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Monday, August 15, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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12:00am BBT Kyle asks Joe if he'd evict Jasmine over Alyssa. Joe doesn't answer but says Taylor is on a crusade. Monte says Taylor won't nom Jasmine because of representation. They will have to take out Jasmine next week because Taylor will never take her out.

12:05am BBT The guys are playing pool and discussing whether Jasmine is rich with a business (running your own business often means you are far from rich. My question would be, who's minding the shop while she's gone?). 

12:10am BBT Joe says whether he sends Jasmine home on his HoH or Kyle sends Alyssa home on his, it's the same thing (not quite, Joe but thanks for playing). Joe says they'll figure it all out in Jury (that part he got right). 

12:12am BBT By the hammock, Taylor is still trying to figure out who to trick Kyle into using the Veto. She tells Michael/Brittany she's thinking about promising him to put Jasmine up, then after he uses the Veto, put up Alyssa. Brittany and Taylor laugh.

12:25am BBT The pool game guys consider Indy's reaction to the Veto not being used. She'll accuse Kyle of going against the Five Swatters alliance (which benefits Joe). He says Jasmine/Terrance have a F2. They do, asks Monte, surprised? I think so, Joe speculates.

12:30am BBT Turner is hungry for a burrito. Joe says Kyle is hungry too (Joe seems to know everything about everyone else's busines). Michael walks up and says he's hungry too and Turner's breakfast burrito idea sounds good.

12:34am BBT Kyle tells the guys that Taylor's argument was convincing at the start but it felt like Taylor, Indy and Jasmine were trying to bully him into using the Veto. Brittany says Taylor believes there are 2 sides to The Leftovers. 

12:36am BBT Kyle doesn't understand why the charade. It was so obvious. He and Michael agree that if there was a DE, they'd take out Jasmine and Terrance. Michael says Taylor is only interested in revenge and she's missing the bigger game. 

12:40am BBT When Michael/Brittany get a moment alone, he says being needed by both sides is a good thing. Taylor said we should keep people who quit, but she wants to keep Terrance over Indy when Indy is the one threatening to quit. 

12:45am BBT Michael/Turner/Brittany/Kyle are in the KT making breakfast burritos. Turner says he took 3 weeks of culinary school and worked in a bakery during HS. Brittany says in Austin, they have breakfast tacos. That's Fire, Turner says.

1:30am BBT Taylor is laying down on the couch in the HoH WA. In the KT, Turner says he could get a license to sell coffee easily but food is much harder. Joe isn't sure he'd buy a burrito from a rug shop. Turner agrees he doesn't rugs to smell like eggs but coffee is good.

1:45am BBT Taylor joins the guys in the KT. Turner says he didn't get all his vaccines before going overeas and got food poisoning in Asia (vaccines won't prevent that). The HG are worried they'll get called to DR if they go to bed. Taylor is sure she's getting called.

2:05am BBT Taylor is in the WA with Monte. Kyle apologizes to Brazil. This was a difficult decision and he feels like he's gettig pushed around. He's keeping noms the same and working with Michael/Brittany. Brittany thinks Jasmine will be upset but Terrance won't care.

2:50am BBT Joe/Turner/Kyle/Brittany/Taylor are in HoH. Joe paints a desperate picture for Indy after Kyle leaves her on the block. Turner will hide in the Cars BR (you do you, dude). Joe says Jasmine was describing ovulation to him in great detail. Even Alyssa was stunned.

2:55am BBT Turner explains what happened with Jasmine when he commented about balloons being environmentally unfriendly. He felt bad at how she took it. He is normall calm and avoids conflict but he's learning how to read when Jasmine is about to explode. 

3:30am BBT Monte says Terrance has checked out of the game. Kyle says he hasn't even asked him to use the Veto on him. Joe thinks Indy will be evicted in her Punk-A-Tard costume. They laugh at the idea of her meeting JCM in costume. 

3:35am BBT Joe warns Kyle Indy will try to claim Alyssa was going to vote him out next week (she wasn't but this shows Jasmine was aware that Daniel was going to try to sow doubt about Kyle's motives with Alyssa). 

4:30am BBT Taylor comes up to HoH and announces she's sick of Jasmine and would put her up tomorrow if she could (she can but she won't). Joe says Jasmine's bed is her office. You move slightly in your sleep and she'll start talking game. 

