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Saturday, August 12, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother 25 observations, and screen captures here! If you post opinions or off-topic messages, I will move them here:  https://www.tvfanforums.net/forum/337-big-brother-25-discussion-dish/

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal commentaround the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (BPL)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in and talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:42AM BBT

In the hammock, Jag and Reilly discuss teh HGs they can count on for votes. Reilly says she feels she has Felicia, Cirie and Cory told her she is his number one, "He is not mine, but he said I am his." They discuss Bowie Jane and not knowing where she stands and say it is difficult to know if they can trust America.


Reilly says she doesn't think Izzy likes Cameron, "I don't think she likes me either, but I heard she was really upset over a joke he made that was inappropriate (this was a snide comment that Cameron made as Kirsten was walking out the door during eviction) Jag tells her that Izzy doesn't react but he notices her facial expressions when she is unhappy about something. Jag says Matt is so in shape and thinks everyone "is fucking scared of him."


Reilly: People are saying that Hisam said Matt is going to do whatever I want, and that I can use him like a puppet

Jag: I think Hisam thinks the same about me and you.


1:55AM BBT

Blue enters the asylum room where Cameron and Jared are mid conversation. Jared looks at her, and Blue asks, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Jared: Yo, Bro. You need to go to bed. You get real sassy at night. You want a hug, Blue?

Blue: No

Jared continues talking with Cameron, but Blue walks over ang gives him a big hug

Jared: Ah! You do want a hug!

Blue giggles


[These two have been flirting the past few days, and Jared actually told her he was interested in her but knows Jag is interested in her, too. He doesn't want to make any enemies in the house by going after her. -ML]


3:12AM BBT

Matt and Reilly are in the backyard talking. Reilly thinks they will be up early for veto. Matt says he needs to talk to Cirie, Bowie Jane and Izzy.

Reilly: Don't talk to Izzy. Take to MeMe, but be very strategic when talking to her.


Reilly tells Matt to prompt the conversations by asking where they are at. She says Bowie doesn't talk game, "She is just here to have fun." Reilly says worst case scenario is that Matt ends up on the block with her, "Dude, I hope he (Hisam) pulls your chip." Imagine how different the week would look right now if it was Jared (as HoH)

Matt: We would be straight up chilling, playing pool, dancing. Fuck! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Fuck!

Reilly: I don't like that Poo doesn't trust America  

[Poo is Matt and Reilly's nickname for Jared.]

Matt: I know

Reilly: They don't talk much. I trust her.

Matt: I do too

Reilly: My closest people are you and Jag


3:22AM BBT

Reilly: I can't believe I am on the fucking block.

Matt: It sucks

Reilly: It sucks ass on a plate.


Jag climbs into the double bed he is sharing with Cory in the open bedroom to settle for the night.


3:32AM BBT

Reilly: I need to go to bed

Matt: Yeah

They head to the asylum bedroom and feel their way through the dark to their beds. Just as Reilly finally makes it to her bed...

Big Brother: Reilly, please go to the Diary Room downstairs.

Reilly turns around and slowly tries to find her way back out.


4:00AM BBT

The Big Brother House is dark and silent.

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8:57AM BBT - Bunnies & Kittens on the feeds. 


"The Big Brother houseguests are shooting something awesome that you will dee soon. The live feed will be up again shortly." 


[I will check back in later!] 

9:06 AM BBT  - Feeds return. 


America and Reilly in the scary room. They are talking about different people's numbers. They are talking in hushed tones that are hard to hear. They are talking about what people would use the veto on who. 


Reilly - Cameron, Hisam and Red vs. Reilly. What the f--- 


Reilly leaves to go to the kitchen where MICOLE is cooking. Reilly is walking about the house and went to the bathroom asking if anyone is in there.


9:09 BBT - Feeds cut to Red, Cirie, and Izzy in the comic book room. They are speculating about what multiverse the next comp would be. Jag is also in the comic book room [He was not visible at first] 


Izzy - It could be scramble. 


They are talking about what different multiverses could be. Red and Jag are talking about how some of the comps are hard with beards. 


