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Big Brother Canada Season 11 - Episode Recaps

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Missed an episode of Big Brother Canada Season 11? We've got your back with our unique real time play-by-play coverage of every Nominations, Veto and Live Eviction episode! It's just like watching but with words!

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Episode One


This season on Big Brother in Canada. You are cordially invited. To solve the ultimate mystery. It's time to embark on a 10-week journey into a world of deception. In this House of Secrets, there are many clues to the code. And hidden surprises lie around every corner. The key to survival is to stay one step ahead of the game. But be warned, in this twisted reality, time is your enemy. And everyone is a suspect. 


Nobody will see me coming. 


Deception is my specialty. 


I will be unstoppable. 


I will take them out one by one. 


So follow the threads of intrigue. And unravel every motive. The truth is waiting to be revealed. Welcome to Season 11.

Hello and welcome to Season 11 of Big Brother Canada, and welcome to the BBCAN Manor! It's happening. This season is all set to be a mystery like no other. Sixteen Canadians will enter the Manor tonight to a world of secrets and suspense. In the end, after a grueling 10-week investigation, only one Houseguest will solve the beautiful mystery that is our game and win it all. Like always, this grand house behind me has eyes everywhere, and the twist this year? Trust me when I tell you. You don't want to finish dead last. 


As we all know, every season of Big Brother Canada is more dramatic than a Hollywood film script, and this season will be no different. And of course, every good movie starts with the perfect setting. 


Fade in.


Interior: Big Brother Canada Manor.




A foreboding tension hangs over this house. It's a page one rewrite. The surroundings have been overhauled. New spaces, new surprises, these hallowed halls will soon be home to 16 guests, ready to dance the deadliest waltz of all.


But can these unproven challengers shake the ghosts of the past? Each room of the BBCAB Manor will conceal dark motives as the insatiable pursuit of power is captured 24/7 for nearly 70 days. Secrets, lies and alibis all caught on 114 cameras, and you never know who's watching.


Cut to the library. Where the plot thickens, when one Houseguest who can read between the lines uncovers a special invitation that will flip the house upside down. The places are set. The manner is waiting. And if they thinks this will be easy, they're dead wrong. The game is afoot.


It's time to meet the first 4 Houseguests. Kuzi is going to be the biggest menace ever. Zach is the star of the show, the attraction. These Houseguest have no idea what's coming for them, says Terrell. Canada is not ready for me, Santina says. 


Her full name is Kuzivakwashe but you can call her Kuzi for short. People call her Big Daddy K, originally from Zimbabwe and South Africa. . I am your sweet, yummy chocolate gooey, dynamite in a small package. She's from Victoria, BC, the city of the Queen, and when she says Queen, she means herself. I am charismatic, I'm bubbly, I am smart. I competed in the Miss World, Zimbabwe pageant and I told myself I'm not leaving this pageant without a crown. Well, here it is! 


What's up, Canada? Zach is from Ottawa, ON, 34 years old and a serial entrepreneur. He says he's a a big deal in Ottawa, the Kim Kardashian of Ottawa - People know who he is but are not quite sure why. When I walked into the office, he says, I'm like full on hype man. I've got that billionaire strut going on, making sure that I've got a couple of zingers ready to go. Alright guys, I'm gonna hit you with some Zacks. Those are facts from Zach. My experience in the corporate world is gonna help me set the stage in the house. 


Santina is from Edmonton, AB and an aesthetician hippie even if she doesn't look like it. Last year, she sold everything she owned. She's not a 9-to-5 person - she wants to live in a van and travel the world. Her dad is dad is Thai and her mom was Métis, but she was raised by her grandmother. I love the game and I'm going to make the house panic as much as I can, she says.


Mama, I made it on TV! My name is Ty. I'm 27 years old and I'm from Toronto, ON. When he was 17, he enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces. It taught him leadership, taught him to be always thinking about how can I do for others around me. I am a huge mama's boy, HE SAYS, I love my mom to death. His mother was 17yrs old when she had him and sacrificed everything for him, her first born. Yeah, I think my mommy raised gentleman, and I like to think that I'm a good guy because my mom.


What does it take to be the man in Kuzi life? She says she's a 10 - he better be a 15! Terrell is open to a showmance. If there's athletic women with me in the house, then I might be in trouble. Santina says she'll flirt her way all the way to the $100,000. Put me in the Big Brother house, says Kuzi, I am the king of that house. Record this and play back, promises Terrell, when I'm the winner of Big Brother Canada Season 11. Canada, boasts Zach, I'd ask you for luck but I don't need it. Prepare to be entertained. 


Let's get the first four out here. Come on out, Kuzi, Zach, Ty, and Santina. Welcome. Are you all ready to find out who done done it a little bit? Good luck! You may now enter the Big Brother Canada Manor. 


The first four Houseguest enter the BBCan Manor through wide doors that creek open. The upstairs halls are lined with red carpet and an ornate designed railing lines the balcony. A regal staircase leads down to the main checkerboard living room floor. Glowing chandeliers hang from the ceiling. The Houseguest enter the opulent foyer beneath a gold tapestry. Introductions begin. Fit for kings and queens, they say. A quick Final 4 deal is cemented on a pinky swear. The kitchen has a white brick feel. They check out the storeroom. Santini is looking for the wine. Zach and Ty find the library with a billiard table. They quickly bro-hug and promise to work together, while Santina pops open the bubbly with Kuzi at the dining room table. 


It's time to meet the next group of Houseguest. 


I take pride in how independent I am. I don't need help from anybody, says Amal. I'm the man of legend, I'm telling you right now, says Hope. If I can handle the high seas, I'm pretty sure I can handle the Big Brother house. I wanna be a social throughout, claims Hope, I can be your best friend or your brother or your sister or your flipping dog. I don't care. 

