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Friday, August 5, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother 24 observations, and screen captures here! If you post opinions or off-topic messages, I will move them here:  https://www.tvfanforums.net/topic/143552-general-bb-discussion/

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal commentaround the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:00am BBT Monte and Michael are talking in the gym. Monte thinks the camera must like Joe. BB producers chose to give him the GoPro. Monte is going to have to work more on his social media presence after this. The house is waiting on Michael to get his HoH room.


12:05am BBT Indy is the SBR with Daniel and Joe. She asks if they are live and they tell her yes. She screams shout outs to her family, yelling towards the cameras. They remind her that she doesn't have to scream. She has a microphone on her chest. [Thank you, yes. That was very loud!~Goldylucks]


12:10am BBT Joe and Dan are talking in the SBR about the HoH comp. Joe assumed that Dan that took the short cut. Tyler beat Dan by 4 seconds. Joe said that there was no stopping Michael. Joe also tells Dan that he loves Nicole. He wishes she had made it to jury.


12:15am BBT Kyle says that Dan is calling everyone sheep. He looks to Monte and says "and you are the shepherd". They laugh about Nicole's honesty and integrity speech. Taylor says that even today, Nicole was saying that she could manipulate her.


12:25am BBT Joe tells Indy not to give anyone a reason to attack her and she will be fine. Just be cool. She doesn't have to like anyone personally, but if it comes out, that can't be good for her game. Indy thinks Taylor is aligned with the guys. Joe "she didn't need one".

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2:10am BBT Michael gets his HoH room. He has a picture from a friends wedding and pictures that show his cats. His letter is from his fiancé. Michael got a new hoodie and lots of goodies. Michael says that he wants to talk to everyone one on one later.


3:05am BBT Jasmine and Michael talk in the HoH. She says that she is glad that Dan didn't win. She says she would never put Michael on the block and except for not wanting Brittany up, she will respect whatever Michael wants to do with his HoH. 


3:15am BBT Michael hints to Jasmine that he probably won't nom her because he needs a strong veto player. She thanks him. He says that Daniel is someone with nothing to lose. 


3:25am BBT In the HoH, Jasmine tells Michael that Indy has a whole other plan in place. She will make sure that Michael is not messed with. She would like to spend her birthday in the house for her dad because it would honor him. 


3:35am BBT Michael and Kyle are in the HoH. They fear that after Daniel leaves, their alliance may fracture. After besties are over, their targets will be Terrance, Jasmine, then Indy. Kyle fears there will be a vote flip. 


3:40am BBT Kyle tells Michael that they can prevent a side alliance forming by weakening the other side by taking out Jasmine or Indy. Kyle can see Tyler forming something with Joseph and Monte. They hope the 7 stays strong. 


3:45am BBT All the leftover in HoH. They will do pawn and backdoor. Worst case scenario, Terrance goes this week. Jasmine and Indy can go after Alyssa. Michael tells Turner that he doesn't see him on the block this week. 


4:00am BBT In the HoH, the Leftovers discuss that they can't let anyone outside their alliance influence their trust in each other. They leftover will each come back to Michael for 1 on 1 talks later, even if it's just for appearances. 


4:30am BBT Kyle and Alyssa snuggle in bed. Turner decides to prank Jasmine. He pours water in her sandwich bag that contains her cookie turning it into mush. Everyone starts heading to bed. Lights go out just before 5:00am BBT. 

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9:05am BBT Wake up call


9:20am BBT Feeds return. Dan is awake and goes to the KT to make coffee. Terrance gets up and puts in his contacts.


9:32 am BBT Dan and Terrance are the only ones up and around. Daniel says the yogurt they got has more carbs. Michael comes down from the HoH. Everyone else is still in bed.


9:40am BBT Michael is alone in the HoH. He tells us that he does not want to be alone in the KT with Daniel right now. Terrance is up also, but these are 2 people that he may have to put up this week. So, he stays upstairs.


9:42 am BBT Michael studies in the HoH. He says “it was called Mind your Step” and then he says that order that it went down.


