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Saturday, August 6, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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7:32am BBT Wake up call


7:42am BBT Feeds return. Lights on. Taylor is in the KT making coffee and Michael is changing clothes in the HoH.


8:40am BBT The house are up doing ADLs. Kyle is walking around with sunglasses on. 


8:48am BBT The feeds go down to kitties so the HG can pick players for veto.


9:18am BBT Feeds return. The house is converged at the KT and LR. The HGs are speculating a reward and punishment veto. 


Playing in the veto are Michael, Brittany, Monte, Joseph, Terrance, Jasmine and Turner. Taylor is hosting. 


9:20am BBT Jasmine tells Michael: You guys are going to kill us in the veto. We will just like sit there and watch.


9:30am BBT Brittany, Taylor, Kyle, and Alyssa are talking in the KT about Hollywood while Daniel does dishes and Joseph chops up vegetables. Indy, Monte, and Terrance are sitting in the LR talking about what they like to do when they have to travel for work.


9:35am BBT In the LR, Terrance tells Indy and Monte that on cruise ships, racism doesn't exist. Everyone is so nice. But as soon as you dock........ Indy says there isn't much racism in Brazil because everybody is mixed.

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9:52am BBT Lots of talking and mingling. Daniel and Kyle are in the gym. Daniel wishes he had gotten picked to play in veto. He tells Kyle that he should go ahead and pack now. Kyle says that it might be a two bestie team comp if Jasmine isn't cleared to compete.


9:55am BBT Daniel is alone in the gym. He quietly to himself: Nicole, wait for me. I will be home soon. We had a chance at this. It didn't work out. But, this has been the chance of a lifetime walking through those doors. This sucks man. I did the best that I could. 


9:57am BBT Dan continues to whisper: Michael is a super fan. He has got to understand. He has a big threat on the block. He has got to leave it the same. She is working with him. I mean, come on. 


10:02am BBT Jasmine jokes that she is not being specific in her prayers. She is leaving them too vague. She did not want to play in this veto but in her prayers she said whatever happens is fine, so technically her prayer was answered. She needs to call God and specify.


10:08am BBT Kyle and Brittany are trying to figure out where they stand with the leftovers. They suspect it will fracture after Daniel leaves. Brittany says she wishes that Daniel had not been gunning for Michael so hard. They might have really worked well together. 


10:13am In the CBR, Kyle tells Brittany that Monte, Joseph and Taylor could easily link up together. Monte and Joseph are a strong physical duo and are friends with everyone. Brittany feels particularly vulnerable for next week. She will be fighting alone for the HoH. 


10:19am BBT Monte, Kyle and Brittany are talking in the CBR. Kyle says that Daniel knows he is gone. Monte plans to have a heart to heart with him before he goes. He does not think Daniel is a bad guy. Kyle hopes after watching the show at home that Daniel is at peace with it.

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10:23am BBT Monte, Kyle and Brittany hope the besties ends after this week. That way they have more options on noms. That being said, it could easily end up with 2 leftovers on the block together too. Kyle says that Daniel isn't wanting to blow things up. He isn't fighting.


10:30am BBT In the CBR Kyle tells Monte that he is going to take his blanket and comforter to sleep in the HN. He is really being impacted by the snoring. It is affecting him deeply and he is really depressed today. His problem is that he takes forever to fall asleep. 


10:34am BBT Kyle tells Monte not to say the word breath around Alyssa. She hates that word. Instant gag reflex. Monte jokes that he is going to torture her with it. He might whisper it in her ear later. 


10:45am BBT The house guests are laying around or mingling while they wait for the veto. Kyle is really struggling with the lack of sleep. Jasmine has her sprained ankle in a boot which she walks on with a cane. Pretty quiet in the BB house. 


11:03am BBT Kyle talking to cameras in the HoH. He wants Michael and Brittany to win veto and not use it, take out Joseph. He is thinking about telling Michael about the Pound F4 so they know how big a threat Monte is. 

