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It just takes a good ole Saturday night

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Has anyone else noticed that over BB history, Sat nights seem to be the best early on? I always find it interesting because for the HG's, it is just another day, but it always seems it is the early Saturdays when things start to get good.

Things have been a little slow the past few days, but tonight? Damn, there is stuff being talked about in every corner of the house.

Currently Marcellas and Janey in the HoH actually making sense about getting Will out and leaving George and Howie for later weeks.

Will showing his true colors in the hot tub AND some HG's actually catching on

Danielle, Janey, Marcellas, Erika and James in the kitchen putting 2 and 2 together about George.

Danielle and Marcellas rehashing BB3 by the hot tub

Allison and Diane conspiring in the gym

Howie and Janey in the Spider room and Howie going OFF about Nakomis and how much he hates her

Every few minutes, it is a different set of HG's in a different room dissing and conspiring against someone else and trying to make alliances.

This is what the live feeds are all about and the best thing is, there has been very little "fire" this evening :)

People are actually starting to play and think and actually discuss it. Nice.

Ahhh, BB is back and maybe earning the "All-Stars" title


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You have a point, Dep. I think the past couple of days everyone has been somewhat laying low in reaction to the Dani/Ali noms. Those 2 started out playing the game hard very quickly. They got nominated for their efforts.

The HG's have been bored the past couple of days and there has been very little game play/discussion going on. Add the boredom to the normal paranoria of the game and things are starting to move a little now.

I think it's basically been like watching a pot on the stove. It's getting hotter and will soon start to boil.

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Thanks for that update, Dep....I turned in early (EST) because they were killing me with BOREDOM. :blink:

Interesting turns all around......LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!! :ph34r:

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