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Tuesday, September 13, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


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Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:45am BBT The HG have moved inside. Alyssa turns on the oven. Baking time, Taylor asks? It takes time to warm up. It appears she is going to make banana bread but the bananas are frozen. Can you microwave bananas? 

12:50am BBT Turner asks how she learned to make banana bread. The recipe is on the back of the flour bag, Alyssa says. He thought Nicole taught her. The HG are in and out of the KT. 

12:55am BBT Britt tells Alyssa that the girls' club wasn't really a thing. I really liked you guys back then, Alyssa replies. Taylor says the HT is bubling. Alyssa can't go in beause of her cuts from the Veto comp. 

12:57am BBT Taylor points to each evicted HG on the Mem Wall and says you didn't want me here. Turner is unhelpfully helping Alyssa. Turner asks BB to play the Peanut Butter sound bite: Remember, HG, if you win $500k, you'll never have to eat Peanut Butter again!

1:05am BBT Turner is whisking the batter. Britt is washing dishes. Alyssa pours the batter into 2 pans. She's waiting for the pre-heat light to go off on the oven. Why does the package say for high altitude? Do people cook in the mountains? (only when hungry)

1:07am BBT Taylor wonders if JCM thinks about the HG when she goes home? No, says Turner, she's living her best life. (Actually, JCM has said she has spent many a late night watching the feeds) 

1:10am BBT The HG discuss each others' grandmas. Taylor's Bettie lost her mom at age 81. Can you imagine celebrating your 80th birthday with your mother? Taylor says Kyle would give shoutouts to Grandpa Pat. She doesn't get along w/her own Grandpa Pat, so she'd use his.

1:13am BBT Turner tells Alyssa she's one of his best friends. Alyssa thanks him. (Either Turner is starting to really like Alyssa or he's playing hard for her Jury vote) Alyssa says she keeps finding out sh*tty stuff when she's on the block. 

1:16am BBT Alyssa says she worked at a law office & a girl would bring banana bread every Friday. She's happy she can make it now. She worked with a guy who was a big BB fan. Turner wonders if the same people apply season after season. Britt applied every year but BB23.

1:19am BBT Britt reveals she made it to the semi-finals for BB17. Alyssa says she had a couple drinks to be more fun and loud during her BB interview. Britt says there will be a lot to talk about after the show. Turner suggests using iPhone chat, which supports Android.

1:23am BBT Alyssa hopes there's more to talk about than just the backstabbing. We'll all have BB stories to tell. Taylor tells that the HT is ready. She already has her bikini on. Britt is ready and Turner is changing. The HG head outside.

1:30am BBT Alyssa says the seats are wet (it is a pool). Britt takes off her shoes & dips her feet. Taylor slips into the warm water with a glass of wine. Britt doesn't like being close to the jets - her foot got sucked in once & she had a cramp for days (jets blow out).

1:32am BBT Monte is playing pool alone while the girls are in the HT. Out of the blue, Alyssa asks if you can have sex in space. Britt thinks it would be better... FotH. 

1:37am BBT Monte grabs a glass of wine and joins the girls, dipping his toes into the HT. They have general talk about ants, Tiffany's, New York City and texting. Monte is not a big texter. 

1:52am BBT Britt says she & Steven both work from home. They have a home office & go to the KT for snacks. How sweet, Taylor says. Britt wanted flowers at work so he had some deliverd to the home. Monte loves edible flowers. Alyssa would make care packages for former BF.

2:00am BBT Alyssa heads into the KT to check the banana bread. Taylor joins her. Monte says he can't be sober watching Reality TV (I know the feeling). Alyssa says the bread is a little toasty on top. We'll put cream cheese on it, Taylor suggests. 

2:05am BBT Monte asks what does Reality TV teach? Taylor says men get praised and women don't. She talks about sports being mostly about men. There are sports stories for kids to learn from, Monte says. You can learn from pageants too, Taylor retorts.

