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Letters from inanimate objects to the Houseguests

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isnt that what junkies do? dig for someone elses butts? digging in the trash for anything to sell so they can buy some crack?

:blink: the more i think about it... the more i think that erika does look like a crackwhore. :o

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Dear Janelle,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You knew Erica had cast us off like old shoes - but you were there for us. You took us in and allowed us to become a big part of you.

Thanks again,

The pounds Erica lost

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Dear Boogie,

Your mom showing pictures of you as a fat kid doesnt help me out.

You telling everyone you worked at an arcade doesnt either.

Crying when your Bromance buddy Will got evicted was the final straw.

You have totally destroyed me....


Your "Street Cred"

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Dear BB,

Thanks for this sucky all- star season, and even more thanks to booger and Erika for being the final 2. Since most fans don't want to see either of you win, I'm sure to have excellant ratings on Tuesday!!!


Dancing With the Stars

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Dear Erika and Booger,

Since you spent so much time floating around in us, I guess we can't complain about your strategy.

Congratulations from the tub, the jacuzzi and the pool.

Dear Erika and Booger:

The tub, the jacuzzi and the pool all give you too much credit for having used FLOATING as a strategy. You had no strategy, neither one of you, and you both know it. With how you two played, I should get a cut of the $$$$$$$$$ as well since I do what you did to win, but I do it for a living.


the coathanger

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