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Tuesday, September 12, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in and talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  

Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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730am BBT There's a lot of loud snoring in the Comic Bedroom. Wonder if any of it is coming from Josh who seems happily snuggled in to the bed next to Matt!

Jared is restless in the Hospital room.

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930am BBT Meme and Blue in WA doing ADLs

Izzy comes in. Cirie sitting and waiting her turn.

Jag got a 10 on the stink-o-meter. Gasmasks for all. Felicia is in the shower! Cold! Trying to rinse off and get out.

Everyone just sitting and waiting except for Blue who continues her face cleaning despite the mask. Now she is just holding it in front of her face.

Nobody else talking. Felicia is trying to get dressed in the shower stall with mask on. [they will be glad to be done with this week]

Cam and Izzy sitting at kitchen table in pig costumes and masks.


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947am BBT Cirie in shower. Blue still lotioning up. Jag brushing. Felicia laughing at something.

No one has mics on or I have no sound!

Ther we go. Cory up brushed teeth. 

Bowie lost her lip gloss.

America comes in to brush teeth. Cory gets a 3 stinky.


955am BBT Jag and Jared in scary room talking about Cam driving wedges and not knowing how he is doing it.

Cam might be wanting his old people up like Jag and Blue.

America gets a 10 on the stink-o-meter, masks for all.

Blue just holds hers to her face. 


Back to Jag and Jared. Jag tells him he is close to Jared but no trust in Cam. Glad Cam trusts Jared. Says whoever is HOH next week needs to try to get rid of Cam. If they don't try then their ass is toast to the rest of the house.

Jag and Jared to change batteries.  They agree this coming week will leave no doubt as to which side people are on.


10:00am BBT Matt having a hot beverage with Josh in the KA


Felicia and Cirie talking in the comic room about next week putting up Jag and Bowie and backdooring Cam.

Jag and Jared saying Matt is in a good position because he is friend with everyone. Bowie may be a number for their side [they don't know she's crossed to the other side] Jag thinks she feels free to do her own thing now. They agree not to feed her any info because if she is pushing Cam's agenda she will be very dangerous.

Jared still trusts Jag, Matt, Izzy, Blue, Cerie, and Felicia.

Jag is conflicted about who he wants to keep in the house as he likes and wants to go forward with both of them.

Jared says we have to compare and contrast people going forward to see which direction to go. Analyze new info as it comes out.


1020pm BBT Matt and America in WA talking about food again.


Back to Jared and Jag in Scary room taking game and who to watch out for...America, Bowie, Blue and what stories Cam might be telling them. [little do they know it's America ratting everyone out!] They have to consider all words said until proven by actions. No doubt about some if Cam goes out. Jared reasons: Cam may think he's on an islands and try to reel in others who may also think they are on an island: Jared , Blue, Jag or Cory , America, Bowie to not be best friend but work together for a common goal.

They agree that Cam doesn't know they are already merged against him.


1035am BBT Cirie and Izzy in Game room talking about votes to keep Izzy. Cirie says she is 99%

 sure she has the 5 votes to stay. Talking about America spreading rumors about them and Felicia.

Cirie says Cam can't stand her, Izzy, and wanted her out long ago. Bowie lied to her about Cam's plan to backdoor Izzy last time he was HOH.

Cirie says she doesn't remember it being this complicated on Survivor. Asks if it's always this complicated on BB and Izzy says sometimes, 50-50 and the seasons that are 2 sides are boring. Talking about Bowie and how she was never in an alliance like everyone else (she was in 2) and how she feels slighted and upset but she was doing the same thing they were. Cirie still iffy about Cory and how things go.

Both are afraid to talk to Blue because she goes to America who runs the info to Cam and Bowie. Also afraid how that they may drag Meme into their group too.


1050am BBT Jag and Jared still talking. If Cory goes to Cam's side he will be toast. Jared still trying to make sure his people are secure. Keeps things status quo til the final 6. 

Be friends with Skeezy til he proves his trust. 

They seem to agree to trust America to do exactly what she says she will do as proven by previous actions. Jag a little leary still.

Jared says he has to go patch things up with Blue.




