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Friday, August 19, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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2:27AM BBT

BY - Kyle was telling Terrance about a bit earlier when he was goofing around for Alyssa saying we are going to be like cavemen out back and started acting like a Gorilla.  Alyssa over hears so he says he will if she does it to and meets him halfway.  They end up on their knees with straighten arms acting like gorillas moving towards each other, though Kyle went 99% of the way.  Turner is on the hammock laughing.  Joseph may be in DR.  Terrance 100% focused on removing the tattoos.


Inside in HoH room - Michael is reading another letter form Fiancé. His picture is of Lindsay.  Michael explains his kissing the ring as it comes up in the letter.

He has a lot of cookies on the shelf behind him and they go through loads of things in his small fridge.


Outside - Terrance still scrubbing tattoo.  [Will he at least get a tent for his private HoH "room" - rmichaelsm]



Turner asks Kyle about all the big National Parks in Utah because Turner had gone to 4 of the big ones.


Joseph is outside with them.


2:48AM BBT 

Inside HoHR - everyone but Michael and Jasmine leaves so they can talk.


Sounds like Turner was Terrance's first pick.  Michael claims he wanted Turner on his side.  Claims not that he was necessarily targeting him but...

Jasmine thinks it will either be Kyle or Turner that will go home from the other side.

Michael says he feels like they are in a similar situation as festie besties.  Jasmine brings up Monte and Michael says he feels like he has to put him up since he has a good chance to win veto.  If he doesn't put him up and he wins veto and pulls someone off the block, then the final person goes up in their place.  Michael says figuring out who to put up with him is hard.  Jasmine says she knows it is between her and Taylor.  She knows Brittany is his friend and she wouldn't expect him to do that.  Michael says he only needs one vote to control who goes home. 



Jasmine says, when he picked Taylor, only Joseph, Monte, Kyle were left.

Michael says that after Terrance picked Turner, Terrance tried to mouth something to Michael but he didn't understand what he was trying to say.

Michael says he wouldn't want the veto to be used to take Monte down because he would feel like he didn't accomplish anything on his HoH if so.   [Likely just playing along to appease Jasmine, not sure this would be his real plan - rmichaelsm]


3:00AM BBT

BY - Terrance was supporting Alyssa taking the London trip from Taylor.  Several where saying it was pretty funny. Terrance says he is tired of all the political correctness.  We aren't here to be nice.  He respects the move.  He says if you want that trip, take it.  Turner said it was humbling for sure.  Terrance says no-one expected that to happen.  Alyssa admits it may not have been the smartest decision.  Terrance says, even though you didn't get the trip, you got what you needed.

They are discussing the punishments from last week.

[am out... gn...  - rmichaelsm]

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4:29 AM BBT Inside the HOH Michael and Taylor are discussing Indy's eviction. Sounds like they think Jasmine and Alyssa threw Indy under the bus, wouldn't look at her when they were evicted and that sending Jasmine to jury will make Indy happy.

They speculate about what Terrance will do. They think he is close to Alyssa but not sure if that is game wise.

Worry about Jasmine winning veto. They want Jas to think Monte is the target. (Sounds like Taylor is now ok with sending Jasmine out)

Taylor wants to "prime" Monte, see where his head is out.


4:39 BBT The outside crew are milling around the kitchen area. They're hoping the lights go off when they want to sleep. 

4:43 Terrance tells Kyle and Turner where the sun will be in the morning. There's a port a potty in the Backyard. They brush their teeth and there are spatters all over the mirror.


4:47 Lights are all off on sleeping hg inside.

4:52 Outside crew settling down to sleep. (I haven't heard any game talk but chat says the target is Joseph - I'm taking that with a grain of salt)



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5:03 BBTMichael gets out of bed and talks to the cameras. First to his fiance briefly talks to America; says he is still thinking he Britt and Taylor for final three, this game is totally different on the inside please don't judge us.



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5:03 BBTMichael gets out of bed and talks to the cameras. First to his fiance briefly talks to America; says he is still thinking he Britt and Taylor for final three, this game is totally different on the inside please don't judge us.



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5:03 BBTMichael gets out of bed and talks to the cameras. First to his fiance briefly talks to America; says he is still thinking he Britt and Taylor for final three, this game is totally different on the inside please don't judge us.


