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Tuesday, August 9, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:00am BBT Daniel and Terrance sleep in their underwear. Terrance says he walks through the house in his underware. No towel, Daniel asks? Give the people what they want, Terrance says (that's not it). 

12:10am BBT Alyssa asks Terrance if he's ever played Chinese Checkers. No, he says, and he never will. She calls him Big Shady. Why, asks Kyle. Because he calls her Little Shady. You are shady, Kyle teases. Kyle likes his uncut hair. She likes his glasses. 

12:12am BBT Kyle got his glasses in college. Alyssa says she likes him in the morning. She likes him in the evening. She likes him in the shower. Kyle says him in the shower is a lame internet clip. Kyle thinks America doesn't like them. He should come into her shower.

12:14am BBT Kyle hates that he slouches. Everyone slouches, Alyssa says. Except Taylor, she has perfect posture. Alyssa refuses to rate the guys in the house. She wants to play a trust exercise where he's blindfolded and she puts his hand on her body but not sexually.

12:18am BBT Daniel/Terrance/asmine think they can get Indy/Joe/Alyssa to join them in voting out Kyle. Joe would blame his vote on Brittany. If we can't get Alyssa, Daniel says, there's no point. He wants to go after Michael so bad after that BS Veto speech.

12:25am BBT Tayor wonders what the others side's alliance name is (they don't have one, but Brittany calls them the Convenience Store because they pick convenient arguments). Taylor laughs inside whenever someone says leftovers in the KT.

12:27am BBT Daniel/Jasmine plot to get Alyssa. He can't stand Turner, he's smug. He'd be upset if Kyle left, Jasmine says. Who cares, Daniel says. Kylyssa discuss the success rate of past showmances. Jessica/Cody were together from Day 1 and they made it to juyr.

12:30am BBT Alyssa tells Kyle Cody knew how to treat Jessica. He told her he lost her $500k on Big Brother but won her $1m on The Amazing Race. Turner says he knew Kevin (he's repeated that story many times). 

1:00am BBT Joe teases Taylor, he's a good boy and she should take it slow. He calls her Alyssa 2.0. Taylor says they've been good. I like a chase, Joe laughs. Alyssa comes to the WA and tells Joe to join Taylor in the shower. Go ahead, you're not on the block.

1:02am BBT Joe says he's not a tease, he's a nice guy. He teases Alyssa that Kyle is her first "nice" boy. Alyssa changes the subject, saying this is their last night in the BY. Joe says he doesn't hook up. Alyssa says come on, it's  TV show and we have needs!

1:05am BBT Joe says there's no chase to Taylor. We're all in the same house, Alyssa agrees. Speak up, Taylor says in the shower. Jasmine tells Indy that Michael is all of a sudden comfortable and Brittany spends time with Taylor. 

1:15am BBT Jasmine tells Indy Joe won't vote out Daniel. If Kyle stays, he'll go after her and Michael. Kyle doesn't talk game with her. Daniel will take out Monte and Michael and go to the Jury happy. She's going to try to convince Alyssa that Kyle is bad for her game.

1:20am BBT Daniel says he won't hug anyone when he leaves. There's always a way out, you have to believe in the plan. Jsmine promises to talk to Alyssa tomorrow about evicing Kyle being a resume builder. Daniel wants to go to the BY both the rest of the house is out there.

1:25am BBT Joe is now in the shower while Taylor is in post-shower mode. Daniel/Indy come to the WA. Joe teases Daniel to come into the shower and get clean with him. The showmance America has been waiting for, Taylor jokes. A summer fling, Joe says. 

1:35am BBT Jasmine braids Alyssa's hair. Taylor is dancing in the WA hallway. She wants to party. Kyle is in the KT eating. Monte is playing pool alone. Kyle joins him. Michael, Brittany, Turner are watching.

1:55am BBT Now it's Kyle and Michael playing pool, with Monte, Turner Brittany watching. Kyle tells them that Daniel will try to use the showmance against him and blow up everyone's game on eviction night. 

2:05am BBT In the WA, Jasmine didn't know Joe was so into Taylor, her way of easing into how to use the showmance to get Alyssa to turn on Kyle. It'll be hard, he says. He'd be good working with either Kyle or Daniel. Jasmine says Turner/Kyle are close. They are, Joe asks?

