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Sunday, September 11, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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11:45pm BBT In the BY, Monte asks Britt what the Jury values. Terrance is about big moves. Indy is about honesty. He has no idea about Joe/Jasmine. Michael will value game (he doesn't mention Kyle). Paul lost twice to Jurors he screwed over, he heard but hasn't watched.

11:50pm BBT Britt says she wants to be able to return to the person she was before BB. Monte thinks it's hard to be different in the house than you are outside the house. Britt distanced herself from the grls and burned her bridge with Indy/Jasmine.

11:55pm BBT Monte says he didn't want a showmance or a bromance. He and Joe were both trainers but they were not bros. Joe seemed naive about business relationships. They really aren't similar. Joe wants to do a podcast with him but he needs to get to know him better.

11:57pm BBT Maybe it's an age thing, Monte says (he's just 2 yrs older than Joe). Britt says she was Steven's only GF. He tends to buy the 1st shirt he sees rather than trying on a variety. He dated her & said she was the one (Does that mean he's not picky with women?).

12:00am BBT Monte's dad works for a telecom cmpany. It's a Jewish company in NY. His dad worked in NY until he momoved to be closer to Monte and drivs Door Dash for extra cash. Monte is called to the DR. Taylor is awake and comes out to talk with Britt in the BY.

12:02am BBT Britt tells Taylor that Turner has been distant all day (he's been asleep all day). She wonders if he knows she knows all the sh*t he's been saying (strike that, reverse it). She had a good non-game talk w/Monte, trying to remind him who she is outside game.

12:04am BBT Taylor tells Britt Monte should just take Turner out. Britt says they need to paln how to convince Monte to get Turner out. Britt says Michael was clear Turner said he would never put up a LGBTQ member & went back on it. She's going to tell Monte about this.

12:10am BBT Britt tells Taylor she's going to cry. Why is she such a good friend? Taylor says she trusts her people. I wish Monte knew I have the best of intentions, that he's listening to fake news. Alyssa comes out to the BY and joins Britt/Taylor. 

12:12am BBT It's hard to sleep w/the lights on, Alyssa complains, it's after midnight. She hopes she's not called to the DR. Taylor says Monte is still weighing his options (no, he's not). Alyssa hates campaigning against anyone. She just wanted to win something first.

12:20am BBT Alyssa says it smells like mildew outside. Britt thought there would be mosquitoes. Don't say it, Taylor warns, she has to remind herself she's had a good time. Alyssa says emotions are so intense here. Britt would hate for relationships to drift off after.

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1:20AM BBT

The girls continue talking in the backyard about the other HGs and whether they will end up having relationships outside of the house. Taylor hates the cynicism the game causes, and regrets that she wasn't abole to get closer with Joseph because she couldn't fully trust him. They discuss the casting process being so long and then here they are.

Alyssa: I am a lot stronger than I thought I was coming in here.

Alyssa says she is not a loud personality type and prefers those that just chill.

Britt says big personalities tend to not like her.

Taylor: I don't know. I feel like Nicole and I would have gotten along if we hadn't ended up on other sides.

Alyssa: Yeah, I think her biggest downfall was Daniel...if she didn't have him and gave other people a chance...I never trusted Nicole. There are so many questionable things. 

[Suddenly, Canterbury Tales jump to my mind. Who will win the big free meal? People have always been a puzzle to solve for those interested in the pursuit. Big Brother ties a huge monetary prize to people-playing-people and somehow staying in power and favor. Love this about the game...everyone wondering if they even like their housemates knowing no one could be their true selves. -MamaLong]



2:00AM BBT

The girls head inside for a food.


2:12AM BBT

Britt is heading to bed, "Maybe if I say it, it will happen"  while Alyssa decides to eat kiwi before bed because she heard it's good for you.


2:30AM BBT

Turner is sleeping with the lights on in the Car Design Bedroom. Taylor is making chicken wings.



Monte joins Taylor in the kitchen for some wings, "I was in the DR and was like, somebody is cooking something. ANyone else up?"

ALyssa: Just you and me

Monte: Really? Have you eaten anything?

Taylor: I haven't eaten all day.

Monte: That should change. I'm gonna put this stuff up and be back down.


2:37AM BBT

Monte comes back down and asks when everyone went to bed. Taylor tells him that Britt was just called to the DR. Monte asks if he can have some wings.

