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Tuesday, October 31, 2023 🎃 Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates 🎃

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To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
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Have-Not Room (HNR)
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Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
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12:14AM BBT

Jag is out of the DR. He joins Matt and Bowie in the backyard and says their plan to tell Felicia the wrong order of the final comps isn't necessary, "When we were on the hammock, we were trying to say the biggest thing I needed to convince her of is that the second comp is physical. She already thinks that the second comp is physical, which is not true"

Matt: The second comp isn't physical?

Jag: No the first comp is physical. But, truly, we don't know.

Bowie: They could mix it up.

Jag: Here is the thing, the first comp is mental. Second comp has always been physical. It's endurance. It always has been because people fight (for their life). It's always been the case. So that is true. The second truth and the last truth we have to convince her of is if you win the next HoH you advance directly to the second comp.

Bowie: You miss the mental

Jag: We tell her those two truths and the rest she will cook up on her own


12:15AM BBT

Matt: She is already cooking up her final two speech. But you are that confident when your ass is on the block. We could send her home now! 

Bowie: This is what makes her the weaker competitor. It's her flaw.

Matt: I'm just annoyed! Because, Bruh, we are getting rid of Cirie because of game?

Jag: Yeah, if it was personal, we keep Cirie! I don't want to fuck up and keep someone for personal reasons. 

Matt: Felicia has been so messy, sloppy and obvious. For me, it's annoying. The fact that she is preparing a final two speech? Nope!

Jag and Bowie go back to prepping for Felicia being in final four with them. [BLUK! -ML]


12:19AM BBT

Big Brother: Matt, please go to the Diary Room downstairs.

Matt: (to Jag) Yours was long! You were in there a long time.

Jag: Yeah, but it was a lot of waiting.

Matt gets up, says goodnight with hugs all around and heads to DR.

Matt: Love you, Bro!

Jag: We are cooking things up!

Bowie: Let's cook!

Bowie Jane and Jag memorize all the items in the backyard.


12:50AM BBT

Matt returns to the backyard after his DR session.

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1:23AM BBT

Jag: Our last night in the backyard

Bowie: I know! 10 days inside we are now

Jag: That's literally Yoda

They all laugh.

Bowie: Cirie coming to tell us that was smart

Jag: It was. It was smart

Matt: On her part

Bowie: Which makes us not want her

Jag: Who knows if she is saying that or not. We are all fucking liars.

Matt says Felicia will come to them tomorrow claiming Cirie told her HER final speech.

Jag: true

Matt: Like, what the fuck?

Matt has been coughing. He thinks he is getting sick.

Jag claims he needs vitamin C

Bowie says he needs Zinc


1:27AM BBT

Matt, Jag and Bowie continued talking in the backyard.

Jag: Should we go to sleep?

Jag says he is already pissed about the Wakey, Wakey in the morning. It could be at 10 and still not be enough sleep. 

Matt: Off to bed I must go!

Bowie repeats: Off to bed I must go. Now!

Jag: Me too!

Matt: Bed you must go, too?

Jag: Goodbye backyard.

Bowie: Yeah, goodbye

Jag: It has been such an honor The BB Backyard!

Matt: Iconic!

Bowie: Take one last look and memorize it.

Jag: BB backyard which has 17 windows without awnings

Bowie: And why?

Jag: Doesn't matter

Bowie: Because when you are 17 you don't get an awning, but when you are 18, you do

Jag: 10 on the left, 12 on the right, 6 daybeds 4 lanterns, 3 bushes, 2 chairs by the dryers, 4 watermelon pieces cut in half [the bowls that always reminded me of Jackson Michie -ML]

matt: Another watermelon slice by the hammock

Bowie: Oh, that could be something

Jag: One hammock

Matt: And a watermelon floatie

Bowie: How many speakers around the pool

Jag: Six speakers around the pool

Matt: Six watermelons

Jag details the walls that include images for all the universes: Scaryverse, Comicverse the Humiliverse and Scrambleverse

Jag: There's one million and 7 droplets of water (in the pool)

Matt: What do you say? (hot tub)

Jag: One last dip for old time's sake? Not too hot and not too cold.