1100am BBT Blue , America and Matt in WA. Blue telling some long story about her and her friends [I missed the beginning}


I'm out for a while-Karene

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1:15PM BBT

In the HoHR, Cameron tells Jag that he knows he will be "Hisamed"..."I know I am next to go. I will not be nominated. Come Friday afternoon, I will not be nominated. I know that. I know I am going to get backdoored. The whole house will know....I'll let it happen. I'll fight. I hope I'll get the veto. I hope my name is pulled out of the box."


All of this to warn Jag that after he is backdoored, Jag is next. He tells Jag that if he plays with him, they have a chance to go far. He warns jag that Izzy has her hooks in everyone. "You think you are close to her, but she has already spat off everything you have told you. I promise you that. But, I am still wanting to do this with you. I don't know what you think your relationship is with Blue, but I will say I don't think it's what you think it is. And that's all I'll say."

Jag: Hm

Cameron: Last week? You were just offered off. I wasn't the driving force behind that. I thought it would be an easy vote. Okay, good. I wasn't driving that.

Jag: Hm

Cameron: We are just about it. I did not realize how much of a do or die that POV was for me until I connected the dots. Period

Jag: Mm Hmm

Cameron: She is a great player. Far, far superior to whatever candle Felicia holds. Keep Felicia in this game. She is annoying, but she cooks.  Izzy breathes this game. She will devour everything, especially if she continues to sit next to Cirie, the fucking reality tv show social experiment veteran. That's all I'll say. I don't think I need to say any more. If she stays in this game, everyone is dumb and has made a stupid decision. Period. She's gonna walk, with every relationship she has, she is going to walk this thing home.


[Cameron is not wrong, but he lacks the relationships to do much about it. I would be shocked if the vote actually ended up saving Felicia  -MamaLong]



1:26PM BBT

Jag asks why he put Izzy up next to Felicia instead of Cirie. Cameron says he knows that Felicia is the only one he could put up next to Izzy and make sure Izzy goes home. "Izzy next to anyone else would stay."

Cameron: This has to stay right here....I am giving you so much trust right now. You are being led to stick with Blue. I am being led to stay with Jared. We are continuing to be the glue that keeps those two....She is the one that fucking offered you up. Jared is the one that put me up against fucking Red. Let's get real. Let's cut the bullshit. I see the game, and you see the game. We are continuously being cultivated by the people we think we trust, but those are the people we are being led to trust. They are just jerking us along...Matt is the wildcard that we both love. I love Matt so much, and I know you do, too. A great ally. He is being used by them.

Jag: What's your idea on the strategy here or the game plan here?

Cameron: The game plan is big picture, it's further down the road. It's football. We have to execute this one play. If we don't execute this play, we are gonna have to punt...we'll be screwed. Izzy needs to go home. I believe I have trust in Matt and if you tell him this is what you want to do, he will want to do it, too. Bowie is willing to ride. She is the one that has been screwed the most by the, She is hard after them. And I don't know where MeMe falls, but I am willing to bet she doesn't want Izzy here. And I am willing to talk to Cirie. 


1:34PM BBT

Cameron tells Jag that either way, one of their side is going home on Thursday, and he really doesn't care which one. He asks Jag to ride with him and they can change the game

Jag: Fuck

Cameron: All I'm saying is that this olive branch extended is about the only thing we have in the game.

1:37PM BBT

Cameron: I've been wanting to talk to you for a couple of days

Jag: Fuck....fuck me....

Cameron: I know. All we have to do is execute this play. Then we have a first down. This is an absolute no fucking brainer. Anyone that decides otherwise is dumb and deserves to be evicted as soon as possible

Jag: Blue...and Jared is a mind melt

Cameron: I knew it would be, but i knew there was no other way I could explain it to you because I know you are being played the exact same way I am.......you, Matt, Cory, America and Bowie are the 5 votes to send Izzy out the door.  If I count on Jared, we are in trouble. I definitely can't count on Blue because I know she has a pact with her from the community because she won't vote out another LGBTQ.

