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Friday, August 11, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (BPL)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in and talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:45AM BBT Feeds return. The HG have played the HoH comp and Hisam has the key around his neck. The HG are buzzin' as they grab food. They aren't rushing to the shower, so they didn't get dirty. Cirie tells Izzy that a bunch of HG threw it. She says Jared wanted to win but didn't, which was good. He showed his hand too early.

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12:55am BBT Jared has disappeared into the Nether Region. Izzy wants his bed. The HN HG will be moving to the Scaryverse, Scrambleverse and BBComicVerse BRs. Jag wonders if there will be more impact on the game from the Nether Region. What if they can't vote or play Veto? 

1:00am BBT Blue wants to tell Hisam she hurt her ankle and can't play Veto to keep him from nominating her. Jag thinks it will be either Red or Bowie. Maybe Cory. He thinks Izzy is in Hisam's ear. Blue says Hisam won't nominate Jag because it goes against his morals. She thinks Cory is his target. Jag says they shouldn't be seen together. 

1:03am BBT America tells Blue she thinks Red got too excited over Hisam winning. They wonder if Hisam is close to Bowie. America will promise to not put Hisam up if he doesn't put her up this wee. Jag wonders if Jared will be gone all week. Can he be nom? Play Veto? All they know is he won't be in the house tnight.

1:05am BBT The HG are talking a mile a minute. Cameron says they had a rehearsal and Jared was on the screen listening. The comp was in the BB Basement, not the BY. Hisam says it was a really elaborate set. Reilly asks if today is Wednesday. 

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12:59PM BBT

Hisam talked with all the houseguests and informed Cameron he would be nominated with Reilly, with Reilly being Hisam's target. The feeds have been on RCHS since 12:17PM for the nomination ceremony.
















VS--StreamBigBrother2021LiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-41801’46” (1).jpg




10:38AM BBT

The HGs spoke with Jared. Cirie yelled, "That's my boy!" Jared says he has not slept on a bed yet.

Jared: I love y'all. I'm not sure when I'll see you again.

*feeds cut to gold swirly WBRB






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1:58PM BBT

The feeds have returned. The nominations have not happened yet. The feeds cut for Jared's return into the house.

Jared is now talking with Reilly.


Jared: He is going to pick someone who is capable of winning and will keep nominations the same. There is nothing else I can do, Dude. Get as close to him as possible.


In the HoHR, MeMe is talking with Hisam.


Hisam: The three that I have are Cameron, Matt, Reilly. One because Reilly has thrown my name out, Cameron because we do not know where his loyalty is....he rubs people the wrong way

MeMe: Right  



2:00 PM BBT

Back with the Jared and Reilly conversation, Jared tells Reilly she has to figure out how to act her absolute hardest..."he told me you talked shit...people think Jag is running it"  

Reilly: People think I am running it

Jared: No, Dude. I talk to those people way more. They think Jag is running it through your voice.



2:11PM BBT

Hisam talks with Reilly in the HoHR next. He asks her where the bathroom lights are. Her response is that there aren't any, and they laugh. Hisam says he watched her HoH reign and it informed his own. He tells her that he will not share her thoughts with anyone "I want to be really respectful. This is a vulnerable place for people to be."

Reilly: I love that. Thank you!

Hisam: So what are your thoughts?

Reilly tells him that she just wants a clean slate, "I wish if I could press a button, I would start over. I just want to take the week to take things slow and rebuild with you. I talked with Izzy and told her that I am so sorry that I made you feel that way. Right now, I just want to take the week and relax and hope that if you have it in your heart to work with me you will, and if not, I understand."


Hisam tells her he can be nothing but honest with her. He says he has surprised himself in good and bad ways. but what has been clear is that people are saying that the only one to mention his name was her. She admits and says it came from a place of paranoia. 'The concern that I have is that if I don't mention you, people are gonna be like, 'what the fuck...what the fuck is he doing?'

Reilly: I can see that

Hisam tells her he doesn't believe in backdooring people. 'I think it is just a shitty way. And it's unfair."