Taylor: Get in there.

Monte: DO you feel well rested?

Taylor: Yeah, how are you doing?

Monte says he feels better after blowing off steam in the DR and making fun of the Brittany veto. "How are you?" Taylor says she just needs to keep her mind from thinking. Monte tells Taylor her wings look good while he heats up his serving and covers them with hot mustard.

Monte: I think these are the best ones yet.

Taylor: I think so!



3:00AM BBT

BB cut the lights in the Car Design Bedroom for Turner. He is now sleeping the dark.


3:25AM BBT

Turner joins Taylor and Monte in the kitchen and they discuss the three of them working together moving forward. They review the game and Turner interjects with, "Huge L for Dyre Fest." They all laugh.

Taylor: I promise you those people in the outside world do not expect these five faces.

Monte: Nope! Yeah, it's gotta be like a one in a million bracket.

[Well, I lost out big in BB Monopoly. Never would have expected this. -ML]




4:00AM BBT

Alyssa joins the others in the kitchen. They enjoy random conversation with lots of laughter.



4:07AM BBT

Britt comes out of the DR and joins the others.

Taylor: They never turned the lights off.

Turner: I was asleep for hours and then they fucking turned the lights off when I wake up.

Britt: That is so annoying

Monte: I don't feel the rhyme or reasoning for it. I've been up in the middle of the night before to pee and they see me and call me immediately.

Bob: You are not allowed to talk about production.

Monte: Yeah, whatever

They all look forward to the days of Air Pods again.



5:55AM BBT

Britt has retreated to her bed in the Golf Pro Bedroom in an attempt to get some sleep. The kitchen crew is pretty loud, but she seems successful completely wrapped up like a cocoon in her comforter.


6:30AM BBT

Monte, Turner, Taylor and Alyssa are on the outside balcony awaiting the sunrise. They hope BB cuts the lights out for a better view

Monte: I want to be one with nature not LED lights


Alyssa: I will throw you up in the air so you can see it.

Taylor: Cheerleaders

Alyssa: Basket toss

They are disappointed that they don't get an actual sunrise.

Taylor: I was expecting sun not lightning

They discuss DR sessions and get a warning from Bob

Monte: then turn off the lights, at least

Turner: Play the peanut butter sound bite

Taylor: It doesn't exist

Turner swears he heard it yesterday

ALyssa: That couldn't be. We got the backyard today

Turner: What day do you think it is? It's like 6:30, we got the backyard yesterday

Alyss asays she hopes they get videos, "Brittany said we might and she has reason to believe but said she can't tell me why"

*The feeds cut to WBRB likely to warn them about production talk

Monte: Come on. We want to get down and dirty. Turn off the lights

Alyssa: And we need big Ziploc bags! And condensed milk!

They tease Alyssa that she has become Indy (with requests)


Monte begins discussing how much he needs nature. He talks to the trees and the others laugh at him.

Monte: Fucking A! My soliloquy. That was beautiful what I was saying to the trees.

Alyssa: Can we hear it again?

*Lots of laughter

Taylor: I, too, am one with nature! See? I do have a personality. It's a weird one, but I have one.

Monte: There was somehting there with me and the trees.

Taylor: I couldn't share in that?

Monte: You could, but the way you did it? (he is not mad, just teasing)


Alyssa: (to production) Does the peanut butter bite exist?

Bob: You are not allowed to talk about production.


Talk then turns to trees and variations of palm.

(It's pretty overcast over the BB House right now.)



7:34AM BBT

The BB24HGs have been up for hours. There truly is 24 hour action these days....meaning there is always someone awake. Monte, Turner, Alyssa and Taylor spent a lot of time together in the backyard playing games and watching the birds from the balcony. At this time, Monte is playing pool with Taylor and Turner while Britt and Alyssa snooze in the Golf Bedroom.




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10:38AM BBT

I don't expect much to happen today given the HGs were up throughout hte night. Turner is wide awake. Britt says she can't sleep. Taylor is in the hammock. Sleep will find her soon. Alyssa is sleeping in the Golf Bedroom. Monte is not on camera.


10:40AM BBT




10:42AM BBT

Turner rigs the shower for full privacy or steam shower 😉).

Alyssa walks in, "Now the towels. This is the craziest...)

Turner peeks out, "What happened?" but the feeds move to Taylor in the backyard.




