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Friday, September 9, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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2:27am BBT Laylor is resting in the loft while Monte is in the shower, talking to Britt/Alyssa about the HoH comp. It was a black box search comp. Monte had to wait in the cold HNR for his turn. Britt says both Monte's HoH wins were spooky-themed. Monte won HoH.

2:32am BBT Monte is out of the shower. Britt asks if Alyssa wants to go next. She's OK, she got her gross clothes off. Britt gets into the shower. Monte doesn't feel totally clean (physically or emotionally?). Alyssa heads to the KT for snacks, Taylor in the loft.

2:45am BBT Alyssa goes to the SBR. Monte goes upstairs and finds Taylor. She says she scares easily & that was not fun. She's embarassed. Her heart was racing. She got stuck in the crawl space. Monte repeated to himself it wasn't real, it wasn't real. 

2:47am BBT Turner asks Taylor about the comp. It was dark, you grabbed wooden panels and had to go through crawl spaces 6 times. She didn't get far. Monte says you had to crawl through goop and there were people making noise behinddoors. He almost soiled himself.

2:49am BBT Turner asks if there was screaming? Monte says it was mostly quiet. Alyssa says they would moan, "Save Me!" Turner is OK with horror but pitch black would have been hard. Alyssa hit her head like, 50 times, would fall over boxes and fell on her face into goop.

2:51am BBT Monte says they'll be up forever. Taylor could hear BB setting up HoH. Monte hopes he gets a new hoody. Michael got 3 hoodies (during his HoHs). Alyssa is cold, waiting for the shower. They are going to rotate BRs. It will be quiet in the CBR (w/o Terrance).

2:53am BBT BB calls the HG to the SR for Turner's HoH basket. He got a short lettr from Megan: Everything is fine at home, his familiy is proud, his cats are good, and if he can dream it, then he can do it (Horizons, Epcot).

2:55am BBT Turner received a pic of his first date w/Megan, nail polish, a bandana, small bucket hat and birthday pick of him hiking. Monte is surprised Turner had photos of all these moments. Monte is called to the DR. Turner sits on his CBR bed & re-reads his letter.

3:10am BBT BB tells Taylor to put on her mic. She literally just stepped out of the shower, she complains. She tells Alyssa they have to do the whole song and dance of 1-on-1's and noms (they are confident Britt is Monte's target). 

3:12am BBT Alyssa can't imagine what it would have been like w/Michael on the block a whole week, he shocked her. Taylor was not a fan of his exit but expects viewers found it iconic. She says Britt lost to Monte by just 9s. Taylor was traumatized and didn't finish.

3:15am BBT Alyssa says the DE feels like a fever dream. Taylor agrees, they did a lot in one hour. Britt is rerunning the comp in her head, wondering where she could have found 9 more seconds. Taylor told BB she had this comp, and then didn't. 

3:20am BBT Taylor wishes she could have told Michael to tell Terrance to not mess with the Jury. Alyssa agrees, Terrance shouldn't mess with the Jury. (Why would Terrance listen to Michael? This is more for Britt's benefit).

3:22am BBT Britt says she should appologie for not hugging Michael. Taylor reminds her he ran out. She should have hugged him when they were on the block. You were legit upset, Taylor says. Alyssa thought he would give reasons to stay, not unload on Britt. 

3:24am BBT Britt says she could have said a lot of things about Micheal too but didn't. She thought he'd be more classy, saying you guys got me. Taylor says he didn't have time to process what was happening. Britt says Michael's belt (holding the rope) broke in the comp.

3:26am BBT Britt thinks Michael wasn't very self-aware. He really thought she would be evicted if they were on the block together. She hopes he knows he screwed up. He'll have 2 weeks to figure it out, Taylor says dryly. 

3:35am BBT Monte whispers to Turner, we tag teamed it. He says he couldn't do what Michael did, talking sh*t about Turner.  He would just say you got me. They decide to play Chinese Checkers, waiting for Monte's HoH room. 