Red- I have dropped maple syrup in my beard.

Cirie - What do you think Jag? 


Jag - It could be spelling... But I don't know.

Cirie - They are doing new sh*t

Izzy- I think they are going to steal something from survivor ... the hitting the balls with their head. Last year was the mermaid. 

Cirie- Who did that survivor or this place ... big brother? 

Jag- Wait... what... What is it? 

Izzy explains the mermaid comp from BB24. 


They are speculating the different comps that have happened in the past and what they think will happen next. They are talking about different comps that have happened this season and what can come next. 


Jag - They have a lot of comps based on your time. 


Izzy - I'm excited I hope we get to watch... it's like TV. 


Jag leaves to go eat. 


Red - I keep burping up the immunity booster. 

Red leaves. 


Izzy- I'm going to lie down for a second... I wasn't ready for today. 

9:15 BBT The feeds change to the kitchen where Jag starts cooking.


Jag - I'm going to make some eggs. 


9:16 BBT - Feeds go back to Cirie and Izzy in the Comic Book room.


They are talking about the POV comp. 


cirie - Cory better win veto.. If Reilly wins veto ... then it could be bad. 


Cirie - I gotta get out of here... so I can put my time in out there so when I come back in here it won't be a problem.


Cirie goes to the kitchen with MICOLE, Jag, America, and Cory. [Love the sunglasses! LOL] 


Jag is cooking. The camera shows Cirie goes upstairs to the HOH room then returns to a close up of Jag cooking. 


Izzy comes into the kitchen then the camera goes back to focusing on Jag cooking. You can see the pineapple baby on the counter. Feleicia is cleaning up. 


Felicia [to Nicole]  - Where do the sheets belong? They belong to a bed in the haven't room I believe.

9:22 BBT - Cory and America in the Bathroom talking about the POV competition. They are discussing that they made two different sides of the house. Someone else entered the room [Couldn't tell who] and they stopped talking. 


America - This is season 25 there should be more prizes.. and ya know... 


Red - Yeah... 


America hopes that Cory gets to play in the POV. Cory and America go to the kitchen followed by Red. 


Felicia is doing dishes. Jag is making a sandwich with avocados. [The cameras really love Jag cooking!!!] 

9:28 AM BBT - Feeds on Rancho Coastal Humane Society. 

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9:55am BBT  Reilly & Blue celebrating in the ScaryBR

Reilly:  I ain't going yet!

9:58 am BBT  Bathroom area

MeMe:  My parents are going to be like "what is she wearing?"

Reilly to Matt "Are you getting your nervous shits out?  Did you Febreeze in there?"

9:59am BBT  Izzy & Cory in game area

Cory:  I think you know if Reilly stays in the game, she's another person who can win HOH.  Then next week, the noms are probably you and Hisam

10:00am BBT  Matt & Reilly in ScaryBR with Blue

Reilly:  Is the veto meeting today or tomorrow.  Felicia wants to go with whatever Hisam says.

Blue:  You should talk to Cory'

Reilly:  Hisam will never come after you regardless.

Blue: I think if me, you, Jag and Hisam can work together we will be powerful.

Reilly: We'll figure it out - we just need to win.

Matt is called to DR downstairs




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9:55 BBT - Feeds return.


Blue and Reilly are in the comic book room. 

Blue and Reilly Hug. They are excited and dancing. 


Reilly - You can't get rid of me yet! Then next week!!! Reilly leaves 

Reilly (in bathroom) - Brr! why is everywhere so cold? 


Mimi is doing her hair. America and Reilly are off camera. 


Matt comes in after going #2 in the bathroom. 


MICOLE and Reilly ask if he sprayed the febreeze after pooping.


They are giving him a hard time about pooping and tell him to air it out.


America is doing her make up and MICOLE is doing her hair


Big Brother - Matt please turn on your microphone


Blue comes into the bathroom.


Feeds turn to Reilly alone in the scary room.


Reilly is pacing.


10:00 BBT Feeds move to Cory and Izzy to the game room.


