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Sunday, July 31, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:12AM BBT

Nicole tells Jasmine and Terrance in the backyard that she has talked with Michael and Brittany and would prefer to join them after Taylor is evicted because she doesn't want to be partnered with Jasmine and have to go against Jasmine. Jasmine says, "The game is going to have to be played. It is wild."


In the livingroom, there is a group Chinese Checkers game going on. They are having a great time with this game.


12:45AM BBT

Nicole is alone in the kitchen doing a thorough job cleaning the sink. She then joins the group in the living room commenting that they have been playing the same game for two hours.

Monte: I'm going to have to strike a deal with Brittany

Joe: Monte

Monte: Don't ask any more of me. I have done enough.

The game commentary comes off like a Roman Colosseum Gladiator bout with lots of laughter.

Monte makes a game move, "I shall void the treaty."

Everyone cheers.



1:17AM BBT

Jasmine and Turner are getting the HNR ready for the night.



Turner asks if the butterfly float is comfortable. She says it all just feels like sleeping on the floor to her.

Turner: Facts

Jasmine tells them they are almost done with Have-Nots. I don't think Turner sees it that way, at all. Turner tells Jasmine he is going downstairs and will see her later.

Jasmine: You'll see me, but I won't see you (because she will be asleep)

Turner: Facts


1:20AM BBT

In the backyard, Taylor is riding a stationary bike while chatting with Indy, Michael, Britt and Alyssa at the hammock. Conversation is centered on drinking. Britt says she didn't like drinking in "Mexico" because it just made her sad. They all agree that drinking alone is no bueno. Alyssa says she has eaten like crap today. The others say they have eaten like crap, too. Turner joins the conversation wrapped in his blanket.



2:19AM BBT

Still just general chatter at the hammock. Monte is playing pool with Nicole in the backyard. 


2:47AM BBT

Joseph has joined the hammock group with just general conversation, mostly centering around Joe and his flirty ways. There is discussion on whether Ameerah had genuine feelings for Joe. He says he does not think she did at all.


In the HoHR, Monte is talking with Jasmine about Nicole and how she is always trying to come off as a motherly, protective type. Jasmine says she just lets her talk, but she reads her really well and sees right through it.

Monte: She thinks that you can't.

Jasmine: Good for me but it sucks for you. (menaing Nicole) I mean, I'll play this game the way I'll play this game. I don't trust her.

Monte: I'll keep you posted.


2:48AM BBT

Bob: Monte, please go to the diary room, downstairs. Monte says he will go and give production some disgruntled 2AM content. Jasmine thanks him for allowing her to use his bathroom and he heads out.


3:20AM BBT

Terrance, Daniel and Nicole are talking in the bathroom about employment once they return. Terrance says he needs 11 more years to get pension which will be 70% of his salary (he says they average out the best 5 years of your career to calculate pension). 


3:42AM BBT

Alone in the Golf Pro Bedroom, Daniel whispers to Nicole that if she goes home, he will be next. 'It has to change now." He tells Nicole about his conversation with Kyle. He encourages Nicole to chat with both Kyle and Jasmine tomorrow. 'Don't overthink it."

Nicole says she doesn't know how much she should say. She thinks it would be dumb to talk about Po's Pack but knows she has to put it all out there. Dan says she needs to say that she couldn't decline an alliance invitation. 'Damned if I do, damned if I don't."

Nicole: This just sucks.

Dan: Use your experience of ten years and talk your way through it.

Nicole; It's just so funny how she is prancing around here like her shit don't stink.

Dan: Taylor?

Nicole: Yeah!

Dan: Every week. Every week. And Monte is acting like he is the king...for fucking 5 1/2 days. Chill!

Nicole: Part of me even just wants to go up to her and say, 'Are you safe?' and see what she says.

Dan: It's just gonna give Monte a reason more.

Nicole: Yeah

Dan says he can tell that Monte is selfish. The hear Monte come out of the DR.

Nicole: He is going upstairs.

Dan: Well, that's where he lives. Just keep your mind clear and think about it. We can get through this.

Nicole: I know we will get through this, it just sucks. I'm fine. I'm fine.

Dan: You are not fine.