10:45AM BBT

WBRB, again

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1:05am BBT Alyssa/Britt/Taylor on the BY couches. Taylor got signed by an agency. She thinks they would like Alyssa too. It's in Chicago, which is a 4.5hr train ride for her. Alyssa's never been on a train. She wonders if any of her Ex's or distant family are watching.

1:08am BBT Alyssa asks if you get paid to be in pageants. Not unless you win, Taylor says, but you get promotional prizes. Do you start Miss USA right after winning your state? No, it's about 8 months later. She didn't make the Top 15 Miss USA so wasn't on TV.

1:40am BBT Alyssa is grateful to have gotten this close to Taylor/Britt at this point in the game. She's struggled to learn how to be around such big personalities in the house. She and Britt head into the KT. Taylor says outside and plays LadderBall alone.

2:05am BBT In the KT, Britt tells Alyssa she knew she had to win Veto. She says her eviction speech felt like a football player saying they have to keep trucking. Taylor comes inside and starts preparing chicken wings. She usually eats chicken breasts at home.

2:07am BBT Alyssa's tea message is, "Be fearless, all will be provided at the right time." (is the right time Finale night, or is that just how to handle disappointment?) Taylor says if she had won Veto, all 3 of them could be safe (and Turner evicted, she doesn't say).

2:25am BBT Alyssa tells Taylor this is said but it's life. Whatever happens, happens. It's OK and she'll figure it out and things will happen as they are supposed to. She's glad Taylor is there (here at the end of all things). Alyssa leaves and Taylor says, "Oh crap."

2:35am BBT Taylor's wings are ready. Monte will be right down. Britt was called to the DR & Alyssa went to sleep, she tells him. Monte gets some brown rice to eat with the wings. Monte says he blew off steam in the DR after not being allowed to play Veto & Britt winning.

2:45am BBT Monte says he took the loss this morning. Taylor is trying to not overwhelm Monte, she knows he's had a lot of game talk. We'll talk tomorrow, Monte promises. He wants to be people tonight, not game. 

2:50am BBT Taylor hopes they'll get family videos next week. He remembers the Cookout's videos. Taylor stopped watching BB23 after F6. I'm a simple man, Monte says eating, feed me and I'll do what you want (except nom Turner). 

2:57am BBT You are asking me to trust you (being nom), Taylor pushes Monte transparently, but you can show trust too (Turner nom). That's fair, Monte says, unconvincingly. He again says he's OK with Turner going F4. This week it's Britt and her lies.

3:00am BBT Monte says he's giving Taylor the opportunity to take her shot (at Turner). He asks Taylor what's worse (if Turner is evicted this week), being on the block with Britt next week & him voting, or him & Britt on the block and her voting? (Duh...)

3:10am BBT Taylor/Monte talk about Turner nominating Kyle. Monte says he proposed Terrance as the replacement and Michael/Britt said they should talk about Kyle. This wasn't something that just popped into their head. When was this, Taylor asks? In the HNR, he says.

3:15am BBT Monte says his initial reaction was they can get out Terrance that week and Kyle the next week. But they (Michael/Britt) had a premeditated plan. They said taking out Terrance was bad for their game. Britt said Michael promised Turner safety if he put up Kyle.

5:50am BBT Alyssa/Monte/Turner/Taylor chat in the KT. Taylor says they are so lucky because of all the people (production) who take care of us here. I don't think so, BB quips. 

6:00am BBT Monte/Taylor/Alyssa/Turner decide to stay up to 7am to watch sunrise. They go outside and see the sky getting lighter. Taylor/Alyssa play LadderBall against Turner/Monte. 

6:35am BBT Monte/Taylor/Alyssa/Turner gather on the BY balcony to watch the sun rise. Monte asks BB to turn the BY lights off so they can see better. Are they ever turned off, they wonder? 

6:45am BBT The HG sans Britt are watching sunrise from the BY balcony. A bird lands on a wire over the BY. Monte says the bird is about to sh*t, that's why it landed. (way to enhance the moment, Monte). 

Su 6:50am BBT Literally looking at the BY in a new light, the HG discover details about the BY that hadn't noticed for 68 days. 

7:10am BBT The HG head downstairs to finish their Ladderball boys vs. girls game. The boys win. Taylor/Alyssa heads inside. Turner/Monte stay in the BY to play pool. Alyssa performs some ADLs then slips into bed in the GBR. Taylor grabs some water & heads to the hammock.

