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Wednesday, August 16, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


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Thank you!

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8am BBT Cirie, Izzy and Felicia up and doing ADLs

Catch up talk confirming the change of plan, again, to vote off Reilly so as not to anger Hisam tobe able to back door him in the future as he lets his guard down.

Cirie will talk to Cameron to see where his head is at about Hisam.


Bathroom out of TP


Cirie going to tell Reilly that if she is saying she(Reilly) wants to be on the right side of the numbers doesn't she think I,Cirie, wants to be on the right side of the numbers too?


Izzy says she is going to stay out of the comic rm. today. Cirie says she is going to make her rounds to talk to people and see where she ends up.


They all say they can clean today or tomorrow



9am BBT Cirie, Izzy and Felicia in WR talking about family stuff, jobs watch parties, etc

910am BBT Izzy and Felicia studying memory wall. Talking about an eviction order so they can sweep the house!

 Ladies in the kitchen making coffee, cleaning  and thinking about breakfast.


Soon time to wake up others for the day.

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11:24am BBT

Meme and Felicia on Living room couch discussing we need to bet on our selves and how Hisam is dictating

Felicia says he is aligned with everyone he has made alliances all over the house we need to get him out. She appreciates she made sure no one voted me out and I appreciate that. 

Meme talks about people need to put their necks on the line and get him out we need to think about alternatives other than Reilly, but I believe we need to take the shot now. 


BB keeps telling everyone to move microphones to shirt etc. 


Chatting stops as others are walking thru …


11:29am BBT 

Feeds switch to Washrrom 

Blue Jag Reilly chatting 

Reilly stating everyone is scared Blue says we need to state this is what I am voting now 

Feeds back to Living room 

Felicia and Meme is talking about Cirie worried about them coming after her, 

Felicia says she promised Reilly she would put her on the block or vote for her, so it would be good for her for the house to keep her .. she said it is going back and forth, like what are we doing? We need to make a decision and stick to it.

Meme says we have to go with the flow things change 

Felicia says she also feels sorry for Matt he is crazy about her 


11:31am BBT time feeds change to washroom Cameron washing Hands 


Feeds change to Billard room Bowie and Izzy playing red and Matt watching discussing how to win billiards. 

America, Reilly and Cirie watching them play ..now Cameron has joined 

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2:28pm BBT  

Hisam is talking to Reilly in the living room 

Saying she isn’t out yet There could be a battle back right..so don’t count yourself out right, there are 5 worlds right there could be 6 right 

And who knows we could work together if you come, no when you come back right. 

Reilly is listening and giving hmm hmmm. 

He goes on to tell her we need to be more mindful right who knows right. 


Reilly hmmm mmmm 


He tells her she is a dangerous as a player and he believes whatever happens after this eviction I hope we can work together. Right we can start over I really do believe that. Right 


Reilly says yeah a lot of miss steps Hisam interrupts not letting her complete her sentences…


Hisams right that’s why this happened we see each other as strong competitors 


Reilly continues with yeah hmm hmm and right 


( Hisam keeps saying right, I know this is a tactic to get someone to agree with you and I hate it)

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2:41pm BBT 


Jag Cirie Lizzy 

Jag is saying we have America Matt Jared 

Cirie says she is pissed because everyone is being well I don’t know …

Jag said I know we need to make sure we are all comfortable 

Cirie says everyone is making me feel sketchy 

Jag said he talked to Blue straight up and ask and she said yes Felicia was there and we are all on board 

Cirie said Felicia be getting on my nerves 

Jag says we have to be a collective I don’t think any one is scared of Hisam 

Cirie says I want a meeting with Blue America and you I want her to look me in the eye and say yes I am on board 


Izzy pipes in Blue isn’t making eye contact and I feel she is avoiding 


Jag says that may be his fault because he told her to act a certain way, so Hisam wouldn’t get suspicious and he doesn’t necessarily think we need to keep having these big meetings 


Jag said Hisam told him make sure you are in all rooms today so they can’t have any meetings 


Cirie says he has literally been with me all day dude all day. She says she still wants to se and hear Blue says she is voting. I don’t like feeling sketchy ..she goes to potty 

Jag said I will get Blue I just need to tie my turban, he tells Izzy I just don’t think we need to keep meeting 

Izzy says yeah I get that but we need to make sure


Reilly comes in and repeats what Hisam said to her ..when you battle back let’s change the narrative ..Izzy and her laugh about it and Cirie laughs 

Reilly said so it was basically fuck you but come back and I want to work with you.. 

