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Episode 25 - 9/1/2022 - Veto Meeting, Eviction, and start of HOH

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Previously, on Big Brother, Kyle speculated about a possible alliance which left Michael and Brittany feeling uneasy. With Turner taking over, he reunited the Pound alliance with Monte and Kyle and they wanted to take out a huge threat so a backdoor plan was set in motion. At a slippery and sloppy battle Michael wined and dined on power. Brittany and Michael decided it was now time to reveal what Kyle said. After first laying it out to Monte and Taylor, soon the whole house was made aware and word got back to Kyle leaving him worried about the repercussions. Tonight, a powerful house meeting will put everything out in the open. Plus, will Kyle be nominated at the veto meeting? And who will be evicted from the house? All this right now on Big Brother!


Julie greets us and it is Day 58 in the house and the split house twist is still impacting the game, but the game could be shifting yet again. Who will wind up on the block when the dust settles, and who will be the fourth member of the jury?


We pick up on Day 54 and Kyle wants to talk to Brittany. Brittany says she is expecting this and she knew it was coming. She has no idea how Kyle will react. He wants to know what all she told everyone in the house about the all white alliance.


Brittany says Kyle had conversations with Michael before her and then she discusses their previous conversations. Kyle denies it and he says he is not racist and he is not that guy and Brittany is getting emotional.


We see on Day 43 when Brittany went to talk to Kyle about not wanting to target the minorities and her telling him they cannot assume that because of The Cookout there is the same thing going on this season. She says that was how things appeared to her.


Kyle asks Brittany if she thinks he is a racist and she does not think he is a bad person. She thinks he said some things that he did not realize how they came across and he apologizes. She apologizes too because she does not think he is a bad person.


Kyle is talking to Terrance and Monte and he apologizes to them and he wants to lay out his thought process. He says he recognized that Joseph and Monte were very close and Taylor and Joseph were very close and he lumped those three as a possible break in the alliance.


Kyle says he thought Taylor, a strong African American woman, Joseph with the middle eastern expose and Terrance with the southside of Chicago experience could group together and he pieced all that back to The Cookout and he realizes how bad that looks.


Monte says that was toughest for him because they walked in together and they talked game and it is a little disappointing. He wonders how Kyle lumped him and Taylor together except it was based solely on race.


Terrance is going to speak frankly. He says he feels like he was played because he was told that Monte, Joseph, and Taylor were running The Leftovers and now he understands why Joseph was spiraling last week and it should have been Kyle that left.


Kyle apologizes again and says it was foolish and he asks if they have any advice for him. Monte says there is honor in accepting what you have done. Terrance hopes he uses it as a learning experience of different cultures and backgrounds.


Monte and Terrance are talking to Turner and Terrance says he could not hold how he felt with the whole situation. Monte says he cannot wrap his head around why Michael and Brittany revealed it today when it happened two weeks ago.


Terrance says why did they hold on to it this long and Turner suggests a sit down situation with everyone in the house. So a house meeting is called so they can talk openly with everyone and everyone heads to the living room.


Kyle starts off and he knows where his game is at and he asks Michael to start off how things began. Michael explains during his HOH on week 5 where Kyle outlined where he saw decisions in the game. Kyle wants to clarify his thought process.


Kyle reveals he and Turner had a F2 and Turner says he had no part of this and Kyle says when he looked at the group of seven the thought of a possible Cookout situation started because Taylor would not nominate Jasmine.


Kyle says he has been sheltered and he realizes he had unconscious biases and he would like advice. Brittany says again that she told him why she did not agree with that. Michael says those were his words though.


Terrance asks Michael and Brittany why they did not come forward sooner. He says it is onus they have to take on too. Brittany says no one in this room wins and she wishes she could have put herself in his shoes and realize that was hurtful.


Monte says he was working with Michael and Brittany and it is hurtful that they did not share that with him. Michael says once the split twist happened he thought if Kyle went home then it did not matter. Terrance says it is still a huge disrespectful slap in the face.


Taylor is not going to hate Kyle and she is going to hold him accountable for what happened. Monte does not care about the game right now, he is more concerned with them talking as humans. Taylor says this group discussion is a moment of love.


Taylor says the hard conversations happened and now everything after is what matters. Monte agrees. Kyle hopes to have a conversation with them outside of the game and he hopes he gets that chance. He has come to terms with and respects what Turner does with veto.