8:47BBT after 4 hours of sleep Terrance is up. He has gone upstairs in byard

8:57 Just a solo Terrance in his hoh domain (the backyard)

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1:30am BBT Feeds return. There is a tent in the BY. HoH Terrance has selected Tuerner, Alyssa, Kyle and Joe. Inside, HoH Michael has selected Brittany, Taylor, Jasmine and Monte. Kyle says it's not as bad as he thought it would be.

1:32am BBT The DyreFest HG have sleeping bags on an inflatable mattress. Terrance says they cannot go onto the BY balcony without ringing a bel. Joe says he'll never complain about not getting the BY again. Terrance got a letter and pictures from home. 

1:35am BBT Inside, Taylor complains that too many pillows were given to the outiders. Alyssa tells Kyle his Boy Scout, Eagle Scout just came out (since they are camping). They built a DR (the balcony) for them. Kyle worries even outside, Terrance's snoring will keep him up.

1:45am BBT Kyle wishes he had been quicker on the button, Michael just beat him. There is a kitchen in the BY. Joe says there is a bell to request it be restocked. They can heat food up. They have bananas and carrots. Terrance wonders if BB thinks they are rabbits.

1:55am BBT Joe thinks this is what it's like to be on Survivor (it's not). Kyle says it's camping food (MRE's - Meals Ready To Eat. Just add water and heat). Terrance says it's all spicy food. He doesn't like spicy food. Kyle says this is home for the next 7 days.

2:00am BBT Turner is excited. Joe says this is like a doomsday shelter (that would be underground). They got 6 cans of tuna and spam. Who eats Spam, Kyle asks? Inside, the HG have full access to the KT, SR and WA. But the Chinese Checkers game is outside.

2:05am BBT The hammock is still in the BY and Alyssa/Turner lay in it, looking at the one star they can see. Terrance says it's the star he wished on that got us out there. There are 2 porta-potties and an open shower in the corner behind the hammock. The water's luke warm.

2:10am BBT Alyssa says they have shower supplies. It's not clear if BB provided them or they were able to grab them from inside. Alyssa says they get the pool every day. Turner compares it to living in his van. Inside, Taylor/Jasmine/Monte complain the fridge smells like fish.

2:15am BBT Terrance tries to remove the tattoos from his body. Turner asks what's the difference between drinking and rubbing alcohol (the latter is poisonous). In HoH, Michael reads his letter and checks out his HoH basket. Hayden had a Ru Paul Drag Race birthday party.

2:25am BBT IN his letter, Hayden says he's been busy cheering Michael and planning their wedding. The cats are OK. The DyreFest HG have their outdoor exercise equipment. Joe comes back from the outdoor DR and says food is limited. Michael thinks they gave him leftover stuff.

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Apologies for any overlap:

2:35am BBT Turner thinks for noms and such, the Brochella HG will go into HoH LD and they'll go inside (I doubt it). Joe says only one of the porta-potties opens. Maybe it's for HoH only. Turner tells Joe he's been to Utah a lot, it's fire! He lists places he's been.

2:40am BBT Turner likes London as well. Kyle asks if he'd have taken the trip from Taylor. No, he says, he's a good player. Kyle says in Australia they aren't focused on working 50hrs a week, they take time off to travel. Much of Australia is desert.

2:45am BBT Jasmine tells Michael that Turner and Terrance are close. She thinks KYle or Turner will go home outside. Michael says he has to put Monte up. There's no backdoor opportunity - they all play for Veto. He wanted to pick Turner but Terrance got him first.

2:50am BBT Jasmine makes the case for not being nom - Monte is strong and she's injured. Brittany and Taylor are comp beasts. Michael says he doesn't know where Taylor's at - she was chained to Joe all wk. He only needs 1 vote (he breaks a tie). Who knows what will happen.

2:55am BBT Michael says he tried to talk with Terrance before picks but wasn't allowed. Michael is laying the groundwork for nominating Jasmine. I know it's me or Taylor, she says. We said we wouldn't put each other up. Jasmine promises to save Taylor if she's nominated.

