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Saturday, September 17, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:26AM BBT

Taylor begins going through the HoH fridge in search of munchies. Turner is still asleep on the couch but then wakes up to Taylor cleaning out the fridge.

Turner: Yo, yo. What's up?

Taylor: I'm trying to clean this shit out?

Turner: How is it going, the cleaning?

Taylor: Good so far

Turner: Do we have any idea what time it is right now?

Taylor: It's like 11 something. Brittany just went to bed. Monte is in the DR.

Turner: Oh damn


Turner says the smell of the food has him needing to go get something to eat. Taylor offers him a veggie wrap.

Turner: Coll, that's fire.

He heads downstairs and says he may come back, "If the time makes sense."

Taylor: You know where to find me

Turner: Facts



12:38AM BBT

Monte is out of the DR and rejoins Taylor in the HoHR taking his previous position on the couch with the headphones. Turner is getting ready for bed in the bathroom downstairs.


1:00AM BBT

Turner is now sleeping in the dark Car Design bedroom.


1:13AM BBT

Monte tells Taylor that Turner has really soft hands but his are rough and calloused.

taylor: It's all that weight lifting, strong man. 

Monte: Strong Man, Strong man, yeah that's me (play on lyrics)


1:55AM BBT

In the HoHR, Monte and Taylor are discussing previous relationships. Monte describes his second girlfriends as unsupportive in his interests. "A constant questioning of why I am doing what I am doing, so I decided to break up with her."


2:00AM BBT

Monte details how he broke up with her while Taylor listens with interest then laughs after he details how he used Instagram to message her. Monte says his brother and dad were making fun of him and telling him he should write the pimp handbook, but he never meant to be cold-blooded.

Taylor: You were calling me and Ameerah cold-blooded this whole time and you are just like us.

Monte: Well, you guys wave it around like it's a flag to wave.

Monte explains that it comes off as empowering for women, but men just look like assholes.


Talk turns to Turner thinking his jury management is fucked. Monte says he doesn't think Turner would get Jasmine, Terrance, Michael...Monte says they think Joseph would vote for either of them over Turner. Taylor wishes she knew what was going on in the jury house.

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2:26AM BBT

Monte and Taylor cuddle on the couch and discuss their games. Taylor says she feels she will be seen as a bad player for wanting to play a girls' game but evicting women on both her her HOH reigns. Monte poingts out to Taylor that she very much considers what others think of her and he understands that, but he feels like she needs to look at things objectively and consider how she was treated in the house. Monte tells her that he respects where she is coming from but she was playing based on a gender rather than human interaction, "People show themselves with their actions. Like, when Kyle started acting sketch, he had to go. It doesn't matter that he was a dude."

Taylor says she will do the right thing but can't help questioning things, "I saty it to share why I struggle......it's a matter of, Wow, how do reckon with the game I wanted to play and the game I am playing."

Monte: I wish the women in this season reacted differently to each other.

Taylor: Me too

Monte: I really do! I wish Jasmine never said that shit about you on day one. I wish Indy never felt so hell bent on you because she thought you were attracted to me and coming for me and competing with her. I really do. I wish that Alyssa didn't put all her eggs in the Kyle basket. I wish Nicole wasn't so fucking emotional and bat shit crazy.  I wish that Ameerah wasn't playing bully ball and use people as pawns in chess board. I wish that wasn't the case with all of the women in the house. I wish Brittany was able to have more of a social game.... had played her own game and not one that depended on Michael. I wish that these weren't the circumstances. But this is what has led to the women in this house being...

Taylor: being in the position they're in

Monte: Yeah

Monte goes on to say that it was all internal "Within the group that progress wasn't made"

Taylor: The women of 25 will learn from our mistakes

They discuss the Cookout and how they worked together despite their tighter relationships being better with people outside of their alliance.

Monte: In order to achieve their objective of the year, they put all that aside and X was able to benefit from that...the game should be played from a human perspective and not what demographic you are in.


Taylor: Why do you want to take me to final two instead of Turner

Monte says he would rather lose to black woman than anybody. He explains that Taylor helped him to see the black woman's perspective, "I would prefer for me to sit next to you because that would be a great chance for you to win against me (a black male). If I win next to you, that would be great, but if I lose to you, I lose to an honorable cause. That's just how I think about thing."

Taylor: No matter who it comes down to, I am choosing you. I am committed to that. God damn, I got a really tough jury to go up against. Your jury is solid. It's going to be tough for me. I am choosing the tougher battle.

Monte: You have the comeback story of hte year....you had pivotol moments where you controlled your own destiny... with both of your HoHs.


