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Saturday, September 24, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother 24 observations, and screen captures here! If you post opinions or off-topic messages, I will move them here:  https://www.tvfanforums.net/topic/143552-general-bb-discussion/

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal commentaround the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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6:27AM BBT

The final three were playing cards in the kitchen until about 3AM. They all migrated to the Car Design Bedroom where they chatted for a bit. The boys feel asleep first, and Taylor enjoyed some late night random packaging reading. They were all sleap and lights out around 3:40AM. They are currently still sleeping in the Car Design Bedroom.

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11:09AM BBT

Monte is enjoying his typical breakfast of granola and yogurt. Taylor is still snoozing but has moved to her bed in the Golf Pro Bedroom. Turner recently finished in the DR. He walks through the kitchen on his way back from the bathroom and mentions there are ants in there.

Monte: I wonder why the bathroom.





11:14AM BBT

Turner asks Monte what he will wear for the finale. Monte says jeans and a floral shirt similar to what Terrance wears. Turner confirms he will wear his intro outfit with a bandana. Turner says he is annoyed that the intro outfit production assembled for him doesn't even match.

Monte: They wanted you to look all over the place. 

Monte suggests he wear the tan bandana, "That thing is clean."

Turner: I might wear the red one. It matches the shirt. 

Monte asks if Megan will be down or if he thinks it makes him look like he is wearing a toupee. Turner says Megan told him to wear the bandanas. He says she likes them better with his long hair. He used to wear them with short hair, too.

Monte: You have definitely cemented the bandana.

Turner: I will leave this house wearing a bandana.



11:23AM BBT

Monte: Do you think all three of us are verified by now? (social media)

Turner: For sure


11:25AM BBT

Monte: Is Taylor still laying down?

Turner: She does that, as we know.

Monte says he has a hard time doing that in his average daily life, "just laying in bed is not possible...too much on the mind." Turner says he plays video games to relax. Monte says he looks at random stuff on YouTube.


11:35AM BBT

Monte and Turner begin discussing traveling and frequently getting caught in bad weather patterns. Monte brings up the movie, Twister. Monte summarizes the film and says it is based a real guy (This is a movie I love and will watch whenever it's on tv, which is quite often, actually. It's not a biopic, though. It's purely fiction but does reference actual technology and research. Storm chasing is no joke....so dangerous. -MamaLong)

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11:45AM BBT



11:51AM BBT

The feeds return to Turner clearly studying at the dining table with his eyes closed mouthing the order of competitions/days.

He periodically opens his eyes and stares at the memory wall.


12:05PM BBT

Taylor is finally out of bed. Turner and Monte have migrated to the bathroom area where they have joined the ants in survival of the fittest (The ants win this one, for sure. The humans will leave, unable to tolerate much more. The ants will stay forever.) Taylor finds some snackage under a pillow.




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Talk turns to Zodiac signs and characteristics. Monte says he doesn't believe Zodiac signs determine our personality and characteristics. He says it is in our DNA and determined by life experiences.


12:18PM BBT

Taylor: Are they gonna do light? I don't know what they are doing.

Monte: For an hour! Seems like a decent amount of time.

Taylor: They could lock us down in the Bubble Room. But they want us to have access to the bathroom.

Monte: They want us to be able to do our business. Why not HoH Room? What the hell they doing?


12:19PM BBT

We now have Rancho Coastal Humane Society on the feeds while the final three are locked down in the bathroom area for some unknown reason.

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5:25PM BBT

Monte and Turner are sitting at the dining table complaining it is so cold in the house they have to wear blankets like cloaks. Turner asks when they are supposed to have their luggage ready. Monte says tonight.

Monte: Want to play some rummy when Taylor gets off the toilet?

Turner: That would be fire.

Monte: It will burn some time.



Turner practices shuffling the cards while getting tips from Monte, "keep 'em tight....wicked bend...that's the way to keep her....that's what you want to hear....a whistle."

Turner asks Monte if he is good on his states (comps and days)

Monte: I hope so.



