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Wednesday, August 23, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


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Thank you!

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8:06AM BBT

All cameras show sleeping HGs


8:07AM BBT

WBRB Gold Swirlies


8:22AM BBT

The feeds return to Cirie and Izzy talking in the bathroom area talking about Hisam...nothing new.

Red and Felicia are talking in the HoHR about family birthdays and how Red is not used to being so emotional, but the BB House makes him emotional.



8:42AM BBT

All cameras show HGs in the Upside Down Room.

8:58AM BBT

In the kitchen, Felicia, Cirie, Izzy and Red discuss a BB25 road trip and getting tattoos.

Felicia: We have to take a poll to see where everyone wants to land (start in LA or NYC)

Izzy: Driving across the country picking up people

Felicia: We could do an RV and be like the House is on the road

Red: That will be crazy

Izzy: Let's let it simmer...the planning

Cirie: Yeah, let it simmer

Felicia says they need to pitch it to CBS, "The Mess Express"

Red is looking forward to riding a subway.

Izzy: Just don't make eye contact

Cirie: I just look at my feet


9:21AM BBT

Bowie Jane is now up and doing her hair in the bathroom while chatting with Izzy.

She is frustrated with her hair and says she needs the scissors, "That's it! I need a buzz cut."



10:13AM BBT

Jag and Matt are getting ready for the day in the bathroom area.


Matt: I thought we would have been woken up early. It's 10.

Cameron is talking, but I do not think his mic is on.


10:25AM BBT

In the HoHR, Cirie tells Felicia that she approached Hisam and told him that she can see that he seems uncomfortable and lonely. She offers him companionship.

Felicia: WHat did he say?

Cirie says that Hisam thanked her admitted he is lonely. They say that Hisam brought this on himself. Even though they are pissed at things he has done and said, they don't want him feeling isolated and lonely.

Felicia: Game wise, I am pissed. But, outside of the house....

Felicia wants him to enjoy his time and stop creating more tension with his conversations with other HGs.



10:27AM BBT

In the kitchen, Bowie Jane and Cameron discuss their goodbye messages. Bowie Jane says she is going to be blatantly honest. Cameron is pissed that Hisam keeps bringing up Reilly and pinning the nomination on him.

Bowie Jane: That's ridiculous

Red: It will be interesting if he just does acceptance or will he be stuck in bargaining?

Cameron: Whoo! That's deep.

Red: I know


10:30AM BBT

In the loft, Cory and Izzy are talking about America and how she is flipping back and forth between Cory and Jag (seemingly flirting)


BB: Please put on your microphones.


10:32AM BBT

In the HOHR, Cirie and Felicia are discussing Blue and how she got mad last night when discussing alliances then went to her own bed.

Felicia: I don't think she cares about him



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10:34AM BBT

Cirie says that Izzy gets visibly shaken just hearing Cameron's name. She had to tell Izzy to calm it down and not talk negatively about Cameron around Izzy

Cirie: She said, 'I know, I know, I know'


10:47AM BBT

Felicia, MeMe and Bowie Jane are talking in the Comicverse bedroom. Felicia offers her bath or shower to both of them. They appreciate the offer and may take her up on it. Meme tells them that at 10:30 last night, she could tell the other side was trying to get a meeting going. Felicia says that America is trying to meet, but the others are not entertaining the idea.

Felicia tells them she plans to talk to Hisam today.





10:56AM BBT

Jared is talking with Hisam in the gym while Hisam rides a stationary bike. He repeats all the same things he has been telling other HGs about their wrongdoings, etc.

Jared: It's just a rap sheet of loyalty

Felicia comes in and the boys say good morning. Hisam asks if they can talk, and Felicia says that's why she was looking for him. Hisam says he wants to finish his cardio first, and before Felicia leaves the room, she tells Hisam that outside of the game, she thinks he is wonderful.



11:57AM BBT

Jag gives Hisam so advice on how to talk with Felicia. Jag says that he took a risk with Reilly and it didn't pay off, "It landed me in this shit." 


More talk in the living room about possible game scenarios.

Bowie Jane: I think the other side will target Izzy because she has been such a forward player.