Amal is from Toronto, ON, and she's here to bless your TV screens with this free entertainment she's been dishing out her entire life. She is first generation Somali Canadian. Being in a family that is so close and tight knit, it definitely prepares her for this game. The Big Brother House won't be much different than her day-to-day life. I love living with my sisters, she says.


Hey guys, my name is hope. I'm 24 years old from Milton, ON. I'm charismatic, he says, I love playing basketball, for real. He's came from Ghana. When he was six years old, he went back to Africa and the kids didn't have a lot of resources to play the basketball. He decided he was going to make a difference, so he started Project Hope, and today, project Hope has completed 8 basketball courts in Ghana. Everything I've done has honestly been a blessing. 


Jonathan is from Paradise, NL, 33 years old, and a fisherman. He was raised on the water and there's no place like Newfoundland, he says, if you get a flat tire on the highway, it isn't if someone's gonna stop and help you, it's how many. Family is the most important thing in his life. He's been married for about a year and a half, and his son is 12 years old. He's been my pride and joy since day one, says Jonathan, he's not just my son. He's my best friend. 


Renee is 24 years old, from Vaughan, OT. She loves going out for cocktails, getting dressed up, having bougee dinners. She not only lives in her own world, she lives on, like, her own planet, like Renee's planet. She's the sun to the solar system. She loves makeup. she buys it all the time. She points out face brushes, lipsticks, wipes, highlighters, and blushes. She can literally go on forever. 


Jonathan says he wants to go in there and be everyone's best friend, but at the end of the day, he wants that title. Amal doesn't care for the muscly guys. She's voting them out. See you later, alligator. Hope says he can move fast, lift heavy weights, when it comes to physical comps, nobody's touching me. I'm going to play a true and pure game. I won't be doing manipulating.


Renee says she definitely has the ability to lie and manipulate. She's studying to become a lawyer.  Being able to piece together my narrative and let the house believe what I want them to believe is going to be her strongest feature in the House. Let's do it. This super fan is ready to dominate, Amal declares, it's time for me to get that crown. Any twists and turns, Hope says, he's ready. Canada, Jonathan says, get ready because you got a Newfoundlander come. See you in the house, Canada, Renee says blowing a kiss.


Amal. Jonathan. Hope. And Renee. Welcome to Big Brother Canada, everyone. Now before you get inside, just a word to the wise. In this House you always suspect everyone. You may now enter the BBCan Manor. Good luck!


The first four Houseguest are getting to know each other as Zach and Santini bond over facials when the Manor doors open and the next four Houseguest enter. They come down the grand staircase and introductions ensue. Jonathan struggles to get past Jacuzzi and find just Kuzi. They spot an elegant portrait upstairs of past BBCan Houseguest. Is that all winners, Amal asks? Oh no, Gary's there (ouch, too soon?). They point to the Houseguest they recognize. Amal's favorite Houseguest was Anthony but Dane won his season. He was charming. She's seen all of it and confesses to loving BB.


We are so grateful to be embarking on our 11th season, Arissa says. As we do so, we acknowledge the history of the land on which the Big Brother Canada House stands here in Toronto. We are here on the traditional territory of many nations, including the Mississauga's, the Aneshave, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wyandot peoples. And is now, of course, home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. On behalf of the entire Big Brother Canada family, we want to recognize that big rich. 


Eight suspects are already inside, but there are another eight more than ready to join them. 


Watch out, Houseguest, says Shanaya, I get business done. To all the Super fans, Daniel declares, I'm playing for you. People are gonna underestimate me, Claudia claims, but that's gonna be their mistake. These other Houseguests won't know what hit them, Roberto brags. 


Daniel is a 33 year old graphic designer from Toronto, ON. He's always been larger than life. Loud, over the top, fun. He did not apply for 11 years to play safe. He's coming into the house on 100, be with the girls in the washroom putting on makeup, outside working out with the boys. I am that chaotic, he says, one second I'm like, wooh, party! And the next second I'm in the room, what's the plan? What's the strategy?  I'm coming into the house to be a legend, to be an icon. 


Anika is 28 years old from Saskatoon, SK and works in the finance sector. When people first meet her, they think she's arrogant or has a resting bitchface. But is it? She's very passionate about dancing, Indian classical and Bangla folk dance. She's proud to be Bangladeshi because it is such a rich culture, history and family oriented.


Claudia is 25 years old from PEI and works in marketing. She's 5 feet, very tiny, but she's got this. She was a dancer and a cheerleader from when she was 8 years old. She's going to bring it in challenges. She's active, small, inviting.


Roberto Lopez is a gym manager from Toronto, ON who thinks people look at him and assume he's some type jock or meathead. He's more than a good bod with a bunch of tattoos, he's got layers like an an onion. He comes from an Italian Mexican background, so lots of food in his household. His sister has 2 beautiful kids and his nephew is now at the age where he kind of recognizes him and calls him Zeo. It's pretty heartwarming and you know, the family's full of love.


In the house, says Daniel, my enemies will be the jocks and any of the arrogance types. I can be very blunt, Anika admits, there is a difference between arrogant and confident and she's just confident. I am open to love, for sure, Robert says, his ideal woman would be someone who's active and like to have fun. Claudia is looking for someone attractive, tall, dark and handsome. 


Canada, it is finally time to have a gay black man walk out with the crown, exclaims Daniel. Claudia is excited to represent PEI. Let's make it happen. Anika has only seen one season of Big Brother, but is going to be fine winging it. How hard can it be? 


Here are the next four house guests: Annika. Daniel, Claudia and Roberto. Welcome. Now I have one question for you. Are you ready to get straight up diabolical? Yes, they all answer. OK, you're ready to play! You may now enter.


In the house, Ty is looking for the gym. Renee says it's out by the hot tub where she'll be. The Manor doors swing open as the third group of Houseguest enter. Introductions are made and Champaign is shared. Renee tells Roberto he's a handsome man. Daniel has Santini laughing. The girls are amazed that Claudia is from PEI. Roberto and Hope bond over being from Ontario. Santina finds the Diary Room, which has an optical illusion of being longer than it actually is. She runs and gets the other Houseguest. 


