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Tuesday, August 30, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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10:29 am Kitchen Monte and Alyssa are up Alyssa. Allyssa is making coffee and Monte looking for grapes. Terrance joins Alyssa in the kitchen. looks like Kyle is awake and exchanging his mic batteries. Monte and Alyssa discussing their plans for the day. Monte is encouraging Alyssa to work out after she said she thinks she wants to get back into it. 

10:32 am Michael is awake but climbed back in bed, rolled over and covered up, looks like he is trying to sleep 


10:34 am backyard Kyle is switching laundry over, and putting his clothes into his bag. Taylor is up and changing out her mic batteries. Then she went back to bed and covered up. BB called Taylor and Turner to change batteries. 

10:38 am all feeds on Taylor sleeping. 2 cams zoom in on a clear plastic bag on one of the beds with a small pile of clothes in the golf bedroom

10:41am feeds cut off briefly  No signal . We now have two cams in Kitchen with Terrance, Monte eating while Alyssa sits and talks with them. Kyle is at the Kitchen sink. All cameras cut back to sleeping Tylor and plastic bag on bed.  

10:44am Kitchen Monte is talking about Jasmine and being up and not having the brace on in the mornings. She said her injury was pretty much back as good as it is gonna be. Alyssa said she didn’t get to say goodbye. Monte is talking about her outfit it was very Vibrant! He said Jazmine said she would never wear it again. Alyssa said aww maybe she will pass it down. They continue discussing Jasmine and how tall she was. They go on to discuss how tall different woman have been in the house 


11:00am Kyle has joined the kitchen with Monte and Terrance,  chat has switched from height of people to cooking and now about monster trucks and monster truck shows. Alyssa was called to the diary room upstairs.Terrance is talking about seating at rallies and Kyle asks if he has ever been to a demolition derby. Terrance says no and he can’t imagine driving in one of those. Monte ask is the demo derby is winner last one standing. Kyle says yeah and starts telling about how the one guy got really hurt and the mom of the guys wasn’t aloud to go down and she was trying, then the crowd starting throwing beers and it was pretty insane. 

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11:05am Monte and Kyle talking about Fast and Furious movies. Monte says that is why he probably gets speeding tickets. Kyle talks about driving so slow. Monte jokes about grandpa Kyle safe driver. Terrance said he is always running late and drives fast passing everyone else off Turner is finally awake! Said he is tired and sore. Terrance is cleaning up breakfast dishes. Kyle and Turner have gone out side, Kyle is arranging the pool table and decides on a game with himself. Turner has flopped down on the out door couch 

11:12 am Terrance is now in the backyard doing some stretching and yoga on a mat

while Kyle has finished his pool game and headed inside with his back that he emptying on his bed and is folding his clothes. Kyle has returned from washroom and is cleaning up the kitchen, loading the dishwasher. Terrance comes in and says that sun is not for him today, he proceeds to the indoor workout room and continues his stretching. Taylor and Brittany still sleeping. Runner now sleeping on backyard couch. Alyssa still in upstairs diary room 

11:17am Brittany is awake and says what’s up to Kyle as she heads to washroom. And we get WBRB

11:18am feeds back Kyle is talking about how hard it was for him to realize what he had said and done and he didn’t truly feel the weight of his actions until yesterday and it really hit him. Britt daisy it is completely normal for the way he felt the first day. Anyone of them would have reacted that way it wasn’t a Kyle reaction it was an anyone reaction and Britt said she has never felt like she has ever hurt someone like how she hurt Kyle. Britt said he wasn’t aware of the way he said somethings and she wishes they would have communicated better and had a better conversation. Kyle said he realizes it isn’t 8 people it is the world. Britt said she knows he isn’t a malicious person. She said it took her a long time because she knows he isn’t a malicious person. She said she knows people are just upset with him but they are upset with her and Michael too 

Britt continues to tell Kyle he isn’t a malicious person, but it doesn’t excuse the comments, but lack of education and he will have an opportunity in his speech to clear somethings. She talks about being in an alliance and it being perceived a certain way ..then getting out and not knowing it was perceived that way can ruin you. And Kyle shares he was glad they had a chance to talk about it and Brittany said it is hard and there are shades of gray and there are people are racist out there and are hard core and there are people who are naive and don’t get how comments can be. 
kyle said he has lived a very sheltered life in Utah and has not experienced …sound cuts out and we get WBRB

11:29am Feeds back cameras are on Monte washing fishing’s in Kitchen. No more of the race car bedroom of the conversation with Britt and Kyle. 

