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Thursday, August 11, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
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Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
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Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
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Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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9:56AM BBT

Daniel is up and drinking coffee in the kitchen. He talks to himself every now and then, “Where the hell is Terrance? I feel like Ameerah won’t even watch the show. She’s probably like, Fuck it. Nicole is definitely watching the show. I don’t think I will watch the live feeds. It will probably be boring. I don’t really care about these people.”

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1:27PM BBT

The feeds return after lockdown. 




1:35PM BBT

Taylor tries on outfits for tonight while Joseph and Jamsine watch and give advice on what to wear. Taylor decides her red dress is too difficult to get out of should she have to change quickly for a physical competition. (She would because tonight = Wall Comp)



2:16PM BBT

Taylor and Kyle are working out on the bikes in the gym.



2:29PM BBT

Michael, Indy, Britt and Alyssa are chatting in the kitchen about random things.

Indy: Three tests for today. Get your hair done, shower, scream into pillow.  

Britt: Said so sweetly.

Alyssa jokes: Wow! We've done so much today, let's have ice cream. Or, wow, we have done nothing. Let's have ice cream.

Michael says they should always treat themselves.




2:30PM BBT

In the Car Design Bedroom, Daniel tells Terrance when his name is called he is just going to walk out, "I'm bee-lining it." He adds that if Terrance is near he will stop for him, only.


Daniel talks about the show, The Circle. He loves that show and wants to be on it. Daniel tells Terrance it is 3 weeks with a one week sequester for 100K or 150K. Terrance likes that...says it's a good month's income. Daniel shares that people can go in as pairs. Daniel says he would go in with Jasmine or Terrance.

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2:47PM BBT

In the SR, Daniel tells Joseph he will be rooting for him and that Jasmine and Terrance are his homies. Joe joins Jasmine and Terrance in the Golf Pro Bedroom.

Joe: Damn! I love that guy. Fuck!

Jasmine: I know!

Jasmine says she just hopes whoever wins doesn't put her up on her birthday week.

All of the HGs have speculated that Festie Besties will end.



2:58PM BBT

Indy, Monte and Joseph are working out on the bikes int he gym.

Indy tells Monte she has friends for him.

Monte: I love that!

Indy says Maria is a crazy girl who tried to kiss her before they even knew each other.

Monte: Oh, she likes girls?

Indy: She likes everyone!

Monte: Okay, so Maria is a good time and Lindy is my wife.

Indy: Yeah



3:08PM BBT

Britt is watching Turner and Kyle play pool.



3:15PM BBT

Joseph is shaving in the bathroom while Indy and Taylor begin getting cleaned up for tonight.

After Joe finishes shaving he says he reminds him of his dad, "but he is chubby." Indy says she is chubby.

Joeseph: Baby, you're perfect.


Indy: Ay Yai Yai, Joseph

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8:00am BBT BB begins the process of waking up the HG. They (mostly) went to bed early last night so they would be fresh for tonight's endurance comp (apparently they were alerted), except for Taylor and Joe, who had a long convo in the KT around 3am.

10:20am BBT Jasmine is looking for food in the SR. Why is the fridge empty, Taylor asks? (they throw out anything after its freshness  date even though it's probably still OK to eat). Taylor hit her thigh and has a new bruise. 

10:45am BBT In the Golf BR, Taylor/Brittany are dancing. Taylor sings this is her gloating day, her happy day. Her "keep my name out of your mouth" day. Unless you want to go home!

11:35am BBT Michel passes by Daniel in the Golf BR without talking. Daniel is packing and mumbles, I don't give a f*ck. If they vote to save him, he'll do the dirty work for them. Brittany asks him how he's doing. Decent, he says dismissively. She leaves.

11:40am BBT In the WA, Kyle says it took him a while to get to sleep. Alyssa says Joe questioned where she'd been. Indy has also been questioning them about... FotH. Alyssa says Joe said he and Kyle were the same. She wants to know in what way (ouch, Joe, ouch).

11:45am BBT Alyssa describers her makeup process to Kyle. There's a whole process, Kyle observes. Taylor describes her process: eys first, though she used to be a face-first girl. Kyle says the next 3 days will move fast - eviction, new noms, Veto.

