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Saturday, August 27, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:00am BBT BB calls Turner to the DR. Monte and Michael areup in the WA. It's not clear if they were talking or just performing ADLs and using the WC. No talking since feeds returned. 

12:05am BBT Michael climbs into bed in the Space BR where Alyssa is sound asleep. Brittany/Taylor are asleep in the GBR. Monte joins Kyle/Terrance in the CBR.

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12:26am BBT Turner is out of the DR. He fills up his water bottle and heads up to his HoH room. He performs his ADLs, gives Megan a quick message and signs off for the night. BB turns out the lights in HoH and downstairs, and Turner climbs into bed. 

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It's a Saturday Morning Summary:


"Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive." Sir Walter Scott had no idea in the 1800s that his statement would serve as a foundation of a successful reality television game show. Not only am I a fan of the show, I am also a fan of the fans of the show. And that means you, and you, and even those Twitterwits that spew all sorts of hate on social media when they do not know the whole story, especially when they see the game from a limited perspective. This social experiment was designed to see just one person find their way to the very end and still garner a majority of the votes from the jurors (the last seven evicted) to win the game.


This past week was the most exciting, thus far, even though we had the feeds cut and were left in the dark over what was happening in the backyard. We had the house divided based on a fair competition where the winner and runner up would serve as HoH at two separate festivals and choose who joins them in a schoolyard pick. The Big Brochella, led by Michael, was set up in comfort inside the house complete with a Mexican themed party, plenty of alcohol, a restaurant delivery and a visit from Tiffany, America's Favorite from season 23. The Dyre Fest (simulating the name of the infamous Fyre Fest) was left to rough it out in the backyard in sleeping bags, a port-o-potty, cold shower, minimal food (I witnessed beans, oranges, MREs, hot dogs) and loads of ANTS with Terrance as HoH. 


An alarm went off for Kyle when Michael did not select him as a Brochella. He realized he really was on the bottom of the Leftover Alliance when he was left to live with Dyre Fest as an easy target for Terrance. Remember: Kyle was outside with Turner and Alyssa, both whom had solid relationships with Terrance AND Joseph, who was a Festie Bestie with Terrance (albeit a 3rd wheel target, should they get put on the block). Kyle went to work knowing he had not built a strong enough relationship with Terrance. His game was in jeopardy. Kyle knew his chance to save himself was coming clean about the Leftover Alliance and turning the focus on Joe. First, he came clean to Alyssa. She was hurt but stood by her man and encouraged him to do what needed to be done to further their game. Kyle then revealed his entire game to Terrance which exposed the Leftover Alliance.


Kyle's confession put the pieces together for Terrance. He realized he had been playing side piece to MoJo (Monte/Joe) and had an opportunity to solidify a strong alliance with the remaining Dyre Fest HGs. Thus, The After Party Alliance was formed and Joseph was sent to the jury house. When the HGs were reunited without Joseph, the Leftovers from inside the house were ready to attack. The next eviction would purely be based on who won power. 


Turner pulling out an HoH win left me wondering which way he would actually go. He was in a great position to side with the newe alliance  The After Party (Turner/Terrance/Alyssa/Kyle) or stick with the Leftover Alliance. Oh, but let's not forget that Turner had The Pound (minus Joseph) too, and this is the direction he seems most loyal to, wanting to protect Monte and Kyle for a final 3. 


Turner showed all his cards by nominating Taylor and Brittany. They were hoping he would stick with The Leftovers, but now realize that one of their final 3 (Michael/Taylor/Brittany) is heading to the jury house on Thursday. Michael is aware he is the target. The veto today will be Michael’s chance to save himself from going up as a replacement nominee and being evicted. Only two of the remaining houseguests will sit out of today's competition.


Michael is the clear target. Taylor is the backup target. Now, anyone watching this game can easily see that the biggest threat in the game is Michael. Not only is he a “competition beast,” Michael also has a strong social game. All of the HGs know they would not win the game next to Michael, so they would hand him the win sitting next to him in final 2. Brittany is the only HG willing to sit in final 2 with Michael, but even she knows she wouldn’t win against him and had a conversation with Taylor that their best odds are to get rid of him should they be the final 3.


It’s going to be another great week of Big Brother 24.  -MamaLong



8:41AM BBT

The HGs are still sleeping in a dark BB24 house.