5:30PM BBT

Monte says Indy will surely have some "smart comments" when she puts her key in.

Monte: It's gonna be some sort of rant..'I played this game...an honest game..' (mocking Indy)

Turner: Julie's going to say, okay, okay...cast your vote

Taylor joins them at the table with her bag of Lay's, and they begin playing rummy.






5:40PM BBT

We get WBRB and when the feeds return, the HGs have relocated to the Space Age Bedroom.


5:50PM BBT

[I'm out for the night. -MamaLong]


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8:22PM BBT

Turner declares that he is down to his last Chapstick, "I think this is the one I took from Alyssa's duffle bag that she said I could keep."

Monte: A gift (more like a take and use that Alyssa would never want back -ML)


8:24PM BBT

Turner lets out a few successful cheek whoops (where you tap your cheek full of air)

Taylor is impressed, "How do you do that?'

Turner: It's kind of like a whistle...you fill your cheek like a whistle then tap.

Turner tries to teach Monte and Taylor how to do. Taylor and Monte try, unsuccessfully.

Taylor: I am hitting myself too hard.

Monte: Oh, fuck it. I look like a nimrod.

Taylor: A nimrod?

Turner: A dingbat.

Taylor: A nincumpoop?

Turner: A dunce.

Taylor: Oooh! A jester!

Monte: A moron.

Turner: A dimwit.

Taylor: A bozo.

Monte: Mm! A fool!

Turner: A sucker!

Taylor: A clown.

Monte: A jackass.

They all pause trying to think of other synonyms.

Monte: That's it.

Taylor: A nim-wad?

Monte: A nincumpoop.

Taylor: DIdn't I already say that?

Monte: Yeah, I'm out.


Taylor suggests they do another round of categories.

Monte: Oh God. I don't think I have the brain power.

Taylor: Things you can stab people with.  [My, my... she is feeling bitter. -ML]

Monte: It's the last night.

They all laugh.







Turner randomly says when you eat two chicken wings that's one dead bird. They begin discussing chicken products and how many chickens it takes for McDonald's chicken nuggets and big events that call for massive amounts of chicken wings, like the Superbowl.


8:28PM BBT

Bob: Houseguests, please go to the storage room.

Monte: They want us to get drunk now. I'm going to go to sleep after a drink. CIders!

Taylor: Ciders! Cider time!

Monte: If we get Cosmic Crisps, I'm gonna get drunk.

Taylor says they told her they can't get those specific ones.

They enter the SR

Taylor: We got?.......Ooooh! Blackberry cider. Two for each of us. (it is 2 Towns Ciderhouse but not the Cosmic Crisp)

Monte: Oh my God!

Taylor: Two per person

Monte: Oh, 6% alcohol.....Good.

Taylor: The others would take you out. (They had stronger cider earlier in the season that got many drunk)

Turner: That's it!

Monte: Thank you Big Brother!

Taylor: Thank you so much Big Brother! This brand is, honestly, fire!





8:32PM BBT

They pour the cider in plastic wine glasses.

Monte: This is going straight to the head.

Turner: Straight to the dome piece!

They toast "To the FInal Three" and clink glasses.

Monte: Tasty!

Taylor: Not as sweet as the other.





They dine on rice and chicken while chatting about the various houseguests.


9:58PM BBT

Turner is passed out in Indy's bed in the Space Age Bedroom (she would HATE that), and he is snoring loudly.



10:35PM BBT

Monte and Taylor are alone at the dining table.

Monte: I'm telling you exactly what I am gonna do when the time comes. When I say I am gonna do something...

Taylor: Look, I trust you. But trust is also a choice, so don't worry about it. You are going to win that next part.

Monte: Thank you. Thank you for believing that.

Taylor: You better win it.

Monte: Look at us....trying to study for the SAT



10:43PM BBT

Monte says he wants to go to bed early because he feels like they will have a 7AM wake-up and say bye to the feeders by 9. Monte tells Taylor he is taking her to final two if given that chance.