Reilly and Cirie discussing how he will go to where the power is all are agreeing 


Jag says he was saying that last week basically said that last week 


Cirie said she is so pissed following me around like get away from me trying to tell me I can’t talk to other people 


They are all talking on how they can get a meeting together 

Matt comes in .. and they are all whispering Reilly says she could splash water in her eyes and ask for more tea time he always wants tea time with me 


Cirie says he told her the vibe is off today it is just off Reilly says we just need to remind everybody this is it ..whispering very low Ciries says I told everybody I am staying out of the comic room and I have so far



2:56pm BBT 


America comes in washes hands ..muffled whispering 

Cirie says to Jag if you can get Blue and meet  I am going to the comic room 

Reilly says we need to go in in increments


Reilly says we need to talk to Cory 

Cirie says we need to talk to Blue and Cory, but see everyone she talks to says I don’t know, if they are not comfortable talking to me that’s sketchy 

Reilly says they are on board they wouldn’t look me in the face and tell me, they are afraid 

Cirie but why are they afraid to tell me 

Reilly says I don’t know I will go talk to Cory 

Cirie says ok in the comic room Jag leaves 

Reilly leaves 

Izzy says they are a hot mess they are saying Cirie and Izzy will decide the house and she said don’t be putting our names out there Cirie agreeing 


America comes back in Cirie asks what do you really want to do she says Reilly because ..Cirie interrupts and says that’s ok that’s all I need to know Izzy says no one else has a read on the house they think they know you, they don’t have a read 


America says she needs to explain she needs to campaign on why she needs to stay here over Cory.. Izzy and Cirie agreeing 


Jag comes back in ..Cirie says I have been in here long enough 


feeds switch to comic room  Cory is there with Cirie

Cory is saying they think she is the Master mind 

Cirie says ME?! 

Cory says this shit isn’t very convincing this is sketchy 

Cirie says so what do we say about America 

Cory says we just need to tell her this is sketchy everyone is 

Cirie says I am not having no more meetings 

Izzy comes in and says ok we need to tell her ..

Cory says we don’t tell her anything 

Izzy says so are you wanting us to tell her 

Cory says don’t tell her anything why force me to tell you anything tell you my plans 

Cirie agrees why should I be forced to tell you my game ? 


Cory leaves

Cirie is pissed ..says what the fuck so now we the fucking master minds like how did that happen 

Izzy says right I don’t like it I don’t like it 


Bowie comes in says the HOH room is crazy 


Cirie says I done been to every room I am staying here.. she said to Bowie don’t leave my side he has been following me all damn day 


Bowie says hell no I ain’t leaving. We all should be matchy matchy

Bowie says last night he was talking and talking 

Cirie says how could anyone get a word in edgewise 

Bowie laughs and says right right. 


Bowie is whispering and we can’t hear 

Cirie says Hisam is pissed Bowie ask about what Cirie says he doesn’t want anyone to talk about keeping Reilly. 

Talk turns to the bye bye bitches sign Bowie says isn’t that a curse? Izzy say no it’s like ass..Cirie says it is but it is ok now when I was coming up as a girl you couldn’t say bitches.


They are complaining about the time and they have 7 hours until they can go to bed 


Cirie says I ain’t leaving this room tomorrow 

Izzy talking we can all be in here getting ready.

Bowie says I keep waiting for this twist 

Izzy says maybe there isn’t one 

Bowie says maybe tomorrow morning 


They all speculate if it is loose a vote and not playing in the HOH or maybe sending someone into the nether and Cirie says I want to go if it’s that 


3:19pm BBT Meme comes into comic room looks around and they talk about going to DR and Cirie say I was in there for two hours 




Jag is now in the comic bedroom asks about Meme playing Billards. 

Meme when is it suppose to start and who is playing 

Jag explains who is playing and it goes to finals.