7:45am BBT #1 Monte/Turner finish their Pool game and head inside, leaving Taylor alone on the hammock. OMG she says outloud, how did I end up in an alliance with Turner/Monte called the Girls Guys? And I named it! I literally just signed up for 3rd place.

7:45am BBT #2 Taylor says she's settled for 3rd place after forming an alliance with Monte/Turner. (I think she's selling herself short. She has an equal if not better chance with this Jury.) 

8:00am BBT Taylor is called to the DR. Turner is in bed in the CBR. He gets up, performs some ADLs, then heads to the KT. Taylor comes out of the DR, says hi to Turner, then returns to the BY hammock. Turner is cleaning the KT while Taylor is Jedi training in the BY.

10:25am BBT BB asks Taylor to lower the BY awnings. Nooo! she wails, never be outside in the morning! Turner comes out to help her. Thank you, says BB. 

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10:40am BBT BB officially wakes the HG up for the day, though most were up all night (and through the dawn). Turner hangs towels over the open section of the shower for privacy/steam. 

12:20pm BBT Monte/Alyssa are enjoying the sun. Monte says people sure do sleep a lot in this house> Taylor is in bed in the GBR. Britt comes out in a denim one-piece. 

1:33pm BBT Alyssa gets into the pool on one of the blue BB rings. Britt/Turner sit in the shade. 

2:16pm BBT Alyssa is in the KT making herself some lunch (or is it breakfast, or are they just eating whenever they get hungry?) Monte comes inside and Alyssa says hi. She asks him to tell her later about all the fun stuff he gets to do in HoH (like the blog, etc.)

2:17pm BBT Alyssa sits down to eat her salad. Monte is up in HoH, rubbing cream over his upper body. He goes back downstairs and compliments her for eating healthy. She asks if he got the HoH camera. Yeah, he says, they didn't have it for his first HoH. 

2:19pm BBT Monte heads to the CBR and passes a sleeping Taylor in the GBR. Alysa finishes her salad and rinses out her bowl. She gets out some Sun chips & grabs an ice cream bar from the back of the freezer. In the GBR, Britt is meditating quietly with her eyes closed.

2:40pm BBT Britt asks to talk with Monte. He says grab Taylor first. If she's asleep, then he'll work out first and the three can talk later. Alyssa is in the BY with her ice cream bar. In HoH, Monte says Turner is actually pretty organized despite his messy reputation.

2:45pm BBT Monte grabs a quick HoH snack then heads to the BY for a workout. Britt fills her water bottle up in the SR. 

3:05pm BBT Britt is outside watching Monte's workout. Alyssa is asleep on the BY lounge.

4:10pm BBT Britt spoke to the earlier to the camera (I was more interested in preparing dinner). Turner is sleeping in the CBR. Taylor/Alyssa are asleep in the GBR. Monte is in HoH putting cream on his face (maybe he got too much sun). Britt is Jedi training in the BY.

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4:55pm BBT Britt brings Taylor to HoH. She thought it would be cool if they all talked (Monte didn't want to talk more with Britt w/o Taylor). She gave him a lot of info yesterday and wants to talk about how she, Taylor and Monte could move forward. 

5:00pm BBT How can I help you trust me, Britt asks Monte. Let's say you put up Turner, and we (Taylor/Britt) vote him out. Then it's me, Taylor & Alyssa. If she or Taylor wins HoH, Monte would not go up. Taylor remains quiet as Britt lays out her version of the endgame.

5:03pm BBT Monte asks if Taylor has anything to add. She says Britt mapped it all o ut. Britt goes over the plan again. She hopes this plan makes up for the trust lost last week. She worries not trusting him might affect her future job prospects.

5:06pm BBT Taylor says her HoH was sabotaged (because she couldn't trick Kyle into using the Veto for her), so she needs another HoH. She's been on the block 4 times. It's Monte's decision, she says. Turner in F3 is a hard win. 

5:08pm BBT Britt says Monte/Turner started The Leftovers (Kyle did) and have that on their resume. Monte can say The Leftovers didn't make it but Big Brochella did. Taylor asks Britt about saying yesterday she felt like she was being thrown to the wolves. 