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10:04AM BBT

WBRB for "Wakey, Wakey Houseguests." It's Power of Veto Competition Day!


10:15AM BBT

The feeds are back to the HGs getting ready for their day.


10:22AM BBT

Just typical ADLs for all the HGs. Turner is not yet on camera.


Taylor is walking around in her silky blue pajamas. Terrance is prepping his breakfast. Kyle is still in bed, drifting back off to sleep. Britt is in the shower. Monte has started prepping his breakfast. Alyssa was washing dishes.


10:24AM BBT

Michael is now showering, and Kyle is out of bed grabbing his battery from the SR.






10:36AM BBT

It's Taylor's turn in the shower. Michael and Britt are keeping her company in the bathroom area.

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10:43AM BBT

Turner has finally made an appearance and joined the others in the kitchen.


Turner says it's a late start for a veto day. ALyssa and Terrance agree.

Turner: Today's music was dog shit

Terrance: Don't even tell me!

Turner: Especially that AJR song. I was ready to end it all, Dude.

Turner sits at the table with Monte.

Monte: What's up Brethren?

Turner comments that his Dunkin Donuts coffee "is fire." He lhas Alyssa taste it.

Monte says he feels well rested and Turner agrees.





11:11AM BBT

Turner was just called to the DR, so player picks could be happening soon.

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Monte and Britt are speculating about today's competition. Monte says it could be the dominoes. Britt thinks it could be a spinning Bowlerina one. Monte notes htat the HNR is still available.


11:22AM BBT

Taylor approaches Alyssa at the bathroom sinks and whispers, "If you get picked for veto, would you take me off the block?" Alyssa says yes.

Taylor: I really appreciate that

Taylor says last week she was operating on emotion, but when she told her she wouldn't have put her up, she meant it. "The best I can hope is that you will also act on the same good faith."

Alyssa nods in agreement.

Taylor: I just want to stress I wouldn't act on that emotion again.

Alyssa: I appreciate that. Thank you!

Taylor: See you later

Taylor leaves and heads to the Golf Pro Bedroom where she sits in silent contemplation






11:32AM BBT

In the Space Age Bedroom, Michael is playing with the toy robots. The camera follows him. On his way out the door, he blows a kiss to the camera. He walks in the Golf Pro Bedroom to find Alyssa talking to Taylor. Taylor tells her that noms were supposed to stay the same and she was targeting Monte...she wasn't targeting her until after the veto when Joe pointed out that she took her trip. Alyssa says that she wanted to know if the friendship she had with Taylor that she thought was truly genuine, really was. Taylor assures her that her nomination speech was not about her, it was about Monte.  


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Alyssa says that Joseph told her Taylor was targeting her and he pressured Kyle to use the veto that Kyle knew would mean Alyssa's demise in the game. Taylor denies.  [Taylor is lying. -ML]

Alyssa: I think his back was against the wall, and he was saying whatever he thought could get me on his side.

Taylor tells Alyssa that Joe thought Alyssa would be cold hearted and cut out people easily. Alyssa laughs and says that is so ridiculous. Even her mom told her she was too soft for the game and not to do it because she would be crying all the time and get her heart broken.

Alyssa: Okay, well we are on the same page. I love you. I adore you, and we no longer have someone who will give you false information.





11:51AM BBT

At the DT, Terrance and Monte are discussing Star Wars and the Mandalorian. Terrance is a big fan. He tells Monte that if he goes back and watches all the Star Wars and rewatches The Mandalorian, it will make much more sense. Michael is listening, but he clearly has nothing to contribute to this conversation.


Monte says DC just can't get live action movies right like Marvel does (MamaLong agrees). They agree that Marvel has the best stars for their movies. Monte says he never understood Ben Affleck as Batman [SAME! -ML] Terrance thinks Ben did all right.


They both agree Game of Thrones was a fantastic series.

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12:25PM BBT

Terrance, Monte, Taylor and Turner are playing Chinese Checkers in the kitchen.



12:38PM BBT

In the bathroom, Alyssa is whispering with Brittany.  

Britt: Are you okay?

Alyssa: I'm just going through the motions.

Britt: I have not told any of them that I said anything. Michael brought it up to me saying I think I will tell her I have something to tell her after veto.

Alyssa: Kyle said the same thing

Britt: Kyle and Turner haven't told you?

Alyssa: I think they will, maybe later.