Cory - They say that Cam is the pawn. They are talking about who they want to win HOH next week... 


Matt joins Reilly in the scary room. Blue is also in there. 


Reilly - I feel like we have a very diverse ... 


Blue - If you [Matt[ goes up there then they should take you down. 


Reilly - is the veto meeting today or tomorrow? You should talk to Felicia... 


Blue - You should also talk to Cory... I have seen him and Cameron talking a lot. 


Reilly is nervous about being booted out of the house. 


Blue - When Jag and Hisam were talking... they asked what Jag was thinking... and he shared... 


Really - Hisam will never come out to you regardless. 


Blue - I think Jag and Hisam are going to work together


Reilly - Even if you [blue] takes me off.... we can talk to Hisam after... But please everyone focus on winning.. Focus on winning. 


Matt- Where's Jag? 


Reilly - I don't know... Comic Room..


Big Brother - MATT please go to the diary room down stairs.. .


10: 05 BBT - Blue is doing her makeup in the scary room. 


The feeds jump to Jag in the kitchen cleaning up his mess. The feeds go to Reilly and Cirie in the gym room talking. 


Cirie - You got me! You gotta talk to her. 

Really - Yeah.

Cirie- You talk to her and find me when you have. 


Cameron is in the comic book room trying on Cirie's nerdy glasses. 


Hisam and America  and Red are also in comic book room. 


America - What do you think we're gonna do... 


Cameron - everything we have done has been fun.


Felicia was off camera.... her and Cameron are talking about how the house is so cold. 


America - There is no escaping it 


Felica- there is no escaping it. everything else might be breaking down, but they got that shit working real good. 


The HG are speculating when they will be called to get changed. 

10:09 BBT - Blue and Cameron are in the scary room 


Cameron - Between me, you, and Hisam we have played in every competition. I would say Reilly, but she didn't play in the last comp because she was HOH. 


The feeds jump back to America Hisam  and Felicia in the comic room. 


They are anticipating the next comp... They are talking about all the comps thus far. 


Hisam- the four of us have played in every competition... America probably thinks that nobody else wants to compete in this competition. 


America - They probably think something is wrong with the chips. 


Hisam, Felicia, and America are saying they hear something 'very loud' behind the wall. 

Felicia - these beds are what you call twin beds. They aren't even full. they are twins...


America - Yeah... yah 


Felicia - I keep losing track of what day of the week it is. I have to go from the 2nd... 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th...


America - It is Saturday.... 

10:14 BBT - Matt enters the comic room with Hisam, America, and Felicia. 

[ I just got a delivery! I'll be back later!] 

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10:05am BBT  Reilly asking Cirie to help her talk to (her).  Lots of chatter in the bathroom area as guests are getting ready.

Comic BR:  Hisam, Red, Cameron, Felicia, America commenting that this room is warmer than the others.

10:09am BBT  Cameron & Blue in Scary BR

Cameron:  me, you and Hisam have played every competition since we started.

10:10am BBT  back in comic room the conversation is the same about the players who have been in every competition.  Hisam says he would like a chance to sit on the sidelines and observe.

America:  I wish I could nap a little.  Maybe I'll go get my sunglasses.  Felicia did you see that Jag slept in our room last night?

Felicia:  Yeah those are twin beds, you were in there tight.

Matt comes in from DR, says he didn't see anyone in the kitchen.

All complaining about it being cold and everyone wearing sweatshirts (that BB provided to all of them)

10:15am BBT  Cirie & Red in the kitchen

Red:  lemon and ginger,  Maybe it will alleviate some of this gas

Cirie: well...

Red:  That's a deep subject (a well)[dad joke~AuntD]

10:19am BBT  Jag and Blue in scary BR

Blue:  I was talking to Reilly.  If I win Veto, might be a better idea to keep the noms the same.  I think in the long run it might be better.  Blue, I'm thinking of winning.  If I throw it there are too many chances for someone else to win.

Jag:  You win, noms are the same, Cam goes home, you win trust from the other side

10:22am BBT

America:  I haven't promise Reilly anything.  You have to be thinking ahead. Reilly is freaking out -when I talked to her last night.

