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Big Brother Australia - 2 More Intruders Confirmed!!


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Gretel confirmed the rumors last night during the eviction show!!

On Tuesday Night, two more INTRUDERS will enter the house.

Let me clarify that.

Gretel's exact words were:

On Tuesday night, BB will plunge two new housemates into the hot tub.

The term intruder was not used!!

It was not explained whether they were pre-planned or if they are replacements for John and Ashley. There has been an expanded coverage show planned for Tuesday night for several weeks so we will have to wait for more information.

Who will they be and how will the house accept them at such a late date??

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Gretel confirmed at the end of the eviction show that the two new housemates were not intruders but full housemates since they will not have any immunity from nomination when they enter the house on Tuesday. So they can be nominated next Monday and evicted the following Sunday.

On the Big Brother Australia website the two new intruders are shown. Here is their info:


Chris from New South Wales is 22 and is a Singer/Waiter.

BB says: "Chris is independent and has a lovable arrogance."


Max age 20 and also from New South Wales is a Cafe manager.

Big Brother says: "Likeable and energetic, Max is a 'real lad'."

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