Nicole says she has been watching this show forever and it's just comical that she thought she was protecting herself with that alliance and then having him and Terrance, too.

Dan: But shit blows up.

Nicole: Now I'm going home and public enemy number 1 is staying.

Dan: No you're not! Get your head in the fucking game. You are ruining my game right now. (he is teasing) They say goodnight.

Nicole heads into the Space Age Bedroom leaving Dan whispering to us, "I can only imagine it sucks to go through this, but she needs to focus and get Jasmine's vote. I'll lure Kyle. It's possible. It's time to build the resistance.

[Hey, that's a solid alliance name. -ML]

Dan puts a shirt over his eyes, sighs deeply then settles for slumber.


[An important update: Daniel talked with Kyle alone in the Space Age room around 7:40PM Saturday night. He warned Kyle to be careful with Monte because Monte was slating them as a possible nomination duo. Dan feels Monte made it as too matter of fact (them being option B as original noms) rather than making it a working relationship "I need you" deal. Dan points out that they are so close to making it to jury. "We have safety! We have safety." to which Kyle was happy 'I know!" and enthusiastically pumped his arms. They agree that the other duos are pissed because they haven't won yet, and Dan points out that Joe and Monte's celebration over him winning seemed fake (because it was) because he was watching them during the competition and their facial expressions did not match up. Kyle says he feels close with the girls and with Monte/Joe but doesn't talk game (LIES!) Dan encourages him to pay attention to the others and how they are reacting to them holding the veto power. They agree to meet back up and talk more later. When Kyle left the room, Dan addressed the camera, "That's step one. Dropping little seeds. Stay tuned for later tonight. We have to get him thinking it is him coming up with the reasons. Okay, cut the feed (Dan was changing his clothes) I love this game so much. Planting the seed." 


I did not catch "Part 2" of Daniel's talk with Kyle in an effort to lure him over. Maybe it happened, but I did not see it. If it didn't already, I imagine it will happen today. His plan is to get Kyle to agree that they need to keep Indy/Alyssa on the block and evict Indy so that "The Resistance" alliance (Dan/Nicole/Kyle/Alyssa/Jasmine) can move forward. He and Nicole both know that if she ends up against Taylor, Nicole will be evicted. I feel strongly, though, they would do better to include Terrance in this new plan over Jasmine. I do not see them securing Jasmine, at this point. Maybe I am wrong. While many on the web do not like Daniel, I actually see him as a very strong player. He is the one person in the game that has not taken the game personally and has made strategic moves that benefit HIS game. He could do very well this season if he stays safe.  -MamaLong]




4:00AM BBT

Michael, Joseph and Turner are cleaning themselves up in the bathroom and prepping for bed. Joe says goodnight to them and heads out.


4:02AM BBT

Turner heads into the kitchen after brushing his teeth [Well done, Turner -ML] and finds Taylor talking to the camera. SHe has slathered a piece of banana bread with butter and says, "Now, I am going to go eat this in my bed." She turns around and is started by Turner suddenly standing there. She laughs and says, "This house is stressful." [No need to justify your indulgence, Taylor. You have earned it! -ML] Turner says it looks "so bomb." Taylor says it is crazy delicious then says, "Goodnight to my favorite Have-Not."

Turner: Goodnight, brother (Turner calls all the Hgs "brother" "bro" or "dude" regardless of gender.)


4:05AM BBT

Production gives us a check-up on "Dr. Cry Baby Therapy." The onion is still looking pretty good and is now donning a party hat from Joseph's birthday festivities.



4:10AM BBT

Britt passes through the kitchen and catches Turner caught up reading the back of boxes. They say goodnight. Turner finds his blanket in the bathroom then heads to the HNR.


4:29AM BBT

Taylor is the last one awake and is in the bathroom brushing her hair, preparing for bed.


4:45AM BBT

All HGs are finally asleep and the BB24 House is dark and silent.

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9:30AM BBT
The control room is having fun this morning aiming a camera at random things in the backyard and the house for a minute then chagning to another item. They do this until...


10:02 AM BBT

WBRB for "Wakey, Wakey Houseguests"


10:16AM BBT

The feeds return to the HGs starting their day.


