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Saturday, September 10, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:07am BBT Turner is eating his snack at the DT while Monte watches him on the spy screen. Turner puts his dishes away and heads to the WA. Monte turns off the HoH light and slips into bead, still listening to music. 


12:20am  BBT Four down, one to go. Monte is falling asleep in HoH. Taylor/Britt/Alyssa are asleep in the GBR. Turner grabs a blanket and thinks about sleeping in the GBR changes his mind and returns to the CBR, takes a look at megan & gets into bed. Lights out. I'm out.

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6:15 am - Camera #3:  feeds are back and Brittney won HOH.  They had to put together something with cogs, it sounds like,  Turner was seconds behind her.


6:20 am - Brittney and Taylor talking in storage room ... Taylor hopes Brittney understands why she needed her space.  Brittney does but feels a bit like the timing is convenient.  They take the conversation to the back bedroom.


Taylor tells Brittney that Turner told Taylor Brittney had offered him a final two.  That Turner told her Brittney told him about all girls alliance .... basically letting Brittney know Turner told everything about their bathroom convo after bb comics.  Brittney denying all.  Says its lies.  Utter bullshit.  She doesn't even talk to Turner.  B says if you think I would say that stuff to Turner .... he's put me on block three times and done nothing but lie to me.  B can't believe anyone would believe him over her.  T tells B Turner told Michael all this.  B says she knows Michael didn't believe it and she thinks Michael was trying to warn her.  He knew he was going home so he wanted to give her a head's up.  T asks if B thought she was going to go home this week.  B said she didn't know. 


B asks T what made her believe him.  T says she felt like there was distance between them right before.  B says she felt same way.  She says a lot of that was on her (B said about herself) ... came just getting to her, missing hub, tired, etc.  B apologizes for making her feel that way and says it had more to do with outside house than anything.  T says she should have pressed harder when asking if B was okay and she's sorry for that.


T asks B why B asked who she would put up last week and B says because Michael asked her to.  She thinks M was unsure.  T says before I get into everything - there are 2 people I said specifics to ... Monte and Michael.  Alyssa telling Turner that you (B) are throwing my name (T) out.  B says everyone is spinning bullshit to put target on her.  But she just won and now she's not going away.  She's trying not to get angry.  T says she's been angry, hurt, confused last few days.  B oesn't understand why what Turner says holds more weight than what she says.  T says she told Michael that even if B couldn't be trusted they were still a thing.  B says all their weeks working together mean nothing based on one conversation turner says they had?  


B says Turner is good.  And what angers her if he got one more cog - noone would be telling her anything right now and she'd be out the door.  T says thats not true.  B says it makes no sense - I don't even talk to this guy and it's ridiculous to me that the people I've been working with would believe it without even having a conversation with her .... B knows Michal didn't believe it - why would T and Monte?!!  T is saying she had checked in with Michael and she was coming down from HOH horror comp and she wanted to win veto for herself and because she didn't know if B was really coming for her or not.


T says she wonders if B was trying to make her think Monte and Brit were working together to hide that brit and turner are actually working together.  T still afraid to say more in case it's true / right.


B says other than Michael you were my ride or die.  You are my ride or day.  I don't understand how we could have all those days ...When Michael and I went to Turner about Kyle Turner said I'll put him up but I still want T out.  I don't get how we have 50 something days of trust ....knowing who he is ... knowing he wanted you out ... how you could believe him over me?  I thought we had built up trust.


B understands Monte believing it a bit ... they were in the pound together and even Alyssa she understands because she is close to Turner but how could Taylor believe it?


B says Turner not hitting block is final confirmation that Monte is closer to Turner than he is to them (their Big Brochella remaining alliance members...the 2 of them).  T says if she had won the veto one person would have been forced up on the block.  You understand nowwhy I was afraid to tell you before the veto was played.  {pants on fire T ... you would not have used it! -KD}  B says she gets it. But B also gets that if Monte didn't want her to use it T would be put in a position that wouldn't be good for her (T's) game.  B wonders if T would have really used it.  T says she would have.  Think about it - if I am telling my three closest allies... my two closet allies, Monte and Michael, excluding you, that even if B said this stuff the four of us are still a team, then who am I pulling down?  B says " I hope it would have been me but yeah ... I mean ... yeah .  I hope it would have been me."  T reassures B she would have used it to force Monte to put up Turner.  B says it's nice to know she just wishes they could have checked in before veto ... before the distance the last couple of days.