This year, it's a mystery to end all mysteries, and in the end, only one Houseguest will be able to solve it and win it all. Coming up a little later tonight, we'll get to the competition, and in this one, no one will wanna be. Dead last. You'll see what I mean in just a bit. Before that, let's meet our final group of Houseguests. 


I want to make big moves, John Michael says, this is Big Brother Canada. You know, we gotta put in that work. I am definitely the life of the party, says Shanaya, I'm just gonna make everybody laugh and love me. My social game will be my strength, promises Dan, I'm a little bit of a charmer. There's gonna be some backstabbing and some lying, promises Vanessa, and I am excited for it!


John Michael is 20 years old from Bradford, ON. His signature color is yellow, bright and bold. You know, that main character color. He's pretty flamboyant. Walking into a room, he definitely sets off some fire alarms. His parents are the biggest fans of Big Brother. Honestly, it adds just a tiny bit of pressure because he's not only doing this for himself, but a little bit for them as well. Shred  the letters or take the money, he asks? Get the money, his dad exclaims.


Shanaya is a 27 year old bartender from Victoria, BC. She loves her job slinging drinks. She won't say she's the world's best bartender, but she's definitely the world's funniest. She's a low key nerd who likes to play video games and watch anime. She's the Queen of self deprecating humor. At work, people tell her she looks a little intimidating and then she cracks fart jokes, catching them off guard. She lets one rip. Excuse me, she laughs.


What's up, Canada. Dan is a 28 year old music producer/DJ from Niagara Falls, ON. He produces electronic music under an alias, Zabbo. As a DJ, you command the energy of a room. It's the coolest feeling in the world. He's always loved music and looks up to his his dad, who was in rock bands since before he was born. He just thought his dad was so cool because he was like a rock star.


I'm Vanessa is a 42 years old mom from Calgary, AB with 4 kids, but is not a normal mom, she's the cool mom. She surfs, skateboards, does Kung Fu and loves house music. Her kids know, the music comes on and she's gonna throw down. She's had alopecia her whole life. In simple terms, it means she just can't grow hair. I also have vitiligo. It is the rejection of pigment in the skin. She owns her alopecia and her vitiligo. She doesn't just own it, she loves it. This is me, she declares.


I'm incapable of keeping quiet, John Michael confesses, I love talking. I definitely have to play that sneaky character for a little bit just to gain everyone's trust. My biggest weakness, Shanaya admits, is she's a little bit too trusting. Also, guys. I'm definitely a flirt, Dan says, I like to, you know, catch a vibe with someone. I like confident, good sense of humor. My type, says Shanaya, is tattoos, piercings, give me a nose hoop and I love it. I am so ready to play this game, Vanessa boasts, get me in that house. Jam sitting out, John Michael says brushing his fingers over his forehead, how does Arissa do it? Big Brother is always watching!


Here they are: John Michael, Shanaya, Dan and Vanessa. Welcome to Big Brother Canada. Now, just one thing I want you to know, this season will be full of suspense and intrigue. Do you think you can handle that? I hope so, they say. Well, it's too late to turn back now! You may make your grand entrance. Good luck. 


The girls have found the Wash Area and are touching up. The final Houseguest make their grand entrance the Big Brother Canada Manor, sending the first twelve Houseguest into tizzy. Daniel meets Dan at the top of the stairs. John Michael says the house is so regal. Shanaya compliments Jonathan on his jacket being very Canadian (red and black plaid). John Michael runs around excitedly waiving his arms like a flamingo. 


Vanessa notices there's a billiard room, a kitchen, it's a who done it! Ty remembers that Arisa said that when they came in. They love the theme. There are definitely some secrets in these rooms. Maybe a trap door in the bookcase. 


The doors are closed. The game is on. The mystery that is Season 11 is officially underway. Even though the 16 Houseguests have only been in the manner for a few minutes, this game of who done it is already in Overdrive. 


The Houseguest have all gathered in the Living Room for formal introductions. Hope wants to have fun, for real. Roberto says call him Rob. Shanaya says he looks good and he blushes. She tells us he's very cute with the tattoos and the nose hoop, I could feel my chest getting hot. Shanaya tells the Houseguest to call her Naynay. Hope does a happy dance. Zach says they can call him Naynay as well. Hope dances again. Daniel says this is a hot cast. John Michael hopes his town of Bradford has a billboard with his face on it. He says they can call him JM or Daddy. OMG, Daniel exclaims! Watch yourself, warns Kuzi in the Diary Room, I'm the sassy one around here.


Kuzi says they can call her Big Daddy K if they want. She's the sweet yummy ooey gooey dynamite in the small package. I can't believe we're here, she says, let's make this a fun season. The Houseguest break up to socialize more. In the storeroom, Vanessa says she's allergic to bananas. Good to know, Dan says. 


A gong rings out and the Houseguest all look up at the front door. Do we answer it, asks Daniel? A wax-sealed envelope is slid under the door into the foyer. Welcome, Kuzi reads, many surprises await, including a personalized gift bag in the guest quarters. Enjoy... While you still can!


The bedrooms are open and the Houseguest rush to check them out and claim their beds. The first bedroom is pink flower and flamingo print. The second has tropical jungle vibe with palm trees and fronds. 


Arissa calls the Houseguest to the living room. It is my pleasure to officially welcome you to Season 11 of Big Brother Canada. I have some good news for you to kick off the season. For the first time ever, no one will be going home this week. The Houseguest celebrate. But this good news comes with a twist. This is Big Brother, after all. Brace yourselves, because this season is starting with something called Dead Last. If you come in last place in an HoH competition, you will automatically be nominated for eviction.