11:21 am Terrance joins Monte in the Kitchen said he saw his room was busy and he came back out to the kitchen, he didn’t want to interrupt that conversation. He says he ain’t going out to the patio by himself, because they are gonna want them awnings out and he can’t do it by himself. All 4 cameras still on kitchen. Monte is washing the dishes before he puts them in the dishwasher and Terrance says you know you can just put them in there. Monte says he has trust issues with dishwashers. 

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11:40 Monte and Terrance outside fixing all the awnings Michael is up

quick flash to Kyle and Brittany and feeds cut back to backyard. 
Monte said he is going to get his laundry. He goes into car bedroom after knocking on door to get his sheets. Brittany came out and is making her bed. Kyle asks Monte to talk later and Monte says sure thing bro I don’t have a full calendar. Kyles voice sounds very emotional. 

11:48am Terrance and Monte in backyard talking about Kyle and how Kyle said he hasn’t been around any type of situations and Terrance said he broke it down

…feeds cut to Michael showering…

Terrance talking about the cookout and how there was never opportunity and they took the opportunity. …

..feeds cut in and out…

terrance continues to tell Monte what he said to Kyle, you had the whole package in the alliance, Terrance said I don’t feel Kyle is racist, Terrance said he views Kyle as an adolescent still even though he is 29 . Terrance said Kyle told him I appreciate you still talking to me and everything when you don’t have too and he said he doesn’t feel anyway toward him, but this is a learning opportunity to change your morality and learn and you can not judge people until you learn about them. Monte said if you look back on history of BB  majority had always been white and last year it was an opportunity for them. Monte says for Kyle he has to look at that memory board and Monte says he took a hard look at it and says yeah …

..feeds cut to have not room Kyle with golden blanket over his head just sitting there

alssa in bed in space aged room with pink blanket …

12pm Noon Michael in washroom area. Kyle came down and tossed golden blanket on bed and threw on a sweatshirt Michael goes into bedroom Alyssa asked how he slept, he said not to bad WBRB

…feeds cut to backyard… We hear a snippet of Monte …Feeds cut again…


Backyard Terrance talking about the cookout and how he came in here thinking he could come on this show and he could do it because they did it. Monte said no matter what this is out reality and this is a message for America especially White  America  we are becoming more integrated and we can do beautiful things together or we can separate .. feeds cut to Michael .. laying in bed 

12:07pm Monte talking with Terrance and we are only getting snippets of the conversation. Feeds cut to Michael in bed talking to himself in a whisper 

Monte is talking about life experiences and having to work with people who don’t look like us ..he said Kyle has never dealt with that. Kyle can walk into anywhere and feel comfortable. They have never had that, and have had to work harder at establishing relationships. He wishes White America could step into that environment where they could experience what we experience. He is glad Kyle realizes that his thoughts were based on race maybe not consciously, but he said …and feeds cut to Michael in bed…

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12:13 backyard Monte has tried to talk to his little brother about racism even I. The coast guard he has dealt with racism ..feeds cut WBRB ..

12:15 Terrance talking about growing up in predominantly  black neighborhood and he couldn’t walk thru the neighborhood and straight up the street to the store because it was a racist street ..they took detours, to this day in Chicago you know you don’t drive up on certain streets because you will get pulled over, so we are used to taking detours. Monte is getting emotional saying he wants to be free ..he feels restricted he wants to be able to not think about it (racism) he said this is the freest country in the world ..but in his mind he is a fucking slave. He wants our people to be able to walk on any street like any white person could and feel safe and free. He is holding out hope that our people are overthinking it. But then situations arise and he is like nope. He said it is better when we are just ourselves and not shadows of who we really are. 
…feeds cut….

