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Monday, August 21, 2023 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in and talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:25 AM BBT:  Cirie, Izzy, Meme and Bowie in the CBR; Felicia had just left them to go to the HOH room for the night.  They were all laughing wildly, cracking themselves up, anticipating what will happen at the veto ceremony tomorrow.  It sounds like the plan to backdoor Hisam is still on.  At one point Izzy said she was hot, asked if it was hot in there (while they were all laughing), Cirie told her she needed to calm down, all of them still cracking up.  They’re laughing almost hysterically at times about what his reaction will be.  Discussing whether during the veto ceremony they’ll look down, or straight ahead; it sounds like they’re all planning to get really dressed up, in black.  They’re wondering if he’s going to get emotional, get in people’s faces, etc.  Cirie said they’d just “all go upstairs to the HoH room and lock the door” if it gets really bad.  She also said if he starts saying things that aren’t true, Felicia will call a house meeting.  They ponder whether he’ll blow up his game, or campaign for votes.


12:35 AM BBT:  Hisam and Matt talking in WA, while Matt shaves.  Hisam asks Matt if he’s going to be in touch with Reilly when it’s all over.  Matt said, yeah, probably, to see where it might go.  Hisam then asks if they “made out” in the house, and Matt replies no.  Hisam said, what???  As if he couldn’t believe it.  Matt said it was too soon, only two weeks; maybe if it had been like a month and a half.  Then the subject casually changed to alliances in the house; Hisam asks Matt if he’s in an alliance.  Matt tells him no, he’s a floater; he named himself and a few others as floaters.


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1:30 AM BBT:  Jared and Blue sitting close together in the upstairs lounge area.  They’re discussing how intense their relationship is getting.  BB calls out to Blue to adjust her mic.  Red is in the kitchen, making some kind of slop preparation to sit overnight for in the morning; Matt wanders in and out.


1:45 AM BBT:  Jared and Blue continuing a really intense conversation about their relationship.  It sounds like they both have people (significant others) at home and will have some explaining to do when they get back home.  Jared mentions he’s not ready to settle down and get married.  He acknowledges, though, that whatever they have is getting stronger by the day.  And that he’s never felt the way he feels with Blue. 


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3:30 AM BBT:  Jared and Blue still in upstairs lounge area, now laying down underneath a blanket (but show their hands to the camera outside the blanket at one point).  They’re snuggling together, every so often Blue finds something to laugh at and then reaches out and touches him playfully.  [They seem to be feeling tortured and I have a feeling this’ll get steamier, it’s getting interesting right about now].  Suddenly BB calls Jared out and says “please treat your microphone with respect.”  It cracks them both up, they laugh for a minute, then decide it’s time to go to bed.  As soon as they stand up, Blue gets called to the downstairs DR.  They part ways with a hug in the LR, then Blue goes to DR door.





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830am BBT Red up and working out.

They went to commercial now Red has vanished!

(Is the nether region in play this morning? karene)

9amBBT There he is! Red in WR grooming his beard. To Kitchen to make coffee.


Swirls now Wake up time?

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930am BBT Izzy on sofa talking to Cody. "Oh, boy here we go." She goes to get coffee. Mama F. cutting up fruit.

Talking about how they remember faces but not names.

Felicia saying how shes been involved in all the nasty goopy stuff the show has thrown at them




Cameron at table having coffee.

940am BBT Hisam diong his bike workout asking for yard to be opened tropical storm or not. He doesn't really seem into it.


Jag, Felicia, Cam and Matt in kitchen talking about the slop mixture Red made and how he should do a cookbook.


Jag back in Scary room talking to Jared about next evictions after Hisam. Red is sketchy. Cameron might come after him(Jared) and Jag but Blue probably safe. They won't go after the mamas yet as it's not necessary. Who would Cam go after? There's just me(Jared) and you, maybe izzy. Red will come after you Jag.

Apparently, America told Blue they should target the floaters. Jag just keeps grunting in agreeance.

Jag: People in the middle aren't stupid, they are going to need the numbers. They want others to take shots at the players. How can we trust them to be with us. Would Cory take a shot at me?"

Jared: No

Jag: We gotta make people we trust included. America told me she feels she is in no alliance. She is not stupid!"