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5:03AM BBT

The feeds show Monte suddenly startled in his bed in a dark HoHR.

The feeds then jump to RCHS.


6:13AM BBT

The feeds return to the remaining HGs in the kitchen chatting about what took place while kittens were playing on the feeds. It seems BB had a Power of Veto Competition before the sun came up.

Brittany won the POV.

Alyssa: Congratulations on Final Four, Wow

Britt: Thanks!



6:20AM BBT  Taylor and Britt in the SR

Britt tells Taylor that when Michael left, she was suddenly alone and now Taylor is talking to her because she won the veto.




9:00AM BBT

Monte, Turner, Taylor, Alyssa and Britt are all chatting in the HoHR



9:20AM BBT

Alyssa has gone back to bed in the Golf Pro Bedroom, and BB cuts the lights off for her.



10:00AM BBT

Britt sat in the kitchen for 20 minutes chewing on her bottom lip before getting up to shower. Turner is making some breakfast. He is making an omelet for himself and Monte while Monte runs upstairs to shower.









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10:20AM BBT

Bob announces that the backyard is open.

Monte: Oh!

Britt: Oh, yay!



10:43AM BBT

Turner is enjoying the hammock.

Bob: Alyssa, Taylor, Turner, your microphone needs new batteries.




10:50AM BBT

Britt has been talking with Monte in hte HoHR...and talking....and talking. Britt tells him she hasn't worried about jury management because she knows she doesn't have a chance to win first. She feels she had to just play to win her spot in first or second, "Of course I would love to win first. That would be ideal, but unless I win America's Player, and that's not gonna happen [Nope! I'd put money on that. -MamaLong] but, okay, I look at that board and I know my jury management is shit. I know I have to win to get there, but winning 2nd would be like winning first to me."


Monte just listens to her ramble on...and on...and on...and on.


Britt talks about wanting Taylor to stay and Monte breaking the tie for her to stay if there is a tie. Monte says he can make a decision to keep Taylor there "That's what I'm thinking."


Britt drones on more...and more...and more...


[And here is where I am out. Can't listen to this all day -MamaLong]


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11:42AM BBT

Now that Britt has finally stopped talking, I will share Monte’s conversation with the cameras once she leaves. It’s a lot to type, so check back in a few minutes…


Since I got a  camera here, I'm just going to have my own little diary session. I don't know if you saw that conversation with Brittany, but that was complete and total utter BS. I mean…Shall we recall what happened? Let’s see.  So, we are sitting here and she tells me that she has a conversation with Taylor that makes her feel like she’s more aware of everything that happened last week. We talked about everything that happened last week and all the information that was shared the night before… so that's a lie… cuz there's no information, no new information, that Taylor could have shared that had anything to do with Turner or Alyssa… so that’s BS number 1.…That she felt like she got new information from Taylor. There's no new information. I talked through everything with her last night So, that's that's nonsense! What else happened? And then,  well, it’s almost everything. She just talks SO MUCH. It was just like so many lies that is hard to remember… like how many lies?  And it’s, you know, there’s so many lies that it’s hard to remember like how many  lies somebody spewed…. like it's one of those situations. So, it's kind of tough for me to remember. But….. Then we go through this conversation and she is talking about how she would really love to establish…a working relationship…a final three with me and Taylor.


11:32AM BBT

You don't make sure that things are established with her and a final three with me and Taylor She said that she was also frustrated with Taylor, and she's frustrated with everybody who didn't share all of this with her immediately when they heard about it.  Meanwhile, she didn't share… hypothetically, if this all happened, and it's a lie that Turner and Alyssa are spewing right now, why wouldn’t she share that information right now pposed to us having to hear from somebody else and then sharing it with you?  That doesn't make sense. That's a lie! BS number two.

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So you know, this is just real hard lies coming out of her, there.  Then, we get into the conversation of next week and, you know, what this decision that I have (replacement nominee) pretty much signifies in her opinion. Um, she talks about how we were solid… you know,  in Big Brochella, and how we always wanted to establish a final four and then when Michael left, the final three…. which we never got into a room and did any sort of official final 3! Nothing like that… never made any sort of official agreement. Just just the fact that Michael went home is now the reason why they're bringing up the final 3 thing, so she says that me putting up Turner will signify to them… to her…at least, that I am truly with their final three in that I am not prioritizing Turner.


