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Episode 14 - 8/7/2022 - HOH competition and Nominations

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Previously, on Big Brother, with Kyle and his Festie Bestie Daniel winning the golden power, the Vegas performer was worried about putting his bestie Nicole in danger. But after HOH Monte gave him the green light to not use the veto, Daniel completely changed course and the chef found herself on the chopping block. Daniel thought he’d sealed Taylor’s fate, completely unaware that she was protected by the dominating Leftover alliance. With Monte planting seeds to Nicole’s allies about her fate, it led to Nicole receiving only one single vote from Daniel, the man who inadvertently sent his Bestie to Restie. Needing to pick a new set of besties, Taylor joined some ladies outside the Leftovers. Tonight, earning the HOH will be no walk in the park for the HG. And which bestie’s will find themselves on the chopping block. All this right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on Day 30 and Taylor is so excited to be in the house. She chose to join Indy and Alyssa so she can protect The Leftovers. Indy is telling Monte she is afraid of Taylor. She did not want Nicole to go home and she is not happy that Taylor is her Festie Bestie.


Daniel is whispering to himself that no one is here to play Big Brother. He says seeing Nicole walk out was not fun. Seeing the lack of support was not good. He says it sucks to see your game crumble when you have waited ten years to be here.


Daniel is talking to Alyssa asking why she did not play for herself. He asks what she is doing. Alyssa says Daniel is very emotional and there was nothing she could have done to save Nicole. Daniel says Alyssa could have given Nicole respect.


Daniel tells Monte that he and Michael are going to go to final two and one of them is going to win it. Michael is flattered but he does not want Daniel putting his name out there as someone who can make final two and win. Daniel says he respects Monte’s game play.


Daniel tells everyone to play for themselves because they cannot split the prize money. Daniel tells Kyle that Monte has zero class. Kyle says Daniel is putting a huge target on his back and he is worried this will put them on the block this week.


Daniel is talking to Monte and Turner and he wants to know what happened. Daniel says he is trying to hear Monte out and he says Monte has a massive alliance behind him and he wants to understand what is going on.


Monte says he will have a one to one conversation but all Daniel is doing is trying to put the attention on him. Monte says he suggested Daniel not use the veto so this emotional turmoil he has going on is really his fault. Daniel says Monte is hiding something.


Turner says Daniel is absolutely losing his mind. He says Daniel was told not to use the veto and he did it anyway and lost his best friend. You cannot complain after you set this plan in motion. Taylor is just glad Daniel is not yelling at her.


Daniel says he is aware going into the HOH that he has no one. He has no backing and if he does not win then he goes home. This is the most important competition for him this summer.


It is time for the HOH competition! One at a time, the HG will walk across balance beams to get to park benches. They have wide balance beams that take longer and narrower balance beams that have shortcuts but are much more difficult to navigate.


If the HG touch the ground, then they have to start over. The fastest HG to navigate the balance beams and lock in their time will become the next HOH! Daniel is up first and he says his best friend just went home and he needs this win.


Daniel does well and sets a time of 16.49 and he is in the lead as the first HG to go. Monte says Daniel winning HOH would be worst case scenario. Michael says he and Brittany are the only ones without a teammate outside the alliance so he needs this win.


Michael says he has to go the narrower beams in order to beat the time. He takes off and does well and locks in with a time of 11.79. Michael takes the lead and Daniel is eliminated. Michael is feeling great and he hopes he can hang on to the lead.


Joseph is up next and he thinks Michael winning is ideal since his team does not have a pawn and that would give them security without showing their alliance numbers. Joseph makes it halfway down the red beam and falls and has to restart and time expires.


Jasmine is up next but with her boot from her sprained ankle she does not make it very far and is eliminated. Alyssa is not where she stands in the house so she wants to win this HOH. She plans on taking the longer beam because she has terrible balance.


Alyssa makes it halfway through the second beam and is eliminated. Terrance is up next and he tries the narrower beams but he falls and is eliminated. Brittany says this is best case scenario that Michael is in the lead but she will still try and win.


Brittany does a mix of the beams and only makes it to the middle before running out of time. Taylor is next and she has a vendetta against Daniel and she wants to get the blood on her hands. She makes two attempts but falls both times and is eliminated.


Kyle is next and he is all in on the Leftovers, but he and Alyssa are very close so he wants to win to keep the alliance safe and Alyssa. He does a mix of the beams but he just comes up short. Indy is next and she tries the quickest path but takes too long.


Turner is next and he says Michael is in the lead so he knows The Leftovers will be in power. He is not going to just let Michael have the win because he wants the power in his hands. Turner takes the short path and takes a nasty fall and is eliminated.


Michael has won the HOH! He is checking things off his BB bucket list. He wants to protect his alliance but he will keep in mind this is his HOH and he is going to set things up for his game.


