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Sunday, August 28, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
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Washroom Area (WA)
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12:14AM BBT

KT - Turner staring deep in thought.  He asks Michael if he is making food right now.   

Michael and Turner head up to the HoHR.

Turner thanks him for picking him for the movie, Turner says he would have picked Michael.  

They discuss the Veto usage.  Turner says Taylor is the only one he feels betrayed by, referring to the supposed alliance with Joe, Taylor, Brittany and Michael.

Michael says his initial thought is to use it on Brittany.  He thinks she would expect him to, and Turner says he is fine with that.  Michael asks about the possible replacement.  Turner thinks Terrance or Allyssa.  He asks if Michael has a preference between them of if he would want someone else up.

Michael says, if your goal is Taylor this week.  Turner says are you ok with that goal, he doesn't want to f' up your game.


Michael sys he likes Taylor but that is true with everyone at this point.  He is ok with that.  Turner says, please don't tell her this.  Michael says he doesn't want to speak for Brittany, but she is not happy she got dragged into this.   Turner asks if, because he put his homies up, does he think next week, am I gonna be f'd on that front.

Turner brings up that stye have the most HoHs but Michael has doubled his comp wins, and he thinks they could work together.  

Turner continues to justify Taylor being his target.

Turner asks who else is taking tot he movie.   Michael says he did tell Alyssa he would pick her, too.   He is not sure on the third.  

[Turner knows he is on thin ice as now he has to expose himself.  WIth Michael winning PoV, if he takes Brittany down.  That gives LOs 2 of the 5 votes.  So if Turner puts up Monte, then Outsiders have 3 votes, but if he puts up an outsider, LOs have 3.  Possible swing vote being Monte. - rmichaelsm]


12:43AM BBT

WA - Turner says he will lead this train, ... they all are together and they do their goodnight messages.




1:00AM BBT

SBR - Michael and Taylor

Michael figures no matter which person he takes down that Monte will go up in their place.  He hopes to be able to sway Turner to put up someone else.  

She leaves, Michael continues talking to the camera.  He says he doesn't believe a word that comes out of Turner's mouth.

Michael pulls his foot out and says, now, that is a blister, the camera zooms in, he says, "Oh, that makes you excited.  ... No, I am not giving away the feet content.  I was warned against this"


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He figures this may have been his week to go.  Now he is pondering how do we get out of this situation.  He says he just tied a BB record tonight by winning 5 Veto comps.  If he wins 2 more HoHs, he will tie the record.  

He discusses how he complained when people relied on comps to get to the end, but he thought his strategic and social games where doing well until the split house happened.  

He wants to get Kyle put up on the block. 



1:08AM BBT

WA - Monte and Kyle, what can you do.  He tells Monte, well, everyone has to know now it is the house against Michael.  Kyle points out he gets to play in every veto comp going forward.  Heaven forbid he wins the HoH next week, he will take out me or you or Turner, the people who are the biggest threats to him winning every other veto.

Monte asks Kyle how he thinks he would have done in that comp, do you think you would have had a chance?  Kyle responds, "I think I would have (stops mid word, shakes his head no) I mean NOooo" Monte laughs "He said I mean nooo". [expect that clip to air, it was funny the way Kyle responded and Monte's reaction - rmichaelsm]

He thinks he would have done ok.... Kyle, "I don't know, bro, I just want to go and see the movie tomorrow.  If I can get out of the house.  I don't know, bro, I don't think there's any chance.  I don't K=know. We'll see"

Monte asks Kyle if he deemed himself an ally of the LGBTQ community.  Kyle says, Oh my gosh, yes, for sure I mean cinema lover, I think I am good company.  I won't talk during the movie.  Monte says I think that would be their biggest concern in picking you, no, that would not, you would zone out the whole time.  Kyle says, he would zone out, then miss what was said in the movie and then have to ask questions which could be a liability.  Listen, you keep that between us, you don't say that Monte.

Monte, I am gonna have to pitch that.  I mean the movie is called the Bros.


Terrance comes in and predicts Michael's pick for the movie will be Michael, Turner, Brittany and then, [Looks like he is trying to act like Michael looking back and forth doing something  ... well , come-on Alyssa. - rmichaelsm]


Terrance left. 


