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Wednesday, August 3, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:03AM BBT

Indy and Jasmine are whispering in the HNR. Indy is not sure if "they" really have an alliance (Michael, Brittany, etc) thinking Monte wouldn't want to. Indy says if they keep Daniel and Nicole, they won't come after the, "If we keeping Nicole and Daniel, it's the best option we have. They won't take us out anytime soon and the people were come for them and not for us. We are protected."

Jasmine: Okay, we need to get Nicole to stay.

They count votes

Indy: If we have 6, it's done....but no one can change their mind...me, Alyssa, Daniel, Terrance and Kyle. But I don't know about Kyle, you know.

Jasmine: I don't know about Kyle.

Indy: But I told Alyssa she needs to talk to him and give him points.

Jasmine: She needs to talk to Turner and to Kyle because she is close with them. She is gonna have to start doing her work like we are doing our work. 

Jasmine says that Brittany told her that Taylor is going to come for her. Indy says that is not true because Taylor said she is going after Daniel.

Indy: I am gonna tell her tomorrow...she needs to make the point that I made to Brittany today to Kyle. If Taylor joins us, they are coming after us and eventually get rid of all of us. They are gonna sleep every day and we are going to be out. 

Jasmine: If Alyssa comes to the back, tell her to come up here because Alyssa needs to talk to Kyle tonight.

Indy: If Taylor stays they are gonna keep putting us up and get us out. That's stupid. This girl is messing around a lot already. She doesn't help with the house...

*cams move to the backyard, but Indy is heading back outside. She settles with Alyssa, Turner, Joseph and Kyle at the hammock where there is a lot of general conversation.


12:27AM BBT

Nicole joins Jasmine in the HNR. Jasmine is saying that she was just thinking that  she needed to ask Nicole who she would put up if she wins HoH on Thursday, "and then you walked in. I'm just gonna say prayers are answered."

Nicole says she doesn't know, but she knows Monte and Joseph are coming after her.

Jasmine tells her no, that Joe wants Taylor out  (He has been lying to her)

Nicole says that she only trusts Dan, her, Indy and Alyssa and she is frustrated because everyone tells her something different. Nicole tells Jasmine she spoke with Brittany and Michael from the viewpoint of her joining their duo if she stays and how valuable for them that would be. Nicole says that Britt said she doesn't talk game with Taylor at all which makes no sense, "Damn, if you're not talking game with her, why aren't you going after her. It doesn't make sense."  [Right! Britt is just horrible at this part of the game.  -MamaLong] Nicole says that Michael told her he is keeping her. Jasmine let sout an audible "Hm." Nicole told them she is not trying to talk shit on Taylor, she is just trying to tell them what she could do for them...fight for HoH and win. She says when asked who she would go after, Nicole responded that she needs to see how the votes go on Thursday to figure out who she could trust. Nicole tells Jasmine that Michael told her that she can't trust votes from Jasmine, Alyssa or Indy....that they are voting her out. "He said I couldn't trust your votes."

Jasmine: You watch. Watch what happens. He is going to be wide awake on Thursday. I don't talk game with him. 

Jasmine says after Ameerah was evicted, Michael told her about the alliance.

Nicole: He told me that you told HIM about the alliance

Jasmine laughs; Well, that's just...that's just.

Jasmine says when Ameerah hugged her she was telling her where to find her shoes to pack her stuff. "That is so crazy. Why are they making shit up?" (that there was no mention of Dan/Nicole at all)

Nicole: He literally pulled me and Daniel the morning of the veto meeting and said remember that conversation we had yesterday?

She describes Monte telling her that Jasmine said that she is definitely not voting to keep her (Nicole) and pointed out that Indy was also indicating she was not voting to keep Nicole, either. Nicole says Monte told Daniel not to use the power of veto and that Alyssa was going to be the target.

Jasmine is floored (or acts floored) over this information. Nicole says she immediately looked for Jasmine to fact check after talking with Monte


12:40AM BBT

Alyssa walks in. Jasmine says she just wanted to tell her she HAS to talk to Kyle TONIGHT. Alyssa says she already did and Kyle said he will 100% vote to evict Taylor.

Jasmine: Did you know Monte told Nicole and Daniel that me, you and Indy are not voting to keep Nicole

Alyssa: I am not surprised

Jasmine is heated but says she is not going to say anything. She will just hold onto the information

Nicole: What else has he said to you?

Alyssa says she doesn't believe a thing he says. "I don't trust a thing he says and don't talk to him, ever." (She means game talk)


12:34AM BBT

Daniel has been talking with Terrance in the Car Design Bedroom. He tells Terrance he has run the house votes and it's 6-4. He tells Terrance that he is in the best position as their Bestie. "We are going to run this thing." Terrance is excited.


[Y'all. I am not sure where Terrance will truly side. I imagine he will just float to whoever has power, but how will he vote this week? I feel like he will vote to keep Nicole, but Terrance is playing both sides so well. It's truly an unknown. Anyone who says Terrance is not playing the game, has not been watching the feeds. The social game in BB is more important than comp wins, in my opinion. Terrance has the social game down so well, telling people what they want to hear, playing his emotions to the right people at the right time and keeping his mouth shut when needed. -MamaLong]


Daniel says that Monte is trying to get a majority of the house and know they already have Kyle. Kyle is very emotional and torn. "They know we are taking over this shit." Dan says that he asked why he didn't put up Michael and Brittany and his response was that he just couldn't do that to him. "Bullshit. Whether Nicole stays or goes, the most important thing is this next HoH because it will determine the rest of the game." 

