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Thursday, September 15, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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12:11 BBT The card game has broken up. Taylor says she's going to get ready for bed "don't hate me" she says. Turner and Monte talk about playing Chinese Checkers. Alyssa leaves the room and Monte Turner and Taylor are whispering. Turner tells them Britt tried to make a final 2 with him yesterday. I knew it says Monte. In the sbr Britt is telling Alyssa that "he" still says he's voting you out. Alyssa thanks her and says they'll talk tomorrow. Britt goes to bed.

12:17 in kt Turner is telling them Britt's pitch. She tried to get Turner to give Alyssa a sympathy vote. Have you thought about your jury votes she asked. He asked how Britt was voting and she gave a mixed answer. Monte and Taylor tell Turner that they saw on the hoh camera that they saw Britt pull Turner into the sr. They laughed because they thought they knew what she was doing. 

12:21 Turner says Britt threatened him with Alyssa's friendship when voting. They say they are united in getting Britt out next week. 

Brit comes out and interrupts their convo. She says Alyssa is packing.

12:25 In the SBR Alyssa sits on a bed staring into space in front of her unpacked suitcase.


12:33 BBT the whispering continues in the kt about Britt. Turner says to Taylor "if she isn't loyal to you?!" They say Britt and ALyssa think Turner will be easy to flip and that he will work on Monte to keep Alyssa. 

Their voices go to normal levels (Alyssa in bathroom area) and they discuss snacks. Lots of chewing noises. Turner says Triscuits are always served at weddings and funerals.


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1:52pm BBT Washroom/Bathroom area Monte is shaving is head, Turner brushed teeth, Taylor brushing teeth and washing face.



1:54pm BBT spacebedroom Alyssa and Turner are talking Alyssa says Turner is her best friend and the best thing that ever happened to her, her back is to the camera. She sounds like she is crying, lots of sniffles, she said if she manages to stay in the house and gets HOH Turner will never see the block. 


she goes on to say if Monte sends her home, she will go to jury and do major damage control with Michael for Turner. He says he appreciates it . 

1:56pm BBT Turner helps Alyssa pack. She gives him directions on how to pack. 
she asks if she has any chance with Monte and Turner says uh yeah ..

[I don’t think Monte has told her she is going ~ Witchy67 ]


1:58pm BBT Alyssa asks Turner do you think I have added value to your game ? And Turner says you have brought value to my life! And yeah my game. Alyssa gets very emotional and they hug it out 


2:00pm BBT packing continues and they talk about the brands of her clothes and Turner asks if she goes thrifting. She said there is not much but Goodwill. Turner said that’s the best. 


2:02pm BBT packing continues and Turner is rolling up a dress and asks Hey have you worn this ? Alyssa said no, I was going to were it around the pool, but then thought who do I think I am! Turner said aww it’s my favorite one! General chitchat on packing. 

2:04pm BBT Alyssa asks if I leave is there any messages you want me to pass along? Turner says hmmm no not really I just hope Michael didn’t take it personally and I hope Kyle is doing better. 

Alyssa thanks him for helping her pack. 

2:07pm BBT Alyssa is deciding if she wants to keep any of the comp clothes and Turner is like WHAAAAT a you gotta keep them. 

2:08pm Turner found a pair of Michaels comp pants and decides to keep them. Because they are Lu Lu’s and he is going to wash them. Alyssa is not keeping hers because they are not Lu Lu’s

2:09pm BBT Turner leaves and say go to Monte go get ‘em Alyssa sighs 



2:11pm BBT Kitchen Turner is now in the Kitchen playing with the cards. Alyssa has joined him looking for something to eat. She wishes they had English muffins. Turner wishes they had avocados Alyssa heads to storage and passes Brittany in the hall .