3:00am BBT Michael tells Jasmine he know she's a fan. That means something. Jasmine says she's here for her dad, not for the money. Under the tent, Alyssa recalls there was a live audience. Terrance hopes loved ones will be at the Finale. Maybe the pre-jury HG, Alyssa says.

3:05am BBT Terrance say she has to do 1-on-1s. Where, Turner asks? In the corner, he says, in the order he picked them, starting with Turner. They go to the chairs by the pool. Turner suggests putting up Kyle/Alyssa then backdoor Joe. If he wins Veto, he'll pull one down.

3:10am BBT Inside, Monte thanks Michael for picking him over Kyle. Jasmine wants you up, Michael says. As long as she doesn't win Veto, we're good. He thinks being outside will be good for Kyle. Monte says Kyle is with Alyssa more than the game now.

3:15am BBT Outside, Terrance says he's only going to tell Alyssa/Turner the plan to BD Joe. Alyssa is next to talk to Terrance, meaning she was his second pick. This is nuts, he says, just trust me. He wants Joe out. He trusts Turner/Alyssa most, that's why he picked them.

3:20am BBT Terrance tells Alyssa he's going to nominate her and Kyle, pull one down, then nom Joe. She asks why backdoor him? He's going to fight just as hard to win Veto whether he's nom or not. Put up Kyle/Joe, she suggests. Terrance says Joe is too wishy washy. 

3:24am BBT Terrance says when he says he's going to do something, he does it. He thinks Michael will target Monte inside. Terrance agrees to cancel Turner's plan to nom Kyle/Alyssa and put up Kyle/Joe. Alyssa says she loved Tracy's letter. 

3:28am BBT Terrance wants to lock in with Turner, Alyssa and Kyle. Let's do it, she says. Terrance says he knows she and Jasmine are friends but there's friends and there's game and they have to play the game. Real friendships can outlast the game (Terrance The Wise).

3:30am BBT Terrance meets with Joe (his 3rd pick). What do I do, he asks, I can't put her (Alyssa) up. Not even as a pawn, Joe asks? I gave her my word, T says. Kyle has to go up and Turner has been with me since Day 1.

3:32am BBT Joe worries if he's on the block next to Kyle, Turner will pick Kyle and Alyssa will never vote Kyle out. Joe asks point blank, am I the target? I saved you 3 times! I stuck with you and Monte. It doesn't make sense!

3:34am BBT Terrance assures Joe his target is Kyle. Do you think I'm a big target, Joe asks? If you put me next to Kyle, I won't come back. I have sway with Monte and Taylor has a crush on me. Save me and I can help you. Joe says he would go home against anyone.

3:36am BBT Terrance tells a desperate Joe that everyone plays for the Veto. Joe pushes putting up Kyle/Alyssa, promising to save Alyssa. He'll talk to Alyssa if she's upset when Kyle leaves. She voted against him for Ameerah. He promises he has Terrance's back.

3:38am BBT Joe says he, Terrance, Jasmine and Alyssa can make a run. Inside, Brittany meets with Michael in HoH. She wants Joe, Turner and Kyle out first. Michael says they can't bring Monte to F4. He'd rather have Joe. Brittany warns him Taylor will pick Joe over them.

3:40am BBT Michael wonders if Terrance will evict a Leftover. He wanted Terrance gone but Taylor insisted on Indy. Brittany is confident that next week, Alyssa and Jasmine will join Indy in the JH. 

3:42am BBT Michael says Jasmine made a compelling argument to stay off the block. What, asks Brittany. It's her birthday week. They both laugh. Outside, the HG are wrappe din blankets from the cold night air. Kyle sits down for his Terrance Talk (picked last).

3:44am BBT Terrance tells Kyle that he, Turner and Alyssa have an agreement to not put each other up. He wants Joe gone. What do I do? he tells Kyle both Alyssa and Turner suggested putting Kyle up against Joe. Kyle says you need at least one vote to evict Joe.

3:46am BBT Kyle tells Terrance that the trust is gone. Joe already turned on Alyssa. There's no point in backdooring him. If he and Joe are on the block and he wins Veto, Terrance has to put up Turner and Kyle will vote out Joe. Turner won't use the Veto on Joe.

3:48am BBT Kyle agrees Terrance should keep Alyssa off the block to be a vote against Joe. She'll send Joe home. Joe just can't win Veto. Terrance doesn't want that either. He trusts Kyle, Alyssa and Turner without effort. With Joe, he has to guess.