Terrance: Exactly

Dan: If they win, I know I am going up next.

Terrance: We are not going to let that fucking happen. You got to win.

Dan: Nicole is working her ass off, and I applaud her for it.


Back in the HNR, Nicole and Jasmine are heading out. Nicole suggests they could have a Battle Back.

Jasmine: You think?

Nicole: It's very possible.....time for another twist.

Jasmine: Wow


Nicole and Jasmine head to the HoHR so Jasmine can use the potty. She asks Nicole to stay because she doesn't want anyone to catch her in there and question it.

Nicole says she is so glad they got to talk, "because I finally get to tell you shit. I feel like I never get to talk to you unless we whisper"

Jasmine says the last time they could really talk was when she had HoH.

Nicole says they really need another female HoH. Jasmine exits the loo, doesn't wash her hands, and tells Nicole that since the house is empty she should go get someone (doesn't say who) to come talk with her "and to make it snappy because I am not trying to be up all night talking."


1:33AM BBT

Nicole is in the Car Design Bedroom talking to Terrance. She tells him "The Sorry Six" are going to be sorry if she is still in the house. Terrance tells her she WILL be in the house. Nicole says she told Taylor that she is campaigning her ass off to stay in the house but she is not and will not talk shit on Taylor at all. Nicole says that Jasmine reported that Taylor didn't talk a lick of shit on her when she campaigned to Taylor, either. "Good for her because I  am not here to play that game." Nicole says that she knows everyone is trying to get her to over-react, but when she walks out, she walk out with pure grace.


1:39AM BBT

Daniel is talking with Jasmine in the HNR. He fills her in that Kyle is the swing vote because he can't trust Joe, knowing he is only telling them but he wants to hear but is really working with Monte. Dan says that michael tried to form an alliance with him today saying they are both working the middle, but he knows he is working with the other side. Jasmine tells him that her talk with Brittany was hilarious because Britt said she was keeping Taylor because she doesn't want her to feel isolated.

Jasmine: I've just been noticing little things (that give away game play form the other side) I'm like, y'all gots to get better (at lying)


Jasmine says Nicole needs to join Brittany and Michael because if they go up, their side only loses one vote, but if she joins Turner and Jasmine, they lose two numbers.

Daniel: Oh, that's really good. 

Dan says he originally thought she should join with them (Turner/Jasmine) but now sees it would be better for her to join Michael and Brittany.

They discuss that their side must win the next HoH, but not Terrance because that would leave Monte and Joseph safe. Jasmine says she will pass the HoH to him or Nicole because it will make sense, "I can be like, my foot hurts."

Jasmine says they are just waiting on Kyle. She is hoping Joseph is not lying to her (he is) but will know once the votes come down on Thursday and then she will know she cannot trust him at all.


Jasmine discusses how disappointing Monte has been because he is not behaving in the "brotherhood" (shares the same fraternity membership with her husband).


1:58AM BBT

Nicole talks with Kyle in the Tiki Loft. Kyle plays dumb with her over the vote saying that everything he has heard indicates Taylor is the target.

Nicole: But they wouldn't tell you the truth.

She tells him that Monte named Alyssa as the target. She tells him that Monte told her and Daniel they couldn't trust Jasmine, Indy or Alyssa because they all are voting her out. 

Kyle: So you think they are trying to keep Taylor

Nicole: YEAH! There are people in this house campaigning against me. 

Kyle: Who? It's not me.

Niocle: Look, there's definitley soemthing going on. Ther eis definitely another alliance. I am definitely not in it and Taylor definitely is.

Kyle: I don't know. I haven't been told. I don't want to see you go.

Nicole: I don't want to see me go either


2:05AM BBT

Daniel joins them

Dan: I didn't know you were still up

Nicole: Yeah, I'm working overtime.

Dan: I respect that

Michael joins them, too, saying conversation in the backyard is deal breakers and ball breakers.

Nicole says can I be the ball breaker and ask for a few minutes. Michael and Dan leave.

Niocle says that she doesn't know what plan there is other than her leaving. "The first thing Monte said is that it needed to be Alyssa."

Kyle: To go?

Nicole confirms

Kyle: I haven't talked game with anyone today. I mean, is there a plan?

Nicole: I don't know how close you are with some of these people, and I might be shooting myself in the foot telling you these things, but I can tell you that the plan is not for Taylor to go home. It's me. Right now, I only have 5 votes Daniel, Terrance, Indy, Alyssa and Jasmine.

Kyle says he doesn't see them (the others) working together. "That would be the most random group."

Nicole says she has caught them talking together at 4AM.

Kyle acts surprised.





Nicole: I have no reason to lie to you, Kyle.

Kyle: I know

Kyle says he just doesn't see that (her version) happening at all

Nicole tells Kyle he is the swing vote.

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Nicole: Open your eyes Buddy!