9:45 am BBT Dan and Terrance talk in the KT. Dan’s friend is going to be mad that he isn’t getting more shout outs, but he has too many people to recognize. His friend wants all the shout outs. Terrance just mostly does a shout out to his wife.


9:49am BBT Dan tells Terrance that he just needs 1 more week. He is ready to do his dirty work if Michael lets someone else take him out. He hopes that Michael will hear him out.


9:55 am BBT In the KT, Dan and Terrance talk about how this game doesn’t stop. Terrance “Like Diddy, can’t stop, won’t stop.”


10:00 am BBT Terrance and Dan do shout out in the KT while Michael is up in the HoH gushing over his photos and talking about how much he misses his cats. Everyone else remains in bed.


10:04am BBT Michael talks to the feeds. Feels good about the alliance. Biggest fear is the alliance fracturing resulting in a 6 to 5 vote situation. Daniel is complicated. Smart for them to align with him but doesn’t think he would agree.


10:05am BBT Indy would be a great person to sit next to in the F2. He also likes Jasmine, but he sees that she is playing hard than she lets on and he is not included in those plans. He loves Joseph, but he is a huge physical threat, but he hasn't won a comp yet.


10:08am BBT Monte is the biggest threat to win the game, but at a shot at Monte is a shot at Joseph. No way he can let Monte get too deep into the game. Alyssa he likes, but she is a good liar. Not planning on getting her out this week.


10:10am BBT He loves Kyle. Probably he talks the most game with. He also loves Brittany. He can see him at the F2 with her too. They are the jam bots. Last week 4 women went up on the block and he is not repeating that. This week his boy goes home.


10:13am BBT BB calls Michael down to the DR.


10:15am BBT Joseph and Indy are talking while in bed in the SBR. She asks him if he got a chance to talk to Michael. He tells her that he didn't. She says, isn't that what you went out there for? He says they didn't get to talk.


10:26am BBT Dan jokes with Terrance what Michael is saying in the HoH. "Yeah, I am pretty much a bad ass. Just give me the check already." 

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10:30am BBT Daniel and Terrance talk in the KT. Daniel thinks the veto might be some kind of pass the veto setup. He breaks down how it work to Terrance. He thinks the unitard may come into play. Daniel just hopes that he doesn't get slop. 


10:34 am BBT. Daniel says that if Michael is making noms right now, he thinks that he is up. Michael is booked and blessed. They cannot believe that everyone is still sleeping. They were up pretty late though. 


10:38am BBT BB says Wakey Wake HGs. I said it is time to get up for the day.


10:45am BBT Terrance and Daniel are cleaning up the KT and discussing the water drought in CA. Kyle is up and is called to the DR. Michael exits the DR. Daniel asks if BB made him to noms yet. He says no. Daniel is relieved. 


10:50am BBT Terrance and Michael talk in the HoH. Michael tells him he hasn't talk to many so he remains undecided. He asks Terrance if there are vibes that he is getting or what the house is thinking. FOTH 


10:51am BBT Feeds return. Terrance says his feelings are the same as when they talked before. He doesn't know what Michael would do in this situation. He has good relationships will everyone. Terrance says that it won't ruffle feathers if Daniel goes after he blew up. 


10:53am BBT Terrance says the move needs to propel them. He will shield for whatever happens. He trusts Michael. He would like to know if it ends up being him. He knows the situation that he is in. He is out of the loop of everything. He is never included in the plans.


10:57am BBT Terrance questions himself since no one talks game to him. Is the way he is playing the game conducive to advancing in the game? Michael says yes. He understands that Terrance is scared to drop names since he doesn't know who they will go run and tell. 


11:00am BBT Terrance does not care who wins as long as it is fair and nobody runs away with it. Take the shots. Shift the gears if needed. We got some amazing hits. He wants to try to continue. He respects if Michael has to take a shot at him. He respects it. 

