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Tuesday, August 22, 2023 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


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Thank you!

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9:03AM BBT

WBRB Gold Swirlies

Time for Wakey Wakey Houseguests


9:22AM BBT

Blue tells Jag in the Scaryverse Bedroom that Hisam is just mad but "obviously, come Thursday, our 7 is solid." 

Jag says that Hisam warned him that the other side is very organized and to be careful. He was told that Red, MeMe and Bowie Jane may seem like floaters but they are fully on the other side. 


11:02AM BBT

Hisam is talking with Blue in the Have-Not Room. "The evidence is like, shows that Mama F lied to Reilly, sent her home. Mama F lied to me, put me on the block."

Blue: Yeah

Hisam: Izzy's actions in this game show that she is willing to cut anybody and deceive anybody. Her whole goal this week was to try to keep me calm. Right? And literally makes a final two with me. Gives us a name...basically talks to me about how much she hates other people in the house, right?   

Blue: Yeah. Interesting.

Hisam: It's fucked.

Blue: It is. I appreciate you talking to me.

Hisam: I will reach out to America and I will reach out to Cory and Jared to give them a similar synopsis of what happened...I am just hoping we can all work together. I don't know what it will take. But I am willing to do it.I am willing to do it!  I am not going to give up and go out like this. I don't backdoor people. I don't do that. I don't surprise people. I don't blindside people. I don't do that because I don't think it's fair. I don't think it's nice. It's a tool they have decided to use because they feel it is the best way of getting me out.

Blue: Yeah

Hisam: I think keeping Cameron just sucks. It sucks. He has betrayed your side of the house and he is disliked by the other side of the house. And he goes around feeling so smug and safe while Reilly is pitching for her life....He had all the votes. He was like I'm just gonna be the lovable guy I am because he feels he has it....but you guys could change all of that....if I stay, the whole side will fall apart...which allows you guys to move a lot more adeptly. I know they are worried about me competing against me. I know can beat them. I can beat all of them.

Blue: I get it

Hisam: Thank you.

On the way out, Hisam says he is so glad they don't have to do the butt kicks anymore and then he asks to speak with America.


11:07AM BBT

Hisam says he wants to continue the conversation they started yesterday, "I wanted to talk to you about game stuff....and what was happening behind the scenes. I wanted to give the full information to Jared, Matt and Blue first because I wronged them the most and wanted them to here straight from me rather than hearsay." He tells her about the alliances and that Cam said he was tired of working with emotional children and wanted to work with the other side of the house. Cameron told Hisam about Reilly saying his name and Izzy which set of the targeting of Reilly.  [Did Cameron feel that bus when it rolled over him?  -ML]


11:09AM BBT

Blue updates Jag in the kitchen about her talk with Hisam in the bathroom area. 


11:50AM BBT

Jared is talking with Blue in the bathroom area. 

Jared: Dude is not staying!

He says he has talked with Izzy, Felicia and Cirie and they are not at all worried about him being with Blue but Red confronted him saying that a showmance is dangerous and Blue is cutthroat,  'make sure she is not playing you'

Blue: But I am

Jared: I know and I am just falling....Are you?

Blue confirms she is falling for him, too

Jared: Cool!  The only people saying it (Showmance target) are the ones I want gone

Blue: Yeah!


12:03PM BBT

Blue talks with Izzy in the bathroom area telling her about the things Hisam said. Izzy says, "He is just butt hurt." She says that Hisam liked her and made her his final 2 but everyone knows she did not like him. Izzy tells Blue that Hisam was pushing the showmances to get together to make them  easy targets.   [ I can confirm this is true. -ML] Blue tells Izzy that Hisam, America, and Cameron have all said they were playing the middle.

Blue: This is messy

Izzy: Yeah, they're done. But Hisam is first.

Blue: We have to start chopping off legs.

Izzy tells Blue that them working together is still new (her and Blue) but because Jared trusts her, Izzy trusts her too.