Kyle continues acting dumb. [He is way too good at that! -ML]


Throughout the night and early morning, the debate about whether there are more wheels or doors in the world went on and on and on and on and on.  Turner claims he has the correct answer. 


2:14AM BBT

Monte walks up the steps and tells them it's after 2AM

Nicole: Oh, so it's deuces time?

Monte responds, 'Well, and I have to drop a turd."

Nicole: So it's deuces time at deuces time.

Monte heads into the HoHR

Nicole pleads to Kyle that he will be the vote to save her and promises her loyalty.

Kyle indicates that everything Nicole tells him sounds insane and he acts stupid.

Nicole: I just hope you are not working with them.  [BINGO!]

Nicole continues pleading and campaigning to Kyle and he continues acting dumb.


[Could Kyle switch sides? Has Alyssa secured enough of his heart that he will want to keep her in the game? Only Thursday will tell. -MamaLong]


2:30AM BBT

Nicole tells Kyle that so much is happening that he is not aware of. He says Brittany and Taylor tried to bait her when Taylor put on her bikini and heels. Nicole was talking with Britt and Michael about Ameerah and Britt got it twisted and tried to play it off as Nicole making comments about Taylor in her bikini and heels. Nicole set the record straight and asked them point blank if she had ever spoken a bad word about Taylor. They both agreed she (Nicole) had never said anything negative about Taylor.


[This is true, y'all. Taylor got all dressed up with Britt in the room. She put on her bikini and heels saying she had nothing to lose and headed for the backyard saying something like, "Here comes public enemy number one." Later, she told Britt and Michael that she knew the girls would talk smack about her walking around like that. She was assuming the other girls would say negative things, and I thought to myself that she was playing hard. I never witnessed any of the HGs on the other side say a word about it. But, Monte's side had plenty to say. Yes! Taylor seemingly did that with intention and hoping it would stir up conversation. -MamaLong]


2:39AM BBT

Kyle joins Alyssa in the Space Age Bedroom for some cuddle time. *smooch* Indy is sleeping with her eyes covered next to them. 

Kyle: What should we do? Nicole is still up. *smooch*

They don't feel comfortable making out with so many awake. Kyle asks if she will be mad if he comes in and wake sher up in the middle of the night. She says no.

Kyle says he wants to sleep with her all night and not leave.

Alyssa: I don't want you teave.

He asks if they should get under the covers. "Oh, my mom. She's watching." *smooch*

Kyle: Alyssa.....Alyssa...*smooch*

Alyssa: There's no options here.

Kyle: Everyone is awake. Why? They all need to go asleep.

Kyle crawls under the covers, "What do we do with our mics? Oh my gosh!"

*camera moves to kitchen because things are getting steamy where Nicole is saying goodnight to Joe and Turner



Kyle has gotten out of bed and is sitting on the edge. Nicole walks in and they start talking louder. She then leaves.

Indy wakes up and complains about the noise. "What the fuck was that? Oh my God, you guys. There's 12 fucking hours in the day to fool around" Alyssa tells her it was Nicole and that she is threre to go to bed.  "Sorry, I am going to bed. I love you"

Indy: She may need to move out if she is making so much fucking noise

Alyssa: She does make a lot of noise

Kyle is laughing and trying to sneak out

Indy: Oh my God, you guys. Where is Kyle?

Nicole comes back in and says she feels bad, she should probably move out since she goes to bed so late.

Alyssa: I think he went to bed (he is right there)

Indy hears Kyle laughing and takes off her eye cover then laughs at them for trying to fool her.


3:15AM BBT

Nicole, Indy and Alyssa are in bed with the lights off in the Space Age Bedroom. Taylor, Michael, Joseph and Turner are talking in the bathroom about television shows they watched growing up. (Drake and Josh, Hannah Montana, George Lopez, etc)

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3:45AM BBT

Kyle has joined them in the bathroom. These Leftovers discuss Terrance's vote. They truly think Terrance will vote out Nicole.

Joe: My best bet is that they are going to try to get me, Kyle and Terrance to flip

Taylor: Why would they want to keep Nicole so badly

Michael: As a number for them

Joe: We all came together because we were pushed to the side. They are doing the same thing.

Joe says he would put money on Terrance voting out Nicole. Joseph calls Kyle the "swinger" and everyone laughs. Kyle says he has been trying to avoid them (Nicole/Dan) but he gets cornered by them.

They laugh about Nicole saying, "You need to wake up."

Kyle: They are scrambling. They are trying.



4:13AM BBT

Taylor is the last one awake. She is cleaning up the backyard and gathering personal items, "Dammit guys." She has collected a huge pile of things (they lose these until the BY reopens if she doesn't take them in).


4:30AM BBT

The BB24 house is finally dark and silent with Taylor feeling super confident she is staying and Nicole feeling super confident she has to continue to work hard and secure her stay.


7:30AM BBT

The HGs are still sleeping.

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8:17AM BBT



8:20AM BBT

The feeds return to Kyle and Daniel awake.


8:26AM BBT


Feeds pop back in quickly.


8:30AM BBT

Kyle is barely awake but playing with the cameras in the living room. He is waiting for his turn in the DR.

[Daniel and Kyle were both called for a "quick DR," but we all know production likes giving opposite sides of the house an opportunity to chat. Tricky, tricky. -MamaLong]


Dan comes out of the DR and tells him they want him to buzz in.