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11:05am BBT Michael is going to ask everyone if they mind going up as a pawn for a BD situation. Terrance says it will motivate him to win the veto. Whatever the BD situation is, he is comfortable with his move. Michael tells him that he doesn't want Terrance going home.


11:06am BBT Now Michael is alone with Daniel in HoH. Michael asks how Daniel is doing without Nicole. Daniel admits he is pretty broken and emotional. It effected him deeply and impacted how he competed in the HoH. The fear of going home had him shaking, losing his balance.


11:08am BBT Daniel says no more blow ups. He was just emotional and couldn't hide it anymore. No point anymore. Daniel says that more than ever, he wants to work with Michael because he has no one in the house now. The only people who didn't lie to him were him and Brittany


11:11am BBT Daniel says he has no one and is an open agent. He is here to play and has no problem showing that, like Michael. They have won most of the comps. He will take shots Michael does not want to take if that advances him another week. He has nothing left to lose. 


11:13am BBT Daniel to Michael: if you keep me 1 more week, you have my vote for jury. I am aligned with no one. Use me. Michael admits he is torn with what the house wants and the value of his offer. It would make sense on paper that they need each other. But no promises.


11:17am BBT In the HoH, Michael tells Daniel that the house is going to pitch to him to BD Daniel. So, he may have to put him up, but it will not be initially. If the veto is not used, so be it. 


11:20am BBT Michael asks Daniel what his plan will be if he keeps him. Dan says he has no plans and is down with anything Michael needs. He will go after anyone if he stays 1 week more to get to jury. He needs that paycheck. He is only loyal to Michael if he stays.


11:23am Daniel is here to fight and win competitions. Not to throw stuff like the others. He, like Michael, came to play. He hopes he remembers that. He leaves and Alyssa is going to come up. 


11:25am BBT Michael asks Alyssa what the house wants. She says the house wants Daniel out, though it makes her feel bad. He had an emotional reaction when he lost his person. She sympathizes. But, that is probably the best direction. 


11:27am BBT He asks Alyssa how she feels about him putting up Daniel up initially. She says that pawns give others a chance to be on the block who have not been. But, it does not matter. It could go either way. He still has a chance to play veto even if he isn't put up. 


11:30am BBT He asks her about her willingness to be a pawn. She hopes not because she was up last week. And Taylor is her bestie now so it will be 4 times for her. But, if that is his only move, she will understand. 

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11:33am BBT Alyssa assures Michael that he makes her feel really comfortable. She wants to fight to win HoH and will not target Michael. Michael worries that getting rid of Daniel makes him the target with the most wins. So, hearing she won't target him feels good. 


11:35am BBT Alyssa has left the HoH. Indy goes up. Michael asks her who the house wants out. Indy says it is Daniel. She does not mind. Indy says she is afraid if he goes, she does not know who will be the next target. The house targeted Taylor, but she did not go. 


11:41am BBT Michael says the concern if he puts up Turner and Jasmine, Jasmine may go home. And she may not be medically cleared to play in veto. He would hate if she could not fight for herself to stay. Indy understands that. That would be super risky for her. 


11:42am BBT Michael says that he may have to put Monte, Joseph and Terrance up. Indy says the house will not be mad. That puts the 3 guys in the veto and a better chance of them winning it in case Daniel is picked to  play. It is a good chance to BD Daniel. 


11:47am BBT Michael asks Indy what the house is thinking what happen next if Daniel leaves. She has no idea. She thinks maybe it will be Taylor again. Michael will get credit for removing the biggest target. If he needs a pawn, is she comfortable? She says no. 

11:51am BBT Michael asks Indy if she has heard anyone mentioning him. She says no. No one is saying his name. She stresses that she is loyal and Michael says that he does know that about her. She if up front and loyal. He gives her a chocolate bar and they half it. 


11:56am BBT Indy leaves the HoH. Kyle asks to speak with her. He apologizes to her for last night. He was excited and behaved badly. He knows how important her sleep is. She accepts his apology and says he is in love and she understands. She is not upset with him. It is ok.