12:34PM BBT

In the HoHR, Red is telling Felicia, Cirie, Jared and Matt that when Hisam approached him for advice on how to stay, he told him he did not see any chance of that happening [this is true...Red told Hisam straight out that he had no chance because it is a house vote  -ML]


1:18PM BBT

Felicia is frustrated, along with the other HGs, that they are cooped up in the house while the next competition is being constructed in the backyard. "I left my robe out there." Many have laundry outside that they need to get.


VS--StreamBigBrother2021LiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-57781’11” (1).jpg











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2pm BBT Jared and Blue trying to fake nap in game room.


Meme, Cirie and Felicia in HOH room watching Red and Matt in Kitchen on the monitor. Ladies are Talking about how Cam is annoying. Thinking someone should put Red up as he is glomming on to Matt while they are messing up the kitchen making slop...every single time! They make a slop mess and never clean up.


515pm BBT Jared and Blue playing some type of Rock, Paper ,Scissors under the covers.

She said he has a cute hee,hee,hee laugh. Now its about mani/pedis.


Cory in HOH now with the ladies. He forgot his mic. They are talking about how

Jag looks concerned and downtrodden after talking to Hisam for hours last night. Why is he surprised about anything Hisam said. All the groups were out in the open. Cory back with mic.

He tells them where everyone is right now. Asking the ladies if Hisam talked to them.

Hisam apparently told everyone the same story about how he forgives them and fight for them to stay in the house.(did he think they wouldn't compare stories?-karene)

Watching Bowie on the monitor as she comes to the HOH rm. with some Caesar salad. Now catching her up on the Hisam tales and new lies.

Cory said Hisam told him that they were the only 2 who could have an intellectual conversation in the house. Women all laugh.

Saying if anyone is entertaining the idea of keeping Hisam they would be out the door next. No one wants to be in the jury house with him, no way!

230pm BBT General conversation..discussing when they can go to bed if they can't go outside.

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2:35PM BBT

Mecole is watching the spy cam in the HoHR.


2:39PM BBT

In the bathroom area, America is telling Jag that Blue needs to be careful with Jared because he is not true to her and will cut her with no problem. Jag counters that he is not really sure what part of Hisam's plea is truth and what is lies. America says they will keep Cameron around and put them up, so they need to stick together.

America: It was one veto. I don't know why they are reacting. One veto trying to get Reilly to stay.

Jag: I know

America then tells Jag that Felicia and Cirie keep pulling Matt into the HoHR, so she worries that Matt could be lost to that side.

Jag: Damn

America: Stop it That's how Blue was, like Are you gonna rat me out?

Jag: I am not gonna rat you out but I fucking don't know who I can trust at this point. Like, are we good?

America laughs: Bor, I love you....I feel the same way

Jag: But I don't know. Everyone is saying my name is in everyone's mouth

America: I am not saying your name



2:45PM BBT

Cameron and Cory are chatting in the living room. Cameron says he doesn't know how she (possibly Felicia, or maybe Mecole, but not sure)  really feels about him but he has been hanging with her a lot today because he doesn't want to hang out with Blue, Jag or Hisam.  They agree that once you show you are with a certain side, it is difficult to change.

Cameron: I don't know how to tell her, 'Hey I am cool. Please be cool with us.' I don't want to push it.

Cory: Just got to make sure they are looking at Jag and Blue and not you and Red. That's the fulcrum point.

Cameron: Occam's razor...just got to get through those two




2:50PM BBT

Red is checking out the oven, probably wishing there was some down home southern cooking in there for him to eat.


Cory: I am so confused as to why they are giving the washing machine back. It doesn't make sense.

*And with that, we get WBRB


[Production usually alllows them to get to the laundry area when they are doing a major build. They put up a tarp to block things, and they cut the feeds when HGs head through the sliding glass door to get to that area. -ML]



2:51PM BBT

In the Comicverse, Bowie Jane and Cirie discuss how stupid Hisam is to think that Red would vote Cameron out. They seem concerned that Hisam is luring some of the HGs over to save him, including Jab, Blue and Matt.

[In my observation America seems to be the only one truly falling for Hisam's pleas. -ML]





3:03PM BBT

Felicia is chatting with Cameron and Cory in the living room about Battle Backs and how they don't let HGs go home and then come back to the game because of the live feeds.