Jared: Middle people, there are 5 of them. I don't trust America trying to form her own crew, Red, Bowie, Meme, Cam and her. She's working on Cory.

Jag: I think her and Cory are close from things she said to me.

Jared: No one is thinking of the 2 of them as together like they do about Blue and me. America is not in a position to make a big move right nw

10 am BBT Cory ,Cam and Felicia talking about the game and how it will play out. (double evictions, battle back, etc.)

It makes for good game and good TV per Cory's opinion.

Cam says he can't see anything weird happening, just game from here on out. (Has he seen this game? karene)

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They all want the backyard. 

Someone stole Felicia's blanket.

Cory talking about how people like him white. He's like someone out there watching.


10amBBT Cirie, Izzy and Bowie in comic room talking game. Felicia comes in and said Cam will probably follow her. Tells Cirie her outfit is cute.

America bing snippy cause she's on slop. Felicia hopes she's not like that if she goes on slop!


Blue and America in bathroom talking about (Cam) and how he's falling for Blue. They do a weird happy dance, like an OMG dance!  How he has different opinions about women now that he is living with them because he has all male friends and now he knows city girls (America, Blue and Izzy)

They are going to take it day by day and not worry about 80 days from now.

For now they just get each others moods.

Blue talking about her X and how they broke up and maybe said too much.

She is always going to put herself first and take opportunities day by day.


The other ladies are in the comic bedroom anticipating the BIG announcement.


Cam and Cory come into the WA to wash off the self tanner, (Corys arm test).

1030am BBT Almost done with their makeup! Blue has the curler back.(I just don't get what it does-karene)

1030am BBT Jared in Scary room with Jag and Matt talking about how Hisam is going to try blowing up people's games when he finds out. He'll start wit mama Felicia. We need to be able to talk to others, makes plans and stop talking so much. Hisam has to go. They are worried about him finding out about how they all planned it for the last week and how he''l react.

Now wondering what Red will do if he wins HOH. Afraid he will put up Jag and Jared. Matt doesn't agree. He says he will put up a Middle too.


1035am BBT People in Kichen helping Matt make some slop food and other breakfast foods.

America comes in and will try the "cereal milk" Red made while Red makes them some slop pancakes.

She loves it. Izzy overcooks her eggs again.


(i'm out for a while, things to do)

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10:35AM BBT

Bowie Jane meets with Felicia in the HoHR. Felicia tells Bowie what she will say when it is time to put up the replacement nominee, "Well, in the spirit of the game of chess and Hisam, I think based on your words, verbatim, to somebody in the house, why take out a knight when you can take down the king. Hisam, you're my nominee. Take a seat."


10:39AM BBT

Felicia: It will be epic.


10:49AM BBT

In the gym, Hisam tells Izzy he is looking forward to an endurance challenge

Hisam: Has anything changed?

Izzy: Not that I know of

Hisam: Alright

Izzy: Now we just wait

Hisam: I think he is going to lose his shit when he finds out. But, you know, I am hoping it's endurance. (He means the next HoH Comp)


1:25PM BBT

Felicia approaches Hisam at the dining table. He has his head down and appears to be napping.

Felicia: How you doing? 

Hisam: Just minding my own business

*Cameras move to game room upstairs

1:30PM BBT

The HGs are all getting anxious to get outside and enjoy fresh air.

It seems production told them the outside would be open soon. Izzy expresses to MeMe in the bathroom, "Let's get this ceremony over with. Mr. B! We are ready!"



1:34PM BBT

WBRB Gold Swirlies


1:38PM BBT

Red tells Cameron in the Comicverse that America has been spreading rumors of a middle alliance.






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3:55PM BBT

We still have RCHS on the feeds.

4:06PM BBT

The feeds have returned. Jag saved himself with the PoV. Hisam has been put up as the replacement nomination. 


Hisam is telling Izzy and Cirie that they will see when they watch this back that he was always loyal to The Professors, "You will see. You will see."




4:09PM BBT

The backyard is open. America tells Cory on the upper landing outside, "That was awkward. He is just staring."


Hisam tells Cirie and Izzy that he believes in "our goodness, but you got skewed information."