They talk about how Michael did the comp.  He was pushing off getting a lot of momentum on both ends.  Kyle says, he was running, Monte didn't know how he had so much momentum going up.  Kyle said he pushed off the stand at top and slide 1/4 the way down and also off the bottom.  Monte said when he saw him going up he was like...  

There was a point when everyone was on the same page, all going down at the same time but he had made it down, back, down and was meeting Alyssa on the way back.  Kyle was like, that's it, can we just call it.

Monte said the only reason why he was gonna keep going is if something happened to Michael.  Either he was gonna get tired or something horrible happened.  Kyle says, break a knee cap, ....  Monte, I wouldn't wish it but was the only reason I kept going.


Kyle says and as things go forward, the comps will become more mental and he will even be better at that.

Kyle says Last season they had the cookout, 6 people ran the game, we have Michael.  Monte doesn't think there has been anyone who was so dominate in competitions like this. 


1:10AM BBT

SBR - Alyssa in talking to Michael worrying if Turner will put her up,  She always feels like she is on the outside of things. Michael says he and Brittany would like to talk to her sometime tomorrow.  Now that he has won PoV he is more comfortable having conversations he wasn't before.   He felt so blindsided this week.  She is sniffling like she is or has been crying.  She doesn't want to stay up and be in the way.  She says, "I just don't know how to play or what to do". She is "stressed out".  The way she was telling me stuff, people who I thought were really close to me probably weren't.


Michael says, we can compare notes a little more in depth tomorrow.  Like I said the other day, I thought Joseph and I had a good relationship but there is stuff that he's told me (...we might see where that...) lines up.  She says that Joseph told her so much but she doesn't know what's right and what's wrong.


Michael says so much of his game has been based on not saying a lot since every time a person says something someone tells someone then they tell someone...  He tries to not give anyone ammunition.



She keeps asking everyone in the house the same questions she has because of what he told her.  She is trying to figure out what means something and then how does she play the game.  She hopes to get some more clarity.  [She seems to be wanting Michael to help teach her how to play the game.  Might be a ploy or realization she needs help - rmichaelsm]


She then congratulates him.  He said his heart sank when he saw it.  He did not think it was his comp at all.

They go into detail of some of what they did during the comp, falling, seeing other people's cups filling up etc...

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1:24AM BBT

WA - Kyle talks to Alyssa as she showers.   He asks how annoyed she is at him right now.  He was tired and couldn't match the energy.  She keeps responding with short replies.  He asks what the 3 things are.  She replies, comfort, space, advice.  She keeps replying it's fine to a lot of his questions.  He asks if she want space, advice or comfort right now, she replies space.   He says, ok, talk in the morning.  She says or later if Turner is up and we want to hang out.   He says he wants to cuddle and asks if that would be ok.  Eventually he says he will be in the Tiki room if she wants to come up.  


[am out - gn - rmichaelsm]

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1:12AM BBT

Monte and Kyle discuss Michael in the bathroom.

Kyle: One chip! If Britt could have pulled Kyle or Terrance!

The discuss that Michael has 8 wins, "Last season it was The Cookout running the game, this season it's Michael" They realize Michael will take Britt down 

Terrance walks in: He has to have some Kryptonite somewhere

Kyle: Maybe there will be a twist...some power thing

Terrance says not even a twist or power is going to get in Michael's way.

They all truly admire Michael's competition skills.

They laugh that it's a wrap. Michael has won and the season is over.

Terrance: Julie, come get me

Bob asks them to clean the bathroom mirrors, so they get to work.

Michael walks in and joins the pursuit for a clear view, free from vegetable shortening smears.

Bob: Thank you

MOnte: Oh!

Terrance: You're welcome!

Michael: Okay, goodnight everyone.

Allysa jumps iin the shower because her hair is still greasy.


2:14AM BBT

Alyssa meets with Turner in the HoHR. Turner says the only people voting are Brittany & Michael, Monte, Kyle Terrance.

Alyssa: Do you think Monte would have my back? I don't trust it.