Matt: Ah! It's not too hot, so I'm not sold

Jag: Wait, did you rhyme me on purpose? (he didn't)

Bowie: Should we take heavier dumbbells in?

Matt: I can't curl them anymore because I'm so weak

They notice Felicia left towels in the washer. Bowie moves them to the dryer.

Jag: Why is she still washing towels.

Bowie: We've got four million towels.


1:33AM BBT

The Mafia says farewell to the backyard...

Jag: What a time this has been!

Matt: It's the last time we are gonna see this guys. The hammock. The iconic hammock.

Jag: This feels like the end of like a sitcom or end of a show or something.

Matt: Well, we are wrapping up. It is!

Jag: Holy Shit! It is the end of a show.

This is completed with the Mafia hand signs and Superhero poses for the Final Three battle they are about to commence.

Matt: Damn! We had our last look!

Bowie laughs and they head inside.

Matt can be heard saying, "There it goes!" as he closes the door for the last time.









[I am hoping production actually has some fun built in for the HGs on Halloween that include activities in the backyard like bobbing for apples, a haunted house and the costumes they were asked to request. -ML]


2:00AM BBT

Matt fell asleep listening to his HoH music.


2:02AM BBT

The lights finally go our in Scaryverse. Jag and Bowie Jane offer a quiet "Thank you" to Big Brother. The entire house is now dark.


7:50AM BBT

The BB House is still dark and silent with HGs dreaming of confetti.

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9:30AM BBT

Still just sleepers in the BB25 House. All 5 of them!


9:42AM BBT

Felicia is out of bed heading to the loo.  

Cirie is awake now, too, rubbing her eyes.


9:46AM BBT

Felicia turns on the sink to a full blast and grabs her toothbrush. She stares at herself in the mirror. Left side. Right side. She finally puts toothpaste on her toothbrush and begins cleaning her teeth allowing the water to run, unnecessarily, this entire time! [4 full minutes = 10 to 12 gallons of water, y'all! Shameful behavior, Felicia! -ML]


9:53AM BBT

Felicia heads back to Comicverse and makes her bed.

Cirie: What time is it?

Felicia tells her it is almost 10.

The lights go on in Comicverse.

Felicia: 9 more days! We done hit out single digits.

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9:55AM BBT

Cirie gets out of bed and sighs, "Oh well! Trick or treat!"

Felicia laughs: Nine days

Cirie:  I'll see Mr. Dewayne and hopefully you'll see Honey

Felicia: You are the best thing that happened to me in this house!

Cirie: Oh Stop!

Felicia: I don't care what  has been said or done, what the cameras show or whatever. You are the best thing that has happened to me. I have made some mistakes in the game.

Cirie: I have, too

Felicia: And I may have thrown you under the bus and I apologize for that

Cirie: And I may have, as well

Felicia: We have made some mistakes, but you and me is genuine. The rest of this is bullshit! You, MeMe and Jared is genuine!

Cirie: I feel the same way. I gained a sister. Brown Sugar Babies! We should have kept that Brown Sugar!

Felicia: I know!

Cirie: Well, you were stupid! I love you Felicia! I ain't never met nobody like you!

Felicia laughs: I don't know if that is good or bad.

Cirie: No that's actually perfect. I want you to be you. The reason we connect is because you are 100% unapologetically who you are

Felicia: And so are you

Cirie: and that's what I need. I can't deal with the fake. I can't deal with the bullshit. So that's what made my experience, me and you, like this...And even with the, 'I am gonna get her! I'm gonna get her! ...she said...she said.." Even with all of that. So, I appreciate you! 

Felicia: You are my blessing in this chaos.

Cirie: And you are mine!



9:58AM BBT

Felicia leaves

Cirie: Oh Felicia! You HAVE thrown me under the bus. And I threw you under the bus. I'm sorry! I am sorry! At least she said it. Said it and apologized! Well, we shall see! Hm! Oh, Felicia!


10:02AM BBT

Wakey, Wakey Time!


10:17AM BBT

The feeds are back

BB: Have a Spooky Day Houseguests

Cirie: Oh Shit!

Felicia: They gonna have stuff going on all day!

Cirie does the Count's "Muuuuaaaaahhhhhh"

Cirie: My first time on Survivor, I was there on Thanksgiving.

