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July 20 Live Feed Updates

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Kayser and Diane talking around the red couches in by about music their likes and dislikes. K says he likes hip hop and stuff but he is picky. Diane likes oldies K says that's not for him he hates oldies and 70's music they make him "twitch" He likes some 80's music some of it makes him snile "feel good music"

Diane likes oldies but they both agree a lot of 90's music sucks.

Diane "that game must have been fun they are stopping already"

Someone sings a line of "blister in the sun"

F1 &2 on k and Diane

F3&4 on cg and jan in kitch but you can hear the ht people on F1&2 they are loud

Someone says the military listened to TLC "waterfalls" from Crazysexycool. K and Diane laugh at how tough the military would look.

Diane and K giggleing at the antics of the ht people as they hum out lines trying to think of the names of songs k: "See what is that song?" Di:"I don't know" K: "See that's why I can't play this game"

Diane working on crafts K watching her.

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Jase just came up with "Pretty paper pretty ribbons of blue" Christmas song by Willie Nelson

K comments on it and Di says Jase is a country fan.

Di asks if k likes country. K says it's o.k. It's nice because it's not about.... and Di finishes the sentence "about sex, drugs and killing people?" K "Yeah"

OMG!!!! HA HA HA Someone is singing a few lines of "Yellow submarine" I think it's will.

Di alone at red couches now F1 &2

F3 & 4 Jan in gym and K has joined her in there while she works on treadmill. they are talking about all the sleeping they are doing. K teases her about HOH being Jan's room. LOL!

Jan says she woke up at 8:30 kay slept all day Jan laughs about she doesn't even know what happened all day. Kay says days are blurrinf together now.

Jan alone in gym now working out

Di comments to Kay that she feels bad says james has been feeling sick all day.

Kay goes into bug room and teases james says "I've been in your place before" James says "I almost killed marc last night and i can killyou too" to Kayser James says how exhausted he is. Tired himself out playing badminton. James saying he is dying. Kay says he isn't, James says he is Kay says ok you are. James says call sarah and send her my clothes. Kay asks why send her your clothes James says so she can sell them on e-bay I'd rather her sell them before Howie does!!! Kay laughs and James says Howie would sell his ashes on ebay if he could.

Kay says he is going crazy. James says it is only dday 16 and compare it to last year and what they were doing. Howie comes in and james says to him "If I die you can't sell anything of mine on ebay it all goes to sarah." Howie says o.k. Kay asks if he wrote that in his will and James says he said it on camera in front of the internet .

They talk about Janie farting last night apparently. Howie asks if her "bomb" woke up kayser. Kayser says it was Howie who woke him up with his loud explanations. Howie tells the others that they are each going with a certain # of bricks . Cg comes in and asks if they are discussing strategy. they tell him they are discussing how to not be bored. K asks if he can sleep for the next 80 sdays.

F3&4 still jan on treadmill.

Howie says he has and ear infection from diving in the slop. asking how he can cure it. James and K tells him he has to see a doctor. CG teases him saying he has green crap in his ear. K says Howie has slop for brains

They tease george about his snoring. Comment on the fact that howie snores downstairs but not when he is upstairs. Asks cg if he snores at home and he says only when he drinks. They decide it must have to do with the beds. K says he finds he gets congested down there James says he asked for allergy nmeds and couldn't get it frim BB and thier feed cuts out. now all 4 on Janelle on treadmill.

Occasionallly here bb say really loud "Please stop singing"

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Feeds switched back to James, George, Howie and Kaysar in the bug room. I think George had a thong on his head. :blink:

Gawd! Now we are talking about Howie and the fact that his ass is on fire because of the shakes and slop.

Back to Janelle and the fart she did last night. (gawd!)

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feeds back on the guys in bug room Kayser says "CG is a born again Jedi" CG finds this hilarious... laughing away. Kayser says "don't die on me Georgie"

Georgie says "will I have a water dipping ceremony?" K says yes.

CG "says he is "BAJ" (Born Again Jedi)

CG has underwear on his head says he should wear them for his Jedi baptizing ceremony.

James joking that if the force or the jedi's turn on him again this week they can call him Justin from BB 2.

talk of howie's shirt and where James has seen it before.

cg asks how long James "hung out " ot here after bb6. James says he went to kaysers house and kicked his A**. Sys he stayed for a week or so. Teases and says they went to k's and pushed the couch together and him and sarah had thier own little love shack.. How asks if they really did james says he wouldn't disgrace howie's house liek that.