Hisam: Well, if I go home... I will go back home. This has been a very valuable experience. I will continue to work on the things I need to work on....Here we are.

Hisam apologizes for being aggressive. He says he never intended to make anyone uncomfortable. He really wanted to see The Professors to the end. "I've been trying my best....my best."

Hisam says he has to have a conversation with America because he believes she is giving all of the false information.


4:16PM BBT

Hisam: It was my fault. I hope you can accept my apology.


4:17PM BBT

Hisam tells MeMe, CIrie, Bowie Jane and Izzy, "I am going to go put on some gym shorts I think. Thank you!" and he walks away.


Cirie tells them: He is denying everything...that he never said it...everybody is lying.



4:20PM BBT

Hisam heads to the backyard and begins working out




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4:10pm BBT

Hisam:  This is going to be amazing television because I will look like an absolute moron.  I have been open and honest with you.  You will see. You will see.

Cirie:  (rolls eyes) Oh, Lord.

Hisam:  I'm a little bit surprised that you would listen to America.

Cirie:  And Cory.

Hisam:  That's the other side of the house.

Cirie:  There's so MUCH every day.

Hisam:  You will see when you watch it on television.  You will see.

(Awkward silence between Cirie, Hisam and Izzy - others walk through and keep moving)

Hisam:  I gotta go clear my head so I can understand it all. (nodding, contemplating)

Hisam:  Well I believe in our goodness.  I think you got some skewed information.  I think that's what happened.  Becasue you didn't feel comfortable talking to me about it, it as left to...

Cirie:  fester.

(more awkward silence)

Hisam:  If I go home, I will go back home.  This has been a very valuable experience and I will continue to work on the things I need to work on.  I really wanted us all to go to the end and I was blinded by that.  How do we all get there.  how do we maneuver it. How do we get people out who are dangerous to us.  But here we are.  I am not a bad person.  I am a good person and I am trying to live up to my name of protecting people.  i am trying my best.  Sometimes it comes across too paternalistic, but that is never the intent.  But that is where we are and I will have to have a conversation with America.  She is basically the one giving all of this information to you and that is Just, Not, true.  Why would I do that?  I was with you 100%.  I would have gone with all of you until the very end.  You guys were so comfortable just... it was my fault, I should have done better.  I hope you can accept my apology and understand why I did the things that I did.  I'm gonna go put on some gym shorts.  Thank You. (then leaves to UBR)


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4:10pm BBT Chicken Jag removed himself from the block, and Felicia named Hisam as the replacement nominee. Bowie comes into the KT. Hisam says he'll try to clear his head and try to understand what Felicia said. He will work on the things he has to work on and is sorry he was too aggressive. Izzy appreciates his apology. 

4:14pm BBT Hisam continues to apologize to Bowie, Mecole, Izzy and Cirie in the KT. He says he still believes in the cause of The Professors. He thinks they got bad information and didn't feel comfortable talking to him about it. If I go home, he says, I go home. This has been a valuable experience. He says he was blinded by the goal of getting them all to the end. He comes off as too paternalistic. He wants to clear the air with America (the HG, not the country). He should have done better. 


4:18pm BBT Hisam goes to change clothes. IN the KT, Cirie wonders why Hisam is focusing on America? He's denying working against them. Why is everyone lying? Izzy thinks he really believes that. Hisam walks through the KT to the BY. Oh, the BY is open! The sun is shining. Bowie says Hisam's ego won't let him admit what he did. 

4:20pm BBT Outside, Cory and America are on the BY balcony. America says she's bonding with Matt. Cory says Cirie and Izzy trust Matt. America says Matt doesn't understand the game, he needs guidance. Cory knows Jag knows how to play, but plays badly. Cory says they need to attach to Cirie & Izzy. Izzy joins them. They sit on the floor so they can't be seen from below.

4:22pm BBT Hisam is working out in the BY. Cameron, Red and Blue are on the BY couches not paying him any attention. America, Cory and Izzy are hiding on the balcony above. Cory says Red has been throwing comps. All Red does is talk, America says. 