2:07am BBT Jasmine will talk to Kyle first and try to get him to say something she can take to Alyssa. Joe says he and Kyle are similar. Working with Daniel would be like working with Tyler - they whole house wants them gone. 

2:10am BBT In HoH, Kyle says he's trying to keep the illusion he doesn't talk game with Joe. Joe is so deep playing the dumb card. He can separate game from Alyssa but doesn't know if she will. Monte says he deoesn't want to get cocky, but they have the votes this week.

2:12am BBT Michael doesn't get Alyssa's game. Surely she knows the others are digging their own graves. Maybe the girls think Kyle will be on their side after Daniel leaves. Kyle says Jasmine is their leader. Brittany confirms Jasmine cornered her in the BY.

12:20am BBT Taylor joins all the Leftovers but Joe in HoH. She says Jasmine is pitching him in her bed. Joe comes up to HoH and the Leftovers are all together. They know we're all here, Taylor says. They're going to kill me, Joe says. You're in too deep, Michael replies.

2:23am BBT Kyle says he and Joe are seen as dumb floaters. Jasmine had info he had told Terrance, so they are working together. They sent him up to spy on you guysm Joe says. Joe tells them Daniel is pitching Michael/Monte as targets. They see Daniel loitering outside HoH.

2:25am BBT Joe says the other side thinks Alyssa will join them voting out Kyle. They think Turner is a wild card. He's supposed to vote out Kyle and then blame Brittany for the vote. Everyone starts laughing at the far-fetched ideas the other side has.

2:30am BBT Monte asks what's the worst case scenario if The Leftovers is discovered? If Kyle talks to the other side about joining after Daniel is evicted? They are talking about more ways to infiltrate and sow disinformation with the other side to keep them disorganized.

2:40am BBT Tayor says her GB message to Daniel will be he got his wish. They don't have to talk to each other until Finale night. Joe tells Kyle Alyssa likes $750K more than him, according to Jasmine. Kyle says he's glad she's playing the game. Taylor calls Daniel a loser.

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3:05am BBT Kyle is amazed that after Ameerah, the other side didn't figure out The Leftovers. They used to say Joe was Monte's right arm. Now they think he's a floater? Brittany states the obvious: They have to win HoH. Kyle says Jasmine/Terrance/Indy won't be a strong 3.

3:07am BBT Kyle says he has to start packing tomorrow. And no BY. Michael says their worst case is Jasmine winning Hoh. Taylor offers to help him pack. Joe says Daniel is fixated on targeting Michael, so once he leaves, that should cool down. 

3:25am BBT Joe says that Terrance's eviction needs to be a blindisde. Taylor says with Daniel gone, Terrance will be her next target. Taylor and Joe leave HoH. Kyle says this game is insane, as he leaves HoH. To Brittany he jokes she'll only see towels in the HNR.

3:40am BBT Michael always wanted to play BB with a split house. Brittany hopes fans are enjoying it. Michael says we need to be seen as valuable to them (Jasmine's group). Terrance wants Monte out, and if Kyle can bring Alyssa... 

3:45am BBT Brittany says we need to talk to Jasmine about her plan to get out Monte but make sure it's her plan and our hands are clean. Kyle is is brushing her teeth in the WA and Taylor tells him he's got a big job. Brittany is in the shower. Michael is snacking in HoH.

4:00am BBT Michael runs a bath in HoH. He asks the camera, is this what they want, good TV? I'll give them good f*cking TV, but not good for you, though (part of the Jasmine/Terrance/Daniel pitch to not use the Veto was that it would make good TV).

5:00am BBT Joe has a final convo with Indy and then the Space BR lights go out. Taylor finishes her ADLs in the WA and then heads to bed.


10:00am BBT BB begins the long, draw-out process of waking up the HG. 

11:00am BBT BB is still trying to get the HG out of bed. We're looking at you, Joseph, Indy and Alyssa. 

11:10am BBT All HG are up and performing their morning ADLs. Alyssa says the lights never went out last night but they did. Alyssa/Indy ask Kyle when he finished playing the game in HoH (they think he was playing Chinese Checkers in HoH, not suspecting a Leftovers meeting).

