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LOST - Timeline


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BPC = Before Plane Crash

APC = After Plane Crash

  • 10/15/40 64 Years BPC

Emily Annabeth Locke born [Ep. 19]


40-50 Years BPC

'Adam & Eve' laid to rest in cave according to Jack's estimate of clothes degradation [Ep. 6]


36 Years BPC

Sawyer is born [Ep. 8]


28 Years BPC

Sawyer's father kills wife and self (assuming Sawyer's letter with stamp are from same year) [Ep. 8]


22 Years BPC

?/10/1981 Boone born [Ep. 13, 21]


20 Years BPC

Shannon born [Ep. 13]


17 Years BPC

Sawyer becomes con-man due to $6,000 debt [Ep. 8]


16 Years 7+ Months BPC

Lenny & Sam record NUMBERS during Navy listening mission in Pacific [Ep. 18]

Sam uses NUMBERS to win 50 grand in bean guessing scam [Ep. 18]

16 Years 7 Months BPC

Danielle's team shipwrecks [Ep. 9]

16 Years 5 Months BPC

Danielle's team becomes "sick" returning from Black Rock. She kills them all [Ep. 9]

Danielle changes transmission of NUMBERS to distress signal [Ep. 1]

Danielle gives birth to Alex [Ep. 23]

The Others take Alex [Ep. 23]

16 Years BPC

Theresa, Boone's nanny, breaks neck on stairs [Ep. 19]


15 Years BPC

8/15/1989 Kate and Tom bury time capsule [Ep. 22]


13 Years BPC

Jan-Mar, Sayid serves in Republican Guard during Gulf War [Ep. 2]

1992 - 02

12 Years BPC

10/5/92 Emily Annabeth Locke admitted to SRMHI [Ep. 19]

Boone's mother and Shannon's father marry each other [Ep. 13]

2-10 Years BPC

Drug dealers from Nigeria crash on island [Ep. 19]


10 Years BPC

8/24/94 Walt is born [Ep. 6]


9 Years BPC

5/12/95 Emily Annabeth Locke admitted to SRMHI [Ep. 19]


8 Years 3 Months BPC

Michael hit by car [Ep. 14]


4-9 Years BPC

Locke reunites with mother and father [Ep. 19]

Locke's father cuts off relationship after Locke donates his kidney to him [Ep. 19]


7 Years BPC

Nadia dissapears or dies (Sayid says he's been holding on to hope she's still alive for 7 years) [Ep. 9]

Sayid leaves Iraq [Ep. 21]


5 Years BPC

Grandpa Tito receives pacemaker (4 years before lottery, which was 1 year before crash) [Ep. 18]


4 Years BPC

Locke confined to wheelchair [Ep. 4]

Sawyer makes wish (probably just a sarcastic reference by Sawyer) [Ep. 5]

Sam Toomey kills self [Ep. 18]


3 Years BPC

The Marshal begins pursuing Kate [Ep. 23]


2 Years BPC

Kate visits dying mother in Hospital in Iowa [Ep. 22]

Walt's family moves to Australia [Ep. 4]

Kate and Tom dig up time capsule [Ep. 22, 23]

Tom killed when police shoot at car Kate is escaping in [Ep. 22,23]


1 Year BPC

Hurley wins lottery [Ep. 18]

Jin visits environmental secretary to deliver a message [Ep. 17]

Jin gives shar-pei puppy from environmental secretary to Sun [Ep. 17]

11 Months BPC

Ray Mullen's wife dies [Ep. 3]


8 Months BPC

Claire becomes pregnant [Ep. 1]

Locke begins talking with Helen [Ep. 4]

Claire visits a psychic who refuses to give her a reading [Ep. 1]

5 Months BPC

Thomas leaves Claire [Ep. 10]

3 Months BPC

Kate hides out at Ray Mullen's farm [Ep. 3]

2 Months BPC

Jack's father quits talking to him [Ep. 5]

1 Month BPC

Locke books walkabout tour [Ep. 4]

2 Weeks BPC

Walt's mother dies [Ep. 1]

1 Week BPC

Michael flies to Australia to get Walt [Ep. 4]

Sawyer buys Jack's father a drink at bar in Sydney [Ep. 16, 23]

1 Week BPC

Sawyer shoots Frank Duckett thinking he is the man responsible for parents' death [Ep. 16]

3 Days BPC

Sawyer arrested in Sydney [Ep. 13]

