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Episode 32 - 9/18/2022 - Nominations and Veto competition

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Previously, on Big Brother, HOH Monte wanted either Britt or Alyssa gone, but Taylor saw a bigger threat in the house. At the POV competition, Birttany cleaned the clocks of the other HG forcing Monte to choose between his two allies. At the veto meeting, Monte kept the only other guy in the house out of harms way. Although Brittany and Taylor had been closely aligned, Taylor was spending more time with the other HG, and she got especially close to Monte. Feeling left out, Brittany no longer wanted to save Taylor, so Alyssa tried to guilt Turner into giving her the other vote she needed. At the live eviction, a split vote forced Monte to break a tie, sending the Florida girl to join the jury. With a guaranteed spot on finale night on the line, Taylor took the crown. Tonight, the final four go to war in an action packed hour. Who will Taylor nominate for eviction? Plus, the final and most important veto competition of the summer plays out. All this right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on Day 72 after the HOH competition and Taylor says someone flipped their vote on her. They thought they had her but she walked into a fashion comp. She says she now has a guaranteed spot and a cute guy handed her the key.


Monte says he and Taylor have been close and gotten closer lately and he is happy with her winning the comp. Turner says he expected a straight 2-0 vote but Brittany pulled something slimy and he needs to make her look untrustworthy and make her the target.


Brittany says she voted Taylor out because she felt the distance last week with her and things did not work out. She says this is a big L for Brittany. Turner is talking to Monte and says he cannot believe Brittany flipped the vote.


Turner says Alyssa was one of his best friends in the game, but he did not want to betray Monte and go against his wishes. Brittany pulls Taylor into the SR and they are talking about who they might vote for.


Brittany says it makes sense that Taylor go for her game. She tries to convince Turner to give Alyssa a sympathy vote. Turner then tells Taylor about Brittany trying to flip the vote and he says Brittany has been so slippery and she needs to go out.


Turner tells Monte about Brittany and Monte says that is slimy. Turner says Brittany will go to Taylor and try and pin it on Turner. Monte needs to make Taylor feels good about himself and Turner so they can get rid of Brittany.


Taylor and Brittany are hugging and she says thank God Monte pulled through for her. Brittany says Turner swore he was voting Alyssa out but Alyssa swore he was keeping her and she begged Brittany for her vote. Brittany says she thought Alyssa would be easier at comps.


Taylor is telling Brittany that she knows Turner and Monte would take each other. Taylor says Turner tried to tell her he did not flip and she does not know who to believe because his reaction seemed staged.


Taylor is talking to Monte about the split vote and Monte says he saw reactions after the voting booth and he tells her it was obvious it was Brittany. Turner comes in and says he thought it would be a 2-0 vote and he could not look at Alyssa.


Turner says he hopes Taylor believes him that he did not flip the vote. Monte says Brittany would have won that HOH If Taylor had been evicted. Taylor says Azah, Monica, and Danielle Reyes were the only black women to make F3 and Danielle the only one to make F2.


Taylor is so happy she won HOH and she is considering nominations, but it is all about veto this week and that will determine who goes to finale night. Taylor is saying someone lied about flipping and Brittany is talking to her and Taylor tells her she will not like nominations.


Brittany asks Taylor who she would prefer to go to F3 if she were to win veto and they talk about Monte and Taylor thinks Monte would want to take Brittany over Turner to F3 but Brittany does not think that would be the case.


Taylor is talking to Monte and she is thinking about Turner and Brittany up and letting Monte to make the final vote. Taylor says since one of them voted for her and one is lying. Monte thinks Brittany would like to sit next to Turner over her.


Monte does not think he is safe with Brittany at all. Taylor is telling Monte Brittany says she wants Turner out. Monte does not believe he would be safe and he wants to win veto and ensure his own safety.


Turner wants to talk to Brittany and she seems hesitant to talk to him and does not say she wants to talk to him and he says he just wants to know what happened. He says he just wishes she would have told him. Brittany does not think there is anything to say.


Turner tells Brittany that he does not like that she used his friendship with Alyssa as a pitch in order to kick out her friend. He says that is slimy. Brittany says what is slimy is backstabbing your friend and voting them out.


Turner says Brittany is the most manipulative person he has ever met. She has no allegiance and loyalty to anyone. He needs to try and get Brittany on the target list and he heads to HOH and tells them about the conversation and he gets emotional.


Turner says voting out Alyssa like that sucks and he apologizes. Turner says he did not want Alyssa to go at that expense and he hates that Brittany played that the way she did. Taylor says she is empathetic but she is also paranoid and wondering if it is an act.


Taylor says in her core she has shady feelings about both Brittany and Turner. She just thinks she should put them both on the block and watch them fight for their lives and make her decision from there.


It is time for the nomination ceremony! Taylor’s first nominee is…Brittany. Her second nominee is…Turner. She nominated them because she was surprised from a split vote and one of them is lying. She says this veto has more weight than another veto.