Kyle apologizes about Joseph and he says has a lot of growing to do as a person and he has come to terms with that. The house meeting is adjourned. Will the veto meeting seal Kyle’s fate and how will the house pick up the pieces from here?


It is time for the veto meeting! Michael has decided to use the POV on…Brittany. Turner must now name a replacement nominee. Turner’s nominee is…Kyle. Turner apologizes and says it is in the house’s best interest and nothing personal. He loves him.


Kyle would like another second and he does not want to isolate himself and use this opportunity to be open and wants to be an example to learn and progress and get better. He hopes they are open to those types of conversations and Monte agrees.


Monte says those actions do not fly inside or outside, but he is owning up to things and if he wants to talk, then he is down for it. Alyssa and Kyle are talking and she does not want to make his life harder than it is.


Alyssa feels like he never fought for her and he would have picked himself over her and that is not someone she wants to have in a relationships. She feels like he lied and manipulated her and she cannot leave the house continuing to be in a relationship with him.


Kyle is talking to Monte and he says he has never been in this situation before and he says he is sorry and he gets emotional. He says they lived the same game from the beginning and he will never forget the look Monte and Terrance gave him of pure disgust.


Kyle says he hopes Monte’s friendship will continue and he never did anything wrong against him and everything is entirely his fault. He tells Monte he can punch him in the face and Monte says that will not be helpful. Monte is now emotional.


Monte says that conversation with Kyle was frustrating for him. Monte says in high school he went to a prestigious high school and people just assumed he was there for sports and no one was really curious about him and he never got to a point he could have a white friend.


Monte says it has definitely been an emotional week and he hopes Kyle can learn from this. He hopes the house can move forward as well and they can get back to playing Big Brother. Monte and Taylor are talking and he is expressing his concerns about Michael and Brittany.


Monte tells Taylor that Michael and Brittany have been so strategic and calculated and now they are not with this information? He says he would rather stick with Alyssa and Terrance and Michael and Brittany will be his target and he needs Taylor to trust him.


Monte says right now Michael is running away with the win and his game has been flawless. He says if there is a chance to take a shot, then they need to take the shot. Taylor says they are on the same page.


It is time for the live vote and eviction! Kyle thanks everyone for the experience. He says Taylor showed grace, Monte’s friendship means the world to him, Turner turned him into a vegetarian, Michael is thoughtful, and Terrance is a role model and he loves them all.


Taylor says she chooses strength and that looks like love. She says Kyle is her friend and she loves him to death and she will continue to encourage him in his journey and she hopes he continues to grow.


Time to vote!

Michael votes to evict Kyle.

Alyssa votes to evict Kyle.

Terrance votes to evict Kyle.

Brittany votes to evict Kyle.

Monte votes to evict Kyle.

By a vote of 5-0, Kyle has been evicted from the Big Brother house! Kyle gives hugs and walks out.


Julie asks Kyle how he is feeling and he says it was a very tough week but he is grateful for the experience and to have it with these HG because they are compassionate and forgiving.


Julie asks about the Cookout conversation and how that proposed alliance could be perceived and he says not initially but after looking back it did look terrible and he again apologizes.


Julie brings up Brittany says they should not assume a Cookout style did not exist and asks if that impacted his game. Kyle says he was just overthinking everything and it probably did weigh into some of his decision making.


Julie says Kyle made a bold move during the split house twist and did the Cookout assumption play a role in him going after Joseph. Kyle says no because he felt like he was left out of decisions with his alliance and he felt the alliance was over.


Julie talks about Kyle jumping to different alliance and how much of that had to do with protecting Alyssa. He says there was a component that did make him want to work with Alyssa late game and The After Party was formed and he was happy he could be honest with her.


Julie announces Zingbot will be back Sunday and next Thursday is another two hour double eviction. It is time for the HOH competition! The competition is called “Burning Bot” and it is Zingbot’s festival. Zingbot will be arriving later tonight.


This competition kicks off right now. They must transfer their puzzle pieces to the building platform and then assemble their Zingbot puzzle. There are two sides to the puzzle and the front of Zingbot should be facing away from their button.


The HG start transferring pieces. Monte and Taylor are neck and neck. Michael is making progress. Alyssa, Terrance, and Brittany are also doing well. Everyone is transferring pieces when we end the show.

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