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Wednesday, August 10, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

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Kitchen (KT)
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Washroom Area (WA)
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Thank you!

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12:00am BBT Brittany is still alone in the HNR. Jasmine/Daniel are in bed in the Golf BR. Terrance is in the Cars BR. The other HG are playing Chinese Checkers in HoH.

1:15am BBT Kylyssa are in the WA. Alyssa is more outgoing outside the House. She likes to think before she speak. It makes it seem like she doesn't know, but she's not dumb. Kyle doesn't think she's dumb, but others think she is. He got a perfect ACT score (he's joking).

1:20am BBT Alyssa tells Kyle about her talk w/Brittany. He asks if there's anything he needs to do (to get Brittany's vote). Monte enters the WA and offers shoutouts to Kyle's parents in Utah. Kyle says do people talk to their parents? He tells his parents they are awesome.

1:30am BBT Kyle reads the chocolate wrapper poems to Alyssa (and they say romance is dead). He says he'll read poem books to her every night. He likes poems that rhyme. He reads Shakespeare quotes off the wrapper but he doesn't know what it means. Neither does Alyssa.

1:35am BBT Michael says he's going to give the Shakespeare quotes to Michael/Brittany to explain them. Alyssa starts crying because Brittany is sad and it makes he sad. Brittany is missing her husband, Alyssa says, they cried together tonight. It's beautiful what they have.

1:40am BBT Kyle says having that someone you can share your life with is what life is about. Alyssa says she's emotionally cooler outside the house. I'm still emotionally dumb, Kyle says. Alyssa says in here she's an emotional wreck. 

1:45am BBT Michael delivers his state of game address to feeders. His GB msg to Daniel will say he treated people poorly. He's having the time of his life. He wanted to play hard and not be controlled, make his choices and set records.

1:48am BBT Michael tells us he doesn't blame anyone who targets him. The only ones who accepted him were The Leftovers. Referring to the other side, he says get out of here with your underdog BS. You won't get my vote. Michael says his plan is to be F2.

1:51am BBT MIchael continues, saying you have to play this game on feel, instinct. They are playing F*cking BB. Where is Nicole? Where is Ameerah? Look at what is going on, America. Yes, he lies, but his lies are game related. He can't wait to send Jasmine home next.

1:53am BBT Michael knows he'll have to do damage control with the other side if they win HoH, but that's tomorrow's problem. Tonight he's going to have a snack.

1:55am BBT Kylyssa are snuggling in the loft and Kyle has his glasses off, so you know what's coming. Alyssa hopes no one is watching. Kyle says cliff jumps and swimming with sharks in Hawaii are some of his favorite things. He asks if she'll jump off a cliff with him.

1:57am BBT Kyle says there are turtles up the river. Alyssa loves turtles. We can go to Oregon, Kyle says, see the Redwood Forest. He is not thinking about them not being together after the show. Alyssa doesn't know what she'll do after the show.

1:59am BBT Alyssa says her friends' lives are going on without her. Kyle kisses her arm. She rubs his neck. You make me happy, she says. He says he likes her too. Alyssa says it sucks sometimes. I've never seen you suck, Kyle says. 

2:01am BBT Kyle says he used to spend summers selling pest control service but that seems so long ago. Alyssa likes candles during the fall and Christmas. Kyle is afraid candles will burn down the house. Alyssa likes pumpkin patches. Kyle loves Christmas trees and gifts.

2:05am BBT Kyle asks Alyssa if she's happy. Yes. Tell me stuff I want to know. I'm getting my period. Is there anything he can do to help? It sounds rough. She's on birth control so it's the same every month. The first 2 days are tough. Kyle says that sucks.

2:10am BBT Kyleis making a tent with blankets and pool sticks so he and Alyssa can have some privacy. BB say Stop That. We tried, Kyle sighs. They pull the blanket over them without the pool sticks. She says he makes the BB experience worth it. Even with the crazy people.

2:15am BBT FotH and Kylyssa are out from under the blanket. Kyle changes the subject, saying Joe is probably America's favorite. He thinks Indy/Joe/Jasmine are getting the most attention. We're second-half players, Alyssa says. Kyle wishes they had a bigger blanket.