3:43am BBT Turner can only imagine Terrance's reaction to Michael coming to the JH. Monte was surprised that being nom brought out such an ugly side to Michael. 

3:45am BBT The HG sans Britt decide to shotgun toast with the hard cider. Pour one out for the homies, Turner says. 8% alcohol is like 2 beers, Alyssa says. 

4:10am BBT Britt joins them and they pour her a drink. Alyssa says BB switched the order for the HoH comp tonight.

4:28am BBT Monte comes out of the DR and asks who wants to see his HoH room? The HG carry up their hard cider for the HoH reveal. He got a pic of his dad. Britt says Monte looks just like him. He also got a pic of his little brother in the Coast Guard & of his man cave.

4:32am BBT Monte got a black hoodie and courderoy bucket hat. In his letter, his dad is proud. Monte is a good son, brother and man, exceptional since he was a baby. Monte breaks down crying. Alyssa says that was amazing. Taylor gets Monte TP for his tears. 

4:34am BBT Alyssa asks what his dad is like. A cooler version of him, Monte says. His brother is 24 and has one more year in the Coast Guard. Monte reveals he's actually a Jr (his dad is Monte as well). Monte was born in Queens.

4:36am BBT Monte tries on his bucket hat. Alysa has never seen him in one. Neither has has he, Monte jokes. His music is Afrobeats. He was intruced to the sound by some frat brothers from Africa. Alyssa says she's so tired and Monte says she can have her 1-on-1 first.

4:58am BBT Monte tells Alyssa his target is Britt. But who to put next to her? He's laying the groundwork for Alyssa again. He's got a great relationship w/Turner & Taylor has been up 5 million times. Alyssa says she's been up twice in a row but is a team player.

5:00am BBT Monte tells Alyssa if she hears his name being thrown around, she should tell him and it might change noms (if your name isn't being thrown around, you're not playing the game). Turner/Britt/Taylor are in the loft, waiting for their turn with Monte.

5:02am BBT Taylor tells Turner/Britt in the loft that she stopped watching BB24 until the finale after the Cookout made F6. It became a boys club and she didn't want to watch them turn on each other. Britt explains to Turner it was Kyland who took out Tiffany.

5:04am BBT Taylor says she doesn't like it when somone picks the easy person for F2. She thinks Big D and Xavier should have taken Azah. Britt goes in to see Monte. How are you, he asks? She's OK. It was the best case scenario. It had to be done. It was just so fast.

5:08am BBT Britt says Michael will regret how he left. He wasn't self-aware & didn't understand it was win or die (yes he did). Monte says Michael would win when he didn't have to. The fan in him had to win. Britt says Michael was the only one to talk to him week one.

5:10am Britt describes the DE like ripping off a bandaid. Monte says Michael was really pushing it during the comp and he saw Michael's rope detach just as he went in for the win. He asks Britt to honestly walk him through Michael's game. 

5:22am BBT In the loft, Turner tells Alyssa/Taylor that Michael always got uncomfortable when someone brought up his comp wins. They don't like bitter juries. Alyssa says Paul should have at least one of his seasons (Paul was not honest with the Jury and that cost him).

5:25am BBT Back in HoH, Britt swears on her husband she won't target Monte next week. Monte says Alyssa is the HG he's least close to. He is going to put up Alyssa and asks Britt to be the pawn. That's not what she wants but understands. 

5:30am BBT Britt thinks Turner/Taylor would split the vote & asks Monte how he would break the tie. Monte says he values his words but doesn't answer her question. She says she has her facts & days down. She says to consider Turner will get credit for taking out Michael.

5:40am BBT Turner comes in to HoH and Monte says this is perfet. They will be to the end, Turner says. Monte tells Turner he gave Alyssa the heads up (being the pawn) and talked with Britt. She took a long time, Turner says, she tried to make F2 w/ him & Taylor tonight.

5:43am BBT Monte tells Turner that Britt was BSing tonight. She wanted Alyssa to go this week & claimed to be good at mental comps. It was sad to see her not be truthful. Turner says he'll win HoH again next week & neither will leave. They'll either have power or votes.