The Houseguest gasp. What? That's crazy! Like always, Arissa continues, the Head of Household, will still nominate 2 Houseguests for eviction, meaning there will be three of you on the block. This is horrible, Daniel cries. For tonight's competition, you will be playing in pairs. So right now, you must choose a partner. You obviously don't know what the competition is yet, so try to choose someone you think you can work with. The Houseguest are stunned and quickly start to pair up.


Hope and Rob escape into the SR to strategize. I don't mind if we don't win, Rob says, we just can't be last. They don't want being the first HoH on their back. Going home early would suck, Hope agrees. 


Clues are everywhere and in just ten weeks, one of our 16 new Houseguests will solve the mystery and become a Big Brother champion. But there is a lot of game to play before that, and it all starts with the first competition of the year. Tonight, the house guests are playing in teams of two, so let's head to the backyard right now to get this paired up party started. 


It's time to play Rough Around The Hedges. Big Brother has designed a multi level hedge to protect the BBCAN grounds and it's your job to assemble an invitation to enter the Manor. But this isn't your standard HoH competition, it's a two-part showdown. That means the pair that finishes first tonight will move on to battle it out for the HoH crown tomorrow night. And the pair that loses will face off to avoid being dead last. Yep, this is a competition you do not want to throw. Get ready, house guests. And. Go!


One member of each pair is on a balcony at the top of the hedge, while the other attempts to untangle a set of envelope puzzle pieces stuck in vines. Renee and Shanaya are the first to get a puzzle piece free. The knots are very tight, JM tells us, as he puts his first piece on his puzzle table. The top-hedge Houseguest can only watch as their ground level partners struggle to free their pieces. 


Jonathan wanted to team with Roberto but he went with Hope, so he teamed up with Claudia. Jonathan struggles to get his fingers in to untie the knots while Claudia offers encouragement from above. But she's secretly frustrated, she tells us, that the fisherman can't untie a knot. 


Daniel has all his puzzle pieces and moves on to the next stage. He threads a key through the vine up to Anika so she can unlock a hatch, untie more puzzle pieces, and then slip down through a twisted vine net. This requires teamwork as the key must pass up and down the twisted vines.


Santina and JM are the first to free their key and and unlock their hatch. She breaks a nail but it doesn't slow her down. Rob gets their key to Hope and he unlocks his hatch. We just can't be last, Santina says as she starts sliding pieces through the net down to JM. Thank you love, he coos. He has to twist the net to make room for the puzzle piece to slip through the hole at the bottom. 


All the teams are working to get their second set of puzzle pieces through the twisted net. Renee says the sharp edges keep getting caught. Santina sends the last one down to JM, who signals it's OK for her to slip down through the hatch and into the twisted net below. He helps her place her feet to where he can twist the bottom of the net. She then slips one leg through the hole at the bottom, then the other. She drops through the bottom and he helps her up.


Moving on to Stage 3, JM and Santina start working on their envelope puzzle. The other teams are close behind, coming down through the net but get stuck. Kuzi gets stuck with her rear at the bottom and her feet by her head. Dan helps Terrell through the net. Rob and Hope are through. All three teams are working on their puzzles. This is going to be close, Arissa narrates. 


JM repeats he doesn't want to win. You don't, asks Santina? What if we go on the block? I think we should win. You want to win, asks JM? Yeah, Santina says. Are you sure? They give each other a look to decide what to do.

Dan and Terrel drop some pieces on the ground, but Terrell misses one when he picks them up. How are we not getting this, mutters Rob. Hope and Rob work their puzzle, finding corner pieces. We should definitely win, Santina insists to JM. He agrees. Let's do this, he says motivationally.


JM notices that the fold in the envelope makes an X under the seal, and the puzzle quickly falls into place. Check, he calls out. Ding Ding, rings BB. JM and Santina have won the competition. One of them will be HoH. They hug in relief, then celebrate in the Diary Room with screaming. 


But who will come in last? Arissa reminds everyone else to keep going. She tells us the comp will conclude in the next episode and whomever finishes last will compete for the Dead Last, with the loser automatically nominated. Plus, Canada can vote for the "belairdirect" eviction protection insurance and be safe for the week. 


The remaining teams continue struggling to get through the net. 


Get ready for a killer season, Arissa intones, and remember, someone is always watching!

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Episode 2


Previously on Big Brother Canada, when 16 Houseguests from across Canada stepped into the Big Brother Manor, who'd win it of winning of who done it was off and running. With a Moody manor teasing its terrible secrets, this cast of unusual suspects came armed and dangerous. 

There's Renee, a loopy law student ready to play Clueless. Ty the Hard Body Art gaming personal trainer. John Michael, a big time Superfan with the skills to bring the thrills. And Santina, the alluring aesthetician with thick skin with a soft touch. 


Then, Big Brother put another diabolical spin on the parlor games, the Dead Last twist, and force the Houseguests to pick their poison pair. At the first competition of the season, everyone was on the hedge of their seats as they played to avoid being the bottom 2. While some got caught in Big Brother's deadly web, Santina and John Michael clinched their chance to face off for the HoH crown. 

Tonight, who will claim the season's first Head of Household? Who will end up being dead last? It's mayhem at the manor on Big Brother Canada. 

With Santina and John Michael having solved their puzzle first, the remaining pairs of Houseguests are competing to not come in last, Jonathan explains, and one of the two who come in last will be on the block. He and Hope try to figure out what an envelope looks like. Just keep calm, Jonathan tells Hope.

Ty and Rob can't figure out how their pieces fit together to form a whole puzzle, not realizing they have a piece on the ground. Ty and Hope solve their puzzle and ask for a check. They have it! They face off, slapping hands in a bro dance.

Jonathan & Roberto and Daniel & Anika are working on their puzzles, while the remaining 4 pairs of Houseguests are still stuck in Big Brother's vine web. 