2:20am BBT Kyle wants to take the comforter into the HNR. She could. You are so attractive, he coos, physically and mentally (sweet nothings in the modern age). He was stoked to be in Po's Pack because she was there but she wouldn't talk to him. 

2:22am BBT Kyle says Paloma wasn't his type. You say perfect things, Alyssa says. They head to the HNR. Kyle says Brittany said Michael came to the HNR the night before specifically to catch then. She wanted him to prank Michael & say they wanted to have sex in the HoH bed.

2:24am BBT Alyssa says she hugged Brittany because she was so down. Kyle says the other girls treated her badly. It must be really hard to be away from her husband. She's a sweet girl.

2:30am BBT Alyssa thinks Michael or Monte could win and Taylor will go far. Kyle isn't so sure. Alyssa says its not good Jasmine is so paranoid. Kyle said she's always working people. Kyle thinks Terrance will give Daniel a pity vote. Alyssa doesn't want any pity votes.

2:35am BBT Kyle teases he's going to profess his love for Alyssa after just 5 weeks on the live show. Alysa points out Swaggy proposed to Bayleigh not long after their season. Kyle says she got pregnant first, so there's a difference. Kyle thinks his mom is happy w/Alyssa.

2:38am BBT Kyle thinks he has a lisp. Alyssa says Joe and Indy have lisps. Alyssa says Indy's lisp is cute and she knows it. Kyle says we are in a room that looks like a pool with 1000 people watching, including my mom. He wants the HoH room. Can they kick Michael out?

2:45am BBT In the WA, Joe/Turner/Taylor/Daniel complete their ADLs and give their nighttime shoutouts. Daniel/Jasmine/Taylor are in bed in the Golf BR. Turner/Monte/Terrance/Joe are in the Cars BR; Kyle's bed is empty. Indy/Brittany are in the Space BR. 

2:55am BBT Kyle wants to sleep in the HNR because of Terrance's snoring. He's stuck in the Cars BR because she can't keep it in his pants. I'm pent up & need to relieve my stress, Kyle says. Alyssa suggests the HoH shower. With Michael right there? Turner did, Alyssa says.

3:05am BBT Daniel is still awake and talking to the camera. BB tells him to put his mic on. You kidding me, moans Taylor. Daniel says he was moving his lips but not talking. BB turns on the lights. 

3:10am BBT In the HNR, Kyle holds Alyssa in his arms. I wish I could make you feel really good, he says. He asks if she's verbal during sex. He's not aggressive in bed and prefers eye contact and passion. Alyssa is tired and Kyle says he'll go to his bed and think of her.

3:13am BBT Kyle says he has no fear about going to her house and meeting her mom and grandma. He's afraid of having his heart broken, of giving his heart again. Alyssa says Jasmine/Indy were able to hide from BB under a blanket (BB wouldn't let Kylyssa). 

3:15am BBT Alyssa suggests Kyle try Michael's head massage device (in his HoH basket). Kyle says in the shower. He turns to the camera and addresses America. I have a big crush on Alyssa. She laughs at my jokes, I tough he rleg, I get nervous butterlies.

3:20am BBT Alyssa says Kyle is the best. We're not the best at BB, he says. He doesn't know how he got on the show - he's not outgoing. Alyssa says he is and everyone loves him. He hopes so. They head downstairs for bed, Alyssa in the Space BR, Kyle in the Cars BR.

4:00am BBT All the HG are in bed with lights out except Daniel, sitting alone in front of the memory wall. Jasmine/Terrance would be amazing, he muses, but one of these bozos will win $750k. It should have been me, Ameerah or Nicole. How was there not a super power in play?

9:30am BBT BB starts the long, painful process of waking up the HG.

10:10am BBT In the Space BR, Joe puts his feet on Indy's bed. Stop that, she says, put your feet on your own bed. Oh, I forgot you hate that, Joe says unconvincingly. Kyle tells Joe that Taylor is going to show him how to pack today (since she has so much experience).