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Hisam: I just want to be clear. I am not going to backdoor you which leaves me in this predicament. I don't feel like I have much of a choice in this, but I want to be honest about it. My hope is that you are able to win so there is a place where we can work together. But, I feel like I have to do something to respond to this. I feel like if I didn't, people would be like 'he is sheisty' Do you understand?

Reilly: MmHmm

Hisam: Unfortunately, we are both strong, but not strong enough to take on 13 people. So the next thing is who do I put up next to you. It has to be someone you are aligned with. I don't know who that is yet. Do you have any ideas?

Reilly tells him it is not appropriate for her to make that choice for him. 'I do appreciate your honesty. I know it is difficult being up here, and if you change your mind, I am open to talking with you.

Hisam: The game is very young, and people change alliances all the time.

Reilly: MmHmm

Hisam: I do really like you. I think you are a strong competitor. I would like to work with you, but I have to respond to this.

Reilly begins crying, "I understand"  *tears are flowing

Hisam: What can I do to help?

Reilly says she feels like her HoH has screwed her "This room screwed me over in this game."

Hisam: You can't go backward, only forward. I am so thankful for the lessons you taught me.

Reilly: I never meant to hurt your feelings. Just being up here and everyone watching...it got...

Hisam: Crazy, I know


2:22PM BBT

Hisam tells her that he feels she is too smart to have called out names because he felt she knows the game so well, "But when I heard it from many people, it was hard to ignore."

Reilly: I understand

Hisam: You are not out. You got to win the veto. I would never count you out. You are strong and really formidable. I would never backdoor you.

Reilly: Thank you. I wish I could stop crying.

Hisam: Get your head in the game. There are lots of twists to come. I believe in you.

Reilly: Thank you. I believe in myself, too.



Hisam: You want a hug

Reilly: Yes

Hisam: COme here! You are wonderful. Really wonderful, and everyone says so.

Reilly: Maybe it will be enough for me to stay in the house. I know I am a good person, and I was raised right.




2:36PM BBT

The feeds cut again to RCHS, now it is finally time for nominations.

Nope! The feeds are back to Matt talking with Hisam.

Matt asks him who it was that told him that he (Matt) sad something bad about Hisam. Hisam says it was Kirsten. Matt accepts that knowing that Kirsten was "full of shit"

Hisam: Some of the stuff she said was true and some was a lie

Matt: Dude, you have no idea

Matt tells Hisam it has been killing him ever sense Hisam told him that someone warned him Matt had said his name (as a target)


2:39PM BBT

Feeds pop back to RCHS. Could it really be time for nominations? Only the BB Gods know.

2:49PM BBT The feeds pop back to the HGs admiring the Memory Wall which finally has their pictures on showcase. The HGs yell, "Finally...we live here now...it looks so good"



Felicia is cackling her typical laugh and Reilly asks, "Why do I look mean in mine?"


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2:57PM BBT

In the hammock, Matt is detailing his conversation with Hisam to Reilly. He tells her that he told Hisam not to nominate Reilly and they could all work together.

Reilly: I'm fucked. I'm so fucked. I'm gonna cry

Matt: Don't cry. We still have a chance to win veto. Babe there are still twists happening.

Reilly: Why didn't Jared save me?

Matt: That's what I'm wondering.

Reilly: He told me he was convinced I was not going up.

[Jared apparently saved Jag from nominations. -ML]

Reilly: Jag is not a threat. I am! I am! Don't tell anyone I said this, but he literally told me to my face he is putting me up.

Matt confirms that Hisam told him, too, but he told Hisam Reilly was someone he wanted to work with. 

Reilly: He had his mind made up.

Matt: I'm gonna talk to people.

Reilly: Just wait until after noms. I can't believe he is not putting Cory up. No, wait. I can. I have to win veto. I told him I respect your decision but not counting myself out. I am still playing.




[Side note: When Hisam talked with Matt earlier today, he told Matt he knew that Matt and Reilly were not a showmance and Matt insisted they are NOT.  But Hisam told Matt it doesn't look good and it's bad for their game. Given Matt called Reilly "Babe" it seems they are starting a budding romance. This is just my observation. -ML]

3:05PM BBT

Reilly: I am just really pissed about he Jared thing. I saved him last week. He kept saying, "Just trust me. Trust me." This is everything I said is happening.