Alyssa: Thank you for telling me. That means a lot!   

Britt: I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner.

ALyssa: You did what you had to do.

Britt: I was just upstairs meditation and I was like, I am done lying. I feel stupid.

Alyssa indicates that everything is okay between them going forward.




12:38PM BBT

WBRB; it didn't last long




12:44PM BBT

Britt and Alyssa continue chatting about manifesting good things into their lives, relationships, jobs and true love.

Alyssa: I would rather live in a cardboard box with the love of my life than ever marry someone for the wrong reason.

Britt: That is exactly right.

Britt gets emotional and says she feels bad for lying. She worries what her husband and family at home will think of her for lying. She worries she could lose her husband. Alyssa tells her, "No, no, no. Do not let those thoughts in. Everyone has lied." Alyssa comforts her and reminds her that the people who love her will still be there for her, no matter what. ALyssa says the way she talks about Steven makes it obvious that he loves her so much and their love is unworldly.


Alyssa points out that love is so important to her and the person she loves in the BB House has lied so much to her, "It makes me wonder what is real and what is not real?" The cheer each other up and hope today's competition is Zingbot.



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Turner comes downstairs with his hippie vest and new bucket hat with a handkerchief wrapped around his hand (no injury, for fashion). Alyssa compliments his outfit. 

Alyssa: You look like you are going on an adventure

Turner: All right kids, first we are going to the YMCA and then we will head to the trail.




12:58PM BBT

In the bathroom, Alyssa whispers to Kyle that Brittany was upset and saying she hated herself for being a liar. Kyle says he is still kind of wary of Monte.

Kyle: What are your thoughts?

Alyssa: I don't know. He doesn't really talk with me. I feel like I trust Taylor more than him, honestly. I feel she was being genuine with me and said the only reason she put me up was because of Joseph.

Turner walks in to the bathroom.

Alyssa asks Kyle if she should get her belly button repierced. 

Kyle: If you want to.

She says she got her belly ring when she was 13 and told her dad at her brother's high school graduation. He wa pissed. She says she got her nose ring at age 12. She and her mom got theirs together at the same time.

Turner says he could never get a piercing.  He would do a tattoo.

Kyle: Are we ever gonna get to this veto?

Alyssa says she thinks Zingbot will come in and roast them then they will pick players.

Kyle: Do you guys remember the fucking Dyre Fest? (funny boy)

Alyssa: No, that was in a dream. For sure.

Turner starts whispering...

He says Taylor came up to him and asked if he would take her down with the veto. ALyssa says she asked ehr the same thing. They both told her yes. 

Kyle: She wants me to play for her.




1:22PM BBT

Monte, Kyle and Alyssa are in the HoHR talking about BB23. They discuss Tiffany being the one who devised the chess board tracking plan and side dishes for the Cookout Alliance. [Tiff was my fave, for sure. -ML]

They talk about Indy not knowing how to use a veto. Taylor joins them in the HoHR. They all agree Indy was so funny. Alyssa says every episode will have an Indy/Joseph segment.


1:25PM BBT

WBRB then RCHS on the feeds.

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1:54PM BBT

The feeds have returned.

Alyssa says she thinks she, and maybe Brittany, are the only ones to not host anything.


1:55PM BBT

Monte: Well, this is another costume for you

Terrance: Another costume! They know I've lost weight.


Terrance will be hostingthe veto competition.

Monte says he is freezing, "T, do you mind if I borrow that hoodie-the green and yellow one?"

Terrance: Go on. You know where it is at.

Michael and Alyssa are making grilled cheeese sandwiches.

Playing in veto today: Turner, Taylor, Brittany, Monte, Alyssa, Michael

Kyle: I've played in my fair share of vetoes


2:08PM BBT

Turner: Starting next week, there will be no audience for veto.

Taylor feels like a bug in the sunglasses she is wearing.


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2:39PM BBT

Taylor: Terrance?

Terrance: Yes, Baby

Taylor: Do you think I should be scared?

Terrance: I don't think you should be scared, but I think you should try to win. I think it's important. I think a lot of things would shift if you do.

Taylor: Do you want them to shift?

Terrance: They should shift. That's all I can tell you. That's my opinion. I don't have a big one in here, but I think they should shift. If you were to win, a lot of things would change in this house.