11:47am BBT Indy complains that Joe/Alyssa woke her up when Alyssa came to bed. Kyle says you could choose me as a roomie, I go to bed at 10p. But you chose Joe. You didn't give me the chance to prove myself. (Indy doesn't want Kylyssa snogging all night long)

1:30pm BBT After the HoH LD, Indy is still complaining about Joe waking her up last night. He says he only woke her up once. You don't take this serios. He DOES take it serious. (Seriously, these two sound like a married couple)

2:30pm BBT In the Cars BR, Daniel whispers to Terrance that he's only going to hug Terrance and then make a beeline for the door. He thinks Jasmine has a F3 with Monte/Joe. He'd respectit if she did. She's been different towards him since Ameerah left.

2:50pm BBT Brittany tells Taylor Jasmine is aweful to live with. Taylor say take it day-to-day. It's really eye opening how spoiled/selfish she is. She doesn't consider other people, Brittany says, she broke a glass in the WA & left it there for someone else to clean up.

3:20pm BBT FotH. Tonight's HoH endurance comp will play out on live feeds at 7pm BBT. You can watch by subscribing to Paramount+ at https://mortystv.com/to/feeds. Then come to Morty's TV Fan Forums & Chat for our live eviction and comp chat at https://bit.ly/BB24CHAT!

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7:03pm BBT The feeds return and everyone but Jasmine is on the wall. No one appears to be struggling at all. Turner looses his tin foil cap. BB tells them not to trust the government because aliens are here. They are hit with nasty green slime. They say it is warm. 


7:06pm BBT Michael tells everyone good job, you are making your family proud. The HGs give shout outs to their family and friends. Though on the sidelines, Jasmine is still wearing her tin foil hat. She tells them to think about that letter. 


7:08pm BBT Fake news is everywhere man. A bunch of newspaper rolls fall from above them. Brittany falls a minute later. 


7:10pm BBT Turner is trying to wipe his face off by rubbing it against his shoulder. Monte has a newspaper stuck on his right shoulder. The wall tilts and Terrance falls. Terrance was slow to get up. Alyssa loses her tin foil cap.


7:12pm BBT Terrance states that he had a cramp in his foot. Indy is flexing her arms a lot. Jasmine hugs and consoles Brittany. We get FotH. Most likely BB giving them instructions. Feeds return 7:14pm. Michael shouts out who is remaining on the wall for production value. 


7:16pm BBT Michael says that Turner looks like he is having the time of his life up there. Alyssa is flexing her wrist. She is really working it. Taylor hasn't moved. Joseph has lowered his head, but seems strong. The loch-ness monster is real. Blue goo for everybody.




7:18pm BBT Jasmine tells them that they look like a beautiful box of crayons. The wall straightens up giving them some much needed relief. Monte slips at 7:21pm almost immediately followed by Alyssa. 


7:22pm BBT And there are 5 people left, Taylor, Joseph, Kyle, Turner and Indy. We keep getting brief FotH while BB gives Michael instructions on what to say for production.


7:25pm BBT Kyle slips, but saves himself. The wall is up enough that they can release a bit. Turner tried to wipe his goggles. Joseph asked him how it worked. He said it made it worse. Sasquatch fur is dropped by above. Joseph says that was gross and he is itchy now. 


7:27pm BBT Joseph keeps talking back to the conspiracy theorists. The wall starts to drop forward pretty drastically. They are leaning rather far forward. BB then gives them some relief and rises back up slightly. 


7:31pm BBT  We get audio from the alien spacecraft. They get probed, with alien probing gel. Also known as pink goo. Jasmine reminds them that they want those letters. Indy appears to be struggling. The HGs on the sideline offer support. The wall is leaned far forward. 


7:32pm BBT Indy falls. All that remains on the wall now is Taylor, Joseph, Kyle and Turner. 


7:35pm BBT Lots of complaints about their forearms hurting. Taylor asks Joseph how he is doing. Joseph says that he has seen better days. FotH. 

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7:36pm BBT the wall is leaning far. They are all struggling. Turner falls. Joseph, Taylor and Kyle remain. The boys are struggling, bent 90 degrees over and about to fall. The wall straightens back up. Taylor is looking strong. 


7:38pm BBT Wall leans again. Joseph falls. Taylor and Kyle are all that remain. Taylor looks really strong. Kyle is relaxing as the walls straightens back up. 


7:40pm BBT Only Taylor and Kyle remain. The walls tilts maximum lean. Kyle is cursing. Taylor is moaning. Kyle falls. Taylor wins HoH. 


7:41pm BBT Taylor wins HoH. 


 7:41pm BBT Taylor has won HoH. She jumps down and cries joyfully. This is for my mom. Kyle hugs her. FotH.


Taylor Wins HoH.jpg


8:00pm BBT The feeds return. Taylor says the water was not as cold as she expected it to be. Jasmine says that the air blasts on her side of the wall was worse than the other side. Someone got hit in the crotch by one of the newspapers. Taylor is going to the DR. 