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11:06am BBT Kyle says the house wants Alyssa next saying she is the next big threat. The other two girls formed an alliance with Monte and Joseph without her. So, Alyssa is not a threat to Michael and Brittany anymore. If they get rid of Daniel now, they lose all control. 


11:08am BBT Kyle continues to talk alone in the HoH. He is going to pitch that Jasmine should go next because Daniel and Alyssa will work with Kyle and Michael. He is so frustrated that he can't talk to Alyssa about any of this. He really cares about her. She is awesome. 


11:11am BBT Kyle feels bad that he can't talk game with Alyssa but he leveraged so much info that she shared with him. He is so tired. Two hours sleep because of snoring. He cannot play in the veto so he can get backdoored. Just exhausted. 


11:15am BBT Kyle talks to his kin at home. Starts to cry. Says I miss you guys so much. This game is hard.  I hope you are proud. I am such a baby. Terrance's snoring is driving me crazy. I hate everyone in this house except Alyssa who is amazing. I miss you so much. 


11:16am BBT Kyle still crying in the HoH. I am no good at these games. This is tough. I am such a baby. Thankful to be here. Hopefully you guys are proud. 1 more week to get to jury. I just want to be happy. Sorry I got emotional. Can't help it. So emotional.


11:29am Kyle says he is going to quit crying and start  dancing to music.  He chants his mantra. I will greet each day with love in my heart. I will persist until I succeed. I am nature's greatest miracle. I will live each day while it lasts. I love America.


11:42am BBT Jasmine and Daniel are talking business in the SBR. Jasmine is very particular about saving money because you just never know. Meanwhile, Michael, Joseph, Brittany and Turner are discussing what might happen in the veto if there are only 2 teams playing. 

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11:53am BBT Michael, Brittany, Turner, Joseph are in the WA. They discuss Pooch and Paloma. They played like shooting stars. Bright and flashy up front then they burned out. Joseph can't wait to see the video of how hard Nicole was playing that he didn't know about. 


12:00pm BBT Joseph, Terrance, Daniel and Jasmine are hanging out in the KT. Terrance is enjoying a honeydew melon. Jasmine made a PBJ on a hotdog bun and then warmed up some wings. BB tells the HGs no napping. Wakey Wakey HGs. Alyssa says not sleeping, just relaxing. 

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12:00PM BBT

Alyssa and Indy are tucked in their beds. Alyssa has sunglasses on and appears to be falling asleep

Indy looks asleep

Bob: Wakey, wakey Houseguests

Alyssa: I know, I know * big sigh


12:02PM BBT

Bob: Wakey, Wakey Houseguests

Indy: (in a sleepy voice) I’m not even tired.


12:04 PM BBT

Bob: I’ll ask politely. Please no napping.

Indy: Guys, I’m not napping. I’m just relaxing like everyone else is.

Alyssa: we gotta get up 

Indy: is it always gonna be like that?

Alyssa: mm hm

Indy: the Boys are always sleeping. I am never napping.


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12:07pm BBT brief FOTH. Alyssa and Indy are no longer lounging in bed after BB told them 4 times to wakey wakey. Indy ends up just going to the HoH and laying down in Michael's bed. She is so cold and so tired. Monte is up there saying he got fussed at for napping too. FOTH.


12:13pm BBT In the HoH, Indy tells Monte that her cycles are synced with the full moon. Next week there will be a full moon so she will have her cycle then. She starts feeling low energy 7 days before her cycle. He asks if there is a full moon every month. She says yes.


12:17pm BBT At the DT, Jasmine is trying to find out ways to memorize everyone's last names. Brittany Hoopes, think basketball. Alyssa Snider, like the pretzels. Joseph abs Abdin. 


12:24pm BBT The HGs are anxious thinking the veto is soon. Taylor is the veto host and she has just gone to the DR. Indy is listening to music in the HoH. Most of the HGs are hanging out in the KT and at the DT. General chit chat. 


12:30pm BBT Brittany and Michael are talking in the loft. They hope to throw the comp to the boys. If they keep the noms the same, that is a lot of blood on their hands. However, if they shoot for the veto and not use it, stick to the plan, they build trust with the guys. 