Taylor: Okay



3:00PM BBT

Monte and Brittany are talking about driving in different parts of the country. Britt says driving in New York and LA is totally different than Texas, 'Everyone is nice in Texas." Monte says driving in Philly is brutal.

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3:04PM BBT

Terrance is cleaning up in the bathroom.

Apparently, the toilet room gets super dusty. Michael pitches in and helps clean it out, too.



3:22Pm BBT

Monte asks Taylor if she has been called out for sleeping. SHe says no, but she hasn't been sleeping. Monte is chowing down on the chicken wings Terrance made. Michael is trying the new Sqwincher that he says smells like Jell-O


Monte is curious to know what Michael thinks of the Sqwincher.

Michael: Turner had good things to say about the fruit punch.

He tastes it. "Well, it's probably my least favorite flavor of the Sqwinchers. I think it's just code for lots of sugar."


3:26PM BBT

Alyssa says she likes the orange one best and then the blue.


3:28PM BBT

Terrance is talking to the cameras in the Car Design Bedroom. He shouts out to some film makers that he has a dope screenplay he wants made into a movie. "Tyler, Kevin Hart, Will Smith, you know what I'm saying. There's so many people who produce movies. So many people. So come through, man. Will Packer Let's get it. Shonda Rhimes, What's good. You know what I'm saying?  Issa Rae, holler at your boy".....Terrance says he would love to get some time with them to share his gift of storytelling. "I got a gift! When I do produce my film, you'll see. I am going to change the film industry. Well, not change it, but make my imprint." He says Robert Townsend is who inspired him to want to write and make films.


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3:46PM BBT

Terrance shouts out to his friend Tom and wife that he is excited about their January cruise. "I'm getting the drink package. I'm getting the restaurant package. Tracey, we are gonna eat in every restaurant. The kids are gonna do what they are gonna do.  I don't care if  we eat in the dining room every night. I don't care. Whatever is clever.....January can't get here soon enough....I'm excited. Wonder of the Seas.....Royal Caribbean is definitely my cruise line of choice. I just love the experience they give you. The customer service they give you is unmatched. So... If you're gonna cruise, cruise Royal Caribbean."


Terrance comments that he completely understands why Cliff did the talks like he did. "It's therapeutic."


3:51PM BBT

Terrance admits he didn't like Chinese Checkers at first, but now he really enjoys it. "I want to play right now, but I don't know who is up to playing."


3:52PM BBT

Terrance: What's up Valencia. I miss you. Valencia, that's my girl. Watch out everybody. Valencia is my truck. I named her Valencia.


3:54PM BBT

Bob: Monte, please go to the diary room, downstairs.

Terrance: It is definitely going to be a late day.

Monte walks in the room.

Terrance: They called you twice, didn't they.

He says that was this morning.

Terrance tells his wife that he looks at her picture every day. He loves the picture she sent.


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8:30am BBT Lights are up but the HG are not.

10:00am BBT FotH to wake up the HG. 

11:00am BBT In the WA, Kyle assures Taylor he'll win the Veto and use it on her. Brittany tells Monte she didn't sleep well, had a dream they ere playing BB in an abandoned mall that blew up (kind of like her game).

11:20am BBT Brittany is meditating in the loft. Taylor asks Alyssa if she would take her off the block and Alyssa says yes. Alyssa asks if Mnote cut his hair? He does it every Thursday (thanks for noticing). It looks good, she says.

11:30am BBT In the GBR, Taylor re-reads her HoH letter for PoV inspiration. Kyle/Monte are playing Chinese Checkers. Turner/Michael speculate over what/when the Veto comp will be. They think it will be Zingbot and wonder if there are multiple zings w/the best one used.

11:35am BBT Michael tells Turner he hasn't heard much fro the BY (construction). Taylor tells Alyssa she got a taste of power (as HoH). Alyssa asks if her yelling at Kyle (in SR after he didn't use the Veto) as real. She says she was trying to fake out the others.

11:37am BBT Taylor says the shout, like the fauxmance, was an attempt at deception. Once she created the fauxmance with Joe, people started treating her better. Jasmine/Indy stopped talking negatively. Joe was the heart of the house. Alyssa is sorry, it's all messed up.

11:39pm BBT Taylor says she had to get close to Joe before she could be accepted by the other HG. That makes Alyssa sad and Taylor offers her a tissue. Taylor says even Terrance was nasty to her. Really, Alyssa says? Yes. This has been such a heavy weight you've carried.