Felicia: Really?

She tells Felicia about her reward to get a 12 course meal and massages, "And I swore they were gonna give the others something...but not a bread crumb"

Felicia: How did you choose who to bring?

Cirie: It was my alliance people. I could pick two but there were three in my alliance.

Felicia: Oh, and that's hard to recover from.

Cirie: Yeah, he was mad for a minute.


10:19AM BBT

In Scaryverse, Jag says his throat is hurting. Bowie Jane asks Big Brother for immunity shots because they might be getting sick. 

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10:58AM BBT

Matt used his own clothes to dress up as a ninja.

Jag is using Cirie's Superhero Academy punishment costume items for himself.


11:01AM BBT

Cirie: They said there might be something in storage!

WBRB Gold Swirlies


11:07AM BBT

Jag has decided to dress in all black after Matt tells him that everyone decided to wear all black.

Bowie: They said we are getting costumes. I hope I'm not Cockadoodle Zoom.

Felicia: I don't have a single black thing. They told me not to bring black, and I didn't.






Jag is changing his turban to his black pagg.

Cirie and Bowie are trying to piece items together for Felicia.

Bowie: I have a black denim jacket

Cirie: I have black pants. They short, too!



11:23AM BBT

Jag: Watch our costumes be better (than what production gives them)

Felicia (to Matt): I like your outfit!

Matt: Thank you!

Felicia: You started the trend!

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11:29AM BBT

The HGs have been told they are getting a Halloween party. Cirie says they are getting Chinese food. They are excited.



11:45AM BBT

The HGs have been told the Have Not Room is closing down. Matt is trying to move out all of his belongings that were still in there.


11:46AM BBT

Big Brother: Jag, please go to the Diary Room downstairs.

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12:15PM BBT

The HGs are talking about the dinner offers they were given by production. They were given the choice of burgers, Mexican or Chinese. They chose Chinese.

Bowie: In and Out is close by.

Cirie: In and Out is overrated!

[Yes! It really is! I don't understand the fascination with this place! -ML]

Matt says they have them in Texas but not Louisiana [Not a loss, Matt! Really! -ML]


12:33PM BBT

In the kitchen, Felicia checks in with Matt.

Matt: You're good.

Felicia: Is everything the same? Has anything shifted?

Matt:  I think everything is good. The only thing that is scary is that I don't have a vote. Keep talking to Jag and Bowie Jane.




12:37PM BBT

Matt and Bowie Jane head upstairs. 

Bowie: I'm going up there because it's warmer. Come on up when you get too cold.

Felicia: When Jag comes out (of DR) we will come up and play poker.

Bowie: Perfect

Once in the HOHR, Matt asks if they are coming up. He is not sure if he heard correctly.

Bowie tells him they will come play poker when Jag comes out of DR.


In the kitchen...

Cirie: I wonder if they gonna tell us or not. (evictee)

Felicia: I don't know why they would keep it a secret.

Cirie has a headache.



12:40PM BBT

Jag comes out of the DR.

Felicia tells Jag they are cold again because Big Brother told them to turn off the oven, "They told us we had to turn the oven off. We might burn the house down."  Jag says they told him they can't use the oven as a space heater. Felicia cackles, very loudly, and it carries through house.


Upstairs, Matt hears Felicia laughing and says, "That's what I mean. Her laugh is so loud sometimes I have to, you know, low tone!"  

Jag walks in, "Okay, they clarified. Apparently the next HoH.."

*With this we get WBRB Gold Swirlies

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12:56PM BBT

All of the HGs are in the HOHR. Jag says they should tell scary stories.

Jag: Will you tell us a story, Mama Fe?

Felicia: Okay, let me think.

Jag: Yay!

Felicia: I need to think.


Bowie Jane tells a story of being in India with a girlfriend and hopping in a van, which now she realizes was stupid. He started driving around and she got freaked out. "Two girls on our own in a van. He was driving us through an industrial area. We were fucked." She says he actually did take them to their hotel, but they were skilled.


This whole time, Matt is silent on his bed. He puts on his headphones and turns up the music.