[Honestly, I would have loved to see Taylor evict Monte because it would completely backup her cause and prove she was there to win the game, not a showmance. It would be an undeniable strong move, especially given she has a better chance to win with Turner and certainly Britt. Yet, I love these two as a couple. I think they are bringing out the best in each other, which is exactly what a strong partnership is all about. I feel they are being straigh up with each other. I have nothing but happy wishes for this couple in the furture. -MamaLong]







Taylor listens to Monte outline his thoughts and perspective with admiration. She continually nods her head in agreement and exhibits overwhelming approval at his explanation for the way things are and the way things should be. 


With surprise she declares, "Fuck you Monte" (the f-bomb has become a compliment)

Monte: Fuck me?

Taylor: Okay


2:45AM BBT

They begin smooching and as things heat up, Monte declares his beard needs to be conditioned in the shower. Taylor adamantly agrees and they head into the bathroom with Monte explaining they need to drape the towels (for full privacy)

Taylor: Chocolate coffee body scrub or coconut body scrub?

They decide on the coconut body scrub.






Screenshotter--StreamBigBrother2021LiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-154865’01” (1).png

2:46AM BBT

Taylor reads the directions on the packaging for the body scrub when BB asks them to put on their microphones. They reply that they both have their microphones on

Bob: Sorry

Monte: Okay, you guys

Taylor: Isn't there something else you could focus on?






The feeds move to a sleeping Turner.


3:48AM BBT

The feeds return to the HoHR where Monte and Taylor discuss being in final three.


4:20AM BBT

The house is dark and silent. Everyone is finally sleeping in the BB24 house, with Monte and Taylor cuddled up in bed like a happy couple.

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11:32am BBT Kitchen Brittany and Taylor are talking. It is mostly Brittany trying to convince Taylor that Monte doesn’t make sense on why he would keep Turner over her and If he Keeps Turner then Monte doesn’t care about a Final 2 with you. 

she is on wash rinse and repeat. Brittany is trying to make sense of the math. She repeats and starts to break down the math on who played with who and who has a better average [frankly she is pitching a hard game to Taylor when she has no control over who is voted out~Witchy67]


11:36am BBT Brittany continues with badgering Taylor how bad it is for Monte to choose Turner over herself. Taylor makes coffee and Looks in the mirror. Brittany is telling her what she will say to jury. How is Montes veto that big of a deal to get Michael out. [in my opinion Taylor is trying to find a way out of the convo. But Brittany is continuing with her badgering of Taylor ~Witch67]

11:39am BBT Brittany is asking ..give me something to take to him and repeats what she has been saying keep me Keeep meeee. She says she needs to think this thru on what to say to him. Taylor said let’s go out side, take your time you have all day and all week. [for the love of the game I hope Monte just tells everyone his decision~Witchy67]


11:42am BBT feeds cut  to Monte coming out of DR and giving a Nod to Taylor. And Britt finally decides to go take a shower. Taylor goes to backdoor and says welcome to camp Camp consular reporting for duty then whispers God Brittany and goes outside.


11:43am BBT backyard Taylor sits on weight bench and says the only shot she has to win game is taking Monte to the final two.



11:46am BBT Monte comes outside with a bowl of food He asked TAYLOR what she has on her mind and she says the game the game the game they talk about it being a very cloudy day but it feels nice outside apparently he is eating a bowl of granola and yogurt. 

11:47am BBT Monte say with us DR’s and everything and it’s already past 1130 I don’t think we’ll have the veto ceremony today TAYLOR disagrees and says yeah she thinks it’s going to be today


11:49am BBT TAYLOR goes on to say that she thinks Wednesday is going to be a live show


11:50am BBT Monte says it feels peaceful in the backyard and Taylor yes yes very peaceful. Monte says he is looking forward to this …Taylor said yes on a beach somewhere. [Taylor looks sad ~Witch67]


11:52am BBT Taylor says nooo and takes her shoe and is killing bugs. 
Monte comes back outside from warming up his granola. Monte repeats this is peaceful. Taylor talks about where all the houseguest would be if they were still in the house. 

11:44am BBT Monty says we are 11 days from finishing all this and back to a New World TAYLOR says she doesn’t know what she’s gonna step back into I don’t know is going on with the Nationals. Monte asked what she is worried about. Taylor says what someone is doing to her. Monte ask who is doing it? Taylor says anything could be being said. Taylor is worried about what will be said about BB and how it could affect her. Taylor says there is Power and creating your own narrative she doesn’t want to see it that way cause it sounds like you’re lying but there is power in taking back your own story. 

11:58am BBT airplanes and lots of noise

Monte says he doesn’t see things that way …but he can see the way she does ….