12:37pm BBT Brittany tells Michael and Indy that she has been meditating while sitting up. She prefers to do it laying down, but BB will think she is sleeping. Indy insists she has not been napping, just recharging but BB keeps telling her to wake up. 

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12:45pm BBT Indy tells Michael and Brittany that when she is at home, she doesn't have to due sh*t. Her dad does everything at home and both her brothers cook better than her. One of her siblings is a chef. If she lived closer to them, she would be fat. Lots of good food.


12:48pm BBT Michael has gone to brush his teeth. Brittany whispers to Indy that it should be a good week. Indy says Amen, then we have to worry about what's next. Brittany says I know. FOTH. 


12:52pm BBT Michael and Brittany are in the HoH. Brittany says that Alyssa has been trying harder to get along with her and said that she feels good with her and Michael. Alyssa is more one of their numbers than Jasmine and Indy are.


12:55pm BBT Brittany tells Michael that Alyssa is the last of the non-leftovers that she wants to see gone. Michael agrees, her and Indy. Terrance and Jasmine are the lowest threat level competition wise. But they can kill a mental comp. 


12:57pm BBT Michael tells Brittany that Nicole said she wants to see Michael and Jasmine in the F2. Nicole said Jasmine is a great social player. And a big fan. He wonders if this wasn't Nicole's attempt to get him to see Jasmine as a threat. They did have a fight that day.


1:00pm BBT Kyle joined Michael and Brittany in the HoH. Michael has decided that he wants to win it. He doesn't want Jasmine to get it and then use it to buy loyalty. Meanwhile in the CBR Terrance tells Daniel that he is about to play gardener again, start planting seeds.


1:07pm BBT Terrance tells Daniel that he only needs 5. Terrance, Indy, Jasmine, Joseph and if he gets Michael, he gets Brittany. Michael is the biggest threat. He has already won 4 comps. The house is stupid to keep him. The house is full of players. They came to play.


1:08pm BBT Terrance tells Daniel: who am I going to talk to if you go? I got no one. Daniel says he is glad the house is full of players, not full of fake famous people. Gets enough of that in real life. 


1:10pm BBT Daniel doesn't see him getting votes over Kyle. He won't get Alyssa. Maybe Indy if he points out the showmance. He should just pack his bags. 


1:12pm BBT In the HoH, Michael tells Brittany and Kyle that before Nicole left, she said that she didn't want to see someone like Monte win. He doesn't know what she means by that. She said that he lied to her, but everyone has lied a little. Maybe because he is a tough guy


1:15pm BBT Kyle tells Michael and Brittany that Monte lied to Alyssa 5 seconds before she went on the block. He doesn't trust Monte at all. Brittany trusts Monte over Daniel. Kyle says not if you win the veto and not use it. Kyle says if they make a big move, they need him.

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1:22pm BBT Kyle tells Michael and Brittany that Daniel is an emotional player. Not strategic. Nicole was the one calling the shot. Michael says it will be hard to trust Daniel because Daniel has made no effort to talk game to him at all. Even with them in power right now.


1:25pm BBT Michael and Brittany want to hear from Daniel, but if they initiate it, Daniel will just say he knows they need to hear. They trust Monte more. They are building trust with the team by sticking to the plan. Kyle: If we took a shot, we would still have a majority. 


2:09pm BBT In the CBR, Terrance asks Daniel which team Kyle will join. He says Jasmine, so he will be with his boy and can get rid of Jasmine. Remember, he joined the alliance to get out the girls. You and I weren't in that. Terrance "We can use that". This gardener is going to plant some seeds. Look at the pretty roses. 

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2:20pm BBT Taylor, Brittany and Kyle are lounging in the loft. Brittany has no idea what she plans to do when getting out of the house. They wish they could just stay. Taylor wants to do entertainment news. She enjoys politics too. 