11:41pm BBT Alyssa tells Taylor she can always come talk to her. She doesn't talk badly about anyone. She saw all the bad stuff Joe was saying about her in the BY. She respects Taylor as a level-headed woman.

11:43am BBT Alyssa has desribed how Joe called her cold-blooded during DyreFest. Alyssa says Joe said she was going to get rid of Kyle. Taylor says it is true Joe thought those things but they were his words, not hers.

11:45am BBT Taylor is glad she got to clarify her actions. Alyssa says she no longer has Jasmine or Indy. She loved them but they were a lot to handle. They were all over the place and she was more level headed. The house only has level headed HG remaining.

11:47am BBT Alyssa says she has felt left out, there was so much going on she wasn't aware of. Taylor will tell her more after Veto. She's glad Alyssa understands her almost nominating her was Joe's doing. Alyssa does and hopes Joe is enjoying the JH with Indy/Jasmine.

11:50am BBT At the DT, Michael listens while Monte/Terrance talk about Marvel and Star Wars. The stuff on streaming is bug bucks, Terrance says. Monte doesn't watch the animated shows. He starts discussing the difference between Marvel and DC Comics. FotH.

12:05pm BBT Talk turns to home sound systems. Tracy hates that Terrance put a subwoofer under their bed (I don't blame her). Turner can't believe they haven't picked Veto players yet.

12:50pm BBT Britt tells Alyssa she's cried a lot today. Alyssa assures her you couldn't tell looking at her. Britt hopes it will be Zingbot. Brittany talks about a book she read that offered a secret to take your life to the next level. She loves books and taking walks.

12:55pm BBT In HoH, Monte wants to listen to Turner's music. Turner says anything you need and heads downstairs. Britt asks Terrance about his kids. Taylor says let's have a fun Veto. Turner says let's get this thing going. 

1:00pm Terrance has always struggled with writing. He had a teacher who helped him get into speech and drama and joined the choir but it was just for girls. If he could pick a different career, it would be as a writer. He wants to write an epic romance. 

1:05pm BBT In the WA, Alyssa says she's still drinking her morning coffee. Kyle wants to get together tonight to compare notes. He says Michael/Britt won't look him in the eye. He's sure Michael knows what is going on (the BD plan). \

1:07pm BBT Kyle thinks Joe will be Ameria's Favorite Player. Turner says Ameria doesn't like HG who play (he makes a cuththroat motion). 

1:12pm BBT Kyle/Monte/Turner/Alyssa in HoH. If Turner wins Veto, Kyle wonders if Michael/Britt will try to get him to use it to put up Monte. It will show their cards, Monte says. Brittany asked him if he'd take her down and he said yes. Turner said she asked him too.

1:15pm BBT The HoH gang talks about how Daniel told BB he should be allowed to play for HoH week 2 because his HoH didn't result in an eviction. Monte says Joe called him Grandpa Monte. Alyssa says Kyle once when tripped over Jasmine's cane, Joe said it was Monte's.

1:17pm BBT Alyssa joins the HoH group. Downstairs, Michael/Taylor hope there will be a twist where everyone plays. She saw Turner/Kyle upstairs so she's going to go up. Michael says he went up yesterday and Kyle left right after. Alone, Michael asks, What can I do?

1:25pm BBT In HoH, Kyle tells Taylor/Monte/Kyle/Alyssa that every Epi will have an Indy/Joe segment from the JH. Taylor jokes they'll have to do a spin-off. FotH.

1:53pm BBT Feeds return. Players have been picked for Veto. Terrance will be hosting. Kyle asks Terrance to put on a show for him as the sole audience member. That means Micheel, Alyssa, Monte will be joining Turner, Brittany and Taylor playing Veto.

2:05pm BBT Michael asks how they feel about the new dishwasher? Alyssa sometimes forgets it's there. Turner comments next week that there will be no Veto audience (6 players, 1 host). Then the following week, no host, no player draw.

3:30pm BBT The HG have been waiting for the Veto comp to begin. Some have been eating, some have been napping. Kyle is in HoH watching his fellow HG below. 

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4:04PM BBT

In the HoHR, Turner and Kyle begin talking after Bob warns them, "No napping Houseguests." Turner says it will be crazy if Michael wins veto, "We have a target, regardless."

Turner: What are the odd, Bro?

Kyle: I swear! That would be some shit!





