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Episode 16 - 8/11/2022 - Live vote and eviction and start of HOH

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Previously, on Big Brother, for weeks a twist in the game had the HG playing with Festie Bestie’s but amongst the bestie’s was an alliance called The Leftovers. At the HOH competition, Michael scored a big win for The Leftovers and it seemed like outsider Daniel would be the next to go. So Joseph and Monte pitched a backdoor plan but with two Leftovers on the block, Michael wondered if they should be more than pawns. At a roach ridden competition, Michael won his fourth veto of the season. Terrance was looking to sacrifice his bestie Monte, so he tried to rally to save Daniel. But after the other side of the house pitched Michael the plan, Michael knew he was better suited to stick with The Leftovers. At the veto meeting, Daniel checked-in to the Chopping Block hotel. Tonight, either Daniel or Kyle will be the final non-juror packing. Plus, with the Festie Bestie twist retiring, who will win the legendary wall comp? Find out now on Big Brother!


Julie greets us and it is Day 37 in the house and tonight the game resets when the twist comes to an end. We pick up on Day 34 after the veto meeting and Michael says he decided to use the POV because Daniel is the biggest threat to his game and outside of their alliance.


Michael says Monte is a threat but right now he would rather work with him. Daniel says Michael is a sheep who went with the house and he will eventually regret this choice. Taylor says Daniel going on the block gave her the second best feeling in the house.


Terrance says his big plan was an epic fail but he still has plans to try and keep Daniel in play and move Kyle right out of the house. Daniel is talking to Kyle and tells him he will not throw him under the bus.


We see Daniel talking to Nicole on Day 27 and they have figured out most of The Leftovers and called them the sorry six. Originally they did not think Kyle was in the alliance, but after he went back on his word he does not owe him anything and does not trust him.


Turner says Daniel should be voted out because they have the votes to get him out. Kyle is talking to Turner and asks if he should campaign. Jasmine is talking to Indy and she thinks Taylor and Monte are working together and she thinks there could be an alliance.


Alyssa is in the kitchen and Michael got some hard cider in his HOH basket and Indy hid some and Alyssa drinks it and she is tipsy. She is twerking for the HG. Indy has realized the last cider is gone and she is trying to figure out who drank it.


Indy asks everyone who drank the cider and Michael asks who she trusted with the hiding place and she realizes it was Alyssa. Indy says there is a crime spree in the house. First someone ate Jasmine’s muffin and now someone drank Michael’s cider.


Kyle is talking to the camera and he says he wanted to play with Alyssa but there is no trust on the other side of the house so he is back to square one and is riding with The Leftovers. Kyle was hoping to help Alyssa but now everyone knows where Alyssa stands.


Alyssa is talking to Kyle and he says he is worried and stressed. She jokes they should not hang out for a week and he says it would not hurt to be a little more distance. Alyssa says Kyle wants to slow things down because he is on the block and she is disappointed.


Daniel is talking to himself and says there is always a way out. He says he will work hard to get Joseph. He says Alyssa is so afraid. He says who will go after Monte? Kyle will not. He says he can shield people and he would take out big players, Michael first.


Daniel says it is really easy to sit there and die but more than anything he wants to shake things up in the house and he is going to fight for his life. He says he is sick of these pushovers.


Terrance and Jasmine and Daniel are talking about trying to get the votes to vote Kyle out. Jasmine does not think Alyssa will vote Kyle out and Daniel says she did not know about the Ameerah vote and she was upset about it.


Daniel says he needs five votes to stay and he has Jasmine and Terrance and he thinks they can get Indy on board. He might be able to get Joseph and then maybe Alyssa which might be tough. Daniel says his game hinges on these votes.


Daniel starts with Alyssa and he needs to make her question Kyle. He tells her about the big alliance of Taylor, Turner, Monte, Joseph, Kyle, Brittany, and Michael. Daniel says Kyle is supposed to keep Alyssa distracted while the alliance does their work.