5:45am BBT Monte assures Turner he needs him next week. 0% I go up, Turner asks? Monte confirms. If he's forced to put up Taylor, the vote will be out of his hands. He wants to know if she says anything about him. We desere this, Monte says. 

5:55am BBT Monte gets a beer and Taylor comes in for her talk. Taylor uses the HoH WC first. She had to come back to get the TP Monte had used to wipe his eyes while reading his HoH letter. They talk about her panic paralyzing her during the HoH comp.

6:00am BBT Monte tells Taylor that Britt lied to him during her 1-on-1. She's your target, Taylor asks? Monte's gut says Alyssa but he's conflicted. He wants to see how the week plays out. He asks her to keep her ear open to anyone talking about him, especially Turner.

6:02am BBT Monte tells Taylor he needs her to be his eyes and ears this week. Britt told him that Alyssa has been throwing out Taylor's name. Taylor hadn't heard that. Monte says Turner has a weird attachment to Alyssa. Taylor says the vibe in the house has shifted.

6:05am BBT Taylor says Britt tried to bring the girls back together, not her. Monte says Britt swore on Stephen (her husband). Taylor wonders if Stephen is even real. She mentions a Peter and feeds swith to a Turner/Alyssa asleep in their respective beds.

6:10am BBT Taylor asks Monte where he sees Turner, F3? Monte says Turner's made big moves, his resume is stacked. Logically, he's a shield next week, so he doesn't want to take him out now. But he can't help it if Taylor wins Veto and forces Turner to go up.

6:13am BBT Taylor will go full on balls to the wall for Veto. Taylor/Britt would choose who goes (Taylor is saying she'd save Britt over Alyssa given the chance). Monte tells Taylor she can beat Britt/Alyssa for HoH next week. All Taylor's eggs are in Monte's basket.

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10:20am BBT Britt goes to the SBR and tells Alyssa she found some of Michael's stuff. She takes it to the SR. Alyssa says we're probably the noms> They are tired and exhausted. Britt carries 3 loads of Michael's stuff to the SR. She tells BB all this is Michael's.

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1:15pm BBT BB is continuing to try and draw the HG out for the day, calling them into the DR. Sometimes it works, but more often then not, they return to bed. 

1:45pm BBT Alyssa tells Taylor she was going to talk to Monte again but realizes it's all about the Veto this week. She'll wait to see who wins and then decide what to do. In HoH, Monte is dancing to his Afrobeat music. 

1:48pm BBT Britt telsl Taylor/Alyssa she found 2 drawers full Michael's comp souvenirs and packed them up (more like dumped them on the SR counter). Taylor/Britt/Alyssa tell Monte that BB tried to wake them up at 8am. Really? Monte had his headphones on and didn't hear.

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2:30pm BBT Monte says he'll make salmon tonight. Britt asks for mushrooms. Alyssa wants asparagus. She says beets make your pee turn red. UTIs make it turn orange, Turner counters. Monte didn't get any alcohol in his HoH basket and hopes BB will give him hard cider.

2:32pm BBT Alyssa says her pants were slipping off during the comp last night. She hopes BB blurs her butt. Turner says he's never seen a comp like last night's. He says the last time they did a rope unravel comp was BB6 and it was 2 HG working together.


2:34pm BBT Alyssa wonders if Veto will be Bowlerina (she's been hoping each week). Monte hopes not - he tried spinning around last night and got dizzy. FotH for the Nom Ceremony.

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4:00PM BBT

The feeds have returned.





4:07PM BBT

Turner is looking for something. I'm not sure what it is, but Taylor and Alyssa are hleping him look around the house. Turner says he may have left it during the comp then speaks directly to production, "Yo, Gavin..." but the feeds move to WBRB.


4:10PM BBT

Britt is waiting upstairs for Monte in the Tiki Loft.

Monte comes up and heads into the HoHR with Britt. She says she understands and it's what she expected after talking last night. She asks if there is anyhing anyone has said that she could clear up. Monte says that Turner shared more from his perspective about the late night conversation she had with him and wanting a final 2. He says Alyssa also shared that Britt approached her for a final 2.