………airplane noise…..

Monty goes on to say that this could be opening doors two different things for her and basically telling her to not worry bout her narrative, she will be able to control her story 

12:00pm BBT Talk changes to the birds. She points out the one with the fuzzy face and Taylor points out more, Monte says I wonder if they are going to dump on them. 
they laugh about him seeing the birds, and that being the first thing he noticed.


12:02pm BBTMonte asked what do you hope to get out of this TAYLOR says I win the game she also says she hope she’s well received by everyone out there.

Monte reassures her that people that know her will not see her differently

they talk about !ive feeders and Monty says live feeders take up a very small portion of the outside [oh Monte if you only knew! ~Witch67]

Monte goes on to say in quotations if you’re speaking to the house guest and that’s what they are speaking about how she is like a man eater and how she talked to the house guest and how they talk to her then that will be a clue on how you’re being perceived yeah


12:06am Mighty goes on to say oh anxiety and you’re having anxiety and Taylor says she does feel anxiousand TAYLOR brings up the fun and they’ve been having



Monte says he is gonna approach people who have negative things to say , he is gonna tell them you go on in a house and not have contact, but he don’t care

he talks about being in Mexico and he was feeling sensitive and moved his leg the wrong way and was ouch. It is a real thing, men don’t make that up to just have sex with someone or whack one off 


Monte says so let the feeders have their fun. Taylor agrees and say they can go freak themselves I enjoy sex and like sex. 

Monte says they are not hurting anyone they are just living life. He says he’ll maybe this will make me more interesting to these people.  Taylor laughs they think your boring Monte




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12:12pm BBT Monte talks about Turner talking about quantum physics and they laugh 

FEEDS CUT to sleeping Turner 

Feeds cut back and more talk about quantum physics and his one friend 

feeds keep cutting 


12:14pm BBT Taylor shares people don’t think she is smart as she is and how people are talkers .. They notice a butterfly and the wingspan. 

12:16pm BBT Taylor says we need to find you some lotion for your hands, she doesn’t want a man with rough hands touching her body. Monte asks you want a man with smooth hands ? She say I don’t want a man with rough hands touching all over my body. Monte says well you will have to help with that. 



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Filling in the gap...


12:20pm BBT Monte/Taylor in BY discuss children. Taylor thinks gender revals are weired - jus tbe happy to have a healthy baby. Monte asks how old should a child be before having a sex change? Taylor would rather her child be alive & transition than be miserable.

12:25pm BBT Monte says his concern would be whethr they are true feelings or just exploring identity. Taylor says she would want first to provide a safe space. Monte would consult professionals. It's a whole new world. Most of the problem, he says, comes from religion.

12:30pm BBT It's easy to feel like you have your life figured out. Taylor says there were kids in her HS who transitioned. At first she wondered why, then she wondered why was it such a big deal. She wasn't open-minded in middle school and made comments she regreted.

12:32pm BBT Monte's childhood was similar, he was a heterosexual male who didn't understand what he didn't understand. Monte can't imagine what it's been like for Turner/Britt to be away from their significant others. At least Turner got 3 letters & pics, says Taylor.

12:34pm BBT Monte says Britt is trying to figure out who she is w/o Steven. They've been together for 12 years, Taylor notes. Taylor doesn't want to settle down until her 30s. She doesn't want her identity to be defined by marriage wondering who she once was before.

12:50pm BBT Britt is in the GBR getting ready for the day. Monte heads to the CBR and says hi. Turner walks by and doesn't say anything. Monte tells Britt/Turner he was always into math & physics in HS. He loved Mythbusters, it used to be his jam.

1:05pm BBT Monte telsl Britt/Turner he's an engineer. It doesn't matter now that he's F3. Everyone thinks he's just an athlete because of his body and becaues he's an African American male. Do you actually run a business, Britt asks? Yes, he says.

1:07pm BBT Monte wants to teach HS Physics. Do you have a Masters, Britt asks? No, he says. Her husband does so he can teach in college. He was a math minor in college. Monte wants to introduce physics to kids and hope they take to it. 

1:09pm BBT Monte says his HS physics teacher made it exciting. Britt suggests an aftershool program can be good for kids interested in things like physics. Britt's brain doesn't work like that (math). Monte asks Turner if he wants to play Pool - of course he does.

1:11pm BBT While they play pool, Monte tries to explain frecitin and aerodynamics. He says gravity is an equation. If you have a small and large object, there is an equation that represents the force the small object has on the large object. That's the earth & the moon.