Monte: Tomorrow I am not gonna think about this shit. But I do need to think about speeches. Have you practiced?

Taylor: No

Monte: Are you just gonna let it fly?

Taylor: No....NO...are you kidding?

Monte snickers

Taylor: What?

Monte: You'll see in my speech. It's gonna be funny. You'll see it, regardless, just preferable next to me.

Monte says he isn't sure if he should give Turner a heads up or not.



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Saturday morning overnights...


12:10am BBT Turner goes to the Mem Wall. He has no one here, he laments, no Alyssa, maybe Kyle, little chance he has Michael. Taylor thinks he has a good chance with Michael. Michael will vote for Monte over him, he says. 

12:12am BBT Joe likes me, Taylor says (well, maybe not so much now that he learned of you & Monte) but he respects your game more. Taylor thinks she has Britt but not Michael. Indy is a tossup, they agree. 0% chance Turner has Jasmine or Terrance. Taylor disagrees.

12:14am BBT Turner says if it's the two of us, she's have Monte's vote. Taylor thinks he'll vote Turner over her. That's interesting, Turner says. Turner says Monte will crush him at a mental comp. What should he be studying? Who played the most Vetos, Taylor suggests.

12:20am BBT While Monte is in the DR, Taylor helps Turner with Jedi training. He says it's crazy she knows all this stuff so well.

12:40am BBT Monte is out of the DR. Turner/Taylor talk about gentrification. Is it a problem in Detroit? Yes, and many other cities where invstors buy cheap properties, rennovate them and then jack up the prices, making it hard for long-time residents to afford staying.

12:42am BBT Taylor tells Turner if he wants an easy win, he shouldn't take Monte. Turner says that's what BigD, Azah and Xavier told each other. He promises to keep her posted. Taylor thinks between him and her, Indy would close her eyes and vote.

12:47am BBT Taylor wonders if the Cookout will have a 1-year reunion (they did). Monte is in the shower, a towel covering the top half of the stall. Turner hopes Paramount+ has bonus clips. He'll have BB playing on the TV in the Rug Shack 24x7.

12:55am BBT Looking at the Mem Wall, Turner thinks everyone's aged years in the BB House (3 months of my life I'll never get back!). Taylor says Monte stil looks young. Turner says Kyle has aged for sure. Alyssa hasn't aged. 

1:00am BBT Taylor/Turner talk HS jobs. Taylor had extracurricular activities - her school required 2 sports or an academic club. She did cheer, plays, choir, then got to college and said she wasn't doing anything extra. She studied journalism at George Washington.

1:05am BBT Taylor says people should study journalism to learn ethics. Monte joins Turner/Taylor at the DT. He's going to eat & call it a night. He's usually in bed by 10pm at home. Turner is usually asleep by midnight. He gets up at 10am & opens the Rug Shack at noon.

1:10am BBT Monte says there's nothing to stay up late for. He's a machine in the morning. Taylor goes to sleep normally before midnight. She worked 9 to 12 at Trunk Club, Tuesday through Saturday. She'd do grocery shopping on Monday when stores were restocked and clean.

1:12am BBT Taylor says after she won her title, she'd have to get up for a breakfast, then have afternoon and dinner events, with lots of networking with her crown. Turner likes a 4-day workweek. Unions need to get everyone a 4-day workweek. Taylor says she won't go back to 5-day workweeks. 

1:15am BBT While Turner cooks dinner, Taylor/Monte play Go Fish. She can't wait for them to meet her family tomorrow. 

1:45am BBT Dinner is served! Taylor wishes the food had been a segment on their recap. Nicole, Indy, Jasmine's wings and Turner's Burritos. Turner isn't big on food trends - he still eats frozen yogurt. Everyone went to Pink Berry and it went away, he complains.

1:50am BBT Taylor says cupcake shops used to be a thing. Turner says the register in the Rug Shack was from a cupcake shop that went out of business. 

2:00am BBT Taylor is tired but doesn't want to go to bed yet. They need a brainless game unless they want to figure out the friendship bracelets (apparently BB gave them a craft that they aren't interested in). Instead, they decide to all three play Go Fish.