4:32am BBT Kyle thinks BB is trying to force Jasmine to stop using her foot as an excuse by first taking away the scooter and now the boot. Joe wonders, if Jasmine can play in comps, why can't she cut up her own fruit? They all agree another Jasmine HoH would be a disaster.


9:00am BBT BB wakes the HG up for the day.

9:45am BBT BB calls Terrance to the SR for another tattoo. He has to get 182 temporary tattoes this week. This one is a Zingbot tattoo. That's fire, America, he says, that's fire right there. 

10:15am BBT In the BY, Kyle quietly tells Alyssa he's not going to use the Veto. She says she's fine with Indy/Terrance remaining on the block. (it's not clear if Alyssa has picked up on the clues of how hard Kyle has fought for her or how hard Taylor is gunning for her).

10:45am BBT In HoH, Taylor complains to Monte that she's going to have to just sit there while Kyle f*cks her with the Veto.

10:50am BBT Time for the Veto Meeting.

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11:55am BBT Feeds return. Joe tells Jasmine/Alyssa that Kyle not using the Veto is a double-edged sword. It shows Kyle's cards. Monte could have been up there (Joe/Taylor plan to use Kyle's refusal to hit him with a lasar target). Jasmine says one less girl in the house.

12:00pm BBT In HoH, Terrance tells Taylor/Brittany/Michael that it will be fun watching Indy/Jasmine/Alyssa now. He doesn't like using not talking game as an excuse. How is it he knows every move and the girls don't? 

12:02pm BBT Terrance says he won't risk his game for someone who doesn't want to be safe, like Kyle. In the Space BR, Joe tells Alyssa he can see why Kyle is protecting her (that could be intepreted as extremely sexist). 

12:04pm BBT Kyle comes in to the Space BR and announces he's taking a nap. He's not taking a nap, Alyssa tells BB. Before he can close is eyes, Joe comes in and flops on the bed, calling im Utah Boy, the boy that gets down. 

12:06pm BBT Jasmine joins Taylor/Brittany/Michael/Terrance/Indy in HoH. Terrance's back hurt, he misses his wife and BB can't do anything. He heads downstairs. Taylor tells the others she took the shot. Indy refuses to campaign. She won't get mad. She just asks for honesty.

12:08pm BBT Indy says she's scared. She doesn't want a blindside, she wants to know ahead of time. Taylor promises she has her back. Indy says it could be a 4-4 tie. Taylor says she can't relax now after all. Taylor promises to tell Indy if anything changes.

12:10pm BBT Indy leaves HoH and Taylor tells Michael/Brittany she forgot the vote could be a tie. Now she has to talk to everyone again. Joe comes into HoH and she says she blew up the house, won the freakin' Wall comp and this is what happens. (good thing she's not bitter)

12:13pm BBT Kyle/Alyssa are laying on separate beds in the Golf BR. How is it Turner never gets woken up from napping? Kyle can't believe Alyssa hurt her back. It's getting better, she says. Kyle expects Jasmine will target him and Monte now. 

12:15pm BBT Alyssa tells Kyle she's been avoiding Jasmine. She says Joe is growing on her. Kyle thinks the vote will be unanimous for Indy. Alyssa agrees. Even Jasmine? Yes. Alyssa doesn't see Jasmine winning HoH. She has before, Kyle says, and almost won Veto twice.

12:17pm BBT Kyle says if Alyssa had taken the punishment, then Jasmine would have taken the trip from Taylor and she wouldn't be mad at her (I have to believe that's just an excuse to take the shot Joe/Taylor really wanted, though each had their own motives).

12:19pm BBT Kyle is worried about Alyssa's back but she assures him again she'll be OK. It hurts you to laugh and sit up. Kyle says everyone's trying to play to the jury now, blaming others. Terrance pops in and asks to talk to "the man of the hour." They go to the Cars BR.

12:23pm BBT Terrance tells Kyle he knows they are heated but it can be diffused. He offers to be Kyle's sounding board. Taylor apparently had an outburst during the Veto meeting that Kyle didn't expect. 


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12:30pm BBT Kyle tells Monte no more deadlifting exercises. Monte says after Alyssa and Terrance (hurt backs), he won't have any clients after the show. He hopes BB doesn't show it (uh, live feeds!). Monte jokes they both signed liability waivers. 