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2:43PM BBT

Jasmine, Brittany and Michael are talking about crying in the Big Brother House. Michael says Hayden is likely shocked that he cried on day 3.


Indy walks in and Jasmine says she is darker than she is, "And I been laying in the sun."

Brittany gets called to the DR, and Indy asks her to tell them they need food.

Indy: We need food. We have no food. We have no cookies."



2:45PM BBT

Joseph and Taylor are talking in the bathroom while Taylor does her hair.


Joseph says he has learned how to play all the games in the house (bumper pool, chess, checkers & Chinese checkers)

Joe complains there is nothing to do in the house.



2:51PM BBT

Turner and Jasmine are debating the talent of the The Smiths. Turner says Jayden is the most talented in the family.


Terrance and Jasmine both argue that Jaden is not more talented than WIll.

Turner: I think Will Smith's greatest accomplishment was having Jaden.


Turner ranks Jaden in 1st place then Willow, and he puts Jada at the bottom. 

Kyle is enjoying being audience to this debate.





3:02PM BBT

Turner says the most talented people of the 2000s are Kanye, Tyler the Creator and Jay Z.


3:04PM BBT

In the bathroom, Joe is asking Taylor why she does her makeup the way she does. She takes time to explain the contouring process and Joe finds it fascinating.


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3:28PM BBT

Monte is peeling/grating carrots in the kitchen. There's a pot of beans already on the stove.




3:30PM BBT

Daniel is talking with Terrance and Taylor in the bathroom.  

Daniel: I feel a nap coming on, allegedly.

Taylor: *laughs* "allegedly"

Terrance says people sleep sitting up on the bus all the time.



Monte asks Indy if she still needs his help. SHe says she does not need his help anymore, so he begins washing dishes. They are both singing, Monte in SPanish and Indy in Portuguese.

Indy: I'm like a grandmother with food today, beans, rice, veggies


3:43PM BBT

Monte is complaining that the damn kids are not putting their dishes away. They are doing better at claening, but he expects to come home after a long day of work and find the dishes put away.

Monte: And who left the toast in the toaster?

Alyssa: It's not even toasted!

Monte: The damn kids!

Alyssa says she is not a kid, she is the teen.


Alyssa: What did you guys make? Stew?

Monte: I have no idea what we made. Who the hell knows. We are gonna eat it. We have no choice.

Indy: It's beans.



Monte: This is what we are going to eat, America, because Indy has said so, and I am fine with that.

Monte says his back is killing him after peeling all of the carrots. "I need a chiropractor America!"

Indy: That's what you get for a nice meal, and you were running from me yesterday. (when she wanted helpin the kitchen)

Monte: I washed hte dishes. I am the dish master. The dish king!


Michael joins them in the kitchen asking if they need help.

Monte calls Michael the Saint of the House and then compliments Michael for NOT being one of the kids. Monte says he and Michael are ergonomically not made to do dishes (because they are the tallest in the house) but do the dishes everyday. "We are way too tall for this shit."

Screenshotter--StreamBigBrother2021LiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-100938’47” (1).png


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4:00PM BBT

Brittany is about to lead the house in a guided meditation before they eat dinner. Indy gets after Monte for getting himself a full bowl of food when she told him he could just taste it.

Monte: I have burned my tongue already but it was so worth it. Damn! Thsi is good.

Kyle offers to do the dishes tonight.

Indy is yelling for everyone to come for the guided meditation.

Indy and Joseph are bickering.

[Joseph always bickers with Indy in an accent. It's pretty funny. -MamaLong]

Indy: A girl died today (exagerrating her cooking efforts)

Joe says he has cooked for her before

Indy is mad that he didn't help, "This is your last trial"

Joe: You are breaking up with me, Baby?

Indy: Yeah, Baby

Joe: I'm a catch! I cook! I clean! What more do you want form me? My kidneys?




Daniel and Turner have started eating even though Indy wanted to eat after meditation.


4:07PM BBT

Brittany begins the meditation seission.




Terrance has started snoring.




4:28PM BBT

Britt closes the meditation and everyone says they enjoyed it.