Terrance said he don’t play those type of games

…feeds cut …

Terrance says in the south side of Chicago and a Tesla charging station goes up and he said I know my people don’t have a Tesla, but then people are moving in and you think oh shit we have to think a certain way 

…feeds cut to Alyssa making something to eat in the kitchen…

12:36 pm Monte talking about having conversations and traveling is important because he wants everyone to grow learning about different cultures and my kids being able to play with your kids 

Terrance talks about how much he loves cruises because the moment you step in-line to get on that boat ..there is no racism, nothing but love, you feel equal and love. He talked about going to Peru and saying to his wife ..we may be the only black people in Peru but they got so much love. And the only other place he felt that is in Seattle, people just ask hey where you from and just having a good conversations for no reason and why can’t we have more Seattles and more places like how it is on cruises. Monte says not to get political but they are more liberal and more open. He thinks is makes white America uncomfortable he just wishes they would embrace it. He apologizes to Terrance for getting emotional and Terrance says no you are could we have to break the cycle we have to get the negative out we need to stop the ugly and we have a chance to change peoples mindset. He said this could have went real left .. Monte said he could see how someone else could have taken this different but luckily he is open and see this as what it is. They break up the conversation and decide to work out and start their day


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2:40PM BBT

Alyssa talks with Kyle in the Space Age Bedroom. Kyle tells her he fully accepts his consequences, they are well deserved, and he is going to move forward. He thanks her for her support and standing by him. He really appreciates it. He says that what is going on in his head is difficult to describe. Through tears, "I appreciate you, and I'm sorry...I have cried so much. I am so sick of it. I am so sorry Alyssa. I am so sorry."


Alyssa says she is having a difficult time and it will be a while before she is okay...because she is not okay at all. She says game aside, before coming into the game, she is usually the person that feels she has to fix someone and would have done anything for Kyle. She says in the real world, she knows he messed up and she still would have been the best partner, but the game has made her a different person. Alyssa says she has to watch the show back before she can decide if they can take their relationship further. She expresses that she really thought she met her person, so things are hard for her. SHe tells him she loves him and is so glad she met him.


Alyssa: At the end of the day, you did not protect me. I mean you didn't use the veto, but you would have picked yourself over me and that is not someone I want to have babies with.


"I don't think I can stand behind someone who won't stand behind me. I have done that too much in my life."

Alyssa says maybe she watch the show back and see that things between them can work out, "I don't want to lose you as a person, I hope I watch back and I'm wrong and can take you back."





2:47PM BBT

Alyssa says she is sad and disappointed. "How does that make you fee?"

Kyle: I don't know

Alyssa: Despite everything, was our realtionship real?

Kyle: Yes...it was. That's why I wanted to hold off saying I love you until after the game because there was this component of us...being in this game. I've lied so much in this game, but my feelings for you and what I think about you as a person were all genuine.

Alyssa: I appreciate that


Kyle: I hope there is a chance outside of the game for us to explore...

Alyssa: I hope so

Kyle: From someone who has lied to you....I completely understand

Alyssa: It has definitely been a lot. I have never lied to you, will never lie to you. But, I don't think we should leave this game in a relationship.


Alyssa says she has spent most of her life trying to fix grown men and she isn't interested in that anymore.

Kyle: And here I am the most broken 29 year old. There's no such thing as breaks.

Alyssa: We can talk after and see what happens

Kyle: Yeah, yeah





Kyle: I am still holding our hope!




Alyssa: If you can do anything for me game wise, don't tell Michael and Brittany that you told me anything about the Leftovers. They are so fixated on it.

Alyssa says that Terrance told her that Brittany said she hates liars and suspects Alyssa lied about knowing. SHe asks Kyle to please not tell them that Alyssa knows.

Kyle: No, no, no....I am done lying in the game. I'm out. I'm done. I'm checked.

Alyssa laughs then says not to lie but don't offer information. "Whatever makes you feel comfortable."

Kyle: Oh fuck...that's the last thing I need right now

Alyssa: You can say you told me about it but not everything

Alyssa says they are trying to fact check. Kyle tells her he hasn't thought about game for two days. He doesn't want to have any conversations about game with anyone. 'My mind literally can not think game."

Alyssa asks him to just try and avoid talking with them about Leftovers. He says he will try.

Kyle: Game wise, I am checked. You and Terrance and Turner are not in a good position because of this. (He means his eviction on Thursday.)

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3:08PM BBT

Alyssa questions Kyle by asking if he would have ever voted her out. He answers honestly with, "I don't know what I would have done. It's shitty. I playede a very selfish game.  I was trying to balance an alliance with a showmance, and I did a bad job."

