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Cycle 8 (Aug 26 - Sept 1)

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Welcome to the Results for the eighth cycle of the Morty's TV Big Brother Season 24 Monopoly Game.  It's not to late to play along. Just go to the HG Token Selection thread and follow the easy directions to select your HG Token. Then later check back here to see where you stand in the results!


Note: A cycle is an eviction cycle (HoH, Noms, Eviction).  


Board Events for this Cycle:

These are the routine events in the Big Brother House (and their values). Some events increase (+) your balance, some events decrease (-) your balance, and some events can go either way (+/-).  An event that does not occur does not impact the account balance.


  • HG Token Wins HoH (+$500): Turner
  • HG Token is nominated (-$250): Taylor and Brittany
  • HG Token is a Have Not (-$100): N/A
  • HG Token is Picked to play in Veto Comp (+250): Michael and Alyssa
  • HG Token Wins the Power of Veto Comp (+$500): Michael
  • HG Token is saved by the Power of Veto (+$250): Brittany
  • HG Token is the Veto Replacement Nominee (-$250): Kyle
  • HG Token is at risk (no safety) but avoids nomination (+$100): Monte, Michael and Alyssa
  • HG Token Votes out evictee/Saved (+/-$100): (+$100) Michael, Alyssa, Terrance, Brittany and Monte
  • HG Token is evicted (Bankrupt): Kyle


Chance Cards for this Cycle:

Chance cards are drawn when BB throws in a twist we didn't anticipate. This week's Chance cards (and their values) are...


  • HG Token is the First/Last to vote (+-$100): (+$100) Michael, (-$100) Monte
  • HG Token Hugs/Doesn't hug the evicted HG on the way out (+/-$100): Michael, Alyssa, Terrance, Brittany, Turner, Taylor and Monte


Each cycle there will be different Chance cards as we identify fun and unexpected ways to earn bonus money with your HG Token.


HG Token Results for this Cycle:

This table reflects the net amount earned or lost during this cycle for each HG Token. Total in parenthesis ( ) means negative (-$100)


HG Token - Cycle 8
Terrance $500
Joseph $0
Daniel $0
Taylor ($400)
Monte $900
Ameerah $0
Jasmine $0
Pooch $0
Turner $1,100
Michael $2,100
Paloma $0
Kyle $0
Nicole $0
Indy $0
Alyssa $1,000
Brittany $100


Player Results for this Cycle :


Each player's HG Token was seeded with $500 to start the game.  The Cycle total reflects the total money earned or lost during the current cycle. The HG Token Balance reflects the current account balance for the player at the end of the cycle.



Player HG Token Cycle 8 Total Player Balance
justmedoubleb Kyle $0 $2,800
MamaLong Michael $2,100 $6,600
Fuskie Kyle $0 $2,900
Dade Monte $900 $3,300
sometimesITeac Joseph $0 $1,050
WilliamFES Indy $0 $1,100
drc Michael $2,100 $7,100
KatFer Michael $2,100 $6,000
Kelso Michael $2,100 $5,950
zzzing904 Joseph $0 $750


drc is still in first place with $7,100. MamaLong follows in second with $6,600 and KatFer is in third with $6,000. Kelso follows close behind at $5,950. Dade has $3,300, Fuskie has $2,900, justmedboubleb has $2,800.  WilliamFES has $1,100, sometimesITeach has $1,050 and zzing904 has $750. 


If you want to swap your HG Token for another (at a cost of half your balance), reply to this post with the name of your old HG Token and the new HG Token. If your HG Token has been evicted and your account has gone bankrupt, you can buy back into the game at a cost of $500 (meaning you restart with a $500 deficit).


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