Jag tells a story of being in India with his brother and sister in a tuk-tuk style vehicle. They were at a market and were ready to go, but a driver they didn't recognize takes them instead because their guy was on a break. The driver started going a different way saying it would be faster, "Immediately, I was like FUCK." He says that his sister starts freaking out and was like, 'We have to jump out right now.' But he was going 30 mph. Jag was like, no, that's not safe. His brother was on the other extreme and was not freaking out at all. "I looked at my brother, and was like, you're freaking out NOT enough." Jag confronted the driver who kept saying it was the best route. He felt like they knew the driver figured out they were American because they were talking to each other in English, and they thought they were getting robbed. Jag says they were ready to fight him, "Because compared to you, brother, I am well fed." The guy kept going a weird way, but eventually he actually got them where they needed to go. "We were freaking out for nothing."


1:07PM BBT

Bowie Jane says that those scary things always happen when you are traveling.


Talk turns to Cory saying he could beat anyway (physical fight). Bowie says watch him turn out to be some martial arts master.

Jag: He said he would beat the fuck out of Cameron.

Bowie: Yeah

Jag: Twice


Felicia is ready to tell her story.

She says it is a true story in New York City on a job where 8 of them would travel around to different cities. She says they always traveled as a group, but one day, everyone left before her.  "I got outside, and they were gone!" She tried to wave down a taxi but none would stop. She had no choice but to walk. She got lost and it was getting dark. She started going into panic mode. A black limo stopped with a lady inside. She asked her if she was trying to get a taxi. She said the limo had no markings, but it offered her a ride. Felicia was scared because the lady said she was not going to get a taxi at that time of day. She thought about it, talked to God then decided she needed to take the chance. "She said I am not going to hurt you." Felicia says she took her to the hotel and gave her a business card then picked her up the next day to take her to the airport. "I got lucky!"




Cirie is finished in the DR, so she joins the others in the HoHR.


1:38PM BBT

Big Brother: Bowie Jane, please go to the Diary Room downstairs.

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1:51PM BBT

Cirie does not have any scary stories she wants to tell, but she does tell them she can't believe that she knows all of them now. "I like know you, know you!" thinking their paths would have never crossed if not for Big Brother. "I was meant to know you!"

*WBRB Gold Swirlies



1:59PM BBT

Felicia is worried that Matt can't hear his music and suggests they leave. They decide to give Matt some peace! Matt tells them he has a headache, so they know it's the right decision.


2:21PM BBT

Bowie: I may ride the bike. Any takers?

She looks at Jag.

Jag: I'm in costume. I tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna go get some food.

Bowie: Me too!

Cire and Felicia want to be empty when the Chinese food arrives.

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2:23PM BBT

Alone now in Comicverse, Felicia tells Cirie, "They never give him any space. And when he's got that music in and it's loud enough for us to hear it, he is trying to hear. And he was snuggled up like a ball. Jag just takes over the space. They never pay attention to what he's doing."

Cirie and Felicia discuss that Matt is somewhat depressed.

Felicia: He realized he made a mistake and don't know how to back track out of it. He messed up. He got sucked into his plan. He (Jag) gonna take Bowie Jane to the finals. [Bingo!]



2:28PM BBT

Jag and Bowie Jane are studying now in Scaryverse. They are going over the number of times people competed in HOH, veto and were put on the block.

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3:14PM BBT

Felicia wants to check on Matt and make sure he is okay. She tells Jag and Bowie Jane that she wants to go upstairs and get the cards. She heads upstairs and calls out his name. He is not in the room. She heads back down.

Felicia: He is not in the room.

Jag: Did you grab the cards?

Felicia: Yeah

Jag: He is probably in the bathroom.

Felicia: Okay, we gonna play Solitaire in the back bedroom until the party starts.

She leaves

Bowie: She is going to go study, as are we.

Jag: Mm Hmm


Felicia reports to Cirie that Matt wasn't in the HoH Room. Cirie says he was probably in the bathroom. Felicia says she didn't hear him in the bathroom and she called out.

Cirie: DR?

Felicia says BJ and Jag said they never saw him go downstairs.

Felicia: Does he take his hearing aids out to go to the bathroom?

Cirie: Or maybe he just didn't hear you.

Felicia: Or maybe he just didn't hear me!