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12:15PM BBT

Nicole is talking with Monte in the HoHR.

Indy is chatting with Daniel in the backyard.




12:17PM BBT

It looks like Kyle has fallen asleep on a float in the pool.




The HGs are just hanging out. There is not much game talk going on.


12:40PM BBT

After talking with Nicole for a long time, Monte is just sitting in silence in his HoHR.




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1:49PM BBT

Joe, Terrance and Daniel are wishing for some energy drinks convinced that Jasmine made decaf coffee this morning instead of regular.

Joe: That shit did nothing for me.

Terrance tells Daniel that Nicole has got to stop freaking out. Daniel agrees and says that if Nicole leaves, it will completely mess up their game.



1:51PM BBT

Alone in the bathroom, Daniel asks Indy if she is for sure voting to keep Nicole.

Indy: Yes; I would never do the other way

Dan asks if Alyssa will, too.

Induy: I think so. She better, or I am going to kick her ass.

Daniel says they have to stick together if they want to continue in the game.

Indy: I understand Nicole is scared.


1:53PM BBT

Brittany is washing bedding in the backyard. Alyssa has been working out. Joseph is starting a workout. Terrance is on a stationary bike. Michael, Jasmine, Taylor and Nicole are just lounging in the sun. Indy is admiring herself in the backyard windows. Turner is in the hammock.


1:57PM BBT

Monte has joined the workout session and is coaching Alyssa with the weights.



Screenshotter--StreamBigBrother2021LiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-86422’23” (1).png



Bob: Wakey, Wakey Houseguests  

Daniel is rummaging through the fridge to determine what is making it stink. Monte and Joe have started preparing some lunch.



2:05PM BBT

Joseph warns them that the ants have found theri way into the snack drawer, "so be careful in there." Both girls say they never eat from that drawer. Jasmine and Nicole found more ants in the kitchen. There is a trail of them across the back of the kitchen counter, some heading into the lower cabinets, on th estove and on the cutting board.




Jasmine: I wonder if they will come in and spray

Joe: Maybe when we are i the HoH or something (a lockdown)

Nicole is helping Jasmine make some slop.

Jasmine asks Nicole not to put as much red pepper flakes in this time "because yesterday in made my poop burn."


Terrance is working out with weights now and Monte is still coaching. Nicole tells alyssa she inspired Terrance, "so thank you." Brittany has joined the kitchen group saying she is so bored tired. Jasmine tells Joseph, "I can't with you! Yogurt and bread?"

Joseph: It's good.

Joe tells Jamsine her coffee this morning had "no kick."

Jasmine says she has had a rough summer, "A level 3 sprain, passed out, chipped my tooth, made my other tooth bleed and two periods." Brittany adds, "And isolation." 

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2:19PM BBT

Bob: Jasmine, please go tothe diary room upstairs

Jasmine: I'm coming guys. Give me a second.

She starts scooting her way up the steps. Monte carries up her scooter for her.



2:25PM BBT

Nicole has finished preparing Jamsine's crispy slop cakes and serves it up with sweet chili sauce leaving it on the counter fro Jasmine when she finishes in the DR.



Nicole asks Kyle if she can chat with him later. He agrees.


2:27PM BBT

Kyle and Nicole are talking abouthte bocce game and how fun it was. They really want a cornhole set so they can have tournaments. Kyle asks Nicole if the dirty dishes in the sink big her.

Nicole: Not anymore.

Turner walks in form the backyard and Kyle asks how he did on this morning's slop. He wants to know if it made him sick. Turner says he tried a different combo, an dit was a lot better.

Jasmine is back from the DR but the sweet chili sauce has solidified, "Jasmine, it's a disaster."

Jasmine: Noooooo

Nicole is going to make a honey sauce for her.


Indy is fighting with the ice tray, "I swear. It is easier to get the HoH in this house than to get ice from this ice tray. Every time I try, they empty."



2:37PM BBT

Nicole and Kyle head to the HoHR for their chat.

Kyle: How are you feeling?

Nicole: I'm okay. It's just scary going on the block.

Kyle: Yeah. It sucks either way.

The cams move to the backyard, so we miss their conversation.

