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Letters from inanimate objects to the Houseguests

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I remember this thread being started last year, and I think most people enjoyed it. I know I did.

Dear new houseguests,

The producers left me in the same place as last season for fear of touching me. For an entire year, I've been sitting in the backyard with the same disgusting fluids flowing through me. If you can wash the inside of me, that could be great.


The Whack Shack

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Dear Stairs,

its all your fault why they think we are in an allaince.if you knock me over i could break and then bb would blam the EVIL dr WILL

truly yours,

the pot with the funky smell

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Dear Kaysar,

You love my scent, and when I'm close to your mouth I bubble all over.

Can't wait for tonight,

Your Hooka

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