2:38pm BBT Daniel is laying alone in the CBR. He says he wants a Battle Back. He wants Nicole back. He needs Michael to win the veto. Convince him not to use it. He is a super fan. That would be a big move. 


2:49pm BBT Jasmine has traded in her large boot for a smaller bandage with a lot of tape. It is tight and she is hoping to fit her foot into a tennis shoe for the veto comp. She is just excited that she is able to walk on it. 


2:50pm BBT Taylor tells Brittany that she needs to go and put some underwear on in case they tell her to change in the DR when she gets called in there as the veto host. 


2:52pm BBT Jasmine, Terrance and Daniel talk in the CBR. They feel that best case scenario, noms stay the same. Jasmine says that she would want Monte to go. She was really hoping that Daniel would get picked to play instead of her. 

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6:30pm BBT The feeds have now been down for 3 1/2 hours as the HG compete for the Power of Veto


6:32pm BBT the feeds return. Indy is walking around drying the floor. Everyone is dressed up like cowgirls and cowboys. Turner tells Kyle that Dude won 5 vetoes. He has won 60% of the comps that he has participated in. Sounds like Michael won veto. 


6:39pm BBT Monte and Terrance are waiting at the patio door so they don't track anything on the floor. Jasmine: I just played in OTEV. She also says that the ants in the BY are a problem. They were getting under her shorts.

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6:45PM BBT

I don’t see anyone wearing a veto necklace. Taylor, the veto competition host, is wearing a country western shirt and shorts along with a cowboy hat. I think I see a sheriff badge, too. She is vigorously cleaning the kitchen floor. Turner is showering. 

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6:40pm BBT Brittany is walking around with the veto in her hand. She has a bandage around her left knee. The theme was a southern BBQ. They had to dig through butter to find the answers for OTEV. Michael fell on the ramp during the comp. 


6:45pm BBT Michael, Brittany and Jasmine are all talking about getting cuts on their hands from the plexiglass. Taylor is mopping the floor from the all the BB Butter, the goo that they had to dig through. 


6:53pm BBT Turner to Michael: Congrats. HoH, veto and your birthday. What a great week for you. 


6:57pm BBT Joseph, Daniel and Brittany talk in the Golf BR. They said the problem with the comp was finding the answers. If you couldn't find the answer you were screwed. They got cut up in the comp. Everyone that competed got small cuts on them. 


7:00pm BBT Joseph talks to Brittany about there being parts of the OTEV comp that they didn't realize were places that they could search. Daniel said that they have the best front row BB experience. Joseph feels blessed to be in such an iconic BB competition. 


7:02pm BBT In the Gulf BR, Joseph and Daniel discuss other iconic BB comps. They both would love to participate in BB Comics and Zingbot.


7:05pm BBT Brittany is talking to Turner about the cut on her knee. The bandage is slipping and she can see inside her knee. She got it when she dived into the powder pool. She tells Turner that she is glad that he is okay. Brittany: But we got to play in OTEV.


7:12pm BBT Indy, Jasmine, Kyle, Joseph and Alyssa are cooking dinner. Indy is directing the boys on what to do. Terrance and Daniel are talking about how only Michael and Brittany knew there were answers in the pool behind the corn. It took them forever to figure that out. 

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7:18pm BBT Daniel tells Taylor that their cast is a liability. Taylor: We signed the waiver. Meanwhile Terrance is looking  at Indy's dinner and said he isn't another thing until she says Come Here.


7:22pm BBT Kyle tells Brittany that when the doctor gets there, she is probably going to get stitches. She needs to take it easy. Stitches on the knee are tough. You always bend the leg there. They hope they get some mental comps. All the comps have been very physical. 


7:26pm BBT In the WA, Brittany tells Alyssa that she was surprised how easy it was to get up the OTEV ramp. The rope was there, but you didn't need to use it. Even with her knee being cut, it was super easy. She didn't expect that. 


7:30pm BBT In the Golf BR, Taylor tells Terrance that he played a great cockroach. Apparently the contestants were bugs crawling through the BB Festival BBQ. 