5:10pm BBT Britt replies that Turner is so strong. FotH. Britt returns to her future job opportunities being impacted. Alyssa comes in and they ask her to wait outside. Monte says this requires some thought. What did I do to make you lose trust in me?

5:15pm BBT Monte continues to turn around the trust argument. I have been honest, he says, I volunteered to be on the block, what do I have to do to make you trust me? I 100% trust you, Britt says, she just wants the world to see that trust. 

5:20pm BBT Monte says it would be 100% easier to play against Alyssa, and Turner is transparent. He thinks he can get Turner to get Alyssa out. He says yesterday's convo was not helpful. He felt threatened by Britt. It's hard for him to feel comfortable with her.

5:25pm BBT Britt asks, what can she do? The seeds Monte is believing are not her seeds but Turner's. She doesn't know what Turner heard during DF so she can't respond to what he said. Monte questions what Britt told Michael/Turner. It was just talk, she says, not seeds.

5:30pm BBT Monte asks Britt if she ever told Turner that he & Taylor were getting close. She says never. He asks about her F2 w/Turner and other HG. Britt says never. I've heard different, Monte says ad changes topics. Why did you not say immediately what Kyle said?

5:35pm BBT Monte wants to know why Britt discussed Kyle's convo w/Michael and not him & Taylor? You waited until the right time to share it. Britt says talked to Michael more recently but Michael had his own talks with Kyle. They talked and then Big Brochella happened.

5:40pm BBT Britt says they talked about the ramifications and decided to wait until after Big Brochella (when Kyle would either be back or evicted). Feeds cut to Alyssa in the KT. Feeds return to HoH. Taylor says Michael was a risk, she'd have put him up too.

5:42pm BBT Britt says Michael had promises w/Turner but not her. It was a hard choice for them to out Kyle, that's why it took so long. They didn't want to ruin a live, but they cared about the HG. They waited until after the Veto was won so they wouldn't look suspect.

5:45pm BBT When they decided to have the conversation about Kyle, they wanted to just rip off the bandaid. Monte says you were having long talks with Michael, he uses the Veto on you, then you gave the info on Kyle once you were safe. This is the mistrust thing, he says.

5:50pm BBT Monte tells Brittney she & Michael decided when to share info that put a target on Kyle. He asks if Turner was pressured to nom Kyle. Last week I hear from Turner/Taylor about you talking F2 and you don't share that with me. You only share when convenient.

5:55pm BBT Monte says he's lost his patience with Britt but is OK with Taylor. Britt says the Kyle stuff was outside the game. She worried it was not a good game move. Neither of them wanted to win because of the Kyle move (that probably won't be a problem).

5:57pm BBT Britt says Monte is viewing the Kyle stuff through a game lens but they weren't. They thought they had picked the best time to reveal it and were surprised HG were put off by the timing. Britt asks if trust is too far gone? Monte says it might be.

6:00pm BBT Britt tries again, saying Michael knew more about the Kyle info than she did; she only found out at the end (this contradicts what she just said). That's what you say now, Monte says. 

6:05pm BBT Taylor says both of you will be here next week. I've tried to bridge the gap between you but I can't. Next week is a power grab (more like a crap shoot). It's hard for me to feel threatened, Monte says, and not be told things that imapct me as a Black man.

6:07pm BBT Britt says she did not realize these things ran so deep (Kyle isn't the only HG who is embarking on a learning journey). She didn't know until Michael's eviction speech that anything was wrong. Monte says Britt just has too many contradictions. 

6:10pm BBT Alone in the BY, Alyssa taqlks to the camera. She hopes her fam is watching. She misses her mom and says the game has been so tough. She can't wait to hang with her friends outside the house in 17 days. She wants to see the ocean again.

6:15pm BBT Monte tells Britt she's had a lot of excuses. One night she had hard cider and didn't know what was going on. Britt sighs, she and Monte just see things differently. This is tough, Monte says, I'll sleep on it. 

6:16pm BBT Alyssa says the clouds look nice but the HG inside are probably conspiring against her. That's BB. She apologizes for not giving shout-outs to 2 friends on the live shows. There's a plane. That'll be her in 20 days shen she flies home.

6:18pm BBT Alysa says what she had with Kyle was special but it's been a lot. She'll have a talk with him after the show to see how they move forward. She's learned to fold towels in the house. She's learned to deal with her patience being tested. She's cried a lot.