Matt: I know because you are smart.


Matt and Reilly speculate about who is going up next to Reilly. They know it will be someone on their side. [Hisam said it would be Cameron. -ML]

Reilly: It's either gonna be you and me, Me and Cory or me and Cameron. I'm hoping he doesn't put you up.

Matt: He said he wasn't, and if he was serious about an alliance with me...I just need everything to be perfect....a secret alliance.

Reilly: I am being honest with you, I am leaving this week if I don't come off the block.

Matt: It's stupid.

Reilly: People aren't open to things I suggest! I literally see things coming, predict it, and say we need to act on it and nobody believes me.



3:09PM BBT

In the HoHR, Hisam and Jared are going back over how the HoH competition went.

Hisam: Look how could Mama Felicia di!

Jared: She did so good!

Hisam: Everyone thought she be out and she lasted to round three.

They discuss gargoyles and doors...having to act scared but couldn't because they were happy to see each other (in the finals) They laugh and get excited over the "7 candles" and "4 door" so pleased with how they did.

Jared: I just now found out today I was gonna do that when Cameron read it

Hisam: Really?

*at this the cams move to Reilly and Matt still discussing Hisam.


Reilly: When Hisam came down those stairs and not Jared, I almost passed out

Matt: What?

Reilly: Last night. When Hisam came down, I almost passed out

Matt: Oh, I know


*the feeds move to Red prepping food in the kitchen while chatting with Cameron, Cirie and Felicia



3:16PM BBT I am out for now. I'll be back to confirm nominations, if they ever get to them -ML


3:17PM BBT

And just as I bow out, we get RCHS on the feeds, again! Could it be?

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**Just a wee update while we await nominations. At 4AM BBT, Hisam got his HoH basket and letter in the SR immediately followed by his HoHR reveal after all the HGs helped him carry his things upstairs. Why they had his basket in the SR is a mystery, but I think there may have been HoHR lock malfunction they were trying to work through which resolved itself, so they gave him his basket, just in case. (It's been my observation over the years that the HoHR door gets jammed sometimes.)  Hisam read his letter aloud and had all of the HGs crying (MamaLong, too). He went through his basket items and then kindly told everyone he was ready to go to bed. All of the HGs were ready, too, so they all wandered off to their beds. Reilly claimed Matt's bed in the asylum room. Matt took the bed in heh middle that has the rails on it (what a guy!) which makes that room full of Jag, Cameron, Reilly, Matt and Blue. Matt and Reilly stayed up even later talking in the bathroom area, but then Reilly was called to the DR. Matt just stayed awake in his bed waiting for Reilly to return from the DR (CUTE!)

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5:08pm BBT  feeds are back!

Hisam and Jared talking game in the HOH room.  Cameron knocks on the door looking for Jared - they ask for two minutes.

Hisam:  The problem with it is she chose her side.

Jared: Early

Hisam: I respect her as a player and I want her to have her shot.  We're playing a game.  I'm not backdooring anyone and I don't want to be backdoored myself.

Jared laughs:  No one does.

Hisam: It should not have been a surprise to either of them. I hope I didn't blindside you.

Jared:  I'm just getting to know you.

Hisam:  I really respect Cam.  We have a voting block big enough to decide who goes home.  what matters is whoever holds the Veto.  I think it would be foolish of anyone to use the veto to save Reilly.  She has made some mistakes and there are consequences for those mistakes.

Jared:  I agree man.  I'm not evasive.  I appreciate the fact that I wasn't blindsided.

Hisam:  I think we are playing smartly and I'm very optimistic that the week will go fine.  I want Reilly to have a chance to prove herself.  Shots were fired and shots must be returned.

Jared:  I wanted to ask you - Veto situation...[cut out -missed the rest ~AuntD]

5:19pm BBT  Jared & Hisam still in the HOHR talking about the other players and how to play the game.

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5:25pm BBT  Cirie and Reilly in the hammock in BY talking about Jared returning and what changes.