I am going to take off if anyone wants to take over. Thanks a bunch!!!

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8:00pm BBT Daniel/Kyle discuss how to pitch Michael to not use the Veto and keep them off the block. They will promise to never put Michael/Brittany on the block. Kyle suggest stalking to Michael seperate from Brittany (Kyle wants to get the house to take a shot at Monte).

8:15pm BBT Daniel talks with Michael in HoH. He admits he was loyal to Paloma and Nicole and that wasn't best for his game. He says if Michael/Brittany don't use Veto, they'll promise safety for Michael/Brittany. He could be a shield as the official target. 


9:15pm BBT Jasmine goes to talk to Michael in HoH about the Veto. She thinks people are putting a target on her back. It sounds like she's making a pitch to keep Daniel (Kyle has been pushing her and Terrance to work Michael to keep noms the same).

9:20pm In the WA, Kyle wants to change BRs. There's HG who don't snore (Terrance snores loudly in the Cars BR and Kyle cannot sleep). Kyle thinks they should all move into the same BR. Indy suggets he and Joe switch. Joe is in the Space BR. 

9:25pm BBT Jasmine tells Michael that Daniel has nobody and will always be a target. She suggests making a deal w/ Daniel for safety. If she were HoH, she'd take a shot at Monte. He's the one HG she can't read. She'll support whatever he decides, so will Alyssa/Indy.

9:30pm BBT Kyle is reading bible verses and will decide whether to move BRs based on their responses. Michael provides some counter-arguments to Jasmine. Terrance reports to Daniel in the Cars BR his efforts to save Daniel, who has been laying low. 

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General talk in the kitchen while house guests serve themselves dinner.


There is a message on the table, "HBD Poo Poo" made with Skittles.


After it is finished, everyone in the kitchen shouts out a Happy Birthday.


Joe and Taylor are whispering about Daniel in the lavatory.  The subject changes to showmances.

Monte and Kyle come in, Indy is at the sink.

General talk

Jasmine hobbles in, she tells them that she (Jasmine) and Kyle are the same person. She lists a few things they have in common.

Joe is skeptical, he says he has the same things in common too.

Joe, "We're triplets!"


Monte and Joe pretend to fight over Taylor.

Joe says Monte goes to bed too early, he misses the late night conversations.



Brittany and Kyle are talking in the bedroom.

Brittany tells Kyle that Terrance doesn't want Michael to use the veto, they must be working together to take a shot at Monte and Joseph.

Brittany says Alyssa just tried to pin it all on her.


Kyle says he hopes Alyssa isn't playing too hard or telling lies.

Brittany says "I have not said anything like that."

Kyle says it isn't worth confronting her about it, he might hint at it.


Alyssa said she liked the group playing chinese checkers, that Indy and Jasmine are pulling away.

Brittany wonders if they are trying to flip the house.

Kyle repeats downplaying Alyssa in front of the 7, they might need her number later.

Alyssa said Brittany told her that Daniel, Terrance, Indy, Alyssa, Jasmine want to talk Michael into not using the veto and force a tie.

Kyle says Daniel seems like a lost puppy.

Brittany thinks Alyssa is trying to put a wedge between the Leftovers.

Kyle continues to protect Alyssa.

Brittany says she thought Kyle told them that he doesn't talk game to Alyssa.

Kyle says they don't, it was only that one time.

Other people come into the room.

Kyle is trying to rearrange sleeping arrangements to avoid Terrance's snoring.


Jasmine, Brittany and Michael are in the HOH room. Jasmine tells them that when Daniel and Monte got into an argument, Daniel said things about what Monte had said and done.

She says Monte told Daniel they needed to talk one on one later.


Michael says he needs to know for sure who would vote Monte out,

Jasmine says she would, and she knows Alyssa would. She says Indy would vote Monte out. 

Jasmine says Indy caught Monte in a lie twice, once over the Ameerah vote, and the other time had to do with Monte as the HOH.

Jasmine tells them how important it would be to her to see Monte go, he made assumptions about her and some others on day one rearding the possibility they could win the game.