8:03pm BBT On the way to the DR, Taylors stops to talk to Michael. They discuss that Daniel is going to be pi**ed. Boring season my a**. She is very excited that won HoH right after his eviction. She is going to ask for Janet Jackson but will be happy to get Beyonce. 


8:05pm BBT Taylor is in the DR. The HGs are deciding where they want to sleep tonight. The guys tell Indy they are proud of her for how long she stayed on the wall. Terrance says that Taylor's feet were the perfect size for that comp. She fit it perfectly. 

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8:07pm BBT The HGs celebrate that they all made it jury. They have had OTEV and the wall comp. Now they are ready for Zingbot. Indy is called to the DR upstairs. She says guys, I got to shower. You are going to have a blue heifer up there. 


8:12pm BBT Everyone is standing around in the KT except for Indy who is in the shower and Taylor who is in the DR. They are teasing Daniel for saying Bozo, circus and clowns in his last speech. Joseph says, well he wanted to be with Nicole. Now he is. 


8:15pm BBT Michael is putting up the dishes. Several of the HGs are patiently waiting for their turn in the shower. Taylor comes out of the DR. Brittany and Alyssa great her and tell her that she totally rocked it. She was so solid that it was crazy.


8:17pm BBT Brittany to Taylor: Daniel goes home AND you win HoH. Taylor: Hello! Michael examines the spatula in the kitchen. It is filthy. Monte: how can we live in such conditions? Taylor tells Jasmine that she is looking forward to the private bed and bath. 


8:20pm BBT In the Golf BR, Taylor says to Jasmine and Brittany: Not to put salt in a wound, but that must have been really hard for Nicole to watch. Right after he walks out. Okay. No more gloating.


8:22pm BBT Taylor and Brittany do a brief victory dance in the SR. Indy finally reports to the DR. Michael and Jasmine are fighting ants in the KT. Just seeing all the ants is making her itch. 


SR Celebration.jpg

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9:00 bbt


Taylor, Indy, Jasmine, Turner, Brittany, Alyssa, Joe and Kyle are all in the bathroom. Joe is showering. Jasmine is messing with her ankle and the ridiculous amount of wraps and bandages she has on it. Indy is sitting next to her and says she’s really tired. Jasmine and Indy are exchanging furtive looks and smiles. 

9:03 bbt


Everyone but Jasmine, Joe and Taylor leave the bathroom. Jasmine declares she doesn’t want to move but should go find something to eat. Joe and Taylor, now alone, are whispering but I can’t hear what they are saying.

9:06 bbt


Kyle is in the car bedroom talking to Turner. He’s saying that Taylor was amazing in the comp and really earned her win.  He said she’s comp beast extraordinaire. 

Monte is with them. Kyle is saying he didn’t want to throw the comp. Monte says he thinks she will nominate Terrance and Indy. Doesn’t think she will nominate Jasmine because she’s a Black woman. 

Kyle says that’s Jasmine pissed off Brittany a ton last night with the glass. The guys seem to think they are sitting pretty and this will be a boys season. 

9:11 bbt


Joe comes in and that is some celebrating. Joe said he needed to fall before Kyle so he decided to fall. Kyle said he was giving it his all. Indy and Jasmine are pissing Joe off. That seems to be the consensus amongst all four. Joe says Taylor deserves the win after Daniel. Monte agrees that Taylor winning was the best scenario. She has free reign to go after anyone. None of them seem to care who Taylor nominates. They seem a little concerned about Indy being able to win veto or other comps over Terrance, Jasmine, or Alyssa. 




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The ladies are in the lavatory area cleaning up after the HOH competition. While they attend to themselves they talk about the wall. 


Terrance is in the kitchen making a sandwich, there is no one with him.


Michael and Brittany are in the bedroom, Michael says "we don't need double agents anymore."

Brittany agrees.

They are happy that Taylor won the competition.

Brittany says that "they know", Michael says they don't know about Joe and Kyle.

Michael says he told Joe and Kyle not to go to anyone on the other side of the house earlier this week with the plan because they weren't sure yet about the Festie Besties continuing, Joe gave away the plan, even though Michael says he told him over and over not to do that.

Alyssa comes in, followed by Indy.



Kyle, Monte and Turner are in the bathroom. They are all happy that the other girls will have to go to Taylor this week.

Kyle said he stayed on as long as he could and Taylor earned that win. Kyle says Taylor told him she never took her hands off the entire time.