Dan: goodnight

Kyle: for real; go to sleep

Daniel heads back to bed in the Golf Pro Bedroom.


8:40AM BBT

Kyle is heard coming out of the DR, and he heads straight back to bed in the Car Design bedroom.


8:44AM BBT

Terrance is out of bed for the loo.


8:49AM BBT

Terrance heads straight back to bed after washing his hands.

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[This is an update of the Alyssa/Kyle conversation that granny mentioned from 8:49PM Tuesday night. 

Alyssa tells Kyle she doesn't trust Monte

Kyle: He is your arch nemesis?

Alyssa says he is "and you couldn't pay me to trust him. He looked into my eyeballs and lied to me."

Kyle tells Alyssa that Daniel thinks he is stupid. She asks how, and he says it's just from their conversations (he can tell). Alyssa tells him he does a suprirsed look and holding his breath thing all the time. He denies [This is how he was playing with the cameras this mornng in the living room. He will take a sharp breath then give a surprised facial expression.)

Kyle asks her what her last name is. She teases him that he should know, "I bet Monte knows. I bet Turner knows." She tells him it's Jones (Ameerah's last name) He doesn't believe her. He asks for Cry Baby Therapy. She says "he's long gone." She finally tells him it's Snider. He feels her wrist, "you have no pulse." 

Kyle tells Alyssa that no one comes up to the loft when the Backyard is open, so they should meet up there. They discuss making out near Indy. 

Alyssa: I can't believe she didn't wake up through that.

Kyle says he feels they didn't get to connect much today. Alyssa says she was just tired. He asks where her game head is at.

Alyssa: I don't know. I take it day by day. I don't trust any of these people except you and Indy.

Kyle continues playing with Alyssa's hand. She traces hearts on his forearm then gets on the couch with him.

Kyle: Alyssa, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire life. (he is using his hands to show emphasis)

Bob: Indy, please go to the diary room upstairs.

Alyssa: Shit, she is coming up here.

She moves a bit away from Kyle but stays ont he couch.

Kyle says it may be her Covid test.

Alyssa finds Turner's brush and says he is her child, "his brush is up here and he needs to brush his hair."

Indy comes through but tells them she had her Covid test earlier when Alyssa asks. After she leaves, Kyle asks Alyssa if she knew that Indy lived in Dubai for a while.

Alyssa: Yeah

*cams cut to the backyard








9:36PM BBT

Back in the loft, Kyle and Alyssa are cozy again. Kyle gives her some smooches, "Just be careful about who you say 'I would put up Monte and Joseph or Michael and Brittany.' Don't tell the girls; don't tell anyone that. If the situation occurs and that happens, I think that's a good plan, but don't tell anyone, ever."

Alyssa: I won't...just you

Kyle says he doesn't want to be put in a situation where he knows information and then gets put on the spot.

Alyssa: I don't tell them anything.

Kyle warns her that Indy is getting very close to Monte and Joseph, and so is Jasmine, no matter what they tell her. "I'm sorry"

Alyssa: It's the game

Kyle: I don't know how this vote is going to go but I'll tell you for sure. If only Po's Pack could stay strong. I thought the girls were taking priority to Po's Pack.

Alyssa: What do you mean?

Kyle says the girls were in Jasmine's HoHR all the time 24/7 and anytime he went in, the room was silent so there was a perception that they were talking game.

Kyle: I don't know what to do, but I don't want you to go. We have to think of a way that we can take it to the end.

Alyssa tells Kyle that if Nicole stays she will join with Michael and Brittany.

Kyle asks Alyssa if he should come to see her later. 

Alyssa: I will see you later...eventually

Alyssa leaves to finish her laundry, and once gone, Kyle readjusts his crotch.

This poor kid -MamaLong]


Screenshotter--StreamBigBrother2021LiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-89763’04” (1).png




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10:12AM BBT

WBRB for "Wakey, Wakey Houseguests"


10:26AM BBT

The feeds return to all hous lights up and HGs starting their day.

Taylor has her suitcase and is at the foot of her bed in deep thought.



10:30AM BBT

Bob: Wakey, Wakey Houseguests

Jasmine is slowly making her way down the stairs as Taylor examines the kitchen counters for ants.


10:33AM BBT

Daniel is getting dressed int he Golf Pro Bedroom, but Brittany and Joseph are still fast asleep.

Daniel heads to the loo and says good morning to Nicole who is washing her face. 

Nicole: Jazzy is in the bathroom

Dan: Dope

They discuss the morning music which included Chaka Khan.

Niocle: That was me and Terrance's kind of music. They have our luggage in there already.

Jasmine: Already? Damn!

Dan says it's because they know it will be a busy day of scheming.

Jasmine says her toothpaste has been used by someone. Nicole says she feels like all of their stuff is being used by others.

Jasmine: This is getting out of hand. If y'all don't have your own stuff, just go to the storage room. It's really simple. My age is starting to come out.


10:39AM BBT

Terrance joins Jasmine in the bathroom. She complains to him that people are using her toothpaste.

Bob: Please change your batteries.


10:42AM BBT

I will be out for much of the day.  -MamaLong

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10:57AM BBT

Bob (in a wicked OTEV voice): I said.... everyone wake up nowwwww

Everyone asks production to do it again, but louder.