2:07am BBT Monte points to Tom Brady's story as inspirational. OMG, Taylor says, you're comparing Brady to the Kardashians? What is the lesson from them, Monte asks? Women skyrocketing to the top of business. 

2:09am BBT Taylor points to the Jenners teaching their girls to not be dependent on men. Turner says the banana bread looks and smells fire. Then he asks if you could see a rocket on the moon from earth. Depends on what side of the moon, Monte says wisely.

2:20am BBT Alyssa is going to put icing onto the banana bread. She tells Monte the icing is in HoH. She's going to make a cinnamon toast crunch icing. 

2:30am BBT Taylor comes into the KT and looks at the clock. It's not 2:30am, she says, that's stupid.

2:35am BBT Monte/Turner/Taylor/Alyssa gather in the KT to eat the banana bread. Monte suggests chocolate icing next time. 

4:00am BBT Monte/Turner/Taylor/Alyssa are in the BY playing Chinese Checkers. Alyssa says she's tired.

4:10am BBT Monte/Turner/Taylor/Alyssa are in the BY playing the card game, Bullsh*t. Alyssa will stay out a little longer.

4:25am BBT Monte/Turner/Taylor/Alyssa start a LadderBall match.

4:45am BBT Monte/Turner/Taylor/Alyssa dance in the BY.

5:00am BBT The HG head inside after spending all night in the BY. Alyssa joins Britt in the GBR, with lights out.

6:15am BBT Monte/Taylor/Turner return to the BY to watch for sunrise. Turner says the night sky is a light navy blue. 

6:48am BBT BB asks Monte/Turner to put the BY awnings down. They comply. 

7:50am BBT Turner is in bed in the CBR. Taylor is in bed in HoH. Monte joins her. They kiss and begin making out. Feeds cut away.

11:15am BBT BB turns on the lights in the house except in HoH, where Monte/Taylor remain in bed together. Alyssa/Britt hide from the day in the GBR. Turner is in the CBR.

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1:17pm BBT In the battle of the HG vs. BB, the HG have won. Although Britt did sit up and stretch, the HG have remained in bed all day today. The lights are on, but Alyssa remains asleep in the GBR, Turner in the CBR and Monte/Taylor asleep in the HoH bed.

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1:55pm BBT Alyssa/Britt are up and in the WA. Taylor has scooted over into Monte's arms in the HoH bed, lights still out. Taylor is wearing a hoodie but we know it's her. No sign of Turner. 

1:59pm BBT Alyssa goes up to HoH and throws the lights on. Taylor rolls off Monte. Can you believe this, Alyssa says, we've never slept until 2pm. Alyssa heads downstairs and tells Britt she was up to 5am, just playing games. She mentions it was just Monte/Taylor up there.

2:02pm BBT Monte/Taylor are up. In the WA, Alyssa/Britt discuss the others staying up through dawn. How are they going to be able to funciton when they have a comp? Alyssa needs to have convos with them but all they did was play games. Taylor is downstairs to the WA.

2:02pm BBT Alyssa goes to wake up Turner in the CBR. He needs him to have convos w/Britt to swing the vote. Turner barely acknowledges her. Britt is in the shower. Alyssa goes to the KT, trying to figure out what to do. She rinses out the coffee & puts on a fresh pot.

2:06pm BBT Taylor walks through the KT after exchanging her batteries. She's up, Alyssa says brightly. Monte is in the HoH WA. He makes up his bed as Alyssa puts a new filter in the coffee maker in the KT. Both Morty/Taylor walking around like zombies.

2:10pm BBT Taylor jokes that people aren't paying to watch them lay around until 2pm. 5pm in FL, Alyssa reminds her. Monte is just wandering aimlessly in HoH. Taylor is playing it off like Turner was supposed to join her & Monte in HoH but didn't come up. 

2:12pm BBT Monte heads downstairs quietly to the SR for his battery. Britt is in the shower. Alyssa is unloading the dishwasher. Did the whole house just get up, Taylor asks? Pretty much. Monte sits next to Taylor at the KT counter. He says Turner's getting up.