4:26pm BBT Izzy tells America and Cory she was calm and said what she needed to say. Bowie didn't know what to say. America tells Cory he should take off his shirt. Izzy tells Bowie, Mecole and Cirie that Hisam gave her and Felicia the evil when he took the nomination chair. It was intense, she says. He doesn't want to see anyone else's point of view. America applies tanner on Cory's back and shoulders. Izzy says she was Hisam's #2. 


#BB25 4:30pm BBT America tells Izzy she never lied. Izzy says he (Hisam) is furious but calm, devestated. He's denying everyting, calling Cory the brains and Jared the braun. Cory says Hisam has a different line of BS he gives to each HG. He talks at people, Izzy says, not to them. Izzy says she wants to work with America and Cory. They want to work with her too. America tells Izzy & Cory that Hisam told her she got stuck wtih the leftovers and he wanted her on his side. Cory says that was after he was unable to pick up Matt after Reilly left. After America lost HoH, Hisam had no interest in talking to her, she says. She's scared of Hisam. Izzy says he makes her uncomfortable too. 

I'm out for a couple hours.

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5:30pm BBT  Cory, America, Blue & Cameron in SBR

Cory:  That guys intense man.  I go up there and he stares me down, then I break the ice.  "If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them".  He said I never lied to you.  His conversation with every person is different because he had a different thing going with each person in here.  I told him he's proven himself to be a great competitor and you could Battle Back.  he said that if he goes home, then he's going home because he has more important things to do.

The thing that pissed me off (talking about Luke for a bit)  I'm not going to blame myself for things I didn't do, but I didn't do well in a clumsy situation and he said that he wanted to give me a second chance for that.  I don't need that from him. It's not his place.


Cameron:  He came to me a week or two ago and started grilling me on stuff.  You're not going to strong arm me into giving you information.  If he comes to you like that, just say that you don't want to talk to him about that right now.

Cory:  I'm always going to default to trying to explain.  But your style is a lot easier.

Cameron:  I told Reilly too and I think that's why she did as well as she did with him.

Cameron:  I got nothing to say to the guy, so I'm just not going to be around him.  I know it could go volatile and I don't want that to happen.

Cory:  The Battle Back thing is interesting.  I don't think he'll stick to that - he's just mad right now.

Cam:  I heard him come downstairs - he was not light footed.

Cory:  I'm going to go talk to other people.  you guys got the early screening.  I'm curious as to what he will say to you.

Cam:  I thought he'd never leave.  to America:  How are you doing?

America:  Izzy told her that he's targeting her specifically.  I don't know why, I've talked to him like twice.

He told me that he wants me on his team because I'm a good endurance competitor.  HE said he felt that Reilly got first pick of the house and he was stuck with the leftovers.  I told Izzy this.  Every person had a different role in his super alliance.  This got back to Izzy and I told her he used the term "leftovers".

Cameron:  He just has to show you how smart is his.  Some people just have to do that.  You wanna talk about who forced the line in the house - it was him.

America:  He wanted to be with the "cool kids" in the house.  He has talked so much shit that he doesn't even know that he has lied to everyone.




5:48pm BBT HOH room

Bowie:  Great speech.  You did good.

Felicia:  well Big Brother, I've had my moment.

Other HG:  You did good.


5:49pm BBT  Matt leaves scary BR and Cameron teases America about him being nice to her.

America laughs and says "he's a nice guy".

Cameron: (back on HIsam) Don't let him pull you down.  Just tell him you're not going to talk about it with him and walk out.  I don't have shit to prove to you and I'm going to go hang out with people I want to talk to.  I've been waiting for this for two weeks.  he's going down.  I won't be mean to him, but this is what's happening.  If he tries to corner me, I'll just walk out of the room.  It's not my gig.  Don't let it affect you.

America:  I'm gonna go outside.  They hug & leave the room.

5:53pm BBT SR

Cameron:  Are we gonna do anything for dinner?

Red: Yeah.  It's called slop, you dick!

Cameron:  Sorry!  I heard someone say dinner, I came to find out what we're doing.

Felicia going through what's in the fridge and moves the turkey to the freezer.

Red:  will you save some beef to do spaghetti on Thursday?

Felicia gathers supplies to cook dinner.  Blue says she'll come out to help in a sec.