2:13pm BBT bathroom/Washroom Monte is still cutting his hair. Brittany is combing her hair. Turner is now using a straightening brush on his hair. While Taylor takes a shower. [They are going to be so lonely at home with out having friends in the bathroom with them ~Witch67]

2:17pm BBT Monte and Turner leave the area,  Taylor is finishing her shower. Brittany is flat ironing her hair. Taylor whispers something and Britt say I guess we will see what happens. 

2:18pm BBT Feeds cut ~WBRB

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11:35AM BBT

Alyssa is lying in bed in the Space Age Bedroom.



11:37AM BBT

Alyssa gets out of bed then finds Britt in the Golf Pro Bedroom. They hug then head into the Space Age Bedroom to chat.

Alyssa: Whatever happens today, happens. No matter what, I still love you.

Britt tells Alyssa that Turner is still planning to vote her out. Britt asked him if he is going to tell her, and he says no because it's "major uncomfy." He didn't want to make Taylor or Monte mad. Britt says she told him Alyssa will devastated. Turner replied that if their friendship hinges on this game then it may not be a solid friendship after all.

Alyssa: Thank you for saying that.

Britt: He said he would think about it then tell me what he is doing. He could be lying to me because they might be afraid I would give Taylor a sympathy vote. He has lied to me a million times. He has betrayed his friends a million times.

Alyssa: Maybe he is lying to me. I'm gonna try to talk to him. I'm not gonna give up.

Britt: You have my vote no matter what.

Alyssa: That makes me feel better.

Britt: I want him to be the one to feel bad because he didn't do it. (save Alyssa)

Alyssa says she plans to ask Turner to please leave it Monte to break the tie by voting for her.

Britt:  I hope what he is telling me is a lie and he is gonna keep you.

Alyssa: Thank you





2:16PM BBT

Alyssa is complaining about the cereal options, again.

Alyssa: Froot Loops is the best I could find

Monte: They are all mid. Even though it's not helathy, I would want Frosted Flakes or Captain Crunch.

Alyssa: Yeah



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2:22pm BBT Monte brought down is basket of food from the HOH. Alyssa say oh my gosh you brought all this down? He said they asked for the basket so I brought it all down. She tells ask him when he gets a chance she would like a few minutes with him

2:24pm BBT Alyssa is now in GBR cleaning mirrors. 

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3:08pm BBT  Space bedroom Monte and Alyssa chatting Monte is sharing he wants to be open and honest he said his game wise is to get Brittany out next week. He said he is with Turner and Taylor next week. She said she appreciated his honesty and she hopes Turner at least gives her a friend vote. Monte says he is a straight shooter. 

she asks if he thinks and it will be a tie. He said he is glad they talked because it will still be awkward, but at least he can look at her with a smile because she knows. 
and she appreciates it because she doesn’t want to be blind sided and go out there crying when she talks to Julie she can be prepared. 

3:12pm BBT Alyssa leaves and Monte continues vacuuming. 

Feeds cut to bathroom Brittany is still fixing her hair and Turner is giggling over thinking about Taylor videos..


3:22pm BBT Monte is a master vacuuming champion! He is vacuuming the space age bedroom then golf pro bedroom, now the main living room area! The vacuum is very loud! But there will be no lint left behind! 

3:33pm BBT Monte talks with Taylor and said he just talked to Alyssa and told her and now that’s over with. Taylor asks how did it go? He said she started crying. He said we just get thru tonight and concentrate on HOH. 

3:35pm BBT Brittany comes in and says she needs to rest and climbs into bed and covers up.

[after all that time curling and straightening and floofing her hair ~ Witch67]


Taylor continues to try and get all of her high healed shoes in the suitcase 

3:40pm BBT feeds cut …Kitten Cams! 

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12:10am BBT Alyssa goes to change into her PJs. While she's gone, Turner whispers something abotu Britt to Monte. I knew it, Monte says. They should talk with Taylor about it later tonight. Taylor says if you two are lying about Britt, you are the best liars.