5:26pm BBT back to Hisam & Jared in HOHR

Hisam:  The smart thing to say is Thank You Reilly, but we're going to move on from here.

Jared:  I'm glad we had conversations before any of this happened.

5:32pm BBT  Hisam:  I talked to everybody in out group and I think we agreed that Cameron was the better way to go.

Jared:  I think Matt has been playing pretty even, but is guilty by association.

Hisam:  I think Red and Bowie are fine, but the other side of the house has a lot of issues.  After Reilly, I think we will see where things fall and who's working with who.

Jared:  Same Page, then.

5:35pm BBT Cirie & Reilly in the hammock

Cirie:  I knew there was a possibility of you, but he did not confirm that.  He said that he would tell you.

Reilly: yeah, he did tell me.

5:36pm  Jared:  I'm a momma's boy at heart.  People at home call me an old soul.  Maybe I was blindly loyal to Reilly.  I confide in you guys for advice, but I have to make my own {decisions}.

5:38pm BBT  BY Cirie, Izzy & Blue in the chairs.  Reilly gets up and moves to the couches where Bowie & Felicia are sitting.  Felicia tells her "don't get in your head".

5:40pm BBT  Jared talking to Cameron  - both complaining that it is cold in the house.

Cameron:  I know I have an uphill battle to get them to trust me.  Hisam has put me in a position...he saved me face.

Jared:  If he gets to pick who he wants to play {he will pick Jared}

Jared:  Jag said "you need to save Reilly".  

Cameron:  My only concern is if she does win it. Then what will we do? I don't feel safe after that.

Jared:  He wants to put up Matt next.

Cameron: why Matt?

Jared:  That's for him to explain.  I don't see the strategy here.  He said he doesn't want to backdoor anyone.

Red interrupts to bring Cameron some lemonade.  He tells them they are missing out on the taco meat as people were loading up down there.

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5:46 BBT Matt and Reilly in the scary room talking about game. She says she doesn't want him to throw his game away for her. She went through all the people she has for votes if she stayed on the block. Reilly said that Jared seemed mad. 


5:49 BBT Feeds cut - We'll be right back. 


[I just sat down and the feeds cut! LOL] 


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5:50pm BBT  Reilly & Matt

Reilly:  "I'm Fu**ed!"  I think I played it well by not being mad at him.  he said after this, if you wnat to work together down the road, I'm down for that.

Matt:  If we get past this week, I think we work with him/form something with him and then get him out down the road.

Reilly:  I think whoever told, used me as a human shield.

5:53pm BBT  Cameron:  Thank God I didn't get second place.

Jared:  yeah, I know.

5:57pm BBT  Corey has joined Jared & Cameron

Reilly:  where's Cameron?  I ant to talk to him,  Somethings going on.

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5:57 BBT - Reilly - It won't be a unanimous vote 

Matt - It would be 4 to 4? 

Reilly - No, I know it won't be unanimous. Cirie pinky promised me that she would vote for me to stay. 

More game talk between Reilly and Matt. 

5:59 BBT - Reilly - if I won veto and they put Cory up, I love you Cory. 

Matt - That would be the best scenario. 

Jared comes into the room and breaks up the talking about game. Jared and Reilly hug and have a short conversation. Jared leaves.

Reilly - Jared feels like he got played by Hisam. 

Matt - Yeah. 

Reilly - He doesn't feel like you're disposable. [Hisam?]

Matt- If you stay this week we need to f--- up his stuff. 

Reilly - Do you want to go for a run tonight? Do you want to be rats tonight?

Matt - We'll meet up tonight and be rats tonight. 

Reilly and Matt hug. Reilly lets Matt go first out of the scary room. 



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6:00pm BBT  Jared now talking with Blue

Jared:  Realistically, I wasn't good with the 8 from the jump because of the way I got brought into it.  It wasn't too honest and you had a meeting without me.  I hate being told what to do.  I'm a grown ass man and I don't gotta do shit.  I observed everything and I was getting real uncomfortable with people.

Jared:  I think Jag likes you and I think Jag likes Reilly.  I think he saw that he didn't have a chance with Reilly, so now he has moved on.  

