will started talking about his DR from earlier

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I dunno why this is happening since Jase is out and everone knows the style of tomorrows HOH competition. It's just fire now again with two breaks so far.

The HOH comp isn't an endurance challenge,,, it's a so/so easy one so anyone can win if they are the closest to the mark.


I'm gonna make one of those lengthy postings that is six hours long now, BB has p'd me off. well, not now. Howie, don't eat that hot dog.

even more later

I updated my bookmarks, now it won't ne a journy to get here.

If I start posting videos on utube, I'm gonna be really mad at myself (other than the squirrel clips which aren't mine)

3:01 more fire 3:01.5 back to normal,,, I'm done, and I'll get my revenge soon

3:00 am , I gotta play poker

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2:42am HG are done eating and are now cleaning up kitchen. Howie taking out the trash. not much else going on

2:43am feeds switch - Jase in bed. Erika and Boogie are sharing a small bed other HG getting ready for bed.

Erika head is at foot of bed and Boogies is at the head of the bed. Jase and Boogie are trying to get her to lay right in the bed. But she wont.

2:49am Erika now moves to her own bed. Other HG are still up Will is trying to get Howie to eat another Hotdog so he will throw up

Marcy and Dianne have gone to bed also

2:53am will and danielle have gone to bed. Howie, janie and james are talking about some game outside the HOH room on the couches



when we get back Howie Kasyar Janie and James in HOH

Fire again they seem to be talking alot about their DR sessions tonight

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FOTH finally over (for now)

Kaysar, Howie, and James in HOH still chatting, discussing the CT problem and how one of its group has to go next. If they both the floaters and CT after them they could be in a tight spot.

They marvel at Jase, who they say had it good the first week and then jumped ship. James thinks Jase thought that CT was going to be able to convince all the floaters to rise up againt the SOV, and that never happened.

James says them moment any floater gets HOH that Will and Boogie will be ON THEM. If a chance, they'll take out Boogie this coming week.

If they get HOH again and control the votes, they don't want to keep switching their votes any more. Make a decision and stick with it.

James said he felt like a f*ing tyrant - didn't like having so many people coming to him yesterday to ask how to vote. <yeah, right!>

At 3:58 they decide to split up and go to bed. Have to be up by noon. Howie and Kaysar to the kitchen. Howie moves on toward bedroom, leaving Kaysar sitting at the counter. He eventually moves to the bathroom to sit in a chair and continue his deep thinking. He rubs his head, but has no hair to pull. So he gets a ball of cotton and starts pulling on that.

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The house is asleep right now, but they aren't sleeping well.

Diane has been up to get a drink in the Kitchen.

Will got up, went to the bathroom & went back to bed.

Then Howie got up, went to the bathroom (for a long time, I might add), then got a drink of water, then went back to bed.

All Hg's finally back in bed.

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8:04 BBT All 4 cams on sleeping houseguests.

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From BB Page.

9:58AM BBT: Janelle must have had a fast workout. She is now in the LR on the couch deep in thought while Dani washes dishes. 10:30AM BBT: BB wakes up the HGs with "Wake me up before you go-go" by Wham! [Talk about taking a girl back to the 80's] From the noise coming from Janelle and Dani, they were excited.

FotH since music.

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Will appeared to be missing from the group shot (had the quad on). Group was discussing/dissing Will "back then I was asking, was he really a doctor?", etc.

Janelle swimming, Jase poolside, Boogie lying on couch, conversation about Will.

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finally back from FOTH...

HGs getting ready for show tonight, James/Howie/Kaysar sitting in living room. BB plays theme song for a few seconds... then a moment later starts playing the wedding march processional song(I'm sure there is an official name for it, but...) James comments that BB is playing the music to cover up the sounds of what they are doing outside in preparation for the HOH competition tonight...

and now back to FOTH

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