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4:35pm BBT Blue tells Cirie that America and Reilly have fake tans. Really, Cirie says, I just thought since she's Mexican that she was naturally tan. Cory and Izzy are still talking about Hisam. He swore us to secrecy, Cory tells her. He promised Izzy they (he and America) have her back. She leaves him to his tanning cream. America applies more onto his arms. He tells her he shook Hisam's hand after their talk. America says he didn't offer his hand to her. He's not a fan of yours, Cory replies. You talked with Hisam a long time in the hammock, Cory states to America. He talked, she replies, I listened and agreed. Matt comes up to join them. Izzy says Hisam is pissed, Cory updates him. Matt tells Cory he'll be orange (tanner) tomorrow.

4:45pm BBT America tells Cory his thighs are smaller than hers. That's not nice, Matt admonishes her. They are on the floor in the BY balcony so they can't be seen from below. Matt heads back downstairs. America finishes applying the tan (she's taken her time to rub it in good). It's a shirtless day, he says. Talk returns to Hisam. If you don't want to talk to him, Cory tells her, just say so. If she feels scared, just go sit next to Izzy, Cirie or me. Cory poses shirtless for the camera, but is attacked by a bug and runs away. So manly, America jokes.

4:55pm BBT Cory finally convinces America to go back downstairs to the BY (now that she doesn't have tanner to rub over his body anymore). Hisam approaches Cory and says he was never gunning for him, others were. Cory says it felt like he was being thrown under the bus during the LR altercation. He was at the bottom of the group he was with. Hisam says they wanted me to put you up after that but I wouldn't do it. He promises he's not lying. 

5:05pm BBT Hisam tells Cory he gets that he's a target, but his words and actions have been embellished. He's honest and open, was honest about the challenges. If he stays, he promises, he's not gunning for Cory. Cory says when he's asked what you told him, and he says you told me you weren't targeting me, they'll say you were. How do I say I'm voting to keep you? Hisam says I never nominated you. I only told people you were in the middle, and you are. Why would I go after a middle person? Cory asks if he was ever Hisam's backup plan if Reilly or Cameron had come off? Hisam says he never had a backup plan.

5:07pm BBT Hisam isn't worried about what will be shown on TV. He hasn't lied to anyone. Cory says he's not good at comps himself. That's why I never targeted you, says Hisam. I need to to get to the truth, Cory says. My whole alliance was played to turn against me, Hisam says, I'm a good person. I'm not a liar. I have integrity. Maybe everyone is gaslighting me, Cory allows, trying to turn me against you. I believe in second chances, Hisam says, that's why I never targeted you. Hisam is sure there will not be a battle-back and he's going home to friends and family. The HG who battles back just gets re-evicted anyway.

5:17pm BBT Hisam is still trying to work Cory. I didn't put Jag on the block either, he says, nor Blue. If I'm aligned with someone, Cory counters, that means in addition to not nominating them, but also not pushing others to nominate them for me. That's the same thing on the integrity spectrum (I didn't realize integrity had a spectrum). Hisam is called to the DR.

5:25pm BBT Blue wants to see Cory's tan. Cory is updating Izzy on his convo with Hisam. He believes Hisam that Blue and Jag were pushing for him to go. Hisam was dead set on Reilly. Three people said Hisam was after him. He describes the talk with Hisam as the most intense thing he's experienced. Blue swears to Cory that Hisam told her he was targeting Cory. Cory says Hisam is most hurt by Cirie, Izzy and Felicia turning on him. He's not sure of the truth but he thinks either way Hisam needs to go.

5:27pm BBT Cameron tells Felicia that Thursday will be a mess. Then we move on, Felicia replies. I know my role, Cameron says. He just hopes he can take a week off the block. You can always win HoH, Cory says jokingly. Cameron says the show is adamant about not quitting. Once you join the show, no quitting. Cory says Hisam said he never lied to him but he did. He's got witnesses. It's not a court, Cameron says. 

5:35pm BBT Cory says that Hisam gave Luke a second chance (he pretended to have not heard him), arguing he deserved a second chance too. Cameron says Hisam is making this all about him. Cory says his own default is to try to explain himself. Cameron says Hisam is just taking shots at people and hoping something lands. Cory thinks Hisam would try hard to battle back given the chance.