Felicia: I bet they will

Bowie Jane: Bloody Hell.....a final two....nobody has had that conversation with me.

Felicia: I'd love to have a conversation with me, you and CIrie

Bowie Jane: Has she had that conversation with you?

Felicia: Mm Hmm

Bowie Jane: A Final Two...with Cirie?

Felicia: Mm Hmm...she is cool with it

Bowie Jane: Okay! I'm down! Is this how you do it?

Felicia: This is how it's done



11:58AM BBT

Back in the gym... Hisam is still pitching to Jag

Hisam: Can I ask you an honest question?

Jag: Sure

Hisam: Do you think I am going home?

Jag: I think that's the way it's looking. And that's also what I told Reilly last week.

Hisam: *Big Sigh* Yeah! I mean, like, it just feels so crappy to me because, like, the people I trusted the most put me here.

Jag: Yeah

Hisam: That feels so shitty

Jag: Yeah

Hisam: I just trusted the wrong people

Jag: Yeah. It's a tricky game...it's a complicated game.

Hisam: It just feels so shitty, like, to trust the person you are closest to and then orchestrate you leaving

Jag: The position I'm in, I can't think of it individually who I would trust moving forward and who I think would keep their word moving forward. It's also about the entire house and their thoughts on the matter. And I think that's something I have to reconcile. Maybe next week I get sent home. I have to think about what I can do to make sure that doesn't happen...that's the balance

Hisam: The calculus





12:40PM BBT

Felicia is talking with Hisam in the HoHR, and another great conversation is going on in the SR between Izzy, Jared and Cory.


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Hisam is telling Felicia that if he stays he will be better. Felicia says, "That is the gain for this whole thing." Felicia reminds Hisam that no one is perfect, "Every day, you get to get up and be the best version of yourself. Yesterday is gone. Today. How can I be the best version of myself today."

Hisam: Yeah

Felcia tells him you can't wallow in the past because we'd never recover, "My apologies for causing you any real hurt. I really do sincerely apologize for that. It's never my intent to do that."

Hisam: I know! It's not my intent either... To hurt people... It's not my intent either.

Felicia: I know


Back in the SR...

Cory tells Jared that he thinks Felicia made a fake alliance to placate him (Cory) because if she is not really playing with Cam and Red...it doesn't seem like they are really working with them

Jared: If we have to work around Bowie but y'all keep bringing her into every meeting

Cory: She is so not helpful to us. She is helpful to...

Jared: just everybody else

Cory: Everyone else but us. And you have got to be fucking careful with Izzy.

Jared: Yeah, I know

Cory: She fucking betrayed Hisam who was not her number one but... Let's be real, I think them targeting Hisam fucking rigged us. You got to make peace today.

Jared: I know

Cory: Because the second we lose Cirie and Izzy, we're fucked

Jared: I think we are good with Cirie. Cirie told me the same shit. (He says Cirie warned him about Izzy and how emotional she gets) I can't keep playing this game where I have to make sure Izzy is okay.

Cory: Anything I say about Blue and America...they trust me less

Jared: I know


Cory: If you could tell Izzy and Cirie, 'Look, Cory is fucking fed up with America.'   

Cory says they wouldn't believe it from him since they spend all their time together

Jared: I gotta go talk to them but I am so fucking pissed off at Izzy. I need them to understand they have to go Red and Cameron. I think you gotta talk with Izzy. Bro.....We get rid of the fucking  Bowies and the MeMes who fucking threaten our existence by not voting with the alliance.


12:44PM BBT

Izzy enters the SR. 

Cory: Thank God. Every time I try to have a conversation with you, in comes Jag...in comes Blue...and Cirie

Izzy: I know...I know...I know

Izzy turns to Jared, "Are you not gonna look at me? I'm sorry, Jared!

Jared; No, you're good. I'm good, Bro

Cory: Y'all fucking bicker a lot. It cracks me up.

Jared: She's my fucking Sister

Izzy: Okay...we're good. Do y'all have any new developments?


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Cory points out that with all of the groups working together, everyone feels safe.