2:25pm BBT Monte/Taylor are at the KT counter. Alyssa is sitting at the DT. She's chipper, Monte is quiet, Taylor's talkative. Monte is shuffling cards. They talk about Taylor's GB message to Daniel. (Still no Turner-sign, but I know how I'll announce it when he appears)

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2:30pm BBT Taylor has been describing all her GB msgs. Alyssa asks if coming in to the house she planned to be icy. No, she says, but she did say that men can be assertive but women are a b*tch, so maybe yeah. That's not me, Alyssa says, I'm always like this.

2:35pm BBT Britt is out of the shower. Alyssa says she's so bored in here, she needs to do things, go to the beach, see live music, live her life. Monte says he doesn't have it in him today to be productive. Taylor says she's one of only a few Black women to make F5.

2:37pm BBT Britt is performing ADLs in the WA. Taylor thought she could go far in the game but didn't expect F5. She bets Nicole didn't expect her to be F5 either. Taylor/Monte/Alyssa is surprised nobody tried to evict Terrance because of his snoring. 

2:39pm BBT Alyssa would have felt so guilty if she had nominated anyone. She cannot channel anger, she has no angry bones. She can't say f*ck all of you. We've been in the house all this time and are still getting to know each other. 

2:41pm BBT Taylor says we are getting the chance to learn things about the game that most seasons don't share until after the show. 

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3:12PM BBT

Britt is crying to Alyssa in the bathroom saying that she is tired of people wanting to talk with her when she has power and then they feel feel good and distance from her again.

Britt: I want you here, but my own strategy is to win. What do I do?

Alyssa: I don't want to put you in that position, but talk to Turner...I just want to survive.




3:17PM BBT

Britt: I think Turner made deals this week to stay. 

Alyssa: If he voted me out I would be completely blindsided....I would be SO blindsided.


Alyssa: Has Turner said anything about me?

Britt: I can't say. I am not taking the heat for this.



3:29PM BBT

Britt and Alyssa are both crying over being used in the game by other players. Monte and Taylor are just steps away and have no clue that they are so upset.



3:35PM BBT

Alyssa calls to Taylor, "Taylor, come in here, por favor."

Taylor walks in, "What's wrong?"

Alyssa: We were just talking about our betrayals by Kyle and Michael.

Taylor gives both girls a comforting hug.

Britt: Just.... Michael

Taylor: I know


3:40PM BBT

Alyssa gets really emotional over Kyle and how she had fallen for him but was betrayed  "I said I found my soul mate. I literally said that on TV all while he was up in the HoHR talking about how he was voting me out. He made me look so stupid. It hurts so bad"





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3:55PM BBT

Turner is finally on camera, and he looks horrible. He is sitting alone in the kitchen.




4:04PM BBT

Britt breaks down in the bathroom over Michael's betrayal, again. She says she has so much information on Michael that she could have revealed, but hse would have never done that. She can't believe he betrayed her, "I just want a baby." ALyssa tries to console her, but she flees into the loo. She can be heard crying loudly.


The feeds return to Britt and Alyssa talking through the betrayal again. They are both clearly hurting from this game.



4:08PM BBT

Britt says she just has to win if she wants to get to the finals.

Alyssa: Let me help you. I do not have any loyalty to any of them (anymore, that is...because Britt told Alyssa that Turner is voting her out and asked Britt not to say anything to Alyssa because he planned to tell her tomorrow)

Alyssa tells Britt she will go after them but protect her.


Minutes ago, Britt said Taylor and ALyssa are giving the same pitch, that they would take out the others and protect her. Alyssa told Britt to trust her gut, and she would never hold that against her (if her gut told her to vote out Alyssa)

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2:44pm BBT Taylor asks questions about the haunted house HoH comp. Alyssa says all her muscles have turned to blubber. Taylor says she's still fit and strong. Alyssa will be again once she's out of the house. Taylor misses natural light (they lost the BY today).