4:11PM BBT

Michael is studying the days and comps alone in the Space Age Bedroom.



4:17PM BBT

Brittany walks in and comments the room is cold for a change. Michael says they should tell each other where they are going to hide the veto just in case it is Hide-N-Go Veto so they don't knock each other out. Michael says he is thinking between the wall and the dresser and do some defense by  ripping the room apart.


4:20PM BBT

Michael says the duvet covers in the Space Age Bedroom and pillows zip open. Britt says a lot of people look in the pillows. Micahel says he could lean it up against the wall behind the dresser, but on top of the baseboard so it can't be seen then pile stuff in front of it. Michael says all of the rugs are glued down except for one in the bathroom and one in the living room.

Britt: I'm pretty sure Turner is gonna do rugs.

Britt leaves for the bathroom.

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3:38pm BBT Terrance says he's fighting w/ everything he has until someone tells him the game is over. It's been 53 days since his life was normal. He misses Daniel/Nicolke. He wants to do a 16 city karaoke tour but needs a manager. His wife is his BF/business manager.

3:39pm BBT Terrance hopes is parents are watching the live feeds. Tracy said they had social media acounts. Don't worry about any bad stuff being said about him - it's just part of being on the show. This season has a little bit of everything and it's ever changing.

3:45pm BBT Terrance says talking to the cameras alone is like therapy. The BB experience teaches you to value every second you hae with the people you love. 

3:55pm BBT Monte is called to the DR and heads to the CBR to get something, interrupting Terrance. After he leaves, Terrance says BB gave him his engagement photo and he had a back spasm but it was a fun day. He misses riding with his bike club in Chicago. 

4:00pm BBT Alyssa asks if anything funny happened inside the house (Big Brochella). Michael says no. Alyssa didn't want to be picked (by Terrance) for Dyre Fest. Alyssa has had around 80 PBJs this season. In HoH, Kyle asks what if Michael wins. What are the odds?

4:07pm BBT Kyle says he'll be cornered by Michael/Britt if he goes to the BR. Have fun, dude, Turner calls out as he heads downstairs. In the SBR, Michael talks to the cameras. Focus and study. Work backwards from Turner's HoH. He makes a mistake and says F*ck.

4:15pm BBT Terrance/Alyssa are at the DT playing Chinese Checkers. Michael and Britt focus in the SBR. Kyle is wearing his brown blanket in the KT eating leftover sphagetti.

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4:32PM BBT

Alyssa and Terrance are playing Chinese Checkers. Kyle is watching. Terrance is winning.

Alyssa: Terrance is gonna beat me.

Kyle: Mm Hm

Terrance: Oh my God! I actually won!

Michael walks in, "Who won?"

Alyssa says she just taught Terrance a move before they played and he used it against her and won.

Kyle and Alyssa head upstairs to play bumper pool. Michael and Terrance play Chinese Checkers.

4:40PM BBT

Taylor and Brittany are in the Golf Pro Bedroom bitching about Turner putting them up, "You may get to final 2, but..."




Taylor: It makes and interesting game for a viewer.


4:42PM BBT

Alyssa and Kyle are cuddling in the Tike Loft. Terrance shouts up to Alyssa that he won.

Alyssa: You won again? Wow!

Kyle whispers, "Michael....Bastard!"

Alyssa: He let him win?

Kyle nods, "We can't let him win." (veto)



4:44PM BBT

Kyle: What is Zingbot gonna say?

Alyssa: They will say, who has long hair, big eyes and loves you a lot......Your Mom!

Kyle pretends to be shocked and cry.





4:47PM BBT

Kyle and Alyssa move to the HNR. 

Kyle: I think our giggling is bothering people. WHat are we gonna do this week? How can we limit our threat level

Alyssa: If Taylor and Monte are on the block, you really want to eliminate Taylor over Monte

Kyle: Not necessarily. I'm open.

Alyssa says Monte never talks to her, "It's like he doesn't want a relationship with me."

Kyle: Yeah

Alyssa: It's just what my gut says



Meanwhile, in the Golf Pro Bedroom, Taylor tells Monte, "Alyssa knows a lot, and just asked me a lot of questions."



4:55PM BBT

Brittany has joined Michael in the Space Age Bedroom. She is crying again.

Michael: Well, we are both playing in the veto.

Britt: Yeah, I mean, I am fired up. At least I feel clear headed. 