12:50pm BBT Alyssa tells Taylor she's here to play even if hurt. Taylor promises to help her. Alyssa tries to stand up and Taylor says this isn't OK. Alyssa fights back tears from the pain. She walks slowly down the stairs, holding her back.

1:00pm BBT Brittany goes up to HoH ans asks if she can have lunch with Taylor. Of course. Jasmine is such a bullsh*tter, she says, she's running around to all the guys trying to rally votes for Indy. She told Indy she wouldn't vote her out, Brittany says, but she will.

1:05pm BBT Indy asks Kyle for her vote. 100%, he tells her, I will vote to keep you, I just can't say it to everyone. She is sorry for anything she said or did to hurt him. She asks him to keep what they said between them. She still likes Kyle & Alyssa. 

2:15pm BBT The HG are put on ILD because of a drone. Indy applies another tattoo on Terrance's back: Free The Zing. Terrance has to explain what the Zing Bot is. Indy applied the tattoo upside down. (Terrance's tattoos may be forshadowing a future appearance by ZingBot)

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3:35PM BBT

Alyssa applies #14 and #15 tattoo on Terrance's back. He points out that the one Indy did in the middle of his back was put on backwards.



3:40PM BBT

Terrance applies a BB Fest tattoo to his chest.

Alyssa: Looking good, T! Looking good!

Terrance: I'm trying...that's 19 on deck. Let's get the left leg going.






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3:49PM BBT

Taylor tells Kyle that she doesn't want to force him to play a certain way then asks if there is an order of evictions they want to follow or is everyone just doing their own thing. Kyle says Po's Pack dictated what he should do, and he is not about that. He tells Taylor that he did tell Alyssa they need to distance for the game. Taylor says he should be allowed to be happy with Alyssa and remove himself from the game when he is spending time with her.


3:54PM BBT

Michael and Brittany help Terrance with more tattoos. Production gives him the tattos in a baggie that says where to apply it.

Michael: Has Taylor gotten her punishment yet?

Alyssa: Not yet

Brittany says she will probably get it tonight.


Brittany: (about the tattoos) I feel like eventually they will be like, 'just wherever you can find space'

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4:45pm BBT Alyssa tells Turner today has been boring (outside of the Veto meeting). He asks if she's emotionally recovered from yesterday (she had a crisis of concience after coupling with Kyle Saturday night). About 70%, she says. 

4:47pm BBT Alyssa asks if everyone is just alying around doing nothing. Turner says yep. That's not ideal. Taylor/Monte/Terrance/Jasmine and Indy are in the BY. (Now that the block is set for Thursday's eviction, the pace in the house will slow).


4:49pm BBT Britanny, watches Kyle/Turner play bumper pool in the loft. In the BY, Jasmine asks Kyle if he's talked to anyone. He asks if he can count on her, but she deflects, saying she doesn't know what to do.

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5:15pm BBT Kyle and Alyssa are practicing their new separation plan in the same bed. Michael/Brittany contemplate their place in the house in the loft. Kyle says they have to spend more time apart and asks if she still likes him. Yes, but she sees him differently now. 

5:17pm BBT Alyssa tells Kyle to go do what he has to do. He says she is crying and her back is broken. He tells her he really likes her and its not game. They have a lot of game to play and just can't hang out all the time. She complains he's hot/cold with her. 

5:20pm BBT Alyssa says it's hard because one moment Kyle tells her she's hot and in the next he has to go figure something out. She understands the game but that doesn't make it easier. Every excuse is followed up with "but I like you." 

5:25pm BBT Alyssa feels like Kyle is breaking up with her. He says just wants to socialize with the rest of the house more. He apologizes. She says he doesn't have to apologize. She'll just sit there while he goes and figures everything out. Indy interrupts then leaves.

5:27pm BBT Kyle says he doesn't know what to do in this situation. You're 29, she retorts, go figure it out. Kyle tries to explain how he wasn't expecting this and they start kissing. You say you want space but here we are, she says.

5:35pm BBT Alyssa says she wants to be close to being his girlfriend. Kyle says she is. They start heavy snogging and... Indy returns to the Space BR and Kyle/Alyssa lay next to each other, her looking at him while he stares off to the side. 