Jared:  I'm glad I didn't get picked.  Hisam is dangerous.  if you talk to him - he is intense.  Once you F up with him, you are DONE with him.

America agrees

10:24am BBT:  Jag & Blue in Scary BR discussing Veto options.  Reilly comes in and Jag hugs her.  They are happy with the results of who is playing in the Veto comp.

Jag:  We just have to do this.

Blue: (Cam) is playing two houses.

Reilly to Jag:  I didn't know you wanted to play

Jag:  It might be better that you didn't pick me so we aren't associated together.


10:30am BBT: Scary BR

Jag:  we have a good lineup.  Our group was outside last night talking about how to keep us safe.

Cory joins:  I think Blue was a good choice.

Jag:  I think Blue was a good choice too.  she's going to go out there and compete.

Reilly:  I'm gonna live to see another week!

Jag:  Hisam was born "IN the zone.  He popped out the womb like wah - I'm in the zone".

Cory agrees:  HIsam IS in the zone.

10:33am BBT

Jared to America: When they mention their top, they always say you first, then know that who ever they name next is actually their number ONE.

Jared goes to kitchen with Jag, America, Blue, Izzy all chatting about expecting someone to come visit them.

Jared & Cory go upstairs to game area

Jared: The season is comprised of influencers and entertainers - people who have been on or related to someone who has been on TV.

10:38am BBT  Comic BR

Hisam:  After the ceremony happened, everyone disappeared.

Cirie joins and asks what is happening.  Felicia reports that someone was in the Have-Not room earlier because they could hear the butt kicker.  Cirie thanks Hisam for joining them downstairs when he has a nice mansion upstairs to go to.

Hisam:  what's mine is yours.  I'm a very generous person that way.  I have been priveledged and I want to share what I have.  Power is only useful if you are able to give it to other people.  I want to make sure that I use my power in a way that fosters others' dreams and hopes.  My name means protection and my whole life has been in service and I want to live up to the name my parents gave me.  I don't understand why mega billionaires hoard their money and don't use it to help others.

Felicia:  such as helping the homeless


10:46am BBT MeMe is called to the DR (she is hosting the Veto comp, so has been in the bathroom area getting ready/doing makeup)


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11:17am BBT  comic BR  Red, Cirie, America, Cory, Izzy   discussion about a show called Jury Duty

LR:  Jared, Blue, Reilly and Jag coming up with couple names  Jared & Jag =Jagged

Someone says: I wonder if we'll see Bowie (she must be in the Nether Region)

Talk again about who has been in all of competitions. Reilly missed one.

Jared:  So you never got to see the Nether Gorgon?

Reilly: No

Jared:  He's scary.

11:23am BBT  MeMe in the storage room grabbing a banana talking to the cameras: I'm cuter than your Auntie, cuter than your ex, cuter than your next...

Back to Jag & Jared on the couches in the LR

Jag:  You came back and gave something good, you gave me safety, I came back in and gave something bad - her not being able to play, she (Bowie) should come back with something good, she will send someone else who will get something good

Jared: then that person comes back to give something bad and you have a chance of being picked again then.

Jag:  I trust Blue but I don't know where she is with them.

Jared:  I don't think they are that close with Blue, so we would have to advocate to bring her in.  Me & momma Felicia rock.

Jag:  Me, you momma Felicia & Cirie are tight with others so we would be a good group.

Jared:  If it wasn't for you being part of it, I never would have went (with the alliance of 8).

Jag:  For me, I was definetly rocking with you, Reilly and Blue.  I do trust Matt, but wasn't initially talking with him.

Jag:  I think loyalty is everything. I don't know who spilled the beans.  I think it was Cam.

Jared agrees

Cirie passes through with sunglasses on and Jared calls her a "Superstar" and tells her the shades look good and she thanks him.

Cirie in the bathroom area with MeMe:  I can't wait to see your outfit.  You look beautiful.