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The HGs are eating in the living room. Taylor asks Britt about her knee. She says it is doing great. She hasn't needed Advil in several days and now she can bend it all the way. Indy suggests to Turner that he take the bacon off the beans before he eats them. He explains that it doesn't work that way. You can't just take the meat off and call it vegetarian. He says he is good with the rice. 

Jamsine says she is glad she made the veggies in a different pot from the beans or she would have to pick the beans out.

Joseph: This is so good, Baby. Thank you.

Jasmine is making disappointed faces while eating.

Indy: You are welcome, Baby. This is literally like a Brazilian old lady dish...like a Brazilian grandma.

Joe: I love it.

Indy says she feels bad about the beans, now, after Turner says he can't have the beans "I didn't know. I thought he could just cut it out like my other vegetarian friends. I feel bad."

Turner: Thanks Indy

Alyssa: Thank You Indy

Indy: You're welcome

Jasmine does not offer a thank you, even though it seemed the others were trying to clue her in.





4:49PM BBT

Britt and Indy are talking alone in the living room that they really want to win HoH and if so, they will keep each other safe. Indy gets a bit emotional.

Britt: If it's not me, I want it to be you. You deserve it. Get that letter and get those photos.




4:54PM BBT

Michael asks Indy if they (production) said anything about the food requests. She says she didn't ask since she knew he already did. SHe thinks production is getting tired of her food requests.

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Here are updates from earlier today:

12:00pm BBT Kyle is having 1-on-1's, starting with Brittany in the HNR. Wouldn't it be cool if the LO could make it to the F7? But she wants to be prepared if that doesn't happen. Kyle/Alyssa would be last on her list in that scenario. (who's campaigning to who here?)

12:03pm BBT Kyle says it helps that Jasmine is stepping up and shooting herself in the boot. Brittany laughs at the wordplay. Kyle says he hears Alyssa is a physical threat but doesn't think she'll do well in comps. 

12:06pm BBT Brittany thinks Alyssa is moving away from Jasmine but doesn't want to be tricked. Kyle says Brittany Alyssa shares personal grievances with Jasmine. He says Alyssa wants to work with Michael/Brittany but won't be the one to bring it up.

12:09pm BBT Kyle tells Brittany he asked Alyssa how she could work with Jasmine who she described as a mean girl to Taylor? She felt forced into it. Brittany would regret standing by and not saying anything. 

12:12pm BBT Brittany tells Kyle there's no way she'd keep Daniel. He knows, but has to consider the possibility because its a game. They hug and she tells him he's good. 

12:15pm BBT Kyle tells Michael he's going through the motions and meeting with everyone today. He's got nothing else to to. He says of the 7, he's closest to Michael/Brittany. He just wants to be clear he wants to work together going forward. 

12:18pm BBT Kyle tells Michael Jasmine told him to talk about his alliance in his eviction speech. He's not sure what alliance she meant, or if she was fishing. He asks Michael for suggestions for his speech. Michael doesn't. Kyle heads downstairs.

12:21pm BBT In the Cars BR, Kyle talks with Terrance. He knows this is tough because Terrance is close to Daniel. Terrance says he knows it is best for everyone's game that Daniel is leaving. He'd just ruffle more features if he stays. 

12:24pm BBT Terrance tells Kyle that he and Turner will have Kyle's back going forward. In HoH, Michael tells Brittany he's tired of Joe/Kyle complaining about their position in the LO and about jury management. They're the most safe and least at risk, he says.

12:27pm BBT Brittany thinks Joe is overplaying this secret agent stuff. Michael is going to plant the seed he regrets saving Monte now because Monte's ignored him since noms. Brittany says Terrance now claims to be babysitting Daniel.

12:29pm BBT Michael says even if Terrance votes out Daniel (it's now looking unanimous), it doesn't make up for everything he's tried to save him this week. Michael says when he suggested Monte would through HoH, Joe claimed he doesn't talk game with Monte outside the LO. 

12:30pm BBT Michael says that's not what he was saying. It's like Joe is either not listening or misunderstanding what he says. It makes him not trust him. Maybe he's not bringing back all the real information from the other side.