Michael says he promised Monte he would not go after him, and he doesn't want the reputation of not keeping his word.


Jasmine says they should not tell Joe, him and Monty are ride or die.

She says Daniel would vote Monte out as well because Monte is the reason Nicole left the game.


Jasmine promises she has Michael's back. She tells them Monte and Joe kept calling Michael a "comp beast."


Jasmine asks if it is okay for her to talk to people about getting Monte out of the house, Michael says he doesn't mind, he says they can come talk to him.


Jasmine leaves.


Michael, "we knew it!!! we knew it, how would she know all those people would vote together."

Michael doesn't trust them (the people not in the Leftovers)

Brittany says that the pro is that going all in to get Daniel out, will take a number from them. She also says they can tell Monte the other side of the house doesn't have his back.


Brittany is glad Michael claimed he promised Monte safety this week.

She says Terrance had a long conversation with Taylor, she wonders what Taylor will share.

Michael says Daniel came up and promised him he would take shots at people for Michael, but he slipped and almost said "our alliance".

Brittany says Jasmine talked to him with her in the room, they don't know about the Leftovers. She says that Monte and Joe don't have the life boat they think they have.

Michael is interested in seeing if Indy pitches getting rid of Monte, she has said she would never put him up.

Michael says he has put a target on himself but he needed to win today.

Brittany says they got a lot of information today, she says as Festie Besties they need to play and win the veto. She says Michael needs to share information, even if it might not be true, share it with them. 

Michael says Monte will be hurt by what they have to tell him, but it will make him realize how he is perceived by the group.


Cameras move to other parts of the house.


Jasmine and Alyssa are talking in the bedroom, Jasmine is telling Alyssa that Michael and Brittany have agreed they want to vote Monte out.  Alyssa is excited.


Camera goes back to the HOH

Michael continues to hash out the strategy, they see Terrance coming to the HOH.

Brittany says "Terrance you just killed it today."

Terrance says he had to, they have a bigger move now. Terrance says they have a clear shot this week. Terrance says if they want Daniel out, Kyle will join Turner.

Michael asks if a bigger move refers to the HOH last week, Terrance confirms. He says he doesn't know when they will have acess and the number again.


Michael says there are 8 votes, where do they think they get the magic number.

Terrance says Jasmine, maybe Taylor, Daniel, Brittany, and Alyssa. He says "we would have it, lock, stock and barrel".








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9:35pm BBT Michael doesn't want to go against the house and the house all told him they want Daniel gone. Jasmine assures Michael they would have the votes to evict Monte (Kyle, Daniel, Indy, Alyssa, Indy, Brittany). She says she's going try to drum up additional support.

9:40pm BBT Jasmine heads down to the Cars BR to update Daniel on her talk w/ Michael. After Jasmine leaves, Michael says they new it (Jasmine trying to save Daniel). If they were to join the others and take out Monte, they would be the first to go if a Leftover wins.

9:45pm BBT Brittany says they can now tell Monte the alliance Jasmine had proposed last week (when Monte was HoH) isn't real, she's now campaigning against him. Monte will have to trust them now. She thinks Jasmine is trying to drive a wedge between Kyle and the Leftovers.

9:46pm BBT Brittany's glad the other side feels so comfortable wwith them that they are pitching this. They don't really know what's going on in the game. She almost feels bad for Monte. Michael says Indy had said she would never nom Monte but apparently she'll evict him.

9:47pm BBT Michael says this has been a great HoH because he's getting a lot of information. Terrance and Daniel catch up again in the Cars BR. Monte walks in and Terrance says hypothetically, if we're pulled down, would you vote Kyle? Monte has a shocked look on his face.

9:50pm BBT Daniel laughs and says he put Terrance up to asking. Monte says he's giving Michael his freedom in HoH. Daniel says he'll try anything and fight to the end. In HoH, Brittany is discussing what they should tell Monte to bring him closer to them. Michael agrees.