Jonathan finds the trick to sliding Claudia through the hole in the bottom of their net and they join the puzzlers. Claudia says she's good at puzzles and thinks they can make up time. Jonathan thinks the brown lines don't matter but Claudia thinks they should line up. She second guesses herself in light of Jonathan's confidence.

Amal and Kuzie figure out if they can get one foot through, the rest of the body will follow and they are successful, moving on to the puzzle. We're in trouble, Ty and Rob say, as two more teams reach their puzzle table. Are we missing a piece, Rob asks? Ty looks and finds it on the floor. They quickly solve their puzzle in 3rd place, not dead last. 

Vanessa spins Rob in the net and it untwists long enough for him to squeeze through. Daniel and Anika are the 4th to solve their puzzle and seal their spot in the middle of the pack. Renee and Shanaya are the last team stuck in the web. They were the first to get their puzzle pieces, Shanaya reminds us, but now they are snared and have lost their lead entirely. 

Claudia says she can't figure out where the red thing (the seal) goes. She's so discouraged. Jonathan says it's OK, they got this. The Houseguests on the bench cheer as Renee and Shanaya finally free themselves from Big Brother's twisted snare and move on to their puzzle. Now the pressure is on to avoid coming in dead last.

Vanessa and Rob solve their puzzle, leaving just Renee & Shanaya and Jonathan & Claudia. Jonathan says he's trying to not freak out as Claudia struggles with the puzzle. Renee and Shanaya get the corner pieces. Claudia shuffles her pieces, finding pairs that fit together. They get on a roll and have just two open spots but only one piece left. Are we missing one, Jonathan asks? 

Yes, it's on the ground. Claudia rushes to pick it up and Jonathan slides it into place to complete the puzzle in 7th, leaving Renee and Shanaya fated to compete for the dishonor of coming in Dead Last.

Shanaya tells us she feels embarrassed, sad and anxious but she's trying to take it one step at a time and not spiral in anxiety and despair. In the Flamingo BR, Kuzie tells her to not be stressed. Her story isn't written yet, Ty tells her. Renee enters and gives Shanaya a knowing look. Week one, day one, and look where I am, she tells us, at the bottom. 

Ty tells them there's a lot of people in the house who deserve to go before them. He says John Michael and Santina are a powerhouse. Renee and Shanaya readily agree. Ty leaves and Shanaya shares that even if neither of them goes home this week, coming in last just puts a target on their backs. Renee tells us it is deflating but she has to keep pushing through.

As they come downstairs, Roberto congratulates Santina. I had to keep myself safe, she says, there's some shady-ass people over here. She tells us she doesn't know how to feel because she doesn't know how the house feels about her. Rob wants to know more about who's shady. Just a vibe, she walks back.

John Michael says he may be HoH, so it's time to start sussing out what's going on behind closed doors. Behind the closed door of the library, Zach and Rob are playing pool, but there's too many balls, an extra 8-ball. Out of the blue, Rob tells Zach he likes him a lot. Yeah? Thanks, responds Zach. They bro-hug and promise to be Boys.

I like you guys vibe, says John Michael, who has been inconspicuous sitting in the comer. That's the idea, Rob says, if you walk into a room and everyone stops talking, that's the problem. Zach tells us he wanted to be the star of the show, but John Michael is clearly the best at understanding Big Brother.

They congratulate John Michael for winning the challenge. What a feeling that must be, they tell him. He's all jittery, John Michael gushes, the hardest part was he couldn't do it all and had to depend on Santina. 

Santina walks in on Hope who is alone in the Storeroom. He dances when he sees her and says she scared him. He makes a hulk-motion and says she scared him. She laughs. His voice drops and says he just wants to chill this week. We are, she says. I am not, he says. You are, she assures him. 

Hope tells us Santina is indicating a possible alliance and it feels good, I'm not gonna lie. I'll take care of you, he tells her, you take care of me. I'll take care of you, she says as they side-five each other.

Back in the Library, Zach is playing pool with Jonathan. It's all social, they agree. Zach tells us he knows exactly the type of people he wants to work with, and it's too early to solidify things, but he instantly felt close to Ty, Rob and Jonathan. 

Zach tells Rob and Jonathan he thinks some of the girls have watched every episode. Rob agrees. I'm in it with you guys, Jonathan says and they three-fist bump. Rob wants a nickname for their alliance. If we stay consistent to our game, Zach says, and to each other, we'll go far.

In the Flamingo BR, Ty tells Kuzie he's grateful she didn't come in last as they firm up a 2-person alliance. Kuzie tells us that as soon as she saw Ty looking all yum yum, she had a good feeling so they are talking game, but in terms of decisions, this game belongs to her. He's going to keep close to Renee and Shanaya and where their heads are at. Kuzie agrees without committing to a plan of her own.

It's the morning of Day 2 in the Big Brother Canada Manor and the Houseguest waken to find painted portraits of themselves on the balcony wall. Daniel can already tell he doesn't like his. John Michael loves his. He's so hot, they agree, looking at Rob's portrait. The paintings are of the Houseguests in Victorian clothing, airbrushed to perfection. 

John Michael tells Zach his picture has piercing blue eyes. Zach tells us when he saw his portrait it finally hit him, he's in Big Brother. The Houseguests slowly emerge from the bedrooms to see their portraits. Is that me, Renee asks? In the Diary Room, she takes a moment to scream. 

In the Flamingo BR, Rob tells Shanaya he's just trying to be cool with everyone, create those connections that help you get through week one. She tells us that Rob is the hottest guy in the house. He's gorgeous and I have a bit of a crush. She gets flustered just thinking about him. She tells him she's nervous she's going up. Rob knows she and Renee are good friends already, are you confident competition-wise? No, she laughs. 

The flirt is on, Shanaya tells us, but I still have the second half of the HoH competition, so I can't get too distracted. It's so hot in here, she says, not referring to the air. It's very hot in here, Rob agrees, referring to the air. 