1:13pm Monte tells Turner his undergrad degree was mechanical engineering. The first 3 years were hard; the last year was a party. He's not sure he'd do the same major again, though, maybe psychology instead, why people think the way they do (BB could be a case study).

1:15pm BBT Turner is having trouble waking up today. In the KT, Taylor tells Britt this is a big moment for them. Britt says she gave up yesterday but is back on game. Monte needed time to cool off. He told her about his degree this morning.

1:17pm BBT Taylor says Monte told her last night. He told you before her & Turner, she observes. Taylor says her dad was a ME major and in the same frat as Monte. Britt sas she'll be bummed if it doesn't work out. Taylor says me too. She'll do what she can for Britt.

1:19pm BBT Britt tells Taylor she has her vote. Michael will vote for game. She doesn't know who Joe would vote for. She thinks Taylor is F2 no matter who wins. She hopes she can share the F3 experience. She's lost 4lbs during the show. That's great, Taylor says.

1:21pm BBT Britt thinks Terrance was more interested in working out and losing weight than playing the game. If it was Monte/Turner in F2, she doesn't want to be bitter but might vote Turner. She doesn't think Monte made as many game moves. 

1:23pm BBT Taylor is worried what the Jury thinks of her. Britt says she and Turner are too different to see eye-to-eye. Lunch is ready and Taylor brings it out to Monte/Turner in the BY. She feeds Monte a bite while Britt eats alone at the BY table.

2:00pm BBT Turner asks Taylor about Trunk Club, where Taylor works. Shipping costs $25 and she's sent out trunks worth up to $10k of clothes. They have a limited time to pick what they want to keep & return the rest. Sometimes customers claim the trunks were lost.

2:03pm BBT Taylor says she takes the customers' requests & picks the clothes. The warehouse fills it. The customer has 48hrs to decide. When she's working with a client in person, she'll bring out a rack and they can try stuff on. 

2:05pm BBT Taylor says she researched Trunk Club, Red Beast & StitchFix. Trunk Club was hiring nearby. She jokes she had to be careful when she said Trunk Club in DC because people sometimes heard something different. 

2:08pm BBT Turner says he has a warehouse full of thrift clothes that he wants to turn into a business. Taylor says she may have some connections. Turner says this isn't BB, it's Shark Tank (that's another network). 

2:10pm BBT Turner asks if Taylor would be a celebrity stylist. She preferrs working in Detroit, helping people find confidence in their style. Britt says a friend got a stylist and it catipulted her career. Taylor doesn't think being a celeb stylist would be fulfilling.

2:20pm BBT Taylor is watching Monte work out in the BY while Turner naps in the large duck floatie. Britt is watching Turner. 

3:00pm BBT Taylor and Monte are cleaning the KT. Are you exploring your options, she asks? He wants to talk later. Taylor says they have one week, the Veto ceremony, but the game is played out. Monte says Turner said Britt would need divine intervention now.

3:05pm BBT Why did I guess 480s, Taylor wonders, the comp felt like 15m. She wanted to underestimate and went for 8m. Monte said 480 seconds is 4m. 8m, Taylor corrects (she's right). Britt guessed 2600s. She knew Britt would overestimate. Monte says she won anyway.

3:30pm BBT Monte is showering in HoH. Turner heads up & puts on Beyonce. Monte calls out he won't be too long. Do you have plans in there, Turner asks? Monte replies he's trying to get some relief. Taylor joins and asks who's in the shower. 

3:22pm BBT Taylor asks if Turner knows how to play Solitaire. He doesn't. In the SBR, Britt is separating the colors from a bag of M&Ms into Ziplocs. One bag is Taylor's the other is Turners. Let's think about it. She puts M&Ms into the bags based on comp wins. 

3:55pm BBT Monte asks if they are done memorizing days. Taylor hopes so. Britt continues placing M&Ms into bags to visually demonstrate why Turner is a bigger threat to Monte iN F3. 

4:25pm BBT Britt goes to the BY & says hi to the camera. The other 3 are napping together in HoH which is a bad sign. She is trying to use logic/reasoning to chart a path to Turner's eviction. She thinks she can appeal to Monte's logical side. 

4:27pm BBT Britt says she took the data from all 25 comps and Monte usually beats Britt, but against Turner it's a crapshoot. Her point is it makes more sense for Monte to compete F3 against her than Turner. If he's a true mathlete, her numbers should be convincing.

4:35pm BBT Britt is going to present the bags of M&Ms as graphs, looking at the data objectivesly not knowing which players the colors represent. Monte is blue, Taylor is orange, and Turner is Brown. 