They begin playing Black Jack using their own decks.



3:33PM BBT

Jag and Bowie Jane are playing bumper pool in the loft.

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4:28PM BBT

After a period of WBRB Gold Swirlies, the feeds return to the HoHR with just Jag and Matt. It has been silent for some time.

Jag: What did Felicia say to you?

Matt: She grabbed me when I was going to exchange my battery and she goes, 'Do you not hear what's going on in there? They are making fun of you right in front of you. You can't hear them but I can.'

Jag: Like you were checking yourself out or something.

Matt: Maybe. I was like, I don't know. I didn't hear them. She was like, well I am listening to them.

Jag: She didn't say anything specifically that she heard.

Matt: No

Jag: I'm confused. I don't know. Part of me...if she lied about that. It would be really fucked up. She lies a lot, but she's never crossed that line. Part of me is thinking there must be some misunderstanding. 


4:32PM BBT

The HoH doorbell rings. It's Bowie Jane. Jag asks Matt if he is okay if he (Jag) goes to talk with Mama Fe about this.

Matt: I might go talk with her.

Jag tells Bowie that he feels like Mama Fe has never used Matt's disability in a wrong sort of way so he feels there was a misunderstanding, and he wants to clear it up.


*WBRB Gold Swirlies, again.


4:39PM BBT

Cirie: I can't take this. Oh Jesus. Take the wheel. I can't drive. You know what happens when I drive.


Felicia walks back into Comicverse telling Cirie, "They said 5 o'clock. Food and beverage at 5 o'clock. I am ready for a party!


In the HoHR, Bowie Jane says, "She can stop that right now." (Felicia)

Matt goes downstairs to talk to Felicia.

Bowie: Oh my God. WHen I left, you were there but you had your eyes closed, and when I came back you were in deep conversation.

Jag: Yeah, I gave him a hug because I knew he was stressed.

Jag says Matt said he was also upset about the Mama Fe thing. "On a personal level, if Felicia is out here saying these things, it's not okay at all!"

Bowie: No! I'll vote her out!

Jag: Matt has a right to upset about things.

Bowie: He doesn't believe it, though, right?

Jag: I don't know!


4:44PM BBT

In Comicverse, Matt is talking with Felicia and Cirie.

Felicia: Saturday coming, you have to win veto! It's your life!

Matt: I know. I'm gonna win. I'm gunning for that veto.

Felicia: You have always come through when you needed to for yourself. This time you need to!

Matt: Yeah!

Cirie: Your mustach is growing

Matt: I know. I didn't shave, that's why.

Cirie: One day? Wow! So when you see Reilly, mustache or no mustache?

Matt: No mustache. 

Felicia cackles: They way she saw you!

Cirie: Where are they now?

Matt: What did they say? Two days okay.

Felciia says, "They were throwing insults 'He ain't gonna beat us he ain't that good' (putting up awnings) And when we came back in from the veto, Jag said, 'and here you are supposed to be an Olympic swimmer and I beat you.' They are jokes, but they big."

Matt: Yeah

Cirie: How are you with Bowie?

Matt: I think Jag is choosing Bowie Jane over me now.

Felicia: That's why you should have put Bowie Jane on the block.

Matt: I couldn't. He would have taken her down.

Felicia: And then he didn't use the veto.

Matt says he has to win the next one.

Felicia: Trust it. You will.

Matt: I feel the pressure!

Cirie: Damn!


4:50PM BBT

Matt: It's got to be 5 soon!

Felicia: It might be 5 now


4:56PM BBT 

There are costumes in the SR for the HGs.








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Just before the party, Bowie and Jag were in Scaryverse putting the final touches on their costumes. Jag said some things a about Felicia trying screw things up and that it's a good thing they cleared it up like they did. They are still planning to evict Cirie.


The HGs carved pumpkins. Matt put an R for Reilly and M for Matt on his, complete with a heart.


Jag wanted to take photos of their pumpkins in the dark, so they took them upstairs. Felicia yelled about her pumpkin disappearing. Jag, "I really just want our pumpkins. Get rid of that shit." Jag then made sure Felicia's pumpkin was not included. He is clearly harboring resentment for Felicia.

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