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12:00-1:30pm BBT Michael has been talking 1 on 1 with the house. Everyone is on board with Daniel being backdoored. Everyone but Indy is okay with being a pawn if Michael needs them to be. He is leaning towards putting up the 3 guys to help guarantee a veto win.


1:30pm BBT Brittany and Michael talk in the HoH. She is concerned that people are going to think that she is only advancing in the game because Michael drug her along. She fears they won't see her contributions. She says that she would be happy to lose in F2 to him. 



1:36pm BBT Brittany tells Michael that she has her own business. She is a hypnotherapist. No one else knows. She wants to experience BB, have a family. She feels like her whole strategy here does not work here. Too chaotic. 


1:40pm BBT Brittany says she didn't plan to share her career with anyone else. She just wants Michael to know, because he is her best friend in there. She will never jeopardize Michael in her BB journey. 


1:43pm BBT The top of Brittany's BB experience will be making it to F2. They need to be able to relax and Michael not be seen as such a big target. He feels like he can tell her anything. He has so many questions about hypnosis that he can't wait to ask her about.


1:47pm BBT Michael is talking to Monte in the HoH. Michael rehashes that everyone wants Daniel out via BD. Everyone but Indy is willing to be a pawn. Monte laughs. Monte asks him how Terrance responded. Michael says that he was understanding. 


1:49pm BBT Monte and Michael discuss back up plan if Daniel wins veto. They are discussing that Terrance may have to go. Or Alyssa because she is a bigger target. However, that would put Taylor up again which would be very hard. But, she is smart, logical, and insulated.

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1:57pm BBT Monte tells Michael he is very comfortable where they stand right now. It is shame what Daniel said and it a seed that could grow. They have to remove. Michael doesn't want to look too far ahead. They have 5 more people to go. 


2:00pm BBT Michael is talking through his nomination speech with Monte. He doesn't want to copy other's speeches because it would look like they talked. He plans to be very generic. The guys are a good shot at winning the veto and best of luck in that. 


2:15pm BBT The house is getting ready for nominations. They have chicken in the oven. Terrance is keeping an eye on them to make sure they don't burn the house down. Michael has talked 1 on 1 to the house and exited the HoH to join the rest of the house downstairs.


2:20pm BBT In the KT, Terrance has found 3 open bags of Lays Potato Chips. He combines them all into 1 bag. The house is must sitting around waiting for noms. Daniel is planning to go lay down and wait.

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2:34pm BBT Alyssa and Jasmine are talking in the SBR. Alyssa tells her that Michael is not risking putting Jasmine up and then have Jasmine not be cleared to compete in the veto. He won't risk her going home like that. Jasmine says that is sweet and means a lot to her. FOTH


2:42pm BBT Half the house is enjoying some chicken and rice while they wait on the nomination ceremony. The others are laying down. Monte is napping with his sunglasses on in the CBR. 


2:50pm BBT Daniel is sitting at the DT. He says he packed a bunch of acrylic paints but BB took them. Jasmine enjoys drawing. Taylor is in the BR putting on make up. Alyssa's happy place is reading and writing. She is deep into her social media though since Covid. 


3:00pm BBT We have puppies. It is time for the nomination ceremony. 

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 4:28pm BBT The feeds return.  Michael nominated Monte/Joseph/Terrance for eviction.


4:33pm BBT Monte, Joseph, Michael and Brittany are eating at the DT. Monte says that they need to get a veto win under the belt. They are 0 for 1. Meanwhile Alyssa apologizes to Indy that her and Kyle's cuddle time woke her up last night. 


4:45pm BBT Jasmine, Indy and Alyssa are in the SBR. They laugh (in reference to the nomination speech) and say How are we 3 a major threat? Jasmine raises her sprained ankle showing her big boot and says Helloooooo,


4:51pm BBT Jasmine says that if they go to bed at midnight and get up at 7, that is how many hours? Alyssa "That is 7 hours." Jasmine "1 to 7 is 7 hours right?" Alyssa "That's 6 hours."  


