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Saturday, August 6, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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11:59pm BBT Alyssa tells Michael Monte has Joe and Terrance. Daniel is here for the game and would be better to have on the Jury. She doesn't want a bitter jury but one that will respet the game. Michael agrees Monte is a threat. Will we get another chance?

#BB23 12:01am BBT Brittany is out of the DR and has received stiches to her knee. She's been cleared to compete but she's worried about doing something physical and popping the stitches. It feels OK now (maybe they gave her some pain meds). She's surprised they could do it in DR.

12:03am BBT In the WA, Brittany tels Taylor the stitches are elastic so they can stretch as she bends her knee. In HoH, Alyssa makes the argument that Michael wouldn't be breaking his word (to Monte) if he just leaves noms the same and doesn't actively vote him out.

12:05am BBT Michael tells Alyssa he will not nom Alyssa's group or Jasmine's. He would need to have the votes to leave noms the same. Downstairs, Taylor offers Brittany cookies. You deserve all the cookies you want, she says.

12:08am BBT Alyssa comes down from HoH and seels Brittany. She asks if she got stitches. She got 6 stiches and they aren't self-disolving. Kyle joins Michael in HoH (Michael hasn't gotten 2 minutes alone tonight) and asks how his conversations are going.

12:10am BBT Michael tells Kyle that Indy gave him nothing, didn't even mention Monty. Kyle thinks she's being strategic, she can deny being part of any plan. Michael thinks she's just out of it and not playing a strategic game. 

12:12am BBT Taylor says Turner shouldn't eat the cookies because he's allergic (they must have nuts). Michael tells Kyle that at least Alyssa had a legit reason to want Monte out over Daniel since Daniel saved her and Monte was targeting her. 

12:14am BBT But then Alyssa listed Jasmine and Indy as votes to evict Monte and that meant she was with them. Kyle fears Jasmine will convince Alyssa that it is better for her game if Kyle wasn't there. Brittany joins them. 

12:16am BBT In the LR, the HG are talking about how Michael/Brittany won Veto. He had a whole secret spot we didn't know about, Terrance says. Taylor brings more cookies and no one says no. 

12:20am BBT Michael tells Kyle/Brittany Terrance said he tried to throw the Veto to get Monte out. Brittany says she has 6 stitches in her knee and he (Michael) can't play HoH. They have to be strategic about their Veto decision.

12:21am BBT Kyle says Jasmine is more of a social threat, more of a target than Alyssa. Michael agrees, he'd rather work with Alyssa than Jasmine. He can't believe Terrance is throwing Monte under the bus. Brittany says Turnerhad a F2 w/Terrance. Interesting, Michael says.

12:22am BBT Brittany assures Kyle that if Jasmine tried to flip the vote against Kyle, Alyssa would fight to keep him. Kyle doesn't think she'd vote him out. Taylor brings up more cookies and cookie butter. Kyle says he'd be happy for a JH without Daniel.


12:25am BBT In the LR, Terrance is laughing that he couldn't figure out how the others would slide down the ramp and bounce up onto their feet. Turner brings cookies up to HoH, but he's really up there to get caught up on Michael's talks. Michael repeats the stories.

12:32am BBT Brittany tells Michael/Kyle/Taylor/Turner/Joe in HoH that the original name for the Girls' Girls alliance was Six in the City. That's good, they agreed. Indy/Alyssa/Jasmine are all that's left now. The HoH crowd breaks up, calling Taylor the Cookie Queen.

12:34am BBT Brittany tells Michael feels much better stiched up. The doctor had a head lamp so he could see what he was doing. She can run, compete in comps, even shower. Michael says good to each. The BY is open and the HG all rush outside. Daniel/Terrance play pool.

12:36am BBT Joe tells Taylor how he banged up his knee. He thinks it's swelling. He was running around the house after the comp in his cockroach outfit and banged a door. The worst part, he jokes, is he can't claim it was a comp injury! 

12:38am BBT Joe tells Michael everyone who was going to bed is now out in the BY. Brittany is going to wash her towels. Joe says please don't do yourself what we can help you with. Kyle/Alyssa are in one end of the hammock; Turner is on the other end. Joe brings them water.

12:40am BBT Kyle/Alyssa argue about who is rubbing off on her. She makes him more aggressive. He makes her all sweet and nice. They start talking about the "secret" doors that open in the BY to allow all the set pieces and cranes to be moved in and out.

12:42am BBT Jasmine/Indy are alone on the pool lounge trying to figure out where Monte is. Brittany, Taylor are sitting next to the hammock containing Kyle/Alyssa/Turner. Daniel/Terrance are playing Pool. Joe saddle sup to Indy and lays his head on Indy's lap. 

12:45am BBT Jasmine asks Joe if he'll cry when she's evicted. Joe says he's cried when everyone was evicted. You get used to the pain of people leaving, he says, and you learn about the reasons that person left. He's found out all the ways Ameerah/Nicole lied to him.

12:47am BBT Joe tells Jasmine/Indy that Alyssa has noticed he spends more time with the two of them than her. Joe tells them his pitch to Michael to use the Veto, if it's good for Michael's game (to leave them up), he understands. He just wants to know in advance.

#BB23 12:50am BBT Indy is rubbing her thumb across Joe's forehead in her lap. Jasmine says this game was super slow and now it's super fast. Joe tells Jasmine/Indy that anyone campaining at this point is super transparent, it's obvious people will say anything.


