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Saturday, July 30, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB24-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Tiki Bar across from the HoH Room (TB)
Car theme bedroom (CBR)
Space age theme bedroom (SBR)


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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1:19AM BBT

Daniel says goodnight to Turner, "I'm sorry you have to go to that fucking room."

Bob: Daniel, please go to the Diary Room downstairs

Daniel: Oh fuck. They said, 'No you're not.'  (going to bed)

Dan tells production he is going to grab a jacket first.


1:20AM BBT

Turner heads up to the loft to play bumper pool.

[Turner had a difficult day yesterday. All of the HGs were discussing his emotional disposition. Indy said he needed to get a therapy session via BB late yesterday afternoon, not because of slop, but just because the game has been so hard for him. He said it helped.  Jasmine, Alyssa, and Indy specualted that him seeing his top 2 get evicted and then evicting Ameerah was too much for him. Daniel, Nicole and Terrance were less empathetic, assuming Turner was just not handling being a Have-Not well. Turner complained to Kyle and Alyssa that Brittany got on his nerves when she asked, seeing he was in the dumps, if he wanted a pair of wool socks. He seems to really dislike Brittany. -MamaLong]


Taylor is talking to herself in the bathroom, "Oh, man. I don't get why I rub people the wrong way. I am feeling sad today. I really hate that Jasmine feels like we could never get along."


[Taylor is right about Jasmine's opinion of her. Jamine blames Taylor fro Ameerah's eviction, saying she is the one who stirred things up and made the house flip. -ML]


1:23AM BBT

The lights are out with Brittany and Jasmine sleeping in the Golf Pro Bedroom.


1:37AM BBT

Turner heads into the bathroom then stops in his tracks listening. "Oh, production. You scared me. I thought you were someone snoring. It's just the camera moving. Alright, I am going into the bathroom and then maybe I will have a talk with this camera. I'm gonna lose my mic because it's going to get ugly."



1:40AM BBT

Taylor is now in her bed settling for sleep.


1:43AM BBT

Turner emerges from the loo and give the camera a thumbs up...

Bob: Turner, please go to the diary room downstairs

Turner: That's what I am talking about! Something to do.


1:46AM BBT

Production shows us that Monte is sleeping soundly in his HoHR.


1:57AM BBT

Turner is out of the DR and is now talking to the camera in the bathroom...


Earlier I was saying it could be helpful at night to talk to this camera, directly to my girlfriend, Megan, in case she sees this. Everybody is sleeping, so I need to be quiet.  Okay, let's see. What do I have to say? First of all, I was going to say...wait, did you just shut off? (to camera because it moved away, but the camera zooms back in on him) all right Megan I love you. If you're watching this... first off, if anyone is watching  this, please send it to my girlfriend @megan_belmonte on Instagram cuz I need...I need to know for my very own mental health; I need to know, somehow, my girlfriend is seeing this. But, Megan. I love you! It's been pretty tough in this house without you. Like, incredibly. I could cry right now, but I am not going to. It's been a very hard few weeks, specifically the last day or two. This  has been a very hard process...doing it alone, without someone who is a friend because of circumstances. Right? My girlfriend and I love each other, and I don't have to explain this, but we found everyone out of everyone in the world. But I am friends with these people because we are in the same house. I am dating Megan because we are on the same planet, Right? So I have 7 billion people versus 16 to choose from. So, either way...it's been hard without you, and I miss you, and I love you. Oh, Dude. I miss you. I'm so excited whenever I see you, when I get done. I'm counting down the days. It kinda sucks being here with people, you know, that don't really care about you. That's how I feel, though.  That's how I feel. I know these people don't, actually, care.  But I can't even say this too loud because if somebody hears, then I'm an emotional player. But, whatever, man. I am just counting down the days when I can see my girlfriend again. So Megan, I love you; goodnight. You mean the world to me. I hope you're thinking about me. I hope Nelson and Nyla are doing well, our cats.... but, anyways her Instsagram is Megan_Belmonte. Look her up. Show her this little clip. Anyway,  Megan, I love you; that's it.  Megan, you are my world, and you are my whole heart. You are the best and  Megan, Good night! I miss you!


Turner heads back up to the Tiki loft, whistling on his way

Bob: Please stop whistling

Turner: That's on me.


2:20AM BBT

After playing bumper pool, alone, for a while, Turner settles on the Tiki couch and starts talking to the cameras, again...


If this is on the live feeds. What can I say to anyone on the live feeds?….Rate the Rug Shack in Bridgewater Massachusetts. On Google Maps. Google it, the Rug Shack, Bridgewater Massachusetts and give it a 5-star rating. Cuz I'm better off the more my store does. I mean the better Megan does, cuz she's getting the revenue for my store this summer. I want her to be doing good….but, you know what? To Megan I just want you to know there's no pressure on the store. I bet you're doing great. But if not, if all else fails and the store just goes under, as long as I have Megan, I really don’t care. At the end of the day, fuck it! As long as I'm making….She may be doing great… I really don't care. At the end of the day if I got Megan, I don’t care.  If that’s the case… I don't know how Megan's doing. She could be doing great, but if not, it's all good! No stress!  Megan, like if the store is doing good, that’s dope. If it’s doing poorly, it's all good. If it goes under, fuck it all. Honestly, it does not matter. But if you do,  you know check it out in Bridgewater Massachusetts. If you live in Massachusetts, right next to Bridgewater State University, that's my store. It’s a thrift store. It’s an art store. It’s pretty cool. It’s where I shot my intro.


Hey….if this is filming me, can you give me a (clicking noise)?...if they can give me like some sort of sign….(camera moves) hey, yo okay! That’s my guy. Okay, all right, well I think I got to do what I wanted. But like, I'm tired. But I don't want to go in that cold room. Fuck, I’m like exhausted, but this game is a lot harder than it looks at home. Mentally, I'm at like a 2. Physically, I am at like a 3. Emotionally, like a 1. As far as my sleeping situation, I’m at a zero.  It’s funny because just a couple days ago, I would have said all of them were at a  7.  Well, maybe that's a little high, a 5.  But I live at a 9 outside this house. This is not a vacation, dude, which might be what people think. And what they do in the casting process...