11:15am BBT Alyssa says she woke up at 5am (actually 4am) when Joe came back to the BR and Indy yelled at him. Terrance was snoring in the Cars BR like a bear. Alyssa teases she was waiting for Kyle to come in and kiss her goodnight but he was afraid of Indy.


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11:20am BBT Kyle tells Alyssa that the Chinese Checkers game lasted 2 hours. Alyssa says she had a convo with Joe for an hour. Alyssa says Indy yelled at Joe when he came to bed. He was shaking the pillow next to her head, she calls out from teh shower. 

11:30am BBT Indy wants Joe to move out of the Space BR. Taylor tells Alyssa she lost the Chinese Checkers game again. Ayssa thought she won before. She wants to play but only if they do it at a reasonable hour. 

11:35am BBT In HoH, Michael says today is about playing nice but he doesn't get why the other side is excluding him. He won the Veto to secure Jasmine's noms even though it was bad for his game. He notices Turner is down in the KT so decides it's safe for him to come down.

11:45am BBT In the loft, Taylor tells feeders she was supposed to get revenge this week and now she's the villain again. It's funny she's seen as cutthroat willing to betray anyone who trusts her. She was beaten down so much, she won't turn on her alliance until she has to.

11:50am BBT Kyle tells Joe Alyssa gave her grief for not kissing her goodnight but every time he does, Indy yells at him. He's more afraid of Indy than he is of Alyssa. Joe says he could hear Terrance's snoring in the Cars BR from the Space BR.

11:51am BBT In the Loft, Taylor says her fauxmance with Joe means they can sneak away and talk. It's amazing how the other side thinks he's a swing vote and a way to get info out of her. She gives shout-outs to her pageant coach and friends. She wants to win HoH so badly.

11:53am BBT Taylor says to fedeers she wants to get Terrance next. She has to start studying. She thinks the season is going well now and she may not leave the house (i.e. go to Finale). Indy is still looking for her glasses. Kyle is "resting" in the WA. Other HG in the KT.

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2:22PM BBT

Jasmine is doing Indy's nails while chatting with Alyssa, Daniel, Michael and Joseph. Britt and Taylor are in the room, too, but they are asleep in their beds.






2:30PM BBT

Monte has fallen asleep while listening to Michael's music in the HoHR.



2:35PM BBT

In the kitchen, Michael is working with the garlic for a meat sauce and needs to peel several cloves. He says that Nicole tried to show them a method of easily peeling garlic by shaking it. He puts the cloves in a bowl and closes the lid. Shakes...Shakes more...Shakes a lot more and says it's not working. Kyle walks in and asks if he smashed it first. He takes them out and smashes each of them with the edge of the knife then shakes them again for complete success. Joe is asking how he is suppose to cook the chub of ground meat that he says looks like a giant hot dog. Alyssa says you just ground it. Joe repeats that he is confused. Alyssa repeats, "I think you just ground it. Take her that pan and show her. I dare you." (The meat is already ground. He just needs to brown it.) Alyssa says at least she will come out of the Big Brother house knowing how to dice an onion.



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2:37 bbt


Michael, Kyle, Joe, and Alyssa are in the kitchen making food. Alyssa’s knife skills are scaring Kyle, he’s worried she’s going to cut herself. 

Alyssa said she’s going to hear “no napping houseguests” for the rest of her life. 

Joe is concerned that he’s going to get yelled at for what he did with the big hotdogs. 🤭


No real game talk from them, just cooking. 


2:44 bbt


Jasmine is painting Indy’s toenails in one of the bedrooms (sorry I don’t know the names of the rooms). Someone is napping in there but I can’t see who. 

Indy seems a bit down. Said she misses her house. She said one of her friends from Australia will be visiting next week and she’s bummed she won’t be able to see her. She hasn’t seen her since before Covid. 

Toe nail painting is done. Indy leaves and says she’s going to stick her toenails in Joe’s face when they’re dry. 



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Joseph begins browing the meat and breaking apart when he gets splattered with grease.


2:46PM BBT

Joe: Why is this so much harder thatn I thought it would be?

ALyssa: What?