3:50am BBT Kyle tells Terrance that Michael's one vote (to evict) is Brittany. She'll make sure he evicts who he wants. Alyssa is Terrance's one vote. You can throw me up, he permits, that way you can keep your word to Turner and Alyssa. No hard feelings - it's the game.

3:55am BBT Kyle wishes Terrance luck. He's going to have a long DR in the cold. The BY group wonders if BB will turn off the BY lights. Kyle says they have no clock outside. Turner/Kyle both would have picked outside if given the choice. Alyssa isn't so sure.



4:05am BBT Joe asks Kyle what camping is like. Kyle says you pack a tent, fishing pole and a sleeping bag in a backpack and build a fire. Is it a Utah thing, Joe asks? You don't camp in FL (yeah you do). Terrance says in Chicago, camping is called homelessness.

4:15am BBT Michael loves the twist because he won HoH. Why can't I win, asks Brittany? The comp was basically Where's Waldo, he says. It was a crap shot, she says. She worries he feels he's dragging her along. But at least now they can spend more time together. 

4:17am BBT Brittany promises to tell him everything if he promises to not blow up her game. It's worth it, he says. Taylor comes in. During the practice comp, he tells her, he could never find one (the target image). He doesn't know how he did it. 

4:19am BBT Michael tells Taylor that Alyssa and Jasmine will go this week. Taylor hopes Turner and Kyle do the right thing. Outside, Joe tells Turner Michael is good at everything from working in the Escape Room (that's not really how they work).

4:21am BBT While Joe is in the BYWC, Kyle/Turner quickly review the plan to evict Joe. It makes sense, Kyle says. Talk turns to food before Joe returns. Not a fun experience, he announces. Joe says BB told him they sprayed the BY for bugs. 

4:40am BBT The DyerFest HG try to figure out on what side of the BY the sun will rise and where is best to sleep. They all snuggle up in sleeping bags under the tent, laughing at the absurdity of their situation. This is great, Joe says, no, not great, BB will take it away.


8:30am BBT FotH. Time for House DyerFest and House Big Brochella to wake up for the day. Terrance is the first to get up and use the BY WC. He heads to the BY Balcony (the outdoor SR/DR) to change his battery. He performs ADLs and reads his letter from home.

9:20am BBT Alyssa is up and Terrance tells her where to find the battery exchange. Inside, Michael is in the KT making an egg/cheese sandwhich for breakfast. Outside, Joe gets up. Kyle/Alyssa brush their teeth by the BY sink (a portable kitchen/WA is set up).

10:15am BBT The BY HG move from the sleeping bags to the couches. Terrance is using rubbing alchohol to try and remove 182 BB tattoos. Michael tries to see - or hear - the BY HG. The Indoor HG are slowly rising for the day. They are all expecting early noms today. 

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10:40am Jasmine goes into the HoH room to talk to Michael. He tells her 'From talking to Britney and Taylor, I think we're all on the same page this week, getting Monte out. Basically how I'm looking at it is the veto will be 4 of us against Monte...you know I'm not going to put Britney up. If Monte wins the veto it only leaves you and Taylor so whoever I put up first it doesn't really matter because if Monte win's the veto it's the same scenario.' He says it's probably not what she wants to hear this morning but Taylor has already been on the block and he's leaning towards putting up her (Jasmine) and Monte. Jasmin asks if he wins th3e veto would he keep noms the same and he says probably unless he thought Britney and Taylor were wavering. All he needs is one person to vote how he wants because he breaks the tie. She thanks him for his honesty. [Not sure if this is honest, or if it's the Jasmine pitch].

11:03am Monte, Britney & Taylor goes into the HoH room to talk to Michael. He rehashes telling Jasmine she's basically going up. Michael says it's weird that she's tried to form an alliance with everyone except him. Michael says Jasmine hardly ever talks game to her. They rehash Indy leaving and how they kind of feel sorry for her because she really had no idea what was going on. They talk about how the non-leftovers operate so poorly. How even after a month of people they work with have been going home they don't ever think, well what is the 'right side of the house' and if you don't know, you haven't been invited to it! Britney says the non-leftovers are in such a survivalist mentality they just flip on their own people. Monte says he's not sure if there was anything they could have done to prevent this. They think it's foolish to think the non-leftovers could flip Joseph. Britney says it's not even an alliance because when it comes to voting they always flip. Michael says I don't even know if they are friends. Britney says she's happy they are all together and they all basically give themselves a pat on the back for being such great players before the feeds cut out. [I know it's slim but have they not considered what happens if Jasmine DOES pull out a veto win?!].