5:45pm BBT Indy leaves and Alyssa says she's in a better mood now. Kyle says he's in a worse mood because he only lasted 10 seconds (before they started snogging). Alyssa laughs.Perfect timing (Indy coming in). Alyssa laughs. Gosh darn, Kyle declares, what's wrong with me?

6:35pm BBT Feeds return after 20m. Jasmine tells Turner in the Space BR that she's undecided who to vote for (she's been telling everyone that, but wants to know what everyone else is doing). 

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House guests are enjoying burgers and hot dogs while talking about zombies and movies.



Jasmine is in the background talking about someone seeing her "birthday sherbert". She fusses because they need to leave it for her birthday. Turner is on camera while she is talking.

(I can see the wheels turning. I know he wants to do it. (steal the sherbert), The ornery part of me is encouraging him, hoping he creates some chaos with it.  We will see.-Grannysue)


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This covers the gap before GrannySue.


7:50pm BBT Michael tells Kyle that he doesn't believe anything Terrance says. Kyle thinks Joe is the biggest threat in the game - everyone likes him and he's playing everyone. Kyle talked to Turner and said he wouldn't make any moves until they get to F7. 

7:55pm BBT Brittany joins Kyle/Michael. Kyle is careful what he tells Alyssa because she might tell Jasmine. Once Jasmine is gone, that problem goes away. He wonders if he wins HoH, can he take a big shot? Michael says a shot that forces Taylor to pick sides. 

8:00pm BBT Brittany says she was talking with Taylor earlier but no game. Michael says if they win HoH, Taylor will choose their side because they're in power. Kyle thinks Joe is running the other side and who knows what he's telling them. 

8:02pm BBT Kyle notes in HoH last night, nobody wanted to leave first. Michael says Monte was there until 4am. He never stays up to 4am. Kyle says they may have been waiting for us to leave before talking. Brittany says Turner has to realize somethign is going on.

8:05pm BBT Michael says keeping Jasmine in the game is risky. You can't count her out - just look at Taylor early in the game. They kept saying they could get her out next week and look at her now (Jasmine doesn't have a Leftovers alliance to bail her new life in the game).

8:10pm BBT Michael thinks that Joe will tell Alyssa that Kyle told him about all her alliances. He thinks they need to tell her about The Leftovers first. Kyle worries whether Alyssa can hold back from telling Jasmine. (I don't think he gives Alyssa enough credit)

8:13pm BBT Michael agrees they should wait until either her or Jasmine are facing eviction. BB asks Kyle to raise the awnings. 

8:20pm While Kyle is away, Michael tells Brittany if they get rid of Joe next, it will be Monte/Taylor/Jasmine/Terrance vs. them, Turner/Kyle/Alyssa. Brittany stops him, saying that wouldn't look good to Turner.

8:25pm BBT Kyle tells Joe/Taylor that Turner said they were up until 6am. They say yes, but it was just their usual early AM hangout, no game talk. 

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Indy is on the hammock, she tells Taylor and Joe she thinks she has 5 votes to stay. 



Terrance is talking to Brittany about votes he might have. He says he talked to Jasmine, and it is confusing because she is saying she doesn't want another girl evicted.

Brittany says everyone is interested in how the votes will go.

Terrance says Kyle isn't impressed with Indy and her forceful personality.


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Michael and Kyle are at the billiard table now, Michael asks if Turner thinks the 7 will remain strong.



Over the last few minutes Turner and Kyle have been discussing the Leftovers and how this will move forward

Kyle said that although he knew Turner, Michael and Brittany were okay with him not using the veto he was getting pressure from Taylor, Joe and Monte to use it.

They gossip about Indy and Jasmine, saying they are too loud in the house and should go out soon.


Michael comes out and tells them that Jasmine was called to exchange her microphone. She tossed it to Terrance, who has a back injury and told him that could be her second birthday present. Michael told them Terrance did as she said, all three of them think it is unbelievable.


(I had this done in real time, but my kitty Meow decided she needed to test out some buttons and poof! it was gone. She is done typing now, I think she is in the rocking chair watching you tube.)



Cameras move to living room area for general conversation, then back to the billiard game.

(Kyle was interrupted when he listed who he believes is America's favorite three players.)

 The guys are gossiping about Jasmine and her focus on her birthday.

Turner says the balloon moment was the worst time in the house.


Kyle says Indy threatened to quit the game if he didn't  use the veto and send her home.