Turner says he feels great that she is safe. Alyssa stresses about being the pawn. Turner says he will get them together tomorrow and ask outright who is comfortable being a pawn. He tells Alyssa she is stressing too much. "You are going to have a talk with Michael and Brittany?"

Alyssa: That's what they said.

Alyssa says that Michael is going to talk to her but not to tell him that she told him everything already. "To hear this shit over and over and over again"

Turner says she will definitely hear it all 5,000 times this week. "Just lead them on. They've been trying to get you out."

Alyssa says Monte has been working with Taylor and never talks with her, "Why would he want to keep me?"

Alyssa: I go up there and then he decides that Taylor would be better for his game and I'm out.

It's just him that could flip and I'm out. They need three people.

Turner tells Alyssa that she has been playing with people that were like loose change. He tells her he will make note that she doesn't want to be a pawn and tells her someone is always okay with being a pawn because they trust the process, but she never had a group she could trust, "You are in a group of people now that all have your back."  He calls her a feral cat who is afraid to be with anyone because she fears they will hurt her 

[He just nailed Alyssa's emotions right there! -ML]

"Kyle and I would never do anything to hurt you."

Alyssa: I hope so, now he is mad at me

Turner says that Kyle is a freakin grandpa and is just stressing out because the veto didn't go the way he wanted. He says Kyle is a weird dude. Alyssa laughs and says that is true. Turner repeats that Monte is with them, so she has nothing to worry about.




2:23AM BBT

Turner tells Alyssa that when he talks with Taylor, he just stays silent and lets her talk. He always comes away with more information. Turner tells her that he confronted Taylor about Joe saying that Taylor and Brittany were trying to maketheir own moves without the Leftovers and her reply was, "Well it was Michael, too....why would she tell me that?"  [You know why, Turner to lessen her threat compared to Michael -ML]

Turner tells Alyssa that Kyle has told him how much he likes Alyssa... "this freakin' Christian Utah boy isn't going to hold anything against you...people handle things differently in high stress situations."

Alyssa: That's true

Turner tells her that everything is going to work itself out "you guys will be happy and running around and poking each other again tomorrow...you have nothing to stress out about. When people tell you more information, just yes, yes them."

Alyssa: Thank you for talking me off a cliff. I'm sorry you always have to do that.

Turner: Hey, Buddy. It's fine.

Turner says when you live in the same house, arguments happen.

Alyssa: It's not the argument that bothers me so much

Turner: Okay, let me hear it

Alyssa says it is the lying that makes her question Kyle "why did he lie to me for a month and then great, now we can be together?"

Turner says to counter it, they were told she was doing the exact same thing...that she was gung ho to vote Kyle out. Joseph referred to Alyssa as a savage.

"By many people....by Taylor, by Brittany, by Joseph...The message we were getting was that you had no problem voting him out. We heard that for like a week.....you were the one who didn't care about the relationship and were fine getting him out of the house."

Alyssa: Hm

Turner says they will use whatever they can to try and drive a wedge, "You are gonna hear some stuff" that is intended to make her think a certain way and get her away from Kyle, "Everything Michael says...he is four steps ahead of you."


[Okay, y'all...Turner has just earned points from me. He is definitely one of my top three players now after revealing to Alyssa how well he has calculated Michael's game play. -MamaLong]


Turner reveals to Alyssa that he and Kyle couldn't stand Indy, "every time she fucking opened her mouth."

Alyssa tells turner she trusts him 100% but only trusts Kyle 45%. Turner is happy she trusts him.

Turner tells Alyssa that Joseph told him that when he was in a room with ALyssa and Jasmine, Jasmine said that ALyssa was her final 2 and Joseph was her final 2 guy. Alyssa says he twisted that because Jasmine just said that Alyssa was her "favorite girl in the house and Joseph was her favorite guy and she would have our backs to the end."

Turner calls Ameerah and Jasmine a double headed snake. He says Jamsine lied in every single conversation "up the ass"

Alyssa: She did lie a lot...she would lie in front of me to people that already knew the truth (she mentions Five Swatters)

Turner: I know you don't think you are playing a good game, but you are. You are playing a good enough game to get you here.

