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Episode 28 - 9/8/2022 - Double Eviction

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Previously, on Big Brother, the majority of the house saw Michael as their biggest threat. So with the power back on the line, everyone was gunning for him, but the competition king stopped them in their tracks. Brittany wanted Michael to go after Turner, but he had previously promised him safety and the cat lover wanted to sink his claws into Terrance instead.


At the super POV competition, DJ Snowtime and Mallyssa were fighting for their lives but the Copy Cat blew them all away and broke a Big Brother record. Knowing Michael is a big target, Brittany started looking for a plan B, and talked to Turner about going to the end. After Turner told Britany that Monte might be going after Michael, Brittany once again tried to get Michael to go after a big target but she wasn’t the only one reporting back to the HOHAt the veto meeting, Michael stuck to his original plan.


Tonight, either Alyssa or DJ Showtime will be sent to jury, but they won’t be alone because it’s double eviction baby! A full week’s worth of game play all in one night. All this live right now on Big Brother!


Julie greets us and it is Day 65 and Michael has emerged as a target for nearly everyone in the game. This week he broke a 16-year long record set by BB legend, Janelle.


We pick up on Day 62 after the veto meeting and this is Terrance’s fifth time on the block. Michael says he needs to go this week. Terrance is not surprised and he is going to fight because Alyssa is a bigger threat because she has friends in the jury.


Monte says as much as he likes Terrance to stay he thinks he is a bigger threat because he has more comp wins and has a better social game. Brittany has been telling Michael to take out a big competitive threat but he is afraid that will make him a target.


Brittany goes to talk to Alyssa and she tells her she is good and Michael is there too. Alyssa says she needs three votes to stay and she hopes she has Turner’s vote because they are close and she has had good conversations with Taylor and Brittany.


We see Alyssa pitching an all woman final three and says it has never been done she does not think and only like five women have ever won, maybe less. Alyssa thinks they could be a power trio and Britttany says Michael is one lost veto from heading to jury.


Alyssa is talking to Taylor and she tells her that Michael made her feel good and she tells Taylor to be chill. Taylor says Terrance is a vet at campaigning and she needs Alyssa to stay calm. Taylor wants Terrance to go because they have never seen eye to eye.


Taylor says Alyssa has been on an island since Kyle left and an all girls alliance could be a path to the end for her. The HG are in the kitchen talking about Turner’s unique vocabulary. Michael calls them Turnerisms that starts at the bottom Disgussin and up to Bussin.


Terrance is talking to Taylor and he tells her she has to do what is best for her game. Terrance says he would love a person of color to win this game and he would give his vote to Taylor or Monte. Terrance says why couldn’t we win it back to back.


Taylor says she and Terrance have never seen eye-to-eye in this game and she knows what he is doing and it is too little too late. Taylor says her and Monte would be a good battle in jury. Terrance agrees.


Terrance is talking to Monte and he knows that Michael and Brittany have planned things. Terrance says a black man winning last year, why could we not it back to back. He would not put Monte up, but he would put Taylor up.


Monte says every week there is an excuse to not get Alyssa out and they will find her floating to final two. Terrance says Indy will be bitter about Monte putting her up and she will vote Alyssa and Jasmine will vote for her girl and Kyle was a showmance.


Monte says they are at the point where they have to be counting jury votes but they also have to figure out the best path to even get to final two to start factoring jury votes.


Monte is talking Taylor and they are discussing their conversations with Terrance. Monte says Terrance made some very valid points about jury votes. Monte says if he or Taylor were sitting next to Terrance, they have better odds of winning than against Alyssa.


Indy is at the jury house waiting for more HG. She has a unicorn floatie for the pool and she says life is very peaceful and she is doing great. Jasmine joins and Indy is not surprised about seeing her because she was not part of the Leftover alliance.


Jasmine says it is amazing to be a jury member but she gave it all she had and made her and her dad proud. Jasmine says they dropped a twist and she tells Indy about the split house twist. Joseph joins and says omg!


Joseph says he has never been so happy and worried at the same time. He is responsible for his eviction because he did not anticipate certain moves and he wishes he had seen the betrayal sooner than he did. He apologizes for being part of the alliance.


Jasmine says they found out in the goodbye messages but she had already suspected was up. They go to watch the video of what happened during the split house twist.


Indy is grateful she was out before the twist. Jasmine thinks Michael lied about his profession. Indy hopes when everything is over she does not have to see Brittany ever again and she thinks Kyle also manipulated her emotionally and that was dirty.