***WBRB for warning about production talk***  

I don't know, it’s crazy…. Big Brother?...you, okay so there's 16 players (calculates how many players since its inception) I would bet about 350,000 applications. That’s a guess. Only 4.1 percent of people who apply get on. I applied last season, Cleared all the way to the end of the process. And then applied again later...and all the way to the end of the process. I got on, so clearly I wanted to be here. But, it's not easy. It's just the fucking food, bullshit oatmeal, tastes like wood. It’s pretty difficult. Oh, man. I just miss my girlfriend, dude. My goodness. That shit! And my ice cream got taken right in front of me earlier. That was some bologna, if I’ve ever seen it.  Every single controversy I’ve been in has been about food. There's the cookies. There’s the cucumber.  There's the ice cream. That’s what I remember. Well, Ameerah, but, that’s not food. 


Right now, if I were to give song recommendations….if…I can never tell if I am being recorded or if I'm on the live feeds; granted, I must be running the show, but I don't know if anybody's watching because everyone is asleep. But, there on the live feed. But I don't know… what the number is; only 50 people watching. Maybe zero. But in case there's one person, I am up with you, don't you worry. In case of more people, if I am at home I'll probably be playing Valorant  (video game) my name is Jet, my second is Sage, my 3rd is the girl with the bomb, my 4th would be Soba but fuck myself I don't get one of them. I'll probably be play Valorant in my apartment. I’d be listening to Therapy Gecko.  I would also be  watching or listening to Painkiller Already, as a podcast. I'm a huge fan of, PKA for short…  but Therapy Gecko is fire. I also wonder how  all my social media is doing, and I know that a lot of people, for example, I see a lot on Reddit say they don't want people on the show who want to be influencers, so when I talk about it and for the most part, like, I don't really care to be an influencer. Will that would be cool? It's not like my priority item in life, but as a 23 year old, it’s still a huge part of my life. I mean growing up with it and on Instagram all the time. I mean, I make my money selling things online, so I wonder how my socials are doing. I don't even, I don't even know why I have to explain myself. But I am curiouswhat the Big Brother Reddit is doing cuz I was on that thing like crazy before getting on here. I wonder, like,  what house guest is fucking with me right now.  I’m a huge fan of Tyler Crispen and Kat Dunn is dope. I don't know who else…. I like a lot of people, but really like Tyler Crispen. David Alexander, a few years ago, was spam liking my girlfriend's photos. It’s the funniest thing.  But I will say, (whispering now)  if you can hear me. Some of the people in this house are driving me insane. Oh my God! Imagine going to college and getting roommates but you can never leave. Ever leave…hanging out with them in your dorm. That’s what  this is for. for right Yes, they're at the end there is money,. But right now, there is not. for the  I don't know what's going on in the outside world it could be anything.  For someone who is not single? There is one thing in this world I miss so much. Dude, I would trade my left arm to hang out with Meagan. Well, not really because I could just dip. But I would never do that. Being hyperbolic,maybe is the word.



2:33AM BBT

Turner asks production to play Tyler the Creator since he was sleeping through it last time. "If you play Tyler the Creator in the morning, my heart will explode. Also, thank you for playing Harry Styles.

Bob: You are not allowed to talk about production

Turner: Brother, I have moved on. Whoever is back there, you're wilin'! God, dude. Oh man. You're funny. Okay song requests for the people at home watching. This is for the people at home...check out Verzache, it's called My Head is a Mosh Pit. He's a really dope musician. I really the song Figure it Out. Let's see, who else do I like? El Dorado, Rebel to Rebel, check out Noah Kahan, Mac Miller.


Turner continues rambling about trying to identify himself, saying he lives in a capitalist society in a box, "there's people, money, brands. That's it. Fuck it. That's the world we live in. And I'm not saying it's a bad thing. That's just what it is. I'm not complaining."


Turner makes a point to tell us that he is super grateful and proud to be in the BB House even though he may sound ungrateful or act or sound like he doesn't want to be there.


3:00AM BBT

Turner finally heads the HNR and settles for some sleep.


3:15AM BBT

All of the remaining BB24 Houseguests are sleeping.


4:43AM BBT

Terrance is out of bed for the loo.

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7:09AM BBT

WBRB for "Wakey, Wakey, Houseguests because it's PoV Competition day"


7:20AM BBT

The feeds return to all house lights up and HGs beginning to start their day. there will be veto player picks later this morning, followed by the Power of Veto competition sometime late afternoon or early evening. The HGs are hoping to get the backyard back later tonight.


7:28AM BBT

Taylor and Joe are talking about the morning music in the Golf Pro Bedroom.

Taylor: Smash Mouth almost made me jump out of bed.

They agree the other music was a bad choice and chide production. They wonder who is still sleeping and decide Kyle, Mihcael and Terrance must still be asleep in the Car Design bedroom.


Monte comes down and starts talking to his people as if he is the King, "I will give random commands that make no sense. All right people, COme on. We got a veto comp. It's a MoJo veto."

Bob: Please put on your microphone

Monte: Damn Turner. He is like screw this microphone.


Monte and Daniel head to the kitchen to say good morning to Terrance.




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Joe tells Taylor he feels like the girls were trying to scheme beds and force him to sleep in there

[He means the Golf Pro Bedroom where he had to share with Ameerah on Wednesday night once the Have-Nots were off duty -ML]

Taylor suggests that production was probably trying to make him and AMeerah a showmance.

Joe: I don't think so because we are like 7 years apart.


Joseph and Taylor do their shout outs to family.


7:35AM BBT

Michael reports that groceries have been restocked and now they have mint ice cream again

Taylor: Oh Happy Day

Joe: It's a great day

Taylor: good morning to all the girls who have fallen in love with Sir Joseph, here

Joe: Good morning to all the guys in love with Taylor

Kyle runs in and jumps on Joseph


7:42AM BBT

Kyle is now eating breakfast at the kitchen bar like a little kid, just shoveling it in and leaving food on his mouth (it's somewhat adorable)





7:45AM BBT

Monte is cutting into an avocado while chatting with Daniel and Turner about how bold production is really bold this morning with the music, "They must want us out of bed."