11:25 Alyssa, Terrence & Kyle outside. General talk about taking showers in bathing suits, being hungry, hiding from the sun during the day and not knowing what time it is. (Turner & Joseph still asleep)



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11:35am BBT On the hammock, Kyle begins the delicate job of revealing his real game to Alyssa. He starts out explaining the real story of how the house flipped on Ameerah. He is describing how an alliance came together because of the incident with Nicole/Daniel and Taylor.

11:40am BBT Without naming the alliance, Kyle is letting Alyssa in on The Leftovers secret because she needs to know this week because of the Split House twist. He tells her that Michael/Brittany are her best bet if he's gone. Turner is with Monte/Joe/Taylor. 

11:43am BBT Kyle apologizes for being in an alliance without Alyssa. She says he needs to tell Terrance. Kyle agrees, it's probably time. Alyssa says Terrance is a good man. He has no noe and he looks out for her with her Jasmine issues. Kyle agrees to talk to him. 

12:00pm BBT Kyle talks with Terrance, who says that he and Michael were able to talk before the house was split and they both have plans. He wants to hold up his end. Kyle tells him that he and Michael/Brittany/Alyssa have his back and he's scared of going up against Monte.

12:02pm BBT Terrance tells Kyle that Michael not takign out Monte during OTEV was worrying. Joe/Taylor come over looking for something. Terrance walks away and Joe tells Kyle that he thinks Kyle and Alyssa will go up because Terrance wants to break up the showmance.

12:20pm BBT They leave and talk resumes. Kyle begins revealing The Leftovers to Terrance. He reveals that he was Taylor's first target last week. Terrance realizes he was on the bottom of what he thought was an alliance. 

12:25pm BBT Terrance says Michael said he was targeting Monte. Kyle says he's probably not. Terrance now says he never trusted the situation with Monte. There's a lot going on, Kyle says, how do you know who to trust? Turner joins them and talk stops.

12:28pm BBT Terrance says he thought he was working with Michael/Brittany. When? Since Ameerah, he says. Terrance says he always thought Joe was shady. Kyle explains that Monte/Joe didn't ask him to join their Bestie to protect him but because he was expendable.

12:30pm BBT So Taylor put me up purposely, Terrance asks? Yes, Kyle says. He explains that the target flipped until they decided to try to trick him into backdooring Alyssa. Now he's on the bottom there. He explains how hard they pressured him the night before the Veto mtg.

12:32pm BBT Terrance says he's always out of the loop. That was intentional, Kyle tells him, that's how the alliance operated. He worries if Turner wins Veto, he'll save Joe to protect their alliance. That's his entire game, Kyle says. I appreciate you, bro, says Terrance.

12:35pm BBT Terrance asks for Kyle to give him his word this is all true. Kyle says he has it. He proposes a new alliance with them, Alyssa/Michael/Brittany. He suggests Terrance nom Turner and Joe instead, so Turner can't use the Veto to save Joe. 

12:37pm BBT Kyle tells Terrance that Turner told him that's the plan if Joe is nominated. Why would he do that, Terrance asks? Because he's part of that alliance, Kyle says. He's going to pitch you what you want to hear but he'll stay loyal to the alliance in the end.

12:39pm BBT Kyle tells Terrance they have been staying up until 4, 5, 6am talking while they were sleeping. He has no problem going up against Joe but what Turner does is a concern. Kyle takes Terrance through each HoH and eviction. So I blew it throwing the OTEV comp? Yes.

12:41pm BBT OK, Terrance says, so I'm going to put Turner and Joe up. Worst case scenario, Kyle says, he comes down and I go up. You and Alyssa keep me. I trust Turner, Kyle says, but he's more loyal to the alliance. They'll say or do anything to get Alyssa out this week.