Jasmine says she knew she was on the block and maybe going out and Joseph says he knew he was out the door. Joseph says Kyle betrayed him before he even touched the block and Jasmine thinks he is the most dangerous person in the game.


Joseph knew the showmance was difficult to manuever and he thinks Michael is playing the best game so far. Indy says it was a tough week but now she will show them around the jury house. It is one week later and they are discussing who is joining them.


Jasmine thinks Terrance, Alyssa, or Monte will join them and she wants Taylor to make it to the end. Joseph hopes it is Kyle and his people sent him packing. Kyle greets everyone and Joseph says what happened to going to war? Kyle says it did not work out.


Kyle says getting evicted was tough but a bigger journey has started and he has a lot to learn moving forward. They go to watch the tape and Kyle says a lot of factors led to him leaving this week that were not game related.


They watch the HOH competition and see Turner win HOH and Joseph is so confused and Kyle says aspects outside of the game led to him being there. They see the nominations of Taylor and Brittany and Joseph does not understand the reason.


Kyle explains the After Party alliance and then they see the slip and slide veto. Jasmine says it is wild that Michael won and he is literally the veto king with a bigger target on his back. Kyle tells them the game changed for him this week.


Kyle explains that he made some unfavorable comments that were about race and he mentions thinking there was an alliance with minorities and he says the comments were extremely wrong and he compared them to The Cookout.


Jasmine asks as in all black people or minorities and he says minorities and he apologizes. Jasmine says that really hurts because she would never and Joseph says Kyle wanted to make an alliance based on race and the Arab kid defended Kyle at first.


Indy says Kyle needs to use the internet and get educated because they have come too far for that. She cannot stay and gets up and walks away. Joseph asks if that is why Kyle is here. Joseph asks why Michael and Brittany brought that up now and not when it happened.


Joseph and Jasmine agree that Michael and Brittany were a part of that too because they were in the room when it happened and did not say anything. Kyle says everyone has showed unconditional love for him and he wants to take responsibility for his actions.


Jasmine says she does not hate anyone and she genuinely feels like it is not her place to judge. Indy is back and agrees with Jasmine. Joseph says he will need a little time because he is disappointed and frustrated but that he does not hate him.


Kyle appreciates their reactions and he says this may be the end of his Big Brother journey but a much larger journey is beginning on a life lesson. Indy is glad to hear him apologize and they hug. Indy says they have a lot to work on and they show Kyle around.


Turner is talking to Monte about Brittany talking to him and telling him that Alyssa and Taylor are trying to do a final three with the girls. Turner says Alyssa wants to work with the girls and they have a final three and Turner is not sure they should target Michael.


Turner says maybe they need to work with Michael because if he goes out, then why would Michael and Monte not be right behind. Monte says Brittany exposing that was crazy. Turner says if you have Michael against you are done, but if he is on your side it is good.


Monte is starting to wonder if taking Michael out is the best idea because that makes him and Turner the next biggest targets in the house. They decide to talk to Michael together and Turner fills him in on the conversation.


Michael says if Brittany does not win HOH next week and he does not win veto, then working with Monte and Turner might be a good idea. Turner points out between the three girls they have one comp win and that is Taylor’s HOH.


Monte says working with the guys might hold some appeal so the girls do not just pick them off and as long as the guys win HOH’s they can control the game. Alyssa is telling the HG about having a beach themed room that had actual sand on the floor and a hammock as a bed.


Turner says hearing about Alyssa’s bedroom is incredibly bizarre. Brittany cannot believe it. Michael says it sounds like a very Florida bedroom. Taylor talks about them getting the camera each week and she asks who everyone thinks someone is lying about their job.


Michael says maybe Taylor is deflecting. Alyssa thinks there is more to Monte and Turner thinks he is ex-military. Brittany thought Monte was a doctor until he cut his hand and could not put a bandaid on well.


Monte does not think Michael runs an escape room. Taylor thinks Michael is a game inventor or something. Michael says as an attorney he can stay calm under interrogation. Taylor cannot wait to see what everyone is like.


Monte, Turner, and Michael are in the HOH talking and they discussing which of the three girls they should put up. Monte says they have to lock in the HOH’s. Turner says they have to pick off the person who would least jeopardize their personal games.