Taylor is killing another bag of Lay's potato chips.

Jasmine is enjoying her slop lunch.




2:45PM BBT

Back in the HoHR, Kyle is saying that just being considered as a pawn is a red flag. He doesn't want to stir up anything by making a change against Monte's plan, "but it didn't make me feel good to hear I was one behind Alyssa." (Monte had considered putting up Daniel and Kyle as initial noms.)

Kyle: It's late in the game. I just don't talk game to a lot of people. But, at the end of the day, I want to stay on Monte's good side and use the veto.

Nicole: I just want to keep you and Daniel safe. 

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Kyle asks Nicole what she would have done had she won HoH. Nicole says it would have been Brittany as the next one on the block, "because I heard from Ameerah that she was talking shit behind my back. She was trying to use what I was telling Taylor, which was lies, against me."

Kyle says that Nicole was very transparent about all of that. Nicole says Ameerah was acrting like everything was all okay but now she sees that Ameerah was just bulldozing him and Monte.

Kyle says it definitely felt like he was handed orders to evict Pooch. They both agree getting Pooch out was the right move.

Kyle: How do you feel about Alyssa?

Nicole: She's just super sensitive. She can't hold water. Poor little thing. Even Turner told me that she told him things and him and I don't even talk game.

Kyle: I know. That's where I am a little nervous with Alyssa

Nicole asks Kyle how he feels about Alyssa. He says he cares for her but feels she witholds information and he still doesn't know where they stan game-wise. "I have no idea where we stand." He worries that she is holding a grudge for taking out Ameerah. He doesn't know how to approach a conversation with her about it.

Nicole says Alyssa wants to play this game, but she doesn't see how Ameerah had her hands in a bunch of little pockets in the house.

Kyle: Yeah. You can't be in an alliance with everyone.

Nicole: But that's what she did.

They discuss a girls' alliance and Nicole says there never was an official alliance, just an unspoken thing to work together. But they had girls as their targets, Taylor, Brittany then Indy.

Kyle: She had so much information on everyone (Ameerah)

Nicole: But it wasn't even true information, like how are you building relationships with all these people and then telling them everything

Kyle says that Ameerah told him outright that Jasmine had money with her own business. He felt it was weird after she had said she would never vote out Jasmine. "Like, why?"

Daniel walks in, "Are you guys chilling or want me to go?"

Nicole tells him to come in. Daniel makes sure that Kyle is okay, and he asks for a few more minutes with Nicole.  

Nicole says that Ameerah told her that Jasmine was her number one two weeks ago, but then the night before eviction, she told her (Nicole) that she was her number 1.  "I never lied to her. I never kept information from her. You can't tell multiple people that and not think they won't talk." Kyle says, "I must have been really low on the totem pole. She never told me anything like that."


[This is all true. Ameerah did tell the boys details about the HGs, specifically the females, and without their permission and even after they asked her not to. Ameerah loved having information/secrets on others and then sharing the news. It's my opinion that Ameerah did this because she felt so secure and confident with each of her individual relationships and that she was playing both sides.  Ameerah also told multiple people they were her number 1, including Alyssa, Jasmine, Monte, Terrance and Nicole. All of hte remaining HGs are leveraging Ameerah's bad play as justification for their own, I guess. Ameerah played too hard, too fast. She was a victim of her own doing, just like Pooch.  -ML]


3:07PM BBT

Daniel is talking with Jasmine in the livingroom

Daniel tells her that as he said early on, he would die to be in final three with her nad Nicole. Jasmine tells Daniel she doesn't trust Alyssa and even though Turner is her festie bestie, "I think he is coming for everyone and just doesn't care. He doesn't care."


3:12PM BBT

Alyssa and Daniel are talking in the SPace Age Bedroom. She tells him that she really hopes he will use the veto on her but understands the dilemma because it puts his biggest ally in danger. She promises to do everything to save Nicole because she wants to work with him and Jasmine given they were the ones that voted to save Ameerah. Dan says everyone lied to him last week and he knows now who he can really trust. He tells her that he wants to point out to Kyle that no one wants to take him to final two because they would all lose against him. Alyssa says Kyle has never told her who he is really working with. Dan says he wants to play with people who will really fight including her and Kyle. "You guys are numbers I actually trust. I don't trust the other side. If there's 6 of use, we will be one up." Dan says he wants to keep Nicole so they have a chance in the house. "We need one more person, and I really hope Kyle will hear me out, like bro, if you really want a chance to win $750K, you have to stikc wit us."