6:19pm BBT Britt isn't giving up with Monte. She says she repeated lies told to her and Monte is buying into Turner's lies as well. She wants to call Turner up to explain his lies. 

6:20pm BBT In the BY, Alyssa says DE was crazy & Michael lost it. She would have kept him to go after Monte so she could have another wk, but she had to stick w/Turner, he's her best friend left in the house. She looks around & says she gets paranoid being outside alone.

6:22pm BBT Alyssa goes through her time in the house, being a HN, DyreFest, it's crazy, she lived outside for a whole week. It was fun but she was baking in the sun for 12hrs a day. People panic when they're in trouble, she says, Nicole, Daniel, Joe, Kyle, it's too much.

6:23pm BBT Britt apologizes to Monte/Taylor, it was not her intention to be untrustworthy. Is she alone now? I thought we were working together, not against each other. Monte says Britt is smart. She said if he didn't put Turner up, she'd go against him. It was a threat.

6:24pm BBT Ayssa says she's a SuperFan since Season 1 and practiced comps when she was a kid. It clearly didn't pay off because she hasn't won anything; she just cracks under pressure. She's blessed to have made it this far, or even made it on the show. 

6:25pm BBT Britt says the more she talks, she know it sounds like excuses so she'll stop (Hallelujah!) She's sorry on a personal and game level. She had no clue and understands his perspective. 

6:26pm BBT Alyssa is going to lay low and hope she survives tomorrow. She asks for luck to make F4. She apologizes for people turning on he feeds and everyone is sleeping. He sleep schedule is so messed up. She just realized the show is on and probably no-one's watching.

6:27pm BBT Monte tells Britt he was willing to look past the Kyle thing, even if it was a game move, because of The Lerftovers. You want me to prove my trust to you but I have a list of reasons to not trust you. Britt wasn't aware their trust was so broken until now. 

6:32pm BBT Britt says she didn't mean to spread fake news in the house. This is so messy. She feels like a bozo. There's nothing more she can do. That's how Monte feels too. After yesterday, Britt made him feel inferior yesterday. 

6:44pm BBT Monte says first Britt says Taylor/Alyssa are making girls' deals and now she's saying her and Monte/Taylor are working together. It's confusing. I know you will target me next week, he concludes. We'll play next week and see what happens. He'll take the risk.

6:49pm BBT Taylor asks how Turner found out about the girls' convo. Britt swears she hasn't talked to Turner in days and he only asked about a Brochella F4, not a F3. Monte tells Britt he doesn't hate her, it's just game. Monte goes to the WC. 

6:52pm BBT Alyssa is on the BY balcony watching planes fly over. Taylor is comforting a crying Britt. I feel like an idiot, she says, I'm wearing a Kick Me sign. I lost Michael but I thought I had an alliance. Now I know they aren't there. She thanks Monte & leaves.

6:55pm BBT Britt crawls into bed in the GBR with the blanket over her head. Taylor stays to talk w/Monte. Monte says Britt is now denying the info she previously didn't know whas out there. Taylor asks him to not hold anything against her. She's stuck between two people.

6:57pm BBT Taylor tells Monte she trusts him and hoped she could bridge trust between them and Britt. Monte says Britt denied throwing them under the bus. Next week doesn't matter, Taylor says of Britt's plan, it's all Veto and HoH. 

7:00pm BBT Monte says if I evict Turner, I only trust 1 of Taylor/Alyssa/Britt. If I keep Turner, I trust 2 of Turner/Taylor/Britt. Taylor wishes he trusted her. Monte trusts her but knows Turner is a temptation. Taylor says he would trust her in the same situation.

7:15pm BBT Monte says he can't have Britt win HoH next week. He needs both Turner/Taylor. He promises to talk to Turner tomorrow. Don't mention the Girls Guys alliance, Taylor says. Monte agrees. She wants to find out if Alyssa has heard about it. Monte says she didn't.

7:20pm BBT Monte alks Taylor to send up Alyssa or Turner. Alyssa comes up and Monte says they had a deep about Britt. Alyssa says she was outside the whole time. Downstairs, Taylor updates Turner about the Britt talk, how she denied her F2 deal with him. Wow, he says.

7:22pm BBT Monte relates his Britt talk to Alyssa, about the timing of the Kyle info. It's good to be transparrent, she says. Britt denied game timing. Britt thinks the Kyle info is the reason Mihcael was evicted but it wasn't. 