Kyle says bending over is bad because although it feels good, you can't get back up.  He says he did not throw that to her, she won against him.



Turner, "I wonder who she'll nominate."

Kyle, "uhh, whoever she wants"



Michael, Alyssa, Jasmine, Indy and Brittany are talking in the bedroom.

They wonder what questions Julie had for Michael tonight.

Michael says Daniel is a nice person, Indy says Daniel had a different perspective.

Brittany says she was bothered by him attacking others in the house.

They discuss Daniel doing some of his Elvis act, Brittany says it was "really good."



Meanwhile in the bedroom Joseph has joined Kyle, Turner and Monte. He says it was the best thing for Taylor to win this week, she has free reign.

They all think Taylor will put up Terrance, he mentions that Terrance "said something about women." When he starts to repeat it the cameras move to the other bedroom.












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Joe comes into the bedroom with Indy, Michael and Alyssa.

He lays on top of Indy's covers and lays with her.



Monte continues to say Indy would be a threat to go against one on one. He tells Kyle that if he and Joe don't throw down their cards they will be talked about to go.

Monte says Taylor told the girls she would go after Monte, Kyle says Indy told him that Taylor said earlier she would not put up a girl.

Kyle says the girls will probably mention him, Monte and Michael as people they want out this week.

Monte says Kyle hasn't been on the receiving end of it yet, but this week he will experience it. Monte says they will try to get Taylor to do what they want but Taylor won't fall for it.



Turner comes in to check his shoes, he cleaned them after the competition.  He says "see that? good as new"

Monte wishes for a rinse station, Kyle says they should make the have not shower warm when there are no have nots.

Kyle decides to go mingle with the "townsfolk" 



Kyle goes to the lavatory, Terrance comes out of the loo right after Kyle asks her, "How stoked are you?" Kyle makes it clear that he did not throw that competition, he knows it means more that she won it on her own.

Kyle says he threw the lighter competition, he was lucky that Turner won, Without that he (Kyle) would have been gone.



Jasmine, Joe, Alyssa and Indy are in the bedroom trying to figure out what Taylor will do. Indy says if Taylor doesn't put up Monte they will know they (Taylor and Monter) have something.

Alyssa thinks they will put "up the showmance", and Monte will suggest it.


Alyssa says when Taylor and Kyle were hugging after Taylor won she (Alyssa) said, "okay guys that's enough."

Joe said everyone heard it and were laughing at her.

Jasmine says Michael, Brittany and Taylor have something, she has seen it.

Joe says he is worried it will be him, they all say no because Taylor is "in love" with Joe, it won't happen.

Jasmine plans to beg her not to pick her as for "have nots", they wonder if "have nots" are over for the year. Jasmine thinks if it is the first four to drop, they would have been told ahead of time.


Joe mentions that Taylor may put up Alyssa and Kyle, they tell him to find out for them.


[A common thread in conversations tonight have to do with the limited supply of food in the house. Several house guests say that this week Daniel did not ration or conserve what was there, and as a result they are worried about what is left, and how long it will be before the pantry is restocked.]



Joe tells Brittany he threw the competition and that Kyle did not. He knows she needs some alone time in the HOH and the letter from her family. He says he did not want HOH this week.


Joe tells Brittany the girls are being nice to her because she (Brittany) is working with Taylor. They want to get information from her. Brittany says she is not worried about what they think, she isn't going to lie about it, if t ey had grown friendship with Taylor they wouldn't b worried either.













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9:52 p.m

Alyssa and Jasmine are worried that Taylor will put them up. Alyssa says she is afraid Taylor will "say something mean to me."

Jasmine says Taylor has every reason to put her up, but Taylor witnessed Nicole cursing at her the day of the blowup.

Jasmine says she doesn't want to talk to Taylor, they just don't vibe. She says she will try her best to talk to Taylor. Jasmine says she is going to try the "hey, it's my birthday week."



After claiming to be afraid of heights earlier, and passing out in the competition earlier in the season, Jasmine now claims she was not bothered by the height of the wall. "I am afraid of Heights Heights, that didn't bother me at all."



Kyle asks Alyssa if Indy is mad at him, he tells Alyssa that when he came into the room earlier Indy left.

Kyle says Joe has the most influence over Taylor, he will talk to her.

Alyssa complains that Kyle did not give her any attention today, (what she means is undivided attention).

Kyle wonders if they will be able to be in the HOH room at all this week, he says he might ask Taylor.



Jasmine is in the lavatory begging Taylor for mercy on both being nominated and avoiding being a "have not". She offers to help Taylor move her things to the HOH room.