Britt: That is really interesting because 100% it was Alyssa who approached me and she even called it "Full Circle"



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3:59pm BBT Feeds return. Britt/Turner are at the DT. Alyssa is sitting at the KT counter. Monte walks in and FotH. In the loft, Britt asks to talk to Monte when he has time. Monte says OK but after he runs downstairs.

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4:16pm BBT Britt regrets having that talk with Turner. It was very early in the morning & it was supposed to be a joke that Turner took seroiusly. A F2 with Turner would make no sense. She does not see a future for Turner in the game. But Alyssa won't turn on him.

4:18pm BBT It comes down to whether Monte wants to believe her or Alyssa & Britt's actions are louder than her words. Michael didn't mean everything he said. Monte asks if she told him the stuff he said against her. She says Michael won comps but wasn't self-aware.

4:20pm BBT Monte tells Britt Michael didn' thave the social component to balance withi his comp threat. Britt says gave everything to Michael and should have shared more with him and Alyssa. She repeats that Alyssa has been throwing around Monte's name.

4:22pm BBT Britt says everyone is aligning with everyone. She says she and Taylor could have flipped the vote against Monte but didn't (Monte only faced eviction during Big Brochella). She says ppl only tell her want they think she wants to hear, not the truth.

4:26pm BBT Monte says it's hard to trust people. She should have told him about the convos she had with Turner even if they weren't serious so he could decide. Britt agrees, she should have. Monte says he's going to let the week play out and see where it lands.

4:28pm BBT Britt says she's gunning for Veto. She's the least physical HG remaining and nobody wants to talk to her. She is afraid no one will talk to her after the Veto. She starts crying and says she's sorry. She didn't have any game, it was Michael's game.

4:30pm BBT Britt says Taylor was as close to Michael as she was. She asks Monte for advice. Monte says be honest. Trying to drive a wedge between him & Terrance was not being honest. 

4:35pm BBT Britt now thinks she was being fed misinformation. Monte wants to know abot her chats immediately. Britt says Taylor was pitching the girls sticking together last night while they waited for his HoH room. Taylor didn't want it to be a boy's club. 

4:40pm BBT Britt apologizes for not talking to him sooner. They head out and no one is waiting for to talk to Monte. They must have given up, he says. Britt asks if she can help with Dinner. They head downstairs.

4:45pm BBT Monte starts washing dishes. Britt complains about low water pressure. Monte says she and he are the only ones on top of the dishes. 

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6:00PM BBT

Monte is cooking dinner while chatting with Alyssa and Taylor about planning a Sarasota meet up after BB24 including Turner and BB23's Derek X, Xavier, Chaddha and Alyssa. Alyssa says they have to go to a restaurant that is popular with celebs and serves great scamp called Owen's FIshcamp.


6:33PM BBT

The HGs sit down to eat.

Monte asks if it's edible. Turner says it's fire. Alyssa says it's delish. Britt says she should have noticed how he cooked the salmon so she could make it that way at home. He says just cut it in rectangular pieces. He seasons both sides with garlic salt, paprika and oregano with honey, if you like. He cooks it in olive oil skin side first then flips it. Britt asks how will she know it is done. He says he sets the pieces on their sides in the pan to make sure it cooks through. He says at home he smothers it with feta cheese. Alyssa says she gets the honey bourbon salmon from Publix and cooks it up in the air fryer (400 degrees for 10 minutes), "It's so easy...with salad and rice."



Alyssa loves salmon and says she ate it every day in "Mexico" aka sequester.

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7:07PM BBT

Britt has been "meditating" in her bed in the Golf Pro Bedroom. Lots of deep breathing.

[Welp, I imagine Britt is picturing herself winning veto tomorrow, but this visualization method of self-hypnosis hasn't worked for her yet. It never worked for Indy, either, despite her pouring positive affirmations on herself and mumbling mantras while reminding her angels she deserves to win but asking HGs to get lost. As a matter of fact, I'm still waiting for my lottery win. It can happen.  -MamaLong]


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7:42PM BBT

Monte, Taylor, Alyssa and Turner are talking about Britt in the HoHR pitching to Monte that everyone approached her, not that Britt approached them.