7:24pm BBT Alyssa asks what Britt said about her. Monte says it was more about Britt. Alyssa says she loves Turner & wouldn't have done what Britt said she did. She asks about tomorrow. Monte doesn't want to put up Turner like a "juicy steak". He's leaning toward Taylor.

7:26pm BBT Alyssa says it will be a split vote. Would he consider keeping her? Monte says he hasn't decided. Alyssa says it'll be a long week. She loves him and Taylor. It's her own fault, she could have won the Veto. She's turned into a stress baker, she jokes.

7:30pm Alyssa tells Monte that she got to see a pretty sunset (they tried to stay up for sunrise but it wasn't special). Alyssa passes Turner coming up as she returns downstairs. He's still hurting from the Veto comp. Outside, Britt says it's nice getting fresh air. 

7:35pm BBT Taylor tells Britt she wouldn't have walked her into that had she known. Britt had no clue Monte felt that way about her. In HoH, Turner tells Monte, word on the street is it was pretty wild up here. Monte says Britt denied the talks she admitted to before.

7:40pm BBT Monte tells Turner about talking to Britt about why she & Michael waited until they won PoV to talk about Kyle. He tried to look past it, but even Michael was questioning Britt. Britt tried toblame her words on a single hard cider.

7:45pm BBT It will be Taylor/Britt next week, Turner says, the Veto is essential. Monte hopes it's physical or agility. Monte explains Britt wanted Turner up & out, and Taylor just nodded. She said she just wanted to witness the talk but claims to not have endorsed it.

7:48pm BBT Monte talks about Britt thinking it was the Kyle info that led to Michael being evicted. Taylor/Britt in the hammock, Alyssa sitting nearby. No game talk. 

8:35pm BBT Taylor didn't block her modeling calendar because she didn't think she'd make it on the show. She had a Modeling for Dummies book that her teacher didn't like. Turner always wanted to be an artist. Monte wanted to be a football player but was hurt in Pee Wee.

8:40pm BBT Taylor says fear of injuries is one reason she doesn't date athletes. Alyssa says athletes travel alot. That's their job, Taylor says. Alyssa heard the have women everywhere they go. Taylor thinks toxic masculinity encourages them to cheat. 

8:45pm BBT Alyssa asks who Simone Biles is. Monte says she's a gymnast. Oh, that's flexible, Alyssa says. She's never dated an athlete, but the Mississippi basketball team requested her as their flight attendant. She'd consider becoming a commercial flight attendant.

8:53pm BBT The HG talk about post-show plans. Alyssa doesn't even like Elvis after Monte mentions Daniel inviting them to Vegas. He says once they get out and watch the Epis, they may not want to get together anymore. Taylor says everyone will leave the Group Chat.

8:56pm BBT Alyssa says she's better in the real world, more fun, less crying. Her friends would describe her as the life of the party. That's the Sarasota definition of party - where she leaves at midnight. Taylor says watching Janet Jackson at home w/a glass of wine.

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9:00pm BBT The HG are in the BY discussing their celebrity crushes. Turner joins them & they ask who is his celebrity crush? Megan, he says. Taylor won't change her name if she gets married. Alyssa says her last name shouldn't be Snyder - her grandma cheated and... FotH

9:10pm BBT Turner hopes Megan will take his name but they will decide together. Alyssa was going to be named Kylie because her brother is Kyle (Freud might have a few words on her Showmance). Taylor jokes if she marries Monte, she'd be Taylor Taylor. 

9:15pm BBT Monte asks why the man has to buy the wedding ring? Alyssa used a dating app & she invited the guy to her place. He didn't show up because she sounded like a b*tch on the phone, She made him go out on a date anyway and then never called him back.

9:18pm BBT Monte hasn't used a dating app in 2 years. He met his last GF the old fashioned way. Alyssa says people don't have a type. Monte says people can't help who they are attracted to. Taylor says growing up, she was surrounded by people who didn't struggle. 

9:25pm BBT Alyssa says her friends drove sports cars but she couldn't afford one until she was 18. You had a job when you were 15, Monte says. She had to walk, but the mall wasn't far away. She'd let her friends in for free at the theater & she had public school lunches.