4:56pm BBT In the KT, Terrance tells Joseph, Monte, Kyle, Daniel and Taylor about driving his 4x4 in the snow in Chicago. In Chicago, until the snow is cleared, they go 6 lanes wide on a 4 lane highway. 

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9:38pm BBT Michael, Taylor, Alyssa, Kyle, Turner sitting on HOH bed chatting about misc. things. No game talk. Kids, siblings, etc. Talking about gifts for family members and memories.


Indy, Jasmine, Terrance sitting at DT talking about how long the days have been this week. They are all stressed out.


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Brittany and Terrance are on camera, Terrance is cleaning the kitchen.

Jasmine seems irritated by something.


Cameras move to the HOH

Turner, Michael, Brittany, Kyle  are in the room.

Turner is asking who might be picked for veto and what is the plan?

Michael says if he wins and uses it, it will be between Alyssa and Indy or Jasmine and Turner going up.

Kyle says it came to mind immediately that he should join the boys, but that would be four and possibly interfere with the vote. (if Daniel is evicted).

Turner tells him it would, indeed be a problem with voting.


Michael says Taylor wants to host the Veto Competition.

Kyle asks Taylor if there is an order in names of people who would not put him up. He says Alyssa,  he is worried about what Terrance is thinking, Jasmine because she is his Bestie, 


Turner says he wouldn't mind Jasmine going home, Kyle calls her sneaky. Brittany tells him Jasmine is coming for his head (Turner's) when the Bestie is over.


Cameras move back to the kitchen

Terrance still cleaning, Jasmine cooking.


Back in the HOH they are talking about "her", swearing on her dad often, that she does tell lies, although she denies that.

(The topic of the conversation is Jasmine)

Turner says he wouldn't mind her going before jury.

Kyle says she flipped on a dime.

Turner calls her high maintenance, Brittany says they need to get her out before her friends so they can continue to wait on her.

Brittany, "she knows not to ask me for jack s**t".


Alyssa comes into the room, she is wearing Michael's sweatshirt, she says she has to keep it, the diary room said it looked cute.


Alyssa says Jasmine is on a tangent about the muffin. Alyssa said Indy could have told, but Indy may have.

Turner says he moved Terrance's hats, Terrance said he used the plastic to keep the lint off. Turner says he was trying to help, he didn't know.

Alyssa says Terrance is particular about things.


Kyle says he was using shaving cream, Terrance told him it was his because it was the same brand. Turned out, it was not Terrance's.


Downstairs Jasmine is walking without her cane, Taylor hands it to her.

She says "I got all worked up."

Jasmine says Turner doesn't wash dishes, he doesn't take baths, he didn't help make slop, he doesn't wash clothes. Oh why did he have to be her Festie Bestie?

Jasmine has been grumbling about Turner, she wants to leave him a note, Terrance says no, leave it alone.

Taylor hears all of the tirade.

Camera focuses on Jasmine's very unhappy face.

Jasmine says she has to go to the diary room to vent and get it off her chest.

Terrance says he needs to do that too.


Cameras move to HOH,

The group in the room are playing chinese checkers.


They ask if they should go get Taylor to play, Alyssa asks if they want to enter muffin central. Alyssa wishes them luck.

Alyssa says Jasmine asked if it was Turner, Alyssa denied knowing anything.

Kyle returns with Taylor, they wonder where Turner is, Michael looks for him on the camera.


Turner stopped at the kitchen, he is confronted by Jasmine, who accuses him of eating her muffin. He denies it. He says someone approached him an hour ago, he says maybe he knows who did it and it wasn't him. He tells her he does not know, but it wasn't him.


Turner insists it was not him and goes upstairs.

Jasmine continues to cook her chicken wings, then sits at the table and munches on them.


In the HOH the group is waiting for Brittany, who was called to the diary room.


Jasmine asks Terrance how he feels being on the block, Terrance thinks it was a dumb move.

Jasmine says Terrance is nowhere in their mind, he should trust her.

Indy comes and sits beside Jasmine.