Joe repeats his questions, so Alyssa checks.

Alyssa: Oh, it's frozen.

Joe: She said she didn't care, just cook it, Baby.



2:55PM BBT

Kyle and Michael are now playing bumper pool.

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2:53 BBT


Joe says this is his life with Jasmine and Indy. Him cooking their food knowing they’re going to yell at him for doing it wrong with limited instructions from them. 

Alyssa continues to chop onions (someone please teach her basic knife skills)


Joking between Alyssa and Joe about cooking. 


Joe:  Did we burn down the kitchen or did Indy kill us? Stay tuned. 

2:57 BBT


Indy comes in to check how Joe and Alyssa are cooking her food. She questions Joe a bit and starts snacking. 

Indy is now doing some work, adding salt and seasoning to the meat Joe browned. She remarks that they are so cute, doing the cooking and not making the kitchen a mess. 

3:00 PM BBT


Alyssa remarks that she can’t believe it’s 3 already. She spent 30 mins chopping one onion. Indy was shocked and showed Alyssa how to do it faster. (Alyssa, don’t put your finger on the knife like that! Anne Burrell would draw on it with a sharpie if she saw that)


Indy asks people to please check the dates on the bread. Everything they brought in the kitchen is expired. Joe laughs and said he never looks at expiration dates. Says maybe he should start doing that. 


Alyssa is moving a lot faster now with the onion chopping. 

Indy asks Turner to get the Beyond meat out of the fridge for her and open it up.  She asks if what he grabbed is enough since people always eat his food when it’s made. He said he doesn’t care that people eat it.  

Indy requests a very strong man to open a jar for her. Joe volunteers. 

(and with that, I’m off to go make my own dinner, sorry I couldn’t stay longer!)

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3:13PM BBT

Brittany is now awake and chatting with the others in the kitchen. SHe says production hit the Brittany button several times and she got in toruble. Brittany says, "I'm usually such a rule follower." Britt says she used to get so sad when the teachers would yell at the whole class when she actually turned in her homework.



3:33PM BBT

In the Car Design Bedroom, Terrance and Daniel are talking about the ants. Terrance says he doesn't understand why they don't use the supersonic sound devices to detour the ants since they have a massive sound system. Daniel says it's part of the game, "We blame someone, like 'who left the food out.' We are not supposed to be comfortable."

Daniel: Imagine if we had unlimited granola last week! Indy would have never been mad.




3:39PM BBT

Michael and Kyle are playing chess in the Tiki Loft. Monte is watching.

Bob: Joseph: Please go to the DIary Room, downstairs.

(It is COVID testing day.)


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3:57PM BBT

Jasmine and Alyssa are whispering in the Space Age Bedroom.

Jasmine: Baby GIrl, I want to vote Kyle out

Alyssa: Why?

Jasmine: Because if they get rid of Daniel they are gonna run the house


Jasmine: Monty, Turner, Brittany, Michael. They are all up there in the Tiki room.


4:00PM BBT

Kyle joins them so Jasmine begins working in Alyssa's nails.


They are looking forward to eating the cake that Indy is making.

Alyssa: She just guesses. SHe randomly pours stuff in and then guesses on the time (for the oven) too. She says she just turns up the oven to the highest temperature and waits to see what comes.

Kylke: She doesn't really burn stuff except for cookies

The complain that the house oven is horrible [It always has been a compalint of the HGs. -MamaLong]


4:04PM BBT

They discuss the morning wake-up calls and how so many just ignore them.

Kyle: They have to understand, though. If we go to bed at 3, 4 or 5 in the morning....

Jasmine: But if you pay for live feeds....people are sleeping all day and they are like put a time limit on it

Alyssa: Thank y ou for my nails. I'll tell you what color later.

Alyssa leaves Jasmine and Kyle to talk alone in the room.

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4:00pm BBT In the Space BR, Jasmine is making her pitch to Alyssa. If we keep Daniel, we'll split the house. But, says Alyssa, if we split hte house, our side would never win. Jasmine says they're killing us anyway. Kyle comes in and Jasmine pretends to do Alyssa's nails.