5:45pm BBT In HoH, Felicia tells Cirie, Izzy, Bowie and Mecole that the air is really thick downstairs. It's awkward, Cirie says. Hisam has this stare, Bowie adds. Daggers, Felicia agrees, but she ain't scared of him. He's hurt. The power went to his head, Bowie says. He felt he was running the house, Felicia recaps. Bowie thinks he was bragging about that in his DR sessions. Izzy says he keeps saying he did everything for The Professors, but everyone else can't be lying, he's the denominator. 

5:48pm BBT Izzy says Hisam said he felt something was off when he was in HoH with Felicia, Izzy and Cirie. Bowie says the blindside was perfectly executed. Felicia says she's had her BB moment. She feels bad for him and hopes he'll forgive her after the season. Izzy says he told her they won't be friends. 

6:15pm BBT Hisam is talking with Red in the Humilverse HNBR, who says the whole house knew before him. Blue lied to him, and by the time he found out, there was nothing he could do (including warn Hisam, apparently). Hisam says he's so embarassed, everyone is upset with him. He never wanted anyone to feel less-than, he wanted to protect them. He won comps for them, not himself. Red says that Felicia is the oldest player, and she wanted to get the biggest threat out. I was protecting her, Hisam protests, if The Professors will save him, he will win (HoH) and save them. This can be undone!

6:30pm BBT Hisam and Red count votes. He needs 6 to stay. He can't move Jag, Blue, Cory or Jared. He has to get The Professors. You are asking me to chose between you and Cameron, Red says. I will win for you, Hisam says. He knows what Cameron means to him, but he'll be loyal. He just won too many comps, that's what happened. Red says they never really told him why they turned on Hisam. What would you do, Hisam asks of Red? I don't see any glimmer of hope, Red replies. Why, Hisam wonders, why did they do this? It hurts my heart.

6:35pm BBT Hisam regroups. He believes in redemption. He knows he can be better. He will be better. He just needs a second chance. But it will be an uphill battle. Red tells Hisam he has all the hope in the world. I don't believe in the backdoor and now I'm being backdoored, Hisam says. Why take me out now, so soon? How can I make amends? If he could win The Professors back, then Red would be the deciding vote. He says America lied about his calling The Professors leftovers. Red says America is part of a middle alliance. Hisam asks about Blue and Jared. Red says no, he told Jared that Blue had lied to him and next thing he knows, Blue comes to talk to him, so he knows they are sharing info. After rehashing the situation a few more times, Hisam leaves the HNBR to go to the WC. 

7:15pm BBT Hisam is making his pitch to Jared. When his patients get false hope going through procedures, it's hard to watch. He doesn't believe in backdooring people. Jared blames it on comp wins. He says he doesn't know BB like the other HG, and he's dealing with real life issues outside of the game. He's surprised how direct Mama Felicia is playing the game. He wasn't in on all the meetings and didn't know what was happening. He wasn't happy about him and Blue having a target on his back. Hisam insists he wasn't targeting them, he was protecting them. Getting him out now is only good for the middle, not either side of the house. He can't take on 13 people. He's not god.

#BB25 7:20pm BBT Hisam tells Jared that he'll be 100% loyal and direct to whomever keeps him. He's starting over. Jared replies he needs Hisam to be transparent. He and Blue are too vulnerable. Hisam promises to work with Jared's side. Jared says Jag. Hisam says he will keep Jared, Jag and Blue safe. It's not up to me, Jared says, but he hasn't made up his mind. We're friends, Hisam insists, I made you promises and kept them. 

7:45pm BBT Hisam is talking to Chicken Jag in the Scaryverse BR, who calls him out on all his empty promises. Hisam's response is to make more promises. You have made promises if you stay, Jag says, but how do I know you'll keep your word? Hisam says it will be a vote that comes down to one person. Anyone who votes to keep me, I'm loyal to. Jag asks if he's ever told anyone he wanted him out. No, Hisam insists. You're a strong leader, Hisam says, whatever alliance you're in, I'll be on your side. I'm an asset and you have 80% of the game left. 

8:00pm BBT FotH then RCHS. It's unknown what is happening now in the BB House.

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