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Dani's clothes?


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LOL Fizzle... It's a matter of opinion... I think he's a cutie... But then again I am old enough to be his Mom... Well, I say that and I don't know how old he is, but I am thinking early 20's... I have a son that is 22...

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No Vanna... He will be 23 next month... I had just turned 15 when he was born... I turned 15 in June and he was born in August... :)

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Right, if you wear the tiny tops you risk the horrible sag. If you have big boobs you always wish you could wear the cute little tops, or that men would look you in the eye.

Girls who can wear the tiny tops wish they had more. A friend got hers "reduced" and she was so happy she could wear little tops, and I was thinking, my husband would divorce me!!

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reminds me of the dancing old lady singing:

Do your boobs hang low

Do they wobble to and fro

Can you tie 'em in a knot

Can you tie 'em in a bow

Can you throw 'em over you shoulder

Like a continental soldier

Do your boobs hang low?

Do your boobs sit high

Do they point up to the sky

Do they stand up high and free

Waving "honey look at me!"

Can you do without support

With-out being sent to court

Do your boobs sit high?

Do your boobs lay flat

Like you smashed 'em with a bat

When you lay down on your back

Do they disappear, like that!

Does it take a bra with wire

Just to make 'em stick up higher

Do your boobs lay flat?

Are your boobs little bitty

Perky, firm and oh, so pretty

Do you look really cute

In your tiny birthday suit

Are you proud that all the others

Look like somebody's grandmothers

Are you boobs little bitty?

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OMG You're killing me fizzle!! LMAO!!!

I haven't heard that song since I was in my teens! :lol: ...I used to sing it to my Grandma

to make her laugh! I even remember the tune to it! :P

Now you got me singing it in my head!! <_<

Thanks!! <_<

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