Daniel: If they could have just played three new songs.

Monte is having a difficult time with the avocado and once cut in half, he pulls it apart but only removes the skin.

Monte: Well, that's not what I was going for

Turner: That's something right there.

Bob: Good Morning Houseguests! It's time to get out of bed.




7:50AM BBT

Nicole: That's strong ass coffee



7:55AM BBT

The guys are talking about when they headed to "Mexico" (they mean hotel quarantine prior to the show)

Turner and Daniel were mid June. Michael was June 21st.

Turner: Damn....and some people were June 26...God Damn. That's not right. I was a week less.

Daniel: What a dream

Monte: What a dream? LOL

Daniel: That's just wrong

Monte: Psychological warfare they played on you guys sending you in that early

Daniel: They set us up for failure. What's the point?

Turner: What's the point? No cast, no house.


They notice Jasmine is trying to make it downt hte stairs and ask how she is doing. She just grunts. Daniel goes to help her.

Dan: I got you

Jasmine: I appreciate you

Dan: For sure



Monte asks Turner what time he was called in for the veto player picks. Turner doesn't remember.



8:01AM BBT

Kyle pops in and asks if anyone knows what time this thing starts.

Monte says he thinks it will be around 8AM.


8:04AM BBT

Alyssa asks Turner how he is doing. He mumbles that he is doing okay.


Alyssa: They played that Shrek song today, didn't they

Kyle: Yeah, they like playing that


In the Golf Pro Bedroom, Taylor is talking to the cams saying she hopes women's reproductive rights are being protected over the majority of the states.


8:05AM BBT

In the kitchen, Monte asks Michael if he would be interested in hosting the competition

Michael: I would like to host

Monte; Okay, if you aren't selected, you get it


8:06AM BBT

Bob: Monte, please go to the diary room downstairs

Monte: Oh man

The HGs in the kitchen are hoping this isn't the call for picks because they aren't awake yet

Joe: Act alive, people

Alyssa: Act alive




Michael debates about making breakfast. He decides to follow through.


8:09AM BBT

In the Golf Pro Bedroom, Taylor and Britt are talking about veto. They both want to play, but Taylor says her knees are still messed up. The scabs are healing up, but she can't sit or put pressure on her knees. Britt says she is still coughing, and it's been a week. They agree the air in the house is just too dry.

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8:20AM BBT

Joe does some calculations then announces they are now 30% into the season.

Joe notices that Michael is "a ketchup on your eggs kinda guy, my brother! That's a big divide in my house. Half of my siblings like it. The other half, don't."


Turner calls Nicole grandma. Kyle and Joe question him, "You called her grandma, why?"

He says it's because he calls Daniel grandpa.


Terrance is enjoying his morning grapefruit.



8:25AM BBT

Rancho Coastal Humane Society is on the feeds for veto picks.

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8:56AM BBT

The feeds have returned after the veto picks.


The PoV players today are: Monte, Joseph, Terrance, Alyssa, Indy, Daniel  & Kyle

Kyle: I hope it's not a timed thing where we have to go one at a time.


Dan is working out vigorously on a bike in the gym, "Let's go!"


9:00AM BBT

In the livingroom, Jasmine is sharing that she is frustrated that few of the guys are willing to help her around the house (because of her foot) while she works on Alyssa's nails. Indy, Alyssa and Nicole say they will help her with whatever she needs.

Indy says she knows a lot of people won't ask guys to do things for them, but she will do it, "anything we can't do."

Jasmine: I know, and I know Joseph will do anything for me.  



[I think she is specifically complaining about Turner, saying he never thinks of anyone but himself. Daniel helps her a lot. Monte has helped her quite a bit, too. -MamaLong]


9:09AM BBT

Daniel is doing push ups in the gym counting like the The Count from Sesame Street.  "One pushup....two pushup....three pushup...four pushup...muahahahaha....102 push up...that is Muppets, right?

Nicole: Yeah

Daniel: one veto....the Big Brother count

Indy: Are you excited?

Daniel: Yeah! I love it! I love competing, especially after that last HoH. I looked like a joke.


9:15AM BBT

Daniel: I can't breathe

Nicole: Why can't you breathe? Are you ready for the veto competition (yelling very enthusiastically)

Indy: You better be

Daniel: Hound Dog? More like Hound Biiiiitch!

There is still alot of conversation about Nicole revealing her sex dreams involving Dan and Indy.

Daniel: It's on the feeds and you can't turn back now.

Indy: We are so horrible.



9:19AM BBT

Brittany is chatting with Kyle int he Car Design Bedroom about her frustrations in the house and there being no way to release it and no way to get time alone.

Britt: I just needed to scream. Maybe I should have got on the bike to expend some energy.

Kyle suggests the HoHR when Monte is not in there.

Brittany: That's a good idea. I have found that the Have Not Room is a place to go because people don't go in there.

Kyle laughs at how much they all avoided the HNR the first week.

Britt says she is a big talker and likes to talk through and hear her thoughts, "But, it's like, you really need to be alone to do that."





9:21AM BBT

Turner heads into the HoHR and asks Monte if he can use the bathroom

Turner: I think I am going to throw up

Monte: Oh, man. Is it the slop

Turner: Yeah

Monte: Take your time, man

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9:35AM BBT

Monte is chatting with Alyssa in the HNR since Turner is still sick in the HoHR. Alyssa thanks Monte for his speech and says she is completely down for his plan. He feeds her all the same BS, and then she takes off to work out.


Monte heads back in the HoHR and checks on Turner.  He tells Turner about his talk with Alyssa. He says that it's interesting because Alyssa pointed out that she can't trust Nicole which is exactly what Indy said yesterday, "But I know they are talking to each other. I'm trying to figure out why....I think they are trying to pull out of me who I am putting up."


Turner starts making faces. Monte asks if he is okay. He says he hasn't been throwing up just keeps spitting red stuff out. Monte is concerned and asks if it's blood. Turner thinks it's the red sauce the girls put on the slop.