[Y'all, Britt is living in another universe if she truly believes her own lies. She opened conversations with everyone and attempted to garner a working relationship with Taylor, Alyssa and Turner but she is denying it all now as "fluff talk" and jokes. Everyone knows she is lying, but I think the reason she continues lying about is because she really does believe she is the pawn. -ML]


7:47PM BBT

Brittany joins the others in the HoHR and conversation changes to random topics. Turner puts on the headphones. Alyssa asks Monte if she can have his candy bar wrappers because they include poems and she needs reading material.





7:52PM BBT

[BB has decided to give us intermittent WBRB for no apparent reason, so I am out for the night. -ML]

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8:05pm BBT Britt looks for sympathy from Alyssa/Tayor/Turner in HoH. You know what it's like to lose your person in the game, she says. Alyssa wishes she had hot chocolate. Taylor says she can ask BB for some Swiss Miss. They read the candy wrapper poems.

8:45pm BBT Monte is called to the SR & they hope for alcohol (you have a Veto tomorrow!) Alyssa says of Terrance, if you're going to make a pitch, stick to it. Turner wonders if evicted HG get to the JH and lie about their game to look better (generally they come clean).

8:47pm BBT Turner thinks Joe and Michael might lie in JH, maybe Kyle. Taylor says Kyle can't lie. Alyssa says Jasmine will lie. Taylor jokes she'll still be talking about the Five Swatters. Monte returns to HoH with a flannel shirt and some alcohol.

8:49pm BBT Britt has already said GN, Alyssa says. When she's nervous, Britt bites her lip. Alyssa goes back to Terrance's game play. It was uncalculated, Turner says. Monte says he just didn't want to go along with the herd. 

8:51pm BBT Terrance told Michael after OTEV that it was time to start playing the game. Everyone laughs. Michael had 5 comp wins by then, Monte notes. Alyssa is disappointed in Terrance after some of what she's heard. He claimed Alyssa like liked Daniel. 

8:53pm BBT Monte says Terrance would say everything he thought the other HG wanted to hear (don't they all?). Monte gives Terrance a pass - everyone plays the game the way they want to, even if it's not how he would. He just hopes Terrance isn't like that in real life.

8:55:pm BBT Monte says Michael got 4 of the 6 guesses right during the Big Brochella Veto comp. He was that good (counting things). Monte says there are multiple layers to the game, not just comp wins. Very true, Alyssa says, counting her comp wins.

8:57pm BBT Alyssa/Taylor are examining Monte's sunglasses collection. He says the sun is always shining where he's at. His cologne is from a MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) thing some friends are involved in.


9:00pm BBT Turner is now lining up Monte's sneakers/shoes behind his pictures. Monte says it makes his photos pop. Monte wants his fitness company to work with LuLu(lemon), Regent Protein and The Cider. Alyssa's picks are Dunkin, Chapstik, Victoria's Secret & Chease Its.

9:02pm BBT Taylor's brands are Lays (of course) and Savage clothes. Monte wants to work with a men's skin care company that would provide him with free samples if he sold their products. 

9:10pm BBT Turner's favorite comp was the Backstage comp. Kyle beat him & Taylor/Alyssa went against each other. Turner was nervous during the first 2 live shows, now he's fine. The live shows are exciting, Monte says. There's just one more Nom meeting, Alyssa realizes.

9:12pm BBT Just one more live show before the Finale, Turner says (two actually), next HoH and Veto winner go to the Finale. Taylor asks if the other HG would rather go out 4th and get a week in the JH or 3rd and leave on Finale Night? They all say 3rd (duh). 

9:15pm BBT Alyssa wants the chance to play the F3 comps. Turner doesn't want any JH energy. Alyssa says 3rd place doesn't get to dress nice. Monte says the F3 comps aren't live. Michael knew all the F3 details, Alyssa says. Taylor says Parts I and II are recorded.

