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July 13, Live Show Thread

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You're not on the East Coast and you have to wait hours after the show airs in Eastern/Central time to see it?

Do you want to be able to amaze your friends that you know who was voted out and who got HOH? Do you want to be able to read the posts in the BB threads and know what they are talking about?

Well your wait is over! Experience the Live Show live and in chat! Only at Mortys!

Fuskie will be doing the Real Time Live Eviction Show play-by-play in chat tonight. Just go to "Live Chat" and then the Livingroom after 7:45 Eastern for an up to the minute update of the Eviction show.

What:Real Time Live Eviction Show play-by-play

Where: Live Chat, (must be registered member of Mortys to enter) then go to the Livingroom

When: 7:45 Eastern, 6:45 Central, 5:45 Mountain, 4:45 Pacific

If you had an emergancy and couldn't be there, it will be posted in the Updates Thread.

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Don't forget the Real Time Live Show Play-By-Play begins at 8pm EST. Come join me in the Living Room!


Who requests, due to the fast paced nature of the show that guests avoid chatting in the Living Room except during commercial breaks...

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I'm central time so doesn't matter to me... but was curious... I've seen some people doing a great job of posting videos on youtube...

1) Can they post video from the shows? (guessing no for legal reasons)

2) If they do post, how closely to 'live' do they get the videos out there?

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Nobody answered, so I am posting show updates here.

Danielle & Alison showed first showing that they have different stratgies.

Shows clips of both of them strategizing.

Dani in DR crying, saying she got a bad Rep after BB3, she wasn't there to make friends, she was there to make $ for her kids & hubby.

They show Erika, Marc & Jan in the HOH. Convo why Marc can't vote to keep her in the house. Marc in DR, says hwo do you choose between Gonnarhea & the clap! HAHAH!

Heading to the LR to check in w/ HG's, saying everyone looks great, esp. Howie, who's wearing a shirt that says, "Thanks Julie" SHe says he seems to be smitten with a certain Doctor in the house. Howie says Will is the best looking guy in BB history, and now he's not tan, he's underweight.

She asks Will about Chicken G sleeping and "serenading him" clips of the snore. She says, "how do you deal with his nocternal singing" he says if he's trying to snore me out of the house, it's working.

We are gonna come back to why Jase is so popular.

NO hoh votes or nom. votes.

They show Marc, Erika, and Diane voting.

Marc-Same reason to keep & get rid of Dani, she's a backstabber

Erika reason to keep Dani-She's not Dani's target

Di- she says she feels Dani is working with eveyone but her

Reasons to keep Ali:

Missed Marc

Erika great competitor good cover if she's on your side

Di-Ali is a walking timebomb, always someone they can put up

Diane votes to evict Danielle, she's the only one they show

Jase, what's different...

They show him crazy in BB5. He said he's playing smarter, and he can win when he needs to, but when doesn't need it, now he'll coast.

He says he's totally committed Heidi. He said that the first time he was with the 4 horsemen, now he's going to "be behind the scenes." He's playing both sides. He said he's only blowing smoke up people's ass. He's on the furniture in the DR, saying he's riding the house like a mechanical bull.

THey are going to speak to the HOH, seperately, first is Jase:

Julie, you were the troublemaker in BB5, she asks why different. He says he's 30, he's a family man, and a "particular woman" calmed him down.

The CO-HOH worked amazingly for him. He said that he's a lone horseman, and that Jan is a great competitor. He said she's an all-star and crazy. He said she's hardcore, and he's gunning to get her out of the house.

He says, Dr. WIll is crazy, and James is crafty. GOing to talk to Janie after.

Julie misses his mandana!

Apparently, we get to see Ali and what she is like out of the house.

James-Dani vs. Ali no brainer, Ali'stold more lies in the week than he told in the season

Boogie-Ali loose cannon, she's a deadly assasin

Chicken G-He made a deal that she would never put him up through the whole game

James-Dani is good to keep b/c season 6 has nothing to worry about

Boogie-Dani getting close to season 6. If people don't want season 6 out, he doesn't want them there.

Chicken G-good player is ali, and only 1 person can win

Chicken G votes to evict Ali

Ok, so after this past commercial we come back to:

Jan-Alone in HOH room. Co-HOH affected her strategy b/c she didn't want to throw names out at first. You have to make sure wants the same thing.

Jan says Season 6 alliance says very dominant, they are straight players. She says she trust Kay and Howie a lot and James a little bit.

On BB4, Ali lied & flirted all the way to the final 2. Questions raised about integrity.

They show: Justin! He said she played the game almost flawlessly, she exploited what she was good at.

Jason, new BF, really ugly. He said she got a bad rep. If you know Ali, that's not who she is.

Justin: she's not teasing in bed, she's a ho Her being in shape is helping her out.

Jason: He said that if she reverts back to her old way, then it's not condusive to a serious relationship.

Justin: He said it's a crock that she's not going to play the same way.

Jason: Said that she's changed immensely. He doesn't want her to change her morals. He said, she's the next President of the US...

I am rolling my eyes.

Howie, Nak, Dr. Will & Kay voting:

How-Dani gets spared this week, and leave the bb6ers alone

Will-Dani phenomenal and she got robbed

Nak-Ali is a huge risk but she will take attention off others

Kay-Dan is master manipulator.