Izzy says she doesn't trust Blue and feels Cameron and Red are just using her (Izzy)as a shield.n Jared says he doesn't trust Jag and Blue and says they (Izzy, Cirie) are being threatened by Cameron and Red, "It's a waste of eviction with America. It's a waster of eviction with Blue." Izzy suggests they convince them they are going to backdoor Jag but really they backdoor Red, "It buys us time."

Jared: The only thing that scares me is that the stars have to align perfectly.

Cory says it's dangerous, "Cam might be too smart for that."  Cory says if Cam has wins HoH, he puts up Jag and Blue. Once Jag and Blue aren't the noms anymore, he will turn toward the power structure. That's you and Cirie."

Jared says 


12:50PM BBT

Izzy: Okay, okay, okay. What if, because we are chatting right now. Let me throw something out. What if we evict Cam this week?

Jared: Yo, I literally just said that to him.




Izzy: I want to think about this. We would have to be very careful. I do think that Hisam is an immediate threat to me and Felicia, but I also think Cam is. But I do agree that keeping Hisam and not including Jag, Blue, Matt would be problem for us.

Izzy starts counting votes to keep Hisam, "Bowie wouldn't do it."

Jared: America

Izzy: What do you think the aftermath would be? Are we willing after going so hard on the 7 not telling Jag, Blue and Matt....but Hisam would target Jag, Blue and Matt

Cory: I don't think it's possible. I don't think it's possible.

Izzy: You don't think it's possible? Let's think about this.

Cory: Dude, I don't want to be the (negative Nelly) but you burned that bridge so fucking hard that you would never get that realtionship back.

Izzy: Well, I don't want the relationship back but Red and Cam are breathing down my neck.

Jared: But once he finds out that the person who betrayed you thought about and saved you...

Izzy: Should I try to go ask Cirie where the Tilapia is and try to get her in here?

Jared: You can do that

Izzy leaves

Cory: I think it's fucking stupid. We can get Cam and Red next week.

Jared: But Hisam is gonna be loyal to those who save him

Cory: I don't think Hisam is going to be fucking loyal to anyone. Dude, I do not want this to be last week, again. The minute we flip it to Cam, it will flip right back to Hisam, again. You know that.

Izzy comes back

Cory: Look, I'm going to be straight up....I don't think it can happen.

Cory tells them that he feels he could influence "everyone in this fucking house except Hisam."

They drop the idea but agree that just talking about it helps solidify they are making the right decision. Cory warns them that their conversation "can't leave this fucking room or it will become a fucking shit show."

Jared: Yeah

Izzy: I am agreeing....no shit show




12:59PM BBT

Cory tells them that America is not going to make it to the final 9. He says she has hinted to him that she is throwing competitions. She feels good about Jared and Jag. She thinks she is in the middle when she is not.

Izzy: My issue with America is that she is reckless

Jared: She's fucking reckless


1:01PM BBT

Jared says he is worried that if Cam or Red win veto, he could go up as the replacement nomination. Cory says he thinks they can talk to Cameron. Jared doesn't trust Red because he told Blue something that he said.




1:02PM BBT

In the Scaryverse, Jag tells that Blue, Matt, Cirie and Felicia that America has admitted to flirting with Cameron, intentionally, to get information and that she has mentioned Red as a nominee. They all agree that America is doing too much and it will catch up with her.

Felicia tells them that Red has already told her he knows he will b e going up on the block. Cirie says she will talk to Red later about how America is cozying up with Cameron and that she can't be trusted.




Felicia says America came to this morning and said she wanted to align with her, "She ain't got nobody. She is easy out the door."

Jag says America can't be trusted because she is telling everyone something different.


1:30PM BBT

Hisam is talking with Bowie and Red in the Comicverse about how they will watch back and see that this was all a total blindside, "and that just sucks, but what can you do....the worst possible way. Like, I was just so close."

Red: It's a tough spot

Hisam: Yeah, it just sucks

Bowie Jane: Well, I would just never do that...I would never lie

Hisam says he wasn't sure how to maneuver, "but I will say I never broke any promises. Promises I made to you, I kept. Promises I made to them, I kept....when the idea came of putting Jag up, it was like, this is a way of solving my problem...I had won too much. I had done too much."