12:15am BBT Turner tells Monte/Taylor that Britt called him into the SR and sugtgested he give Alyssa a sympathy vote. Britt knows she can beat Allyssa in any comp. You guys are my game, Turner tells Monte/Taylor, I am not voting Taylor out. 

12:18am BBT Monte says Britt is so bad at the game. Why does she keep lying? Monte says she wants to take Taylor out this week and him out next week. They hope she's too sick to compete tomorrow. Turner doesn't like that she's so manipulative (has he EVER watched BB?).

12:21am BBT Monte says if Britt doesn't tell Taylor about her convo with Turner, it's the same pattern. (Why on earth would anyone she her target she's trying to get her out? Monte's logic circuits are broken). Alyssa stands in front of her empty suitcase in the SBR.

12:25am BBT Monte/Turner/Taylor setting in at the DT for Chinese Checkers. Alyssa returns to the KT. I thought you were changing, Taylor says. I haven't packed yet, Alyssa realized. She heads to the WA to get her things.

12:30am BBT Monte/Turner say Britt must be crazy to think Turner would flip so easily. Turner says she plays dirty. They go to HoH. Taylor has to feel like sh*t, everyone throwing her under the bus. Turner says Taylor is forgiving. 

12:45am BBT Monte gives Taylor credit for humoring Alyssa tonight. Monte/Turner start packign up Monte's HoH room to bring downstairs. Monte announces to Turner he's got gass. Turner thought he was listening for noise outside the HoH door. They bring his HoH food down.

1:05am BBT Monte offers Turner/Taylor any of his HoH food. Taylor says some of it needs to be tossed. Taylor says she's going to wash then get to bed. She'll see them in the morning. Instead, she goes up to HoH. You OK, Monte asks? Taylor's heard worse.

1:10am BBT Taylor tells Monte as long as she has 2 votes, hopefully 3. Monte is sorry Taylor is taking the brunt of it. They enjoy a deep snog and she says she'll win HoH next week for them. She heads downstairs and Monte continues packing up HOH.

1:15am BBT Lights in the GBR are off for Taylor/Britt. Monte brings a bag down to the CBR. He returns to HoH to listen to music and watch the monitor, his head bopping and his face smiling. 

1:30am BBT All lights are out and all HG are sleeping.

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7:06PM BBT

The feeds return and we have a very happy new HoH.


7:30PM BBT

The new HoH....Taylor







7:38PM BBT

Turner, Monte and Taylor discuss the split vote. They knew Brittany's vote as soon as she finished voting based on her body language.

Taylor: This week is just about winning.



7:45PM BBT

I'm out for the night. -MamaLong

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7:07pm BBT Feeds return after Alyssa's eviction. Taylor says she's getting a letter and music! Turner says Alysa probably cried but that's OK (she was more classy than that). Britt says she really hopes she can see Steven (they are hoping for family videos this week).

7:10pm BBT Britt is kicking herself for guessing so high. She goes to the SR and Turner tells Monte he can't believe Britt flipped on Taylor. He hopes Monte knows it wasn't him. Monte says he'll have a talk with Taylor. 

7:15pm BBT Britt is sitting on the bed in the GBR. They say Britt's expression after the HoH comp was that she's f*cked. Monte knew how Britt voted by how she came out of the DR. He just didn't think she'd do it. 

7:17pm BBT It was the right decision to keep Taylor, Monte reasons, because Britt would have won that HoH had Alyssa stayed. Britt has been acting strange all week, so its no surprise she'd try to pin the vote on Turner. 

7:19pm BBT Turner says he'd be OK going up vs. Britt. They just need to win Veto. Monte really wanted Taylor to win HoH so she didn't have to suck up to Britt & could not confront her (keeping the HoH room never entered his mind of course, nor Turner winning apparently).

7:25pm BBT Monte says he looks at people's actions no matter how close you are. Britt/Taylor celebrate in the GBR. Britt says she has to win Veto and they can be F3. Taylor says the train keeps moving. Britt commits to bringing each other. Taylor has Britt's back.