[Here goes Monte and his weird paranoia, again. The girls really don't trust Nicole. That is truth, but Monte is still stuck on this idea that the girls are 100% working together. He feels like Nicole/Daniel revealed the plan to Alyssa/Indy, but that is not true. The girls just assumed they would be the target because the guys have made the game a males vs. females thing. Nicole/Taylor and Britt are both on the outside of the three  girls' alliance (Alyssa/Jasmine/Indy). -MamaLong]


Joe and Kyle walk in and Monte repeats his conversation. He sees someone coming on the spy cam, "Fucking Indy. She is always coming up. She sees you and then..."

Joe: That's what she does

Indy walks in.

Monte: Hey Indy, what's up?

Indy: Nothing

Monte: Oh, I am the devil now. And Turner is over here yacking up.

Joe: Oh, really?

Kyle: Oh, man.

Turner: I wish I could throw up. I try and it's just drool. This is rough.

They all commiserate with Turner on his bad luck with the slop.

Kyle (to Indy): You ready to play veto 

Indy: Yes, I am going to kick your balls (she means kick your ass)

The guys laugh over her misuse of the terminology.

Kyle asks Turner if he wants to play bumper pool.

Turner: Yeah, dude. I'd love to. Let's try it.

They head out for the Tiki loft.



9:55AM BBT

Monte has been talking with Indy about Nicole. He shares that Alyssa confided her concerns with Nicole, too. Monte tells her that there is one person in every duo guaranteed to take them off the block, "You are coming off." Monte asks Indy if Nicole and Taylor go up, who would she rather go out. 

Indy says she would rather Taylor go out and then plan for Nicole, next. "I think the house would be happier if you do Taylor." She tells Monte to follow his heart and warns that it wouldn't look good if he did something like Turner did, where he says one thing but does another. Indy confides that Nicole is already worried that she is a backdoor plan.

Monte says sometimes it is better to take out the person who doesn't see it coming over the one that does.

Indy says it is not in her interest to talk shit about Nicole, "I have nothing against her." She says Nicole's lifestyle doesn't match hers, but that she thinks next week will b e better for Nicole.

Monte: Okay




10:13AM BBT

Bob: Monte, please go to the diary room downstairs


Kyle stops Monte saying he has to chat with him for 2 seconds. He asks him what he should tell Daniel, "Should I pitch him that we are trying to use it?"

Monte: Yeah...it makes sense

Bob: Monte, please go the diary room downstairs

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10:17AM BBT

Joseph and Jasmine are chatting in the Car Design Bedroom. Jasmine says it is her dream to celebrate her birthday in the Big Brother house.

Joe: When is your birthday?

Jasmine: August 17th

Joe: We ARE going to celebrate your birthday in the Big Brother House

Jasmine says they don't know who will win HoH, and they have another week to get through.

Jasmine and Joseph both say they would never work with Nicole

Jasmine: Because I see how she moves and I don't want no part of that...in every room

Jasmine reveals that Ameerah told her she can't trust Nicole and Daniel


[I need to note here that Nicole is just positive that she heard Ameerah whisper to Jasmine that she SHOULD trust Nicole and Daniel.  -MamaLong]


Joe: I heard about that alliance early on (girls' alliance)

Jamsine tells him it never made sense to her.

Joe tells her that Ameerah would ask who he wanted to work with and he would name her (Jasmine) Indy and Monte. "She didn't tell me about the alliance. I don't take it personal."


10:27AM BBT

Monte is updating Michael in the HoHR on his morning conversations. He says Alyssa came to him saying she didn't trust Nicole. He didn't buy the bait because he knew she would go back and tell Nicole she is the target. He says Indy came in "real dumb and what she tells me is super incriminating on her part"  saying that when Pooch was up, Daniel said to put Joseph up as the replacement nominee. He asks Michael if he remembers him saying that. Michael says it was talked about as an option, like all of the options, but "it wasn't like a, let's do this." Michael says Daniel was in a lot of conversations with them because he thinks they (girls) were trying to pull them to their side.

Monte says that Indy was telling him the information as if it was Daniel's idea to get Joe out last week.

Michael says that he (Michael) has named Daniel as a person that he would want out but he doesn't remember Daniel ever saying that about anyone, "In all honestly, he was more like, whatever you want to do I am here for it. But he wasn't a driving force or anything like that."


10:31AM BBT

Nicole rings the doorbell and interrupts Monte's conversation.

Nicole: Are you happy with who got picked for the veto?

Monte: Uh, Yeah! Because it doesn't put you in that situation.

Nicole: Thank you!

Monte: I feel good that everyone would use it and then we could go forward with that plan for Taylor .

Nicole says she is just scared because she doesn't know what 13 people are thinking, "But I trust you, and I have your back 100%"

Monte: And I don't want my HoH to be like Turner's last week where I say one thing and do another.

Nicole: I just see, like, her behavior in here? I don't know who she thinks she is fooling..."

*The feeds move to Daniel and Kyle in the bathroom, so we miss the rest of Nicole's Taylor slander.


10:40AM BBT

Jasmine is talking with Indy and Alyssa in the Space Age Bedroom. She is frustrated because Joe told her that Ameerah said she is loaded. "I wish I had never said anything to y'all (she means Alyssa and Ameerah) about my business, but I might as well tell you (Indy), now, since it is spreading like wildfire."

Alyssa: It shouldn't be a secret.

Jasmine rambles on about how she has put in a lot of work to have her business and you don't even make money the first four years of your business. "I wish I had not told anybody. Nobody better come for me about that.  I have a nail design business and those nails you are wearing are my design. It is not a million dollar business. I don't even have any people (working for her). I'm telling everyone to just be light with me this week because no one wants to see that side of Jasmine come out."

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10:47AM BBT

In the HoHR, Terrance, Joseph, Nicole, Michael, Monte and Kyle are discussing the candy on the dining table shaped with the number 25 (which Joe says reads as 52 from upstairs). Joe explains that he made the 24 for season 24, but Turner thought he meant day 24 because it was also day 24. Then he changed it to 25 for today. They all agree it's a great way to keep track of their days from now on and plan to keep it going.





10:55AM BBT

In the Space Age Bedroom with Indy, Jasmine and Brittany...

Jasmine: Hey, remember when I told you about my business?

Britt: Yeah

Jasmine: Did you tell anyone?