Alyssa: Thanks

Turner says they will all talk in the HoHR tomorrow (The After Party) and see who is comfortable going up, "I know Kyle won't feel comfortable. Maybne it will be Terrance. Maybe it will be Monte."

Alyssa: Oh, is that how this works?

Turner: That's the way it is supposed to work.

Alyssa goes back to her relationship with Kyle saying you arent's supposed to have a relationship with someone where they lie to you every day. Turner reminds her, "that's the Big Brother game."

Alyssa: Brittany said you and Kyle were the first ones that were supposed to be gone of The Leftovers

Turner: Right...and she's gone (meaning a target)


2:40AM BBT

Bob calls Turner to the Diary Room

Alyssa heads out, "How are you so relaxed?"

Turner: Because I've been doing this a while

Alyssa: All right, I'll see you tomorrow. Good night.

Turner: Good night, Brother

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2:43AM BBT

Alyssa heads to bed without talking to Kyle. He headed to the Tiki Loft when Alyssa was showering and invited her to join him when she finished showering. She chose to talk with Turner, instead.


2:50AM BBT

The house is dark and silent with Turner in the DR and everyone else in bed.


3:01AM BBT



3:07AM BBT

The feeds return to sleeping HGs


3:14AM BBT

Britt gets out of bed and applies muscle cream to her lower back in the dark. She then gets back in bed.


[Michael, Alyssa and Brittany have been complaining about a lot of muscle pains and bruising after falls during the Slip-N-Slide veto competition. Michael commented that he won't be able to get out of bed in the morning. -ML]


4:34AM BBT

Turner is finally out of the DR. He fills his shaker bottle then heads upstairs and gets ready for bed.


[That downstairs DR door desperately needs some WD-40! -ML]


4:35AM BBT



4:55AM BBT

After brushing his teeth and listening to his music,Turner turns off the lights and gets in bed.


8:50AM BBT

The HGs are still sleeping and will likely get to sleep in until at least 10AM.

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9:02AM BBT



9:15AM BBT

The feeds return to all house lights up and Terrance out of bed.

[How rude! BB usually lets them sleep in on Sundays! -ML]


9:20AM BBT

Michael and Brittany talk in the SR about Alyssa being annoyed with Kyle. They want to talk with Alyssa, Monte and Taylor

Michael: Who do we talk to first?

Britt: I don't know! I don't want it to come off as we are...

Michael: Like, for game


9:22AM BBT

The feeds move to Terrance alone in the WA


9:27AM BBT

Terrance is working out on a bike in the gym.


9:35AM BBT

Monte was called to the DR


9:41AM BBT

Monte is walking around like he has been sitting in a saddle too long. They all worked so hard at that veto. He enters the DR and we hear him say, "Well, I'm not gonna be my best this morning, but..."


9:42AM BBT

The cameras show Turner still sound asleep in a dark HoHR.

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9:47AM BBT

The feeds now show Monte sitting in the HNR alone


9:48AM BBT


The feeds pop back pretty quickly to a sleeping turner in a dark HoHR


9:56AM BBT

I will be in and out today with little time to post updates.  -MamaLong


10:16AM BBT

The feeds have been on a sleeping Turner for 25 minutes now


10:17AM BBT

Bob: Wakey, Wakey, Houseguests

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Turner doesn't budge.


10:28AM BBT



Quickly back to snoozing Turner


10:36AM BBT

The feeds finally move to someone vertical. It's Kyle in the SR changing his battery.

Kyle then heads into the Car Design Bedroom

Terrance: How you feel brother?

Kyle sighs

Terrance telle him that first thing this morning, Michael and Taylor wanted to meet with Monte in the HNR

Kyle tells Terrance that if Alyssa or Terrance go up against Taylor, he doesn't trust they wouldn't go home.

Terrance: Same page

Kyle heads to the Space Age Bedroom and asks Alyssa if he can lay down, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"


10:39AM BBT

Kyle tells Alyssa that they have to make sure it's Monte that goes up against Taylor because if it is her or Terrance, they could go home. "That's my gut. I trust it!"