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3:06PM BBT

America and Jag continue discussing how they don't really know where the other HGs stand.

Jag: I have felt very close to you

America: I do too

Jag says he doesn't even know who she is working with, "But I feel close to you and want to keep you in this game. That is important."

America says she wants to keep him, too, and she doesn't even understand how he became a target.


[I believe that Jag was always Felicia's pawn. -ML]



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235pm BBT America and Jag talking game in WA and how they can stay safe. She telling him Hisam can read lips and was reading his. Talk about how Red is saying they are in the middle and how he has to vote with the majority and not take their side yet.

America: Izzy said she wants to target strong people so the rest of them would have a chance to win. Don't tell anyone I told you. And then Izzy tells Felicia"

Cory told her Jared would put up Blue in a sec if it benefits his game. Jared playing the better game right now.

America say her and Jag have to stick together because he is probably the next target for winning a veto and pushing for Reilly. Worried about the ladies stealing Matt and all his talks with the  ladies. She is afraid Jag will rat her out to the house. 

Jag: Are we good. My name is in everyones mouth.

America: Izzy wants to take out the males that are athletic enough to win comps.


Jump to Red in the kitchen watching the oven discussing burps and farts with someone.


Cory and Cam on the sofa discussing America and how she holds her cards close. Want Jag and Blue to go up next not them.


America and Jag still talking in WA about how paranoid Jag is about being the next target. Matt is with them listening.

saying Izzy will only talk to them about Hisam right now. They need to keep Cam on their side. Matt says he just came to tell America about the slop cakes Red made. He then leaves. She reccalls a convo she had with Hisam where he said Reilly was the target. She is talking about how iffy Izzy is about giving info.

We have to vote with them or they will come after us. Jag still trying to find out why he has a target on his back. America doesn't really have an answer. She said they had to vote for Reilly but not have a tie, they would lose the vote and then be bigger targets. But they were targets from the beginning by being friends with Reilly. Everyone is feeding him different answers about why he might be a target. Jag wants to know if she is "dead ass" with him. She says yes to the end. She is trying to get info from Cory because he talks to the other side.

America: Jag I am telling you I am in no alliance. I was in one alliance and it lasted 3 days. I have no one else. I only talk to Cory and told him I don't want to be played but i want to talk to you.

Jag: Matt is my boy and I trust him. I have to go to him and talk to him. I feel so much on the outs since Reilly is out. Hisam said they think I'm the leader now of the other side. Because I talk to people that they weren't talking too. (he is sounding real paranoid to me-karene)

He wants to stick with America for sure but doesn't seem to really trust her game.

America wants to know who ratted out the asylum people to the professors.

They think after Hisam goes they will have the numbers to get someone they want out.

She doesn't talk game with anyone. She was comforted by Felicia because Hisam was targeting her.

The other side has eight and she is afraid they are going to get picked off. They have to win HOH.

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3:12PM BBT

BB: Jag, please do not obstruct your microphone

America: That scared me

BB: Thank you for your cooperation

America: What the fuck

Jag: He likes me. I didn't even do anything.

America: He is on your side

BB: Thank you

Jag: Bro is mad nice

America: I know

America: They know how you feel


3:22PM BBT

In the Comicverse, Cirie is asking Bowie Jane about citizenship versus a visa. Bowie Jane says it is easy to get citizenship between Australia and the U.S. unless you have a criminal record. Bowie Jane says she had an entertainer's visa before she got her dual citizenship. Cirie asks about how to get that, and she says you just have to prove you are an entertainer, otherwise you have to have a sponsor.

Cirie: I didn't know. 

Cirie asks how someone gets that.

Bowie: FOr me, songs that had charted and gigs

Cirie: You have songs that have charted?

Bowie Jane: In the UK but in the US now, too

Cirie: You have to share

Bowie says it's called Busted by DJ Bowie Jane. She says she self released it. She says she was on the CBS show  S.W.A.T. as a DJ in a club shooting scene. They used her song, Busted, in that scene. (this was about 4 years ago and released during COVID)

Cirie: Shut Up

Matt, Felicia, Izzy and Cirie are super impressed with this news.