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2:23PM BBT

In Scaryverse, Cirie, Jag, Blue, Matt and Jared are discussing the vote. Jag asks if Felicia knows she is the one going out. Cirie says that Felicia does have a feeling it is her because no one is giving her a definite that they are voting for her to stay. Felicia is planning to blow up Bowie's game [Wait? Bowie has a game? -ML] on the way out.

Jag: What does your gut say...tell her?

They decide to tell her right before the eviction because they all love her and hate it ended up this way.

Cirie says that if they do it earlier, Felicia will want names of who is not voting to keep her, "but out of respect for everyone...when we tell her, it should be all of us"

Jared; What

Jag: When we tell her, it should be us 5 plus Felicia....not Izzy




2:46PM BBT

Jag has Matt lying over his lap while he plays with Matt's hair....all while Matt's buddy Josh just stands there watching. 




Jag is telling the group in Scaryverse everything Cameron said.

Jag: Dude is trying to make it like he is protecting me. He is doing anything to cause chaos.

Matt: The guy has no other option that to cause drama in the house because he knows he's gone





Jag: Why would anyone trust him?

Matt: Look what he did to his best friend Red.

Jared: That's what's weird...not srategy behind it...just chaos

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3:10PM BBT

In the bathroom area, Cirie is talking with Bowie Jane. She tells Bowie that she didn't like it when Cameron told her that if she didn't vote out Izzy, they could not work together down the line

Bowie: He didn't say that to me

Cirie says that she doesn't want someone telling her how to vote

Cire tells Bowie that she wants to work with her down the line, "I'm gonna trust you until I see I can't, but I'll keep it real, I was like oh no, she is mad at me."

Bowie: I did feel the snarky....but whatever

Cirie: All I'm hearing, and I am trusting you with this...everyone in this house is still targeting Cam. I'm gonna let anyone I talk to (that thinks she is working with Cameron) that no Bowie is not

Bowie: Well, he has been pulling everyone in that room

Cirie: I'm not automatically lumping you in with Cam...I can't do that if I trust you

Bowie: Of course he is wanting things to go whatever way he is wanting them to go....so, yeah

Cirie: It's not that I heard it from someone else...that's what he told me directly. So I'm in a very tough position.

Bowie: It's a very complicated situation.

Cirie tells Bowie about how her name got tied to Cam and Red

Bowie: But I genuinely preferred our group and I genuinely did not want that....but obviously....I think

Jag interrupts this conversation by coming in for the loo. He picks up the bullhorn, "Jag is about to hit a 10....just sayin."

Bowie: I've been saying it to everyone, I want to go with the house, but I don't know where the house is going

Cirie tells her she will let her know if she hears

Jag comes out

BB: Jag! PU...Smelly...stinky....you got a 1 on the stinky scale....Did somebody microwave tilapia

Cirie is laughing

Jag: Oh no....that's a special one for me. That's so funny.

Bowie: That's hilarious

After Jag leaves...

Cirie and Bowie decide to continue working on their relationship

Cirie: We been together since day 1

Bowie: SInce day 1

Cirie: and you not talking to me...that's stupid

Bowie says she feels it is her fault because she starts feeling awkward, but she will do better...."that's why I've been playing 35 games of bumper pool. But, what should I do with Cam?"

Cirie says she told him it was a lot to think about and thinks he knows he can't make her turn on somebody who hasn't turned on her

Bowie: Yeah





Cirie: Let's let this play out and if Izzy is still here, let's have another conversation

Cirie hugs Bowie and tells her that she will never let her knowingly be on the wrong side of the vote. Bowie Jane tells her she appreciates it. 


[I'm betting neither of these ladies believe the other. -MamaLong]


3:36PM BBT

Bowie Jane: We've got a plan!

Cirie: We've got a plan. I'm working with you. We will se what happens and then pull people in.

Bowie: Yay

Cirie: No door for me to you will ever be closed

Bowie: Whew! Thank God! Fuck me!


3:40PM BBT

Cirie goes to Felicia and tells her that Bowie told her that Cam doesn't say anything about her in the HoHR, "If that's the way you want to go with it, Okay." 

Cirie: We just finished in there right now....Jag came in with his eyes looking down to the ground

Felicia tells Cirie there's no more of the olives that she likes left. But when she was looking, she saw Jag "I think he realizes everybody watching. He up a quandary trying to figure what to do....he made a big target of his self."