2:47am BBT Taylor says if she gets America's Favorite Player, it would be like winning Miss Congeniality all over again. She wonders how much Michael's role in the Kyle stuff will impact voting. MOnte thinks Turner or Taylor will win AFP. 

3:00am BBT Monte/Turner are going through their bedtime ADLs. Turner has been living out of his suitcase since he packed for Thursday's eviction. They talk about what they want to take from the house. Turner wonders of the ray gun is glued down. 

3:05am Turner has laid out Q-Tips forming a #1, counting down the days until they leave the BB House. Never a day in Jury, Monte says. Turner suggests a slumber party for their last night. Monte likes the CBR door closed. Taylor felt alone last night. She's a guy's girl.

3:07am BBT Turner can't wait until he's in a bed where his feet don't hang off. Taylor points out he could have changed beds weeks ago. He wakes up and can tell if Monte is in bed.

3:15am BBT The F3 are having a slumber party in the CBR. Turner thinks getting on a game show will be easier after being on BB. Taylor says Oprah had an impact on her - she loved the Harry & Megan interview. Monte complains about his aching bones. 

3:22am BBT Turner's eyes are closed as he keeps talking with Monte/Taylor. They talk about the Jury roundtable. They think it will be taped Saturday. Monte wishes he could hear what the Jury is saying about them. It grows quiet in the CBR, lights on, F3 drifting off.

3:30am BBT BB turns off the lights in the CBR where the F3 slumber party has become all slumber and no party. 

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10:35am BBT Turner tells Monte he was making noises in his sleep last night. Monte says he was dreaming about talking with his little brother about being on BB.

11:09am BBT Monte is at the DT enjoying his regular breakfast of granola and yogurt. Taylor has relocated her slumber to the GBR. Turner heads from the DR to the WA, then reports there are ants in there. I wonder why the WA, Monte wonders.

11:12am BBT Monte wonders if anyone has a secret to reveal at the Finale. Turner thinks Michael. Monte doesn't understand why Kyle doesn't monetize his dancing on TikTok if that's what he does all day. Turner says he's freaked out by tornados, so they talk about Twister.

11:14am BBT Turner/Monte discuss finale outfits. Monte says jeans & a new floral shirt. Turner will wear the outfit he came in with and a bandana. The outfit doesn't match at BB's insistance. They wanted him to look like he's all over the place, Monte observes.

11:16am BBT Monte suggests the tan bandana - it looks cleaner. Turner says the red one matches the shirt. He says it was Megan who told him to wear the bandanas - she likes them with his long hair. You rocked the banadana, Monte says.

11:23am BBT Monte asks if they are all verified (on social media) by now. For sure, Turner says. Is Taylor lying down, Monte asks? She does that, Turner says. Monte's not a napper, there's too much to think about. Turner relaxes with video games. For Monte, it's YouTube.

11:51am BBT Turner is sitting alone at the DT, eyes closed, mouthing the order of days and comps. Every now and then, he opens his eyes to study the Mem Wall. 

12:05pm BBT Taylor is out of bed. Monte/Turner battle ants in the WA. Taylor joins them, just sitting around, talking about nothing. We are boring, she says. Monte doesn't believe in astrology. The Zodiac signs do not determine who they are; it's DNA & life experience.

12:18pm BBT BB has announced a LD in the WA while BB does some lighting work in the house. They wonder why they couldn't be in HoH for this. FotH.

2:08pm BBT Feeds return. Turner is in bed in the BR, Monte is sitting alone in the LR, and Taylor is sleeping on the WA lounge. 

3:00pm BBT Taylor tells Monte that Turner pomised to take her to F2 (he didn't). I know it's not going to happen, she says. She asked him if he's been studying; he said she & Monte will be fine (Taylor was helping Turner Jedi train & pushing him to pick her over Monte).

3:40pm BBT In the WA, Taylor practices her F2 speech to the Jury, should either Turner or Monte choose to take her. 