Jared and Blue are still playing under the covers in the loft.

Jared: It's so tempting


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3:25pm BBT  

Cirie asks Bowie about coming to the US.  Bowie replies that she came on an Entertainer Visa.  She said that she had to provide documentation of her work and that she can only work in that field while she is in the US.  She tells the other HG that she did a video for the SWAT TV show called Busted.



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3:34PM BBT

Blue asks Jared if he has a celebrity doppleganger

Jared: It's so stupid...Tyrese (Gibson) from Fast and Furious

Blue has no idea who this is, "I have never seen Fast and Furious"

Jared: So you don't know who Paul Walker is

Blue: Only because he died

Jared asks who her doppleganger is

Blue: I don't look like anyone. I am one of a kind. Besides, there aren't many Asian actresses.


3:37PM BBT

I am out for now  -ML

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315 BBT Bowie Cirie and Izzy in Comic room talking about eating something

We need to do something, there's nothing to do.  Izzy off to Kitchen asks if anyone needs relocating. She stops at the loo first and chats up Jag.

Matt comes into comic room and says Red making a cake for Cam's daughters birthday.

Matt says tomorrow we can celebrate at 11:06pm! Yeah!

Talking about how Canadien prisons are so nice. (really-karene)


cut to Jag finally comes out of WA when Izzy goes to kitchen.

Slop talk in kitchen. Izzy having a salad and cold pizza.


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4:09pm BBT  HOH room

Matt: How are you doing?

Izzy:  I' m fine.  I'm really ready to rock with the 7.  I know you've been talking to Cirie.

Matt: I'm all about that. It would be cool to be in the majority, but I'm the last one.

Izzy: Cam, Red, they're on the top of my list.  They're too controlling.  Red has been pushing today. "Matt really looks up to me"

Matt:  That's why I wanted to talk.  I don't know where you guys heads are at.

Izzy looking for Felicia - she's making tea, she'll be coming up. Izzy goes out to lounge area to pull in more people

Blue:  I can get Jag easy.

Jared:  Mama Cirie will be tough to get due to Cameron.


matt: Should I mention anything to jag about me being in the majority?

Izzy:  I don't think it's necessary.


4:15pm BBT  

Cory: I'm telling people that I'm close to America and it's someone that I could talk to...  

America:  he asked me and I said Red & Cam

Cory:  If you give the Red & Cam answer to everyone, I think that's a solid answer.

America: I don't think (jag) is scheming the way that you think.  he feels that nobody is being honest with him.

Cory:  I just gotta talk to Jag I guess.  Will he put up Red & Cam?

America:  No, he likes Cam. We're going on a cruise together after this.

Cory:  I think people are going to view you in the middle as long as there are two defined sides.  If there are not two defined sides, then you're f***ed.

Cory: I do not think Jag is going to put me up, but I'm not high on his list and if he is working with other people he could switch to me.

America:  Jag feels like he is being targeted for supporting Reilly when all of us were and we aren't targeted for it.

Cory:  How do I say something to Jag that is not too much information but also doesn't sound like I am bullshitting him.

America:  I'm not telling Blue shit any more.

Cory:  Are you nervous about Jag talking to Blue?

Cory:  I can sit out with Cam for 20 minutes, then I come in here...

America:  You gotta just calm down.  What are you freaking out about?

Cory:  I think you are in more trouble than I am.  I want you in the house.  You not in the house crushes my position.

America:  They don't see us as a couple - we're not a showmance.

Cory:  I'm never going to throw you under the bus.

America:  I have been defending you.


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4:35pm BBT  HOH Room

Izzy and Matt have been waiting in the HOH room waiting for the rest of their alliance to make their way upstairs.  They flip through the "channels" to see where everyone is at and if anyone is coming up.

Izzy:  Oh, here some comes, she runnin!

Cirie rings the doorbell

Izzy: Bitch, come in!

Felicia:  We gotta start talking.


In the KT - Red, MeMe & Cory cooking, Cameron and Bowie watching


HOH room:

Cirie:  He said verbatim, "because he's the next comp beast" (red talking about Jag)

Jag:  It's the chicken suit

HGs: cocka doodle zoooom!