Bowie Jane: Making promises in here? You got to be careful.


Red: Well, if I am going to make promises in that manner, I would try to align with that side....but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Hisam: The backdoor, though

Red: It's tough...make the best of this incredible opportunity...the time you have left

Hisam: Yeah



Hisam: I hope I get to go to the life I left

Bowie: You will

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3:16PM BBT

Izzy, Cirie and Felicia are talking in the HoHR. Izzy tells them that she and Jared brought up the potential to get Cameron out instead of Hisam, "Jared got word that Cameron will use him as a back door option."

Cirie says that Jared knows Cameron is trying to get a crew against them.

Izzy: Cory was immediately not on board.

Izzy tells them that Cameron and Red are targeting all of them, "Just think right now"

Felicia: I gotta think about that.

Izzy: There is no flipping. We keep this in house. This is just us thinking.

Felicia: We have 6

Cirie: 7

Izzy: It would be 7 because we have Hisam. Look, (Izzy counts votes) Cirie, Felcia, Izzy, Jared, Cory, MeMe, Hisam (against Red and Cameron). That could be a real 7 because 5 if not 6 of us are the most solid group in the house. No one else is as solid as us.

Cirie and Felicia agree.

Izzy: The most appealing thing about it is that those are the ones I have been rocking with anyway which is why I have been so uncomfortable with these large fake things (alliances)

Cirie says Hisam could be kept in line with the idea that any one of them could win HoH. Felicis says the moment he falls out of line, he is gone.

Cirie: I think he would be super grateful to be saved. He said he told every person in the house that if they saved him he would fight for them.



The three of them agree they could keep him under control if Hisam stays in the house.

Izzy: He gets in his own head. Maybe he is our sweet baby angel that we caress

Felicia: But when we get down to the 6 or 7

Cirie: We get rid of him

They discuss that he can't win every competition.

Izzy: Let's say Cameron goes and Hisam stays. That would be 13 in the house.

Felicia: We could vote him out with 6

Izzy: The best part is that there is no flip flop...we rally our people....the Jag, Blue, Matt, Bowie and Red don't know anything.


3:21PM BBT

Cirie says that Cameron openly telling people that he is targeting them makes him a target for her. "They call us 'The Power' on the other side."

Izzy points out that they have two people against them right now (Red and Cam) but after this move they would have Red, Matt, Jag, Blue and Bowie "being weird"

Felicia: And we don't know where America would be

Izzy: But at some point we are going to have multiple people against us (anyway)

Cirie: I don't know. It was worth a conversation

Felicia: I was actually thinking we should go back to the 1, 2, 3...the Jared, Cory and MeMe (alliance)

Izzy: Cory said I am down with you but at some point I'm gonna want a named larger group (alliance)

Cirie: I like the you, you, me,  Cory, Jared, MeMe  six. I feel most comfortable with most of the people you named in that.

Izzy: And we include Hisam?

Felicia: Hisam scares me....

Izzy: He scares me, too

Cirie: Mm Hmm

Felicia: but if we already have the house on board 

Izzy: They are secretly trying to get us (Red and Cam) We are in everyone's mouth. I'm trying not to be paranoid, but we are...

Cirie and Felicia agree.




3:29PM BBT

Felicia now has Hisam in the HoHR with Izzy and Cirie. He is sitting across from her when he tells her that he has taken her advice to make amends with everyone in the house. Felicia tells him to come sit next to her.

Izzy: Switch with me

Hisam: Please

Felcia says she is entertaining the idea of keeping him and their original 6, but she is worried that the first chance he gets, he would get rid of her

Hisam: No Darling, no....no, Darling, no.....I want to hug you

Izzy asks Felicia to speak sifter, "because America is creeping"

Felicia: I do feel a connection to you....But I need to know....Hisam, you do go off the  kilter

Hisam: I understand. I will do better.

Felicia: and you have got to stop telling people false stuff...exaggerate and shit and all of that

Hisam: I will stop! I swear to you!  I will be better!