James asks to see cg's underwear hat. says "This is the first time a man ever threw underwear at me"

Howie talking about the gas from the slop. convo turns to Jan's gas last night. Howie talks about how bad it was. james asks if it was as bad as his. Howie says "close" Cg says "as bad as Jedi rocket fuel?" Howie says yeah

Trying to figure out where james can sleep tonight so he gets some good sleep. CG offers his bed. James says between you, the crickets and the tarantula lights something's gonna give.

Daring Howie to put on the "jokers updates" underwear. CG "Put it on howie common be a sport!!"

Dani asks if she can squeeze howie's nipples. Howie lets her. James says "It's only fair you let her squeeze yours Howie"

Talk about who wouldn't howie bang? Not kayser... Howie says sure i would. Howie says I will bang everyone in the house before I would bang those 2 pigs from Canada(?)

Dani says there was a hate theread started about her. They called her names. Then they brought her family into it and said she would see the guy at the wrap party so she could kick their a**. Dani talks about how her girls didn't need that.

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10:30 p.m. hamster time

Hot tub--Will and Marc are still doing the game which has been going on all day, where they list words to songs (or something) and then name the artist and the song title. Will has the glazed look of a rat in a cage. Marc seems to be enjoying himself.

In the brown insect room, Howie, James, Kaysar and Dani are talking. Howie talks about sex. Dani asks if the guys can't restrain themselves just for the time they are in the house? Howie says he can't. Dani says she has not done that in the house. She has no libido.

James: She's married. That's why no libido.

Dani doesn't want to talk about this, so the topic changes to Kaysar never drinking, and James asks if Kaysar has never had a drink. I don't think Kaysar answered this (I didn't hear an answer).

Sex talk again, and Dani says she can't believe she is standing there talking about this stuff.


Dani and Mike are in the bathroom. Mike is saying that the best thing he ever did is not take a nap today. It makes it easier to sleep in the evenings. He says he did fall asleep briefly outside while Howie was telling a story, but then he made a loud noise and woke him up.

Erika is still wearing the exact same hooded sweatshirt outfit that she wore during her season, and which she has worn nearly every day so far. She's in the kitchen doing dishes. Howie is in there with Kaysar now, eating something.

The camera people are switching back and forth in the kitchen between a normal view and a high overhead view, looking down on the kitchen bar area.

Howie is making sexual comments to Erika, who is just laughing at him. Dani is in there, too, and she's chuckling at Howie.

Erika runs out of slop, which is in a huge, extra heavy duty white tub.

Erika: Will you go get me some more slop? Howie? Go get some slop, honey.

Dani: We got some right here. Suuuuuueee--iiiieee! Come and get it~

Something is wrong with Howie's ear. His ear canal is swollen, and he "can't insert his finger into it."

Erika says that this is the "Cursed Big Brother" and they are all "falling apart."


Will and Marc are STILL in the hot tub doing the same game. Will is so bored that he is slopping the water out of the hot tub with his hand, onto the tile surrounding it. Then, he smooths out the water onto the tile. (I think I've seen caged animals at the zoo exhibiting similar behavior. How long until he starts walking in circles?)

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11:26 P BBT- Red room

Marcellas and Erika are discussing the happenings of the last week and how hard it's been. Talk switches to the argument between Marcellas and James and how trivial it was and the fact that it had to of made the cut to be shown on tomorrow's show. They play a game where they try to dress up the events of the house in a similar way to how Julie Chen dresses up segments.

Diane walks into the room and the discussion changes to the fact that she can't find her necklace. Nakomis walks in shortly after and complains about her foot being all cut up from the astroturf in the backyard. Marsellas complains about his knee being cut by the grass too.

Not much else going on in the house.

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(I've got to go to bed now, here's my last addition to the main page. Thanks for everyone's help.)

11:45PM BBT: Kaysar and Danielle discuss religion and how Kaysar's religion defines who he is. George is with them on the patio, and he appeared to be asleep until Danielle jokingly says, "So Kaysar, after we evict Chicken George next week..." In the red room, Nakomis, Erika and Marcellas talk about the hot guys of BB. Danielle joins them as Erika says, "If Roddy from season three was here I'd be all over him." Marcellas says the last time he saw Roddy he didn't look the same as he did in BB3. He was on "Yes Dear."

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Well is talking about Krista for about 30-45 minutes. Talk about fights in the house ....(They=Will Diane Nak Danielle Marc)....

After Dani season she could read, drive, eat etc...

Marc went to the Palms after his season and he got the menu and started crying because he can chose what he wants....

Danielle: Room service was so stressful for her....she couldnt choose what she wanted.

Will amd Mike cut the ribbon for the Palms when they opened and were treated like VIP's and he loved it.

Long Silence......

Talk goes on about what they did after each of their seasons ....eating, being a hermet, out all the time, etc...

Long Pause....