2:50pm BBT Alyssa wishes they could see the JH on the HoH spy cam. She wonders if the jurors get their own room. She expects Terrance is alone. Kyle is alone too. Taylor says frantic Michael made for good TV. 

2:52pm BBT Alyssa thinks people will say Michael carried the season because of his comp wins. In the WA, Britt is crying. She pulls herself together and starts agressively brushing on makeup. Taylor/Alyss agree last season was cool to watch but ended up predictable.

3:04pm BBT Alyssa/Britt in the WA. Britt heard Taylor saying Michael carried her. Alyssa says she should be proud. Because if she looks like an idiot they'll keep her? They need to talk, Alyssa says, both of them are disposable and whichever didn't have Veto was leaving.

3:06pm BBT Britt tells Alyssa they made it impossible for her to help her. She spent 2hrs trying to change Monte's mind & was ripped apart. Every time she opens her mouth, they find out. She tells Alyssa to make Monte choose. She can't. Alyssa says she can.

3:10pm BBT Britt tells Alyssa her only strategy left is to win. Alyssa is going to talk to Turner but won't reveal what Britt said. She really needs Britt's help and would owe her life if she stays. That means keeping her over Monte if Turner wins HoH. 

3:13pm BBT Britt thinks Taylor has deals w/ Monte/Turner for her safety. Alyssa can't believe Turner would vote her out. Britt says she's f*cked in the game. She's tired of people only talking to her when she has power, then distancing themselves. Alyssa can help her.

3:15pm BBT Britt says Taylor won't pretect her in F4. Alyssa says Turner wouldn't protect her in F4. She notes that no one can promise F4 safety because it's in the hands of who wins Veto. She hopes Britt will consider that. 

3:20pm BBT If Turner wins HoH, Alyssa says, one of them could have the vote (Actually they would have a 50% chance to win HoH and/or Veto, but they act like they've already ceded the comps to Monte/Taylor/Turner). Alyssa asks if Turner has said anything. Britt can't say.

3:25pm BBT Britt says Monte is making it seem like it's her fault he's making the decisions he's making but that's convenient BS. He shouldn't want her on the Jury - that'll be bad for him. Alyssa says she didn't want to see Britt go this week. She's only been nice.

3:30pm BBT Alyssa says you don't hurt the ones you love. What does that make Michael to you? She says Michael didn't want another muscle man to win the game. She says one moment, Turner tells her she's good, and the next, he's promising to hug her on the way out.

3:35pm BBT Britt worries Turner made a deal to vote out Alyssa and Britt's vote will just force a tie. Alyssa tells her to talk to Turner. Alyssa calls in Taylor and says they were just discussing their betrayals by Michael & Kyle. Taylor gives Britt a hug.

3:37pm BBT Alyssa tells Taylor she learned more negative things about Kyle last night (from Turner). She cries, she was saying she found her soulmate while he was up in HoH planning to vote her out (talk is cheap - Kyle was doing everything to avoid voting her out).

4:45pm BBT Taylor is napping in the WA. Britt/Turner/Monte are at the DT.

5:00pm BBT Alyssa eats dinner alone at the DT. Taylor is sleeping and Monte/Turner/Britt are off camera (probably sleeping too). Alyssa just sits at the DT looking around the empty KT.

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5:15pm BBT Monte greets Alyssa & they talk snacks. Turner is in the HoH shower, Alyssa says. Oh, says Monte. Taylor remains curled up under an orange/white towel on the WS couch. Monte/Alyssa discuss how far their friendship has come (not far enough to save her though).

5:30pm BBT Turner is out of the HoH showr. He heads to the WA and starts blowing out his hair. Taylor remains curled up on the WA couch. Turner heads to the CBR, slips under the covers so he can change his underwear. In the KT, Monte/Alyssa talk while Monte eats.

6:00pm BBT Britt is napping in the SBR. Taylor is awake in the WA and folding towels. Turner is eating at the DT as he, Alyssa and Monte are playing Chinese Checkers. 