9:27pm BBT Taylor went to a private high school. You had to pay tuition, Alyssa asks? Monte had to learn how to learn in HS. Taylor says her school recruited athletes but her friends were original students. She had to bite her tongue when her friends earned scholarships.

9:20pm BBT Britt has only been to pubic schools. None of them were home schooled. Alyssa thinks she turned out OK after public school. She has the same friends since middle school. Turner also went to a private school and vocational school for graphic design.

9:35pm BBT Taylor misses flirting. Alyssa never been so horney she had to have sex in the establishment they were at (except the BB House). Taylor mentions the back steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Alyssa took a shower in HoH naked but doesn't think it was on feeds.

9:50pm BBT Taylor says Daniel thought Alyssa was the hottest girl in the house, then Taylor by a big margin. That's not a compliment, Alyssa says. She felt forced to be nice to him. 

10:15pm BBT Taylor asked why Monte got his ears pierced. It was an ex-GF, he says. He grew out his beard because of an ex-GF (Maybe one day he'll find a girl who likes him the way he is). Taylor's mom said no showmances. Alyssa wonders if Kyle was really a showmance.

10:20pm BBT Taylor defends Kyle's feelings for Alyssa. Alyssa says he wasn't willing to die for her, that's why they won't date outside the house (that's a pretty high bar she sets for herself). Alyssa says Taylor said Kyle was attractive week 3 & that made her jealous.

10:25pm BBT Taylor asks what Monte thinks. He says women want what they want until they get it. He takes issue with Taylor saying she wants a dominent guy who kisses the ground she walks on - that's a contrataditory message. 

10:27pm BBT Taylor explains she wants a guy who makes her feel loved and challenges her past her fears. Alyssa asks if Kyle ever said she was smart. Taylor says he did. He called her smart and funny. Monte says Kyle asked him to remind her she was strong.

10:29pm BBT Alyssa just doesn't know if Kyle was genuine. Turner says he doesn't know if he really knew Kyle by the end and wants to go back and watch to see who he really was. Alyssa can't get over Kyle saying he'd vote her out of the house. 

10:31pm BBT Alyssa says Kyle didn't share what others were saying until DF. It was a very toxic relationship. She starts to tear up and Turner tells her they all love her. Taylor regrets making the girls feel like she wasn't with them. She's glad she & Taylor got close.

10:35pm BBT Turner wants to see what Jasmine said behind his back - it was good fun for him. Taylor wants to see when Turner decided to work with her, and when when Nicole turned on her. She mentions how Paloma's commnents were misconstrued & turnd into hate from Daniel.

10:45pm BBT In the SBR alone, Britt says maybe not winning HoH was a blessing in disguise. She takes it back - she would have targeted Turner. Turner's really bad with days, she says, so she could win a days comp. Monte is good with days, so that's a problem.

10:47pm BBT Britt says she's made mistakes but wouldn't change a thing. She wishes things were different but the only thing she truly cares about when it's all said and done is that her family & friends know she did the best she could.

10:49pm BBT Britt says she's had to lie a lot but that's not who she is outside the game. She gets called to the DR. Oh, you want me to talk about this stuff for you? I can do that. 

10:55pm BBT Alyssa says she overshares and makes people uncomfortable. Taylor was frustrated women had to explain their trauma during Me Too for men to undertand. If women don't share, Monte asks, how would men know? 

11:00pm BBT Alyssa recalls a quote: Are you really listening or are you just waiting to speak? Being able to listen is a good quality. Turner sees a blinking star in the sky and Alyssa says it's a UFO (it's probably the red-eye to New York City). 

11:03pm BBT Alyssas says Michael was unhinged. Taylor says he's a legend. Alyssa says frantic Michael was scary. Turner doesn't care about Kyle anymore but he doesn't like how Michael held the info and used it. Taylor says she wasn't part of any of that. 

11:10pm BBT Alyssa says Michael was rude to throw LGBTQ in Turner's face. F*ck him, Turner says, he always played the victim. Alyssa hopes Kyle saved her (Taylor's HoH) because he liked her, not because of what Taylor said that he likes people like her more than Taylor.

11:15pm BBT Taylor assures Alyssa she knows the Kyle thing had nothing to do with her. Turner doesn't want to be associated with Kyle or seen as his friend. F*ck all three of them (it should be noted that the HG have been drinking wine for the last couple hours).

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