Alyssa: I will always care about you. Nothing will change that. Even though I am feeling so many feelings, I will still be there to comfort you. I will just sit in silence with you. I will do that. I enjoy doing that.

Kyle: Really?

Alyssa: Yeah, it makes me feel good.


Alyssa wishes Kyle luck with his conversatrions today, "I know they will be hard. I hope Michael and Brittany don't manipulate you into fucking me over."

ALyssa begins crying, "I feel emotions so deeply that I feel physical body pain. I will be pain, but I just need...oh, I don't know what I need."

Kyle is definitely having a hard time hearing all of this.

Alyssa: Freaking Dyre Fest


3:16PM BBT

Kyle asks if there is anything he should do these next two days, avoid her, leave her alone, etc?

She says she just wants him to be Kyle.

Alyssa: As angry as I am, I am still a person you can come to

Kyle: I can see that. Just laying here with you brings me comfort.


[Kyle and Alyssa both reveal they spoke with a mental health professional to help work through this week. -MamaLong]



3:18PM BBT

Alyssa lightens the mood by telling Kyle that Turner saw her sad over this breakup and told her "Terrance didn't find his person until age 45, you still have time."

Kyle: Turner is the best

Alyssa shares a line from a poem she wrote about Kyle. "But that was before..."

Kyle: Before I became an asshole

Alyssa: You are not an asshole

Kyle: Thanks Alyssa

They hug

Alyssa: You smell like soap. That's very refreshing.


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3:24PM BBT

Kyle meets up with Taylor in the bathroom and tells her he wouold like to talk with her. They head to the Car Design Bedroom.

Through tears, Kyle does his best to deliver his apology and appreciation to Taylor...


“...the end to a very selfish game moving forward, and I think that's where a lot of the issues that I've had why is just thinking me me me and not why…. not trying to understand other people's perspectives and other people's beliefs and things like that, so…. I have made mistakes! I feel terrible, and I'm sorry! I guess I don't…. I think I don't know why in….. like I don't I know… I was wrong and I never should have made those snap judgments or…. I thought that I just don't… I don't know how to explain or where to put my hurt and my sorrow on it cuz… it's just there's so many things like, it's like everything…. like there's not one thing I can point to say I'm sorry I did this…. it's like I'm sorry for having a mentality… having those snap judgements and not being as open and learning more about each individual person, or…. so that's where I'm at. The kindness that you have shown and everyone in the house has shown… I don't deserve any of that kindness but I appreciate it.”


3:36PM BBT

Kyle says he is sorry about everything.


Taylor tells Kyle that she understands that when someone is accused of doing racist things that the reaction would be to be defensive. "We all try to be good people." She tells him that she appreciates him doing to work that shows he has admitted to himself that he has had racist thoughts, "I don't think you are fully this bad thing...I was shocked....but I was like "Kyle?" because that is not the person I know. I know we are multidimensional people."


Taylor says she is sure there are things she has said and done in her past that she would be humiliated to say. Taylor says he is being a human being. "For me, you know, I am working through the moment where...I am no stranger to dealing with racism....but when I was crowned, my Instagram and my TikTok comments were like, Miss USA should not be black.. (We lose their conversation for a minute and are, instead, given crunching sounds from the kitchen) you've got the game of The Cookout in the back of your mind and were like, there is something going on here...I see how you got there." Taylor says  that she was disappointed that his fear of a strong, unifying bond between the POCs was greater than his confidence in The Leftovers.


[Alright, the control room is really pissing me off. I don't know who is controlling things right now, but let's get them a different job. There is absolutely no reason to repeatedly interrupt this feed with kitchen nonsense -MamaLong]


We hear Taylor saying that The Leftovers was all she had. SHe says her why is that she came in to the game to show that a black woman could do well in this game.....black women get the burden of almost everything..ostracized, bullied and not given the benefit of the doubt the way white counterparts are. "I will make a deep run in this game or win carrying all of the stereotypes on me because that's the way the world works."