7:30pm BBT Britt says it was good jury management for Turner to give Alyssa a sympathy vote. Taylor says it all started with a DM from a friend about TAR. She was contacted and said no, but then watched BB23 and her friend said it would be fun.

7:35pm BBT Taylor goes upstairs where Monte/Turner is playing bumper pool. He contratulates her for pulling it off. FashionFest, Taylor brags, come on. Monte says it was obvious Britt voted for Alyssa. Turner says Britt already pulled him into the SR. 

7:45pm BBT Monte says they are going to be so bored this week. Taylor says she's tied with Azah for how far she's made it in the game. Monte says Taylor didn't have a Cookout style alliance to help her (but she did have The Leftovers). 

7:48pm BBT Taylor says she's one of only 2 Black female HG to make it to F3, and Danielle Reyes was the only one to make F2. Taylor hopes Britt wasn't upset she mentioned she was recruited on Instagram. Turner says it doesn't matter if she's upset.

7:51pm BBT Turner can't wait to see how Britt spins her vote with him because he knows what she did. Taylor says Britt already said it wasn't her. She said she was surprised and was glad Monte followed through to keep her. As if he's not to be trusted, Monte complained.

7:54pm BBT Monte is frustrated with Britt. Taylor says she doesn't fault her for playing the game. Taylor wonders when the switch happened, because they were lockstep. Monte says probably after the DR where they were asked who they wanted in F3.

7:56pm BBT Britt joins Monte/Turner/Taylor in the WA but Monte is called to the DR. They talk about anything but the elephant in the room.

8:23pm BBT Taylor whispers to herself that Monte/Turner will go up and she hopes Turner goes out this week. 


9:00pm BBT Taylor has already received her HoH room. She got consmetics, snacks, flip flops, a floral bucket hat, a pink HoH robe, a reflective visor, Lays, Beyonce's Renaissance, and a letter from a friend. 

9:15pm BBT Taylor decides to hold 1-on-1's, starting with Britt. She tells Brit noms will be her and Turner. Monte/Turner are in the loft discussing how sketchy Britt has been since the eviction. They think Britt tried to use personal sh*t to get ahead in the game.

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9:30pm BBT Taylor listens to Britt spin how she sees the F4. Out in the loft, Monte/Turner are sure Taylor will see through it. Monte doesn't think Britt deserves to get anywhere near the prize money, she's not the kind of person who he wants to benefit from F3.

9:35pm BBT Britt tells Taylor she made F3 and deserves to pick her F2. Monte/Turner have each other. She is sticking to her story that Turner voted to keep Alyssa. Taylor is eating fruit snacks and listening patiently to everything Britt says.


9:40pm BBT Monte/Turner are in the loft trashing Britt and talking about what a threat Taylor will be in F3. Britt says noms don't matter, Veto matters. Sehe would rather be in the position of voting. It's important for Taylor to have someone she can trust voting.

9:43pm BBT Britt tells Taylor that she's worried Monte would vote to keep Turner or Turner would vote to keep Monte, and then Taylor has less of a chance to make F2. Monte is next and gives Taylor a big bear hug. Is this not rediculous, she says? 

9:46pm BBT Taylor tells Monte it's Turner and Britt but Veto is what matters. Monte says Britt would pick Turner for F3 hands down. She stops talking to her target and hasn't talked to him (he made it clear he didn't want to hear anything she had to say).

9:51pm BBT Turner talks to Britt in the WA. Britt doesn't want to talk about the vote. He's upset she didn't tell him about her vote, tried to use his friendship with Alyssa,  and now she's going to try to blame it on him. She's disgusting and slimey. 

9:53pm BBT Thanks for letting me know, Britt says. Turner barges in on Monte/Turner and relates the incident, breaking down in tears. He looks like an idiot and Alyssa's mad. Monte says that he's having this reaction to her means a lot to them.