Blue smiling and laughs

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6:05 BBT - Jared and Blue are talking in the living room 

Jared - My problem growing up is I know some kids similar to Jag. It can really cloud your judgement when you get feelings romantic feelings. 

Blue - Yeah. 

Jared - Let me be clear. I think Jag likes you and Jag likes Reilly. 

More general speculation about Jag liking Blue and Jag. 


6:06 BBT 

Jared - This is literally what I went though in high school. I don't want Jag mad at me. I don't wanna create a f---ing enemy because I told you.  


Jared is talking about people that Jag and others [maybe himself] like talking about being in the position of liking people. 


6:08 BBT WBRB 

6:10 BBT 

Jared - I am not in the business of spreading people's stuff and starting drama. But it seems that he is really focused there. That is my explanation. That is how I feel like Jag feels some type of way, but you're the only one to know. 


Blue makes a noise of approval. Jared makes fun of her and says if she can make any other noises. 


Jared and Blue move to the scary room. 

Blue - I think maybe what you say has weight to it because you see things from different perspectives. She starts to hesitate. 


Jared - Don't think about what you are going to say.


Blue - Remember a while ago we talked about who was on our list. I gave you my list and you gave me your list .... 


6:13 BBT - Feeds cut to Hisam and Izzy in the backyard. Hisam is lifting weights. 


Izzy - Are you going to pick Jared if you get houseguest choice? 


Hisam - Yes. He is agreeable to doing that. I trust him.


Izzy- He is well rounded... 


Hisam - I don't know what the challenge is... 


Izzy - Yeah.


Hisam - But the most important thing is I trust him. I don't know what I will do if what's his name -- Matt --- saves her [Reilly]


6:15 BBT Feeds keep cutting from Hisam and Izzy in the backyard to Jared and Blue in the scary room. 


Izzy- I will come to the HOH room tonight and hang. 


Hisam- I like that this week... We can kind of... because the last two weeks...


Izzy - Exhale week. 


Hisam- Yes. The only thing that could go awry is Reilly winning POV. There is a 1 in 6 chance. 


6:17 BBT Feeds cut back to Jared and Blue


Jared - There are only a few people I trust wholeheartedly. 


Blue - When you asked me I told you America, Reilly, Jag... 


Jared - I thought you knew better than that. 


Blue - Well I do know better than that. I didn't give you my real list. I am close to you [Jared] obviously and America. I talked to her before you walked in and she [America] feels lonely in this game. I talked to Hisam today and he would never put me up and I would never put him up because we are apart of the same community. He [Hisam] would never put Jag up either. He is part of the same community different way but same community. He [Hisam] would never put up America because he doesn't want to put up Blue's other half. 


6:19 BBT Feeds cut to some HG having small talk conversations in the backyard pool area.

6:25 BBT - Izzy, America, Cameron, Red, and Cirie are in the backyard talking about college. Izzy is sharing her experience and Red says that he hopes his oldest daughter is smart. 

Cirie - You are one of the smartest people I know Red. 
Red- I had to get out of the house and do that for myself. 

They continue to talk about family. 


They are asked to raise the outside awnings by the overhead voice [I forgot what it's called... sorry]. Cameron and Red go to raise the awnings. 


Cameron and Red talk about POV and discuss how Hisam would pick Jared if he had a choice. 


6:29 BBT - Cameron and Red return to America and Izzy. Izzy is describing her apartment layout to America. She says that she and her girlfriend moved in together during the pandemic after 5 months of dating. 




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6:36 BBT - Jared and Blue are in the CBR talking. They are making small talk about Reilly. 


6:36 BBT - Feeds cut to Cirie and Reilly in the bathroom. They are talking about checking with people for votes. 


Cirie - Check with Ms. Felicia and Jared. You have Blue, America... You don't have to talk to Matt or Jag... 

Reilly - Why would he put Cameron up?


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8:07PM BBT

We have RCHS on the feeds.




8:29PM BBT

The feeds return to Jag holding the pineapple baby and talking about a trip to the Nether Regions with an attentive audience of HGs..