6:25pm BBT For the last 20m, Britt has been alone in the SBR slow-talking her game. Monte/Turner/Alyssa have been playing Chinese Checkers in front of the Mem Wall. Taylor is wiping down the KT counter. 

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6:40PM BBT

Alyssa and Turner are talking in the Car Design Bedroom. Alyssa asks Turner if he is going to vote her out. He tells her that he wouldn't betray her.

Alyssa: Promise?

Turner: I promise. You are gonna be fine. You are just walking through the fire right now. Walk straight and strong.




6:49PM BBT

Turner heads up to the HoHR and tells Monte that he just had a very rough conversation with Alyssa. He tells mOnte that ALyssa told him if hse votes him out, they won't be able to be firends (because he promised her that he is not voting her out). Turner is taking this hard, "It makes me feel like shit."

Monte says that Alyssa has had a hard road because of Kyle.

Turner: I don't believe this, but she says she knows you and Taylor have a final two.

Monte: We have never even uttered those words. If I had a final two with Taylor, why would I even put her on the block?

Turner: I know...and I like Alyssa a lot, but I don't like how - that if I don't keep her in this game we can't be friends

Monte equates to the ultimatum that Brittany gave him, "It's just not cool."


Turner: I did not like that at all. It kind of pissed me off, honestly.



Turner: I'm gonna sound like an asshole right now, but someone saying that kind of makes me want to vote them out more.

Monte: That is crazy.


7:00PM BBT

Turner tells Monte that Alyssa told him if he votes her out, he will not get her vote. "That pisses me off."

Monte: I'm sorry. I know how hard you went to bat for her.

Turner: Brittany hads been in the DR all day, I feel. Or she is hanging out in the HAve-Not room.

(Britt has been in the Space Age Bedroom "meditating")

The guys talk about how quiet Britt has been, and Turner says he is not down for that.

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7:22PM BBT

Alyssa and Britt are whispering in the Golf Pro Bedroom. Alyssa is filling in Britt on everything she told Turner. Britt says she wishes she could trust Monte, but she can't.


In the HoHR, Britt is the topic for Monte and Turner. They are trying to figure out her secret. Turner says her background just doesn't lead to "toy tester" to him. Monte says her wedding ring is "thick as fuck...Dude, that rock is serious, and it's got diamonds along the ring itself. That is a beautiful ring. And they got married in Malibu."

Turner says it's 6 figures to get married there.


7:25PM BBT

I am out for the night. -MamaLong

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6:30pm BBT Alyssa asks Turner to read his HoH letter to her so they go to the CBR. When they get her, she says they need to talk. Britt continues her meditation in the CBR. Alyssa has been giving Turner reasons to vote for her to stay in the BB House.

6:35pm BBT Turner tells Alyssa he doesn't need to be convinced, she just needs to convince one other person. Really, asks Alyssa? Really, says Turner. Alyssa says Britt would go along if the vote is unanimous but is worried Turner won't go along. 

6:40pm BBT Turner promises his vote if she gets Britt's vote. He promises he won't betray her. Alyssa says she knows Turner doesn't trust Britt. He doesn't but is willing to build a relationship. She's walking through fire, he tells her, walk straight and strong.

6:42pm BBT Alyssa starts choking up. She hopes they'll still be friends outside the house. They will be, he assures her. Turner heads up to HoH to tell Monte about his emotional talk with Alyssa. He's not happy Alyssa said it won't be fair if he doesn't vote to keep her.

6:45pm BBT Turner says Alyssa knows Monte/Taylor have a F2. We've never uttered those words, Monte protests, and I just her on the block. Monte says Alyssa's had a hard time because of Kyle but he's not happy she's making threats like Britt. It ticked Turner off.

6:50pm BBT Monte thinks Alyssa has overreacted to all the Kyle stuff. He thinks game and personal are separate. Turner agrees that Alyssa is very emotional. Turner wants to vote her out because she said they wouldn't be friends if he voted against her.