The cams move to the kitchen.


3:18PM BBT

Back in the Space Age Bedroom, Alyssa swears she wants to work with them and wants to prove her loyalty. Brittany walks in and Dan asks for a few more iminutes with Alyssa. Both Alyssa and Dan say they feel bad telling people to leave, but they need these moments to play the game.

Dan: I am telling people I trust, if we don't make this move now, we are fucked. Taylor is on their side now. It is not smart to keep her.

Daniel tells him that he really wants to work with her, Nicole, Terrance, Kyle, Indy and Jasmine "With us 6 voting for Nicole, we have it."

Alyssa agrees with the plan. Dan says he talked with Indy and Terrance yesterday and solidified they are with him.

Dan: They tried to flip the house and the votes just solidifed for me who I AM fucking with (Dan means that he saw with the vote that he can't trust anyone but Nicole, Jasmine, Terrance, Indy and Alyssa. He still hopes to bring in Kyle)

Dan says they need Nicole to move forward and they need to get Taylor out. "We have to do this."

Alyssa: Absolutely!


[Feeling more secure about Indy and Terrance, Dan is now feeling a lot better about his plan and willingly using the veto to oust Taykor. He still wants to get Kyle to side with them and move forward. -MamaLong]


3:24PM BBT

They hug and  Dan leaves.

Alyssa: I am voting out Taylor 100%. That just changed my point of view!






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3:36PM BBT

Indy has prepared a funeral for the Cry Baby Therapy onion. She set up a table of food and invited the HGs out back to put him to rest.





[They call the onion The "Cry Baby Therapist" and "Cry BB Therapist" saying the BB with an accent like Indy. -ML]

Indy: Okay guys, do you want to say goodbye?

The each say a few words.

Nicole: Peace the fuck out!

Jasmine: You stink, but we love you and we'll miss you.

Taylor: You sweet, sweet yellow onion. I will miss you dearly. Thank you for seeing my tears, causing some tears and embracing my tears.

Daniel: Dr. Cry BB Therapist. I wish I could say it was fun, but you made us cry way too much, and it is time for you to go.

Terrance: I remember when you came into the BB house. It was awkward.  You know. Your eyes, I look into 'em. But, you know,  it's been a vibe. I like how long that you lasted, but it's definitely been one.

Kyle: Sweet Cry BB, the only person I can trust in this house. Goodbye. Goodbye my firend.

Alyssa: Bye Cry BB, I will miss you. You were my first kiss in this house, my only kiss in this house.

Brittany: Vry BB, Thank you for allowing us the first family dinner. But it's time to have more laughs than cries. Love ya!

Joseph: Cry Baby, Indy can only love me the most in this house, so you gotta go.

Michael: You are the best secret keeper in the house and I appreciate your discretion and we will all miss you.

Turner: As Father Turner, I allow you to look into the light, and I bless upon you the ability to move on to the next step. May the tears rain down in Heaven.

Nicole: I hope you see your best French onion soup, and it will not be made by me

Indy: Wow! I love you and gonna miss you so much. I do not believe you are cursed, but apparently everyone does. I hope you can come back in another better version.

Joe jokes that he is going to chuck him over the fence


Feeds return to the HGs saying they will dump him in the trash. Indy takes the honor.

Daniel: Oh, that was so strong of you Indy. Good job!

Indy: I learned how to let it go. It's over. It was hard. The game changes.










3:44PM BBT

Joe heads up to the HoHR and tells Monte who is showering that he missed the funeral. 'I don't think I had anyhting special with the onion."

Joseph: Well, we need the mountain back downstairs to lead the people.


4:00PM BBT

Daniel is talking with Kyle again in the Space Age Bedroom. Dan tells Kyle that he is going to pour it all out because he knows if there is not a change this week Monte and Joe will steamroll their way to the end. Kyle tries playing Joe off as a goofball and funny guy that isn't really playing the game and Monte seeing Taylor as his huge target. 