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4:10PM BBT

Kyle asks Jasmine for advice, "I don't know what to do." Jasmine tells him he needs to talk to people and points out, "you don't talk game with me." Kyle resplies with, "I know." Jasmine warns that she knows there is an alliance in the house. Kyle probes for the members. Jasmine says she isn;t sure if he is in it. Kyle swears he isn't. Jasmine names Monte, Michael, Brittany, Turner and Taylor. Kyle asks about Joseph. Jasmine says Joseph isn't in it. 

Kyle: That's sucha  random group, though.


Kyle: I want to work with Alyssa moving forward and you're her number 1.

Kyle tells Jasmine that Alyssa told him to go talk to people but, "I don't know how."

Kyle says that Monte and Michael are working together, but he is not a part of that group. Michael is crushing comps, so he realizes he would lose to Michael, Monte, Taylor but not Brittany.  

Jasmine: Joseph is like, Jasmine, I want to work with you, and I'm like, what is going on? I think Joseph likes you, too. 

Jasmine says Joseph always does what she says. Kyle says he feels that he and Joseph are in the same boat where they have a relationship with Monte and one with Michael but are not working with them.

[Y'all, this Kyle guy is so good at this game. Kyle is the king of misleading and playing dumb. He and Michael are crushing this season! They both have mad skills! -MamaLong]

Jasmine tells Kyle that it's like the popular kids versus the computer science kids. 

Jasmine says she wants to move forward with him, Alyssa and Joseph...maybe Indy. They discuss Terrance and aren't sure how he will roll. Jasmine says Terrance hates Taylor, "so that's not happening." (she doesn't see Terrance ever working with Taylor.)

Kyle says he wants to work with Alyssa and her, "I am never putting you up, and I am never coming after you."

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4:47PM BBT

Alyssa is talking with Michael and Brittany in the HoHR. SHe asks if Daniel is still the target. Michael and Britt assure her that Daniel is the target.

Alyssa tells them she wants to work with them and prove her worth.


Michael says that when you look at the memory wall

Britt: 3 women are greyed out and 1 guy; that's scary

Michael: That's not the game I came in here to play. I would love for the 4 of us to get in a room together.

Alyssa: That would be the best possible outcome.


Michael says that losing hte backyard today makes him think the next HoH will be really physical. (a 3-day build)

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5:15pm BBT Kyle replace Alyssa in HoH. He updates Michael/Brittany on his convo with Jasmine. He needs to talk with Terrance. Brittany tells Kyle about Alyssa's talk - she's realizing the other side doesn't play the way she does. Kyle thinks the girls are afraid of Jasmine.

5:17pm BBT After a 15m talk, Kyle says, Jasmine wants to get everyone together. After weeks of no game talk. Brittany thinks Alyssa could win a Wall comp. Michael thinks Indy has the best chance. Last year, it was Derek X. Strong guys or pilates women, Brittany says. 

5:19pm BBT Kyle says Joe has the other side completely fooled. They believe he is 100% on their side and that's scary how good he is at it. He enjoys being a secret agent and that could blow up on him. Brittany says Kyle is doing a good job being cautious. 

5:30pm BBT Jasmine and Indy are whispering underneath a towel to mask their convo. BB tells them to not obstruct their mics. In HoH, Brttany says Jasmine's grasping at straws. Michael says he can't fake a conversation - he still works in IT. Brittany says Jasmine is sloppy.

5:32pm BBT Alyssa joins Kyle, Michael and Brittany in HoH. Kyle says she' so healthy because she eats granola. It's full of sugar, Alyssa says. Jasmine is now painting Indy's toenails. Indy says we need a F2. With who, Jasmine asks, clueless. With you, Indy says.

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5:45pm BBT Jasmine tells Indy that Kyle encouraged Michael to keep Monte nom (or to stay off the block). Michael will win the game if they don't get him out (that's kind of how it works, but you can say that about all the HG). His resume is incredible.

5:47pm BBT Jasmine points out Michael's resume. He's survived being on the block, he's won every Veto but one (he didn't compete), he's won an HoH. He's nice and nobody hates him. I love him, Indy says, he'll have to be backdoored. 

5:49pm BBT Jasmine says Michael wants a F2 with Brittany. She won't be here that long, Indy says. Turner goes up to HoH wearing Terrances hoodie. How did you get that, Michael asks? I asked to wear it and he said don't give it back. Turner had some cake. Fire, he says.