6:53pm BBT Monte doesn't like that Alyssa says Kyle never did anything for her. That's inline with what she said to Turner. You've had her back for weeks now, he tells Turner, and she's attaching to you. Monte wonders she's making this personal as a game strategy.

6:56pm BBT Monte/Turner thinks Alyssa gets caught up in emotions & forgets what happened the next day. Turner says Alyssa also threatened her Jury vote if Turner votes him out. (I didn't hear her say this, and it doesn't sound like her, but there was some FotH, so maybe)

6:59pm BBT Britt continues her solitude in the SBR. Allyssa lays down in Kyle's GBR bed with his gold blanket. In HoH, Monte/Turner are surprised their F2 is still secret. Monte says he's sorry about Alyssa after he went to bat for her. They worry Britt's been too quiet.

7:22pm BBT In the BGR, Alyssa/Britt whisper as she fills Britt in on her Turner convo. Britt wishes she could trust Monte but she can't. In HoH, Monte/Turner try to figure out Britt's secret. She's not a toy tester, and the rock on her wedding ring is serious. 

7:24pm BBT And they got married in Malibu, Monte recalls. Turner says it takes 6 figures to get married there. Taylor is alone on the bike in the gym. In HoH, Monte shares that Alyssa has been more open with him. He thinks she was working him now. 

7:32pm BBT Monte says Alyssa thought he was closed off initially. He says he doesn't like talking game with someone he doesn't know, he doesn't want to have to lie so he'd rather not talk at all. Alyssa checks in on Taylor in the gym - shes' going for 30m.



7:40pm BBT Britt/Alyssa trying to figure out how to get Turner to vote to keep Alyssa. Turner leaves HoH, and Monte heads down to the KT then finds Taylor in the gym. She just got off the bike. He says he's just talked with Turner and assures Taylor she's OK.

7:43pm BBT Britt thinks Turner will be secretly surprised when Alyssa stays. It's important she gets Turner's vote, other wise it'll be a tie and Monte will vote her out. Maybe Turner told Monte he'll give her a sympathy vote. She feels confident she has Turner.

7:45 Monte returns to HoH. Taylor joins him. WhisperFest between Alyssa/Britt continues in the GBR. In HoH, Monte/Taylor keep a respectful distance, him laying on the bed and her sitting across the room on the couch. He's telling her what Turner said about Alyssa.

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8:03pm BBT Alyssa tells Britt she thinks Turner does care about her and will cast a sympathy vote. Alyssa says Taylor is so confident she's F2 that she's planning to see Joe when she walks out on Finale night. They regret Michael never took a shot at Monte or Turner.

8:25pm BBT Britt is in the KT preparing something to eat. Taylor comes downstairs and Alyssa heads upstairs to try to talk Monte out of saving Taylor. Britt craws back into bed in the GBR. Taylor stops by to talk. 

8:40pm BBT You'll look back at this & see it was for the greater good, Monte patronize Alyssa. Defeated but still upbeat, Alyssa says if he wants to ask her anything that might change his mind, let her know. She's going to take a bath and stay out of Taylor's way.

8:43pm BBT Taylor asks Turner if he's going to try to get a regular night's sleep. Not a chance, he replies. Taylor heads up to HoH while Alyssa looks for an Advil. Monte catches Taylor up on Alyssa's pitch - Taylor being on the block 5 times. That's fair, Taylor says.

8:46pm BBT Alyssa/Turner bring food up to HoH. Taylor is in a towel, planning an HoH shower. Monte/Turner/Alyssa discuss Fortnight. Turner likes the dances. Isn't that a killing show, Alyssa asks? Her head is killing her, she thinks's it's her teeth (probably stress).

8:50pm BBT Alyssa says her prom dress was Giovanni. It was worth $10k but she borrowed it free because she worked in a bridal shop (is there anywhere she hasn't worked?). It was beautiful and she would joke that she's holy and nobody should touch her.