Cirie: Mm Hmm


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4:19PM BBT

Just general conversation in the house. Jared keeps getting called out for napping. Everyone wants to eat real food and can't wait to see their families. Cirie says she has never been away from her Honey this long. Izzy says he mom is loving see her on tv but is probably mad she hasn't send love to her "mother" with thick NY Italian American accent.


I'm out for the rest of the day/night  -MamaLong

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7:33 PM BBT:  Cam and Matt are talking in the HoH room.  Matt tells Cam that Jag and America are voting to keep Izzy, and that Cory votes with America.  Cam says, “I am pretty positive that I’m public enemy #1.”  He goes on to say to Matt “I told you that I’d take you with me anywhere.”  Cam is grinding on Izzy being evicted, and says “if everyone is dumb enough to keep Izzy, they deserve what they’ll get down the road.  It’s beyond me why anyone would want to keep her.”  Cam tells him “I got plans for us.”  And “essentially we’re homeless.  Bowie is homeless.”  Matt brings up Jared, and Cam replies “things aren’t what we thought with Jared.”  He tells Matt he knows he’s getting back-doored, and that he told Jag today that Jag is next in line.  So Cam tells Matt he wants to pull himself, Matt, Bowie, Cory, America, and Jag together.  And says “that’s a squad!”  They discuss how advantageous it would be to have physical and mental players.  Cam says with Izzy gone, this alliance they form will be able to beat the others.  He says he wants to have fun!  And sums up his pitch with “let’s fucking ride!”  Cam said he wanted to tell Matt first; that he’d floated the idea with Cory and America, but in the past.  Matt agrees to talk to Jag, and appears to be agreeing that it all sounds good.  Cam says, “Izzy is the first step.”  He then says they need to get this established before the HoH comp.  Then says to Matt, “This doesn’t go anywhere.  You talk to Jag, and that’s it.”  They check the TV screen to see where everyone is; they’re all in bedrooms, DR, and Blue and America in the washroom.  Cam asks Matt again, “What do you think?”  Matt replies that “it sounds solid” and “smart as fuck.”  Cam circles back to Izzy yet again, and reminds Matt the votes are anonymous, and to “vote her out if you want her out.”  Cam then says he’s told everything to Jag, and says “he needs a home.  We all need a home.”  They wind up their conversation, Matt says he’ll look for Jag to talk to him, and get back to Cam tomorrow or maybe tonight.  Cam says, we have all day tomorrow.  They bro hug, Matt grabs Josh, and leaves.



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8:06 PM BBT:  Less than 10 minutes after leaving Cam in the HoH room, Matt enters the comic bedroom where Cirie and Izzy are on the beds talking.  He sits down directly across from them, and starts talking to them.  His mic is either not on or not working; it’s inaudible.  Cirie and Izzy listen intently to Matt for a couple of minutes, then Cirie says “WOW.”  Izzy looks sort of amused.  Matt has outed Cam’s plan for the new 6 person alliance to them, apparently.  BB: “Matt, please put on your microphone.”  Cirie says, “what an asshole.”  She looks at Izzy and says, “he knows you’re super smart” [assuming she’s referring to Cam.]  Cirie then comments that Cam is “just trying to pull people from our alliance.”


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8:16 PM BBT:  Jag enters the comic bedroom and joins Cirie, Izzy and Matt.  They discuss sleeping arrangements for the night; it sounds like Blue and Jared are in the Have-Not room tonight.  General chit-chat about various things, including vision problems; Jag is very near-sighted.  There is zero game talk.  Cirie gets up and leaves to go to the bathroom.  General chit-chat continues between Izzy, Jag and Matt, including snoring and things that help or hinder sleep.


8:35 PM BBT:  Jag and Izzy start talking game, about Cam.  Izzy says, “why would anyone join a sinking ship?”  Jag says Cam’s “in a state of panic because now he doesn’t have power.”  Jag says Cam did most of the talking [assuming during their talk today].  Izzy and Jag discuss Cam’s obsession with getting Izzy evicted, and she says she finds it funny that he’s so threatened by her.  Jag continues to describe the conversation with Cam today, they both mention that Cam does most of the talking, and how it’s a continual loop of the same thing.