Turner pitches taking Brittany out so Michael does not have to, Monte would not put up Taylor and Turner would not put up Alyssa. Turner says that is the best way for the three of them to get to the end. Monte says right now is ok with this plan to get to the final three.


It is now time for the live vote and eviction! Terrance loves Tracy and misses her. Terrance says he has entertained a lot of lies but he wants them to entertain the truth because their decision will reflect the jury. He says they have to have courage and not live in fear.


Alyssa does shoutouts. She says this has been the best summer of her life and she would be devastated if it ended right now. She hopes they keep her in the game and she loves Terrance because he has been a friend to her.


Time to vote.

Monte votes to evict Terrance.

Brittany sadly votes to evict Terrance.

Turner votes to evict Terrance.

Taylor votes to evict Terrance.

By a vote of 4-0, Terrance has been evicted from the Big Brother house!


Terrance gets up and says he has to do a Daniel and he does not hug anyone and grabs his bag and heads out the door to join Julie on stage. The HG inside head to the memory wall and they say he did the Daniel.


The HG talk about Julie doing the interview then closing the show and telling the at home audience to tune in Sunday to find out who won HOH. Julie tells Terrance to stay where he is for the interview to come next.


Julie says Terrance bolted and he says it was an homage to Daniel and he was a little upset with the HG. He says they knew that Alyssa had jury votes and they did not want to fight to get Michael out of the house.


Julie asks why they kept Alyssa and Terrance says he is more influential to make different moves and Alyssa is easier to control. Julie asks how difficult to be nominated five times and he says it weighed on him a lot but it changed his POV on the game.


Julie asks Terrance if there is anything about Michael’s game that he does respect and he says he loves that he is tenacious and a competitor. He says he told Michael not to lose his drive to win and he did not.


Julie asks Terrance why he picked Taylor over Turner for the veto and he says he was trying to bridge the gap with Taylor because she had the ear of Michael and Britany but he should have stuck with Turner.


Julie asks Terrance who he was most loyal to and he says Daniel and Nicole because he loved them. Michael says he is sorry with how things played out and a lot of people were factoring him in their end game plans and he had to get him out.


Turner says he voted Terrance out for not picking him to play in BB Comics and he says just kidding and he loves him. Taylor says her goal is to be the first black woman to win BB and it is a shame they did not see eye-to-eye.


Alyssa says Sweet T, I love you and will miss you in the game. Brittany says she tried to get Michael to take out a bigger target and he just would not. Monte says he tried to get Taylor on board to keep Terrance but it did not work out.


Terrance says he came on BB to make his parents happy but this game is overwhelming. He says it is easy to play the game from home on your couch but it is a very different experience here and he is grateful for the experience. He hopes Taylor follows him out.


Julie calls the HG to the LR. She tells them congratulations on making the final six. She says one of them will win $750,000. Then she says that is the good news. Tonight, another HG will be leaving. It is time to play a week’s worth of Big Brother in one hour!


Its time for the HOH competition! The competition is called Laser Focus. They will be showed a video of different colored laser lights and then they’ll be asked questions. The player with the most points after 7 rounds will be the new HOH!


Video 1 is up. Which color appeared the most. Everyone answers blue and everyone is correct and they all get a point.


Video 2 is shown. Which color appeared second. Alyssa answers orange and everyone else answers pink. Monte, Brittany, Turner, and Taylor are correct and have 2 points and Alyssa has 1 point.


Video 3 is on the screen. Which color appeared only once. Brittany answers white, Taylor and Alyssa answer pink. Monte and Turner answer orange. The correct answer is orange. Monte and Turner have 3 points, Brittany and Taylor have 2 points, and Alyssa has 1 point.


Video 4 is ready for the HG. Which color appeared between the red laser lights? Turner and Monte answer white, Alyssa, Brittany, and Taylor answer blue. The correct answer is white. Monte and Turner have 4 points, Brittany and Taylor have 2 points and Alyssa has 1 point.


Video 5 is up. Which color appeared exactly twice. They all answer green and the correct answer is green and they all get a point. Monte and Turner have 5 points, Brittany and Taylor have 3 points and Alyssa has 2 points.


Video 6 is on. Which color never appeared. Monte and Turner answer blue and everyone else answers red. The correct answer is red. Monte and Turner have 5 points, Brittany and Taylor have 4 points and Alyssa has 3 points.


Video 7 is on display. Which color appeared fourth? Taylor, Alyssa answer blue, Brittany and Turner answer pink and Monte answers white. The correct answer is pink.