Britt says she never told anyone but adds that she had actually heard about it before Jasmine actually told her. Jasmine says she had only told two people, Alyssa and Ameerah, and then she told Britt. They speculate that Alyssa told Kyle who told others.

Indy: Or Ameerah told someone   

Jasmine said she is upset that it's going around so she is going to start asking people directly how they heard about it. "This is all so fucked up."


10:58AM BBT

Britt tells Jasmine that Michael told her it was Ameerah, Monte, Kyle, Michael and Alyssa with Po, but when Po left they brought in Nicole (in the alliance) "I didn't know about it until right before the vote."

Indy and Jasmine both say they feel like they could cry discovering people they trusted were doing other things.

Jasmine: I have nothing but the girls' girls....nothing

Indy says she heard that Ameerah was saying a lot of stuff about her...that she is too emotional and not talking game and stuff.

Jasmine: She never said that to us. [Nope, because she was saying it to Joseph. -ML]

Indy: It just sucks

Britt: Yeah

Daniel enters and breaks up this girl chat.


11:06AM BBT

Kyle whispers to Michael in the Car Design Bedroom that Ameerah whispered to Jasmine not to trust Nicole or Daniel on eviction night

Michael: Ohhhhh 

Kyle: But whoever wins it today, we should be good

Michael: We also need to make sure Brittany feels good. She was freaking out yesterday.

Kyle: Really?

Michael: Yeah because she feel she is in the most vulnerable spot


11:07AM BBT

Bob: Michael, please go to the diary room downstairs.

(Michael is hosting the veto today.)

Kyle: Okay, you're up


11:08AM BBT

We now have RCHS on the feeds for the Power of Veto Competition.

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1:26PM BBT

The feeds are still on RCHS.


1:31PM BBT

The feeds have returned after the Power of Veto Competition. Daniel won the PoV.

Monte/Joe and Terrance are in the kitchen wearing blue tie-dye shirts. Kyle and Daniel have on yellow. Daniel has the PoV necklace around his neck. Michael was the host and is wearing a multi colored tie-dye shirt. The comp involved watching videos and remembering details.



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3:48PM BBT

Daniel talked with Nicole earlier about telling Monte he won't use the veto. Now he is alone in the bathroom using the Chinese Checkers pegs to count votes.




3:51PM BBT  Daniel thinks things through. Lucky for us, he does it an an audible whisper! Thanks Dan!

Daniel is whispering to himself, "A, K, J! (he repeats this over and over) Bro, that's the only way it's gonna work or you're fucked. Damn. Me, Nicole, Alyssa, Kyle, Jasmine. We are all fighting for HoH. Brittany is a wild card. Monte does not fight for HoH that's 5 against 9 with a Brittany is a wild card. Come on! Oh fuck. Kyle help me take the girls down! 100% Nicole and Taylor are going up. That is the plan. It's what happened last week. I was left in the dark. Although, I was on the right side fo the vote. I was lied to by every single person in the house. Which is fine. It's good for my game. But Nicole, Jasmine and Alyssa voted with me...it would bring you to our side with a showmance and best friends and Jasmine. We can at least have even numbers to fight to the end because this game is only one player's journey to $750 thousand dollars. You don't split shit. No one gives a shit about you. They are gonna cut you the minute the can, brother. My god, would they. Terrance, can't be possibly. This guy! Terrance goes where the power is. He is an official floater now. Oh my God. I can't rely on him. Me and Nicole...No, you are missing one again, you idiot. Monte, Joseph, Terrance, Taylor, Turner, Michael, Brittany...oh, Indy. But Indy is gonna be voted out. We fucking hope so. So I need Kyle, Jasmine, Alyssa...Oh Fuck! Oh m y God! Are they gonna walk in here right now? Oh shit. I should wait for tomorrow. I think Kyle will react in the moment. Let him sit and think about it. *Big Sigh* ...and if Indy stays, she goes there and at least our numbers stay. Fuck. Monte can't win HoH. We need some kind of special power. This shit is fucked up."

WBRB briefly interrupts Daniel's thinking process

"Alyssa, Kyle, Jasmine... Brittany, look at me, did you come here to give someone $750K. If the answer is yes, side with them. If the answer is no, and you want to play for yourself, join us so we can play the game. Their side is running this house."

WBRB interrupts, again





4:10PM BBT

Terrance is walking up the stairs and mumbling aloud, "What the fuck is going on in here? Everyone is in their corners with their fucking shades." He heads into the HoHR where Monte, Joseph, Michael, Kyle and Turner are now just hanging out.


4:11PM BBT  Indy joins the HoH crew and Brittany is there, too.


4:12PM BBT Nicole, Jasmine and Alyssa are hanging out in the Space Age Bedroom.

Jasmine heads out. Nicole asks Alyssa if she has talked with Kyle. Kyle is upset that Jasmine is annoyed by her business being talked about in the house. 

Nicole says that Ameerah told her not to trust Indy.

Alyssa: That's just disappointing.

Nicole: Why would she tell me something like that and why would she go behind Indy's, you know?

Alyssa: What was the point of that? I don't know. I know nothing.

Nicole: I don't know. It's just a lot.

Alyssa: I definitely feel you.

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3:00pm BBT Monte tells Joe & Brittany that Alyssa/Indy/Jasmine/Nicole think the two are being manipulated and not part of any alliance. Nicole's game play is very aggressive.

3:25pm BBT Michael/Brittany discuss w/Monte/Joe how to get Indy to join their Festie Bestie. Brittany says her biggest fear is that becaues Michael is such a comp best that they will get BD'd. They think having Indy could protect them if the girls don't want to put her up.

3:35pm BBT Kyle joins Monte, Michael & Brittany in HoH. They all worry that Michael/Brittany will be BD'd. Joe says Nicole plans to nom the Joe/Monte/Terrance Besties and BD Michael/Brittany. Alyssa/Indy/Jasmine all say they don't trust Nicole but that's not believable. Both Daniel & Kyle won the Veto so either could choose to use it.

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4:16PM BBT



4:19PM BBT The notorious 6-legged houseguests have finally arrived.