Jag: I am hoping to hear something or learn something. But, at this point, we are all in the same boat. No clue!

Bowie: Wow! Coolness




8:32PM BBT

We now have gold swirly WBRB on the feeds.


8:33PM BBT

Most of the HGs are gathered in the living room. It seems they be getting ready to play some games.

WBRB, again

8:36PM BBT

Jag is describing having to run from the Nethergorgon "So I got my cardio in."




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8:35pm BBT Feeds return and the HG are all in the LR. Jag has been returned from the Nether Region. Cory asks if he could see them from the Nether Region. Jag said only when they could see him. He says he got some exercise while in the Nether Region. He asks when the HG pictures came up on the Memory Wall, and they say it just popped up without warning. The house slowly breaks up as everyone heads back to doing their own thing.

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8:38PM BBT

Jag and Jared head upstairs to the loft talk.

Jared: It was rough, brah. You will see. Oh, you could see the nominations.

Jag: I couldn't hear, so I don't know. I want to check in because you sent me out there and I know it's a blessing and a curse. I want to say thank you, first of all because safety for the week is safety for the week. I want to see the headspace behind it.

Jared: One, I am eligible to be nominated  Two, Reilly, she knew what my ultimate goal was, but I was also played. I was told it would go one way but it went another. Three, if you get trusted with certain information, you have to trust your people but also protect yourself. We knew Hisam was after us and knew who he wanted to put up. I knew Cameron and Matt was going up, and I told her that. So when she went up, I was not expecting it.

Jag: Oh

Jared: I didn't know why Cameron went up.  Matt is a target for them because he is a protector of Reilly. Now we are here, and that 8 from the beginning was something we shouldn't have been trusting.

Reilly has joined Jag and Jared in the loft to discuss the details of noms with Jag.

Jared: I can't really trust anything he says now. He said he didn't want to backdoor anybody.


8:45PM BBT

*I'm really out for the night now


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9:41PM BBT

In the game loft, Meme, Bowie Jane, Reilly and Matt are serving as spectators to Cirie and Izzy playing bumper pool and Cory teaching Jared some chess moves.

Reilly: Cirie, are you a lefty?

Cirie: I am



Cameron plays Izzy in the next game of bumper pool.

Cirie and Felicia have joined the peanut gallery and ooh and ah at each move.

Cirie: Cameron is about to finish her off

They all get quiet and watch his move

Cirie yells: And he does!




11:30PM BBT

In the hammock, Blue and Jag are talking game.

Jag: You and Hisam need to start something

Blue: You are not gonna join?

Jag: What?

Blue explains that Hisam pulled her aside and said he wanted to start something (alliance). "Hisam goes, what if we not include Reilly and do something, just us three?"

Jag: But how does this benefit us? It's just one person that we're getting.

Blue says Hisam needs to bring Izzy along.

Blue: You already feel a litlle sus, so that would benefit you. It would benefit me. If I get put on the block, I really try to convince Hisam and Izzy to pull one out (win a veto).

Jag: Yeah, that's good

*Gold swirly WBRB


Blue tells Jag that Reilly thinks if she survives this week, the beef with Hisam is squashed.

Jag: There is no way to squash it!

Blue: Yeah


11:58PM BBT

On the backyard couches, Felicia, America, Meme, Izzy, Bowie Jane, Cirie and Hisam are talking about traveling and being early for dinner reservations. Meme says her hubs wants to be at the airport three hours before a flight (she hates that), "I have never missed a flight." They all laugh saying "Yet!"

Meme: Y'all are trying to jinx me. And if we have dinner reservations, he wants to be there on the dot

Cirie: Me too


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945pm BBT Unlike the chicken juice hands, cap in mouth to unstick it episode with the other houseguest who bit their tongue and said nothing, Hisam calls Felicia on her questionable kitchen habits. She's touching everything in a bowl of candy and nuts she's sorting, then asking Hisam to try it.  He complains that she's been farting all day and then touching all the nuts in the bowl she sorted, implying her hands probably have unclean residue.  Felicia scoffs and laughs. Hisam tries ONE nut and gets out of Dodge.



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