11:34AM BBT

So I sit here and say to myself, okay that's a reasonable thing to say, but then the funny part is… is she mentions that next week there's only one person that decides a vote, so….  if you don’t do this… she threatens me by saying you know that one person who has a vote may not want to keep you because you didn't do this action to establish trust now.  I'm like, oh okay. … so threats in the game are one way to go about things,  and she thinks that I'm the one to feel good about being threatened. So, she clearly doesn’t know shit about me…

But, either way, here we are. Then she brings up the fact that all she needs is 40…


**interrupted to show Britt in the backyard hammock then back to Monte**


… she says, I'm fine with being second place and that it really doesn't matter who she sitting next to.  She feels like she's pretty much crap in jury, She IS crap in jury. That’s true, but to bring up personal stuff as a reason why you would be fine with certain things is just another sign of manipulation and I just… I just can't believe that. I don't respect her game. I don't bring up any of my personal stuff and gain conversations around why people should do things with regard to my game.

Nah! We just talk as people, and if that's the case, that's the case. I learn more about you cuz I care about you as a person. But I am not using that as game. So the fact that she did that rubbed me the wrong way. So, America, that’s what I am considering. 


What was the other thing? There's so much she brought in that was nonsense.

Oh, then she brings up the final two thing with Turner and pretty much is saying that Turner…Um, keeps saying he is really tight with me, and Alyssa is saying the same thing. Now, look. I do have a final two with Turner. That’s a fact, but she doesn’t need to know that. 

11:36AM BBT

At the  end of the day, like, I'm very open-minded with how this game goes.. But, logically, why would I get rid of Turner this week when he has a bigger target on his back for the following week? …She even told me that I wouldn't be the target next week. She even told me that that makes sense. But she wouldn't feel right with knowing that that's the case.

Then she throws out a scenario where she's like yeah, I just don't see why you would want to work with Turner and Alyssa. I said, well how is Alyssa gonna get involved? She was like, oh, well I guess you would be the split vote to keep Taylor over Alyssa. And that was, like, exactly what I was planning on doing.


So,  for me, she's clearly not trusting me. There's just so many red flags in this conversation that it just makes it even more apparent that she needs to be on the first way out of here cuz I'm just not respecting her game right now.

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You know, sitting next to her in a final two?... I guess would be ideal. Maybe that's the more logical path, but she is also pretty good at these mental comps. She knows about, you know, Big Brother. She's a fan, so it's not as if these things are just going to go over her head. She is going to be prepared for these. She did a pretty good job in the competition today. She keeps wanting to say that Turner is much more of a mental threat than he is…than what she thought he was, but…. yet, she beat him today. But she was pitching to me the day before that we ought to keep Turner. Now that she won the Power of Veto and can take herself down, now she is saying she wants to get rid of Turner. It’s just awfully odd. And then I asked her if she had any more conversation with Taylor or Turner, and she lied to me. She still lies to me saying that she hasn't when both of them (Alyssa and Turner) came into this room and look each other in the eye and said the same exact thing… that she came up to them, literally, right after I won HOH  a to try to establish a final two.  I am the only person  she hasn't done that with.


It was a little bit odd!  A little bit fishy! So why would I feel like I have to listen to a word that you have to say about what I should do with my replacement nominee? It's just making it more apparent that, unfortunately, for Taylor's game, I'm going to have to go through with it and put her up on the block. But I know that the saving grace is that if it's a split vote, which it may not even get to that point, I think Turner might… Turner was going to go through with it, I think, and vote Alyssa out….and I I think…he can just pin it all on me. He still has a jury vote with Alyssa.

11:40AM BBT

It seems like I'm going to be fine with taking Alyssa out this week with Taylor on the block. Hopefully with Taylor seeing that she wasn't bound to go home, regardless, she still has trust in me. I can share all this nonsense that Brittany just spewed to me with Taylor and see…But that whole conversation I had with Brittany just confirms for me even more that I am not putting Turner up because they are down for evicting him. Like, does she want me to trust and believe that I am not going on the block and she  is going to decide to keep me when I was the one who beat Michael in that veto competition? I  have that on my resume. Nooooo!  Oh, man. These people crack me up. Her coming up to me and trying to threaten me? But that’s how it is.  I understand her tactics. With her, coming up to me and bringing up the money that she needs for a childbirth. You know, now I am pretty fine with her getting our before final three! That’s just how I’m feeling. I’m going to shower now."