Marc talks about a white light....the masturbation station, where Bunky wacked it ....everyone says ewwww...

Will was upset because he didnt have a bed or a cot he stayed on the floor with a pillow....and Monica had a Waterbed for the whole season .....Will got to sleep in it Once...

Long Pause...

We need some good contest soon....Will: BB dont fukc us up any more than it already is....


I see Erica in the room too...Will talking about bb6 people...

marc has on his mask....Will is hoping that everyone will get to eat after the show ....Danielle and Will leaves the red room...everyone sleeps..

Diane wishes the cameras will stop moving because she is trying to sleep.

Will goes to the bathroom...for a long while and the cameraperson feels the need to keep the camera on the bathroom door...he comes out and washes his hand.....

Gn Danielle ...GN Will...

Will goes to bed...

WOW there is a camera in the wall that can go to one room and cross over to the other room right next to it...that was kind of cool....

Danielle spends about an hour in the bathroom...flossing , cleaning face, brushing teeth etc...

Everyone else is asleep...marc is up using the bathroom and goes back to bed oh no he goes to the HOH room

Danielle is cleaning the bathroom....

and thats it for me God Bless and Good Night :)

P.S. James is HOT

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Aprox 3:00am BBT: Jan and K playing chess. Everyone else appears to be asleep.

3:50am BBT: Jan and K have finished playing and are hanging out outside the HOH room chatting. Mostly about nothing. They wonder how many cameramen are in the house. Then the cameras start going nuts and they keep looking around at all the cameras wondering what gives.

They also both agree they like this season more than last season. K says by this time last year they had already had a fight and both he and Jan had been on the block. He was more stressed last season. And the others in the house were more childish

They discuss how many of the four they think will make sequester. They also discuss getting out Boogie (particularly because he's been telling the whole house about needing to get out S6 before sequester so they can get the votes), but they decide instead to stick to the plan of getting out some more floaters first. Jan: "It's a good plan. It's unique and risky." K "I like that. Unique and risky."

K talks about how he didn't realize how important it was to get HOH the first 2 weeks. He says it was the reason other people came to them and started working with them.

Talk again returns to last season vs this season. Jan says she thinks last year's opponents were easier. K: "This is All Stars." They laugh. K says they're going to play smarter this year.

4:00am BBT: K and Jan talk about floaters. K says the floaters are too afraid to come after them right now. He says he and Marc were talking earlier and Marc said he would put up Jase. K said, really? and M said, yeah but I would first have to tell him I was putting him up as a pawn or he'd freak out and come after me. K says, thats such a floater thing to say, but he can't call them floaters 'cause they'll get upset. K says "I hope the fans see this."

They agree that they will continue saying they are going after CT, but really go after floaters to force them to play the game.

K talking about a conversation he had with floaters (not sure which ones) where he/she/they were bugging him, asking why he didn't go after CT. He says his response was, "Because you don't go after big targets right away... If you do, you'll go out next." He says that freaked them out and their eyes were all really big. (lol)

4:17am BBT: (I missed the beginning of this, but what I heard was) K to Jan: "I think it's working. Everybody's talking about.. Why did you put up Nak and Di? It was such a stupid move."

K and Jan talk about Diane, and how Marc said she would put up CT if she got HOH. Neither of them believe it. Jan: "It wouldn't make sense for her."

Jan: Wouldn't it be great if Howie got it? (HOH)

K: Yeah.

They both agree that it would scare everyone, though. K thinks it would be ideal if a floater got it, like Erika, Marc or Dani.

4:33am BBT: K and Jan laying on the couches outside HOH bedroom, half asleep.

4:36am BBT: (my favorite line of BB7 so far) K: "Where's your red nail polish?" Jan: "I took it off cause you said it was slutty." They both laugh.

4:37am BBT: K and Jan get up to go to bed.

4:46am BBT: Jan in bed. K praying.

4:55am BBT: K goes to bed. Lights out the BB house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

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5:15 BBBT

Howie is in between Janelle and Kaysar in the HOH bed. He has been sitting up, and is now restless. It's obvious that his ear is bothering him badly.

... up and out of bed. Back in a few minutes later. He farts. Kaysar comments..."Geeez, Howie, you just went to the bathroom." Howie sprays air refresher under the sheets. Checks on the time with Kaysar (5:30).

Just farted again. Whispers a quick "sorry" to the room. <He just makes me smile>

Kaysar eventually asks if he's okay. Needs more tylenol and is off to the kitchen/bathroom to take his pills and see if he can find anything else to help. We watch him pour something (white bottle - alchohol?) into his ear. Then, after jiggling that around and out, he tries a brown bottle - peroxide? Then back to each of them one more time.

He paces to the kitchen and back to bathroom. Cuts another one and apologizes to BB.

