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World Series of Pop Culture


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Because I am a total trivia NERD, I turned off the Big Brother boards and watched the sneak preview of VH1's latest game show, World Series of Pop Culture. According to the website they held auditions in many cities, including Atlanta. I don't know how I missed this,but I did. ANYWAY, I watched the preview and didn't get a single question wrong (yes, I know Joe Montagne does the voice of Fat Tony on the Simpsons and the four alcoholic beverages mentioned in the song Tubthumper).

If they do this again, I would like to offer by total couch potato IQ to other Mortiers. We could be team Morty!! The winning team of three gets $250,000. Hey, we can even give a cut to Morty for being such a gracious host.

So what do you say?? Any takers??

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