Dan says if the noms remain the same they will lose Indy. Kyle agrees. Dan tells Kyle that he thinks Turner is working with them (Monte/Joe) 100%. 

Daniel: Here is the thing. I may be shooring myself in the foot because you may have a final two with one of them. 

Kyle denies.

Dan delivers his practiced speech to Kyle.


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[Okay, y'all. Kyle is sitting in the best position in the house right now. He could clearly play with whichever side he chooses, but I feel his choice was made a week ago. I see him siding with Monte's side. But, Daniel is absolutely right about that side seeing him as expendable. Kyle has a much better chance at a win with Daniel's side of the house. That's my opinion, at this point. -MamaLong]


4:30PM BBT

Michael and Brittany are dumping liquified bananas in the storage room that have a horrible smell.

Brittany: Bananas, you are gross. Join Cry Baby!

They dump about 4 big bunches of bananas leaving at least 5 more in various stages of ripeness.



4:38PM BBT

Joseph joins Taylor in the hammock. She tells him that Indy put out all that food and most of it was Turner's leftover HoH food. She didn't know and just thought it was expiring food. Turner stood at the table and said, 'okay, I guess I'll just watch y'all eat my food." Indy felt bad, but Turner told her not to feel bad about it because she didin't know. Turner joins them and tells them not ot make it a thing. Once he walks away, they agree that Turner has "had it" with Nicole.


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4:49PM BBT

Nicole sneaks up on Jasmine and Alyssa chatting on the loungers in the backyard. WHen she pounces, Alyssa punches her in the face. Everyone laughs.

Alyssa; Oh my God. Did I punch you in the face?

Nicole: Yes

Alyssa apologizes: I protect myself when someone is crawling up on me.

Nicole: It was very Lion King







*I'm out for the night to help PapaLong. -MamaLong

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4:47ishPM BBT Tuned in at the tail end of Joe and Taylor laying in the hammock and talking about other shows they would like to be on. Joe asks Taylor what shows she would do. Taylor says "None really stand out to me...maybe The Amazing Race?" She says she doesn't know who she would team up with though and Joe says he would do it with her.


4:56PM Daniel and Monte are in the HOH. Monte was saying "I hope she is comfortable " and then we get FOTH.


4:59PM Cameras are back, all 4 on the pool area with Jasmine, Nicole, Terrance and Alyssa. They're talking food, then the cameras all switch to Joe and Taylor at the hammock. 


Taylor to Joe: You are the heart and soul of this house.


Joe: No I'm not, and I'm not even saying that to be humble.  


They jokingly talk about needing a vacation after the show to deal with the stress.



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5:15pm BBT In the Space BR, Daniel tells feederrs he just talked with Monte and they were both lying to each other. He wishes Kyle understood using the Veto would be bad for his game. Daniel knows all the strategies from past seasons and Kyle is going to feel stupid.

5:45pm BBT Nicole gets Joe in the KT and apologizes for not talking game. He plays along while Nicole trashes Ameerah. Outside, Michael, Turner, Brittany & Turner play boche ball with pool balls. 

5:55pm BBT BB has provided a birthday party for Michael in the SR. There are party plates, cake mix, ice cream sandwhiches, red & white wine and beer. Taylor is goign to cook Michael's cake. There are ants in the KT. Die, Taylor screams as she tries to kill them.

6:05pm Michael/Brittany deep clean the KT while Taylor continues cake prep on the island. Jasmine sits down on the LR couch where Terrance has been sitting for hours. Nicole meets w/Turner: I'll never put you up, never. Yesterday was the first time talking game w/the girls.

6:25pm BBT As part of the KT clean, expired food is being tossed. Taylor confides in Nicole that if he had money, he wouldn't be playing the BB game. In the WA, Daniel tells Kyle that Monte will realize Nicole has the votes to stay. 

6:40pm BBT Kyle checks in with Taylor in the BY. Th eplan is going well, he says, Nicole is going home Thurs. Taylor heads to the KT to get a bag of chips. Kyle is working out in the BY alone.

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