8:43 PM BBT:  Cory and America are in the washroom, Cam has joined them.  Izzy gets in the shower.  Cam is telling them about the snacks he’s saved for them (from his basket) for tomorrow night, when Have-Not week ends.  General chit-chat about snack foods.


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8:47 PM BBT:  Matt and Bowie are talking in the comic bedroom.  Bowie asks him if he knows where the vote will land.  He told her he isn’t sure, that it could go either way, and people are still weighing things.  Matt tells her he’ll let her know, maybe an hour beforehand.  Bowie says she doesn’t want to go against the house, and she’ll vote however Matt tells her to.  Matt says he’s going to take a shower.  He grabs Josh and leaves.


9:15 PM BBT:  Izzy and Cirie are talking in the comic bedroom.  Cirie says “Cory is dangerous.  Not because of Cory, but because of America.  They’re kissing and canoodling, so they’re talking about everything.”  Izzy mentions America would be a good candidate for eviction soon.


9:55 PM BBT:  Jag joins Blue and Jared, who are playing chess.  Jag tells them “their six” have to stay together, because he (Cam) “is going to say all kinds of crazy stuff to drive wedges.”  Jared says as soon as he (Cam) is on the block, he’s “going to fuck with him.”  Jag leaves them.  Blue says to Jared that Cam knows he’s going to be back-doored.  She says he told her that in the bathroom, and told her to get Izzy out.



10:02 PM BBT:  Jag is talking to Felicia in the kitchen.  He’s telling her that they’ll let her know beforehand if she’s being voted out (so she’s not surprised).


10:03 PM BBT:  Izzy goes upstairs to talk to Jared and Blue, who are still playing chess.  She’s looking for reassurance about the vote; Jared tells her Cory is locked in, and Matt is locked in, that she’s OK.  Izzy says there’s still time between now and the vote, and so she worries things will flip, and to keep reminding her of that.


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11:50PM BBT

In the Have Not Room, Izzy, Cirie and Matt finalize their plans are telling Felicia she is the one that will be evicted. They come to the conclusion that the best way to handle it is to tell Felicia that the two people on the block are NOT cooking dinner. It will be done by everyone else (Well, the ones that are willing to cook, that it). This will avoid Felicia feeling negative about cooking dinner for everyone and then still being evicted.

Cirie: This way it's not like The Last Supper

Izzy: And I will support making sure Felicia just sits back and enjoys not cooking

Matt says he is making a bunch of quesadillas. America is making her Mexican Rice. Cirie will make tacos. 




11:54PM BBT

Jag, America and Cory are talking in the loft about their "Unreliables" alliance. 

Cory: I'm getting nervous about the Unreliables because I brought it up (in DR) and they were like 'What the Fuck is that?'

America: We aren't on the map yet? We have a handshake!

Cory: Let's solidify....Us 3? Final 8.

Lots of laughing

America: I just want to make it to your birthday

Cory: And that's my goal...that America makes it to my birthday

Jag: I say Final 9

Cory: We got to make it 8 because Elite Eight

Jag: What's Elite Eight?

Cory: March Madness


[These three are super silly! -ML]


11:59PM BBT

Back in Have-Nots Room, Cirie, Matt and Izzy wonder if there will be a Battle Back.

Matt: It would be wild!

Izzy: W I L D

Cirie: If it were a Battle Back, who would you prefer, Red or Hisam?

They decide they would prefer Reilly come back in over Red and Cameron.

Izzy says she prefers Hisam over Red because he would go after Cameron.

Matt doubts that, "Hisam is gonna go after y'all"

Izzy: Oh God!

Cirie: We just fought....(resigned) we just get our stuff and leave

Izzy: Right, grab our bag, go have a drink and go home....No, I think it's a small possibility. If there is gonna be one, it would be a jury one

Matt agrees.


[This speculation is because they are so concerned over the lengthy build in the backyard. Production shut down the backyard for this entire week, which they find very suspicious.   -MamaLong]


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