4:10pm BBT Turner takes a shower in the WA. In the CBR, Monte is pacing back and forth, demonstrating with his hands while silently practicing his Jury speech. Taylor interrupts him and says it was emotinal saying GB the DR. It hit her out of nowhere. 

4:17pm BBT Oh no, Taylor says. What, asks Monte, who has been playing the mini golf game in the GBR. She broke the zipper on her garment bag. It had her fancy dresses in it. Taylor gets more clothes out of the GBR closet. Turner is still trying to pick a bandana. 

4:46pm BBT Taylor is packing quietly in the GBR. Turner is at the DT, staring at the Mem Wall and biting his nails. Monte is on the LR couch, sleeping and snoring. 

5:10pm BBT While Taylor is packing, Turner is asking her questions about comps & days. This is the first time she's fully packed, Taylor says. Monte comes in & Turner leaves. She asks him the same questions she was going over w/ Turner, preparing her soldier for battle.

5:25pm BBT Monte/Turner sit at the DT, complaining how cold it is. They are wearing blankets for warmth. Monte says they have to have their luggage ready tonight. Monte asks if he wants to play some Rummy when Taylor comes out of the WC? That would be fire, Turner says.

5:27pm BBT Burning some time, Turner practices shuffling cards, under the tutaledge of Monte. Keep 'em tight, a wicked bend, that's what you want to hear, a whistle. Turner asks if Monte is good on his comps and days? I hope so, he responds.

5:30pm BBT Monte expects Indy to say something snarky when she votes. She'll probably make a comment about about playing an honest game. Taylor joins them with a bag of Lays and they begin playing cards. It'll all be over in 24 hours. They wonder if they get to hug JCM.

5:40pm BBT After a FotH, the F3 have relocated their game to the SBR. 

8:22pm BBT Turner is down to his last chapstick. He took it from Alyssa's bag. She said he could keep it (she wouldn't want it back, I would imagine). Turner pops the air in his cheeks. How did you do that, Talor asks? It's kind of like a whistle, he says.

8:24pm BBT Turner tries to teach Monte/Taylor how to pop their cheeks. Taylor's hitting her cheeks too hard. Monte looks like a nimrod. A nimrod, Taylor asks? A dingbat. Nincumppo. Dunce. Jester. They go back & forth describing how Monte looks. Moron, dimwit, bozo, fool.

8:26pm BBT A sucker, Turner says. Clown, Taylor adds, jackass, Monte describes. They start repeating & decide they got them all. Taylor says another game of categories. Monte protests he doesn't have the brain power. Things you backstab with, Taylor suggests. They laugh.

8:28pm BBT BB tells the F3 to go to the SR. They find a six-pack of hard cider. Cider Time, Taylor says excitedly. They want us drunk now, Monte jokes, that'll put me to sleep. Monte wants Cosmic Crisps but Taylor says BB said they can't get those.

8:30pm BBT Monte reads the label - 6% alcohol. Good, he says. That's fire, Turner says. Thank you BB, Monte says. Taylor says that brand is honestly fire. They pour the cider into the wine galsses and toast the F3.This is going right to the head, they say.

8:45pm BBT The F3 have rice & chicken for dinner, along with their Towns Ciderhouse blackberry hard cider. 

9:00pm BBT Turner says it was touching how Britt cried when getting the video from Steven. She never got a letter or photos, Monte reminds him. Turner would be going insane if there wasn't just one day left. 

9:10pm BBT The HG are finishing their packing to give bags to BB. I have to steal something from the SBR, Turner says, stealing from my own house (it was always BB's house, you were just living in it). 

9:15pm BBT In the KT, Taylor says it is humiliating to have to beg the guys to take her to F2. In the SBR, Turner is laying under his blanket. He peeks from under the cover and has been crying. 

9:20pm BBT Turner gets up and says to the camera that BB has no idea what has been taken from this house. This is my house, I'm taking something too. He asks BB for the Peanut Butter song. 

10:00pm BBT Turner is passed out in the SBR. Monte/Taylor are jedi-training while drinking hard cider. 