12:43pm BBT Kyle says that's my whole game. If I go out this week, I'm at peace. He says he just told Alyssa this right before talking to him. Terrance says if you show me loyalty, I'll be loyal back. Terrance will continue acting like Kyle is his target. OK, says Kyle.

12:45pm BBT Kyle says they won't be happy. They've been trying everything to keep Joe off the block. Terrance starts talking about all his game convos that make more sense now that he knows what's been going on behind his back. They are too confident, Kyle says. 

12:46pm BBT Kyle says again he's at the bottom of a 7 person alliance. Dude, Terrance says, I don't even know where the table is. They agree they have each others' backs. Let's go, Terrance says, the second half of the game begins.


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12:47pm BBT After Kyle, Terrance tells Turner that Kyle has been pretty decent to him and doesn't want to upset him but he doesn't understand why he didn't use the Veto (so they could backdoor Monte). Turner says he didn't really know anything about it. The house is flippy.

12:50pm Turner says he'll just hang out with Terrance for a few minutes so it seems like they are talking. Terrance says information is like an onion, you keep peeling back to find more. Turner asks if anyone threw his name out? No, says Terrance. Fire. 

12:53pm BBT Terrance says they'll make it work. Michael will do what he needs to do & if he doesn't, I'll call his BS. Stuff hasn't added up & this week will reveal all. Turner wants to ride with him & Alyssa. 

12:55pm One thing about Terrance, he doesn't waste words. Time for Joe to meet. Terrance wants Alyssa safe. the showmance will play itself out. You know the move I want to make? Kyle, Joe offers. Turner isn't being helpful, Terrance says.

12:57pm BBT Terrance notes Turner hasn't seen the block yet. Joe says walking back in the house w/o Kyle will give him game cred. Terrance doesn't know why Taylor wanted Kyle out. Something is going on in the house. Kyle is part of it, Joe suggests. Yes, Terrance agrees.

12:59pm BBT Maybe Taylor wants to take the shot at Kyle, Terrance muses. Joe says if I am sitting next to Kyle, I'll go. Kyle is insulated. Turner would never send Alyssa home. Joe suggests Monty/Kyle were happy Kyle didn't use the Veto. They are a deadly trio.

1:02pm BBT Terrance says all season his game has been in other people's hands. Finally, its in his hands. No one knows how I feel. I've been fighting all my life. I was at the bottom & I got this opportunity. Why did Taylor put me up? I'm at the bottom. I have to choose me.


2:21pm BBT Feeds return and the Memory Wall show that for the Big Brochella HG, Monte and Jasmine are nominated. There is no memory wall in the BY.

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2:36PM BBT

From conversation in the backyard, it seems the Dyre group has not yet had their nomination ceremony.




2:41PM BBT

In the kitchen, Jasmine asks who they think will get nominated outside, "just guessing."

Michael: Joseph and Kyle

Jasmine: Really?

Michael: Maybe Kyle and Alyssa

Taylor: Maybe Kyle and Turner

Monte: So y'all think Kyle is going up

Jasmine: For sure he is going up, but against who?







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4:18PM BBT

The feeds have returned to the backyard. Everyone is sitting in silence.







4:26PM BBT

Terrance: Alyssa, I'm gonna need your help getting these tattoos off my back. You are gonna have to be aggressve. Are you okay with that?

Alyssa: Yeah, whenever you are ready.

Terrance: Okay let me go get the stuff...I'm so sick of these


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4:18pm BBT The feeds return. All 4 feeds are on Joseph and Turner in the BY, They both look very glum. 


4:30pm BBT Terrance has asked Alyssa to help him get rid of his tattoos that he can't reach. He says that he is looking forward to having his body back. 

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Alyssa begins working on the tattoos.

Alyssa: Okay, pne down

Terrance: It's going to be a long night out here

Alyssa: It's going to be a long 7 days


4:31PM BBT

Terrance: Are they coming off pretty good?

Alyssa: Yeah

Terrance: Thank God I'll have my body back

Alyssa: Would you have rather had this punishment than the other two?

Terrance; I think I would have vibed better with Punk-A-Roo

Alyssa: Really?





4:44PM BBT

Terrance talks with Turner, "You are absolutely not my fucking target, Bro."