12:32pm BBT Brittany says Daniel compared her to a Disney mom and Joe told her he told everyone to be careful about talking about motherhood around her. She doesn't want to be seen like she has a stick up her butt. (Joe meant well but probably overstepped).

12:35pm BBT Michael believes the house is going to re-shift after Daniel is gone. He thinks a new alliance will form around Monte/Joe, a second around Kyle/Taylor. He's trying to figure out who would go where. Brittany would go with Kyle/Taylor. 

12:37pm BBT Brittany thinks Turner/Kyle/Alyssa have something because they stay up together. They think Taylor is close to Joe because of their fauxmance. Michael would cut Joe before Monte. Brittany says Joe likes her more than Monte does. 

12:40pm BBT Kyle meets w/Monte in the Cars BR about being in The Pound. He doesn't have the same relationship with Michael/Brittany/Taylor. In HoH, Brittany is worried if Kyle Joe/Kyle doesn't win Veto or throw it to her. Joe just flits and hangs out with the other side.

12:43pm BBT Michael says Kyle lied to the other side and they still trust him, but he and Brittany don't get the same level of trust.  The talk with Monte was quick and over. Kyle teases Monte's only won one HoH - when did he become such a big threat to everyone?

12:46pm BBT In HoH, Michael tells Brittany there are a lot of classic BB comps coming up Monte could win. He could beat them all. 

12:47pm BBT Kyle meets with Indy in the Cars BR. He says BB asked him what his type was and he basically described Alyssa before meeting her. He told BB he dated a Brazilian girl once and asked if they could put one the BB House. It's funny they put Indy in the House.

12:49pm BBT Kyle tells Indy he really likes Alyssa and wants to work with her (Indy). Indy suggests he talks to Jasmine. He says he was the last to find out about all the big moves the last couple weeks. Kyle says Michael taking down Monte shows they are working together.

12:50pm BBT Brittany tells Michael that if the Festie Besties end, they should get Jasmine after Turner. She thinks the should foster that rivalry. Kyle tells Indy that they are in similar situations. Monte comes in and Indy asks him to wait for her. 

12:52pm BBT Kyle asks Indy to let him know if the house is getting annoyed with his relationship with Alyssa. Indy comes in and she asks him to leave as well while she talks with Kyle. In HoH, Brittany thinks Taylor is actually a political speech writer.

12:55pm BBT Daniel tells Alyssa he knows he's going home and is rooting for her, Jasmine and Terrance. He tells her his theory of a big alliance. Kyle and Joe meet and wonder what Daniel is talking to Alyssa about (it's Daniels' farewell concert tour).

1:00pm BBT Daniel tells Alyssa Monte told him to not trust Alyssa/Jasmine when he told him not to use the PoV. He says Kyle told him to mope around the house & play vulnerable, like he did after Ameerah. He thought Kyle was a bad player. Now he realizes it was intentional.

1:02pm BBT Daniel rushes to say he's not saying Kyle's feelings toward Alyssa are fake, but he's tactical. She asks if Daniel hadn't used the Veto would Kyle have? Daniel firmly says no. Daniel says he told Kyle to stop pretending to be vulnerable. 

1:03pm BBT Daniel tells Alyysa he told Kyle he might be letting Monte take a shot at Alyssa because showmances are bad for his game. He didn't denie it. That's when he realized Daniel was with the 6 (it's 7, but Daniel's on a roll). Just be wary of Kyle, Daniel tells her.

1:04pm BBT Daniel is trying to plant seeds of doubt in Alyssa against Kyle. She may be on the chopping block by Kyle's alliance. She appreciates his telling her this. Daniel tells her she's not in Kyle's alliance because they didn't trust her to keep it secret.

1:05pm BBT Alyssa tells Daniel everyone says he's a straight shooter. Daniel says Jasmine/Indy/Terrance love her & have her back. Daniel says Monte will tell Kyle to try to kiss her before the live show to lock in her vote (he started kissing her long before the live show).