Taylor is in the Tiki loft telling us it really hit home when she went to the SR to change her battery and found her suitcase, so now she has to pack, again. She says she has to trust in her alliance, but she can never get too comfortable in the house.  She is somewhat afraid to talk to people, "I can't rub people the wrong way. I can't rub people the wrong way." She complains about one person (no name provided) making a huge mess int he kitchen, sing a bunch of stuff to cook theri food but never cleaning.  (TURNER) "If it's fine if you live alone, but you share with other people here."

Taylor: There is no way...there is nothing Nicole and Daniel can say anything to Terrance to make her want to keep Nicole here. No way.


11:16AM BBT

Still in the loft, Taylor says if she doesn't win HoH she will have to be on slop. "If I do win HoH, Brittany will be on slop with Michael and that will make me so sad." Taylor says Michael deserves to win America's Favorite Player.


[No way, y'all. I love Michael, but Kyle is earning that award thus far. He is pure entertainment, and not one person knows his entire game. He is so good at this game. -ML]


The doors/wheels debate is still going this morning. Britt says it's doors. Nicole says it is wheels. MamaLong says it's wheels, "The first technological invention is such for a reason. Necessity drives invention." Taylor hears the debate going on downstairs and whispers to us that she is the one who started that conversation. "I have started so many great conversations in this house that no one gives me credit for."


11:26AM BBT

Michael is finishing up with his shower and getting dressed in the bathroom. Joe is asleep on the bathroom couch. Jasmine, Terrance, Daniel, Britt, Nicole, Indy and Alyssa can be heard talking in the kitchen. Turner is likely still sleeping.

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11:28AM BBT

Back in the loft, Taylor says she realizes that it is probably really for her her family and friends to watch the live feeds, "because I know I am topic of conversation, and many of those c onversations are ugly."

11:32AM BBT

We got WBRB and when the feeds return, Turner is finally up.



11:36AM BBT

Terrance is putting on a show in the kitchen as a southern preacher trying to coach someone on the block to fight for their votes [My transcription would not give this moment justice. I hope they show it on the televised show. -MamaLong]

The church stories continue. Jasmine tells a story of opening a candy in church and an usher coming over to collect it from her. Lots of laughter this mornng to these church stories.




The HGs can hear construction in the backyard.

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12:00PM BBT

Brittany is sitting up in her bed with eyes closed. She is either nodding off or meditating.

Bob: Wakey, Wakey Houseguests



12:02PM BBT

Bob: Houseguests, please change your batteries.

Monte: That is me. I am the one.

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7:21 BBT Kyle plays with a paper cat putting it under his glasses and mewing. Britt and Michael are talking casually and the camera switches. 

Indy and Nicole in the space age room Nicole is whispering to Indy about people getting on the block. She says she has talked to everyone in the house and she feels good. She says that she feels like they are going to try to "do to her like they did to Ameerah" and flip the vote. She says she hopes they don't. Indy assures her that it won't happen. Nicole says she has to talk to Kyle. Nicole gets up and tells Indy she will talk to her later tonight and that she loves her so much. Nicole hugged Indy. 

 7:25 BBT Nicole picks up trash and asks her if she lashes 

Indy now alone in the space age room says this is like they say in Portuguese something about water hitting the fan. She says it is not easy and that she is happy to have one more day in paradise - the BB house. 

Nicole talks to camera "nobody's doing anything fun? you keep following me? I'm just trying to survive in this house." 

7:27pm BBT The cams switch to Taylor and Michael talking lowly in the bathroom sitting area. Taylor is eating and they said its weird they haven't done goodbye messages yet. They just have general conversation as Taylor is eating. [Michael looks sad???] Michael says he wants to go to bed and yawns. The camera is stuck on Michael. [He looks like he is scheming... and I'm definitely here for it!]

7:32 pm BBT Taylor goes off camera to blow-dry her hair and then talks to Michael from off screen. She says he [Michael] is being quiet. He says yes and said he liked that spot. Michael said that ever since Jasmine's ankle the living room has been more of a hang out spot. Taylor agreed. Michael said he liked the couches. Taylor is doing her hair and Michael got up to get windex to clean the mirror.  Taylor thanked him. Michael left


7:35 BBT Joseph came in and Taylor, Joseph, and Michael were having general conversation. 


7:37 pm BBT Joseph scared Alyssa in the shower. Alyssa was scared and screamed, but ended up laughing.


7:37 pm BBT WBRB


7:38 pm BBT Feeds return - Alyssa is in the shower talking about how Joseph scared her. She said she was bending down to shave her legs and that she was in a "vulnerable position." Joseph said he was scared by Alyssa's scream, but he thought that it was funny. Joseph said "you scared me... like I wasn't going to hurt you. It's not like I had a knife or something." Taylor is sitting on the couch in the bathroom, eating again joining in on the antics. Joseph says him and Kyle are tight. More general conversation about how Joseph scared Alyssa. Joseph leaves to check the time and he informs Alyssa and Taylor in the bathroom that it is 7:35 and Alyssa asked Taylor if the show was over and what time it was in Florida. Taylor asked Joseph what time it was again and he said 7:35 again. Taylor thought and then said it was 10:35 in Florida. 