12:05PM BBT

Alyssa is crying to Monte in the HoHR. She knows things don't look good. He asks her what scenario is better for her, Turner or Taylor. She says she loves the both. She feels she has a better shot winning HoH with Turner there. "I would do everything in my power to make sure Brittany left."  [I wish this actually had weight. -ML]

Alyssa points out that Taylor and Brittany study the days and comps every day, so they have a great chance of getting to the end.

Monte says he is tired of them trying to pin the girl's thing on her (all three girls equally contributed to that idea, but they didn't win...had they won, I think the girls would have looked out for each other. -ML]


Monte says Taylor is the best option for Alyssa, and he is a bit concerned about how badly she wants to protect Brittany's image. He wants to keep an eye on that.




12:54PM BBT

Monte fills in Taylor on everything that happened in the Britt conversation. He says it confirmed that everything Turner and Alyssa said was true, "Sorry, I am just emotionally charged with this."

Taylor: You are allowed to be. I can't believe you really think Brittany would be gunning for you next week?

Monte: If you give me reason to think otherwise, my God, please Taylor...but I would be a fool to listen to her threaten me and then tell me she didn't fill me in things that were said because it was all fluff.


[Taylor is not happy that now she is heading to the block. She is questioning Monte in a way that is not respecting his thought process, which is totally logical. Taylor comes off somewhat condescending. She better tread lightly, here. -MamaLong]



Taylor: I can't change the fact that you don't trust Brittany anymore.

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2:05PM BBT

Britt is talking to the cameras in the Space Age Bedroom. She's glad she didn't win HoH. Winning veto leaves her open to win HoH next week, "and I don't think Monte can play...I don't remember...I could win it....Oh my God. It could be mine, unless it's the spinny....huh, I could still do it. It's just three people."




Brittany: My old grandma ways of going to bed early benefitted me in this house. It feels good to be happy. This game, man. It could turn on a dime.

Me, Turner, Taylor for HoH? That would be risky for Monte. My target wouldn't be Turner anymore. It would be Monte.


2:13PM BBT

The control room is having a lot of fun right now, making the camera go in circles around the room while Britt talks on and on.


2:14PM BBT

Alyssa enters the room and climbs in her old bed. Britt tells her she was talking to her sister and leaves the room.



2:25PM BBT

I am out for the rest of the day. -MamaLong

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2:20pm BBT Alyssa drifts in and out of sleep, opening her eyes long enough to keep BB off her back. BB needs some mirrors cleaned, so Britt gets the spray and towels. Then she empties the dishwasher and drys the dishes. 

3:00pm BBT Britt is still cleaning in the KT while Alyssa sleeps in the BR. Turner, Monte and Taylor are off feeds.

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3:05pm BBT Britt finishes cleaning and sits in the loft meditating, interrupted with the occasional yawn.

3:38pm BBT Turner is in the BY tossing sling strings (one of the new BY games). Alyssa is asleep in the SBR. Monte is likely in HoH and Taylor is likely in the GBR.

3:42pm BBT Britt goes outside for laundry and finds Turner. He says thought everyone was up in HoH but Monte was out, so he came outside. She joins him playing with the sling string - it's a 12" string with balls on either end. You hold one end and toss it.

3:50pm BBT Turner says he thought the Veto comp would have taken longer. Britt says it was easier than she thought. She got lucky at the bottom. Adrenaline helped. Turner likes the weather. Britt says it's a bit humid. 

4:00pm BBT Turner woke up 20m before BB called them. It's like he knew, Britt says. He says it's poetic that the almost won HoH by a couple seconds, then went on the block, then won Veto by a couple seconds to take herself off the block.


4:10pm BBT Britt retires to the BY hammock, practicing her days and comps. Turner is putting dirty clothes into the washer. Monte is zonked out in HoH.


4:24pm BBT All four feeds are on Monte snoring in the HoH BR. You're welcome.


4:27pm BBT Britt is putting away the clothes she just washed. She sits down with Taylor who is awake in the GBR. Taylor says she'll sit on the chopping block comfortably, trusting Britt to keep her. Britt says there's no trust with Monte.


4:35pm BBT Taylor says she has until Monday. She's going to let it rset today. Why is Monte risking you, Britt asks. Britt thinks Monte's trying to test her by putting Taylor up. Why are we in this mess, she asks, I don't need to be tested. 



