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It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia question..


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Anyone watch this? I saw two episodes so far and I can't figure out the background of the characters, how they relate to one another? I know the one woman and man are Danny Devito's kids, but what about the other two guys who work at the bar? I went to the site for the show and it doesn't explain.

Anyone know?

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

by Darren Sirkin

June 29, 2006: Awesome New Cereal

Los Angeles, California. June twenty-ninth, two thousand and six. Nine seconds after the hour of ten thirty in the evening, Pacific Standard Time:

This show is funny.

Too funny. Even the guy I tried to remember as "gay Ben Stiller" described his fake handicap as "I'm rockin' the FDR look, with the blanket...."

These people talk like me. I need to do more research. I never saw the first season. I'm in over my head.

Cheers to FX. I feel like making inside jokes from the show, but would anyone get them?

Posted by Darren Sirkin 06/30/2006 2:23 AM

July 6, 2006: FX Is the New, Better, Comedy Central

Yeah, and if you don't agree with that title, then get off my blog. That's right, even though "blog" means "I don't get paid for this," I'm having one hell of a time watching this show, and I dare you to disagree. Never have so many promos been so right about so many things so often. FX is the s--t. Yeah, I can say that too because this show says it all over the place. Danny DeVito even said it like three times in two minutes. The Sunny is funny. I am one lucky jerk, to be able to publish this nonsense about this nonsensical show, and this isn't over until I say it's over!

Dear Loyal Reader:

I apologize for last week's entry, as I was quite flummoxed by the quality of this show, and I was frankly not prepared for such an onslaught of comedic stylings for a full straight hour. Now I love commercials, but I didn't want this show to be interrupted. I know this is about to be quite the polar opposite of the meager entry I previously submitted, and even now I'm trying to find a way to express everything that this show has brought to us. So I've decided, for the first time ever, to actually follow my chicken-scratch notes that I take during any show that I write about. I'm no journalist

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