Kyle grabs Terrance and brings him in the Space Age Bedroom

Kyle: We have to go up and talk to Turner because he will come up with a laundry list of reasons

Terrance says they use Monte's words about wanting to get furhter in the game by keeping distance from them (After Party) "The best way for him to keep distance is to be up there on the block."

Terrance asks Alyssa how she feels. Alyssa says she talked with Turner and told him she didn't feel comfortable being ont he block. Kyle says the distance thing is the best they have to go with. Terrance says that Monte wants to show trust, so this is the ideal way "say if you trust us then trust us....to show you are rocking with us."



10:48AM BBT

Alyssa meets up with Kyle in the bathroom to tell him no one is in the HoHR. Turner is in there asleep.

Kyle: The storage room? The Have Not Room? SHould we go look?

Alyssa: Let's do it

Kyle: I'm on board with Monte this week. WHat do you think, him or Taylor?

Alyssa: Probably him

Kyle: Let's go check storage real wuick. If not, I guarantee they are in Have Not


10:50AM BBT

Kyle checks the SR and it's empty. Terrance walks in and says they must be in the Have Not Room

Terrance: They been up there a while

Kyle says that if he is blowing them up then he will go home then he will go home this week

Terrance: Taht's basic, Bro...like, you played yourself


10:52AM BBT

Monte comes downstairs

Alyssa: Oh Hey. WHat are you doing?

Monte: I was just sitting up there and then wanted to check on Turner but think he is sleeping


[First red flag: Monte lied about where he was. He should have come clean that he was talking with Taylor/Britt/Michael int he HNR!  -MamaLong]


10:53AM BBT



10:54AM BBT

Feeds return to Monte telling Kyle int he kitchen, "they pulled me up there trying to figure out something"

Kyle: What are they thinking?

Monte: I think they think that I'll go up as a replacement

Kyle: And then try to get you out? Is that what they think?

Monte says they were like, we have to figure out something so that Monte does not go up, "but they do not know about The Pound"

Monte: Does Turner have any idea who he will put up?

Kyle: I haven't talked to him

Monte: He was int he DR forever last night

They agree that Terrance won't go up

Monte: No one wants to

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Alyssa walks in teh kitchen and conversation stops.


[Y'all, this is what has Alyssa so stressed out. Monte doesn't talk game with her because he feels loyal to The Pound which Alyssa doesn't know about. Still, he could cover better instead of growing silent whenever she walks up on a conversation. -MamaLong]


10:58AM BBT

Finally, Monte breaks the silence, "So you walked in on Turner?"

Alyssa says she thought everyone was in the HoHR so she knocked and then walked in to find Turner sleeping in the dark. He said, "WHat the fuck? and asked what time it is"


11:02AM BBT

Britt comes downstairs and Kyle asks if she was talking with Turner. Britt says she was “talking with Michael and them.”


[Dang, I wish we had access to the conversation in the HNR this morning!!! -ML]


11:!5AM BBT

Michael and Britt are talking with Alyssa in the HNR now.



11:20AM BBT

Britt and Michael go in for the kill by telling Alyssa what she already knows, that Kyle wanted to use the veto to send her home [Kyle was indeed wavering back and forth over keeping Alyssa up until the week Daniel was evicted. -ML] Alyssa gets teary and tells them that Daniel did tell her that before he left. She is still not over being lied to by Kyle.

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Michael and Brittany give Alyssa their version of everything that has happened in the game since week 1.


11:37AM BBT

Alyssa sayss he is so glad she was part of who got rid of Joseph.

Britt asks Alyssa if Turner and Kyle had told her any of this. Alyssa replies that she thinks they want to come clean. Burtt/Michael continue presenting things as if they always had Alyssa's back while Kyle sat on the couch and said, "let's see what happens" and Turner just says "fire"

Michael says he can't watch Brittany go home when she has truly been protecting him and Alyssa.


[They do not know that Kyle revealed that The Leftovers included them wanting Alyssa out on Terrance's HoH -ML]


Alyssa tells them that she now feels really confused about Kyle, "Has he ever wanted me out or did he really have my back?"

