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What happens if there is a tie?


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Boogie and Will are FINALLY talking about keeping Alison, like they should have all along. But when I count the votes for ali to stay, I come up with Nak, Will, Boogie, Diane ..

But the wild cards, are marcellas, chicken george, and erika.

I think that dani and marcellas have a secret alliance, so I don't see that happening.

Kaysar and Erika are close, and she seems to be lumping in with the sovs.

So that leaves Nak, Diane, Will, Boogie and Chicken George (assuming he can be convinced)

And that leaves Howie, James, Kaysar, Erika, Marcellas voting for Danielle to stay.

There are two HOH's.

Janie and Jase. In the event of a tie .. who breaks the vote? Do they both have to agree? What if they dont' agree?

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I have my doubts about these HG's .. they're too easily distracted by shiny objects.

Looking at their own reflections :lol:

And I seriously doubt that James will vote for Ali, since he's got a side deal with Dani, and he's protected by the sov right now.

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well no one else knows that, but her. And there is also the fact that marcellas had told Ali he'd keep her, but now because he's lumping in with the sov's he's not so sure. They tried to work on James last night, before I went to bed .. but when I had to finally crawl into bed, the last thing I heard was James working overtime, to try to create doubt in both Boogie and Diane, that NOT evicting Ali was the wrong choice.

As much as I love her .. and feel like the game wont be the same without her, I don't know if Ali CAN be saved.

I think that they should SEE the evidence of James campaigning so hard to keep Dani as proof of what they suspected all along, that he has a deal with her, and that she's gonna lump herself in with the sovs as the threat that it is, and that they need to not keep her around because she is going to become a liability to them down the road.

If they feel threatened by the sovs, and by Janie in particular it's to their benefit to LET Alison stay, because she would go after Jani if given the chance.

I still don't know about the tie issue though. I am wondering if CBS knows about this, or has prepared for this envitiability ... because it would make for good drama.

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