Indy asks if Jasmine at the muffin, Jasmine says she did.

"I didn't eat all of it though, it was a little sweet for my likin'"

(Oh for Pete's sake, all this drama over a muffin and she complains....")


Indy blows kisses at the camera, Jasmine tells her she is blowing kisses to the camera upstairs. (no one is watching the tv).


Cameras move to the HOH room

General talk about non game related topics.






Jasmine screams for Alyssa to "come here".

Turner says he will get her, Jasmine tells the diary room they can call her if they want to.


Jasmine, Monte and Indy go to the lavatory.

Indy makes Monte look in the shower, he sees bandages.

Monte yells for Turner to come get his bandages from the shower.


In the HOH Kyle is laughing about Turner sliding into Indy's bed. As soon as he got out she changed the sheets.

They laugh about Turner being called to get his bandages from the shower.


Back in the lavatory Jasmine is talking about the number of towels in the house now.

Indy says she is only putting out 12 towels at a time, Monte says Nicole did that as well, she kept a trash bag full of them hidden.




General talk in the lavatory about games in previous years, and this year.

Chinese checkers resumes in HOH



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10:50pm BBT Monte, Joe, Indy in kitchen. Joe & Monte making food. Talking about foods people will and won't eat. Joe is talking about how the garbage in the SR is full of food from storage because people aren't eating the fresh fruit. So Alyssa has been bringing the fruits into the kitchen.


Indy is trying to decide how many more Friday nights they have in the house. 7 Fridays? 6 Fridays? She decides on 7.


10:53 BBT camera switched to HOH and then back to Kitchen


Michael, Taylor, Kyle, Alyssa, Turner, and Brittany sitting on HOH bed playing Chinese Checkers. 


11:10BBT Taylor and Jasmine in bedroom. Taylor is unpacking. Jasmine laying on bed eating chips LOUDLY. 


Joe, Turner, Monte, Kyle, Alyssa, Indy in kitchen discussing sleeping arrangements. Early risers in one room, late night people in another room.


Monte is doing dishes. Indy is organizing the food in the drawers.



11:15 BBT Jasmine still sitting on her bed. Clipping her toenails now. Still no speaking between Taylor and Jasmine.


Kitchen crew is talking about random topics. Taylor has joined kitchen crew, then went back to her room.


Indy has gone to bedroom. Talking to Jasmine. Jasmine is still upset about someone touching her food. Indy is saying she told the others that Jasmine doesn't like other people touching her food. Jasmine is complaining to Taylor and Indy about people playing games with her food. Indy is describing how the guys just laughed her off when she told them Jasmine didn't like her food touched.


Taylor says it isn't cool they were making fun of Jasmine.



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11:22 BBT Indy, Alyssa, Brittany in downstairs bathroom. Brushing teeth, etc. Brittany headed for bed.


Monte, Turner, Kyle, Joe in kitchen talking guy talk. Talking about going to bed early.


Alyssa, Indy talking about food and how to handle it to keep it fresh.


Jasmine comes in to go to the bathroom. She whines to Indy about whether Indy is coming to bed. Indy gives her a very sympathetic look.


Taylor has come into bathroom. Indy leaves. Taylor and Alyssa talking about random things. Hair in the shower is driving them all nuts.


Joe comes in and tells them anyone that shaves their body hair needs to do a deep clean before and after.


Kyle, Monte, Turner talking movies and actors in kitchen. Just sitting at the bar chatting. Also discussing dreams and how aware they are during the dreams.


Daniel walked through headed for the bathroom.


Daniel talking to Alyssa about falling during the HOH competition. Daniel tells Taylor she did really well.



11:32 BBT Jasmine sitting on the end of Indy's bed whispering.  Indy is hoping Daniel wins Veto tomorrow and HOH next week. Jasmine is hoping Daniel doesn't use the Veto and the noms stay the same. Send one of the boys home. Indy is excited that Daniel win HOH next week, then BOOM they are set to evict Taylor next week.


Indy says that she likes BB because things can change in an instant.



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