Michael tells him Kyle has had her back. "I can't say he has been gunning for you. There are instances when he has definitely stuck his neck out for you, but there have been times where he made it perfectly clear that...like he told Taylor he regretted not using the veto but maybe he was doing damage control"


11:46AM BBT

Michael says it was obvious when they all reunited that The Leftovers were done. He felt it was important to try and form soemthing.

Michael says that Kyle and Turner made it seem like they still wanted to solidify an agreement but then when they had the opportunity to discuss it, they were silent. 

Alyssa: Are you going to have this same conversation with Terrance?

Michael says 7 people in the house know eveyrthing, so it doesn't matter if Terrance finds out. Alyssa asks them to be soft about the Old Skool thing so Terrance doesn't feel he is on an island. They agree.

Alyssa tells them that when she went to talk with Kyle last night, he sort of brushed her off and said he needed to think.


11:49AM BBT

The cameras switch to Kyle, Turner and Terrance chatting and eating in the kitchen. Kyle wonders what production did with their sleeping bags. Terrance says they probably threw them away or have been listening to him and boxed them up to send them to them. Terrance says he feels better equipped to go camping now.


11:53AM BBT

Michael and Brittany present to Alyssa that Kyle was pitching that the POCs this season might stick together like last season, so they should keep an eye on that. Britt/Michael say they warned Kyle that he shouldn't assume that would happen and Kyle did not pick up on how insensitive it could come off.

Alyssa: That is very heavy and very delicate at the same time. I had no idea. I never saw that.

Michael says he wants to see Kyle evicted this week. Michael says everybody should know this about Kyle and he couldn't let any of this go without making sure people know he doesn't want to be a part of any of that.

Alyssa thanks them and says she doesn't really know how to move forward now. Alyssa is clearly disturbed and sheds some tears, thanking them for coming so clean because she has felt in the dark the whole game.



Michael says he doesn't think Kyle came into the game wanting a white person to win but the assumptions about all the people of color coming together made him (Michael) uncomfortable. Alyssa says she is going to keep everything they told her to herself. Britt and Michael feel like Turner needs to know, too, because he has a business and would want to know what the people are are siding with have done.

Britt/Michael have clearly made Kyle their target!


[I have to speak up here, Kyle has been accused of racism for making these statements. I never saw them as racist but rather just aware that the Cookout's success was so polarizing that the POCs this season would likely move to protect each other in the same way. Personally, I hoped they would, but Monte was the first to strike at Taylor and then Jasmine followed suit.  I'm not sure it's fair to make Kyle's warning a play at him trying to form a "white alliance" but that is the way Michael/Britt present it. Now, maybe I missed some key conversations that are more telling and could back all of this up, but I did not. I do not think Michael would be the type of person to stretch the truth on this topic, so I'm feeling like I clearly missed some conversations, possibly not on feeds, that made Britt/Michael so alarmed. Clearly they were uncomfortable with things Kyle was saying that seemingly had Kyle reveal his ugly ignorance. -MamaLong]



I am out for now  -MamaLong

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1:30PM BBT

Michael and Brittany have just finished having the same Kyle/Race conversation with Turner in the HoHR.

Michael: We are not just trying to shit talk Kyle

Turner says he appreciates them telling him and that he really hates hearing it, "it's the worst fucking thing."

Britt: I would hate you to find out by watching the season back later

Turner: Yeah, that sucks, for sure. I now understand why your intro was 'this is going to be uncomfortable.'



Kyle went to Alyssa and apologized profusely for what happened last night. SHe says she just needs some time to herself and they will talk later. He leaves her alone in the Space Age Bedroom.



Britt and Michael say they do not feel Kyle is a malicious person. Britt says she wonders what is about her that made Kyle feel he could have that type of conversation with her and Michael but not others.


Turner says he will keep it to himself and he doesn't even really know where to take the conversation from here.


Michael tells Turner that he will pull Brittany down with the veto.

Turner: That's fine with me. I would love that.

Turner reveals that Taylor told him that it was Taylor/Britt and Michael who targeted Turner and Kyle be the first of the Leftovers evicted.