4:40pm BBT Britt heads to the SBR to work out her plan. She's going to start with casual convo, talking about podcasts and fun stuff. Ten she's going to appeal to his visual nature and show him the bags of M&Ms, calling them charts. 

4:45pm BBT Britt will explain to Monte that the charts show Turner has beaten Monte when they go head to head. She knows both Taylor/Monte would take him F2, so she has to convince Monte that in order to be the narrator of his own story, he has to win Final HoH over her.

5:10pm BBT Britt goes up to HoH and quietly opens the door, then closes it. Taylor looks up but doesn't see anyone. Britt heads to the BY then checks the SBR/CBR. She looks in the SR and nobody is there. She goes back outside and climbs into the hammock.

5:14pm BBT Britt can tell someone just went upstairs so she goes to HoH again. Monte is on the bed and Taylor is on the couch. She's a guest in her own HoH, she jokes. Britt sits on the other couch. They talk about BB donating their extra food to a food bank.

5:17pm BBT Monte says he gets his restless foot from his mom. Britt rocks back & forth. They saw pics of them in the house during the Veto comp. Britt was worried the camera would add 10lbs. Taylor says Alyssa looked like an angel. 

5:25pm BBT Taylor asks what they have left to do? Naps, Britt jokes. Taylor shares her soap w/Britt to smell. She calls Monte "you", forgetting Monte's name. How will I remeomber 2 kids, she wonders. MOnte says his mom callled them Kid 1 and Kid 2. Britt says same.

5:30pm BBT The HG start discussing Celebrity BB. Taylor is hoping for hard cider and wine tonight. 

5:45pm BBT The HG go into the SR & fined tie dye kits. Plus wine. They got 2 shirts each. Monte tells Turner he can do his. Britt goes over the directions, even checking the microwave wattage. Taylor is picking out colors. Britt will try diff colors but same design.

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Finishing out the day...


10:00pm BBT Taylor asks if Britt came up to HoH earlier. You guys were naping, Britt says. She was looking for Monte or Turner. If the door's open, Taylor tells her, come on in. F*ck it, she's seen her naked. Britt tends to be conservative and knock first. 

10:05pm BBT Britt looks at the Mem Wall. It's sad, none of them will win. Taylor laughs. Monte says Taylor took his black hoodie. You're accusing the only Black woman in the house of stealing? MOnte doesn't care what color she is, he wants it back. (they're laughing).

10:10pm BBT Britt looks at the sink and says they're just letting sh*t pile up. They got some hard cider along with the wine and Britt' starting to feel it. She had 2 tonight.

10:40pm BBT Taylor went to the same private school Pre-K through 12th grade. She went to college out of state and enjoyed meeting new people. Britt moved her entire life. No one from her HS went to her college, Taylor says. Turner says same with him.

10:50pm BBT Taylor/Monte/Britt/Turner wonder what the JH is like. Turner is the lone survivor of DF, Taylor says. I should get a shirt, Turner jokes. Britt thought Kyle & Monte were straight off the Disney Channel. Taylor could tell Turner was artsy. 

11:10pm BBT Taylor goes up to HoH and tells Monte to bring in the tie dye stuff. She's going to take a bath. While the tub is filling, she's dancing around to her HoH music. 

11:30pm BBT Britt is in bed in the GBR, ready to sleep. BB turns the lights out. Turner/Monte are in the BY playing pool. Turner saw Once Upon A Time In Hollywood & liked it so much he brought Megan's family to see it. Monte can't remember the last time he saw a movie.

11:46pm BBT Monte goes inside and the clock says 11:40pm. He thought Britt said 11:40pm earlier. Maybe time has stopped. Theyd on't need time moving slower. This has been the summer of a lifetime, but it's run its course.

11:50pm BBT Monte thinks Daniel must feel stupid about using the Veto. Daniel wanted to be in Jury. He should have trusted the process, he would have been fine. Monte asks why everyone hated Taylor so much. Nicole said Taylor was easy to control. 

11:52pm BT Turner say Pooch didn't know how to play BB. Monte says Pooh & Paloma were entertaining, though. Turner wonders where Kyle would have been without his blunder? Monte thinks he could have won. Turner agrees. Monte says Michael won't win AFP because of his role.

11:55pm BBT Monte thinks Taylor or Turner will win AFP. He says Michael was a good rep for the LGBTQ community and that will overshadow what he did to Kyle. People forgive quickly (they cancel even faster), but what Michael did was damning. 

11:58pm BBT Monte thinks BB won't show how suspicious Michael's timimg was & hopes BB doesn't just show what Kyle said & not provide the backstory. Turner remmebers a long-haired dude from BB21 that was liked & is now hated. That was Jack, Monte says (not so much liked).

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