Jag leaves as Felicia is coming in 


Whispering … and talk turns to cantaloupe eating Felicia dropped her fork 

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3:53PM BBT

It sure seems like both Reilly and Reggie, the pineapple baby, have seen their final days in the BB House. 

Jared says she never even changes Reggie anymore. Reilly responds that he no longer needs diapers because he is grown up.



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3:39pm BBT 

Comic bedroom 

Talk of periods and syncing up Pamprin and Middle 

Cirie, Bowie, Izzy, Felicia, and America with Cameron sitting on the bed against the wall ..LOL


Cirie says if it is toward the end of the month or the first and I get grrrr I can’t help it 

America says she took the Pamprin but upped the dose 




Talk is onto nap time and staying awake 

Hisam is now in the room eating fruit, says he leaves talking while chewing.


Sounds like Meme used the HOH shower and she felt like she was in a hotel ..

She said the bathtub looked like someone had used it and accuse Felicia 

Felicia says not me I used it yesterday and I cleaned it before and after 


Meme says it was so nice I didn’t have to worry about no hair in the drain, no feet crusty ..child please! 


Blue comes in and jumps on Izzy and gives her big cuddle hug in the bed Izzy says I haven’t seen you all day! 


feeds cut to kitchen 

Hisam, Jag, Matt, Reilly 

Hisam is leaning over the sink eating cantaloupe melon and now another hunk of cantaloupe 

( I have never seen anyone eat it like it was thier last meal) 


He finishes the piece and now is eating a a third piece taking huge bites 

( he is probably imaging it it Reilly ..lol) 


Reilly is making noodles 

Jag is eating a sandwich? 


Camera are a close up of Hisam whole face  just chomping away on the cantaloupe 


Hisam throws peel away and has now grabbed another huge slice and is using a knife to cut the the rind off.


Blue joins them and is eating an apple 

Matt has made popcorn and seasoned 


Hisam is cutting up another piece of cantaloupe.


Everyone is talking about fruits they like Jared is now there too. 


( I am off for a bit ..hopefully someone else is watching) 


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4:36pm BBT

Matt saying that they do something after dark, after everyone else goes to bed.

Jared replies:  That's sweet.

Matt:  I know I give F*** Boy vibes off.

Jared:  I don't see that man,  Corey is a F*** Boy.

Matt compliments Jared on the fruit salad that he made but he put grapes in it after Matt told him he doesn't like grapes, so Jared takes them out and eats them.

Jared:  Blue don't like when I feed her.

Matt:  She don't like the choo choo train? (they all laugh)

Matt:  Cory was saying we're going to get married after this.

Jared:  Who? You & Reilly?

Matt:  Cory's always saying things.

Jared:  Explaining his conversation with Reilly and what will happen next week.

Matt:  After this week and next, then we go after floaters and that takes us like a month and half out.  That's a long time to get things done.

Jared:  I know who it is:  Bowie, Red, then possibly MeMe.  After the floaters. I would go America before I would go for you or Blue.  After we vote out floaters, we have to decide who to go after next.

Matt:  We don't have to worry about that yet. That's two months away.

Matt:  After everyone goes to sleep, that's when we can talk in a normal tone of voice and I can understand everything that is being said - there's no whispering and I can hear better when it's quiet. (back to what he and Reilly do staying up so late).



4:50pm BBT

Jared asks Matt if he wants any of the grapes that Blue left.  He replies that he is not a grape guy - doesn't like the texture of the skin.

Cory has joined the guys - snacking.

Jared:  Tells Matt to go in and ask to talk to someone sooner rather than later.

Cory:  They're talking about NOTHING.  Like Dateline or something.  Just go in there.

Jared:  Every time I come out of the bathroom I make sure I wash my hands (after Cory pointed out they are always being watched).  Matt says he forgets some times.  He leaves.  Cory & Jared talking about game.  Matt comes back briefly with more snacks, then leaves again.

Jared:  Cam volunteered to be a pawn to get Hisam and to prove that he is trying to flip sides.  He poured his heart out to get people to buy in.

Cory: He knows the show.  He's being intentional.

Jared:  I think he will flip again on some people.

Cory:  Not us, but Mama Felicia & Cirie.