11:37am BBT  Kitchen - Cirie, Blue, America just hanging around staring at the memory wall, deciding which picture is the best

Cirie votes Blue, Bowie & Jag

Felicia & MeMe join and make fun of Cory's picture

Felicia:  He's trying to be Fly - and I know you hear me Cory!  He hollers back from wherever he is in the house.

MeMe:  Izzy's smile is crazy and Red is giving too.

Blue:  I look so young!

Cirie:  Like 14.  They edited everybody's.



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12:00pm  BBT HOH room

Hisam:  I hope that America or I win it (Veto).  I know that Reilly is a competitor and her life is on the line, so she will be fighting hard.  I hope it's a close to the hour comp.

Cirie:  what does that mean?

Izzy:  It's a competition where you do something, then when you think it has been an hour, you step off and log your time, then everybody does that to see who gets closest to one hour.

Hisam:  If I win Reilly goes home.  If Reilly wins then it has to be Matt, but I don't want to send him home.  I really like him and he wants to demonstrate that people with disabilities can play this game.

Hisam:  I don't think they realize that Red is working with us.  They say lots of things about Cory and he is on the outs.  They really are the three of us are against the whole house.  Are you really going to throw away money to help this white.... (feeds cut)


12:08pm BBT  Reilly, Cameron & Matt

Reilly asks each of them to put their fingers in the middle of her back as she twists and cracks her back.  Matt then cracks his neck

Cameron:  I don't want to do a pop off because my joints are ancient.  All my shit/everything pops.

Reilly is trying to pop Matt's fingers but can't get all of them.  Someone called to DR - Matt asks if they only announce in certain areas as it was not clear in the bathroom area.  They decide to check if it was MeMe who was called as they need to start getting ready for a comp.  The group moves out to the Kitchen and Living room.

12:13pm  Cory & Matt go to play bumper pool after Matt says that he heard that Cory already beat Red.  They are discussing competition options.

Matt:  How are you feeling now?

Cory:  I'm excited to watch.

Matt:  I need to make a bold move - a statement. (with his pool shot)

Cirie joins them to watch the game.  Izzy also comes up to sit on the couch.

Cirie:  Cory, it's not looking good

12:19pm BBT  Kitchen  Blue, America, Hisam, Cameron & Red talking about getting ready for the comp/eating snacks

Blue:  I wonder who the Have-Nots will be.

Hisam:  I don't know if we'll have them this week since it's so late.

Talk about using the oven to heat the house.  Red has had to do this before while living in Kentucky  

Red went through basic at Fort Knox - Cameron said he did too.

12:28pm BBT  Hisam & Red go to HOH room to get snacks

Hisam:  They went to HV room and left Matt out.  I asked Matt "doesn't that feel weird to you?"  

Red:  What I'm hearing from the other side is that you and Izzy are running the house.  If Blue wins she will take Reilly down.  I think I would go up and be backdoored.

Hisam:  Why would I backdoor you?

Red:  Oh that's right, you get to make that decision.

Hisam:  It's really dumb to change anything.  This could be a very easy week of getting Reilly out and seeing where everyone else falls.  It's not me running the house, it's Reilly.

Lots of yelling from the bumper pool area - people excited over something.

Hisam:  worst case scenario Reilly wins.  Even worse, if Blue wins and take Reilly down, but then we take Blue out.  

Red:  We gotta hope that Cameron is confident to keep himself up there.

Hisam:  No, if he wins, he comes down.  We put up Cory and Reilly still goes home.

Red:  Would we put Blue up?

Hisam:  We don't need to but it might be a good idea to not use someone from our side. It's mind blowing to me that these two are doing everything to protect her and don't see that they could be in trouble (Jag & Blue).

Red:  Thanks for talking with me, my head was just getting foggy. I feel a lot better.  I need to get some sleep tonight.

Hisam:  I don't think they realize they don't have the numbers beyond their three.  Maybe we do put Blue up and tell her it's because she has been putting my name out there and no her ride or die has put her in trouble.

Red:  Izzy is a superfan and knows a lot.  Cam is almost a superfan and he knows a lot too.  I wish I had watched all the episodes before coming in.