In the Storeroom, Ty tells Rob he feels they are on the same page, warning him that John Michael can sway people. Rob says he doesn't want John Michael to win HoH. Ty thinks he will. 

Ty tells us he feels good that he has Zach, Rob and Jonathan in his corner. If John Michael wins, he's convinced the boys are going up on the block. Rob says John Michael told him he's good with everyone but him. At least he told you straight to your face, Ty says, he's very dangerous. 

Rob tells us he has a good social game with Santina, but doesn't know where John Michael stands. If he wins HoH, he could be going up on the block. Back in the Storeroom, Ty assures Rob he's trying to keep the boys here. Rob thinks they'll be good if Santina wins. Ty worries she's soft despite a hard front. If we can get through that, we're good. They slide-slap and agree to keep communication open.

In the Flamingo bedroom, Renee says the game changes so fast. Just 24 hours ago she was chillin'. 8 hours ago, not chillin'. All I know is my makeup has to look good, whatever I'm doing. 

Claudia comes in and Renee says she was just about to do a happy dance before a cry dance. Renee says she wants to do something with the girls. Claudia says you can tell the boys are already doing... Right, Renee agrees. Claudia tells us you could see the boys gravitate to each other last night, bonding. Not on my watch. 

Renee tells Claudia that Shanaya would be open to doing something this week to flip the house against the guys. An all-girl alliance would be legendary, Claudia tells us. Claudia asks Renee to check her makeup and Renee offers some blending touch-ups. 

Houseguests, it's time for a fashion show. The Houseguests decide to show off the outfits they received in their gift bags. Claudia is first and Daniel says she's serving looks. Hope is next, dancing in spring prep clothes. John Michael looks like a middle class teen, while Jonathan reels hin his looks in a leather jacket. 

Rob hits it out of the park with a black blazer over a pink polo. Then Vanessa comes out wearing a black leather lace sports bra over a hot pink faux leather unitard and a purple wig. She crouches and gyrates behind the balcony railing as the Houseguests cheer and Hope's jaw drops. Mamma never told him there were girls like this! In the Diary Room he lets out a whoop and says she looks like a rock star. 

Vanessa makes her way down the grand staircase, stopping to bend down and flex, Legally Blond style. The guys just bow down to her as she parades through the Living Room. Hope collapses into Rob's arms. We're going to have to call the medics, Renee quips.

In the Flamingo bedroom. Zach tells Ty, Kuzie and Jonathan his legs are tired. Kuzie wants to see his calves. She reaches down to touch them, then gets scared and pulls back. She leaves and the guys start talking. 

Zach doesn't know her well enough yet, but thinks the three of them can do real damage. Zach says it wasn't his original strategy but it's been a good start so far. He thought a group of guys would have a target on their backs but he's getting to know them and rethinking his game to keep them all safe.

Zach says Renee and, what's her name. Shanaya, Jonathan offers. I'll win those two over, Zach says, you (Jonathan) pick two to win over, and you (Ty) pick two to win over. We play it wider, we have the east coasters, the west coasters. Jonathan suggests Claudia. Ty says he has chemistry with Kuzie so he'll keep building it with her. That'll give them a 360 view of what's going on in the house. 

Jonathan say she can't get too too close. No, Zach says, I'm not saying... I'm in a relationship back home, Jonathan blurts out, and I plan on being completely faithful. Ty laughs. Zach says unless your game is on the line. They laugh. I mean, if it's a game situation and I have to make a move to keep one of you guys, I'm gonna do it! 

Zach tells us he treats Big Brother like a business deal. You gotta schmooze. If I have to lay in bed with a man or a woman (Zach has a different definition of "schmooze" than I do - Fuskie), I'm going to be laying there because I'm not going home without using every skill I got.  And flirting is definitely one of those skills. We can figure this out, he tells Ty and Jonathan, if we stay true to ourselves and to each other. 

Daniel is meandering through the house, gravitating towards a previously locked door. Only this time, it's not locked. He looks around to see if anyone's watching, then goes through to find a hallway with more doors. He opens a door to the Circle K lounge and squeals with excitement. There's snacks on shelves, a microwave and a refrigerator in the wall. 

He goes back out to the main house and lets everyone in on his discovery. The other Houseguests come in. Anika loves snacks and works out so she needs electrolytes every day to keep her butt looking good. Hope comes out of the Storeroom to find the main house empty. Yo, he calls out, where's the milk at?


He finds the other Houseguests partying in the Circle K lounge. Does anyone know where the milk is, he asks? 

John Michael is called to the Diary Room and the Houseguests think this is in preparation for the second part of the Head of Household and Dead Last competitions, leaving Zach alone with his chips and  and Claudia. She tells him she's slow to get to know people. That can work to your benefit, he thinks. I'm still talking to everyone, she says. Bustin' around, he says, that's smart.  And you have your little bromance, she says injects.

Zach stops chewing as she looks at him like she's caught him red handed (they are BBQ chips, after all). Is that what everyone thinks, he counters defensively, do people feel that way?

Claudia tells us there's definitely something going on with the bro's so this is a great time to find out what. 

Zach asks if Claudia heard anyone saying that. No, says. But you just said it, Zach says, going on the offensive. She laughs it off. 

My fears are coming to fruition, Zach tells us, it seems as if the bromance is public knowledge, and that is not what I wanted. Zach tries to spin it, saying you just naturally gravitate to what you're comfortable with, then you realize you can't play together. That's how I see it.

Claudia tells us she doesn't think Zach is telling her everything. Zach tells Claudia if he wanted to hang out with the same people he hangs out with at home, he could have stayed home. 

The Houseguests are called to the Living Room. Executive Producer Erin Brock comes over the PA and says she has some news to share. Amal needed to leave the show for personal reasons. For the sake of her privacy, we're not going to discuss the specifics. We would ask that you respect her privacy inside and outside of the house, as this is a personal matter.