9:17pm BBT If Taylor had to choose a natural disaster, she'd choose an earthquake. Turner says Tornados kill everyone. Alyssa is scared of tsunamis. Turner says they don't kill a lot of people (tell that to the people of Indonesia). 

9:19pm BBT In an earthquake, Alyssa says, she'd want to be in the BY because everything in the BB House would fall apart. Taylor says there are heavy things that could fall. Taylor wants alcohol. Monte reminds them they have an important Veto comp in the morning.

9:35pm BBT Which HG would you not want to live with? Taylor says Nicole/Danielle/Terrance/Ameerah. Alyssa says Daniel/Nicole/Terrance/Joe. Turner says Jasmine.

9:38pm BBT Turner/Taylor/Alyssa start an HoH game of Chinese Checkers. Monte crawls into bed and joins them.

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10:00pm BBT Monte says Joe loved being a double agent but he never saw the point of it for The Leftovers. He says nobody saw Michael leaving in the DE coming. He told Turner during their 1-on-1 he was using the Veto and Turner said, what? 

10:02pm BBT Turner says he knew Monte's plan, but was just worried what would happen if they took the shot and missed. He says he's had a recurring dream where he gets out of the house and can't find Megan. 

10:05pm BBT What would you do if you win? Taylor wants to stop being a burden on her mother. She would get a new house, car, career and donate to womens' charities. Monte would invest in real estate and do more creative work, like a podcast, and travel.

10:07pm BBT After he helps his parents/brother, Monte says, there's a church that helped him so he wants to help it. Turner would use the money to open a coffee shack next to the rug shack. Maybe a new Jeep Cherokee. Taylor reminds him about the latte art. Plants too.

10:13pm BBT Turner says financial freedom to him is the ability to do the same things he enjoys but with less stress. He wouldn't give up the rug shack for anything. But he would love to one day spend a year in NYC or Paris. 

10:35pm BBT Taylor/Turner/Monte discuss the ending of BB24. Taylor notes Claire had an 80 page Google Doc of BB information (so did Michael & a lot of good that did). Monte says that's too intense. You can't study BB from a book, you have to have a feel for the game.

10:40pm BBT Alyssa says she would give some money to animal rescue and set herself up to not have to struggle financially, maybe run an Air BnB. Monte remembers he still has student loans, he has to get back on that (I've got some good news for you on that front...)

10:50pm BBT Monte tries on the new flanel shirt BB got him. He hasn't weighed himself this summer, so he doesn't know if he's gained any. Alyssa checks herself daily. Monte likes the shirt but it doesn't go with the hat and his shorts. 


11:10pm BBT Turner asks who would be better to win Veto? Monte says part of him doesn't want the resonsibility of the decision. If Britt or Alyssa win, Turner says, Taylor goes up. Most likely, Monte deflects. 

11:13pm BBT Turner hopes Taylor is being honest. He thinks Alyssa would choose them. The best case is either he or Monte win Veto. Monte says he's thinking Turner, him and Taylor in F3. Turner says Monte has a better read on Taylor and he has a better read on Alyssa.

11:15pm BBT Monte says he hasn't talked to Taylor all week. She hasn't said one negative thing about Turner. He says this is low stress. He would prefer noms to stay the same. If Taylor votes Britt to stay, Monte will break the tie to keep Alyssa. Fire, says Turner.

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11:48pm BBT The lights are off in the GBR where Britt is sleeping. Alyssa completes her evening ADLs and shouts upstairs, goodnight. She crawls into bed in the GBR. Britt rolls over in her bed as she settles in. Monte/Taylor/Turner continue talking in HoH. 

11:52pm BBT Monte gives his shout-outs in HoH as Turner/Taylor watch. They continue talking.



11:58pm BBT The HoH group breaks up. Turner/Taylor head downstairs, leaving Monte alone in HoH. He immediately puts on the headphones & begins his ADLs. Taylor puts some food away in the KT. Taylor begins her ADLs and tells Turner to go to sleep. He's snacking in the KT.


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