Boone visits police about having Shannon's boyfriend arrested [Ep. 13]

1 Day BPC

Sayid's friend kills self just before Sayid contacts CIA for seizure of explosives [Ep. 21]

Sayid given plane ticket by CIA, but asks for next day flight so he can bury his friend [Ep. 21]

5:23 AM

Michael and Walt have argument in hotel [Ep. 23]

11:50 AM

Jack meets Anna Lucia in airport bar [Ep. 23]

6-7 Hours BPC

Oceanic flight 815 takes off from Sydney flying to Los Angeles [Ep. 1]

1 Day APC

Oceanic flight 815, enroute from Sydney to LA breaks into three pieces in mid-air and crashes. The middle and cockpit sections land on an 'island' with 50 survivors. [Ep. 1]

2 Days APC

Jack, Kate and Charlie find cockpit section. Pilot is killed by monster. [Ep. 1]

3 Days APC

Sawyer, Sayid, Shannon, Kate and Charlie discover french distress signal [Ep. 2 & 3]

4 Days APC

Jack euthanizes Marshal [Ep. 3]

Locke finds Vincent and lets Michael bring him to Walt [Ep. 3]

6 Days APC

Memorial service for dead, bodies burned. Locke has encounter with monster [Ep. 4]

7 Days APC

Joanna drowns [Ep. 5]

8 Days APC

Jack and Kate find two bodies in cave ('Adam & Eve'). Survivors split into two groups (cave & beach). [Ep. 6]

9 Days APC

Sayid attacked by Locke while triangulating transmission source [Ep. 7, 21]

10 Days APC

Sayid stabs Sawyer and then leaves survivors [Ep. 8]

15 Days APC

Island Open golf tournament. Sayid captured by Danielle. [Ep. 9]

17 Days APC

Claire taken by Ethan [Ep. 10 & 11]

Sayid returns to group [Ep. 10 & 11]

Locke and Boone discover HATCH [Ep. 10 & 11]

22 Days APC

Kate and Sawyer discover two dead passengers in pool, along with a case belonging to Kate [Ep. 12]

25 Days APC Claire returns to group [Ep. 14]

26 Days APC Scott is killed [Ep. 15 & 16]

Sawyer's tent raided by boar [Ep. 15 & 16]

27 Days APC

Charlie shoots and kills Ethan [Ep. 15]

28 Days APC

Charlie and Hurley bury Ethan [Ep. 16]

29 Days APC

Sawyer returns gun to Jack [Ep. 16]

30 Days APC

Walt burns raft [Ep. 17]

32 Days APC

Sawyer brings Jin to beach for confrontation with Michael during which Sun speaks English [Ep. 17]

34? Days APC

Hurley finds Danielle, receives battery from her [Ep. 18]

Claire's birthday [Ep. 18]

35 Days APC

Lock and Boone attempt to break open hatch with Trebuchet [Ep. 19]

36 Days APC

Locke & Boone find bodies and plane full of drugs from Nigeria, Boone critically injured [Ep. 19]

HATCH lights up as Locke cries out in agony over Boone's injury [Ep. 19]

Sawyer diagnosed with hyperopia and obtains glasses with the help of Jack and Sayid [Ep. 19]

Claire gives birth to son [Ep. 20]

Boone dies [Ep. 20]

37 Days APC

Boone's Funeral [Ep. 21]

Locke takes Sayid to hatch [Ep. 21]

Shannon shoots at Locke and misses when Sayid grabs her [Ep. 21]

42 Days APC

Kate and Sun poison Michael (meant to poison Jin) [Ep. 22]

'Locke and Sayid bring Jack to the hatch [Ep. 22]

43 Days APC

Locke, Sayid and Jack take Danielle and Hurley to Hatch [Ep. 23]

Danielle takes Jack, Locke, Kate, Hurley and Arzt to the Black Rock [Ep. 23]

Raft launches with Michael, Walt, Jin and Sawyer on board [Ep. 23]

Arzt is blown to pieces handling dynamite [Ep. 24]

Danielle takes Claire's baby and later gives back to Sayid and Charlie [Ep. 24]

Locke pulled into hole by monster, released when Kate throws in dynamite [Ep. 24]

The 'Others' take Walt from raft 15 miles from island [Ep. 24]

Locke, Jack, Kate and Hurley blow open hatch [Ep. 24]

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