Michael: Good! We can and we will. We have done it before and we will do it again.

Britt: Yes, yes, and yes

Michael: Did Kyle and Alyssa go in the Have Not Room or the HoH Room?

Britt: Have Not

Michael: Kyle won't even look at me

Britt: I know. He has been avoiding me, too.

Michael: That's what pisses me off. I mean, we talked with Jasmine all week.




Michael says if they win veto he is celebrating and not holding back. He says he will put up Kyle and lie to Turner like Turner did to him. (about not being the target)

Britt and Michael agree that Turner lied unnecessarily.


5:00PM BBT

I am out for now  -MamaLong

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5:49PM BBT



5:53PM BBT

RCHS is now on the feeds for POV Competition.


5:55PM BBT

The feeds popped back to the house.

Terrance: It's definitely one of those hurry up and wait days.

Turner: Damn, Dude

Terrance: We have never had one this late


6:04PM BBT



6:06PM BBT

The feeds are back on the house, again.

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4:17pm BBT Britt tells Michael she dreamed the HG were at her real home. They tell each other where they would hide Vetos if the comp is Hide and Go Veto. They look around the house for the best places. Eventually, Michael gets bored and starts counting days in reverse.

4:30pm BBT Taylor tells Britt there's no way she coudl watch this season any time soon. It keeps getting harder. Ain't that the truth, Britt says. She's letting everything go with ppl right now but it hurts. 

4:33pm BBT Breaking News! Terrance wins a game of Chinese Checkers! Alyssa congratulates him. Terrance is so pleased with himself. Michael asks what happened and Terrance tells him. Alyssa taught me, he says. He used my moves against me, she adds. 

4:40pm BBT Full of vim and confidence, Terrance agrees to play Michael. Taylor tells Britt she packed Joe's suitcase and put in a guitar pick and wrapped a chocolate bar with a love poem. Was I dumb, she wonders? I'm not serious abt him but after what we went through...

4:42pm BBT Brittany tells Taylor what makes her most upset is she spent all week getting out Turner's biggest threat, Jasmine. Why didn't he just put up Alyssa/Terrance to backdoor him (Michael)? Next week will be 3-3. Taylor says that will be interesting for viewers.

4:45pm BBT Monte tells Britt to stay hydrated and relax. He asks Taylor how she's doing. She had a moment. She lost a friend with all this Joe stuff. Monte promises to take her down. You have a better chance of winning HoH next week, then we can take out the other side.

4:47pm BBT Monte tells Taylor it just doesn't make sense Joe would say all that. Michael is listening. Monte says Alyssa has Turner/Kyle in her back pocket. They will be the next to go, Michael says. Kyle knows he's fighting for his life, Monte says.

4:49pm BBT Monte tells Taylor/Michael that Kyle is taking one of them out to improve his chances of winnng HoH next week (they give Turner no credit for the noms). He assumes Terrance knows everything now. It was an irrational decision in the BY based on love, not game.

4:52pm BBT Britt gets emotional again, wondering what her husband things. Michael tells her she's been respectful and loyal. She doesn't want her game to affect him. You make people proud, Michael insists. You haven't lied at all. I've just crucified ppl for lying to me.

4:54pm BBT We weren't given options, Michael tells her, but we're both playing for Veto. Kyle won't even look at him. We talked to Jasmine all week, Michael says. It will be so satisfying when I win Veto. TheN I win HoH and tell Kyle/Turner to pack their bags.

4:56pm BBT Turner was hoping I wouldn't get picked for Veto, Michael says. They could treat us like people, he says, and talk to us. He thinks if noms stay, Brittany will be OK, the target is Taylor. Brittany says she lied to Alyssa more. Kyle wants Taylor out more.

5:00pm BBT Britt thinks Kyle/Alyssa are more distant now. Michael agrees, they haven't been cuddling. She may be reading it wrong, though. Taylor was crying, she observed. Michael thinks Alyssa knows everything. Britt forgot to find a good Hide and Go Veto hiding place.

5:05pm BBT Britt tells Michael that Taylor said everyone in the house was mean to her but she still loves Kyle. She doesn't know. Michael says I know. But what do we do, Britt asks? 

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5:10pm In the HNR, Kyle/Alyssa discuss if Brittany throws it to Michael so he can take her down and protect himself (that would be my plan). Monte says they wanted the nom to be Alyssa/Terrance. They need to get to the bottom of who really wanted Alyssa out that week.