Jared:  Definitely them.

Cory:  You and me are reliable.  Not everyone else is.  We need solid options.  Cameron - I connect with that guy more than I connect with Reilly. He's 34 and I'm 21 and we talk about life and shit.

Jared:  After one of our alliance members go - and I don't want that, but I know the target will be Hisam.


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6:06pm BBT  LR couches

Felicia asking HG what kind of potato they want for a baked potato for dinner.

Cirie:  We gotta stick to the plan.  It's gonna benefit us - the Professors will be back together.

Red:  So it's her vision.

Cirie:   We asked what's the plan next week if you stay?

Red:  They're really not playing a good game.  To put up a middle person this early.

Cirie:  We gonna win this HOH and it will be fine.

Bowie: Trying to figure out what happens next.

Cirie:  Ain't nobody been right yet.

Red:  We don't know if the Nether is going to continue.  I think We're going to switch to punishment week.

Bowie:  The humilitard.  I'll pick Matt - he'll be cool with that

Cirie leaves to go get more apple juice and asks the others to watch her back.  They tell her the secret word to call out is "security".

Bowie says we are the losers.  Cirie says no "we're the left overs"

Cirie:  The proof will be in the vote tomorrow.

Red:  Veto isn't as important.  HOH is critical tomorrow.

Cirie:  When we asked what happens next week if we keep you?  She said they had middle players to put up.

Bowie:  It's weird being on the fringe.

6:15pmBBT  KT

MeMe verifies that her name is spelled MEME

Felicia still talking about all of the potatoes she is making for dinner.

6:16pm BBT game area

Jared & Blue under a blanket on the couch.

Reilly calling out Matt to play bumper pool. "You're going DOWN!"

6:18pm LR couches

Jag hanging out with Cirie & Bowie

Cirie:  Why are we on camera right now?  to Bowie:  Don't look around!

Cameron joins the group on the couches.

Jag:  I don't like sweet potatoes

Cirie:  You gotta have it with maple syrup on it - it will change your life.

Cameron:  I would take pumpkin pie over it.

Bowie:  I don't really like either of them

Cirie:  Somethings' wrong with you.

Izzy joins

Cirie: Pick right now, sweet potato or pumpkin.

Izzy:  Pumpkin

Cirie:  That's it - we broke up.


Bowie:  Hurry up tomorrow

Jag:  Are you worried you have to do something?

Bowie:  Yeah, I couldn't sleep last night. I dreamed they were taking my bed apart.

Jag:  You have weird BB dreams

Bowie:  Yeah like the one where they took my arm.  I said "I think I need my arm for challenges"

6:25pm BBT bathroom area:  Izzy, Cory & America whispering about plans for eviction and good bye messages.

America:  It's not until then (jury) that I'll be like "Bye Bitch!"

Izzy saying that Reilly called her "Bestie".

Cory coaching Izzy on what to say -  that she needs to sleep on it.

Izzy:  I'm starting to feel icky.

Whispering - hard to hear...

Izzy:  Lines will be drawn but we have the numbers.

Now talking about Jared & Blue flirting and that it is uncomfortable to watch.

America says her good bye message to Reilly will be "Don't worry, I'll take care of Matt"


6:35pm BBT  Scary BR  MeMe & Jag talking about where they stand

Jag:  I think everyone should fight for themselves to be here.  Talk to people - show them that.  (referring to talking with Cameron)

Jag:  Reilly really wants to stay, so she is campaigning.

MeMe:  Have you talked to Hisam?

Jag:  Yeah, he pulled me in to talk to me about his speech.  He knows I am close to her and he apologized for his speech to Reilly.  he said he messed up and made a mistake.

MeMe:  Yeah, it as a very interesting speech and I think everyone was taken aback.

Jag:  It was pretty personal.  I don't know if people actively want to keep Cam or if they are just scared of Hisam.  I'd rather have Reilly in my corner than Cam in my corner in regards to who I can trust.  I think you should chat with Reilly too.

MeMe:  You made some good points.  I think they're both really great people.

jag:  Let me know if it seems like Reilly isn't staying.  I don't want to be the only one to vote for her.

MeMe:  good talk, buddy.