Daniel tells her he does not think Kyle would have saved her last week and then he tells her Kyle knew about the Ameerah vote before it happened. Alyssa is wondering if their relationship is real or someone for him to play with. She says she appreciates that info.


Daniel is talking to Jasmine and Joseph and he says Michael made a really bad move. Daniel knows Joseph is with them but he might listen to logic and reason. Daniel says Michael has won 5 competitions and they are crazy if they do not get him out.


Daniel also pitches about the showmance of Kyle and Alyssa. He says that is always two votes every week. Joseph says these people either think Joseph his oblivious or easily swayed and that is good with him. He says he would never save Daniel but it is tempting.


Time for the live vote and eviction! Daniel says HG please vote to evict me because he would rather hang out with Nicole and Paloma than any of them bozos. This is a circus and they are all clowns. He says Michael has five competition wins and he is working with Monte.


Kyle says hard to follow that. He does shoutouts and he says he met with all the HG individually and he hopes he can benefit their game and he loves them no matter what happens.


Time to vote!

Monte votes to evict Daniel.

Brittany votes to evict Daniel.

Turner one million percent votes to evict Daniel.

Currently there are three votes to evict Daniel and zero votes to evict Kyle.


Voting continues.

Alyssa votes to evict Daniel.

Taylor enthusiastically votes to evict Daniel.

Indy votes to evict Daniel.

Jasmine votes to evict Daniel.

Joseph says this clown votes to evict Daniel.

Terrance votes to evict Kyle.

By a vote of 8-1, Daniel has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Daniel gets up before Julie even finishes talking and hugs Terrance and whispers in his ear and leaves quickly.


Daniel tells Julie he whispered that he left a gift under Terrance’s pillow. Daniel says he knew his game was done after Nicole left and he respects Michael but he had to say what he had to say.


Julie asks about Daniel being emotional after Nicole left and he says he was emotionally charged and Michael and Monte were huge threats to him and he lied and he wanted to call them out in front of everyone but everyone did not seem to understand.


Julie says Daniel insisted on using the POV last week, does he take any responsibility for her eviction and he says no. He says there was no way they could have moved forward and they knew it was a risk.


Julie asks him about wanting Taylor out of the house and he says it was personal because of her lies about Paloma and then it entered game because Paloma was a number for him. He thinks he is square with her now.


Julie tells Daniel how The Leftovers formed after his lashing out against Taylor and why they felt that way. He says he is not surprised and he respects that they came together like that in defense of someone.


Michael says he made Daniel an idiot sandwich. Jasmine loves and respects him and she loves him. Kyle says he has playing Daniel the whole time and he was the sheep. Terrance says they went to war together and they are boys forever.


Joseph says he loves Daniel and he can be emotional but it all comes from a good place. Taylor says she has never been happier he walked his ass out the door and he got his wish…he does not have to talk to her until finale night.


Daniel says he waited ten years but it has been a dream. He did not get as far as he wanted but he played the way he wanted to. He laughs about what Taylor said and he says he will absolutely talk to her on finale night.


Julie calls the HG to the LR. She informs them the Festie Bestie twist is over. She congratulates them on surviving the twist and that they all have made it to jury. She says earlier this week they took on OTEV and tonight another BB classic makes an appearance.


It is time to start the HOH competition! This competition is called Conspiracy Fest. They are standing on a flat earth wearing tinfoil hats and they have to hold on for dear life. Last one standing wins HOH!


The competition starts and the wall immediately tilts forward. Julie tells us and next Thursday will be a special two hour event and the house will split into two groups and have no interaction and two separate games will play out simultaneously all week long.


The simultaneous game play will culminate in a double eviction like never far. Julie goes back to the HOH comp and they get some “Chem trails”. Julie tells them goodnight and good luck. Jasmine falls right and Brittany looks to be struggling.

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