Michael: I never said Kyle and Turner are the first two out

Britt: I have never had a plan to target you at anytime until you give me a reason to

Turner: I feel you have a reason now


1:56PM BBT

Kyle tells Terrance in the Car Design Bedroom that Alyssa doesn't want to talk to him, "she's like, just give me space."

Terrance sighs deeply.




2:00PM BBT

Terrance tells Kyle that he sort of overheard that they are saying Kyle was trying to form a not black thing. "I never heard anything like that."

Kyle: What the fuck?


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2:02PM BBT

Kyle has left the room and Monte enters. Terrance asks Monte, "WHat were you saying? Brittany and Michael think we have a black alliance?"

Monte clears it saying that Michael and Brittany presented it that Kyle was assuming there was a black alliance so he countered with the idea to form a white alliance.



2:09PM BBT

Kyle sees Monte and Terrance talking so he goes to Alyssa who has her eyes closed in bed. 

Kyle begs her to talk to him, "I feel so alone. Will you please talk to me? Monte is talking to Terrance, Turner is talking with Michael and Brittany and Taylor is in the DR. What is going on?"

Alyssa: Michael and Brittany are talking to Turner?

Kyle confirms. He asks if Michael Brittany said anything else.

Alyssa is quiet for a long time. He asks her to please tell him. 

She says that Michael/Brittany presented that Kyle did not want to work with others in the game.

Kyle: They are making this a race thing?

Alyssa says not really a race thing but like something to counter a Cookout type game.

Kyle is upset saying that if they are pitching a racist thing he will leave the game. "Painting me as a racist?" He says he will leave the game. That's not what he is about.

Alyssa: DOn't freak out

Kyle: What do you mean? They are calling me a racist.

Alyssa: They didn't say that directly.

She says they were pitcing that he was wanting something against an alliance that would be like the Cookout. She encourages him to go talk to them. Kyle asks if she believes them. She says no. Kyle is now off the rails.


2:16PM BBT

Kyle leaves the room, "Holy shit"


In the Car Design Bedroom, Monte and Terrance are still talking. Monte says she is probably deciding in her conscious that she is not working with this man.


2:18PM BBT

Kyle is pacing outside the DR downstairs. 

Bob: The Diary Room is temporarily unavailable. We will make an announcement when you can return.

Kyle: Can I go to the one upstairs? Can I go to the one upstairs.

He heads up there and gets the same message

Kyle: I need to talk to you guys immediately.


2:22PM BBT

In the Car Design Bedroom, Terrance tells Alyssa, "Deep Breaths, Deep Breaths, I got you G."


Monte and Terrance are livid over Kyle's presumed racist gameplay.

Terrance: I formed an alliance with this man.

Alyssa: I never had that conversation with him and feel like I would know him as a person to know that. I hope he can give you a better reason.

Monte says there was a lot of vicious stuff Kyle did to put the target on Joseph. 

Monte: For me, he is willing to do what he is willing to do in order to advance himself in the game no matter the consequences. It's hard for me to believe anything he says at this point.

Monte says Kyle was behind all of the black people getting evicted.

Terrance; As a person, this definitely hurts to hear this conversation especially when a lot has happened in the world to not make color lines, you know?

Alyssa: Yeah

Terrance says he was behind the Cookout and what they did because they just wanted one person of color to win and it's malicious for Kyle to say he wants all the people of color out of the way.

Alyssa says he never said anything like that to her. She is so confused.

Monte says Brittany and Michael had specifics, "Even Indy. He considered her a person of color and was so adamant about getting her out of the house. Now it all makes sense."


[Okay, y'all. The house is uniting against Kyle. Alyssa doesn't know what  to believe.  -MamaLong]


2:28PM BBT

Turner is talking to the cameras in the HoHR. 