Alyssa continues talking to Taylor about being scared by Joseph. Alyssa asked Taylor if she was scared by Joseph or anyone else in the house and she said no. Daniel walks in and goes to the bathroom and washes his hands. He doesn't say anything to Taylor - who is back at the mirror doing her hair - and then leaves. Taylor is continuing to blow-dry and work on her hair. Alyssa is still in the shower. 


7:45 pm BBT Alyssa gets out of the shower and cleans her ears and nose with a q-tip. She is not talking to Taylor who is still doing her hair. 

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7:55 pm BBT Daniel and Nicole are playing checkers in the tiki room. They are whispering. 

Daniel: Oh yeah baby. 

Nicole and Daniel continue playing. 

Daniel: Alyssa and Indy... 

Nicole: I talked to Indy and she needs a break.

Daniel: I'm worried about Kyle. I can talk to him. What have you heard?

Nicole and Daniel are talking really low. 

Daniel: It's your turn.

Nicole: I know. 

Daniel: Okay. 

Nicole sits and waits to make her move. When she made her move, Daniel said it was stupid. 


7:58 pm BBT 

Daniel keeps bringing up Indy and Alyssa. 

Daniel: I am ready for anything that is about to go down. 

Nicole is focusing on the game. [She looks a little trouble.] 

Daniel: I got her [Nicole] right where I wanted her. 

Nicole: Okay - laughing.

They continue to play the game.  Nicole is fumbling nervously with the chips. 

Daniel reaches over to get her to stop.

Daniel: you're the person in the casino who flips...(he hand gestures flipping dice)

Nicole: Oh yes. 

They continue to play. 

Daniel: I got her right where I want her.

Nicole: Nuh-uh! 

They continue playing. Nicole starts fumbling with the chips again.

Nicole: Oh damn, you got me good. 


Nicole gets called to the DR. She says she has to change as she gets up. 

Daniel: We can say I won! Have you done goodbyes yet? 

Nicole: No, but I have to change! 

Nicole rushes to change and goes to the DR.  

Daniel finishes the game by himself. He makes moves that he thinks Nicole would have made "she does that" "i'd do this" "she does that" "i'd do this" 


8:04 BBT Daniel is still playing checkers by himself in the Tiki Room. 


Daniel: I don't want anyone to come up here. It's going to be Brittany or Taylor. I can feel it. I don't want them to come up here. Probably Brittany. I can feel it. 


Daniel keeps making moves that he thinks Nicole would have made. 


Daniel: If she moves here, I jump her. If she moves here, I jump her. Pretty dope. 


8:07 BBT


Michael and Jasmine are talking in the Space Age Room. They are talking about how the game is going to play out. They talk about what would happen if Festie Besties kept playing. Jasmine says that she thinks Festie Besties is going to end soon. Michael and Jasmine say their main goal is getting to jury. 


Michael: I am nervous about that. There may be less choices to put on the block. Let's say you and Turner win HOH and put up the three guys... then that leaves me and Britt and Alyssa and Indy to go on the block. 


Jasmine: I wonder who people want on jury. 


Michael: I want to vote for people who played a good game.


Jasmine: I want to be friends outside of here.


Michael: Same, I hope that we can all leave and say 'wow that was a good experience' 


Jasmine and Michael talk about how hard the game is inside the BB house as opposed to sitting on their couches at home. 


Jasmine: I am just trying to get through tomorrow and I have to talk to Monte... and Nicole... I just want to be with the house... I just want to know. 


Michael is just sitting there agreeing. 


Jasmine: I want to spend time with everybody and get to know them. Everyone knows Alyssa is my girl. I don't want people to think I just talk to one or two people. I wanna see who wins HoH and it's people I really trust so I can get to jury.


Michael: Me too. I just want to get to jury.


Jasmine: Yeah.


Michael: It's been a while since we've seen family. I know that everyone is going to gun for HoH. 

Jasmine: You think so?


Michael: You don't?! I want to secure my place in jury. Winning would secure it. 


Jasmine: Yeah, I guess. Do you think that if you win, Britt would get in jury too? I don't think it's fair. 


Michael: Yeah. 


Jasmine: If I get HoH, you have nothing to worry about. 


Michael: If I get there, then same. 


Jasmine says she wants to go see if Monte is up. 


Michael gets up and checks. 

Jasmine said that she wants to know what time it was. Because she wanted to make chicken wings and spaghetti [ALWAYS... lol] 


Jasmine talks about being thankful for her bed this evening. She said she only blew up the butterfly floaty in the have-not room one time. 


8:20 PM BBT Alyssa comes into the space age room with Jasmine and Michael and says 4 people are napping. Turner is sleeping. 


Alyssa: Have you heard anything from Turner? 

Jasmine: I think he is going to vote Taylor out. I think I am going to too... but I want to vote with the house.


Michael: The only person who said anything to me was Indy in the kitchen. She said 'we have to get Taylor out' 


Alyssa said that she hasn't talked to many people about it. She was trying to distract herself. 


Jasmine says she thinks it is going to be late tomorrow or early tomorrow. 


Jasmine says that she thinks in her gut that it [the vote] isn't going to go how they think it is going to go. She says it won't go how they think it will OR Monte will have to vote and show his cards [Yikes!] 