3:44PM BBT

Taylor says in all honesty, Kyle triggered her when he said to her (about evicting Alyssa) that is she sure she wants to evict her when she could actually turn out to just be a nice girl (rather than the cold hearted snake Joseph painted Alyssa to be.) It upset her because she would never get that consideration, and she knows it is because of her race. Despite everything, Taylor says she loves Kyle, 'I am not a callout person, I am a call in person....come in...you will do the work. I know you will, and I will fill you with love."


Taylor: Whatever happens Thursday, we will process that. Whatever happens outside this house, I will defend you. I will support your ability to grow.

Kyle says he hopes to be an example of learning and changing and growing.

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Kyle: I am so sorry for the things I have done. Terrance outlined your decision for not putting up Jasmine. I am hoping you can share that with me, too because my selfish game play..(we lose the feed) I feel terrible. I didn't understand fully. I hope to now.


Taylor says for her, regardless of how she feels about Jasmine...she wanted to put her up but "Jospeh kept telling me, if you put her up, you are losing yourself.....I want to be the person who carries the black woman's experience. Who am I to vote one of them out?"


Kyle tells Taylor that he talked with Alyssa and she ended things.

Taylor: I'm sorry

Kyle: It's okay...I still have hope, she said I'm not an asshole, I'm an idiot....and idiot can hopefully learn, but an asshole is an asshole. I made terrible assumptions and I hope I can be forgiven by you and the rest of the people in the house. I want to make ammends. I don't know what to do. Do you have any advice? You know where I'm at with the journey emotionally. I have half of Tiuesday and Wednesday...any suggestions on how I can move about these conversations and how I can make ammends. Any advice would be helpful.


Taylor tells Kyle that from the outside looking in, people are probably like "GET HIM! But you are my friend and you a human being. I have had 27 years to experience it."


Terrance interrupts their conversation.


Taylor: So 27 years of...


Monte interrupts.


Taylor: But it is a lot to try and process. You are a human being. You need to take time to process. Don't be afraid to do that. I won't hold it against you. 


3:56PM BBT

Taylor says when they are out of the house, she has a lot of content she can share with them that will help him grow. "But in this house, what you have an ooportunity to do, is just invest in the relationships you've built."


[Y'all, Kyle is the perfect example of ignorance on the topic of race. I do not believe he was malicious or recognized that things he was saying were racist, but now he does. He wants to be a better person. I am happy about this, and I want to believe his journey for growth is genuine and not just because he got "caught" on a nationally televised show with live feeds. None of us are perfect. We are all filled with flaws. When we own our mistakes and learn from them, it is something to admire. -MamaLong]


Taylor asks Kyle about his campaign pitch, saying someone was trying to help save him (Terrance). Kyle says that he is not campaigning. He knows he is out and can accept that consequence.

Kyle says he doesn't think that Michael and Brittany are bad people and hopes they end up having a different outlook on the situation, too.




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[I keep hearing Paul McCartney and the WIngs in my head....'live and let live....live and let die.' -ML]


5:00PM BBT

Kyle talks with Monte. Monte says that he has a hard time with Kyle's game play being attached to race because of his little brother. He says he will have a hard time convincing his little brother that what happened with Kyle was a "one-off thing...a mistake...that not everyone thinks like this." Monte says it is a shame becuase he knows a lot of white America feels that same way, "at the end of the day, people have more commonality with people that look like them." Monte says that after hearing Kyle's version, he understands why Kyle made those assumptions (That this year's POCs would start a Cookout alliance) "but it was the follow through that hurt me most because I felt there was a lot of evidence to combat that. Either way, I don't hate you. I don't even dislike you. I disliked your thought process. But, as a person...as a human. I love you. You are a solid person."


5:21PM BBT

Kyle is now meeting with Turner. He says he is making the rounds. He has almost talked with everyone in the house after Terrance's help to guide him to understand. 'Initially when I first found out, it was just shock and then that quickly turned to becoming defensive and trying to justify and defend and deflect my actions, which was no help at all."


The feeds move to Brittany and Taylor. I have to search and then find Kyle and Turner on cams 1/2 now where Kyle is explaining that he grew up in Okinawa Japan and a school that was very white with no real diversity. He had an opportunity to learn from the diversity in the house. Instead, he took the wrong path. He acknowledges that he was playing a selfish game and reacted when hearing that Taylor didn't want to put up Jasmine, "it was an opporutnity to learn and grow rather than just playing for myself." He apologizes for what happened and that Turner's game could be negatively affected because of him. I am just so sorry and I have so much regret in this game. I just want you to know that I appreciate your example, the kindness you have shown and your friendship."