Joseph walks in the Space Age Bedroom and reports to Alyssa and Nicole that there are now a lot of ants in the kitchen, and they have to spray. Nicole says she used to wash all the dishes, but she stopped because she got tired of doing it for everyone. Joe says dishes can't be left undone. Nicole remains quiet. Alyssa says she doesn't understand how it happened so quickly. Joe says Jasmine is compeltely disgusted and grossed out.


Nicole finally chimes in that there are only a few people that will clean their dishes. Joe says he always does his dishes. Alyssa sayss he does, too, because her dishwasher at home is broken. 'It's a pet peeve of mine." Nicole tells Joe he has to insist on not doing other people's dishes. People have to wash their own.

Daniel enters the room and they try to figure out who it is that isn't cleaning their dishes. They all agree that the rule should be everyone washes their own dish.


4:25PM BBT

[I have a bit of time, but I have to leave again soon to help PapaLong. Cancer sucks! -MamaLong]


4:30PM BBT

The HGs are all complaining of boredom.

Daniel heads into the Space Age Bedroom and tells Nicole what his plan is. He asks her to help him convince Kyle. Alyssa walks in and Daniel changes the subject to the taste of cottage cheese.

Indy walks in and Daniel explains the ant problem. Indy says she has been washing her own dishes. Indy says people make their food and leave their dishes. "I do mine and I do do extras, but I'm not doing everything."


[Y'all, Monte and Turner are the worst at leaving dirty dishes. Everyone else pretty much cleans their own. -ML]

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3:00pm BBT Monte tells Joe & Brittany that Alyssa/Indy/Jasmine/Nicole think the two are being manipulated and not part of any alliance. Nicole's game play is very aggressive. Both Daniel & Kyle won the Veto so either could choose to use it.

3:25pm BBT Michael/Brittany discuss w/Monte/Joe how to get Indy to join their Festie Bestie. Brittany says her biggest fear is that becaues Michael is such a comp best that they will get BD'd. They think having Indy could protect them if the girls don't want to put her up.

3:35pm BBT Kyle joins Monte, Michael & Brittany in HoH. They all worry that Michael/Brittany will be BD'd. Joe says Nicole plans to nom the Joe/Monte/Terrance Besties and BD Michael/Brittany. Alyssa/Indy/Jasmine all say they don't trust Nicole but that's not believable. 

3:40pm BBT Monte says they (Alyssa/Indy/Jasmine) are probably lying about wanting Nicole out but it gives him cover. Daniel talked w/ Nicole about telling Monte he won't use the veto (she has told Monte she was willing to be a pawn to evict Taylor). Daniel counts the votes.

3:52pm BBT Using Chinese Checkers to count the votes, Daniel realizes if Kyle uses the Veto to take Alyssa/Indy down, they might not have the votes to save Nicole. No one cares about him, he mutters. Even Terrance will float to power (despite the sympathy vote).

3:55pm BBT In HoH, Kyle says if Daniel doesn't use the Veto, he will. Michael/Brittany says BB told them what to say during the Veto mtg and FotH. Kyle says Alyssa told him Jasmine owns her own business. He says Daniel complained Brittany talks to much. 

4:00pm BBT Kyle wonders what Daniel would do if he won HoH. Probably nom the Besties Monte/Joe/Terrance. Brittany is trying to undertand how the Veto works with Besties. There can be 2 nos, 2 yes's or one yes. But  it only takes one Bestie to take them off the block.

4:05pm BBT Daniel goes up to HoH. Kyle is wearing his sunglasses. Daniel lost his & says Kyle's make the HoH look like Space Mountain at Disney. Joe says Turner is sleeping off Slop in the Cars BR. He's really having a bad day. Terrance just got up from a nap & feels good.

4:20pm BBT Joe says they have an ant problem - his bread is covered with it (Joe gets special dietary bread). Alyssa says she always washes her dishes. The girls are all board. Taylor hopes they get the BY tonight. The comp should be easy to break down, Kyle thinks.

4:25pm BBT Alyssa wishes everyone had one named bowl, plate and spork and was responsible for cleaning each meal. Alyssa is used to wishing dishes since her dish washer broke down. Daniel says he washes his dishes. Nicole says she & Joe washed dishes ast night for an hour.

4:27pm BBT Joe says everyone is worn out. Kyle is playing bumper pool alone while Taylor, muching on chips, watches. Michael picks up a game w/ Kyle. Daniel is in the Space BR w/ Nicole, Alyssa/Indy. Joe/Terrance/Turner are in the KT.

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4:40PM BBT

Indy and Daniel are discussing the veto comp. She compliments him on how well he did. 'I was sad, but it's because it was me." (on the block) Daniel says that the veto is going to be used no matter what. They discuss that they had to count items and communicate to their bestie what they were seeing. Dan says it was hard, but he wanted to win at least one veto.


4:48PM BBT

Nicole is talking with Jasmine in the Car Design Bedroom. Nicole says she is beginning to question everything after thinking about some of the things that Ameerah said to her about others before she left the house.  Nicole provides a couple of examples, but it's nothing I ever actually remember Ameerah saying. Nicole adds that with things Ameerah was saying about others, it leaves her worried what Ameerah said about her [Good play, Nicole. But, will this work? -MamaLong]  Nicole says that she knows she is going on the block as the replacement and worries that she will be the backdoor like Ameerah was. Jasmine says that she is concerned about Brittany and Nicole agrees saying that it made no sense for Brittany to say 'Nicole and Daniel are 50/50" when everyone knew where we stood.

Jasmine: (about Britt) Oh man, Sometimes I just really wish we could say what we want to say...like in the real world

Nicole: Yeah, but we need to keep the peace. When Ameerah left. That sucks. I thought she was my girl.

Jasmine: Me too

Nicoel: We can all make moves. We can all be a little savage, but I am not going to do it dirty.

*cams move to the kitchen where Turner, Alyssa, Monte and Kyle are wishing the backyard would open.




5:04PM BBT

Indy is now talking with Jasmine alone in the Car Design Bedroom. They are whispering about Alyssa. They are beginning to question her motives in the game. Indy says that Monte told her yesterday that he doesn't trust ALyssa because he has caught her in lies.

Jasmine: Now we need to figure out...