Kyle says Indy backtracked, she insisted that Kyle would be a ve in her favor, even though he was transparent about that not being the case for sure.


Kyle says there is no way he will get a vote from the jury from Jasmine, Terrance or Indy.












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10:50pm BBT Kyle/Turner/Michael agree it's not worth sitting in on convos w/Jasmine because she takes over. Turner says she doesn't care what anyone else says. She acts like a high school prom queen. Kyle thinks Jasmine hates Taylor because she's an actual beauty queen.

10:55pm BBT Kyle again tries to feel out Turner on the state of the alliance. What would it be like when it's just Alyssa/Terrance and The Leftovers? Turner doesn't think anyone will break away before it's just the 7. Not getting the response he wanted, Kyle says he agrees.

10:57pm BBT Kyle thinks Monte and Joe will stick with The Pound (the core alliance within The Leftovers). Kyle tries again, does Turner think Joe/Monte would pick Taylor over them. Turner doesn't think so. Kyle asks then why were Joe/Taylor trying so hard to get out Alyssa?

10:59pm BBT Turner replies to Kyle that all the Non-Leftovers are bad players. None are social threats. He is confident the 7 will not turn until all the non-Leftovers are gone. He thinks that it's the ones who turn first that lose out. Kyle isn't so sure about that.

11:01pm BBT Kyle tries to get Turner to undertand how hard Joe/Taylor were coming at him to use the Veto so they could evict Alyssa. He talked to Turner/Michael/Brittany and they supported his decision, but he worries Joe/Taylor/Monte will turn against him because of it.

11:02pm BBT Kyle says Michael/Brittany said they supported his decision but wouldn't stand up for him to the others. Turner changes the subject back to Jasmine's Bday. At least they'll have alchohol, Kyle says. 

11:03pm BBT Turner asks if Kyle thought Taylor was mad he didn't use the Veto. Kyle says she came to him in the SR before the meeting, laughing, and didn't warn him she was going to yell at him for not using it. Turner goes inside and Michael comes outside.

11:06pm BBT Michael tells Kyle that Jasmine wants a Bday card signed by all the HG. He asks if Kyle talked to Turner. Kyle says Turner is convinced the 7 won't split. There's no point in pushing it. Michael is surprised. Kyle thinks Turner believes in the core 4.

11:07pm BBT Kyle thinks Turner has just gotten comfortable being part of The Pound within The Leftovers. Turner returns and Kyle changes the subject, saying the week has been boring (what?!!!) Turner agrees, nothing to do until Thursday. 

11:15pm BBT In their punk outfits, chained Taylor/Joe fall asleep on the LR couch. They wake up and Jasmien tells them to go up to HoH to sleep, they're not talking about anything important. Alyssa suggests they listen to music. Kyle says he may go to sleep early tonight.

11:20pm BBT Kyle tells Turner Indy realized her wanting to quit wasn't a good look. She was counting on him as a vote to stay. Turner's worst case scenario is Indy/Jasmine being sent to Jury and then Leftoers having to live with them there.

11:25pm BBT Alyssa says a HS BF's little sister hated her and said she was fake though Alyssa was trying to impress her. Later on, she ran into the little sister and didn't recognizer her, but she came running after her and apologized for being so terrible to her.

11:30pm BBT Terrance is up to 60 out of 182 tattoos. He's going to over up a scar with one of the tattoos. The latest tattoo is of Kyland and club sandwhiches. 

11:45pm BBT Turner says he promised to keep Terrance this week. Kyle thinks he'll make it to the end. Michael says they should promise that anyone who brings to F2 will lose (to not vote for a F2 who takes the easy path). That would be most unsatisfactory, Brittany says.

11:47pm BBT Kyle teases Turner if there is any circumstance where he'd vote for Jasmine to win. Not against Terrance, Indy, Nicole or Daniel, Turner says. But, he allows, voting for Daniel to win would be really hard. 

11:50pm BBT Kyle is called to the DR. Be sure to tell them how much you love me, Jasmine calls out as he heads in. Turner says he was cast to be the hippy dude and thinks Indy was too (I don't get that vibe from her).

11:55pm BBT Alyssa/Jasmine/Terrance/Monte are playing Chinese Checkers on Jasmine's bed. Monte has to explain how to Jasmine/Terrance. 

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