Alyssa has 3 points. Taylor has 4 points. Monte and Brittany have 5 points. Turner has 6 points. Turner is the new HOH! They head inside and Turner is going to do one-on-one’s in the bubble room.


Alyssa is in first with Turner and he tells her she is safe and that everyone is on board to get Brittany out. Brittany heads in and we head to a commercial break.


It is time for the live nomination ceremony! Turner says he loves everyone in the game but he is nominating Brittany and Alyssa. They will soon begin the veto competition.


It is now time for the Veto Competition! Everyone is playing and the competition is called Amp it Up. They have to navigate themselves and their rope through a stand and untangle enough cable to plus into their amp. The first to plug into their amp will win POV!


Alyssa and Taylor are moving quickly as is Turner. Monte is moving but appears to be a little behind. Brittany seems to be in last and having the most difficult. Michael seems to be in the lead with Turner close behind.


Michael thinks he has enough slack but he has to go back. Everyone else is still moving. Taylor is out to see if she can plug in and she cannot and goes back. Monte is out and so is Turner but both go back.


Brittany is still moving. Taylor thinks she has it and she does not and goes back. Michael thinks he has it again and does not. Alyssa attempts to plug in and she does not have enough either. Monte and Turner both try to make it and neither has the slack they need.


Michael and Taylor are still moving. Monte makes another attempt and he plugs in and Monte has won the POV! The HG are sent back in to strategize and decide if the POV will be used. Monte will be in the car room and Alyssa is with him first.  


Monte tells Alyssa he is going to take her down and take the shot. She thanks him. Turner is in and Turner says to make sure everyone is on board because he does not want it to backfire on him. Monte says they have to make the move.


It is time for the Veto Meeting! Julie calls the HG to the LR. Michael seems to be making some sort of last minute plea to Monte. Monte has decided to use the POV on Alyssa.


Turner must now name a replacement nominee. Michael promises Turner will be safe with him and Turner says he has to go for first place and he loves him but he has to nominate Michael.


It is time for the live vote and eviction! Michael and Turner seem to be arguing about Turner promising not to take out a LGBT person. Brittany is at a loss but she thinks she can benefit their game if they keep her.


Michael says Monte and Turner are making this move and even if Taylor or Alyssa vote him out the jury will still see it as Turner and Monte’s move and they can take that away from them and he can team up with them in a 3v1 to go after Monte since Turner cannot play.


It is time to vote!

Monte votes to evict Michael.

Alyssa votes to evict Michael.

Taylor says in this game friendship comes after $750,000. She votes to evict Michael.

By a vote of 3-0, Michael has been evicted from the Big Brother house!


Michael asks everyone to stay seated, he has one thing he would like to say and he walks out the door to a huge reaction from the audience. Julie asks Michael about his exit and he says he wanted to leave.


Michael feels bad about his speech because he loves Brittany but nothing he said was not true. Michael says he had to try something. Julie asks if they made the right choice and Michael says absolutely.


Julie asks Michael who he would have been true to and she asks about the guys alliance and he says his game was based on telling people what they wanted to hear and playing the middle. He would have been loyal to Taylor.


Julie asks if he is surprised Taylor voted him out and he says no and he respects the move. Julie says he said if his back was against the wall he would win and Michael says not tonight. Michael says the target was on his back too soon and it was too late to pull back.


Julie asks how he feels about breaking Janelle’s record and he says having 9 comp wins is insane. He says he is surprised he won that much but he underestimated himself. Julie says he was a beast. He had so much fun playing and he has nothing but love and respect.


With that, DE eviction night comes to an end and the F5 are in place. For now, let's eavesdrop on the HG. From outside the BB House with Michael, I'm JCM. Love one another. Goodnight.


A traumatized Brittany is in the eviction chair. She says it would have been really hard for her to vote against Michael so he appreciates being up there against him. She was just thrown by what he said. I knew he woudl do whatever he had to do, but to throw me under the bus, I've been so close with him since the beginning, it sucks. 


Monte says Michael's a fan of the game, he knows exactly what he had to say in order to... (what he had to say, Brittany says) and that was just game. My head would have been there if I was in that situation, Taylor says. when he was pitching me, I said damn, he's good. He pitched us you keep me I go after them, Alyssa says. I just feel so stupid, Brittany sobs, good to know I was just a cog anyway so it doesn't matter.

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