12:55am BBT Everyone but Michael, who is (finally) alone in his HoH room is out in the BY. Joe is snuggled with Indy/Jasmine. Terrance/Daniel are playing pool. Kyle/Alyssa/Turner are in the hammock, and Taylor/Brittany are sitting along side. Monte is finally out of the DR.

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1:12am BBT Monte & Taylor catch up in the WA. He asks if Michael's had any convos. Oh yeah, Taylor says, it all came down. They revealed who was together, trying to keep noms the same. Monte, brushing his teeth, is very non-chalant learning Terrance was one of them. 

1:15am BBT Daniel tells Terrance he's going to let it simmer until tomorrow night then go to Michael and double-down. Nicole will freak if this works. In the WA, Monte says everyone was on board with keeping us up? Pretty much, says Taylor, who isn't a Leftover.

1:19am BBT Everyone wants to be my friend now, Taylor says. That's the nature of the game, Monte replies, I have a lot of confidence in Michael and that gives me calm. That's why I'm not working w/ the other side of the house. Now we know who their next target is, he says.


1:24am BBT Indy discovers a pocket with her crystals in her bag. She had thought BB had confiscated them. 32 days later, she says, relieved. Now you can put a spell on the house, Terrance jokes. Monte/Taylor review the girls' attempts to get info from him while he was HoH.


1:32am BBT Monte asks if Kyle is filled in. Taylor says yes. A lot happened while you were in the DR for 2 hours! That's the nature of the game, he reationalizes. Terrance joins Joe/Indy on the lounge. Jasmine/Brittany limp into the WA where Monte/Taylor are.

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2:09am BBT Jasmine, Terrance, Joe decide to head inside and go to bed. Kyle, Monte and Turner hvae been catching up on the evening in the Cars BR. Kyle can't believe Terrance turned on Monte so quick. It's a survival tactic, Monte says, I don't take offense. It's a game.




2:19am BBT Indy decides to do an interview of Joe. He can't understand what she's saying between her accent and her retainer. Joe says what are you east coast feaders doing up anyway (I ask myself that daily). She asks who is the HG he can't stand the most. Indy, he says.


2:22am BBT Indy asks Joe who is the hottest girl in the house. All the girls in his life are pretty, he says, I don't say hot. Did I say that right, ladies? Did I dodge a bullet there, guys? It's Joe's time to ask questions and he uses a Brazilian accent.


2:28am BBT Indy tells the Joe & Indy show that the bed next to her is cursed. It was Ameerah's bed, and less than 24hrs after Joe moved in, he was on the block. It should be removed from the house. Joe says please, someone send some condensed milk for Indy.


2:30am In the WA, Alyssa & Turner give their bedtime shout-outs. Joe says Safety. If anyone could send him safety, he'd really appreciate that because he's on the block. And toothpick flosses. I can't use the wire ones. They devolve into a giggle fest.

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2:34am BBT Alyssa joins Indy/Joe in the Space BR. Turner takes his mic and sweatshirt off in the Cars BR. Alyssa & Indy want Joe to leave. They want him to shut up so they can go to sleep. Alyssa reports in whispers to Jasmine in the Golf BR. Joe is still talking.


2:37am BBT Indy eggs Joe on - give my catch phrases. BB tells Jasmine to put on her microphone and Alyssa ends their convo. She heads out to the BY to get her laundry. Monte is back up. Alyssa tells him Joe is in the Space BR - grab him so we can go to sleep.


2:40am BBT Alyssa takes her clothes the WA & changes into bed clothes in the shower. Turner is putting towels in the dryer. Joe says he's known Indy for 33 days now & he's her best friend. They say family GBs again. Joe makes fun of her sleep mask. Alyssa returns to the BR.


2:45am BBT Alyssa boots Joe out of the Space BR & sends him to the Cars BR. Turner/Monte poke their heads into the Space BR. Monte couldn't sleep with the lights on so they (Joe/Monte/Turner) are going to be delinquents in the house. Since Michael is in DR, they go to HoH.


2:48am BBT In HoH, Joe tells Monte they are coming for him. I know, he says. Monte & Indy are the most disappointing. It was Jasmine's idea, Joe says. We had suspicions, Monte says, they have to do it, it's the game. Indy/Alyssa share the messages they delivered to Michael.


2:50am BBT In HoH, Monte/Joe/Turner discuss Jasmine being the next target. The order doesn't matter, Monte says. In Space BR, Alyssa/Indy discuss this being their best opportunity to get Monte out. She'll say he wanted her out, now she's waiving goodbye.


2:52am BBT Monte says Taylor is taking Terrance's betrayal hard. Joe says he was just getting to like him, working with him as his Bestie. They start discussing how to protect the alliance post-Besties when two Leftovers can be put up against each other.

2:53am BBT Joe says if the Bestie thing is still going, Alyssa has to be next (after Jasmine). If it ends, then Terrance would be next. Joe says Kyle will join the Indy/Alyssa/Taylor group.

2:55am BBT Monte says Alyssa's justification for wanting him out was based on a lie that Nicole told her. Monte says Alyssa ruined the Girls' Girls chances at $750k. She scares him, Joe says. Both Alyssa and Terrance would take a shot at then. 

2:58am BBT Monte says Terrance wouldn't even let his black *ss make it to Jury. Am I not a threat, Joe wonders. He admits it's a pretty decent move on their part but their execution is bad. Turner says they left me out of it. They don't know where you're at, Monte/Joe joke.

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