Taylor says F4, what really matters is the veto because it determines who has the sole vote to evict. She would like to be in a F3 with Brittany and Monte so she does not want Turner to win veto.


Turner says Brittany is trying to pin the vote on him so he wants to focus on veto and throw it in Brittany’s face. Monte is scared of Brittany winning veto because he is not sure she would take him to F3. Brittany needs to win because she does not trust Monte or Turner.


Brittany is going to talk to Taylor and she asks if Turner is actually saying she flipped. Brittany knew Turner would waste no time going to Taylor and she does not blame him, but she needs to do some damage control and convince Taylor it was Turner who flipped.


Taylor says she may never know who is telling the truth, but for her game it is best to keep Brittany because she thinks she can beat her. She says Brittany can keep yapping but she needs to get her head in the game and win veto so she can vote out Turner.


It is time for the veto competition! Each HG is in their own “room” and it is for Mathletes. They will uncover a panel and see a photo from the season and they have to get numbers from the calculator to put under the photo representing what day that occurred.


After they answer all the photos they calculate a final sum. If any are wrong, they have to fix it. First to get it right will win the final POV! Brittany says the only way she can guarantee her spot in the F3 is to win. Turner wants the power to decide who goes to F3.


Brittany sees the wall comp and puts up day 37. Taylor says if she takes the veto she gets to decide who the sole vote to evict would be so there is still serious power here. They see Ameerah’s eviction day on Day 23.


Turner does not remember every single day but he does remember the days of the HOH’s so he should be able to figure it out. Monte says he is not on the block and he wants to keep it that way. He has to win it and this veto is do or die.


There is a picture of OTEV from day 32. Taylor has been studying the days but she wants to take her time and get everything right so she does not have to do math over and over and over. Monte sees Terrance and Michael from Day 44.


Turner sees a picture of him and Jasmine hugging and he knows it was Day 16 and then he was stuck with her for three weeks. Brittany sees the double eviction from Day 65 and that was an impossible day to forget.


Taylor sees a picture from Pie Fest on Day 9. Monte sees a picture of Zingbot and he has a bone to pick with him because he is not boring. Turner says he did not come this far just to lose now and he is putting days with the first letter of name of the HOH comp.


Turner answers 313 and he has 4 answers wrong. Monte says it is time for him to put his mechanical engineering background to work. He rings in and is wrong and has 2 answers wrong. Brittany answers 329 and she has 2 wrong as well.


Brittany changes her answer when she realizes the picture of Ameerah and Terrance is from eviction night and not nominations and rushes to ring in because she believes she has fixed it.


Brittany is wrong and has 1 incorrect and she does not know what is wrong. She is confident in her answers and she thinks it is her math. Turner makes a change and still has two wrong. Taylor has 2 wrong.


Monte says every second he wastes and he is feeling the pressure. He switches out his answer on Zingbot and has 1 wrong. Brittany changes an answer and she rings in and she is incorrect again.


Monte makes a change and he is still wrong. He is off by one on the Snoozefest and he makes a change and rings in and he still is incorrect. Brittany is still working and she says she is sprinting back and forth in a mental comp.


Brittany is starting to panic because she has added the numbers 1000 times and she cannot figure out what is going on. Monte is still wrong so he swaps back to his original answer on Snoozefest and is still wrong. Taylor and Turner are still making changes.


Monte says the last thing he needs right now is Brittany to win and she could win this at any second and he is not letting the most important veto of the summer slip through his fingers. Brittany says she has been studying days all summer.


Monte looks again and he changes Snoozefest again and his final answer and he rings in and is correct and Monte has won POV! The other HG all go to his room and he says this competition was a must win and he secured his spot in the F3 and he decides who goes with him.


Turner is stoked that Monte is the sole vote to evict and he likes Brittany even less than himself. Taylor had wanted to win for her resume but if she had to lose she is good it was to Monte. Brittany says it is frustrating that she was so close.


Taylor and Brittany are talking in the SR and Taylor tells her to give up. Brittany says she was one number off and at the end of the day Monte holds her fate in his hands. She thinks Monte has a better shot at winning against Brittany over Turner.


Taylor says whether she trusts Brittany or not is besides the point because she thinks she has a better shot at beating Brittany. She needs to do everything she can to get her to the F3 and talk to Monte.


Taylor and Monte celebrate his POV win in the HOH room with a kiss and they say we did it. Taylor says they have to make sure they sit in the F2 seats. Taylor says you know Turner beats both of us.


Taylor feels a lot better about sitting F2 with Brittany than Monte. She can win the money and he can take her on a date. She needs to convince him that Brittany is a safer choice.


Taylor thinks her best shot at winning is against Brittany so she needs to convince Monte and make BB history. Brittany says it is not looking good and she is going to try to think of something she can pull out of her hat but she is not giving up.


Turner says there is only one vote to evict someone this week and his fate is in Monte’s hands and he hopes his dream comes true of watching Brittany walk out. Monte does think he could beat Brittany over Turner, but he is not confident she would take him there.

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