1:10pm BBT Daniel tells Alyssa he's giving her this information because it's all he has left to impact the game. He says Kyle tricked everyone into believing he's just a dumb tictocker. Michael has one a competition every week so far. If not evicted, he'll win the game.

1:15pm BBT Kyle meets with Turner in the Cars BR. Kyle says Alyssa was with Daniel for just a few minutes and she came out crying. He thinks Daniel was saying stuff about him. He'll talk to he and asks Turner to talk to her too. 

1:18pm BBT Turner tells Kyle Michael will be the hardest of the Leftovers to get out because he's batting 60% (actually, it's batting .600, but everyone uses OPS now). Turner says they can wait to vote out Alyssa now that they've made Jury. 

1:35pm BBT Alyssa is scratching Kyle's back. She says she's fine. She'll fill him in on what Daniel said, including how he'll try to kiss her. Kyle tells her she is so pretty. She's gross after working out. She needs to shower, put on makeup. Kyle insists she looks great.

1:50pm BBT Indy tells Monte that her and a gay friend realy liked a guy on BB Brazil. Her friend is hoping now that she's on BB USA, the BB Brazil guy will know who she is. Monte tells her his biggest feer was not being able to see who's telling the truth and who's lying.

1:53pm BBT Monte says others have told him who is lying to him (or they are lying about the liars). After the show he'l find out who was true to him. He could always tell in his frat. Jasmine says her husband said the same thing about his frat.

1:56pm BBT Kyle and Taylor are talking, "for appearances" She has his back. It's a me thing, Taylor says, I'm going to ride this train. I'm glad we have us, Kyle says. Taylor says Daniel will throw Joe/Kyle under the bus on the way out. He wonders if there will be hugs.

1:58pm BBT Kyle is thinking about bashing Daniel a little on the way out. Taylor says save it for his GB msg. He can't wait. Taylor wishes she could make a speech this week. He asks her what he should say. Maybe he'll ask Jasmine what he should say.

2:00pm BBT Taylor tahnks Kyle for doing this (being on the block with Daniel). She knows it hasn't been easy. It will be easier of the LO wins HoH, but if the other side wins, he'll try to protect Michael/Brittany. He doesn't want to win HoH and have to nom Alyssa.

2:05pm BBT Kyle's last 1-on-1 is Jasmine. Does she agree Alyysa looks good? Jasmine says I will ask Jesus if I am reborn to come back as Alyssa (OK, that's kind of creepy). Kyle hits his head sitting down. I'm OK he says, channeling his inner Mike Donnelly.

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Taylor, Jasmine, Indy and Alyssa are whispering in the bedroom.

Taylor says her target has continued to be Daniel, but Monte is also on her radar because of his skill.


Alyssa says her and Kyle won't have s*x unless they have the room.

Indy and Jasmine say they will give them the room for a bit if they win.

Taylor makes a comment about Joe.

Indy says she wants Michael with her.

Lots of giggles.

Taylor says she will cuddle with Joe and one of his arms weighs 50 pounds.

All of them decide to wear dresses and change quick if they have to. (Rumor has it there is will be a wall competition tomorrow, if that is true they better be quick)

Taylor says she has made peace with Daniel, ho wever she plans to give him the beauty queen wave out the door when he leaves.

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8:56pm BBT Jasmine wants Joe to move into Daniel's bed in the Golf BR. Indy doesn't want him to leave the Space BR. Then she says Joe can move out if Michael moves in. (apparently she needs a man in the room)

9:05pm BBT The girls tell Taylor that Daniel plans to blow up the games of Brittany/Monte and maybe Michael during his eviction speech. They don't know if they should tell Brittany. It appears they forgot Taylor was there.


9:24pm BBT Taylor leaves the Space BR and Jasmine tells Indy that Joe said Taylor told him he really likes him. (This is part of the Leftovers' Fauxmance plan to make it seem like Joe wants Taylor out because she's infatuated with him).


9:30pm BBT Indy talks to the camera. Joe is in a showmance with Taylor. She was liking Taylor since becoming Besties but now she's having a showmance with her best friend in the house? It'll put a target on her back but Taylor has a bigger target. Pray for her to win HoH.

