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Episode 15 - 8/10/2022 - Veto competition and meeting

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Previously, on Big Brother, The secret Leftovers alliance was completely dominating the game and they ensured the former cop was relieved of duty, leaving her ride or die a road rat on a sinking ship. At a race for power, Michael continued The Leftovers winning streak. With Daniel seeming like the obvious target, Monte and Joseph volunteered to be on the block and even Turner was willing to take one for the team. But secretly, the cat lover considered sinking his claws into a different quarry. At the nomination ceremony, a tempting trio hit the block. Tonight, OTEV is back! Who will capture the veto at the stage roach festival and will it save the besties on the block? Plus, MuffinGate rocked the world and tonight the drama will continue. All this right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on Day 31 and Michael has nominated Monte, Joseph, and Terrance and he is keeping his options open. If they come down, then he can still nominate Daniel but if they stay on the block, then maybe he can make a move.


Monte is not crazy about being on the block but he is aware of the backdoor plan and he is ready for Daniel to join Nicole. Daniel really hopes he gets picked for the veto because he even though he is a backdoor option he could maybe get Monte out of the house.


Jasmine tells Alyssa she would not vote out Terrance or Joseph. Alyssa and Jasmine are talking about making it to jury. Daniel is talking to Terrance about him being a backdoor option and Terrance says he is a free agent and someone he could work with.


Terrance says even though Monte is his Festie Bestie, Monte is a strategic threat to his game. Best case scenario is Daniel would win veto and Monte would be the one to be evicted. Terrance pitches sabotaging veto. Daniel says it is important he gets picked for veto.


Jasmine is crawling around on the floor and she is on a mission to find out who the muffin eater is. Monte walks by and sees her on the floor and laughs and he thinks Jasmine has an awful plan. Turner says Jasmine is doing a horrible job at staking out her muffin.


Jasmine may have to take it to the next step. She is talking to Terrance and he tells her Turner is the one who did it and she says it is time for the interrogation. Jasmine tells him she knows he did it and he says it is funny she thinks he did it.


Jasmine says you should fess up Festie Bestie. Turner says Jasmine is coming at him like a low rent Columbo and he says this has gotten so big, that it can cost him a jury vote. He says living with Jasmine is probably the hardest thing he has ever done in his life.


Brittany is talking to Taylor and Michael and they are trying to figure out what they might do. Taylor thinks Monte is the bigger target and Brittany is not so sure. They are talking about how tricky it might be to get Monte out.


Taylor says Monte has been a target for awhile and she is almost at a point where she does not mind Daniel staying for another week. Kyle joins and talk is about not being sold on Daniel going this week. Kyle does not want Daniel to get backdoored this week.


Kyle says maybe it would be good for him to gun for the veto. Michael says Monte is a big threat in this game. He needs to make up his mind and decide if now is the right time to take the shot and flip on his alliance.


Joseph and Taylor are flirting and Taylor says she never thought she would end up in a showmance but she has a big crush. She is completely head over heels in love with potato chips. Monte asks why there are so many chip bags open.


Michael says Taylor’s true number one has been the bag of potato chips since day one. Jasmine says if those chips are why she beats the block she might eat some chips.


It is time to pick players for the veto competition! Michael is hoping Daniel and Kyle get picked for the veto and win and then he cannot backdoor Daniel. Michael draws the besties of Jasmine and Turner.


Terrance and Daniel are talking again about Daniel not being a threat. The best case scenario now is Michael winning and keeping nominations the same. Terrance does not care if he has to sabotage his team to make sure Michael wins veto.


The HG enter the BY and Brittany sees every super fans dream, OTEV. The HG will listen to a clue and then search the yard for the sauce he loves and return and claim a bottle cap. The last one to bring back the sauce or they bring a wrong sauce they are eliminated.


Song #1 is about the premiere night competition and Jasmine says she starts having flashbacks about Potty Talk. Monte is back first. Michael says if he wins this veto his target radar will be off the chart but if he wins he also gets to make a choice this week.


Jasmine is second back up with Terrance and Joseph right behind. It comes down to Turner and Brittany and Brittany is the last to arrive. They all brought Potty Talk Barbecue sauce and Brittany has been eliminated.