Turner: Of course, Dude...I don't think you have a bad bone in your body, Bro.

Tunrer tells Kyle he will be in the jury house sooner rather than later

Kyle: But I feel that is because of me

Turner: I can't help but feel strange about the whole timing of this thing going down...there were times when it could have been shared, btu the timing of when it was shared is not coincidental.  [Exactly -ML] Due, we are gonna be homies in and out of the house.


Anything can happen, a day in this house is like a month. The only thing is....when you said you and I were final two, I mean, Come On

Kyle: I know, Fuck!

Terrance rings thebell and walks in and Turner asks for 5 more minutes

Kyle: I'm sorry, Dude

Turner: It was a blundie

Kyle: It was definitely a blundie...my game was done and I was like 'I am going to just share my entire game,' and inadvertently, screwing  you over. I feel so bad I'm sorry!

Turner: It's all good...I am not upset. I am not mad. It's the game. Dude, you are a super close friend of mine, and nothing has changed.





Kyle asks if there is anything he can do to help Turner's game. Turner says, "As long as you don't mention The After Party, it will help my game."

Kyle: of course


Turner asks Kyle if he had a final three with Michael and Brittany. Kyle says he had an alliance called The Outsiders with them but never felt he had a relationship with Brittany.. 


Kyle: Do you want me to explain my game?

Turner: If you want to, I'll hear it.

Kyle tells him that he was wanting to build an alliance with Alyssa because he was nervous about all the late night conversations Joseph and them were having that didn't include him [because he knew he was on the bottom of The Leftovers...the world knew -ML] Kyle says he started realizing Michael and Brittany were not as loyal as he thought when he saw them getting close with Taylor.

Turner: I'llnever tell anyone any of this, but were Michael and Brittany trying to take me out at all during that time?

Kyle: No...there was just discussion of you possibly breaking off and working with Alyssa.

"Your name has never come up with anyone as a target, ever"  (Turner was Jamsine's target...LOL)

Turner: That's dope

Turner says people should be smart and put up Michael if given the opportunity.

Kyle: Obviously, I still have information that could hurt or benefit people, but I am n ot talking game with anyone...I am so sorry about the final two thing (exposing it)...I didn't think.

Turner: I appreciate you coming to me, Bro

Kyle: No, I appreciate you being open to it

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5:58PM BBT

Terrance is talking with Alyssa an dTunrer in the Car Design Bedroom. Alyssa tells them she broke up with Kyle, but she still cares deeply for him. Terrance says everyone in that room cares about Kyle, Terrance says Kyle and Turner are the two guys that were wanting to work with him and protect him from day one.

Alyssa: What about me?

Terrance says her, too.


6:10PM BBT

Kyle is talking with Britt, Michael and Taylor in the backyard. He admits that he grew up in a very white community. Michael counters that he feels like it is our responsibility to learn about other cultures and their experiences. Kyle agrees. Britt begins talking, and this is where I am out. I like Britt, but she talks way too much and with a manner I don't wih to hear. I just can't listen to her. Sorry, I'm out for the night. -MamaLong


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21 hours ago, MamaLong said:



6:10PM BBT

 I like Britt, but she talks way too much and with a manner I don't wih to hear. I just can't listen to her. Sorry, I'm out for the night. -MamaLong



I sooooo agee!  I am liking her less and less every day though.  She keeps stirring the pot with the other houseguests on the whole Kyle thing ... making comments about it and asking pointed questions to get them thinking about it again when the subject changed and such - and her tone is just so sanctimonious!!  She has already talked about putting up Turner "if he did something to void their agreement" (ummm how could he when he already honored his part by putting up Kyle?!!  Only their half of the agreement is left to be honored or dishonored), and has had conversations with Michael about Terrance being best for her to go against "if something weird happened and he weren't here" (so much for I'll happily play for second with you Michael ... I'd be so honored to be second to you!) - she would only shed teas for the camera at this point if "something weird" happened and Michael went!!  


I don't know if you will even see this with the day over but I just wanted to let you know.  lol


Thanks for all your work on the updates!!

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