<You'd think he'd be asking for something to be put in the DR for him -- like EARDROPS!>

At 6am he heads back upstairs.

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5:43 BBT... Poor Howie... His ear is really bothering him... He is pouring peroxide into it... He does this several times... He puts it up and takes off his mic... Now he's pouring something else in his ear... I can't tell what this stuff is...

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:) Ok folks, the kiddies are all quiet and tucked in bed.Nothing is happening not even snoring. I hope they all didnt kill each other over night.

OMG wait HOWIE is up!!

His ear is bothering him, he is in the bathroom pacing back and forth.


Howie is back in HOH room and is being real quiet he is rubbing lotion on his arms. He seems a little sore and listless...(BB should get a doc for him)He is standing at the bottom of the bed, now sitting just trying not to wake Janelle and Kay. Jani woke a little and just said Hey, Howie is trying so hard to get into bed quielty. He is all snugg now...

Ok check on them in a bit folks.


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6:08 BBT Nak got up went to the bathroom and washed her hands and went back to bed... Jase up now to the bathroom... Just as Nak is getting back into bed... He goes back to bed without washing his hands...

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6:31 BBT and everyone is sleeping... Even poor Howie who's ear has been borther him so bad... At least I think he is... The feeds are on the guys room and the girls room... The bug room and the red room...

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8:08 bbt

all feeds on night cam... everyone still asleep... (looks to be another typical live show Thursday)

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9:31 am BBT Dani awoke, took a 'pill'. got out of bed, pulled off pillowcase, throwing it on floor as well as stripping the bed of sheets. Carrying them with her throughout the house and into the SR where she picks up a mic and grabs the handle of the vacuum. Leaves the SR to walk to the kitchen. Leaves the vacuum there, goes to drop the bedding by BY door, walks to BR then back into the kitchen. She is talking low to herself. Coming Soon... is what she is saying. "Like we're going to compete". Looks like she is looking at a sign. Walking around as if searching for somehting in the DR and ktichen "Why is it....?" Continues to look at something to the left of the stove. "HOH Competition coming soon. Like this morning?" Pacing back and forth. Filling up a cup with creamer and sugar. Going back to sign. "We're going to have a competition when we wake up aren't we. Let's get it on!" Pours coffee. Stirring and stirring the coffee, and spilling it. Going back to sign and looking at it. "Make me some goop" looking thorugh the cabinets. Puts the large pail of 'goop' on counter and rinses a bowl...spraying pants with water.

"Crackers, I love crackers.... okay" Looking up at balcony Yawning big. Looking at sign again and "What are ya'll doing?" While staring at the sign by stove. Hands on her hips, walks away to goop on counter. Looking over shoulder at sign again. Walking back to sign, standing there burping, just staring at it.

Walking back to sink to stir coffe some more, rinses spoon. Carrying cup to table, looking at sign again while walking back to sink. Takes bowl out of microwave to begin making 'goop'.

9:45 am BBT Put away the 'goop' pail finished cooking her 'goop' in microwave. While walking to the table she again looks at the sign. "you all can play well..... (saying this while yawning along with other words) Sitting at table mindlessly stirring goop. Yawning again. Sipping coffee.

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9:50 a.m BBT Dani looking over shoulder at the sign which says 'HOH Competition coming soon' to the left of stove. Long time looking at the board with all the players' pictures. Drawing on the table -- appears to be numbers and subtraction/addition.... whatever it was, her last 2 numbers were 80 in the total. Another equation... appears to be numbers in the hundred thousands.

Hardly touched any 'goop'/slop. (She called it goop earlier)

Pushes chair away from table and sits there as though contemplating.

10:00 a.m BBT Dani Gets up from DR table, sneezes, washes hands, gets "stuff" out from under cabinets, refills coffee, spilling it again, cleaning up, then shaking someing on top of slop.

All other HGs are asleep.

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10:10 BBT Mike is up now and in the SR getting his microphone and something else. Goes into the kitchen.


D I'm okay.

M One more day... one more day

d How'd you sleep

M Until 5 or 6 I just wake up and just wonder what time it is

M What's over here... pointing at something by picture board.

Mike going over to BY and saying "Something's going on, time for some action"

Mike in BR toilet then rinsing hands. Putting in contacts, turning on shower (without him in it), walks around BR then brushes teeth for 2 seconds, then into the shower.

Dani STILL at table with a nearly full bowl of slop.

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10:17 BB time

Mike is up and in the shower, while Dani sits at the table eating her "goop".

For just a few seconds we get to hear some music begin to be played to wake the hg's up for the day.Dani looks up at the speakers like 'What the heck?"

Then fire and trivia!

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