Felicia:  We need to sway them - is MeMe the only one not in their alliance.

Cirie:  Cameron told me & Bowie to watch out for little MeMe - she ran track and can win in endurance.

Felicia:  You put up Red & Bowie and backdoor Cameron.

Cirie:  red will fight and you will see where he is.

Blue:  What if Red picks houseguest choice and picks Cam?

Cirie:  Oh, then Cam can't go up.

Blue:  If we put Red & Cameron, they are gonna fight for themselves.

Jag:  If Cam is saying "we need to get Jag out" and Cam is very clear that he is not working with me, there's no room to play around that.

Felicia: You 3 can go for Red and Cam, the rest of us need a different target.

Blue:  You three will have to go after America...and maybe Bowie.

Felicia:  We have to let MeMe know she is a pawn.

Izzy:  She still won't feel safe.  I don't think we have a perfect option.

Jag:  Do we really think MeMe is not in one of these alliances?  Do we bring her in?

Jared:  She would freak out being brought in late.

Felicia:  Then we don't let her know it already exists, we tell her it's just starting.  She is not aligned with that crew.

We can't wait too long if we're going to do it or she will be mad about being brought in late.

Izzy: Is there anyway of getting Red up as our pawn?

Cirie NO, he will catch on and be on high alert.

Blue:  what if one of us is the pawn?
Cirie counts votes - we would still have it.


MeMe & Bowie are chilling on the LR couches

MeMe asks her for the name of something and Bowie replies "I can't remember anything from real life"


Back in the HOH room the planning continues...

Izzy:  If only one of us is on the block, we're fine.  We have POV and the votes.

Jared:  So us 4 are safe to go Cameron, Red and You all go America & Red

Felicia:  We can get Cory and MeMe to vote with us.

Jared: For Sure.

Felica:  Let's break this shit up.  They've done noticed we are all gone.  Someone go.

jag:  So our offical name is the Seven Deadly Sins?

Cirie: Where did this come from?

Matt:  I thought I told you yesterday.

Cirie:  I like that.
Felicia:  I don't know about being a sin...

Cirie:  No, it's good

They try to figure out what they are - we're going to have to look in your book (Felicia's Bible)




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5:40pm BBT  Lounge area

Cirie called to DR

Jared & Izzy playing bumper pool, other HGs on the couches:  Bowie, MeMe & Felicia

Felicia talking about school breaks and that the kids go back to school.


MeMe:  The kids went back yesterday - "Hi Kids!"

They ask her about prepping for being gone and a substitute filling in for her.

Bowie:  If you didn't get on the show, would you have gone back to teaching?

MeMe: oh yeah, of course.

Bowie:  I cleared my calendar, so if I didn't get in here I'd be searching for scraps to get by.

Now Izzy is explaining how she gets paid for musical work and that it's erratic.

Someone's stomach is rumbling - Felica says it doesn't take long after she eats something for the gas to build up.


5:55pm  BBT  LR couches

Hisam has reappeared and is talking with Jared & Matt

Jared is talking about games he liked as a kid including Nickelodeon Scene It.  he said he was actually more into wheels.

Hisam" wheels?

Jared: Like things with wheels, skateboards, bikes, scooters...

he tells a story about getting pocket bike and crashing it into a wall, knocking out the power in the house because he had the bike plugged into the wall socket to charge.  he never got another bike again.

The other guys:  you had your ONE chance!

Jared:  I just got my first dirt bike.  When I move to California, I'm going to get another dirt bike.  I have a street legal bike, but other people hate it that I ride in the street.

Jared:  I wish I had one right now & I would be out in that parking lot all day.  Or a skateboard.  Everything with wheels.  Rollerblading was short-lived for me then I switched to roller skating.


Hisam:  When did you get into swimming?

Matt:  When I was young.  I'll be done in a couple of years.

Jared:  I want to learn how to surf.

Matt:  I got you.

Jared You know how to surf?  Like you can take a big wave?

Matt:  yeah, it's not hard for me.

Jared:  You can hold your breath for a long ass time!

Jared:  I've always played the easier sports:  shoot a ball, run a ball. I was a swim instructor - for little kids.