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6:23PM BBT

Indy enters the HoHR where Michael is hiding in the bathtub, Britt and Joseph are hiding behind the bed and Monte, Alyssa and Kyle are hiding in the shower

Indy: Is everybody hiding?

TUrner: No, but people are in the Have Not Room if you want to go hang out

Indy: Are you serious? Why are there shoes?

She catches them and they all jump out.


Jasmine is coming so they decide to do it to her, too, but to hide their shoes this time.  Jasmine walks in and finds just Turner. 






Jasmine catches on pretty quick because Turner is wearing a big grin.

Jasmine: I don't trust you, Turner.....let's see. What are you hiding? She starts looking around and finds Michael in the bathtub.





The only ones left to hid from are Terrance, Daniel and Taylor. Joe says they should hide Turner this time, too,  or put him in the headphones.

Taylor comes up and Jasmine leads her to the HNR to search for everyone. She catches on quickly and opens the HoHR door to catch the culprits.

Taylor: Were you all in the shower?

Taylor says she heard their footsteps downstairs.

Joseph says Turner was hard to convince for their charade..


6:35PM BBT

I am out for the night.  -MamaLong

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Feeds return


Daniel and Jasmine are whispering in the bedroom, Daniel is stroking Jasmine's ego, telling her how great she is.

He tells her that her, Terrance or Alyssa need to win HOH.


Jasmine tells Daniel he is "such a great competitor" and she wishes she would have won the HOH

Daniel plans to talk to "her" and let her know.


Kyle and Alyssa are cuddling in the bedroom Kyle is telling her about his family and what they do for a living.

Kyle says he is excited to spend time with her (after the game).


Daniel and Jasmine continue talking in the bedroom, Daniel tells her Indy's game is flirting, Monte has a great social game.


Kyle and Alyssa continue to canoodle and giggle in the other bedroom.


Daniel continues to advise Jasmine on the strength's, weaknesses, strategies, and alliances in the house.



Terrance and Joe join Daniel and Jasmine.

Joe makes fun of the extended times production seems to need for a four minute segment. 

General talk about gym equipment and dietary needs.



Kyle and Alyssa continue to talk about their lives outside the house and what they like to do.



House guests are called to the storage room. They are given alcohol.


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10:10pm BBT Monte is cleaning the kitchen and finds Indy's glasses. He spills something and Taylor goes to get the mop. Joe says liquor is a waste of calories. Daniel promises to pass on msgs to Jasmine's husband and Joe's brother. 

10:20pm BBT The HG have alcohol. Convo devolves to favorite nicknames for genitals & preferred hygiene. Taylor says Joe should appear on The Circle. She describes the show and he says heck no, it sounds like Tinder recorded. Daniel is obsessed with The Bachelor and Corrine.

10:39pm BBT Taylor brought a vibrator to Sequestor but it was not allowed in the house. She says the condoms (in the BB House) haven't been used. Talk turns to BB Comics and Zingbot. Taylor says OTEV looks bigger on TV. Jasmine is trying to stretch her foot - good pain.

11:00pm BBT Daniel says he's going to bed early. One day closer to Nicole. Terrance says he's lost 8lbs in the house and is no longer in the 260's. He says his goal is to lose weight and start winning. He shouts out to the evicted HG. He's the oldest HG and representing.

11:10pm BBT Terrance continues talking to the camera. He's completing w/kids his kids age. He wanted to be like Cliff. He encourages more older HG to apply. Don't be as slow as him, know the game better. When you are the most uncomfortable, he says, you find the most peace.

11:30pm BBT While the HG are downstairs, Brittany is alone in the HNR, bemoaning her situation. She's not able to be herself in the BB House, this is not the Brittany she wanted the world to see. She fights back tears as she struggles with doubt and insecurities.

11:35pm BBT Michael leads a game of Chinese Checkers, but this open to all HG, not a secret Leftovers meeting like the night before. It's Michael/Alyssa/Turner/Kyle/Monte playing. Joe/Indy/Taylor are watching. Indy wonders where Brittany is. Indy gets bored and leaves.

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