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"Let me debrief this, someone. Thank you! We  love you production. So, my head is spinning right now. I don't know what to think. I've never thought that someone would convince me that Kyle might not be best for my game. But that's what Michael just did. I don't know! I have no idea what to think anymore. I feel like Kyle might end up on the Block this week now which is tomorrow that I am going to have to make a replacement nom. Taylor is still my target, but damn. They are good at this game. I have been convinced. Did they just say an all white alliance is what Kyle was pitching?  Because that is weird and suspicious That is sus all around. I don't like that! I hate that, actually, and I don't think...  knowing they're on TV and they would not just say that Kyle was pitching an all-white alliance with the intention of it being all white alliance to be like of the opposite of the Cookout. You don't just say that and then get canceled up the ass. So I don't think that was a lie...If they said that and it wasn't true...you don't just do that....If Kyle was saying that and putting my name in that!? WHat the hell! I don't want any part of that! That gives me the ick!  A huge case of ick, as Alyssa would say. I hate this! Oh my God! Taylor is still worse for my game. I still want Taylor to go home even with Kyle's  weird alliance in his mouth. Taylor is still worse for my game. But I still put up Kyle, so that I can be in good with them and they see that I've done that. Oh God, now I need a reason for Kyle...My God! My freaking word!"




Turner is now stress eating anything he can find in his HoH room.


2:53PM BBT

Monte is talking with Turner. They are both disgusted at the thought that Kyle would pitch an all white alliance and agree Michael and Britt would not tell them that if it wasn't true because it would ruin them.

Turner asks if Kyle knows that everyone knows about this. Monte says Kyle was trying to get in the DR but now he is in the HNR. Turner tells Monte that Kyle wanted Monte to go up as the pawn.

Turner: Damn! I don't want to put two people of color up.

Monte: But he does. That way, one person of color goes home this week


2:56PM BBT

In the Space Age Bedroom, Michael and Brittany feel that if Turner takes any of what they said to heart, Kyle will be on the block.



2:58PM BBT

Back in the HoHR, Turner asks Monte for advice. Monte says he should put Kyle up.

Turner: I am definitely going to put him up, but I don't know who... (should be the target)



[Turner does not realize that everyone in the house is now talking about this, including Terrance. Kyle has become the house's target even if Turner would still like to see Taylor out first. The way Monte is acting right now is exactly why I am not a fan. He was all peaches and cream to evict Taylor week 2, and now he is jumping on  Kyle being a racist. Like Alyssa, I don't really know what to believe because I have not seen the evidence, first hand, and this is a game of self preservation. If Kyle did truly pitch an all-white alliance to Michael/Brittany, shame, shame, shame on him. If things are being twisted, shame on Michael/Brittany.  -MamaLong]

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3:55PM BBT

The feeds have returned.

Alyssa is talking with Turner in the HoHR. There is no sign of Kyle.

Monte is prepping food. Britt nad Michael are helping. Terrance is watching.


4:04PM BBT

Turner tells Alyssa that he plans to put Kyle on the block because if he didn't, it would immediately make him a target. Alyssa thanks him for letting her know. Turner tells her he will always there for her whenever she needs to talk, personal or for game.



Alyssa: Whatever happens with Kyle, I hope there is a house meeting and some clarity and everybody takes their time.


4:14PM BBT

Monte tells Terrance, "He has been in the DR a long time" then we get immediate WBRB

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7:30pm BBT Michael won a movie in the Veto comp and took Turner/Alyssa. They are out now and Monte cooked dinner, so they join them. 

7:32pm BBT Michael goes to talk with Brittany. After 5 hours, Kyle is out of the DR. He asks the KT group where Michael is. 

7:44pm BBT The BY is open and the Big Brochella HG scream with excitement since they haven't been outside (except for comps) in over a week. 

7:55pm BBT FotH

8:00pm BBT Taylor is consoling a crying Britt in the BY by the hammock. Alyssa joins them and asks whys he's crying. They had just finished the movie and ate and Britt was feeling good earlier. FotH.

9:42pm BBT Feeds return. Taylor/Terrance/Turner/Monte are in the BY. 

10:00pm BBT Kyle is eating by himself in the KT. Kyle is eating by himself in the KT. Turner heads inside to talk with Kyle. FotH.

10:15pm BBT Feeds return. Monte/Taylor/Terrance/Alyssa/Michael are sitting around the HT. Alyssa points out the covering they put up over the BY (during DF). General discussion and category games.

11:10pm BBT Alyssa joins the HG by the HT. 

11:30pm BBT The HG head inside to eat. Kyle is not there. 

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