Song #2 is about Mermaid Fest, the second veto competition. Joseph is the first one back and Terrance and Monte are behind. Jasmine arrives last. They brought Mermaid Mayo and Jasmine is eliminated.


Song #3 is about Pie Fest and Joseph never wants to see a pie ever again. Joseph is the first one back and Turner cannot find the sauce. Michael and Terrance are back with Monte. Turner is the last to arrive. They brought Pie Fest fire sauce and Turner is eliminated.


It is down to Terrance, Joseph, Monte, and Michael. Michael says if he wants to win then he has to take out the trio one by one. He says really, what is one more veto win in the grand scheme of things?


Song #4 is about Piercing Panic which was on the premiere night. Monte says it is important that Monte and Joseph do not win because he cannot let Daniel be backdoored. Michael is taking a little extra time to add to his stockpile of answers.


Joseph says it is down to him and Terrance and he cannot lose to him or he will never hear it from his friends back home. They brought Piercing de Gallo and Joseph has been eliminated. Michael says one down, two to go.


Song #5 is about Get Lit which is the HOH where they had to hold on to the lighter. Michael is the first one back and it is down to Terrance and Monte. Terrance says he cannot let Monte win. Terrance finds it and scrambles back up.


Michael and Terrance bring back Get Lit gravy and Monte has been eliminated. Daniel is hoping Terrance sticks to the plan and throws the competition to Michael. Terrance and Michael say they will talk later.


Song #5 is about the most recent HOH competition and Michael and Terrance race down. Michael looks through his stockpile and he is quickly back up. Terrance heads back up last. Michael brought back Mind Your Step Mustard and Michael has won the POV!


Michael says he has won OTEV! He has won all four vetoes he has competed in and he should probably stop winning soon. Terrance is hoping he can convince Michael to keep nominations the same. Monte says he knows Daniel is the backdoor plan to send out.


Terrance says he always has a plan and he needs to start talking to people about keeping nominations the same so they have their mind on Monte. Jasmine says she would want Monte to go home. Daniel says they need to pitch Monte going as the biggest move of the season.


Jasmine is talking to Alyssa and Indy and she tells Indy to talk to Michael about getting Monte out. Jasmine says if they can get Monte out this week they would have a good chance at winning the game.


Terrance goes to talk to Michael and Brittany. Terrance says it was in his head that Michael had to win because he sees a bigger move. Michael asks Terrance if he is considering someone who was HOH last week as a target and he confirms.


Michael says they all see the threat that Monte poses and Terrance says it would be iconic. Jasmine is next and she says Monte is a beast. Indy says they should do the same thing they did with Pooch. Alyssa says she would support veto not being used.


Daniel is in to talk to Michael and says that would be an insane huge move in this game to get rid of Monte. Michael says it is starting to feel a little suspicious and feels like a setup. He says it is a coordinated effort and he does not want to do anyone’s dirty work.


Turner is in to talk to Michael and Brittany and Michael is sharing that Terrance, Indy, Alyssa, Jasmine, and Daniel pitched taking out Monte. Michael says they are clearly a five when they all say the same thing. Turner says the rest of the house is clueless.


Terrance and Daniel are alone and Terrance talks to the camera and says he is not letting him go nowhere. He says he is doing things on his terms and he is killing it. Daniel says he would have said a few days ago his game was over, but now there is life.


Michael and Turner and Monte are all talking and Michael has filled him in about the five pitching to keep nominations the same. Monte says they all play so bad and he is laughing. He says are they kidding him?


It is now time for the veto meeting! Michael and Brittany have decided to use the POV and save the trio. Michael now has to name a replacement pair of Festie Bestie’s. He says what is good for the house is good for him…Daniel and Kyle are the nominees.


Michael says Daniel and the other side of the house might have thought they were slick and he is not going to do their dirty work to take out one of his numbers. Daniel thought Michael would have seen the smart move but he is not giving up on staying.


Terrance says Michael might have a lot of big comp wins but he is definitely afraid to take a big shot and he is going to keep Daniel in the building. Taylor says revenge is sweet and a little salty, like her bag of chips.

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