Will-Wants to keep ALi in, she will go after Jan

How-Ali looks great in bakini\

Kay-It's choosing between the lesser of 2 evils

Nak votes to evict Dani

Kay votes to evict ALi

Ok, back from commercial:

Both women up finished in 2nd place, they are trying to prove they are going home a winner.

Talk to nominees:

You are the 1st two up.Julie said say a few final words.

Dani-I'm honored to be here. She said she's quite difficult b/c she is not used to being up and she respects and loves all of them

Ali-Flattered to sit next to Dani b/c she's so good at the game in BB history.

VOTE: By a vote of 8-2 Danielle you are safe. Ali you are the 1st all star evicted from the BB house!


Ali out to Julie Chen.

Julie: you look great.

BTW: WTF is Jani wearing??

Julie: In BB4, you made it to 2nd place. Are you your own worst enemy?

Ali: I lost my evil touch. It's harder not that I'm older.

Jul: You flirted and you held back

Ali: I found the person I want to be with and I'm totally in LOVE

Jul: You've called Jan "fat" "bitch" "lying bitch" "fat ass"

ALi: We'd be friends out of the house, I hate hearing me say that.


James: I'm gonna sleep better, you are fierce

How: You are Beautiful HOTT

Dani: An Eye for an Eye, I'm gonna play it

Boggie: I tried my best, sorry, the tide turned, I couldn't pull it off

Nak: IT's b/c you lied, you opened your mouth

Di: I hate to see you go, but you are a strong competitor, you scared

Erika: I am crying cause i needed to get you back, and feeling this way makes me feel like I'm not vengeful. Good Luck

Ali, wow, I'm shocked & speechless, she had to do what she had to do.

Jul: I'll talk more on the early show w/ Ali. Housecalls tomorrow. They need her help w/ HOH comp.

Alison Rules is comp. name

I went to the front page, they are doing the recap, I thought they did after the show. DOH! Sorry, Ill keep going though in case people aren't checking the front page or they need something I got and they didn't.


Ok, so back...HOH Comp

Last week, 2 heads, now just tradion of 1 HOH. Jan & Jase sitting out.

HOw well do you know your HG's. Ali answered a series of true/false ?s about the hg's. Guess how she answered.

Q: Ali believes How is smarter than WIll

A: False

Everyone right and stays in.

Q: Ali thinks most likely to wear a pb bakini

A: False

Everyone right and stays in.

Q: Prior to entering BB house, she thought the toughest competition was Erika.

A: True

Everyone but Kaysar and Nak GOT IT WRONG!!!

Q: The person Ali believes will gain the most weight is Jan.

A: True

Both right, both stay in

Q: Ali believes the allstar most likely to seek revenge by toothbrush in the toilet is Will

A: False

KAY is new HOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ali not happy, it's not who she wanted.

Ali wanted Dani to be HOH, she was up w/ her and she knows that it's not a good situation to be in b/c Dani will probably think she'll be up again.

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Cue Preview

Roll Preview

Places Everyone

Cue open

Roll Open

Cue Julie

And we're live in 5





Good evening, I'm Julie Chen and welcome to BB7 All Stars.

This season, the best of the best have returned and last week 14 former HouseGuests returned to the house. Already we have seen personalities come out, and two HouseGuests have been in a week long cat fight. Danielle and Alison are taking different approaches to staying in the game.

Video Replay of Janelle not using PoV

Alison in DR: The BB6ers think I am a threat and I am. If I escape eviction, I am coming back 10-fold.

Danielle in DR: I am playing as clean as possible. Full tilt boogie, but I am not read to give up.

Danielle and George are in Storeroom asking George for his vote. George says he likes her and says all right. So she'll remember him.

Alison to Nakomis in backyard: Is anyone campaigning against me?

Nakomis: I don't know what is going on in house.

They establish quiet alliance.

Nakomis: It's gonna be a shady game

In the HOH, Danielle tells Janelle that she is not coming after them (BB6ers).

In DR: I am going to be quiet this time.

Danielle asks Janelle who she has [votes] to stay in?

Janelle just doesn't know. Danielle tells Janelle she has George.

In the backyard, Will, Jase and Mike Boogie are chatting.

Will in DR: If Danielle leaves and Alison stays, it will be catfight central. I will be off the hook.

In the bathroom, Jase tells Alison she has Diane, Will and Nakomis.

Alison goes to Diane and tells her what Jase said. Diane said they can get Marcellas, that people will vote the majority.

Alison approaches James in the Red Room.

Alison: Have you thought who you would vote out?

James: No, because no one has approached me.

Alison tells James she does not have Howie, Erika or Kaysar, but she has 5 others. She needs 6 to stay. James would be her wild card.

James in DR: I must be doing a good job to make it seem like I am not with BB6ers. She is plain stupid.

James to Boogie: Alison says she has the votes, but she lies a lot. They are both dangerous.

Alison is listening from the darkened doorway.

James says they will play it by ear because Danielle says they have nothing to fear from her either.

Danielle to Nakomis in backyard next day: People should ask me and not make assumptions. They should not assume I am the same person from BB3.

Danielle in DR: I got a bad rap from BB3, and it was hard what they said. I wasn't there to make friends but to win the money. I risked so much for family, children, and husband. I have to bring home the money for the family. It's my job.

Erika comes into the HoH with Janelle and Marcellas.

Erika: Are you gonna vote out Alison?

Marcellas: I can't not vote out Danielle.

In the DR, Marcellas says: I wish both could go. How do I choose between ghoneria and the clap?

Julie: It

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