Indy: We don't need to figure out shit. It's done!.  I'm like, fuck you. I'm really real Jasmine. You know.

Alyssa walks in. Jasmine asks her to give them two minutes. Alyssa leaves

Jasmine: Now she probably thinks we are

Indy: I don't give a shit. 

Jasmine: Now she has the house thinking I'm loaded when I'm not.

Indy: ANd that's not even the point. Why is she talking about a friend?

*The cams move to Alyssa looking to settle in the HoHR with Turner and Kyle, instead


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When she enters the room, she finds the guys all sleeping, but they were pranking her and she fell for it. She heads back out but they yell for her to come back.

Alyssa (to Turner): Did you eat your slop salsa thing today?

Tuner: No, I'm not eating slop ever again. I'm sticking to the liquids and pickles.

Kyle: What did they say?

Turner: They said I need to get my calories.

Kyle: I guess you can get it with the baby formula. Isn't that what it is?

Turner says he will do the oat milk protein drinks and some pickles 

Kyle: Damn, Dude. It's just day two.

They discuss Jasmine and how she isn't even talking today.

Alyssa: It's definitely hard. Gatorade was my best friend. They said no to the cucumber, though?

Turner: They said no, but I would not get a penalty, just don't do it again.

Alyssa: Maybe just put it in vinegar

Kyle: I'm surprised they even caught on

Turner: They said 'Big Brother is always watching'

Alyssa: And now we have an ant problem

Kyle: Ants, and we are on a tv set

Turner says he asked abotu the bakyard and was just told, "soon"


5:15PM BBT

Turner brings up how upset he is that his HoH ice cream got divied up and out by Nicole last night. 

Kyle says he thought it was Monte's ice cream.


The backyard is now open. All of the HGs are heading out.

When Turner leaves the HoHR, Kyle gives Alyssa a look.

ALyssa: What

Kyle: Fucking Jasmine. SHe won't even talk to me.

Alyssa: I went in there and she told me to leave.

Kyle tells Alyssa he was confronted by Jasmine to see if he was the one who told. Alyssa says she told Turner and Turner told others. Kyle says he doesn't even care what people's true careers are. Alyssa says that Jasmine told her that Kyle told Jasmine that Alyssa told him.

They rag on Jasmine for a bit that they knew she was rich the second they met her because she talked about her Gucci wallet and purse and her Range Rover.

Alyssa says that people are just making shit up. [She is not wrong. -MamaLong]

Alyssa: Hey, are using the veto if Daniel doesn't?

Kyle: 100% Do you think Daniel won't use it?

Alyssa says that Nicole told her that Daniel said the play is in plan. She discusses how she walked in on them talking and Daniel changed the subject to cottage cheese. Alyssa said she is tired of the "dumb stuff."

Kyle: I feel like Jasmine could manipulate Turner easily.

Alyssa says she is so annoyed by her because she laid her nbed today after not showering for three days, "And that grosses me out."   [Again, she is not wrong. -ML]

Kyle: Either way, you should be good.

Alyssa says if she stays on the block, she knows she will go against Indy, "because who is Indy to anybody?"

Kyle: Just stay calm. You're good. 




5:27PM BBT

Taylor is enjoying the hammock int he backyard AND a bag of Lay's potato chips. LOL!



Turner and Terrance are playing pool. Nicole is doing laundry.


5:37PM BBT

Nicole and Daniel are now playing pool in the backyard.

Joe walks in to the HoHR and finds alyssa and Kyle in there

Joe: Whoa! I didn't know what I was walking into it

*Lots of laughter.

Alyssa leaves and Kyle catches Joe up on all of the Jasmine drama today.

Joe tells Kyle that Ameerah told him about Jasmine's nail business.

Kyle: Dude, Ameerah knew everything. She was like piecing everything together. SHe as like I don't think Turner does what he does, she doesn't think Michael does escape rooms 

Joe: And she doesn't think I do what I do...she was too paranoid and too aggressive

Kyle tells Joe that anytime he is talking to Alyssa, he is just chatting and it's not game related.

Kyle says the girls are imploding.

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5:42PM BBT

Jasmne is telling Monte in the bathroom that Alyssa now has three strikes.

Joe and Kyle are still talking smack about the girls in the HoHR.

Indy, Alyssa and Turner are giggling and enjoying the sun in the backyard.


[I'm out for the night now. -MamaLong]



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5:42 BBT In the Backyard Indy is telling Alyssa and Turner about her pet turtle, Susie. Her mom got Susie when Indy was 3 years old. Alyssa says she loves turtles, they are her favorite animal. Indy says she had asthma as a child and a friend told her mother that if she got an animal that crawled on the floor then Indy's asthma would be cured and it was. 

Alyssa talks about how when she was a child her brother fed her hamster to his pet snake.

6PM BBT not much going on. Kyle and Joseph goofing around and Jasmine, Britt and Michael discussing slop.

There's a tight rope in the backyard, Kyle and Joseph are practicing on it. 

Turner joins in. Kyle falls.

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Turner joins in. Kyle falls.

6:50 PM BBT Backyard fun feeds cut to Nicole talking to Terrance inside the kitchen. Nicole says she was talking in the backyard earlier and didn't realize Joseph and ? were listening upstairs and that whatever she was saying put a target on her back. She says she has just figured this out today.

Terrance and Nicole join the others in the backyard. 

6:54 PM BBT Terrance and Taylor are in the hammock. Terrance sounds like he's trying to figure things out from last week and Taylor is saying a lot of um hm. She says Daniel wants her out of the house so bad. She says everytime someone talks to her that person gets quizzed about why they were talking to her (Taylor). They both say they really want to win HOH. They promise that they have each other's backs. Abruptly, the cameras switch off them and to the joking crowd by the pool.

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7:15pm BBT Kyle & Joe were horsing around in the BY and accidently bumped into Jasmine, who gave a yelp. Kyle was horrified he hit her foot and brought her ice and aplogized profusely. She said it was OK. 

8:00pm BBT Kyle & Turner are on the BY balcony looking at the skyline and sky they can see outside of the walls. The sun has set and it's actually a pretty, relaxing & reflective moment. They head downstairs to play pool. 