10:35pm BBT At the DT, Monte tells Taylor when he says he's going to do something... Taylor says she trusts him, but trust is a choice. You are going to win Part III. Thank you for believing that, Monte says. You better win it, she adds. 

10:43pm BBT Monte wants to go to bed early because he's expecting an early wake-up to say GB to live feeders. He says again he's taking her to F2. He's got to think about his speech. Have you tpraced your speech? No, Taylor lies. Are you just going to let if fly, he asks? No, are you kidding? 

10:45pm BBT Monte says his speech is going to be funny. He's not sure if he should tell Turner in advance. He's going to control his own fate by making the F2 decision himself. 

10:50pm BBT Monte thinks Turner has no idea. He doesn't want Turner going crazy (This is more about Monte protecting himself than concern over Turner). Taylor told Turner her relationship w/Monte won't interfere w/the game. Monte gives Taylor a kiss then heads for bed.

11:00pm BBT Alone in the WA, Taylor talks to Ameirca. I feel chatty. I'm at a loss. I came into this game to be a champion for women. I thought I could evict w/o apology, thought she would get power. Instead, she was on defense from the start. 

11:02pm BBT You can only play the cards your dealt, Taylor says. She's defestated she lost Part II and can't take herself to the end but has to rely on men with better resumes. She didn't want her fate to rest in the hands of men. 

11:04pm BBT She knows some will hate her views, but she is proud to be one of only 4 Black women to make it to F3. She's the last woman here. She wants to win for all the women that had to be in showmances to win, for Danielle, Azah, Monica, and for all Black women.

11:06pm BBT Taylor says she didn't walk through the fires of h*ll for 2nd or 3rd place. She just tried to keep her head above water but doesn't think the Jury will respect that. Her body is shaking, she was not carried here, her time can't have been for nothing.

11:08pm BBT Taylor says she's been told her story is strong but doesn't see it. Going against Turner/Monte seems impossible. She's locked in w/Monte; her best bet is Turner picks her. She might have to throw Monte under the bus & tell Turner first Monte is picking her.

11:10pm BBT Monte/Turner don't deserve to sit next to each other, she says, I deserve a shot. I had all the pressure on me of all the girls and a successful Black woman. I came to evolve the game of BB. I could have tapped out when Daniel/Nicole came after me but didn't.

11:12pm BBT Taylor says the house shoved her in a box. I don't have to prove a point - I am the point. Now it's up to how 9 Jurors look at the game. The season is bigger than that. She's scared, she doesn't want a guilt vote, she wants an honest depiction of her game. 

11:14pm BBT This season isn't about big moves & comp wins, she says, it's about surving. She's the one who survived. The women of the Jury don't like her and Monte played a good game. I want people to know you can win a different way, by being kicked down and surviving.

11:16pm BBT I deserve to win BB, Taylor concludes, I want it and deserve it. Oh sh*t, I just spilled cider on myself. Classic taylor.  She says she didn't talk on the feeds as much as she thought she would. She wonders what the game looks like from the outside.

11:18pm BBT I feel like I failed the women who enjoy BB, Taylor says. I did what I could socially. I created a fauxmance. Why was it Yes to women but not to me? I have to tell the Jury things I did that didn't benefit Monte. What I did to make me untouchable in the game.

11:25pm BBT Taylor says whatever America thinks of her, she has a life to get back to her. She hopes she's not seen as playing the victim. There's always a way to win this. Monte walks around the house like he has thinks thing in the bag. She goes into the WC.

11:30pm BBT Taylor wants to right the wrongs of the Black women who have played BB before her & to open the door for future Black women to win. She looks so aged & weathered. The camera is rude & mean. Even the camera doesn't respect her (it was trained on the WC door).

11:40pm BBT Taylor looks at a different WA camera that doesn't disrespect her. I have 2 HoH comp wins, she says, it's not all about that. This speech is hard. She proved she can obtain & yield power. Monte may have more blood on his hands but I carried myself to the end.

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