Felicia: And you gonna be okay when you do stupid shit and we say Uh Uhhh

Hisam: I know. I'll do better.

Izzy: And Hisam, this conversation stays here.

Cirie: Or it won't work

Izzy: We are very much intentionally not telling some people

Hisam: I appreciate that

Felicia: And if you say anything and blow this shit

Hisam: I won't say a single word. I won't jeopardize any of you like that. I won't say a single word. Not a fucking single word.

Felicia: And you got to hold us to the 7 and then it's game on

Hisam: You got it! You got it!

Felicia: And don't make me your first target

Hisam: You would never be my first target

*Hisam is practically in tears

Izzy: I want to say something. Can I say something?

Felicia: Yes

Izzy: The shit you blew up and the way the house is right now...put us in a precarious position, but If we did this, we would be trusting and this would truly be the most solid thing.

Hisam: I promise you that....I promise you that...the rest of the stuff will all change

Felicia: The rest of the house will be livid





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3:34PM BBT

Hisam says that he took what Felicia said to him to heart and knows it was offered in love. He really did talk with all of the HGs. Hisam realizes that he has work to do. 

Felicia: Remember, I said the game ain't over until tomorrow night

Izzy: But, also, don't change right now

Hisam: I'm gonna act like I've lost

Cirie: RIGHT

Izzy: You wait for us to get our ducks in a row....And don't push for an answer until we're ready

Felicia: Right, because we have some other people to get on board

Hisam agrees to everything they are asking.











VS--StreamBigBrother2021LiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-59356’02” (1).jpg


4:08PM BBT

Bowie and Red are talking with Red in the HoHR.

Izzy is talking with Cory in the loft updating him on the latest.


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4:08pm BBT Lounge area

Cory:  If someone on the other side ins, who would they put up? What does Cirie think of this plan?


Cory:  It's not simple getting Hisam out of this house.  

Izzy:  I'm worried that they're spending a lot of time with America..

Cory:  Matt, Jag & Blue think the 7 is the shit.  America is aloof about it.

Cory:  Let's play this out  I think it would blow up me & Jared's spot.  The last thing I want to do is be the ONE person pushing against what everyone wants.

Izzy:  Maybe we need to become a real thing.  6 is a better number

Cory:  I think the idea has been covering our bases, but that's not going to happen.  why do we give a shit about what Red and Cameron think?

Izzy:  I think she's playing a good game

Cory:  I mean, c'mon, it's Cirie.

Cory:  I wish, you, me, Cirie and Jared go into the DR to talk hard.

Matt walks in

Cory:  All in all, my thought is F*** Hisam.

Bowie joins

Izzy:  We're gonna go bike.

Matt:  Fight?

Izzy: NO! Bike!

Matt & Bowie playing bumper pool, so back to general conversation

Cory goes to HOH room

Cory:  WHAT. THE. FUCK?  WHAT is going on?

Izzy joins

Cory: I think Hisam is a variable that I personally can't control.  Can you?

Izzy:  Maybe.

Cory: Do you think keeping him and building this alliance can happen?

Cory:  How many bad outcomes do we have if he stays?

Izzy lists names - they go back and forth about who will target who

Izzy:  I still feel if Hisam stays and Cameron goes...

Cory:  If the Hisam thing happens, all our games, even Cirie is F**ed next week.  

Izzy: I'm going to think about it

Cory:  I need to talk to Cirie

Izzy leaves

Cory:  I'm actually trying to help her and she doesn't see how F'ing stupid this idea is.  I have to clue in America, but I'm not going to be a F'g loser.  This six with MeMe, what good does this do me?  I HATE this idea so F'g much!

4:30pm BBT  Lounge area  Matt & Izzy playing bumper pool

Bowie:  The eight should take us to jury

Matt:  what?

Bowie: JURY.  The eight should get us to Jury.

Matt:  Oh, yeah, yeah.

Bowie:  Reilly would be so happy

Matt:  I wanted to play veto so bad.  I'm hoping that there's a battle back.  The thing is, if HE came back, no one could work with that.

Izzy: Has America spoken to you?