9:56pm BBT Britt is taking off makeup in the GBR. Turner calms down and apologizes again for interrupting and heads back downstairs. Monte tells Taylor he wants to make sure her resume is tip top for the F3. He's not going to questin her decision. 

9:58pm BBT Taylor says she's the mob boss now. Taylor tells Monte she's considering, if she wins Veto, of keeping Britt. Monte asks if they can talk over those options? Taylor says who can I trust & who can I beat? I trust you, I can beat Britt.

10:05pm BBT Taylor says she's going to say either Turner/Britt voted against her aso they're going up. Monte says perfect. Monte says he understands Taylor's game but just doesn't want to reward someone like Britt for her behavior. 

10:08pm BBT Monte promises there is no circumstance where he'd pick Turner F2 over her. He says she has have HoH for the week. He's saying the right things, he teases. Taylor notes the LR scren says Nominations Today. They should change it to Nominations Tonight.


10:13pm BBT Turner is nodding off in the loft. Monte says he quietly clapped when Taylor won HoH and said thank god! BB cvalls Monte to the DR. They are surprised BB didn't want this convo on camera. 

10:15pm BBT Monte says he has no interest on working with anyone from DF, but Turner kind of latched onto him after he came back & after the Kyle thing (he's telling Taylor what she indicated she wanted to hear). Monte gives her some quick kisses then heads to the DR.

10:18pm BBT Turner comes into HoH and says he's having a tough time because of Britt. He starts tearing up again. For her to leverage his friendship. Taylor gives him the TP to wipe the tears. He never would have done something like that to her, he cries.

10:20pm BBT Taylor tells Turner Britt described him like a master chess player. Monte stops in the WA to wash up before heading to the DR. Taylor tells Turner she sees his game as acting on instinct, doing the right thing, operating from a moral code. 

10:22pm BBT Turner says Britt told him to do damage control in his GB message for his vote for Taylor (it was his idea) and then she blamed him in her GB msg (she didn't). Turner says you can put me up as long as Britt is up too. That's the plan, Taylor says.

10:24pm BBT Turner says there's no scenario where he wants Britt in F3. Taylor reminds him they have a F3 (her, Turner, Monte). We do, he asks, he forgot. The Girls Guys, she reminds him. Oh yeah. Turner says he was dying during that tie breaker. 

10:26pm BBT Britt is asleep in the GBR with the lights on. Turner is grateful she believes him about the vote. He just hopes Alyssa sees what Britt was doing. He's glad she and Monte are getting to the end and the three of them are in good standing. 

10:28pm BBT OMG, he says, Alyssa and I won't be friends outside the house (well, you did lie to her - that's not Britt's fault). Taylor says what audacity you have, operating under a moral code. Turner doesn't know how someone could do what Britt's done.

10:30pm BBT Taylor asks if there's anything else she needs to know? He's told her everything. Taylor relates that Britt told her Turner kept saying he was keeping Turner but Alyssa kept saying he was keeping her. Turner is so glad she won HoH w/him & Monte playing Veto.

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11:33pm BBT Feeds return. Taylor nominated Britt/Turner. 

11:46pm BBT Turner contfronts Britt about trying to turn Alyssa against him. Britt counters that it's rich he expected her to flip on her friend when he's just trying to save face after flipping on his friend. Apparently Talyor mentioned the split vote in her nom speech.

11:48pm BBT Britt asks Taylor if Turner was actually blaming the vote on her. She thought Taylor was just making the speech spicy. WTF! Taylor asks what happened in the WA Britt says Turner was just being pouty after voting out his friend and afraid of Taylor being HoH.

11:50pm BBT Britt says Monte broke the tie because he knew I was voting for you. Exactly, Taylor says, I know who's lying.

11:52pm BBT Taylor mutters to herself her back is going to get blown out all week. Yes!

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