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4:45pm BBT Taylor tells Britt she asked Monte why she should trust Turner after he put her up. Why did Monte sever trust w/me, Britt asks. It's a double standard, Taylor says. Taylor says Monte is looking for the easy path (there isn't one). Britt says Turner lies.

4:47pm BBT Taylor says we have to find some way to convince Monte to put Turner on the block. She doesn't want F3 to be Monte/Turner/Alyssa. Britt says that just doesn't make sense. Taylor wishes she had won HoH, she could have gotten Turner out.

5:00pm BBT Taylor says they have to find a way to get Monte to trust Britt by Monday. She tells Britt to be chill. Britt doesn't understand. She just wants to make F2 and the money will pay for adoption so she and Stephen can start a family. Or win America's Favorite.

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5:25pm BBT Britt/Alyssa have been keeping each other awake for over an hour. Britt repeats that Turner is lying. Taylor doesn't know how to convince Monte to put up Turner. Britt says the punishment Monte is giving her does not fit her crime.

5:28pm BBT Britt wonders if this is Michael's doing. She doesn't know why Monte trusts Turner to bring him to the end. This working out for Turner really well. Monte is throwing her to the wolves. Monte must want to win against the strongest competitor.

5:37pm BBT There's a brief look of Turner playing by himself in the BY, talking to the camera. He says the BB House is boring. He would never play ladder toss in the real world. He's been talking for a while but BB hasn't shown most of it. 

5:39pm BBT Britt wishes Michael were still there. Taylor says he would beat us all. At least they can beat Turner. Turner has come into the KT for a snack. 

5:50pm BBT He has arisen! Monte is up and sitting at the edge of his bed, looking through the HoH fridge. Taylor is trying to fall back asleep but Bitt keeps talking to her. Monte comes downstairs to the KT. Turner comes in and talk turns to dinner.

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6:02pm BBT Monte joins Turner at the BY table (from DF). Taylor is sitting up again as Britt continues her whisper session. Monte catches Turner up on Britt's conversation. Monte is breaking down and dismissing all Britt's arguments to him. He calls her horrendous.

7:00pm BBT Monte is relaxing on the BY couch. Alyssa is awake! And gettign food in the KT. Britt is also getting food in the KT. General food talk.

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7:20pm BBT At the KT counter, Britt tells Alyssa they must have done something right to het this far. Alyssa discusses HG who panicked when they were on the block. Jasmine didn't panic, Britt says, that's a testiment to how good a player she was.

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7:25pm BBT Alyssa tells Britt she's glad she didn't go out during DF, unprepared and after being outside all week. Britt says she cried when the DF HG went outside because she wouldn't get to say GB to whomever left (yeah, right). 

7:30pm BBT Britt's visits home are short and quick so it's not hard to say GB. Alyssa sees her mom daily, so it's hard being away from her. But she only sees her dad a couple times a year, so that's not so hard. She'll go visit once she gets out of BB.

7:33pm BBT Britt says the way Michael left was an eye opening experience because he was the one person she thought would not treat her differently outside the show. She thinks her husband realized how much she spends now that she's been gone for 3 months.

7:35pm BBT Britt hopes Michael appreciated the cheers when he left. Alyssa says they were the loudest she's heard. Britt is confused how Michael feels about her. He said he was sorry for losing the Veto and he apologized after the speech but she didn't say anything back.

7:40pm BBT Britt says she understands he was doing what he thought he had to do when he threw her under the bus. Alyssa says he has a bite to him & isn't always Mr. Nice Guy. Turner comes down from HoH and heads to the WA. Alyssa thinks Michael would have won HoH & Veto.

7:43pm BBT Alyssa says Kyle/Michael were similar. Britt thought they were brothers (what?!!!) Kyle never opened up to Britt about his personal life, she only knew he was from Utah and used to work in IT. Michael didn't open up either. They had the same feet, Britt says.

7:46pm BBT Alyssa misses Kyle. If he goes back to Utah and her to Florida, it'll be a long time before they see each other again. Monte comes into the KT. Alyssa asks how the weather is outside? Like Florida, he says. Turner has taken a shower and is drying his hair.

7:50pm BBT Turner sneaks out of the WA and upstairs to HoH. Monte heads outside and begins a full workout. Alyssa tells Britt about writing poetry and posting on Instagram under an assumed name. But a friend found out and she deleted it.