He & Matt talk about training for this.

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6:36pm BBT  LR couches

Hisam:  Izzy is all over the place right now.  She won't let me have a conversation with anyone.  Anything they say to you, they have lied to my face.  They keep me calm, then plan on backdooring me.  Whatever they tell you, just realize the source it's coming from.  their biggest game move is backstabbing me, backstabbing Reilly.  They gave me information to keep me calm.  I would never do anything cowardly like backdooring someone - it's not my style.  Right, you know this. Right, you were never included in our alliance on purpose.

Jared:  I need to find Blue

Hisam:  If you don't consolidate soon, they are going to vote you out.  That's their plan.  Whoever keeps me will earn my loyalty, my skill set.  I need all six of you.  If the six of you do this, it will shock the shit out of them.  They are friendly with you and when they need to, they will cut you loose.  They did it to Reilly, they'll do it to you.

Jared:  Thanks for that.  I gotta get with Blue.

Hisam:  yeah, go talk to Blue, I've already talked to her.  Didn't you see that mama C and mama F both approached you in a short amount of time.  That's where that's coming from.  I know this hurts for you to hear that you were outside of something.  I've been very forthcoming.  I am honest and direct.  Let me know how I can help.

Jared leaves, Matt comes in.  Hisam is encouraging him, that he is almost done with slop.

Hisam:  I hope I'm still here Friday.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Matt:  Yeah, we've talked about it.

Hisam:  I promise you absolute loyalty.  If you keep me, I am 100% on your side.  Not like Cam did to Reilly.  YOU decide who stays in the house - choose the person who will stay loyal to you.  They are gonna come after me hard, but I can shield you all in the game, then when we get far enough along in the game, you can get rid of me.  The biggest game play from my side has been backstabbing Reilly and backstabbing me.  They haven't won a competition or done anything outside of Me.  I'm telling the truth -telling people what actually happened.  Izzy blames everything on me.  When they give you information, it's not to be trusted.  Cam is a liar.  I am yours.  All of that game talk against you - gone.  I'm 100% yours.  There are targets on the other side and we can get them out.  My word is my bond.

Matt just kind of mumbles some agreement in between Hisam's promises.

6:52pm BBT  KT MeMe & Hisam talking

MeMe:  I wanted to clear that up so there wasn't any concerns about that.

Hisam:  The truth of the matter is I started off as a Have Not and I was looking for ways to connect with people.  Maybe finding a higher purpose that connects me with someone...

all feeds go to Cirie & Izzy in the comic BR

Cirie apologizes for being gassy.

Izzy:  Cameron will vote for Jared, Blue will vote for Jared...

Cirie:  Maybe Jag?

Izzy:  I think Jag is a little scared of me and you.  Jury votes are hard.  

Cirie:  Keep this so we can go over it again (they were using something to represent people - candy maybe?)

Izzy describing players in Survivor and who makes the decision.  It must be an 11 person jury.

Cirie:  I was thinking 9.

Izzy:  So there's no chance of tie.

Cirie:  This is making my brain hurt -we need to get to next week.

Izzy:  We don't get much alone time.  I know Felicia will vote for you.

Cirie laughing too hard over something to be able to talk.


Bowie comes in and tells them that Hisam is having a chat with MeMe and he just had one with Matt.

Cirie:  I don't even care.  He's just lying.

Izzy:  There's a whole nother day of it.

Cirie:  That's what's getting on my nerves.  He keeps portraying it as his truth.

Bowie:  Let's have a house meeting and he can tell everyone at the same time.

Cirie:  We can't talk about it any more.  Can I use a little bit of your lotion?

Bowie:  My emotion?

Cirie:  No, a little bit of lotion.



7:10pm BBT KT, MeMe is doing a good job talking with Hisam and holding him accountable for his speech to Reilly.  She asks how today is going and he replies "Shitty".  He says he is feeling isolated, partly his own fault by isolating himself and he is stuck in his head rethinking everything he has said to everyone and he thinks he is going home unless a miracle happens. [This is the most honest he has been in the house. ~AuntD]


I'm out for the night AuntD

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