9:53pm BBT In the Space BR, Jasmine tells Alyssa she's convinced Michael to not use the Veto so they can vote out Monte. She tells Alyssa to go up to HoH, promise she has their back, and pitch getting out Monte. Tell him he should make a deal with Daniel. 

9:55pm BBT Michael tells Brittany Monte is putting his own game aside for The Leftovers like Xavier did for the Cookout but it's not being reciprocated. Terrance joins them and implies he let Michael win Veto because he didn't want to have to decide whether to use it.

9:56pm BBT Terrance joins Michael/Brittany in HoH. Jasmine says Alyssa needs to talk to Michael tonight & not wait until Tues. The Veto meeting is Mon, Alyssa corrects. Whenever, you need to go tonight! Michael is scared to make a move without the backing of the house.

9:58pm BBT Indy joins Jasmine/Alyssa in the Space BR. Jasmine repeats her story so they'll know what to say to Michael. We have a good chance, Alyssa says, we save Daniel then we're on our way and can start winning things. Jasmine tells Indy to not tell Joseph.

9:59PM BBT Terrance is tip toeing with Michael/Brittany about staying on the block & taking out his Bestie Monte. Michael cuts through the subterfuge and asks him if he wants to target someone who may have been HoH last week. Yeah, Terrance says, he's too much of a threat.

10:03pm BBT In the Space BR, Jasmine/Indy count the votes for Monte to go. In HoH, Terrance says it wouldn't ruffle as many feathers as Michael fears. Michael asks if he really wants to stay on the block. Terrance is confident the house wants to vote out Monte, not him.


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Conversation continues

Michael repeats that he gave his word to Monte, he doesn't want the house to believe he doesn't keep his word. He wants to keep his word, but it is something he can think about.

Michael says a player like Monte going home before jury just doesn't happen.


Terrance says he doesn't think it will ruffle any feathers, he is comfortable with the plan, he would never put himself in a position like Pooch did, but he feels strongly that Monte would go.

Michael says 24 hours ago everyone wanted Daniel, now things may be different.


Michael says it is risky to voice an opinion like this but if you don't no one will know.  Michael calls it a bold move, he can't take a shot and miss.

Terrance says he wouldn't put Michael or Brittany in harms way, if they do this it will be a direct hit. He says all three of them have been through "it".


Terrance leaves, Michael makes a face at Brittany


Michael says he wants to make a smart move, not a flashy move.

Brittany agrees.

Michael wonders what Kyle will say about this.


Turner comes to the HOH room.

Michael says they need to meet tonight, information is coming in thatay  confirms the other side of the house.


Michael tells Turner about the move to get rid of Monte.

Turner is surprised, he is glad they feel this comfortable.

Brittany says they go with the winds of power.

Michael realizes the price he would pay for going against the Leftovers. He wants all of them to come and pitch it.

Brittany says it was premeditated, not an independent decision.


Michael and Brittany say Jasmine offered to have conversations in the house about this.

Turner says he feels bad for Monte.

Michael is surprised by Terrance, he didn't see that coming. He says he doesn't understand why Terrance would throw a competition he could win if it were his first one.

Turner says if they are approaching Michael about this, they have no idea Michael and Brittany are working with Monte.

Michael says he plans to say he thought about it but has to keep his word.

They think the people pushing this have made a plan to come to the HOH at intervals so they don't look like they work together.


They gossip about Jasmine, they say she acts and talks differently when she thinks she is on camera.


Taylor comes into the room.

Michael asks her what Terrance said to her.

Taylor verifies that Terrance said the same to her as he did with Michael.

The four of them question why they are after Monte.

Terrance told Taylor if Daniel stays he has no one, but he would go after Turner. Taylor says she told him if Daniel stays she would want to be the one to take him out.

Terrance offered to set it up for her so it would happen.






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Brittany leaves, Turner gets the headphones.

Michael says Jasmine offered to go downstairs to collect votes.

Kyle comes into the room.

Michael says "the last hour I have had"


Michael repeats his visitor conversations with Daniel, Jasmine and Terrance.