8:24 pm BBT Nicole sneaks into the Space Age Room. Jasmine, Michael, and Alyssa stop talking. Nicole informs them that she was in the DR room filming goodbye messages. 


Nicole: I love being here and hope I'm here tomorrow. 


Nicole talks about making banana bread and orange chocolate muffins


Alyssa: That is my literal dream! Thank you! 


Jasmine: Is there going to be milk in there? 


Nicole: I can use almond or soy milk. 


Jasmine: Yes please. 


Jasmine talks about not eating. 

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Jasmine and Monte are discussing the upcoming eviction vote. Monte tells Jasmine that he would vote Nicole out in the event of a tie and Jasmine tells Monte she will vote to evict Nicole if the house goes in that direction. She also lets him know that she will discuss voting with the girls. She tells Monte she is just worried that she will become a target, but Monte tells her that is not likely.

Jasmine wonders if this week will be a double eviction, or if the Festie Besties will end this week. She is hoping that is what happens.

Monte tells Jasmine if they can get the whole house to vote out Nicole this week then next week would be a clear path to Daniel's exit. He says a whole house vote will not expose games.

Monte tells Jasmine that Daniels take on the game is off kilter, it doesn't align with the game he sees unfolding.

Jasmine thanks Monte for letting her know, she will talk to Alyssa to let her know as well.

Monte will talk to Indy, Jasmine says there is more trust for Monty there.

Monte tells her that he would appreciate it if word does not reach Nicole.

Jasmine says she heard from another person that she is Nicole's target, and Monte confirmed it for her.


Turner and Michael go to the HOH room.

Turner asks if there were any informative conversations today.

Michael says Alyssa has indicated that she doesn't trust Nicole.

Indy comes in, yells "Hey everybody, I just wanted to let you know I'm not on the block anymore, wooooo."

Kyle comes into the room as well.

General conversation.


Monte is headed to the HOH room, everyone runs to hide so they can scare him.

Monty, "anybody home?"

Monte isn't scared, he says he saw the curtain moving behind the sofa.

Indy laughs, "It was me, sorry."

Monte says he came to get the dark chocolate, Nicole is making muffins with it.

Brittany comes into the room.


Indy says she is going downstairs and leaves the room.

Kyle checks the remote to see if she is gone from the hallway.

Turner says Nicole said she is joining Michael and Brittany as Besties.

Monte returns to the room, he says Terrance  pulled him into the HOH room asking about where the votes were going, and Terrance also told him that 

Monte and Joe are Nicole and Daniel's targets next week.

Monte says he told Terrance that would mean he (Terrance) would be on the block for the third time. Terrance wasn't happy, agreed to vote Nicole out.

Monte repeats some of the conversation with Jasmine, and that Jasmine will approach Alyssa for them (not knowing she is doing it for the Leftovers, only that she is doing it for Monte).

Turner tells them he told Jasmine that they (Jasmine and Turner) are Nicole and Daniel's targets. (Monte later verified this in his conversation with her).

Brittany says hopefully Daniel will be mad at the people he believes flipped on him and bypass the Leftovers.

Kyle asks if Alyssa gave him any indication o f what she is thinking, Michael says he listed people that would be at risk.

Monte says he is using Nicole's lies against her,

Taylor says Nicole is telling everyone she has never said anything bad about her (Taylor). The group says they realize she is lying.

group separates, Turner, Taylor, and  Michael  remain in the HOH room.

Taylor says she thought for a short minute about not giving her intended speech, the other two encourage her to give the speech.

Turner says he is looking for the banana bread. they make jokes about using Nicole's talents before she goes tomorrow.



Another conversation is happening in the bedroom with Jasmine, Brittany, Indy and Alyssa. Brittany is spilling the beans on Nicole making promises to join different groups, to target different people. Brittany says things might change, but it seems like Nicole might be voted out. She will do whatever the house wants.

Indy says if "she" gets HOH, she will win the game. (Taylor). She argues that Taylor has managed to escape leaving too many times.

Indy says she will vote for Nicole to stay no matter what.

Brittany says they can all vote differently, but for her, she is leaning towards voting Nicole out because of things she has been told.

Indy insists she will not vote to keep Taylor, that Daniel took her off the block, and she will vote with him.

Everyone understands.


Indy continues to passionately talk to the other girls about Taylor and the danger of keeping her in the game.

Alyssa tells her if Taylor remains in the game she needs to be careful about how she is feeling about Taylor staying, Taylor could win HOH and get the idea that Indy is against her.


Brittany says taking Nicole out weakens Terrance and Daniel.


(we hear several rather loud burps from the camera human. healthy burps!--Grannysue)

Brittany repeats she just doesn't want to be on the wrong side of the house.

Alyssa leaves while Jasmine makes plans to cook at 11pm. She says she is drinking water and gatorade to make it.

Talk changes to general talk about what happens after jury starts and gossip about Nicole.

Jasmine leaves the room, Brittany asks Indy if she wants company, Indy says she just wants to read her Bible, she is scared.

Indy wants to know what the promises are, and can they use that to get the girls out.

Brittany says they will just have to win HOH, and she understands Indy's vote. She is concerned about the house, Indy says she will tell everyone, and will be honest about it.