Michael is so psyched to win this HOH and even though he is an alliance with a big opinions, he is going to do what is best for his game. Monte says sorry Daniel it looks like The Leftovers are in power this week and he will be gone even if he is kicking and screaming.


Daniel says there is a possibility of himself going up but he is going to talk to Michael to see if he has a fighting chance in this game. Michael and Brittany hug and they celebrate being safe this week. Michael says Daniel is viewed as the biggest threat.


Michael says he does not trust Daniel, but he does not know if he is the best move for his personal game. Brittany says she is excited because they went from being the highest risk in the alliance to having safety is overwhelming.


Taylor joins Michael and Brittany to celebrate and they are discussing backdooring Daniel. Michael says pawns are between Turner and Jasmine and the three guys. Taylor says this is the best case scenario if she could not be HOH this week.


Alyssa and Indy and Taylor are talking and Alyssa says she is happy they are working together. Taylor wants to talk to them and see if she can rebuild some trust. Indy says Taylor still has a big target on her back and that puts her game at risk so she does not trust her.


Kyle accidentally hurts Jasmine’s foot and he is apologizing and she says it is ok. Joseph offers to grab some ice. Turner is not sure if Kyle actually touched Jasmine and the tape does not look like he did.


Turner says a fly could touch Jasmine’s foot and she would act like she was thrown off Mount Kilimanjaro. Joseph is talking to Monte and they want to talk to Michael so it does not look like himself and Monte are running the show.


Joseph says himself, Monte, and Terrance goes on the block ensures they have more people playing for veto and they can ensure the right target goes home this week. They say worst case scenario is that Terrance will go home and them volunteering can create good will.


Jasmine has selected a muffin and she says sometimes a warm pastry will make her feel good. She picks another muffin and puts the two in a baggie to save them for later. We see Jasmine go back and one of her muffins has half missing.


Jasmine says there is a muffin man on the loose in the house and it is up to her to find out who it is. Turner says when are the Festie Bestie’s ending because he has had it with Jasmine. He goes a little bit more crazy the longer he is with her.


Jasmine heads upstairs to talk to Monte and Joseph and she wants to know who ate half of her muffin. She says was it you Joseph? He says he did not do that but he should have. Jasmine says everyone is lying to her face, that muffin did not do anything to anybody.


Jasmine wants BB to tell her who ate the muffin. She says if someone has some footage they can release to her that would be great and the produce says they cannot do that. Turner owns up to eating the muffin and says this could be a $750,000 muffin.


The Leftovers are meeting in the HOH room except for Joseph. They are discussing their thoughts and say Daniel is threat number one. Monte says the ideal situation is a pawn and a backdoor. Turner offers himself as a pawn. Monte pitches his besties as pawns.


Turner says this is a perfect week to go up and if things go wrong he can lose Jasmine. Monte pitches his team because it covers their tracks and it is ideal. Taylor says put someone else up like those muscular boys. Michael is still thinking his options through.


Kyle and Alyssa are in the SR and they are cuddling and Kyle is asking if they are in a showmance. They kiss in the SR and Alyssa never expected to meet someone so perfect and that makes her so happy. Jasmine sticks her head in and asks if they know who ate her muffin.


Daniel is going to talk to Michael and he wants to let him know that he is not a threat to his personal game and can be a number to help him get further. Daniel says Michael would win with stats over him because Michael has won 4 and Daniel has won 2 and he has his vote.


Daniel says Michael could use him to take a shot at someone he is close with and he will do any dirty work he needs. Michael says when someone is an easy target he has to weigh giving the house what they want versus doing what is best for his personal game.


Michael says if a backdoor plan is in motion and if veto does not get used then his hands are clean. He says keeping Daniel could be good because Daniel could take shots for him that he might not be comfortable taking himself.


Michael is in the HOH room and Brittany joins him and they start talking about nominations. Michael says it might cause too many waves to not get rid of Daniel and Brittany says but it is all about who strikes first because they are in a strong group.


Brittany says it is obviously Monte and Joseph. Michael says if Monte makes final 6 he could see Monte winning and the hardest to beat in comps. Michael says making unexpected moves could earn respect. Brittany says timing is everything in Big Brother.


Michael says The Leftovers going to final seven is great in theory. But is this the week to draw the line in the sand and take the first shot? Or is it better to do what the house wants and get rid of Daniel?


It is time for nominations! Michael has nominated the Festie Bestie’s of Monte, Joseph, and Terrance. Michael says he loves and adores all three of them and does not want them to take it personally and they are some of the strongest in the house.


Terrance is surprised that Michael called them out because he put strong people on the block. Daniel says after all the drama this week, he is not nominated and seeing huge threats on the block is big for his game.


Monte says he is on the block with Joseph and Terrance but he is good with it because they agreed to the plan and he has confidence they will go out and win POV and even if they stay on the block Terrance will be the target.


Michael says he has two huge targets on the block and if veto gets used Daniel can still be backdoored. He says he has waited a long time to have this HOH and he is not going to let it go to waste.

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