Kyle says "she cannot be that bad at Big Brother." (Jasmine)

he repeats it.

he repeats it again.


Kyle says Jasmine "waddled" in while he was in the lavatory and 

approached him. She told him they could keep the nominations the same. Kyle says Daniel came in hyped, Jasmine threw out this plan right in public.

Kyle says he made sure she saw him making a bee line for the HOH.

Michael continues to repeat the information for Kyle.


Michael asks why Jasmine approached him, not Alyssa.

Kyle says she mentioned it in passing but she doesn't talk much game with  him.

Kyle tells Michael that Jasmine is telling people thate Michael is on board after Michael told her he had reservations.


Kyle asks if Monte and Joe are aware of this, Taylor says she told them earlier, they know

Kyle says Alyssa mentioned something Brittany said (that Brittany did not say), the Leftovers already know this is manipulation.

Michael says they have made it abundantly clear that the five of them are working together.

Kyle says "if this is their best game.." He says it is a good idea, but they are not doing it very well.

Kyle says it is good they got out Ameerah and Nicole

Taylor says "They have lost their left and right brain."


Kyle says Daniel planned to tell Michael he is broke and needs the money.

Michael says that was Daniel's first pitch to stay.


Michael says he is interested in what Alyssa has to stay.


More gossip about the girls downstairs.


Brittany comes into the room, Kyle repeats his conversation and his discomfort with Jasmine earlier.

They continue to gossip about Jasmine (game play only, not personal gossip)


Taylor says she asked Daniel why she was such a target for him, he told her at first it was Paloma, then it was wanting to keep Nicole in theT house.

They agree that Jasmine seems to be the head of that side of the house.


There are questions about why, after the outbursts and intensity Daniel has portrayed, the group downstairs want him to stay. Maybe he can win competitions for them is the popular answe there.










General conversation in the HOH

They wonder if Alyssa will campaign against Kyle, he says she knows nothing, but they tend to make up a lie to use.


Camera moves to lavatory area.

Jasmine, Alyssa, Joe and Daniel are scattered around the room.

Camera returns to HOH

Turner, Kyle and Michael continue to go over scenarios


Joe limps into the HOH, he says he hurt it trying to do a prank earlier in the day.

Michael fills him in.




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Gossip continues in the HOH

Taylor made cookies, she decides to make more since everyone wants them.

Daniel is washing dishes. (The dishes Jasmine says he doesn't ever wash).

Terrance is in the kitchen, he wants to try cookie butter.


Camera follows Terrance and Daniel to the living room area

Jasmine is relaxed on the sofa with them.

General talk


Indy is in the HOH room talking to Michael.

Indy tells Michael that she is worried about who will leave after Daniel if he goes. She doesn't want it to be Taylor, "She's with us."

She tells him Joe would be hard for her, but she will go with the house.

Michael says Daniel has done nothing to him, he reassures her that she is safe.

Indy leaves the room


Alyssa comes into the HOH room.

They talk about the competition, everyone has cuts on their hands.

Alyssa says Daniel is alone because Nicole is gone.


Michael says Indy brought up a good point when she asked who was next. Michael says next week he could be in danger.

He says he doesn't want to  do anything to upset anyone.

Alyssa say she wonders how safe Michael will be with Terrance, Joe and Monte.

Alyssa says for her personal game, she feels Monte has her as a target. She says since Ameserah left Monte doesn't talk to her. She wonders if Monte thinks Alyssa started the ball rolling to get Ameerah out.

Alyssa continues a soft sell to send Monte out.


Michael says he wants to talk to others again, beefore he makes a decision.

He says he wishes he hadn't made a promise, he doesn't want a reputation of going back on his word the very next week.

Alyssa says if he puts up Daniel and Kyle, Kyle might go home.




















Darlings it is time for me to leave you for the night. I am going to go thank the Lord for my day, snuggle with my puppies and rest for tomorrow.  Call a friend today, forgive an enemy, give yourself permission to take a break from stress. Eat the cookie.--goodnight dears--Grannysue

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