8:05pm BBT Britt shows Alyssa her comp bruises. Monte is still workout out in the BY. Taylor gets up. Alyssa says she was in bed all day too. Taylor heads to the WA. Alyssa heads to the BY to watch Monte.

8:35pm BBT Monte completes his workout and heads inside, leaving Alyssa alone in the BY with the shark and yellow duck floaties. 

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9:00pm BBT It starts drizzling and Alyssa comes inside. She talks with Monte in the KT - she slept all day and just got outside for a little bit. Taylor is doing her ADLs in the WA. Alyssa is trying to decide whether to take a shower.

9:03pm BBT Monte heads up to HoH for his bath. He poured in some bubbles but apparently they were flat and it just colored the water. Alyssa hangs up towels over the open section of the shower to trap the steam inside. 

9:15pm BBT Britt is sitting in the WA lounge with a facemask on while Alyssa is taking a shower (the steam towels didn't work out). No convo. Monte is soaking the HoH tub, listening to music. 


9:30pm BBT Alyssa completes her post-shower ADLs. Monte is adding more water to his HoH bath. 

9:45pm BBT Britt, Alyssa and Taylor are asleep in the GBR with the lights on. Monte is still pouring (presumably hot) water into his bath, though all the bubbles and suds are gone. Once full, Monte cuts off the water.

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10:00pm BBT Monte gets out of the bathtrub. For anyone wondering, he was wearing abathing suit. Toweling off, Monte is the most active HG. He turns on the shower to wash off the bathsoap. (why did he towel off only to get into the shower?)



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10:30pm BBT Monte finishes his HoH ADLs and returns downstairs to the CBR to clean his face. Britt/Alyssa remain asleep in the GBR. Turner is not on feeds. Monte returns to HoH. He straightens up in HoH, checks to see if anyone is downstairs, then cleans up the WA.

10:38pm BBT Monte heds back downstairs. He's been in the KT, the SR, either looking for something or putting stuff away. No stirring in the rest of the house. He returns to HoH, then comes back downstairs and pours some cereal and mixes in some fruit.

10:50pm BBT Monte takes his bowl out to the BY and finds Turner sleeping on the BY couch. He sits outside eating. No convo. 

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10:54pm BBT Britt joins Monte/Turner on the BY couches. Turner gets up and relocates to his GBR bed. Outside, Britt wonders how you're supposed to turn off emotion for 67 days. She heard Joe panicked in DF but we didn't see that. 

11:00pm BBT Monte says it's interesting what people will do when their back is against the wall. Monte hopes he can handle it well if he gets to that point. He's made it further than he thought (you really don't want to admit you've had it easy at F5). 

11:05pm BBT Britt says she's F4 so her brother and sister can't say anything. We are Xavier, Big D, Azah & Kyland. Monte says things are aligning for a reason. We're all introverts. The talkative, sensitive ones are gone. Britt repeats talking points she's used before.

11:10pm BBT Monte says to Britt that Michael had to know he was a front-runner. What was his strategy, to win everything? Britt would love to see Michael play All-Stars. He was great at comps but had blinders on. She doesn't know if they will be friends after this.

11:12pm BBT Monte/Britt talk about Michael's belt and rope breaking during the Veto comp. BB told them before the comp if you break your cord, you have to figure it out (reattach it, I guess). 

11:14pm BBT He says Michael was lucky to have been picked to play Veto after DF, otherwise he would have gone out that week. All feeds on Turner in bed in the CBR, lights on.

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11:45pm BBT In the BY, Monte asks Britt what the Jury values. Terrance is about big moves. Indy is about honesty. He has no idea about Joe/Jasmine. Michael will value game (he doesn't mention Kyle). Paul lost twice to Jurors he screwed over, he heard but hasn't watched.

11:50pm BBT Britt says she wants to be able to return to the person she was before BB. Monte thinks it's hard to be different in the house than you are outside the house. Britt distanced herself from the grls and burned her bridge with Indy/Jasmine.

11:55pm BBT Monte says he didn't want a showmance or a bromance. He and Joe were both trainers but they were not bros. Joe seemed naive about business relationships. They really aren't similar. Joe wants to do a podcast with him but he needs to get to know him better.

11:57pm BBT Maybe it's an age thing, Monte says (he's just 2 yrs older than Joe). Britt says she was Steven's only GF. He tends to buy the 1st shirt he sees rather than trying on a variety. He dated her & said she was the one (Does that mean he's not picky with women?).


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