5:12pm BBT Kyle needs to know if it was Joe pushing Taylor or Britt/Michael or Monte. Joe was a scumbag, Kyle says, a good heart but he lied so much. Joe spent late nights talking to Taylor and she said he always wanted Kyle/Turner to be the first of the 7 to go.

5:15pm BBT I like you, says Kyle, giving Alyssa a hug, but we have to talk game. He thinks Michael doesn't like showmances. He tells Alyssa if it's an elimination comp, they need to get Michael out ASAP. If it's a comp where you can hinder another HG, hinder Michael.

5:17pm BBT Kyle doesn't think they can repair the relationship with Taylor after this week. He thinks Terrance spilled everything from Dyre Fest to Monte. He tells Alyssa his mistake was not telling Alyssa sooner and not pulling in Turner.

5:25pm BBT The HG are waiting for sundown for Veto. In the SBR, Michael tells himself it's win or go home. I'm going to stay. I'm going to win HoH and send Kyle home. Where is your all-white alliance to save you now? (Kyle has been trying to bring Monte into the AP).

5:40pm BBT Alyssa loves people watching. Kyle says people are the leaders of their own lives. Brittany tells Michael this isn't good as a SuperFan, but she's ready to make a petty Jury Vote. Alyssa/Kyle talk about how hard it can be to host a Veto comp.

5:45pm BBT Britt says it would have been OK if The LO had gotten to 7 and then gone after each other, but to do it preemptively (like they were pitting Joe/Taylor/Monte to do against Kyle/Turner?)... Kyle/Alyssa would like to see Daniel perform. Go as BB group, she says.

5:47pm BBT Britt says she'll never for give Kyle for this (The noms were Turner's choice). Alyssa wonders if it will be BB Comics. It could also be Slip'n'Slide. (I'm hoping for an old school Morphomatic). 

5:49pm BBT Turner has been getting no sleeping warnings. He tells Kyle/Alyssa he's tired. He didn't want to eat before the comp but now he's hungry. Kyle says he put his head down for 30s and got a warning. They really want us awake. 

5:51pm BBT Britt doesn't understand how Alyssa/Terrance could work with Kyle if he told them about The LO. Michael thinks she doesn't have the full story. Brittany says if it comes to Kyle/Turner in F2, she's going to close her eyes and pick a random key.

5:53pm BBT Michael says real BB fans don't want a Tik Toker winning BB. In the WA, Terrance tells Taylor that BB keeps the house cold and people shut down (imagine how tired they'd be if it was kept warm). Turner adds that the've been waiting since 8am.

5:55pm BBT Britt says Kyle stopped talking game with them after the pool table incident. That's when they were lumping Monte/Taylor/Joe together, Michael remembers. Terrance tells Turner it's never been this late. It's never been after 1pm, Turner says. 

6:00pm BBT Britt tells Turner she hopes they don't do Veto tonight but in the morning. She returns to the SBR with Michael. He wants to win HoH so bad. Forget Jury Managemet, the speeches he'd give. In the KT, Taylor says Veto is usually over by now.

6:05pm BBT Taylor jokes that Alyssa said she didn't want the BY anymore after DyreFest. Now she knows what it's like with no BY anymore. Kyle says they are seeing how boring it is inside. Kyle wonders if they should have Monte prepare dinner.

6:10pm BBT Kyle dropped them real quick, Britt says, he didn't think he needed them (more like he thought they didn't need him). Kyle will realize his mistake, Michael says, Karma. They want to get rid of Kyle first, then Turner. Turner might still be useful.

6:15pm Brittany thinks Turner thinks he's tight with Kyle (he is) but he's 3rd (maybe, but Drew famously dropped Diane at the end of BB5 and went to F2 with Cowboy). Britt says the girls didn't have her back but she did a lot of dirty work for the guys. 

6:17pm BBT Britt again wonders if something happened between Kyle/Alyssa because they aren't as intimate as before DyreFest. Michael says the other guys call their guy friends "boys". He doesn't call his guy friends that. 

6:20pm BBT Kyle says he and Joe figured out they could talk about BB in the HT when a plane flew overhead because BB couldn't hear. Michael is thinking of a Hot Pocket before the comp. Alyssa says they are small. The box says 50% larger, so Michael decides no.

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