Hisam:  Jag can't be put up because he got that super power so he is safe this week. We were doing good until that happened and now we are f'ed.


12:46pm BBT  Reilly walking around with a blanket and says that she needs to be around loud noises before she falls asleep.  She goes up to watch the bumper pool game between Izzy & MeMe.  Izzy wins.

Izzy:  Who wants next?  Cirie gets up.

Jag:  Cirie, have you not lost yet?

Cirie:  I have lost before but not today.

The group makes fun of Bowie saying "Oh, Noo" with her accent.

Blue called to DR. 

Reilly trying to nap on the couch.  America and Matt also look to be napping on the couch.  Cameras have focused in on all of them, but they haven't called them out for it yet.

Izzy wins, they call out Jag to play the winner.

Jag:  I should probably play against the loser.

Jag wins the game.  Matt wakes up from his nap & stretches.


1:00pm BBT  comic room

Red:  (talking about a liquid competition)  Can we carry the water inside of us and bring it back up?  Can we soak our hair in it and squeeze it out?  He & Cameron laugh about having an advantage if they can do that.

Others leave, Cory & Cirie whispering about nominations.

Cirie:  People asking about getting on shows.  She says yes, its a great opportunity.  She encouraged Red to go on Survivor after this.

Cory:  The only outcome I don't like is Matt taking Reilly off the block. I think America should be the replacement because no one will vote her off.

Cirie: Let's not put it out there that Matt will win the veto, but if he did let's talk to Hisam about putting America up.  Hisam says if Reilly wins he's putting up Matt.  Matt has never talked game with me.  I've tried with America, but she won't talk.

Cory:  She's on the bottom of that thing.

Cirie:  yeah, she's on the bottom and I don't know why she isn't worried about that.

Several people have been called to the DR.  HGs are surprised it's late in the day and the comp hasn't happened yet.

1:10pm BBT  Cory telling Cirie that he thinks that Izzy is in trouble with Reilly's side.  He says he already talked to Izzy about it.

Cirie:  Do you think Izzy & I should talk to Reilly?  I have to get Reilly off her.

Cory:  I think Izzy should.

Cirie:  How can I get her off Izzy?

Cory:  what is Cameron's problem with you?

Jared joins them (haven't seen him in a while)

Jared:  I just don't want Matt to win.  I don't know who Hisam will go after.

Cory:  I think the only argument I can make is that I burnt the Reilly bridge.

Izzy comes in

Cory:  tells Jared he won't come after him.  He's just always had a thing for me and it's fine.

Cirie:  I don't think he's even had any conversations with America.

1:22pm BBT  Red & Jared in bathroom area talking about the comp.  They would like to have one where they win prizes.  Red said he sold his old car before coming in the house, so he could use a new one.  His daily dad driver is a 2014 Equinox. 

Red:  It's not so much about what people see me in as it is about safety for my children.

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Playing for veto: Hisam, Reilly, Cameron, Blue, America and Matt with  Mecole  hosting


Reilly got Houseguest Choice and chose Blue, much to the surprise of other HGs.

Bowie Jane has been taken to the Nether Regions where she reported back to the house that she is evading the Nethergorgons. 


1:45PM BBT

The HGs are just waiting for the Veto Competition. Jared thinks it will be a night competition.

Big Brother: Hisam. please go to the Diary Room downstairs.

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2:10PM BBT

Big Brother: Reilly, please go to the Diary Room downstairs

Reilly: Okaaaayyyyy


2:15PM BBT

In the Comic Bedroom, Cirie wonders aloud to Felicia, Hisam and Jared when Bowie Jane will come back.

Cirie: She didn't have a bag

Jared: I went without a bag and stayed (over night)

Cirie: You trippin'

Felicia: It's different though

Cirie: Yeah,

Felicia: Yours happened at night


(Anytime the HGs talk about Bowie Jane being in Nether Regions, BB switches the feedfs to another room.)


2:23PM BBT

We now have RCHS on the feeds. It could be time for the Veto Comp!

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