#BB24 8:53pm BBT Taylor talks about her prom dress. Fire, says Turner. Alyssa and Taylor had a lot of Jewish friends and were on the Bar Mitzvah circuit in middle school. Monte asks Turner about the clothing he sells in his shop. Turner talks about his local designers.

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9:30pm BBT Turner cuts a slice of Alyssa's bananna bread and puts some icing on it. In HoH, Taylor says the HoH shower is so much better than the WA. They need to clean the one downstairs (what's stopping you?). Monte says having his own WA is better than safety this wk.

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9:35pm BBT Turner brings bananna bread w/icing up to Monte/Taylor in HoH. Alyssa is putting food away in the SR fridge. Taylor asks how's the cake. Monte explains that bananna bread is not cake, it's bread. And Cheescake isn't cake either. 

9:45pm BBT Alyssa joins Monte/Taylor/Turner in HoH. Alyssa records her friends' Trader Joe's food reviews. Monte has fallen asleep in his HoH bed while the other three continue talking. Alyssa doesn't want to play cards now so she'll be interested later.

9:55pm BBT Taylor asks what's the worst TV show they've ever seen? Bg Bang Theory, says Turner. Mom Show says Taylor. Young Sheldon may be even worse than Big Bang Theory. Gazinba, says Turner. Taylor correct him, Bazinga. Turner says Kardashians for worst Reality TV.

10:00pm BBT Taylor hates Christley's Know Best, it's so scripted. Turner says the Kardashians is about a fake America, body image issues, capitalism & a cast with no personality. Taylor is digusted that football is so dominent & things women like are not seen positively.

10:03pm BBT Taylor likes when celebs do stupid things that she can point to and laugh at. Taylor can't see how the design of HoH fits in with the festival theme of the season. Turner says the HoH room reminds him of an airport in Malasia. 

10:06pm BBT HoH talk turns to international destinations the HG want to go to. Thailand, India, Nethlerlands. Taylor asks if the TAR racers stay in hotels (not necessarily). Alyssa says the cast trip should be in America. Turner suggests Vermont.

10:09pm BBT General talk about this season's comps. Alyssa doesn't like ZingBot; he should wear clothes. Taylor talks abt Michael breaking the rope in the Veto comp. Britt said she'd have won BB Comics if she was a different person. Michael said so YOU wouldn't have won?

10:15pm BBT Taylor tests Alyssa/Turner's spelling. She spells "optimum" correctly. Turner spells "Experience". Alyssa gets "polyunsaturated". Alyssa can't shake her headache and decides to take a nap. They discuss ways to get rid of migraines.

10:18pm BBT Alyssa says drinking water won't help. How do you know, Turner asks? I had some earlier. Turner says Coca-Cola doesn't help with a headache (it was invented to settle an upset stomach). Turner rants about Coca-Cola and Alyssa repeats it back until he stops.

10:21pm BBT Alyssa would immitate Kyle, who would say he loves boobs. Are you 12, She'd ask? Turner sayt that's the raunchiest thing Kyle could think of. Monte wakes up and asks what everyone is up to. Alyssa heads downstairs to get hydrated. 

10:23pm BBT Turner closes his eyes on the HoH couch. Taylor/Monte are resting their eyes (separately) on the HoH bed. Alyssa performs some ADLs and is resting her eyes in the GBR, where BB has turned out the lights. Britt was already resting her eyes in the GBR.

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11:50pm BBT Monte/Taylor/Alyssa are awake in the KT. In HoH, Turner wakes up and comes downstairs. Monte has a deck of cards and is spreading them out on the KT counter. You're cheating, Taylor jokes (he's just shuffling cards, spreading them out and flipping them over).

11:55pm BBT Taylor is cooking chicken and rice using the airfryer. She says the house is too cold. Monte says he needs high protein, low carbs. He takes some of the chicken but Taylor says it's undercooked and puts it back in the airfryer. 

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