Jasmine offers to help Indy cook, Taylor asks "cooking? what is there?"



Taylor in the bedroom alone.

"Mom, I hope your'e watching. This is my week!!"

She dances a little jig.










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From earlier:


8:30pm BBT Taylor is picking out Big Foot fur from her extensions before getting into the shower. Kyle gets out of the shower and Joe holds up some underwear. You look like a Fruit Of The Loom guy, he says. Those are Turner's, Taylor counters. Alyssa is out of the shower.

8:33pm BBT In the Cars BR, Terrance tells Turner he's always fought for her. He hopes that carries some weight. In the WA, Joe tells Taylor she's ring leader now. Brittany is in the shower. Kyle wanted to respond to Daniel's outburst but decided to play it classy.

8:40pm BBT In the Space BR, Kyle tells America he couldn't hold on anymore, Taylor won that fair and square. He was never going to throw it to her. Indy comes in and hears him. Did you make a deal, she asks? He says he didn't think of it, he was just trying to hang on.

8:45pm BBT Indy tells Kyle if Taylor doesn't nom Monte, she'll know they are working together (maybe by the end of the season she'll catch up). She says Taylor won't nom a girl. Who then, Kyle asks. He's sure it will be him and Turner. He doesn't even want to unpack.

8:55pm BBT Michael thinks Joe/Kyle don't have to be double agents anymore. He's happy Taylor won. Brittany tells him that she was celebrating with Taylor in the SR and Jasmine rushed in, looked in the fridge for food, then walked out. She's sitting pretty with her cane.

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10:18pm BBT Alyssa says the Wall is always won by a girl. Derek X won, Kyle points out. He made a deal, she counters. Kyle says small feet make it easier. Turner has small feet. They discuss painting Jasmine/Indy as mean girls to get the attention off themselves.

10:50pm BBT Terrance tells Taylor the Wall was harder than OTEV. Kyle asks who was the one vote to evict him (everyone knows it was Terrance and Kyle said it was OK). Taylor says when we find him, we'll evict him. Joe thought he'd do better in the Wall comp (he threw it).

10:55pm BBT Joe says he was humbled by the Wall. Jasmine jokes that he'll be forever known as the guy who fell off the Wall. Who is going to want to train out with him now? 

11:00pm BBT Alyssa asks Taylor why she was so emotional when she won? Taylor says she wasn't supposed to be there. She was supposed to be voted out wk 1. Now you got to host OTEN and in the Wall. Suck it, Daniel, Alyssa says on Taylor's behalf. Taylor hopes Nicole watched.

11:05pm BBT Alyssa tells Taylor to not be surprised to see her and Kyle in the Loft. I see nothing, Taylor promises. She thinks BB would have called her by now if there were to be HNs. They joke the whole house is HNs, that BB won't give them any more food.

11:07pm BBT Taylor tells Alyssa that Jasmine won't be going home on her birthday. She says Alyssa is OK too. She made a deal with Kyle on the Wall (they kind of nodded), Taylor says. We're not the same person, Alyssa says cautiously. Taylor says she knows.

11:09pm BBT Alyssa appreciates Taylor being up front. She usually isn't told what's going on until the last minute. She says Taylor will be America's favorite player (maybe). Taylor thinks Joe will (maybe). You can be America's Favorite Couple, Alyssa jokes.

11:11pm BBT Alyssa suggests they can play Chinese Checkers this week. Taylor would like that. She wants someone to talk game with. Taylor's mom is protective of her. She might be popping offf online tonight. She must be very happy, Alyssa agrees.

11:13pm BBT Taylor knows her mom very upset with how Taylor was treated. We don't ever have to see Daniel again, Alyysa says (except on Finale Night). She tells Taylor Kyle wanted too call Daniel out after his eviction speech. She says he would have been so hot if he had.

11:15pm BBT Michael/Brittany joins Taylor/Alyssa and talk turns to The Wall. Taylor thinks they made the comp harder so it wouldn't last as long. She says she made a deal with Kyle on the Wall (Kyle has been he forgot to ask for a deal). Indy walks in and the convo changes.

11:25pm BBT Taylor says it's a solo game now. It's time for my reign of terror. Alone, Brittany tells Michael they are good for now. Michael wants Jasmine gone but Brittany says that's not happening. Michael doesn't think Terrance is a threat.

11:45pm BBT Taylor tells Jasmine she might kill the last of the Cidets tonight. They'll see another side of Taylor tonight. Jasmine might consider her first drink tonight. 

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