8:30pm BBT Nicole asks if she can join them in pool and they agree. Brittany is on the BY lounge watching. They decide to play a game rolling pool balls down the grass. One throws a ball and the others have to get as close as they can to it. They assign points to throws. Monte, Michael & Joe are talking shop in HoH. 

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Joe and Monte are upstairs, Joe tells Monty that earlier Alyssa followed Kyle up to the HOH room, Kyle was worried he (Joe) would think he was more involved than he claims.


They think if Daniel refuses to use the veto then Kyle might be able to use it anyway.


Monte says their group will be good as long they play clean and insulate the information they will be fine.

Joe tries a piece of Monte's spicy jerky.

Joe says he came up to see if Monte wants to cook dinner with him, Joe says Nicole is on strike, she thinks the house won't function without her.

Monte says Nicole loves to call attention to things that are wrong in the house.

Joe says he informed her he was going to cook chicken, then realized he didn't really have to tell her. He feels like when he "does things" he feels her "mom" vibe. Joe says if you don't do something her way she takes it personally.

Joe says she means well, it is just the delivery.


Nicole, Turner and Michael are playing with the billiard balls, tossing them on the ground (maybe a form of bocce ball)


In the HOH Kyle has jointed Monte and Joe, who continue to talk about Nicole's ownership of the kitchen. They think she is connected because it is her job in the real world.

Kyle complains that "they" tell him all the time that Brittany needs to go for jury, even though they know he is close to her.










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9:00pm BBT Kyle, Turner & Nicole are still playing boche ball with the pool balls in the BY. Monte is catching Taylor up in the HoH. He says Nicole is telling others she thinks she's going up because Monte wants to get out Taylor. Taylor smiles.

9:08pm BBT Monte thinks they are all good, noone outside The Leftovers suspect Nicole is the target. Taylor hopes JCM will say "Taylor, by a vote of 9-1... You are safe." Monte starts talking about what happens next - Daniel would be his next target.

9:12pm BBT Monte & Taylor are talking about the other HG in the alliance. Taylor thinks the girls think Kyle is bubbly but not smart. They think Joe is strong but dumb. He wants to make sure she's comfortable with the plan. 

9:13pm BBT The HG hear fireworks in the distance.Brittany, Turner, Indy and Burner rush up to the BY balcony where they can see them shooting off. Taylor heads downstairs. Michael is in the KT. Terrance & Joe join Monte in HoH. Terrance updates them on what he's heard.

9:16pm BBT Daniel joins the others on the balcony. He says if they get alcohol, they should drink up there at the bar. He and Kyle head back down. It's sad that the most entertainment is the possibility of BY fireworks. Monte is in the KT & they are starting dinner prep.

9:19pm BBT Joe & Monte are talking to Terrance about the plan to evict Nicole as if it was a Bestie plan, keeping The Leftovers a secret. Nicole grabs Brittany in the Loft to talk. She says they don't talk enough but she wanted to check on Nicole.

9:20pm BBT Nicole says if she & Taylor are on the block, everyone's telling her Taylor is going home & she wanted to talk to Brittany to see where she stands, does she see her as part of her game? Nicole plays up her connection to Michael and her comp strength.

9:22pm BBT Nicole tells Brittany they could have power & numbers if she joins them in the case Taylor is evicted. Brittany says she doesn't talk much game w/ Michael, so they'd have to talk. 

9:23pm BBT Nicole asks Brittany what she knew about Ameerah's eviction. Brittany says she found out about the Po's Pack right before the vote. Nicole says at this point she has to trust Monte & the process. Nicole says she wouldn't befriend Brittany just for game.


9:25pm BBT In HoH, Joe/Terrance/Monte discuss the plan. Outside in the loft, Nicole throws Ameerah under the bus while distancing herself from the targets of the Girls' Girls and Po's Pack (specifically, Brittany). 


9:28pm BBT Brittany says she was all in with Ameerah & Michael, then found out that she was throwing her name around and she had to make a game-time decision. On the other side of the HoH door, Terrance continues telling Joe/Monte about his convos from the day.


9:30pm BBT Talk in HoH is about whether Daniel or Kyle will use the Veto. Terrance wants to keep Taylor off the block. In the Loft, Brittany won't commit one way or the other to Nicole. She's not with the guys or the girls, she says, but on the outside. 

9:34pm BBT Nicole tells Brittany everyone is lying. They are pivoting, Brittany counters. She hopes her name isn't coming off Nicole's mouth. Nicole confesses that she told Michael she was thinking about targeting Brittany but after they taked, she changed her mind.

9:40pm BBT The BY & HoH crews have moved into the KT where dinner prep is underway. Convo is light. In the loft, Nicole tells Brittany she would have voted Ameerah out too if she had known what Brittany knew. No one told her. Monte/Joe are cooking while Michael/Kyle watch.

9:45pm BBT Nicole assures Brittany she & Michael are fine, in a good position. If she stays, she has Brittany's back. Thank goodness that Backstage Pass stuff didn't work out, Nicole says, remembering Brittany's stress. 

9:47pm BBT In the KT, Kyle is telling a dating story then apologizes to his mother if she's watching. The HG have moved outside to the couches whiel they wait for Joe, Michael & Monte to cook dinner. 

9:50pm BBT Turner had a one-night stand in HS. The girl hugged him in the morning and he was afraid she wanted more from him. He was scarred with fear and swore to never have a one-night-stand again. 

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9:55pm BBT In the BY, Terrance opens up that his wife works so he does the cooking. So they eat a lot of take-out. Tey both work during the week, and he works Monday and Thursday night. She works Thursday night. They have Date Nights to connect. 

9:56pm BBT Kyle wasks what Terrance does on a Date Night. He says they are often breakfast dates. He rides a bike and she jogs. They try to spend time with the kids but as they get older, it's harder to get together. Kyle says his parents pay for his dinner when he's there.

10:00pm BBT Brittany & Joe touch base in the SR. She updates him on Nicole asking to join her & Michael's Bestie team. Nicole, Michael, Joe & Monte are in the KT. The other HG are on the BY couches. HG are moving back and forth between the BY and the KT to check on dinner.

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