WA with America, Corey, Cameron, Izzy, Jared & Blue discussing food supplies

Izzy:  Are you the one that said if you had a kid you would name it Sage?

Jared:  yeah.  Or Star

Cameron:  Before we knew Stevie was a girl we were considering Rayder, to include my dad Ray's name

all discussing names.

America to Cory:  Walter Wurtenburger

Jared:  Is your full name Cory?

Cory: yeah.  Is there even a longer version of Cory?

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4:54pm BBT  HOH room

Felicia:  we're thinking about keeping Hisam and sending Cameron out.

MeMe retelling a story about Red

Felicia:  We brought HIsam in here and I told him it was never about personal and I liked something about you, but you did this shit all wrong.  You brought in some people that we don't need to mess with.  But we have to know that you aren't going to be F'g idiot.  The first inkling we get and we will vote your ass out.  he promised repeatedly.  You're doing too much.  You've been talking shit about all of us.  Are you comfortable with knocking Blue's ass out and he agreed.

MeMe:  Even Matt does not like her - he feel a little way.

Felicia:  I wanted to see if you would be ok with keeping Hisam.  Cory is not on board with it.  When we do this flip, we have the whole damn house mad at us.  

They review vote options and count numbers

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6:00pm BBT  LR couches

Hisam:  Describing businesses he wants to take Felicia to.

Felicia:; Have you been to Wild Ginger?

Hisam:  I perform there - in the space next door:  Triple Door.  I've tried all the food at Wild Ginger, it's all good.

Felicia describes food she tried there.  The rack of lamb was To Die For!

Hisam:  Yeah, that place is amazing. Right?  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  These are all my old places.  The Communion

Felicia:  What do they have there?

Hisam:  Ox tail, really good vegetables, salads...

Felicia:  It sounds like some place I may have been.

Hisam:  You would remember it.  Describes the location of where to find it.


Loft area - Cirie, Cory & Izzy

Cirie:  He asked "Jared doesn't know right?"  I don't know if Matt told him...

Izzy:  Jag would go with Matt & Blue.

Cory:  I don't think Blue would go.

Izzy:  What it we kept Hisam?  You poo-pooed this, I know.  I just still like...why are they so vocally pushing each other.

Cory:  I think Red believes my time in no-man land...  I think America is the coolest person in this house because she is not in anything.

Cirie:  I'm down to do it.
Cory: One of them wins the veto, one of them goes home.

Cirie:  I agree

Cory:  what makes me uneasy - I know you don't feel great about America, neither do I.  I think she is opportunistic.

Izzy:  Would it be more reassuring if Cirie talks to you with America?

Cory:  every time one of her showmances get home, she'll get closer to the others.  When Cam goes home, then Jag goes home...

Cirie:  Wait, all of these are her showmances?

Cory: No, she's just attached to them.

Cirie:  I need to go work for Parvati - shout out Parvati!

Izzy:  She's now the "need to know" part of the alliance.

Cory:  I will have to initiate conversation with her and you because she won't.

Cirie:  I'm open

Cory:  Hisam's gone.  Right?

Cirie: yeah, it was a thought, but we're past that now.

Izzy:  Should I tell him right before eviction.

Cirie:  No, I'm not getting into that again

Izzy:  You're right.  I didn't promise him a time to respond to him.


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6:15pm BBT  KT

Felicia says a prayer and thanks everyone who contributed to the meal

Blue:  I just brought the vibes!

They are all in line with their plates and silverware to get food from the stove.

Izzy:  we will have second meal later for the Have-Nots.

Jared:  what you gonna have America?

America:  I don't know - the gravy...

[they look like a family at Thanksgiving negotiating their way through the dinner line and discussing likes and arguing over the right way to do things ~AuntD]

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6:25pm BBT  America & Matt in WA

Matt:  My energy is low this week.

America:  We have 5 1/2 hours, so it's close.  Are you going to stay in the swing bed?

Matt: Yeah.

America:  I might stay in the doggy bed yet tonight - I don't ant to be down here.

Matt:  There are already two groups

America:  Yeah, but our group isn't organized.  You see how they talk and whisper.  We need to have a plan.