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9:40pm BBT In the WA, Jasmine asks Turner directly if he's voting out Daniel. Turner says yes, he likes hanging out with Kyle more. Kyle talks to him about normal stuff. Daniel didn't even campaign for his vote. Jasmine hopes the vote will be unanimous.

9:43pm BBT Jasmine says she will hang onto the Wall until her fingernails bleed. Turner asks Jasmine the three HG she would put up and she names Brittany and Monte. Turner acts surprised (this is what The Leftovers are expecting from the other side).

10:00pm BBT In HoH, Kylssa start snogging and Kyle asks if it is OK for her to touch her b*tt. She asks if it is OK to tough his. Their intimacy rises to a new level and feeds cut away. 

10:10pm BBT Kyle has left HoH and is by himself in the loft, holding a pillow tight against his chest. Downstairs, Alyssa tells Indy that the only Besties she would nominate would be Trrance/Joseph/Monte. She does not want to nominate Jasmine/Turner.

10:30pm BBT Kyle comes downstairs and joins Monte/Michael at the DT. BB tells him to put his mic on. Monte looks at him and asks where his mic is? They all start laughing. I only take mine off when I take my shirt off, he teases. Listen guys, Kyle sys, blushing.

10:33pm BBT Nothing happened, Kyle protests to Monte/Michael. Nothing, Monte probles? Nothing crazy, Michael asks, piling on? Let's just leave it at that, Kyle begs. Respect the room. There's 5 cameras in there, Monte points out. Kyle asks them to respect their privacy.

10:35pm BBT You never know what will happen in the BB House, Kyle says, he could be gone tomorrow. Don't even put that out there, Monte says, suddenly serious. 

11:05pm BBT Daniel's in bed in the Golf BR. In the KT, Alyssa tells Kyle America didn't see anything, she was covered everywhere with bubbles. It was the best bath ever. Kyle says Monte told Indy to chill when she was asking where they were. She's getting in their business.

11:20pm BBT Terrance/Taylor/Jasmine/Monte talk about their after-sex routines. Terrance's wife brings him a warm towel. Taylor cuddles. Jasmine says sometimes you just lie there. Monte teases Terrance he's like a gerber baby, wiped with a warm towel. 

11:25pm BBT Indy is goign to bed. Kyle is beating Monte in Chess. In the Space BR, Jasmine tells Indy Turner wants to split up Michael/Monte. She thinks he's being truthful (he's not). Turner wouldn't put her up (he would) or Kyle/Alyssa. 

11:27pm BBT Indy says Turner is in HoH right now with Michael. Indy is worried about being nominated next with Monte. Jasmine says tomorrow is a big day. They'll get up, get washed, put on make-up during HoH LD, put on a nice outfit... Indy says we ahve to talk to Daniel.

11:29pm BBT Indy wants to know what Turner told Alyssa. She says Alyssa spent time with Kyle last night. Pay attention at night, she tells Jasmine. Jasmine says Alyssa needs to be bringing them information and she's not. We're the only ones getting information.

11:31pm BBT Jasmine wants to get Alyss, Kyle, Joe together and put a plan to get out Monte. They'll tell Terrance later. 

11:45pm BBT In the SR, Jasmine tells Michael she doesn't want to be mean to Daniel because he's all alone. At laset he's sleeping now. He tries to talk to her when she's going to sleep and said Michael is working with Monte (even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then).

11:47pm BBT Jasmine tells Michael Daniel plans to go out with a bang. Michael says Daniel is the only one targeting him. Jasmine understands that's why Michael had to take him out. We have to win this HoH, she says. We have to agree on a target, Michael says.

11:49pm BBT Jasmine says if Monte or Terrance win, it will be a problem. I refuse to go on the block during my birthday week. She will be praying tonight. Jasmine promises Michael that Brittany's safe with next week's target of Monte. 

11:51pm BBT Michael is just listening to Jasmine ramble on. She says she would have stepped in during the Taylor bullying but was worried it would like like she and Taylor were working together. She never wanted Taylor to feel left out. That's her one regret in the house. 

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