Turner: At the end of the day, I put you up. But I also kept you safe. If you keep me safe, then we are even....I just hope Joseph doesn't win the veto.

Terrance nominated Joseph and Turner for eviction.



4:50PM BBT

Terrance talks with Joseph and tells him he is up just for show because Kyle is the target.



4:52PM BBT

[I am out for the night  -MamaLong]

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4:40pm BBT Alyssa informs Terrance that he is now free from his tattoos. Alright T, you are officially a free man. He replies Oh my God, what a punishment. 



4:41pm BBT Turner is talking to Terrance. Terrance says that he only told Joseph and Taylor about how he threw OTEV. Yet, Turner knew about it. Turner denies knowing it anything it before right now.  Terrance says that Turner is absolutely not his target

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4:48PM BBT

BY Turner gets Terrance to go talk. Terrance says he thought Turner had known about him throwing Otev and he could only think he heard that from Joseph so he figured they were talking.   This apparently happened just before Terrance was called into the DR to do the noms. Turner said he never knew that until just now. Turner and Joseph, I believe are his two noms. Terrance apologizes to Turner saying he f’d up. Turner said he just hopes Joseph doesn’t win the veto.

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4:45pm BBT Terrance admits that he might have made an assumption about Turner. Turner says that he understands. He appreciates Terrance's help keeping him safe if he can. Terrance says that he got called to the DR before he had a chance to process everything. 


4:47pm BBT Turners says it is fine as long as Joseph doesn't win the veto. Terrance says that it is 4 against 1. He has no chance. Terrance says that he believes Turner when he says that he was in with Joseph and didn't know that he threw OTEV. 


4:49pm BBT Joseph sits down with Terrance. Terrance says it was strictly strategic. The ultimate move is Kyle. You got to come through with the veto bro. Terrance asked him why he turned from Indy to him. He said it was because Indy was locked in with the girls, not me. 



4:53pm BBT Joseph tells Terrance that Indy made it clear that she was completely locked in with the girls. Terrance always had his vote. Joseph says that he will make a game move regardless. He is not here just to buy time. 



4:57pm BBT Terrance tells Joseph that it is similar with Jasmine. He didn't pick her because she would never protect him over the girls. Every time they talk game, she tells him Let Me See. I don't got time for that. Terrance says that he just needs Joseph to win veto. 


5:00pm BBT Terrance says he has every intention of finding out how it went down that Taylor put him on the block. He can't get the answer to that question because he can't get in the house. He is up against bigger odds going back in the house. Monte knows he threw veto. 


5:03pm BBT Terrance tells Joseph that he is going to be walking back in the house very vulnerable. The house now knows he threw veto. He can't play next week. He has to be able to trust Joseph. Joseph says he will do what he can to protect Terrance. 


5:05pm BBT Joseph tells Terrance that he is dead in the water. Kyle and Alyssa would both probably take down Turner if they won POV. They won't use it on him. I am tight with them, but they are tighter. Joseph and Turner are the Dyre Fest nominees for eviction. 

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5:10pm BBT Alyssa, Kyle, Joseph and Turner are sitting on the patio. They are talking about how long the week is going to feel like. And as hot it is right now, in a couple hours it is going to be so cold. They discuss how random it was that BB gave them glow sticks. 


5:13pm BBT Joseph and Turner whisper on the patio. Joseph says that he isn't going to betray you guys. Turner agrees and then starts beat boxing. He says that was pretty sick. He then complains how the chlorine is damaging his hair. 


5:15pm BBT Alyssa goes to where Terrance is laying to get clothes. She is going to take a shower. She tells him that she is going to be really not okay if they don't get to say goodbye to whomever leaves inside the house, probably Jasmine. She will not be okay for a while. 


5:25pm BBT All 4 feeds remain on the BY. Alyssa is showering. Turner mentions to Kyle and Joseph that the girls need to shower in bathing suits because their shower is in front of the one of the mirrors. Turner says he has only watched seasons 18-23.


5:50pm BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Brittany rummaging through the fridge for a snack. Feeds 3 and 4 show Terrance, Turner, Kyle and Joseph hanging out by their makeshift kitchen and grill while they eat. Alyssa joins them looking for the non-wet bread. 


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