Matt:  I haven't seen Jag all day

America:  He's been freaking out.  He heard that he's a target.  He has been talking to everybody that he can

Matt:  You have to be able to keep your calm.  Dude, you're running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

(they laugh about Jag being in the chicken suit).America:  Who do you not feel good with?

Matt:  MeMe - I don't talk to her.

America:  wait, there's no one in here is there?  She gets up to check the toilet area...

Matt:  There's no one in there cause I just blew it up.

America:  I haven't talked to him all day.

Matt:  yeah, I haven't talked to Jag all day

Izzy walks in

Matt:  You know why we're in here.

Izzy:  yeah, I knooow.

America:  What beef you got?

Izzy:  I just got beef in my teeth.

Matt:  Did you talk to him today?

Izzy:  Yeah, I told him that more conversations are not going to matter.  I told him that I can't give him a definitive answer.  I feel cold just saying "girl, you're going home, right?"  I might continue to hide in HOH and enjoy the rest.  I can't wait for midnight.

Cameron comes in

Cam:  What ya'll up to?

Matt:  Just chillin'

Cameron: Samesies.

Cameron asking America what terms mean: a munch, being thirsty

Matt says he's not a munch.  America disagrees and says that he is one.

Cameron says that he took time last year to find out who he is and what he likes.

Jag comes in.

America sys that she's on windows tonight for the cleaning party.

Cameron:  I'm about to help Jag do the shower since no one wants to help him with it.


6:41pm BBT  HOH room  Cirie & Jared talking

Cirie: The same way you got a point, I got a point.  They desperate.  I hope you're right, I want you to be right.  Do you think you can trust Matt 100%?

Jared:  I don't know.

Cirie:  It could be a test to see if I'm going to lie about it.  We both have equal reasons.  I hope I'm wrong and you're right.

Jared:  It just don't make no damn sense.

Cirie:  We pushed Matt to Hisam.  Like telling him that we're going after Matt.  maybe they are going the same thing with Jag.  I'm skeptical about Matt

Jared:  I think that's what they want.

Cirie:  Red wasn't here to know that.  How would he know that?

Cirie: I'm not concerned about you and Blue, I'm just concerned about who told Red.

Jared:  When I look at Hisam, you've already proved to me that you're a liar.

Felicia comes in and tells MeMe to get out of the bathroom cause "I got to go.  I'm farting out here."

Jared leaves, then MeMe and Cirie discussing people being sketchy that they are pushing Red as a target.

MeMe:  They sneaky.

Cirie:  What would be the benefit of us knowing they are going after Red?

MeMe:  So we don't think they are coming after us.  I think it was interesting that Jag wanted to pull me for the first time in 21 days to tell me that he's targeting Red.  So you want me to share that.  It's very sketchy.

Felicia comes out

MeMe:  You feel better?

Felicia:  Yeah.  Bowie was about to clean the bathroom down stairs.

Jared comes in:  Why I just go down there and Cameron says "Damn Jared, where you been all day?"  I was just in the kitchen with everyone.

Cirie:  It just seems like they are pushing Red too hard today.

Felicia:  And Cameron is so smug.  I know it's a risk but I just think Hisam will be so dedicated that we won't have to worry about him until everyone else is gone.

Jared:  If we keep Hisam, we gotta make sure we have the numbers, cause we lose Cory, we lose Blue, we lose Jag.

Jared:  What scares me most is that Hisam can pull Jag and them back to his side easier than Red can.  I feel safer without Hisam.  The good thing with Hisam is we have an attack dog, but who's to say that dog won't turn around and bite you?

They are watching the cameras and speculating what the other HGs are saying/doing.

Felicia:  I trust Hisam more than jag, Blue, Matt & Cameron.

Jared:  I'm not too far off from that, but Hisam has a deep hatred and he's too erratic.  He's too flippy, too mixy. He's already shown how spiteful he is when he did that to Reilly.  I was on that train to keep Hisam, but if he bite, we gonna be gone for days.

Blue comes in to use the bathroom because Bowie is still cleaning downstairs.



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