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6:48pm  BBT HOH room

Red & Hisam talking about game  Hisam packing his stuff and cleaning the room.

Hisam:  Next week it's Matt.  I like him, but next week it's Matt.


Red takes some snacks down to the Comic BR where Cirie, Izzy, Jag & Cameron are hanging out - in the warm room they say.

Hisam comes in and says "OH there you are" to Cirie (she has been complaining that he is following her today). She is explaining her whole day - where she has been, who she has talked to.

Hisam:  WOW!  Your day has been jam packed!


6:55pm BBT  Jared & Blue under the blanket in the game area.  Someone calls out that they are up there together so Blue gets up to leave and finds another blanket on the floor and grabs it to take with her.  Jared says "that's the fart blanket, bro"  and she tosses it back on the floor.

[I COULD NOT share blankets the way they do and I would not appreciate everyone else's butt on my bedding that I'm going to sleep under! ~AuntD]


6:59pm BBT  most HG have left the comic BR

Izzy:  are you going to follow them?

Hisam:  No, I need a break.  Also, I want to see what happens when I lay low.  You know there are lots of conversations going on all over.

Izzy:  Hisam, I think you are missing some of the reaction, like the human puppy dog thing - of course he is going to vote for her to stay - he cares about her.

Hisam:  I think he was on the fence but I think he has made his mind up.  I don't want to see him paint a target on his back unneccesarily.  It will go how it goes, he will vote how he wants to vote but I have given him the information to make an informed decision.  I don't care how he votes actually.


7:07pm BBT  Matt & Reilly in the bathroom area

Reilly:  I'm tired.  Of this.

Talking about what to cook for dinner.  Matt says he'll make a grilled cheese with turkey.  Reilly says that his quesadillas are good.  He said they are but there isn't enough cheese in the house.

Matt:  I didn't get a chance to talk to Cirie.

Reilly:  you should.

He tells her to get back to work then he hugs her and they head out to KT.


Reilly tells Jag to say something.  He says that America was flirting with him and Miss Felicia thought it was funny.  (He has said several times today that America is flirting with him and she denies it - he's just teasing her)


Reilly invites MeMe to the bathroom area to have an M & M party with her.

Reilly pleading her case to MeMe of why she should keep her in the house.  She says she is not dipping her toes into any hot water and she will lay low for a while.  There is a common denominator in the house. 

MeMe says he is being a dictator (Hisam)



[I am out for the night, folks - gotta work in the morning! ~AuntD  PS, I am a great, great aunt again - this little one joins over 125 other nieces & nephews!]

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WOW - things are heating up!  I hope someone has time to get some of this down.  Cirie is fired up about the vote getting flipped again.  It's hard to tell what anyone is doing or where the vote is heading.  I think they will be scrambling right up to time to vote!


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10:12PM BBT

Reilly talks with Cameron in the asylum bedroom. He teases Reilly that at least she has her place...wherever Matt is.

Reilly: You need to stop. Just stop. That is not a thing. I literally help him hear and we eat together. He is my buddy.

Cameron tells her that he is proud of her and that for whatever reason, Hisam just made her his target.

Reilly: I don't like this.

Cameron: I don't think we are supposed to.

He advises her not to take any of it personally. "I commend you for going about it with tact."

Reilly: I commend you, too. I don't want to campaign against you. This is the worst possible thing.

Cameron: Well, they could just shoot us.

Cameron tells Reilly to keep fighting. "I also want to tell you not to brain stuff out. Get some rest.

Reilly: You know me, all I do is think, think, think, think, think and break a brain cell

Cameron teases that he has a long flight tomorrow.

Reilly: Shut up...I don't know. I am scared

Cam: I don't have any slick comebacks for you.

Reilly: And I have to tell you that you look really awful right now. It's kind of burning my eyes.

Cam laughs, "Look, sometimes I am mean to you to bring your spirits up. I got to be nice to you, too.

Reilly: Even your leg smells bad.

Cam: I know

Red walks in and interrupts up the convo

Cam: At least we can plan to go to Paris

Reilly: What does that mean? 

Cam: That's where your friend will be swimming.

Reilly: You are sucha  dork. No one else thinks that.

Cam: I am just messing with you.


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