Brittany says Indy isn't a target, she should be okay.

Brittany leaves the room and Indy is alone.


Camera moves to kitchen area.

General talk.
















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Brittany, Kyle and Alyssa are in the lavatory area.

General talk


Daniel and Nicole go to the storage room.

Daniel hugs Nicole, he tells her not to let "them" get to her.

Nicole leaves the room.

Daniel follows

Terrance, Daniel and Nicole are the only house guests in the kitchen.

Terrance talks about how being in the house puts a spotlight on one's sex life. He makes jokes about "working out".

Alyssa comes in and goes to the sink for water.

Terrance teases her by a mimic of her voice.

Nicole goes to the bedroom, gives Indy a hug. She tells Indy "they" are playing a game and "they" are not making a personal attack on her (Indy).

Indy tells her to stop talking to people other than her 6. Indy says people are overwhelmed.


Nicole says Taylor has been sending other people to talk to "them" for her. She knows Monte has been calling her (Nicole) paranoid.

Indy repeats her advice several times.

Nicole tells Indy that "they" are flipping the house.

Indy, "Just cut it up right now."

Nicole says she made comment to Turner and Monte, she says the only way she can save herself is to lie and feed "them" information. If she doesn't do that they will pick Taylor over her.

Nicole says she is only talking to Terrance, Indy, Alyssa and Daniel now.

Indy tells Nicole to go, but only talk to who is important.


Nicole leaves the room and returns to the kitchen.

Daniel, Terrance and Nicole whisper, Nicole tells them that Indy told her to talk to her people again.

Jasmine yells from another room to get a time check.

They all start yelling silly things back to her.

Nicole takes the muffins out of the oven, Kyle comes into the kitchen, Daniel strong arms him out while Terrance yells.  They all laugh, Kyle says he is just goin' upstairs.

Nicole asks who is upstairs, Daniel whispers back.

Daniel whispers again, can't hear him at all.

Daniel smells the muffins, says "I love you." to them.

Alyssa comes to the muffins, Nicole says she wants to taste them with her.

They decide they are good.

Alyssa asks Daniel if he wants one, he declines. 

Jasmine sees the muffins, asks for one "to keep". 

Alyssa asks if it is a party in the HOH room, Daniel mumbles, 'we aren't invited."

Nicole went up to see if Turner wants a breakfast sandwhich at midnight when the have nots expire.



General talk about the muffins in the kitchen.

Jasmine wonders if she could walk without the cane, they tell her to hold it, try to use it less.

Jasmine walks without the cane. She says it doesn't hurt.


In the HOH it is just general talk about music groups.

Cameras show Jasmine hobbling up the steps.

Jasmine comes into the room out of breath.

She tells Turner she saved him two muffins, the best ones.

Talk returns to Hollywood.


In the kitchen Terrance, Daniel and Nicole are whispering.

Daniel is telling them he told Kyle they were going to be back doored if they had not won the veto. He says he told Kyle to keep his head in the game.

Nicole says Jasmine says she wants Taylor out, Daniel says Jasmine would tell him, that Jasmine "hates" Taylor.

Daniel makes fun of Monte's goodbye message, mocks what he might be saying about not playing the game well.

Nicole says Terrance is not a target, he is in a great spot.

Daniel says Kyle got answers in the veto competition by guessing.

Nicole says they have to watch out for Kyle if she leaves, Daniel says he is riding with the people that are with him. (so Indy)

Nicole calls Monte the "head of the snake". (I disagree, it is Kyle who masterminded the Leftovers)

Terrance says there are two houses now.

Joe comes in, tastes a muffin, says they are "very good".

Kyle comes to get a muffin, Joe tells him they can only have one, Kyle doesn't believe him. Kyle decides to eat his muffin with ice cream.


Jasmine says they are talking about Marvel movies in the HOH, she decided to leave.

Terrance is getting the chicken ready for Jasmine.

Joe tells them he is going to tell everyone to come eat their muffins so he can have what's Leftover.


In the HOH is just general conversation.




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General chat in the HOH and the kitchen.



Daniel and Nicole are whispering in the bedroom.

They are counting decor items.

Daniel tells her not to let people see her doing this because "these people are not smart enough to..."

Nicole continues counting items while they whisper.

Nicole leaves the room soon after


General talk in the living room area now.



Still general talk


Indy is telling Monte, Terrance and  Joe about her family life growing up.  

In the living room there is a conversation that is very in depth about relationships, mens' roles and womens' roles.

They talk about traditional roles and the roles they expect in their lives.

Monte talks about the confusion of roles, what expectations are.

They talk about social media and the unreal expectations that is created by influencers.


Camera moves to HOH

A very different conversation in this room, but very similar as well.

They are talking about using social media to get information they may want to have about influencers.


Camera moves back to living room area.

More general talk about relationship confusion.

Indy talks about cultural differences and how expectations are different.



My darlings it is time for me to say goodnight. I plan to say my prayers, cuddle my puppies and refresh myself to meet a new day tomorrow.

Find time for yourself today, sing with the radio in your car, wave your arms at the sun or dance in the rain. Today is a gift, unwrap it and see what you have received!!--goodnight Dears, hugs, Grannysue.



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