Erin offers to let each Houseguest talk with her one-on-one in the Diary Room if they need to do so. Speaking for the house, Zach says let her know they love her. Kuzie tells us she will do Amal proud and win this game. 

Pickles, Kuzie asks, are you actually going to do it? She is watching Ty make a sandwich in the Storeroom. Don't do it, she urges. You don't put pickles on your sandwiches, he asks? I only eat pickles by themselves. Why would somebody do that to themselves? Are you serious?

Ty needs something from the Kitchen, leaving Kuzie and Santina alone. They sit on the counter. Kuzie says it is going to be so difficult to put someone up. Everyone's OK, she says, no one's terrible. 

I'm not even HoH yet, Santina tells us, and people are already talking to me about what I'd do as HoH. Ty returns but Kuzie keeps talking. I'm happy for you guys, but I would feel the pressure right now. How are you feeling? I don't know, says Santina casually, because I haven't won. 

Kuzie tells us Santina could be the first HoH of the season and I wanna make sure I cover my bases early, so I'm going to cross my T's, dot my I's, but Santina is giving me nothing. 

Kuzie changes tact. Do you mind winning, she asks? I don't know how everyone else feels about me, Santina replies. 

Kuzie is cool, Santina tells us, but I'm not giving her my game plan. It's Big Brother - you have to think ahead!

In the Library, Jonathan and Rob are playing pool and talking about home. Rob misses his sisters kids. His niece is an infant and his nephew is 3. They're in that cute stage. They're going to be a lot different, Jonathan tells him. 

Jonathan tells us Rob is a great guy, open ears. It's great being able to talk to him about my 12 yr old son, Liam. Rob says if you don't mind my asking, you had him when you were pretty young. Yeah, Jonathan says, I was 21. That must have rocked your world. It was really heady, Jonathan admits, but I grew up a lot having him.

As soon as I held him, Jonathan recalls, that was my purpose. That was the reason I existed. Seeing him get everything in life now, having his friends, having his life, having a good school, it's worth a million bucks. I love family. Any more in your future, asks Rob? For sure. If I win this, and I'm going to win (Rob laughs), that's the first thing on my to-do list, going home and working on growing my family.

In the Wash Area, Claudia tells Santina that they haven't talked yet but I've liked your vibes from the beginning. How are you feeling? If I win, Santina says, getting right to the point, I'm not going to put you up. 1000%. I want to get to know you more. 

Feeling safe, Claudia decides to push for more information, asking if there is anyone she has in mind. If I win, Santina says carefully, it gives me the chance to talk to everyone, everyone's going to come to me and I'll see who they want and go with the majority so I don't put a target on my back. 

Not getting the answer she wanted, Claudia decides to push her own agenda and asks Santina if she thinks the bro's are together. You can see Hope, Rob, Ty and Jonathan doing squats on the grand staircase. I feel like they have each others' backs, Claudia continues. Santina wonders if they're just gravitating to each other because they're strong men. I don't know if they are aligning with each other or just hanging out. 

Rob rushes in to grab a towel. It's a spicy workout out there, he says, sweating. The other guys follow him in.

Hello, Claudia tells us, the boys are always working out together, we would be naive to think nothing is going on game-wise. Come on, Santina! 

John Michael, Zach and Rob are in the Storeroom. Are we going to talk game, Zach asks? John Michael takes control of the conversation, saying he think game is being talked about but not by him outside of the two of them. My take, he says while holding the refrigerator door open, is  no one's making mistakes. Putting anyone on the block is fair game. I need something to happen in the next couple of days.

Zach says the first day, it felt like the guys just got into like, and I was, nah. this isn't how I want to play the game, this isn't what I want. Oh, replies John Michael matterof-factly, if I win HoH, guys are going up. Rob and Zach are taken by surprise at the boldness of the statement. I'll announce it, John Michael confirms, all's fair in this game. 

Zach can't keep the stunned look off his face. If I can't justify an actual nominee, John Michael continues, I will be coming for the guys. I'm not afraid to do that. They'll say it's a big move. It's week one - there are no big moves. Any move is big. 

What?!! Zach asks in the Diary Room.

I am not afraid to make big moves, John Michael claims in the Diary Room, I'll say to my Houseguests, I'll say to Canada, I'm here to play and I want to win. 

You have a big decision, Zach says. John Michael says he trusts them (Zach and Rob). They hug awkardly, with the refrigerator door caught in the middle. 

In the Wash Area, John Michael says he's going to put some deoderant on and invites Santina into his bedroom. They head into the Palm BR. She's never been in there. She tells him they they should just go for it, neither has anything to lose, they aren't going home. John Michael agrees, and tells her she's safe in his book. He's 100% safe. He wants to build trust with her and making it really far working together.

There aren't many guarantees in Big Brother, John Michael explains but one guarantee is you can't trust anyone. In this second part of the HoH competition being a solo challenge, I just need to look out for myself. I want to win this.  

Santina wishes him good luck. He wishes her good luck as well. Neither of them mean it.

Santina says her best friend is rooting for them because he's Philapino. Is he single, John Michael asks? He is, she laughs.

It's time for the second part of the Head of Household competition. The Houseguests are in the Backyard, with John Michael and Santina on the left side, wearing and lit in green, Renee and Shanaya on the right, wearing and lit in red. In the middle is a plaque with Kevin Jacon Jacobs picture, "In Honor Of Season 10 Winner" engraved, and a sculpture of King Kevin above.

Welcome to part two of the season's first Head of Household competition, reads Ty off a card, tonight, John Michael and Santina will be facing off to determine the first Head of Household. Meanwhile, the last place finishers, Renee and Shanaya, will battle it out to avoid being Dead Last. As you know, whoever loses will be headed straight for the block. I'm sure this twist has left you all feeling a little "on hedge", so let's get to it.

