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What I think will happen with the Jedi council

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Here's my prediction.

Better yet, just some random thoughts.

It's a new summer of big brother and I find myself wrapped up in what the four from BB6 are going to do next. It's kinda like havin old friends around that you haven't seen in a long time. Only this time it is the last time we get to view the havock all over again.

And their will be havock!!!!! Last season all I saw were these guys blow opportunity after opportunity. Here's hoping that this time they get it right.

1) Howie, we all love Howie.

He's the one I hope never wins and HOH!!! Last season he took Maggies bate and nominated James and Sarah for eviction. In my book he was everything that was wrong with the Sovs last season. His HOH was the pivotal HOH that sunk them. Had he put up Maggie "the puppeteer" the back of the friendship would have been broken.

April and Ivette would have torn each other to shreads and Janelle wins the whole thing!!!

Here's to hoping Howie never wins HOH!!!!

2) Kaysar,

Just keep your mouth shut!!!!!

Probably one of the better strategists in the game and the one of the few I think that could give Will a run for his money. The dumbest move he made last season was showing cards when Eric demanded them. The second dumbest was taking his finger off the button when he was back in the house for only 15 hours!!!!

Kaysar, win HOH. Perhaps learn a thing or tw from Jase as to how to be calculating and quiet about it. Nothing would be better than Kaysar winning HOH with Alison and making it look like her idea to put up Will!!!

3) Janelle,

The only one of the Sovs that knows how to put on a good poker face. This time I doubt she has the benefit to hide behind Howie's outbursts!!!! The downside is everyone knows she can pull puppetstrings. Her goal this time should be to play the magician and distract everybodies attentions from whats really happening. If I was her, knowing she's a definite target, I'd pretend to buddy up with Will. This way when the HOH isn't in your hands, if you go on the block, you don't sacrafice one of your own alliance. The votes are on your side (I'll explain that later) and Will walks out the door.


Keep doin what yor doin. You're so good you keep the viewers at home confused. You don't need to win anything. If you do, just don't screw your own alliance!!!!

Now to my explanation as to why the Sov 4 or the Jedi council won't be broken up. Any weak player in the mix would be foolish to break up a built in alliance that some have painted as an obvious target. ChickenGeorge, Nakomis, Erica and even Marcellis would be smart to offer secret alliances to these guys in the hopes they get a free rise to the final seven!!!!

Jase seems like a smart player so I fully expect him to hide behind Will hoping he goes up next. Janelle as co HOH would be smart to follow suit. Will and Mike hang around too much and that makes them the next obvious targets. Considering Janelle plays her cards right!!!

Also considering that Howie decides not to fly off the handle too early.

I think we will see a lot of talk about breaking up BB6. I doubt anyone would be foolish to do so w/o attempting to get a peice of the action.

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The only one of the sovs that I really like would be Howie. James is a good player but I just dont really care for the guy. Here we go again another Sov love thread. I dont know im starting to wish they did this all star before BB6. Im not discrediteing the sovs especially Janelle they are good players but it just seems like BB6 all over again.

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Wait till you see the BB4 repeat with Alison!!!!

Her strength is in pretending that she has a big mouth and no brain. She's doing it all over again. I say she goes on the block and gets off as many times as she did in BB4.

The thing with the Sovs is I've never seen an alliance with so many opportunities completely blow it. It's kinda like watching the old Boston Red Sox teams before 2004. Those guys had noting but Bill Buckner moments last season.

I'd be interested to see how it turns out if they use their brains and stay their emotions.

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Guest jordansmom

I was just saying the same thing about Ali. I wonder if her and Erika are pulling a Ali and Jun?

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