Here's how the competition works. On GO, race to collect the garden statue pieces scattered in your lane and assemble a puzzle in honor of last season's winner, Kevin Jacobs. Once you figure out statue, you can start maneuvering your hedges. Line them up perfectly so that your ball can roll down from hedge to hedge into Kevin's crown. However, if your ball fails to land, you must head back down your ladder, retrieve it, and try again. Who will win HoH and who will be Dead Last? Let's find out. 

The hedges are tall and thin, with a plastic trough running along the top edge. The Houseguests must climb up to the top of the hedge, then drop a ball into the first hedge. The ball must roll from hedge to hedge and ultimately into the crown. If the ball drops, they must climb down, realign the hedges, climb back up, and try again. Santina and John Michael are competing against each other for HoH, while Renee and Shanaya are competing to avoid being Dead Last.

Houseguests, Ty announces, this competition starts NOW!

All four Houseguests descend to the ground level to start work on their Kevin statues. They must find the pieces in their sectioned off area and place them on a pole sticking out of the statue's base. The pieces have alignment grooves in them so they can only be stacked in one order. A pair of sunglasses and crown complete the sculpture. 

All four lay out their pieces and start building their 3D Kevin puzzle. Santina is thinking hard on how to assemble the puzzle. She doesn't know if she can trust John Michael - he's very smart. 

She and John Michael are neck and neck as they build Kevin's torso. They each tell each other they're doing OK. They are both making good progress on their puzzles. Meanwhile, Renee and Shanaya demonstrate that their last place finish in Part I of the competition was not a fluke. Both are well behind John Michael and Santina, though they are competing only against each other.

Shanaya says she's not great at puzzles, but once she got her first piece in, she started flying through it. She is leading Renee by 3 or 4 puzzle layers as the Houseguest gallery cheers them on. She's past Kevin's eyes and glasses and puts on his crown, beating both Santina and John Michael. Big Brother clears her to move on the next stage, aligning the hedges.

Santina and John Michael are neck and neck, both putting on Kevin's crown at the same time. Big Brother sends two dings, indicating both have completed stage one. It's a race to align their hedges and get their ball rolling!

Each hedge is a different height, with the top edge sloping from back to front, but they must be aligned at angles to cover the short distance from the hedge to Kevin's crown. If not aligned correctly, the ball will roll off the hedge and the Houseguest must climb down to retrieve it. The first to get their ball to roll into their crown wins.

Renee continues having trouble assembling her 3D Kevin puzzle. The pieces just aren't lining up, she says. Renee doesn't know what Kevin Jacobs looks like, Ty jokes. I know what he looks like, she promises us, but I can't figure out the dang puzzle! 

Santina tells us there's only one way to line up the hedges for the ball to roll into the crown. I'm no physics major, but I want to win!

Come on, physics, John Michael exclaims, climbing up his ladder for his first ball attempt. The ball rolls down the first hedge and then misses the second, falling to the ground. 

Santina makes her first attempt and gets through to the second-to-last hedge but then her ball also falls. 

John Michael has adjusted his hedges and climbs up for his second attempt. This time the ball makes it down 2 hedges before finding a gap and falling. 

Santina is ready for her second attempt. This time the ball has too much speed and misses the transition from the 3rd to 4th hedge.

John Michael tells us his hedges look good and he's ready to take this HoH. Both he and Santina climb their ladders at the same time. John Michael fails in his attempt. The Houseguests are all stretching over the railing to watch Santina as she lets her ball roll from hedge to hedge and finally, into Kevin's crown.

Santina is the new Head of Household!

In the Diary Room, she screams and does a stationary happy dance. She just won HoH! 

John Michael congratulates her and Ty makes it official. That was for you, Kevin, she says.

Meanwhile, the race for Dead Last continues. Renee continues to struggle with her puzzle while Shanaya lines up her hedges. She climbs up for her first attempt. The ball bounces off the first hedge. She adjusts and climbs up for her second attempt while Renee still works the puzzle below.

Shanaya's ball misses the transition to the third hedge and she has to go again, but Renee's puzzle problems give her plenty of time. In the third attempt, the ball is bouncing too much and bounces out of the third hedge. 

Meanwhile, Renee is starting to make sense of the 3D puzzle. She looks tortured by Kevin as she receives words of encouragement from above. For the love of Pete, she says, putting Kevin's crown on his head. She has completed the puzzle and moves on to the hedges!

Now the pressure is on Shanaya as Renee has caught up. Rob notes to Zach that Renee's first hedge is reversed so that it slopes up instead of down, but she doesn't see it (the hedges are very tall). They can't say anything, so her first attempt rolls right off the starting point and she immediately realizes her mistake. 

They're going to think I'm so stupid, she says as she rotates her hedge into the right position. Both Renee and Shanaya roll their balls at the same time and both fall at the same points in the hedge. 

Shanaya says she's been up and down the ladder a million frickin' times, adusting every angle to get this stupid ball into the crown. I never want to see a ladder again in my life, she says, climbing the ladder. I never want to see a hedge again, Renee counters.

Shanaya's ball rolls from the first hedge to the second, from the second to the third, from the third to the fourth and then falls off. All the cheering Houseguests groan.

Meanwhile, Renee is still trying to get past her first hedge. Both women climb up their ladders and release their balls at the same time. Renee's again bounces off. Shanaya's makes it past the second hedge to the third, from the third to the fourth, and from the fourth it drops into Kevin's Crown.

Shanaya wins, which means Renee is Dead Last and automatically nominated.

Shanaya screams with joy as the Houseguests celebrate. She's so frickin' proud for saving herself from coming in Dead Last, she tells us, I'm so relieved.

Shanaya gives Renee a commisatory hug. Dead last, Renee says, as the other Houseguests give her hugs of sympathy.

Your girl is Dead Freakin' Last, she says in the Diary Room. The boutee that didn't want to go on the block is hitting the block this week. But we're not done yet. Nothing is over and said and done, so I gotta get to work, because the Reneesance needs to continue. OK, Canada? OK.

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